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in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the screen a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. european powers urged the united states not to abandon the iran nuclear deal. alone down georgia this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up to mishear
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deploys the army to crack down on until sturdy unrest. outrage in pakistan over the rape and murder of a six year old girl plus. u.s. president donald trump faces a potential backlash over a slur on immigrants. french president emanuel donald trump not to cancel the iran nuclear deal u.s. president faces a friday deadline on whether to waive sanctions on tehran as part of the twenty fifteen deal but earlier in brussels the foreign ministers of france germany and britain reiterated their backing for the agreement after meeting iran's foreign minister but in barbara ports. a last minute attempt to keep the nuclear deal with iran on track the meeting between the foreign ministers of the three european union nations which signed it and their rainy and counterparts comes ahead of
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a decision in washington on reapplying sanctions the deal is working it is the living on its main goal in two main street things the iranian nuclear program in chad and actually closing the survey against the i.a.e.a. has confirmed in nine hundred forty six that iran is fully complying with the commitments made under the agreement u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly threatened to tear up the agreement which he's called the worst deal ever it was signed at a time of heightened tensions across the region. some of iran's neighbors had been talking about a possible military strike against the country. to her rounds made no secret of its arsenal of ballistic missiles but some countries including israel claimed it also had an active nuclear weapons program iran insisted its nuclear agenda was purely civilian but under the deal it agreed to end research in return for the partial lifting of sanctions allowing it to access global financial markets and crucially
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sell its oil last summer president trump agreed to waive sanctions on iran's oil industry but things could be about to change in october he announced a new iran policy iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions trumps called for sanctions on iran's revolutionary guard and he also wants to extend time limits on the country's nuclear research and curtail its missile program he's refusing to recertify the deal unless congress passes legislation amending it but democrats say they won't back any changes not supported by european allies who insist any alterations would be in breach of the international agreement it leaves donald trump with two choices rectify the deal and keep it alive or reject it and trigger an international crisis we are discussing with the american american allies and friends that we should separate two things from each other first we want to
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preserve the jessop usa the nuclear deal with iran because it's in our all in our interest not to develop to see that nuclear weapons are developed early iran given the strength of feeling here in europe and warnings in the u.s. itself it's likely president trunk will in fact refrain from reapplying those oil sanctions on iran but that certainly doesn't mean he's going to give up trying to change the terms of the nuclear deal. and so the uncertainty over the future of iran's nuclear program goes on nadine barber al-jazeera brussels well alan fischer has been following developments in washington and sent us this update well we know that donald trump has been meeting is national security team and undoubtedly the whole around deal is probably on the agenda we know that in the past rex tillerson who is the secretary of state h.r. mcmaster who's the national security advisor and to mattis who is the defense
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secretary they have been suggesting that they don't want to step this deal they don't want to blow it up what the united states should do is look to ways to try and amend it while working with their international partners but there is the possibility that will be no one nuclear related sanctions and that's certainly something that treasury sector steve mission suggested when he made a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room. i am expecting new sanctions on iran we continue to look at them we've rolled them out and i think. you can expect there will be more sanctions coming now we know that donald trump speaks to a lot of people before he makes these decisions he has had from president mark or france who said the international community doesn't want to see this deal being abandoned horses for them to the israelis and the saudis and we know that donald trump tends to see these things very much in binary terms that any win for iran in any sort of level is a defeat for the united states but what people will be saying to him for to kill it
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after the protests in iran over the last month is what we want to do is keep pressure on the iranian government and you do that with no one nuclear related sanctions rather than dismantling this whole deal if you do that and it keeps pressure on the iranian government and but if you blow up the deal then that gives them some sort of nationalistic totem to rally people around and the focus moves off them and more on the relationship with the united states and the international community and that could strengthen their position so donald trump has a big decision to make in the next twenty four hours he will listen to all sides and then donald trump being donald trump will make the decision he wants to make when he's ready to make the decision. same as a political analyst with a truman national security project she says a failure to uphold the iran deal would have consequences for years to come. it really in the long term undermines american credibility that the united states
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presidents aren't necessarily going to honor international agreements and if our credibility is undermined our influence will likely also be undermined and so it is important that these agreements are honored i think that there are some very legitimate concerns when it comes to iran so for example one of the things that critics of the deal don't like is that the country is still able to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile system as long as it is a conventional system because iran deal really just focuses on. weapons of mass destruction on nuclear weapons and not on conventional weapons i think that's a very legitimate concern however i don't think that this strategy is cracked i think what we could do is show the iranians that we're honoring a deal in the nuclear space and then that would create an incentive for them to come to the table to potentially come up with a second deal to talk about the threat intercontinental ballistic missiles and i think that's really a broader regional concern and that's an opportunity that's potentially going to be
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passed by. the un says syrian forces have stepped up fighting and read along claims warning these deliberate attacks on civilians could be considered a war crime speaking on his first visit to syria the un's humanitarian chief said he's deeply worried about residents in eastern guta more than eighty five civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year and a huckster reports. this has become the norm in east. l.a. to civilian casualties as the syrian government steps up its attacks and flushing out rebels in the damascus. was this is the last rebel held and clay and regime forces backed by russian strikes have been intensifying attacks the and recent months russia has rejected accusation as it's been targeting civilians. with turkish president spoke to his russian counterpart putin on thursday stressing
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the strikes needed to stop the peace talks to succeed an unnamed turkish source said ankara had summoned it rainy and russian ambassadors syrian president assad's backers to express its discomfort those airstrikes are in what was meant to be a deescalation. and the un's envoy voiced his concern over the level of violence and go to while things are now. in the country where many people live and finding continues you know real areas. right now and she said in our face of the siege he said this was his first mission to sara since his appointment last year. russia is due to host the syrian national congress in sochi at the end of january another attempt to start up some kind of meaningful dialogue to end the vicious civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people since
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two thousand and eleven. there. demonstrators have burnt down a security base near the algerian border it follows days of violent protests against planned price and tax hikes the government's deployed troops across the country over three hundred people have been arrested since protests began on sunday well david mark is a scholar from the middle east institute in washington he says europe needs to do more to stabilize the situation the international community and various ways has provided some assistance to the tunisians actually tunisia gets a rather substantial portion of the u.s. id budget. but. the reality is that tunisia a long way is away from the united states there's not much we can do immediately to impact that we can try to encourage the europeans to do more what i would like to see frankly is for the europeans to consider letting to metion agricultural project
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products into european markets and be treated as european origin because when you have eighty over eighty percent of your trade with europe in effect you're tied to those economies. but the europeans have not stepped up to vote kind of challenges in a way that i think would be most helpful and if you think about it the real danger to. the situation in tunisia continuing to be so unsettled is that if you have waves of tunisian immigrants coming across the mediterranean they're going to enter these european countries and the europeans just look they should look at a map tunisia's even closer than libya is and you consider the kind of problems they've had in african migration coming from libya. turkey has dismissed two hundred sixty civil servants and military personnel under a new emergency decree it comes just days after president richard tiber one
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extended the state of emergency imposed after a failed coup attempt in july twenty sixth seen thousands of people suspected of involvement have since been arrested many from the government and the military more than eighteen hundred people dismissed in previous purges were also reinstated under the latest chris. there's been a second day of protests in pakistan over the ripened murder of a six year old girl. is killing as i'm good many who say authorities and put in job have not done enough to keep children safe after a series of similar killings by anna coren reports. that. they're calling for justice for zainab the girl whose body was found in a dump on tuesday four days after she went missing in a district south of the horn. protests have since broke out in several cities in pakistan some of them turning violent the they were funerals on thursday for two men killed in the city of pursuer an enraged crowd stormed
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a police station. officers responded by firing live rounds on demonstrators law enforcement is being blamed here zain ups father says the police did not act fast enough when his daughter went missing last week the local police chief has been sacked for negligence related to the case. if the culprits in earlier medications had been caught and punished than this incident would never have happened if they had been given exemplary punishments people's daughters would have been safe today eleven other child murders have been reported in the area in recent months and in two thousand and fifteen sewer district was at the center of a child sexual abuse scandal a number of suspects were arrested accused of blackmailing scores of children into making sex videos the figure of child sexual abuse child rape sodomy child murder has ordered in the past three to four years in the district and it seems
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to me that there is an element of. gangs and ring police say they're still investigating leads in zena murder and have interrogated two hundred twenty seven people in connection with the case the number one suspect the man seen here on the security camera with zainab it's the last time she was seen alive diana kerim al-jazeera. now in the u.s. a small bipartisan group of senators say they have reached a compromise on immigration reform but they've yet to win the support of president donald trump according to several reports the president referred to haiti el salvador and african countries as quote should holmes join the discussions question salumi as more days after president trump called on lawmakers to find a compromise on immigration reforms a small bipartisan group of six senators say they've done just that the agreement was expected to include funding for border security protections for undocumented
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immigrants brought to the u.s. as children and changes to the way the state department approves of these surveys but in a private meeting a proposal to restore protections to immigrants from haiti salvador and certain african countries who were until recently protected from deportation reportedly prompted the president to question why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here. he then suggested that the united states should instead bring more people from countries like norway whose prime minister he met on wednesday that's the racist element norwegians are white they're northern europeans he was referring earlier in his vulgar comment to africans and haitians who are mostly of african descent this is these are racist comments he said things like this before when he talked about nigerians who won't go back to live in huts and talk about the haitians who bring aids to the united states these are all confirmations of what a lot of people have long suspected that he harbors racism republican
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representative mia love a haitian american responded on twitter saying the president's comments are unkind divisive elitist and fly in the face of our nation's values this behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation they are bringing drugs they bring in crime they're rapists it's not the first time the president has spoken disparagingly of immigrants and his spokesperson didn't deny the comments certain washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries president trump will always fight for the american people he said president trump is fighting for permanent solutions that make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation the president says he wants a merit based immigration system not one based on family connections or a lottery and his comments suggest he's not yet ready to accept the compromise reached by senators kristen salumi al jazeera new york. plus muslims come here not
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just there including a standoff between china and japan of a disputed areas of the east china sea plus. the british prime minister says it's time to end the graduate college i'm going to be put on a recycling center in the west of england looking at the size of the challenge. how i we've got a little bit of unsettled weather making its way across western parts of the middle east over the next day also just flooding in across the levant the amounts of cloud just coming in here possibility of some low wintry florist once again over the high ground of the turkish mountains maybe between the black sea and the caspian sea could see a little bit of a snow just coming in here i will continue to be the case as we go on through saturday elsewhere it does stay
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a lousy dry not just brightening up quite nicely quite a brisk breeze there for the events by richard around nine hundred. getting up to around fifteen degrees and increasing breeze not too far away from northern parts of the reagan peninsula too and as we go on for the next couple days twenty three celsius here in doha a twenty four as we go on through sas day we've started to ease off a little bit by this stage southern end of the red sea could see a little bit a clap possibility of a few spots of rain but nothing much to speak of still plenty of rain to speak of meanwhile across northern parts of madagascar pushing cost more than mozambique and eighteen in two flood hit parts of the democratic republic of congo a little change as we go on through sas day more heavy snow is coming in here and there is to the central mozambique. there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was material support to
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terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us i'd definitely shared that this was a political trial and the fees were political prisoners because we weren't able to see the secret government we were unable to challenge it in a two part series al-jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land far at this time on al jazeera world. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour the french president emanuel macro donald trump not to cancel the iran nuclear deal at a friday's deadline on whether to reimpose sanctions against iraq but his treasury
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secretary says more u.s. sanctions against tehran are likely. demonstrators into his ear have burnt down a security base near the algerian border follows days of violent protests against land prices and tax hikes more than three hundred people have been arrested since protests began on sunday. and there's been a second day of protests in pakistan after the rape and murder of a six year old girl the family is accusing the police of not doing enough local police chiefs that has been sacked the negligence. japan has summoned the chinese ambassador in tokyo to protest the presence of one of us was ship sailing their disputed islands in the east china sea the two countries like claim to the islands known in japan as the sand kaku on day you in china john brown as mine. yes but once more china and japan are pointing fingers at one another over these disputed islands in the east china sea they are tiny clusters of rock claimed by china but
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it ministered by japan on thursday japan said that china sent a warship and a submarine very close to these islands china says what was happening was this it was tracking a japanese warship and submarine it is a reminder that this area remains a flash point another flash point of course is the south china sea and the philippines says it's going to be protesting to china over what it says is clear evidence of the continued military buildup in this area in particularly on an island called fiery cross reef now china is making no secret of the fact that it's been building up these islands but it says what it's doing here is simply really environmental protection measures they are not aimed at any particular country the problem is that china's neighbors simply aren't buying that argument and actually these disputes in the east china sea and the south china sea are two disputes this region doesn't really need right now as efforts begin to try to reduce tensions on
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the korean peninsula in peru thousands of rallied against the pardon of the former president alberto fujimori he was released on health grounds in december for more reserved twelve years of a twenty five year sentence for corruption and human rights abuses the current president pardoned him three days after he avoided impeachment with the help of m.p.'s loyal to for the morning. well human rights lawyer diego garcia cyan many are still questioning the president's motives for his decision. this president has been announced by government way to bring reconciliation to the country but actually was a kind of exchange where i vote in congress to stop any pietschmann that was i'm going against the president which can't be but anyway what is happening is that really that the american congress who is not the exception and the society has
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achieved a lot of the democratic values and on the end the big concern of big government right a relational rights have rights but are ration the right that the persons responsible of the abuser just accept their responsibility so after our process that casts that respect that all these all are due process rules as to which if we did what he was convicted because of serious human rights violation. crimes against humanity is this kind of pardon me which there is not to any kind of. step toward consolation but the same with you more reverberations gotten to the victims is a thing that has fused. an effect completely different than the reconciliation to regularly they propose but they go out to california now where workers are cleaning up millions of tons of daybreak from mudslides seventeen people are known to have died since tuesday and eight more are still missing robins has the latest from los
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angeles. deliverance from above a coast guard helicopter hovered low to rescue a man a child and their dog from the roof of a house surrounded by mud roads in the area have been washed out or are impassable because of mud and debris another coast guard crew landed on a golf course and shepherded eight people and five dogs aboard their jayhawk helicopter officials say five hundred rescuers are combing the hills and canyons using search dogs and thermal imaging equipment crews have to work their way through waist deep mud fallen trees and boulders oh my god mark marco farrel was recording at the moment a torrent of mud and debris came rushing down the street where his parents live. wildfires last month stripped the hillsides of vegetation that usually holds back so will and rot making the mudslides more powerful i've been
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a firefighter for twenty six years and for most people that are here on this incident we've never seen an event like this work crews are struggling to clear roads and restore services like electricity telephone gas and water some residents shoveled out their own houses and driveway about one hundred houses were destroyed in tuesday's mudslides it's just my everywhere and completely across six lanes of freeway. india people's homes down their driveways grateful for the nonstop efforts of rescuers and work crews residents of the area they say a long road to full recovery rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles the u.s. retail john has announced it's laying off thousands of workers just hours after giving stuff a minimum wage increase the world's biggest retailer said it would stop paying its u.s. employees at least eleven dollars an hour from next month and give some workers
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a one off cash bonus but it later said it will close dozens of its sam's club wholesale shops with the loss of thousands of jobs michael hicks is director for the center the business and economic research at both state university he says the impact of the measures will modest taking one scene immediately. well will surely make a difference in a number of individual households ten percent pay increase for you know probably half a million workers across the country is important but it won't be noticed regionally it's not going to be the sort of thing that makes a significant difference in a city or a county and i think really wal-mart's doing this because of the the need to attract workers in water very tight labor markets across the united states it takes well over a year eighteen months sometimes three years for investment to actually turn into brick and mortar stores to you know see new products on the store to see paychecks actually increased in a way that the changes the way households consume goods or services so you know
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it's a nice shot in the arm right now but i think only time will tell if it's really is important as the it supporter suggested as at this point ecuador has granted citizenship to wiki leaks founder julian assange has been holed up in its london embassy since twenty twelve this trade and born activist has been avoiding extradition to sweden he was wanted then for questioning of a rape investigation which was dropped last year at the moment of silence fears extradition to the u.s. where he could face charges of a wiki leaks release of thousands of classified military documents the british prime minister treason may has announced plans to eliminate avoidable plastic waste in the u.k. within twenty five years millions of tons of plastics and to the oceans every year and some take hundreds of years to degrade u.k. correspondent bonnie phillips reports my wife's collection center in the west of england. this is the cost of consumer culture we don't like to think about the
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waste we make but we're all responsible for it this plant in the west of england processes hundreds of tons every day the paper the glass above all the plastic we throw away and as the british prime minister says it's the planet that pays in years to come i think people will be shocked at how today we allow so much plastic to be produced needlessly this plastic is ingested by dozens of species of marine animals and over one hundred species of sea birds causing immense suffering to individual creatures and degrading vital habitats. the prime minister says she wants to eliminate all of voidable plastic waste by twenty forty two but that's a long way off and anyway what does that even mean environmental groups say we need liberals suna to tackle of waste at this center they say gives the prime minister a charm twenty five a long time i'm going to be like we want action now we've got to rain later we've
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got a planet to protect transition like so i quote from the government in recent weeks and months that look at it. they want to incentivize or so i think they want to make equality all of those things without reducing plastic impact on the planet changing our throw away health show won't be easy gales of the problem can be daunting but countries like things are part of the problem that part of the funding until very recently was told if material that they can find leftover was sitting down in a landfill now with new technology that can be new again and again and again. but how far and how fast are we the consumers prepared to go. in britain as in so many other countries the public use millions of disposable
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throwaway coffee cups some companies now off a cheaper coffee if you bring your ode be usable cup so london's commuters need to change their habits. back at the recycling center another concern until recently britain centrifuge amounts of recycled material to china now china says it has too much and won't take more so the odorous is all british industry to start reducing more of the waste it creates talking green may be good politics but the prime minister changing the ways. and society we're not saying barnaby phillips al-jazeera. let's get a quick check of the headlines here in al-jazeera the french president emanuel macro has urged donald trump not to cancel the iran nuclear deal head of friday's deadline on whether to really impose sanctions against iran the foreign ministers
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of france germany and britain also reiterated their backing for the twenty fifteen deal after meeting iran's foreign minister in brussels meanwhile the u.s. president has caused a stir of a profound comments he's reported to have made during an oval office meeting speaking about a proposed protections for immigrants he referred to haiti el salvador and some african nations as quote shitholes there's been a second day of protests in pakistan after the rape and murder of a six year old girl the family's accusing the police of not doing enough to investigate the local police chief has been sacked for negligence. if the culprits in earlier great community cases had been caught and punished then this incident would never have happened if they had been given exemplary punishments people's daughters would have been safe today in this area people are too scared to let their children out there distressed leaving our homes to earn our
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living our burden has become a difficult decision and we wonder whether we should go or stay at home to accompany our daughters to this school. demonstrators in tunisia have burnt down a security base near the algerian border it follows days of violent protests against planned price and tax hikes the government's deployed troops across the country more than three hundred people have been arrested since protests began on sunday and as prime minister has called for calm. turkey has dismissed hundred sixty civil servants and military personnel under a new emergency decree that comes just days after president richard type or one extended the state of emergency imposed after a failed coup attempt in july twenty sixth seen more than one thousand one hundred people dismissed in previous purges also reinstated under the latest decree. and in peru thousands of rally begins the pardon of former president for mori he was released on a health grounds in december while serving
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a twenty five year prison term for corruption and human rights abuses including mass killings and kidnappings those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after rebel architecture statute that's watching buffalo. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. architecture has always defined the human. from the simplest struck to the greatest money man says the bottle rebellion is underway. it is led by a new breed evocative it puts people before i call up its.


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