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right there's. been a limited the number of people on the streets the protest has reached our doorstep in which. attempts to. police. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollar debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to buy a real piece. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam he's
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a than this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes damning chronicles of human rights violations the u.n. report says. saudi led coalition may have committed war crimes. u.s. president don trump extends the iran nuclear deal but with tough conditions for the future russia says the move is extremely negative. we report from a camp for internally displaced people in syria. plus as international tech giants descend on last vegas we check out was. being given access to an unpublished un report that chronicles the extent of human rights violations and possible war crimes in the war in yemen has also details the extent to which saudi arabia and. iran have intervened in the conflict the
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assessment firsthand presented rather to the security council is sharply critical of saudi led coalition airstrikes which of cause the majority of civilian deaths in the war the findings also bolster accusations by the u.s. that it rainin weapons have been supplied to who through rebels breaking a un embargo the report further accuses the u.a.e. of running torture camps in yemen where people have been beaten and electrocuted panel paints a devastating picture of a conflict that's killed more than ten thousand people and led to widespread famine and displacement al-jazeera is diplomatic editor james bays has more from the u.n. . this is a report to the u.n. security council has not been made public it's only been given to the fifteen members of the security council but i've been allowed to read a copy and it's very hard hitting and very critical of all of the parties in the war in yemen it questions whether yemen can continue to be one country it says in
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the south because of the length of the war in the divisions that have emerged there is the real possibility of secession into a separate south yemen it says in the south of the country people displaying the flag of the old country of south yemen and are not loyal to president had the although they're formally under his command it says that president heidi has no longer effective command and control of the military and security forces in the south of yemen it says one of the reasons that there is this lack of stability in yemen is actually the forces that have been built up by the saudi led coalition it says that there are proxy units that they have drawn up but it says that these units will do more to further the fragility of yemen then they will do to hold the state together it says they pose a threat to peace and stability in yemen it is also very critical of the coalition
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for civilian casualties in yemen it says that it appears that the saudi led coalition has not been following international humanitarian law and it says it's likely that some of those who are responsible for planning and executing airstrikes fall under the designation of the security council as people who should be subject to sanctions again the another damning part of the report is about the u.n. a part of the coalition in the camps there running inside yemen it says that there has been torture in these camps it talks about beatings electrocution constrain suspension the use of what. cools the cage which is confinement in a cage in the sunlight and the denial of medical treatment it says working with the government of yemen gives the u.a.e. plausible deniability so it is a possibility and now given this report by the panel of experts the security
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council must consider whether there should be sanctions against members of the coalition and also sanctions against iran because the who these side are also criticized it says that there have been military remnants of military equipment and drones that are of iranian origin and were introduced in yemen after the security council adopted an arms embargo let's bring in adam baron now from beirut he's a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations good to have you with us so this report you think it will prompt the security council into action over yemen i mean let's let's put it this way you've had a war that has dragged on for a number of years now you've had repeated. i would say hapless diplomatic intervention by the u.n. and in a lot of ways this report isn't saying anything that people are following that people that follow yemen didn't already know but are they were they it's kind of
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officially documented now that there are serious violations that the u.n. itself is has documented a potential war crimes indeed but i you had in a lot of with these were primarily additions have been going around and been voiced by a number of u.n. officials for some time don't get me wrong i think this is very important that these things are being documented if not you know perhaps for immediate action for the sake of the future and for it to be recorded in history but i think in a lot of where is unfortunately and particularly with. i would say the lack of u.s. leadership in the region at this point it's really hard to imagine there being sustained diplomatic action on yemen at this point despite the i would say severity of the allegations that we're seeing in this report and the deep severity of the situation in yemen right now if you will prompt other countries then at least to impose more of those arms embargoes that we've seen some countries take
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now that's a possibility you have seen quite recently norway announced that it will no longer be selling arms to coalition states there's been talk in the i think the coalition debates in germany in terms of the coalition forming about germany potentially restricting its arms sales to coalition member states so i think this is the kind of thing that could make that more difficult and could also spur more of the discussion in countries like the u.s. and u.k. which are more than likely to continue selling arms you've already had a there's been a quite a significant uptick in conversation in criticism of the u.s. role in the war in yemen over the past year and i think this u.n. report is something that could could really increase the conversation among particularly u.s. lawmakers on the yemen file if that happens i mean how damaging will this be to the diplomacy of countries like saudi arabia in the u.a.e. and in their relations. i mean in
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a way this is almost this is almost worse when you look at it it's easy for them to for people to kind of deflect and that goes not just for the states that are involved in this conflict with the respecting saudi arabia whoever it on. but this is also in terms of internal parties and you've seen i guarantee you that you will have significant reporting on this document by media aligned with all of the key word in part is that being said what you're going to see is you know when say the who fees and they're allied media are talking about this report they leave out all of the stuff criticizing the hoodies and when you see you know. media aligned with some of the coalition member states they'll completely report on the allegations against the who it is and the documented uses by the these but will leave out other things so i think that's kind of an in issue at this point is there is this climate really of of impunity in the conflict in yemen and when you have all sides really committing these kind of violations it makes it even harder to really hold anybody
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to accounts and unfortunately this just underlines the extent that this conflict continues to be just a horrific tragedy for the yemeni people who while the leaders are largely crying rich off this war continue to suffer the world's worst humanitarian crisis or adam thanks for your thoughts on that. now the u.s. president of trump has extended the landmark iran nuclear deal said it's the last time he'll do so he's warning america's european allies he'll withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen agreement unless what he calls disastrous flaws are addressed russia says trump's comments are extremely negative alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . europe's diplomats met in brussels to urge the u.s. to continue with the iran nuclear deal seeing they believed it improved global security know donald trump has agreed but says he won't do it again in a statement issued from the white house he called on his european allies to negotiate a supplemental deal in the next one hundred twenty days which would place
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a fresh restrictions on iran seeing today i'm weaving the application of certain nuclear sanctions but only in order to secure our european allies agreement to fix the terrible flaws of the iran nuclear deal this is a last chance in the absence of such an agreement the united states will not again we have sanctions in order to stay in the iran nuclear deal and he warned those who for whatever reason choose not to work with us will be siding with the iranian regime's nuclear ambitions and against the people of iran and the peaceful nations of the world under u.s. law the president has to regularly recertify the deal donald trump has repeatedly called the iran deal the watch he's ever seen and pledged before he became president to scrap it at the end of last year he want he was ready to step away iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal but one of the deals architects says the deal is working there is no dispute that iran is living up to its obligations which we negotiated with iran and it's like that we should live up to
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our obligations to that does not mean that we shouldn't address other aspects of iranian behavior which course concern whether it's iran's aggressive foreign policy its political missile program which human rights record top white house also known as the new round of non-nuclear sanctions targeting groups and individuals it believes. have committed human rights abuses and book freedom of speech in iran insists it is outlined to europeanize what it wants to see happen but there's no indication the europeans are ready to renegotiate a deal in the next one hundred twenty days the two years to craft and put in place . i'll just you know washington. is in teheran for us so saying that what posture does teheran think the europeans will take on this this might be the key point at this stage well sammy this repeating deadline really brings everyone back to the same place every three or four months and similar to what happened last time the foreign minister javad zarif
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began campaigning once again to try to secure support and rally around a nuclear deal going to brussels he went to moscow and really the european partners from the p five plus one countries in fact all the p five plus one countries other than the united states were really supportive of this deal in iran's european partners who negotiated the deal with them have have voiced their support all along and as long as iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal something that the u.n. washed up agency the i.a.e.a. has continuously verified you know european support is likely to stay and that is no doubt what is bolstering iran's confidence in this war of words with the united states the debate getting more and more heated every time this deadline for verification in the united states comes up so i think the lawmakers here the people here that we've spoken to are all very confident that as long as they have the backing of european allies the support of european allies and as long as sanctions
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from european countries remain lifted that they still got a horse in this race and are likely to stand by the deal as well. in terms of average iranians are they bracing themselves for perhaps some more unilateral u.s. sanctions if not the collapse of this deal and a return to international sanctions. i mean that really is an excellent question i mean we got a government here he says that yes on the macro economic scale the nuclear deal has yielded positive results iran has been able to sell oil again on the international market two million barrels a day. higher than it was able to do under sanctions so the macro economy has been affected as that trickle down to normal people really depends on who you ask many people we've spoken to say that they have not felt the impact of sanctions being lifted out of the nuclear deal and its benefits directly in their pockets and many people are starting to take the trip white house his
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positions of foreign policy positions when it comes to run quite personally one woman we spoke to said that nobody likes trump not even his mother likes him and that's not meant to be a cheap shot at the u.s. president that really gives you a sense of how personally attacked iranians feel by this white house now it's been suggested there's not not a formal proposal put forward by any european power this moment that has been suggested that perhaps a compromise could be to negotiate another agreement covering ballistic missile activity by the iranians any indications from iranian authorities on that suggestion. well whatever iran's leaders are negotiating behind closed doors publicly they've been very very black and white about this there is no renegotiating of this nuclear deal the deal that they have sent the deal that was very hard won negotiated over many many months that is the deal that they have abided by and the commitments that everyone has made to that
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deal that they should stick to as well and really the point there is for iran to send a message to the united states saying that you can't just come in halfway through and decide to change the rules of the game now as far as their ballistic missiles program iran has said over and over again in fact shortly after the foreign minister reacted on twitter to trump's announcement yesterday a parliamentary commission for national security also reacted very quickly saying that the ballistic missile programs off the table reiterating a longstanding point iran says that its self defense capabilities are its own business it exists in a very tough neighborhood and strength is. a point that they have to project and so they say that the ballistic missiles program is a part of their self defense strategy and is thereby non-negotiable so whether or not that's up for debate and some other kind of deal really that's all a matter of time but for now publicly iran's leaders all saying the same thing their defensive capabilities are not up for negotiation right zambia savi that
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sometimes ron thanks so much. probably most allowed on the news hour including court in the dark why india's top four judges are up in arms against the chief justice. african members of the u.n. demand president trumpery tranks is reported vulgar description of a country's accusing him of racism and xenophobia. and found a house here in casablanca when the locals getting ready to host one of the biggest competition in the continent the african nations champion said. the new head of south africa's ruling african national congress is addressing members at the party's one hundred sixth anniversary served on the first line in his vision for the anti-apartheid movement that became the country's first democratic government is widely seen as
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a possible successor to president jacob zuma who is expected to step down when his term ends next year. african nations are demanding an apology and rid traction from the u.s. president over his reported use of vulgar language in a meeting on immigration than trump is said to have used a slur to describe their countries as well as haiti and el salvador african ambassador to the united nations have issued a joint statement condemning trump's remarks we shall pay tribute to the contribution newson mandela may over the cause of his ninety five years to the struggle for freedom and the cause of humanity. we shall make it up her aides that we draw lessons and inspiration from his life
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as we confront the challenge of the present moment we shall use this historic occasion to unite to rebuild and to renew his movement. now president trump is also being accused of lying often denying use the abusive terms a democratic senator who was in the meeting with trump has said the comments were a made all white house correspondent kimberly how it has more to control the sea and spread far beyond the u.s. capitol. surrounded by members of the african-american community at a white house ceremony honoring the civil rights icon dr martin luther king donald trump made no apology for his alleged racist comments a day earlier. right series of early morning tweets donald trump denied media reports that he had called haiti el salvador and african countries
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shitholes during a meeting with senators on immigration but he did admit the language he used was tough he also denied saying anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is obviously a very poor and troubled country of my own we're here today standing beside the president in the oval office with dr martin luther king jr's nephew later he told al-jazeera he believes trump has much to learn about tolerance but is not hateful i honestly don't think the president trump is a racist i think he's racially uninformed we've got time to do it democratic senator dick durbin was at thursday's white house meeting and says trump made the controversy all comments words he calls vile and racist he said these hateful things that he said there were people. tribes comments have stung many in the
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country including the tens of thousands of haitians who came to the united states after the devastating twenty ten earthquake it was kind of disturbing you know it was hurtful to my community my carry members of the president's own republican party. they have distanced themselves from trucks comments calling them problematic as politicians try to come to an agreement on immigration and funding to avoid an imminent government shutdown i read those comments later last night so first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate unhelpful it is incomprehensible that these words came out of the mouth of the president of the united states of america a country that was founded on. being free from discrimination the calls for the president to apologize for his remarks are intensifying inside and outside the united states but for now it appears that apology is unlikely kimberly helped at al
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jazeera washington and that into reaction also intensifying in the u.n. here's what god as a bus that had to say the african group of a to the united nations met in emergency session on twelve. twenty eighteen to consider the remarks made by the president of the united states and is extremely appalled at and strongly condemns the outrageous racist and xenophobic remarks attributed to the president of the united states of america as widely reported in the media demands a retraction and apology. let's take you back to south africa now where the new head of the a.n.c. is addressing the party faithful we've got tanya paige standing by at that meeting and so tell us
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a little bit about the vision which cyril ramaphosa has been outlining what does it look like. well there are remote pozo basically wants to take the african national congress back to its roots he spent a lot of his speech which i'm still going but speaking about late president nelson mandela and talking about the need for renewal within the a.n.c. to take it back to the ideals that now stand mandela to remember why and was formed and who it was formed for for the people he talked about the legacy of colonialism and of hard hate handed how that still south with the majority of poor people being black and the rich and the majority of privileged being white we need to refocus do some restructuring and renew our energy. forming creating a more equal society. those messages might be well received but many people as you know time is still struggling with economic challenges and hardships as they had
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and i think in terms of a new plan to deal with issues like that. well the amc came out with some new policies had it elected conference just last month the two big ones really being a side there that they now want to change the constitution so that they can take land appropriate land without given compensation but only as long as it doesn't affect security and it also is introducing free tertiary education to poor and middle class students those two combined have the potential to dramatically change the number of black students graduating with degrees and also the number of black people who have access to land one of the interesting things playing out on the stage is this. and spoken of tension between the current president of the a.n.c. several store got on the poster and the former president of the a.n.c. although president still president of the country jacob zuma when they're not
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opposed to enter there was a huge wall from the crowd of applause when the president zuma entered there was some applause but they were also quite a few and thumbs down being pointed so we can expect to see also this year as well as the renewal that he's talking about the development talk that tension between these two competing ideologue ideologies within the a.n.c. . i will leave it there for now thanks so much tanya page. now for indian supreme court judges have held an unprecedented news conference to criticize the chief justice cuse him of allocating judges to cases the judges said all this presents a danger to democracy in india chief justice is yet to respond. to some of the super bowl. is voting on. many things with a little grand jury which really happened. last. year on.
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google street whose google. going to. be. so well you can disprove. a senior resident fellow at the video center for legal policy he says the indian government now faces intense pressure to increase the transparency of the judiciary. in the short film develop there will have to be some sort of oh right going to a public reckoning in terms of what is happening oh i don't think in the short film we will get an instant solution that the site the fact that before judges have come out in the public and said all of this is just the mechanisms fit to go back a bit yesterday's press conference stockard with though a preamble to the floor does well but you dust up in the in the morning listing of decadence of the dozens of the post and that is that they have been raising these concerns for months not only the discussions of it happening but
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a normal acceptable solution and i bet they have simply been roughest right which is why they have altered this step none of them would be good for any person to get away from which is why i think of the fact that there are a lot of those that suggests that that is something that got as much as feet after the bill that i want to it was a not it was possible once and i know is that you should he feels realize that that would be a situation and what was in place mechanisms these plans but it's an accountability vote along comes an audio is that the government finds a leader who are going to be undermining the credibility of the city from the out on the ne a few moments we'll have all the way the with have to must still ahead on al-jazeera israel siege of gaza tips its waste management to crisis point. the leaders of some of the world's most powerful labor unions been arrested knowledge and tina police sam in the allegation. saudi arabia's women celebrating a sporting in the stands despite details rather coming out with joe.
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from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. we have a developing tropical cycle out in the southern indian ocean it's making its way towards rishis is a little way off yet but certainly want to keep an eye on over the next few days that's the position of the storm probably looking at around thursday or friday of next week so five or six days away before it does actually make landfall around rishis but it will bring damaging winds and it will also bring some flooding rains in same chain of storms actually make their way back across northern parts of madagascar southern areas of tanzania well madagascar hundred twenty five millimeters of rain here in the past twenty four hours in the ranking coming down across northern mozambique and into southern towns and there more than twice that
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amount of rainfall two hundred eighty six millimeters of rain here in just twenty four hours and it stays wet as we go through the next twenty four to thirty six hours of more heavy downpours coming in and that will run its way towards well as flood affected parts of the democratic republic of congo more heavy showers here central parts of mozambique seeing further showers as we go on through monday they'll just edge their way towards central parts of zimbabwe. run up towards well towards the equator north of the equator it is generally try but we have got some rain over the next few days push into northern iraq with some snow for the atlas mountains. there with sponsored by qatar and greece. education with a different. interpretation of islam is absolutely different from mine as a muslim woman a taliban school for girls in afghanistan reveals a way of life rarely see. your girls you not only tell them about their bills and
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regulations and teach them about. an exclusive documentary gains access to the girls and the taliban. at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world we need more and find professionals a top priority is to mind a range of new generation to study finds powerful documentary debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of me and all sex is a challenge your perception of the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera.
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they're watching out to syria time to recap our headlines now a un report has condemned saudi arabia iran and the u.a.e. for their role in the war in yemen and says the war has had a devastating impact on the population more than ten thousand people have been killed in fighting in airstrikes more than seven million are on the brink of famine . the us president has extended the iran nuclear deal but said this will be the last time he does so he's warning america's european allies who will withdraw from the two thousand and fifteen agreement if his demands to change it are not met moscow says trump's comments are extremely negative. and president donald trump has been accused of lying after denying he used vulgar language to describe african nations as well as haiti in el salvador he reportedly made the comments during
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a meeting on immigration fifty four african nations have issued a joint statement demanding an apology. supporters of a palestinian teenager detained by israel are gathering in the occupied west bank to demand her release sixteen year old i had to mimi has been behind bars since last month when a video of slapping israeli soldiers went viral lawyers say to mean he could face jail time if she's convicted of the charges which include assault on friday the e.u. expressed concern over to me means detention and the arrests of more than three hundred other palestinian minors. joins us now from there be salles or tell us how the demonstrations are going where you are now well they're gathering just behind me most just down the road they're going to walk up the hill to the to me household which is just that they're going to gather and issue a statement and
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a press conference that all the messages that are coming out here are very simple this actually two messages that are coming out one to the palestinian leadership that there needs to be a determined peaceful nonviolent resistance movement to take place and that's really what they're calling for here but also want to the israelis as well saying that i had to be me and her mother need to be released from military detention that's worth pointing out here that here in the occupied west bank there are two forms of law for the israeli settlers and the settlements they come under israeli civil and criminal law the palestinians are actually coming under military law and those military courts are the ones that i mean is going through and there's a hearing on monday for that which is why they're doing this gathering today have been criticized for being incredibly harsh particularly on mine is by international human rights groups so there's a real fear. could face a very. strict a very strong sentence for what she did as a minus a lot of people very angry here we're expecting them to gather within about the
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next twenty minutes or so. is there a feeling that she's emerging i have these emerging as some kind of symbol for the palestinian protest and resistance against occupation in iran. that's absolutely right she's been certainly becoming the one name that lots of people both here in palestine the occupied territories and internationally seem to identify with because she was so young because she's been an activist for a very long time because a family have been through so much at the hands of the israeli occupation forces as they call them so she is becoming very much a symbol for this and that's why people are gathering here today now these raids also you know this is well that actually they were i am right now into a closed military zone that's likely to be to try and stop more protesters from coming into the from neighboring areas all right thanks so much a ten year old blockade by the of the gaza strip rather by israel and egypt has
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left its municipal authorities with no means to properly dispose of rubbish piles of garbage putting public health at risk of explains. one of the many problems in a city under siege how to dispose of its rubbish. it's a joke to help cling to it using it donkey and cart. the blockade of gaza by israel and the few refuse trucks and fuel is expensive for sure you go live surely there is no other country in the world using donkeys to collect the rubbish if we had proper vehicles and enough fuel it would be faster and make our work much easier because the strips home to about two million people to most entirely people in the cities wastes loaded in trucks and taken here. two giant open dump. it's one of three one of them close to people's homes it's enormous it just goes on
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and on and it stinks it's hard not to gag standing here just a few hundred meters in this direction is the separation wall built by israel around. about a kilometer over here is the edge of the city so there's just no other space. the municipal waste manager told us to dump him it's not just gases and liquids and so it's a public health hazard the authorities struggle to import machinery needed for processing all recycling because israel restricts the import of anything it says could be used to make weapons. model for life it is known all over the world that at least some of the rubbish should be recycled but in gaza we cannot recycle anything we don't have any factories that could reuse the plastic or steel so the only way to deal with it is to dump it here. but with more than forty percent unemployment there's a living to be made here to. these men search for whatever they can sell none of
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them agreed to an interview he told us they're ashamed to be seen here. the city produces nearly two thousand tons of waste every day the site will be full in about two years and as long as the seed lasts gasses dumbs and its rubbish problem only get bigger malcolm webb al-jazeera in the gaza strip. the syrian government forces and their russian allies are continuing attacks in eastern so far the violence has killed more than thirty people in three days and the regime is also battling opposition forces in the northern province of idlib as it attempts to take over a major airbase now it live is one of the last major rebel strongholds hundred twenty thousand people have fled in the past three weeks. joins us now from the refugee camp in the northern syrian village of kufa so what are
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people fleeing to when they come to camps like one euro. than me actually those people living in the scam most of them came from there in hama after the air strikes began by the syrian regime or they were. being wrong and. losing each other but the fact is they were stuck and they were stuck between two fires by the regime and by i felt so they lamely when we called them late late late in the conflict and the more than emong that you because even one side captured they have been there and. the. residents of the area as a member or sympathiser of the other side in short i can say that they escaped from . the plane from italy one of the last major rebel strongholds what's happening there how precarious is the opposition control of the territory that.
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well yes it's a prison last stronghold of opposition and there is the salvation government that was established in almost around six months ago. the situation is pretty dry out here because they are if the strikes continue. everybody is afraid that there will be more people leaving is being displaced leaving their homes then this means as the immigration exit as the number of the migrants grow it is impossible to control them and check them and by that way a people meaning the n.g.o.s and also the turkish government try to hint that they will it would be different difficult to differentiate between the civilians and explore ideas of other groups which is a risk and i spoke to the injury present this year and also the migration office or
1:39 pm
presence of a salvation government by opposition and they said if everything continues like that they're expecting five hundred thousand people more coming to the protests for days which means despite the wall the prettiest douglas' riots for days people will be at the beginning of this if it's not them some it's movie is clearly. the infrastructure that is not. a little bit not a little more they're older despite hundred thirty seven hundred thousand people residing in this area. no one is able to imagine if five hundred thousand more come to this. to this land because the land is also narrowed here and some of the people are going back to other champs other places but most of them are still here . and people wherever we called they say they need immediate response from international community and immediate assistance humanitarian assistance from the
1:40 pm
international organizations something alright and of course although thanks so much for that. two more bodies have been discovered on the iranian oil tanker that's been burning in the east china sea since last week twenty nine crew members are still unaccounted for the search operation had been hampered by the extreme temperatures on the tanker juve reached eighty nine degrees celsius the iranian ship was carrying nearly one million barrels of oil when it did with another vessel . police in tunisia have arrested another one hundred fifty people including local opposition leaders in response to almost a week of anti-government protests at least eight hundred people have now been detained following demonstrations over plans to raise taxes and increases in food prices or a ports from tunis i angry crowds denounce the arrests of hundreds of people. the government
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says those who have been detained were involved in attacks against police stations the protesters on the other hand accused tunisia and authorities of an indiscriminate crackdown look but it was clear in your piece on c.n.n. is that the biggest problem is with those who govern us nothing is changing to this is the same elite the governess the same tactics they claim there are freedoms if you express your views in the streets you end up in jail the police are chasing us . the police have been given strict orders not to use force to disperse the crowds these are tense times in the country was was protesters are venting their frustration of the government introduced tara to measures and increased taxes officials here say the measures are crucial to
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eliminate it budget deficit and improve declining revenues from agriculture mining and tourism to his ears vital economic sectors. we want the government to scrap the tax increases many people are suffering because of the price rises particularly implore rural areas like city busied catarina where communities have been grappling with discrimination for decades this is made by the government as against the will of the people. prime minister used to share here has visited some of the areas of the protest is a. used a popular front a coalition of leftist opposition parties of inciting and rast but the opposition insists the rallies are legitimate expressions of frustration over a government they say has betrayed its people army units have been deployed in many cities to protect government buildings and prevent it descent into chaos this
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is a delicate issue for the government back to out of the tax increases the budget deficit will continue to strain the state's finances but if it goes ahead with the austerity measures public anger might lead to further instability. sonus. police in honduras are fired tear gas of people protesting the reelection of president hollande orlando hand as demonstrators smashed windows and set fires during scuffles with the military police defeated candidate salvador nasrallah was among the protesters. argentina's labor unions are among the strongest in latin america but their standing has been damaged after several union leaders were arrested for corruption some however believe the arrests are a way for the government to pressure unions to support its policies to rise above reports from neighboring europe why. this house in the small city of new or why has raised a lot of questions over the years its size and opulence intrigued people like
1:44 pm
antonucci as who has been living here for ten years he has just found out that he is a fugitive argentinian labor union leader. there was something strange because of the amount of money and i believe that maybe it was money laundering but he was good with the community and it was none of our business the owner of the land this matter. the leader of an important labor union in neighboring argentina he was arrested here last week and is awaiting extradition to his home country police say they found at least five hundred thousand dollars in cash and weapons they also ceased luxury cars like mercedes and ferraris worth at least two million dollars. not a fellow out of fear owns at least two properties in order why this one specifically the whole so had a private so with exotic animals this place was raided by the police at the request of an argentinean charge that is investigating him for money laundering and
1:45 pm
corruption because his lifestyle is not compatible with his income as a labor union leader well see that he's not alone lever union leaders are being investigated and detained in argentina most of them are accused of corruption and many in argentina are shocked by the amount of money seized by the police in different operations for the. argentine society is demanding that the leadership be less corrupt and the justice system is reacting we asked people in a poll which were defines labor unions and most of the corruption since the government of president one played on and he's charismatic wife. labor unions in argentina have had a crucial role in defending workers' rights. precedent mauricio magli says argentina needs to change and he's planning to push for labor reform but union leader when to respond the latest arrests are a way of pressuring unions to support the government's plans. if there is
1:46 pm
corruption then it should be investigated a new leaders should emerge but there are many that are not corrupt i will continue pushing the government in the poll says it wants to impose that i believe would hurt many of the cheap mints workers of going into argentina as labor unions are among the strongest in latin america but corruption has tainted their image their capacity to tackle this problem will likely decide if they have what it takes to look after the people they represent. your wife. will still have an al-jazeera a lucky break on the ice joe will tell you why in sports. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into
1:47 pm
its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds up to date just what the president stated in our country that is not the other way when people need to be heads china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and award winning documentaries and live news on and on line.
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now the biggest consumer technology expo in the world is wrapping up in last vegas a consumer electronics show all c s featured thousands of smart gadgets south official intelligence devices and high tech cause problems for polls. at the end you will c.e.o.'s show there isn't any start only new innovation no new must have shiny tech object there's no one awesome gadget this year it's going to be new technologies it's going to be virtual reality augmented reality and i don't think i've seen any one thing i've seen lots of trends and ideas one of those trends is toward more and more sophisticated technology in automobiles toyota
1:49 pm
announced a deal with amazon to deploy the aleck's artificial intelligence assistant in some of its vehicles eventually automobile a will discern the mood of a human driver by emotional mapping and sensing more stress the car can actually then offer to take over more control of the vehicle and become fully autonomous auto makers are moving swiftly toward their goal of fully autonomous vehicles the ride sharing app lifts says that by the year twenty twenty one the majority of all rides it gives to its customers will be in self driving cars another theme this year a fierce rivalry between alexa and google assistant to spearhead a law in the consumer product category amazon took the early lead and i i think that they're probably going to keep it at least for the near future in the virtual reality field purchases are predicted to increase by twenty five percent to nearly
1:50 pm
five million units in twenty eighteen and then there are the now familiar internet connected household appliances. l.g. and samsung both have fridges you can talk to i don't know why you'd want to have a conversation with your fridge the consumer technology association predicts the total consumer tech industry revenue will reach a record three hundred fifty billion dollars this year rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas. it's time for all the sports and here's joe i mean thank you very much in the next few hours morocco will kick off against mauritania to get the fifth edition of the african nations championship underway in casablanca it's the biggest tournament on the continent for homegrown talent rockers football fortunes are on the rise off to qualifying for this year's world cup and as santa hamish reports the country is hoping that this tournament will be a stepping stone to bigger things in the future this is where many moroccan
1:51 pm
youngsters learn their football the beach doubles as an improvised training ground fans here i have a lot to look forward to oracle has qualified for the world cup for the first time in twenty years and the country is about to welcome many of africa's best players the city of gaza blunk is due to host the african nations championship the country hasn't hosted the c.d.o. continental competition since the africa cup of nations in nineteen eighty eight moral codes due to stage the twenty fifteen cup of nations but pulled out due to concerns about the spread of the ebola virus the african nations championship set has been around for a decade but is still trying to establish itself the sixteen team event is solely for players based in their domestic league but with the decision to expand the flagship a cup of nations to twenty four teams and extra world cup places awarded to the african continent from twenty to twenty six some are questioning its value.
1:52 pm
the man in charge of african football is sis its future is secure. with regards to the position the competition takes at a continental level it's very important because if we look at the number of participants in qualifying matches increases day by day it means that the federations and the players develop a taste for it and profit a little from this opportunity. morrocco is hoping that by successfully stage in this tournament they could be given another chance to host the cup of nations but their own bishes don't stop there with a country challenging a joint bid from the u.s. canada and mexico to host a twenty twenty six fee for world cup it will be historical events for for us for of american football. because last last year. our first team qualified for the world cup and we. didn't
1:53 pm
champions league of africa and we. we wanted to continue in this. good moment and i've known from where we've been preparing for this competition for some time i think we have good players that can make our country proud morrocco kick off this event against mauritania close to forty five thousand spectators will be at the renovated muhamad the fifth stadium home fans hoping they'll be back at the same stadium in early february to see their team play in the final fun of al-jazeera has a blanka morrocco now saudi women who love their football is celebrating a historic moment in their country female fans have been allowed to watch a local match for the first time in the city of jeddah albeit from a segregated section of the stands reserved for women and families the saudi government government also said that women will be able to watch two more much as
1:54 pm
this week is one of the first of the country's social reforms to ease restrictions on women from june they'll be allowed to drive. but i have honestly this decision should have happened a long time ago but thank god that it came at the right time and hopefully what's to come is even more beautiful for women in. chelsea's manager antonio come to isn't ruling out leaving the premier league club in the summer he has another year and a half to go on his contract but has been frustrated by the club's transfers and what he called their all star treat austerity programme as you know very well that difficult to pull everything is possible. in one moment you stay here another moment you stay in another in another place or another parent son plays a you and the your job and you know very well a football is these and. i want a job. is very difficult chelsea could move up to the second light if
1:55 pm
they beat leicester in the late match place tottenham host everton well i teams will go down to four in the next couple of days as the n.f.l. divisional playoffs get underway the reigning super bowl champions the new england patriots host wild called qualifies the tennessee titans and at forty their quarterback insists age is nothing but a number. of fun games to play and so everyone has worked pretty hard to get to this point only eight teams playing this weekend so. you know it doesn't matter if you're wrong or old. it's a great feeling to be in this place and it works cited we had a good week and you know just got to go out and try to play the best last year's rounds up the atlanta falcons take on the n.f.c. champion philadelphia eagles have won all three of their home playoff games in the past. just to be were out and to have to have a home playoff game and you know feed off the fans the crowd which is going to be
1:56 pm
electric on saturday afternoon. and just again stay in the moment you know do the things that got us to where we are today and that's kind of been my mindset you know the last couple weeks. with just two days to go until the first ten is crowned some of the end of at djokovic at mit's he's not one hundred percent ready to return the serve has been out of action for six months with an elbow injury which has forced him to change his service action he's due to open his campaign in melbourne against donald young of the united states it hasn't hasn't been one hundred percent yet healed but right now it's it's it's at the level where i can compete and every day is getting better so you know i'm hoping that you can be one hundred percent. at the start of the tournament through other tournament and i don't know how it is going to be a meanwhile two thousand and sixteen australian open champion angie caballe has got her preparations off to the best possible start winning the sydney international
1:57 pm
title she beat australian ashley party in straight sets six four six four to clinch the trophy. three time major champion jordan speed has narrowly avoided missing the cut at the sony open in hawaii the world number two had to battle back from a quadruple bogey in his first round on thursday and what better way to impress than to hold his longest ever part this was nine hundred feet or twenty seven meters buddy he says tied at forty eighth going into thursday brian holland holds a three straight lead of the sack johnson at the top of the standings. now the washington capitals pulled off an incredible comeback in the n.h.l. on friday they stunned the carolina hurricanes as jay beagle schooled with one point three seconds left to win four three it was only his fifth goal of the season the helped the capitals stay on top in the metropolitan division. thank you
1:58 pm
the canucks finally got a break against the columbus blue jackets i mean it very literally because brendan going to stick broke mitchell but he got the goal anyway and vancouver went on to pick up a much needed five to win. and that is the useful for now more from a little bit later sammy find some odd but certain for this news hour but so will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news so do stay with us here on al-jazeera.
1:59 pm
george bush. the latest news as it breaks the government of mali some market has pushed to have a series of laws that if the feds will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stopped subsidizing that's all the cost of polluted jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. there were over forty charges as i recall but primarily it was
2:00 pm
material support to terrorism the holy land foundation was the biggest muslim charity in the us i'd definitely share that this was a political trial and that these were political prisoners because we were able to see the secret over them we were able to tell them in a two part series al jazeera world examines one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land five at this time on al jazeera world. damning chronicles of human rights violations a un report says the sandy led coalition may have committed war crimes in yemen.


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