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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with. a made us all pay the price dizzy and box at this time. i mean it was different whether someone was going for someone's favorite song but that's not a winning streak i think it's how you approach an individual and i think it is a certain way of doing it consciously inject a story and guy out. and employ push the wrong button. rattles hawaii the governor admits it was human error.
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and also coming up. an offensive is under way by the congolese army against rebels responsible for the killing of u.n. peacekeeping. to poor families in an effort to stop the public protests. and why the legend of johnny cash lives on in some of america's toughest prisons more than a decade after his death. accidental message sent by the state warning of an imminent missile strike. management
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agency later confirmed it was a false alarm as it looks at how a mistake happened. u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un have been trading claims about who has the bigger nuclear button so you might expect the u.s. state of hawaii in the middle of the pacific would be on edge i was the first place they're going to drop a bomb it's crazy you know living here it's awesome but the same time you know really going to like secure all the time that might explain why when this alert was sent out to every cell phone on the island people panicked the warning a ballistic missile was coming seek shelter this is not a drill so people just are it's starting around trying to get into bathrooms so there was a material girl story and some kids are crying and nobody really knew what to do people on twitter found out about ten minutes later from emergency officials and politicians it was a false alarm those not on twitter had to wait much longer before
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a correction was sent out thirty eight terrifying minutes how could this happen in the first place the explanation itself is baffling it was a procedure is baffling it was a procedure that occurs at the change of shift when they go through to make sure that the system is working and employing pushed along but that's right officials say one person pushed one wrong button the government says it will investigate but for the people who live through this panic that's little comfort i just hire anyone into this author place. that was it people were just running on history they were all desperately yeah that was not fun at all the guy had one job right and he messed up so all that's crazy a false alarm in the face of an actual threat making the people of hawaii realize they might not be ready for the real thing pedicle hain al-jazeera washington.
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israeli security forces have used tear gas to break up a protest against the detention of a palestinian teenager. oh supporters of sixteen year old are hired to mimi had been marching in the occupied west bank demanding her release she was detained last month when a video of her slapping israeli soldiers went viral lawyers say ahead could face jail time if she's convicted which of the charges which include assault she's doing called again on monday. was a list seen. protesters gathering outside of the house of i had to me me and there's really two messages that i want to impart the first is to the palestinian leadership they want determined nonviolent resistance movement the other of course is to the israelis that i mean the family now we saw like this whole area will not be bowed will not be broken and they should release both the mother and i had to be
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me as soon as they can now this is a head of a cool to parents taking place. on monday night now we've been speaking to palestinians here this is what they've had to say extend their message today isn't really liked wing government but our studios are united behind i'm behind her passion behind her resistance we are all here in obviously all it from all over was going to include more people to this program i have is not alone to me family is not alone not be solid has not alone in the other hand we ask our friends all over the world to show a bitter sort of duty and to start really with concrete action to isolate israel and increase the cost of a completion. and the kids to eat i want to tell the israelis we as palestinian people and palestinian children we will continue to defend palestine we will get x. a mosque in jerusalem back and we will make jerusalem the eternal capital for palestine. it's right to start firing tear gas canisters into the crowd to push
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them back. now this was a peaceful protest the protesters are now very angry and he's ready army using as much as they can to push them back. a serial killer may be behind the rape or murder of a young girl that led to massive protests in pakistan that's according to the home minister of punjab province seven year old zainab unsorry was found dead in a rubbish dump on to say d.n.a. evidence is linked to the death to at least five other cases of child abuse and murder in the area eight people are being questioned including two of the girls relatives protest is across pakistan accuse the police of not doing enough in the case syrian government forces are continuing to retake territory from rebels in the southern aleppo province. in the
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past seventy two hours government troops have taken control of around forty villages soldiers are advancing towards the rebel held the who'll military airport in neighboring italy province one hundred twenty thousand people have fled from rebel held areas within the past three weeks we'll see them cause here lou is our correspondent reporting now from a refugee camp where those people have fled to in the north of syria. this is rama refugee camp in northwestern and left by the turkish syrian border there are five thousand refugees here who came after december fifteenth when the syrian regime started its a a strike on civilians and is there in hama also those people are from is that how much and they are mainly very poor families you see the kids they are walking even on barefoot they don't have shoes to wear and people need immediate humanitarian assistance we have been talking to the people who have been residing here and the
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people in charge of the camp they're telling that the medical equipment they have is not enough the food they have is not enough for those people they need immediate extra medicine they need immediate extra food to feed those people here and there are some other extra camps around this area close to the border people have fled their homes from it's there in hama after the airstrikes started the gymnasium government is hoping a boost in aid to poor families will help contain growing discontent over new austerity measures as it's pledged an actress seventy million dollars of the protests swept across the country but as hashim a whole bar reports the economic woes are far from over. for them and we does really starts his day ensuring his stuff off of the best services to the clients so the review was about twenty years ago he quit his job and started his
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own business an environmentally friendly hotel in the town south of the capital tunis. it's saturday the restaurant was fully booked in advance but with the growing violence into his year most of the bookings have been canceled. i mean i've been. marched for much but people are afraid to go out to serve up to two hundred guests that weekend but look around what can i do there are twenty people here who work full time growing plants harvesting olives and selling organic produce to tourists. has been a farmer for almost ten years he says he works hard but he does but lee needs a secure income. i want to make a future for my kids i want them to go to good schools and end up having
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a good comfortable life. business was booming before the two thousand and eleven revolution and was packed with tourists but into a thousand and fifteen a gunman killed thirty eight terrorists in the resort town of zeus creating the worst crisis for hotel owners like three be her saw his revenues declined by ninety percent. every day on my way here i think about the painful decision that i've been delaying for quite some time who should i fire to cut expenses it torments me i want my staff to stay makes me happy when they show up every day excited about they were. there evie hopes to see the political crisis come to an end soon so that his clients can return and enjoy a quiet time in this mountain landscape. to this his biggest challenge is to find a way to cut the budget deficit increase revenue through taxes and the same time to
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deliver on the promise to cut poverty and unemployment seven years after the revolution people here say they are frustrated over the government's track record that continue to worry about their and their country's future has about al-jazeera the one. the democratic republic of congo's military has launched an operation against an armed group that suspected of killing fifteen tanzania and un peacekeepers in december troops are targeting members of the allied democratic forces near the town of benny in the d.l.c. is north kivu province show that ballasts reports. the beginning of an offensive by congolese troops on rebels hiding on the border the ugandan group known as the a.d.f. killed fifteen peacekeepers in an ambush on a un base in north kivu province in december it was the biggest single loss of
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peacekeepers in nearly a quarter of a century those killings triggered this response. vehicles transported three hundred troops to the area with tanks and armored vehicles to ploys the said. we decided to launch an operation against the i.d.f. and all other armed groups in the area this is the last operation and we are prepared to fight to the end so we can restore security and peace in the region. the congolese hope it's the last but it certainly isn't the first here is a joint un and congolese task force starting an offensive against idea fighters back in twenty fifteen. originally ugandan rebel group have been rooted in the d.l.c. has run the national park for twenty years they retreated here after a failed bid to turn uganda into an islamic state they also oppose the ugandan president yoweri most afine who's been in power thirty one years.
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the i.d.f. has a brutal reputation it's blamed for seven hundred civilian deaths and benny over the past three years as well as mess right and recruiting child soldiers. the december ambush that killed fifteen peacekeepers and injured more than fifty came just to my. after the i.d.f. kills two of the peacekeepers the d r c is the un's largest mission and now one of its most dangerous it says it is planning to bet congolese forces against the rebels is yet to engage shallop ballasts al jazeera. still to come here at al-jazeera how efforts to prevent the spread of cholera led to rioting in zambia. racing across the desert in peru but some fed back in the dakar rally could destroy part of the country's heritage.
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from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. maybe surprisingly to midwinter equities throughout most cities in central southern china is pretty good and actually temperatures are rising significantly the forecast high for shanghai on sundays thirteen nineteen in hong kong the day after they will be warmer again this is above where it should be above the average and skies are largely clear as well as for a pleasant but a winter the real cold is for the north in china south of this and again through the south china sea and beyond to peninsula malaysia and as far south as singapore this massive cloud has brought over four hundred images right to the coast of malaysia the east coast there is flooding in the area the culmination of the weather is like to be cheering sunday and you can see the circulation that would
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suggest that by monday it's dispersed having left behind i would suggest quite a lot of flooding it briefly touched singapore the money in touch kuala lumpur but it'll be around the site there's a bit of a gap before you pick up the next lot of roche's through indonesia including catching jakarta. nothing much moving means the air it's all layers throughout india so the north indian plane in particular we've still got cold nights persistent fog and poor quality is better to the south. the weather sponsored by qatar and greece. education with a different. interpretation of his law is absolutely different from mine as a muslim woman a taliban school for girls in afghanistan reveals a way of life rarely seen. your goal to not only tell them about their bills and regulations let's not let you keep. an exclusive documentary gains access to the goals of the taliban. at this time on al-jazeera.
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i listen to the top stories here at al-jazeera hawaii's governors apologize for an accidental alert warning of an imminent ballistic missile attack that triggered panic among locals who scrambled to find shelter the measures the management agency later confirmed it was a false alarm and that an investigation is underway the government has pledged seventy million dollars in aid to help poor families in a bid to contain protests against tax hikes and increases in the price of basic
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goods. the military india has launched an operation against an armed group it blames for the killing of fifteen tells in the an un peacekeepers troops are targeting members of the allies democratic forces near the town of benny in north kivu province. for the first time the head of the roman catholic church will celebrate mass for the world day of migrants and refugees pope francis is asking that government and society welcome protect integrate and help the development of those who were forced to flee their countries the international organization for migration reports at least five thousand migrants and refugees died in twenty seventeen more than three thousand of those deaths were in the mediterranean sea with half of those refugees departing from north africa the un's most recent report says there are more than two hundred fifty million migrants around the world thirty
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million more since the year two thousand and this year the u.n. hopes to achieve a global agreement on migration. well father thomas reese is a jesuit priest and the senior analyst of religious news service he says pope francis will continue to fight for the rights of refugees well this pope has consistently for the last five years deborah since he became oh has been a strong advocate for refugees and migrants remember his first trip outside of rome was down to the buddha of italy where migrants were flowing up on the v h yeah because of the gains years of coming across the mediterranean sea so he has been a voice challenging christians to welcome migrants to protect them to integrate them into european society and this is something he's going to continue to do.
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and very strongly there's i'm being government plans to reopen an international school as well as some shops in the capital the soka this week they were close to prevent further spread of a color outbreak this is he looked down prompted riots and protests has called it a draconian emergency measure at least seventy people have died of cholera since september let out a hole and has more. street vendors had arrived early only to find they were illegal market stalls shut down they could return to their anger on the security forces brought in to send them home that set up shop in defiance of emergency mages that banned public gatherings and imposed a curfew the government says marketplaces like the breeding grounds for cholera and while it excepts the new rules the tough it isn't backing down we find it takes two
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men acceptable that this more clique or individual citizens can. to break the law when so many citizens have really been cooperative and been open to this russian we know that we are touching on people's livelihoods but these matters we are talking about matters of life and death and they're very responsible government must make sure that people's lives are protected times. the right happened in kenya amma a low income township that is home to more than three hundred fifty thousand people it's one of two townships on the outskirts of the capital lusaka where color broke out in late september the disease quickly spread to the city and infected almost three thousand people in about three and a half months color is a bacterial disease usually spread through contaminated water left untreated it can
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kill within alice last week the government deployed the army to enforce a ruffed of new measures to try to contain the national health crisis specialist cholera treatment centers closed off to the healthy and intensive color of vaccination campaign and a ban on public gatherings that includes funerals church services schools and marketplaces like this one in lusaka just last week st sellers here had pitched in to help the military close it off now they are opposing them and as the impact on livelihoods grows so too will the concern at the possibility of more civil unrest before the cholera crisis is contained medium the hond al-jazeera. egypt's former interior minister. has been released from prison and follows a court decision to cancel his seven year prison sentence for corruption and alsa
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president hosni mubarak al adly headed the domestic security apparatus in twenty fourteen he was acquitted along with six other former officials of charges related to the killing of protests is during the twenty eleven revolution and an egyptian member of parliament is also the chairman of a major football club says he's running for president more tartar mansell is the third candidate to announce his intention to stand former army chief of staff sami and man and leftist lawyer khalid ali you're also running for president abdul fattah el-sisi his term ends in june has not yet declared whether he'll run. dozens of female who he supposes have been demonstrating in protest in yemen's capital sanaa the leaders had called on the women to hold the rally is a show of defiance against the saudi led coalition the protests as say they are committed to finding a solution to the crisis and. we came out today to prove to the saudi led
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coalition that our men and women are capable of facing them for a thousand years not only a thousand days. we want to show the arab world to clear up to the task and the women will stand by the men. hundreds of people in the polish capital warsaw have protested against proposals to tighten abortion laws demonstrators gathered outside the parliament on saturday the ruling lauren justice party wants to ban abortions in cases where there's already irreversible damage to the fetus parliament previously rejected a proposal to restrict abortions a case is where the mother's health is in danger all the pregnancy resulted from great or incest. paleontologists and archaeologists have warned that the dakar rally poses a serious risk to parts of korea's unique geological fabric they're worried about features formed from fossil deposits dating but millions of years later on
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a sanchez reports now from the desert in southern peru. this is the world's epicenter of geo glyphs animal or geometrical sand and stone figures in the magic drawings on the desert floor in southern experts say there are solar and lunar calendar peruvians used for agriculture they are spread over more than four hundred fifty square kilometers north of the nascar lines a world heritage site and on this territory the tracks that the car run left behind critics like engineer alexander who's been studying the origin of geo glyphs for years here say they're horrified. places like this one with archaeological remains dispersed around everywhere need more care so it's incredible that the desert is being used for such a competition based on her son sounds a. bit used to service pack two with geo cliffs archaeological remains and whale
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shark another prehistoric fossils millions of years old experts say in previous years that the car vehicles destroyed parts of produce heritage government officials say this time many areas were made off limits. in the area where we've had the park as national reserve we can say we've had zero percent impact there everyone strictly followed the protocols and we've been strictly monitoring the area. it was government paid six million dollars to hold the car racing officials say they coordinated with race organizers to keep the fia outside protected areas archaeologists say it's not only the pilots. and their vehicles but the people who come and watch the competition who leave the terrain damaged thousands of people hiked the rough tracks to watch the rally go by dozens of park rangers were deployed to keep people out of restricted areas but the
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territory is immense reeling and in the past we've seen cars going over the geography and probably that's happened again. too many vehicles are in danger of the archaeological area. and are challenged you see much of. our under the sand much still to be discovered. but our. search efforts are being stepped up for seven people still missing after tuesday's mudslides in california santa barbara county and in two thousand rescue workers in the affected area the local sheriff's office has admitted to finding anyone alive would be a miracle eighteen people are so far being confirmed dead the mudslides happened after heavy rain soaked and that had been denuded by wildfires. the torch for the thirty eight winter games is arrived in seoul for a four day relay event through the south korean capital it'll be held until tuesday
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and this will mark the first time in almost thirty years that the city has held the torch relay since the summer limits of one nine hundred eighty eight the twenty eighteen the winter games begin in pure. kathy novak is in seoul. the olympic torch is making its way through central seoul carried by celebrities including k. pop stars and athletes here in going home one square it is traveling on a royal carriage in a reenactment of a traditional procession more attention has been focused on the winter games since north korea agreed to participate in a recent poll more than eighty percent of south koreans said they supported north korea taking part though more than half do not want the government in seoul to cover the delegations expenses. i think it is unreasonable for south korea to pay those countries around the world are coming north korea should not be an exception
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because all know that if you gave them to me to north korea's participation might help the olympics but not necessarily south korea. the two koreas are expected to meet in the coming days to discuss the north's participation it's a significant shift in into korean relations before high level talks on tuesday there had been no official communication between the two countries in about two years south korean president when jay and says he hopes this year will mark a turning point in establishing peace on the korean peninsula from here the olympic flame continues to make its way towards the host city of pyong by the time it arrives it will have been passed between about seven thousand five hundred torchbearers and travelled a distance of more than two thousand kilometers. fans of the late singer johnny cash are remembering the consulate that he recorded exactly fifty years ago before an audience of inmates inside one of america's toughest prisons the concert
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highlighted the house conditions and made cash a country music legend among the full. little i'm johnny cash johnny cash said prison audiences were the best and not just because they were captive listeners the song folsom prison blues won him many fans behind bars three company this ruling around the. time i sleep in the sunshine i don't believe i'm still going to school. time you know. in one nine hundred sixty eight cash played the song before more than a thousand inmates and guards at the maximum security penitentiary in northern california the album he recorded there sold more than three million copies and revived cashes flagging career one that had been hindered by his addiction to prescription drugs half a century after his two performances on that day the inmates at folsom still appreciate cash his appearance their sight he looks at us like below the low but
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little things like that kind of get your mind out of the you know the audacity of prison life despite his outlaw image cache never spent more than a few nights in jail for petty offenses but his sympathy for prisoners was the theme that also ran through another hit san quentin blue san quentin what good do you think you do. do you think i'll beat her and when you're through. my heart in my name you wore glasses. or your stole walter love blood a little gold. gas went on to perform in prisons across the us and campaign to improve their condition. a cause that still resonates in a country which incarcerates more than two million people and has the highest prisoner rate in the world tom ackerman al-jazeera.
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covers it take a look at the top stories here it out zero hawaii's governor has apologized for an accidental message sent out by the u.s. state warning of an imminent missile strike the emergency management agency later confirmed it was a false alarm and that an investigation is underway. you know i know firsthand that what happened today was totally unacceptable and many in our community was deeply affected by this and i'm sorry we are working to evaluate everything in the sequence of today's activities to make sure that we are prepared and the procedures are change so that a single person will not be able to make an error that triggers another false alarm israeli security forces have used tear gas to break up
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a protest against the detention of a palestinian teenager supposes a sixteen year old a head to mimi had been marching in the occupied west bank demanding have release she was detained last month when a video of her slapping israeli soldiers went viral lawyers say ahead could face jail time if she's convicted of the charges which include assault she's doing court again on monday. the serial killer may be behind the rape and murder of a young girl that led to massive protests in pakistan that's according to the home minister punjab province seven year old zainab sorry was found dead in a garbage dump on tuesday but your government has pledged seventy million dollars in aid to help whole families in a bid to contain protests against austerity measures the prime minister has condemned the protests and police have arrested more than eight hundred people the military in the democratic republic of congo has altered operation against an armed
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group it's blamed for the killing of fifteen tanzania and un peacekeepers troops are targeting members of the allied democratic forces near the town of beni in north kivu province you have today those are the latest headlines inside stories next. donald trump extends the iran nuclear agreement box warns the u.s. will withdraw if changes are not made but can this deal be renegotiated and why is trump adamantly against it this is inside story.


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