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tv   China All The Single Men  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the u.a.e. had earlier presented him as a potential alternative to catalyst. so if you look at the movie the hello i'm currently in abu dhabi i was hosted by ship mohammed i'm now confined to my residence i'm not allowed to leave i fear anything may happen to me and tend the blame is put on qatar therefore this is my way to notify you all that in case i suffer any harm qatar cannot be blamed i'm currently hosted by shaikh mohammed and he shall be responsible for anything i may happen to me finally i want to salute to the people of qatar the people of the u.a.e. and of saudi arabia and all the people of the gulf thank you a french dairy company accused of covering up contaminated baby milk says it will pay damages to families affected about twelve million tons of the powdered milk being recalled across eighty three countries due to the risk of salmonella poisoning and palestinian president mahmoud abbas will address the pillow central council meeting opening imminently with the u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital dominating the agenda. have declined an invitation to the meeting with disagreement on how to respond to the u.s. decision those are your headlines stay with this one i want to waste is next. in
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china women are in short supply. millions more men than women. so when it comes time to marry the odds aren't good. it's estimated one in five men won't be able to find a bride a personal and also national disaster. i'm steve chowed on this episode a one on one east we meet the men resorting to drastic action to avoid a life alone. but. she has just come out of the mall her name is one five ice because she is one point five eight mage's tool. in a few hours she will have
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a nice pale and on ice. sheet exists because there's a lack of women in china. for thirty five years more boys have been born here than girls. it's resulted in a severe gender imbalance that endangered the country's stability. k'naan is china's most populated problem. at the same time it's the place with the fewest women. months we was born here in the village of goings on. already over the normal i have marriage here in the countryside. but lang's we can't find a wife he still lives with his parents and others did it by hand i say if.
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you don't. let me send my new film i got an idea we are not having a gala i am an asshole that. going to india. and i have one hundred. and i am the one to show it to one. once we isn't the only one around here looking for a wife there are hundreds of so-called bachelor villages in the region each one full of single men desperately looking for women to marry. in nineteen seventy nine china introduced the one child policy it was meant to avoid overpopulation but in the countryside sounds a much more desirable because they can work in the fields. doing yeah yeah and that's one of course you often do you say are you. the guy are you not yet knowing
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you are. now. i want to. be fair. to our south as i watch you and your little car. and your house. these days doctors are not allowed to reveal the gender of the unborn baby but some still do this why did with the hope of a bride. even today slogans like this extolling the benefits of girls are displayed around the village yes. but the preference for boys is a long and lasting tradition here they say that raising a girl is like cultivating someone else's field because the girl moves into her husband spam often marriage. couples wish for a son to take care of them as they i age and to carry on the family night so goes continue to be a balls one hundred sixteen boys
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a boon for every one hundred girls she shivered the are to me all found. that just go on and on you know it that you're fighting with it. so yeah that's. lonsway works in the fields and does occasional jobs so far no girl has considered him a good match the lone woman or your managers sense of the job and i feel i have made up. their senator. sure there. i had minima the value of their home in the end. i fit. him. and you know him home on earth
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where me i don't know. just several batches from the village have gone abroad to maine ma the nom the philippines or laos despond wives then you know what kind are in the game. and just say in the video my ram i am a witch the world. trade some are to say how. in china men without wives a cold. which means dead branches the white bear for. many try their luck in the city every day thousands of single men move to the pearl river delta in china south to the factories of the world. pia sixty thousand factories employed to bring to school million workers. the young people working here day in knox hospital so booking for this all makes in this
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factory which manufactures smartphones in modems all the workers are under thirty thousands of kilometers from their horns they toil on the assembly line the ice hours a day like shallow young he's twenty four years old and comes from a bachelor village side then link you yeah well you. sing in the ghetto. they will tell anybody anything done to just nail them all. in the d.c. bomb. see. in august. they are going to need them all along and then go to the lead in the machine. and then in the evening of being seen again they go with them all down people saw that one then i think you wish again the. couples come together and break up on the
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assembly line. once in a given month and. see how they get and then they say. just a single. for a long time women were in the majority on the factory floors but that's changing. the lack of women has reached the po river delta it's even affecting factory operations says dr e. executive can jump. now not. good if i want to shift. how much i'm dating this guy. i'm going to shiver. yet you cannot say i'm going to sit down to. him. you know. to my i didn't. believe that one doesn't mean i'm.
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not i know that she knew me and i'm in it we. know this and yet know that what you see if. she. only a bright smart phones help destruct the male workers from their frustration and learnings . before you show. his life has consisted of going back and forth between the assembly line his dorm room and the canteen. but he still hasn't won the attention of a female colleague. and misleading you had they not caught again about.
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assaults in sexual violence a getting more frequent in the factories. and for what you. see now oh mate tell what you. want most. yeah. you don't. want to come on my. shell you'll make seven hundred dollars a month so he's nor the pool rich but he hopes one of these women give you a chance because he's a talented basketball one. he plays in the factories team and he's one of the best clients son done don't. think you sound
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money. on the high you would know you in at least once a month for dan yeah. that would keep about just you why you should then. you know you and many of them. and they've been condos and you can't on this yeah down the bank which a good way to get it go down the cost and those. rates. on kids age on a. team like the. chest or you. and i told us. a massive. challenge and then they found out that isis on funding. only shot himself on. the chinese authorities have investigation the problem of gender imbalance there
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are thirty to forty million more men than women. it's predicted that in five years one fifth of chinese men won't be able to find out why. being got married in two thousand and eight but then his wife disappeared three years he's driven aboard a cross china looking for. by just a student which it was. in the final. side of the windows on the show when. it involves it. on the back. and bought the oldest. some of them with a. she said. luke being looked in all the police stations hospitals and funeral homes in the region he even
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offered a reward of almost ten thousand dollars all of his savings. there's been no trace of her at home because nobody has been found he believes that she's being held prisoner in the mountains and has. seen about. this. just before whoopings wife disappeared they had a daughter cuttin. her mother's parents are raising her while her father keeps up his search for her mother. is seven years old. and in body serious and then you know.
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this is my life. it's. didn't jump through. chance easy. to the sack to see my mother and he loved us and. that was my no way snap yeah how yasiel yeah j. . after that fact actually. matt hit back on the only film asking seems to get by cheaply. when we do. she she indulges in she went on. until two thousand. and. if you see. it. funny how do you know we'll tell you it. does come up as
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a pop gun play. out it was all off back. to the. big searching the countryside on his own is no longer enough now he's putting his clothes on this playing card. the two of spades is in a very special pack of cards. thirteen thousand kilometers away he's choosing on china's east coast. taxi drivers give out packs of cards to part of the barca apple value and got by him as a kind of a c you're going to come out right now there's a guy that connor gang is on the hook without any somebody. aconite you should know churches want. other drivers from can't own in the south to dolly and in the north are also involved. they use they taxis to distribute the cards in villages they suspect might house abducted women and he'll
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look at you look i'm a. liar. what are the religion you are. leaving your initial there's such a church as a well if that's how well and you model what turned out to be another color. the council the idea of computer scientist shane hall. after reading about abduction cases he wanted to help first he launched a website to find them then came the idea of the cuts giving them a way to increase the search radius from them with acid and. i'm sure they're watching at what was your father tom. and i gave up a villainous wanted to the office for the city's eighty although she said that tom and i'll try.
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every day shanghai receives anonymous messages from people who think they've seen the queen of hearts the four diamonds the families who report another missing person. he also helps parents of missing children. he's thirty thousand surge reports of already said of twenty women kidnapped by human traffickers. but the two of spades blew beings one is still missing. as usual has a headline died you didn't eat and then you do it and you know it was him you know you. what are the authorities doing to stop the trafficking of women. not of the ministry of public security in beijing nor its regional branch is a willing to speak to us. but they did send us these videos. policemen
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conducting checks on a trying mockery oh i thought i was on assignment in the countryside. and this vision of a crackdown in the you not region in the country south. it showed the arrest of several hundred traffickers among the two women who allegedly sold on the women these videos were probably made for child. tavi as evidence of the all stars he's doing everything they can to prevent women from being kidnapped. they even showed traffic as being interrogated why isn't how it was assumed that not even the town all the time was a heartbeat and a long walk. i believe that you and i'll fight with you just have to muster the face of the cause you're going to get which is a thing you should have done as you go shop and see who it was she got off others are mostly all. home to that though i should say money down at that
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level what sounds good as digital to the british church of the missiles was a bit. off of should be used. for the book in the last year the chinese police say they have saved thirty thousand women trafficking networks on company every month traffickers can receive sentences of ten years in prison. the men who by the women can get sentences of three years. we meet up again with months with the bachelor from who not and shanghai train station. months way has been in indonesia for two months he isn't alone anymore on the phone with my. his wife is called line she's from an indonesian seaside village.
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she's riding on a train for the first time. to non-sweet bourse blind. to. the war. where hall was like that's normal on you maybe in your. i'm with you on what the what the oil. but. i think it's to name a well real. healing in that he would say. it's you know it's nothing to me it's and it's an amendment. and torture and a channel on top things and on and. lonsway paid traffic is more than ten thousand dollars lies father received
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a part of that money for his daughter's hand in law i learned to be said nan to read from watching chinese t.v. she is the fifth woman from her village to marry a chinese man who said you know i don't want. their. eyes or my mamma. does them all of the developers will chrysalis until hamas or i then as. well i am. going. to develop a full. law doesn't know what kind of life she will have in china she was told by the
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trafficker the new husband is rich and she thinks she will have been easy a life then in indonesia. the money you think you can get. to. lie has arrived in gongs on the bachelor village. saw. she will live with the new husband's parents. lance we both go to the
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country on a family residence permit which lie will have to re new every year but she doesn't have a work permit. yet. how . to do this for the. contact. list. not my not happy. doesn't understand the local dialect sounds like. yeah and them.
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and their. lives will probably never see in the nature again. in laws sacrificed too much to risk escaping. through the town. but how many women can solve and how many men must live alone before tradition is legard. and the births of both boys and girls are accepted and celebrated with equal joy. china stopped the one child policy in twenty fifteen. couples and now allowed to have two children maybe it's time to remember another chinese saying women
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hold up half the sky. largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. when east investigates why so many filipino children are having babies. at this time when our desire. as thousands of rogue engines seek refuge in bangladesh a new armed group is taking shape fighting the government and me and. them because they refuse to give us our basic rights as citizens in for the first time
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a member of the ara can row hengist salvation army talks to al-jazeera at this time when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds up to date just what the president say in no country that is not the other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. this was a foundation. i tried to do some to different when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with.
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pay the price daisy and knox at this time on al-jazeera. i'm counting the cost of oil hit seventy dollars a barrel week sam and the drivers behind the rise one of the economic reasons behind the rest into. we look a little closer at the whole straight being between us i'm. counting the cost at this time on al jazeera. and al jazeera crew captures the moment a suspected russian ass strike hits a makeshift refugee camp and they were.


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