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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the tides of change are the lucky tech to continue with working all this time on a just. al-jazeera. it's. where every. chinese president says a military assault on a kurdish enclave in syria as a minute.
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and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha in this but also ahead . accused of using a vulgar language to describe african nations the us president says he's not a racist. iran reinstates the social media at telegram. undressed. and liberia's outgoing president was expelled from her own party accused of backing an opposition candidate. the u.s. has confirmed it's helping syrian kurdish fighters set off a border force containing thirty thousand personnel the troops will patrol the borders of. syria by the soviet syrian democratic forces composed off kurdish fighters and that's angered nato member turkey which considers the group
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terrorists and has vowed to retaliate shiela balance reports. turkish president rigid type using a posse idris to look staunch in the face of a us specs kurdish force on his southern border he promised to respond with his own show of force and invasion of the syrian city of a free to the lot of religion that just like we do not let the kurdistan workers party or open their eyes within our borders we are determined to vanquish them on the other side of foam board god willing in the coming days we will continue the operation to purge our southern border from terror. turkey has forced kurdish fact . sions within its borders for more than thirty years and doesn't want to see the kurds gain power in neighboring syria but the americans have regarded kurdish forces as an effective tool against eisel the kurds are the most effective fighting
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force against the islamic state in syria and they've been very successful at that that's the american purpose but the turks regard the kurds and the y. b.g. as a dire threat they label them terrorists u.s. president trump promised that he would stop arming and training could feiss but the pentagon even make it official now turkey is furious about reports of a new u.s. backed border force of thirty thousand personnel with the syrian democratic forces a group largely controlled by the kurdish y.p. gee they were reportedly deploy along the border of turkey iraq to the southeast and the phrase river valley the dividing line with assad's military the american backed kurdish y p g posted this online interest into. bashes with to took his forces it's an effort in northern syria the same kurdish enclave to one now since
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he will invade in the coming days will get there are many kyler despite it all we believe we have common interests with america in the region and hope we can act in concert because the time has come to support turkey and the time to give strategical peroration is do we expect them to support to you know legitimate efforts during the a free and operation i hope these powers will not give rise to error by appearing on the same side as the terror organization. could be the taste for a difficult three way relationship between powers in the syrian war turkey the united states and the kurdish fighters so hated by one side and supported by the other. now syrian government pushed into edler province has forced about one hundred twenty thousand people from their homes and recent weeks but as the displaced see places of sanctuary many continue to face danger and al jazeera
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crew captured these pictures while filming in a makeshift camp at le province. no law no a lot of what i don't know what to do your best i don't know if you don't feel. that if you know law. well that will be a real well a missile hit close to civilians including families who had fled from earlier bombing attacks in the nearby hama countryside. and can be seen among men women and children trying to find cover. aid agencies say they're overwhelmed by the scale of need in syria and they're warning that if the bombardment continues a million displaced people will amass near the turkish border so they'll corsi all
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of the ports from the refugee camp in northern italy a province. up to carry mohammed lost his home when the syrian government bombed aniston hama in december he arrived in ram a refugee camp in adler province fifteen days ago with his wife and five children the fifteen year old former stays he had a very good business back home but he had to leave it all behind the family went to st george first taking refuge in a cave but the safety they found there didn't last for long and government forces were advancing on the area abdel and his wife shammy assaye they were afraid of being killed and i'm not happy i'm not used to living right this here you don't feel free we are sleeping with our children one we were hiding in a cave when the regime forces advance towards our lads we were afraid they would kill us and left them and after the bombardment in east hama a lot of people moved to sunder who faced few bombardments of deisel of the regime
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started their fight we had to leave again and stay out in the wild sleeping under trees aid organizations came to us to this camp but you see this is not home. the camp was built only a couple of weeks ago and has already pulled five thousand people are here but still more are arriving every day most of them are poor families from eastern how much as the weather gets colder the main fear here is illness hygiene is a major issue so much of the prevention falls on the women here as they are the ones responsible for feeding and cleaning in dire conditions. the primary needs are tents and things like marshes blankets on carpets also items that are specially needed by children and women you name it people and syrian leaders even finding a nail clipper is an issue. survival mother cation is the priority here many of
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these children have been on the run from the bombings for some time some of them haven't been to school in years they're left to think again and i scape from the sad reality of their homeland people have managed to escape the regime's air strikes and the fight against arsenal they were able to find a reference here in these camps in northern live for now they're safe but no one knows what will happen if or syrians come to the region saying i'm close to a little al-jazeera northern and let. let's move on to other news now palestinian president mahmoud abbas has labeled donald trump's peace efforts the slap of the century saying shame on you addressing the p.l.o. central council our boss rachel waited that he will not accept the trump of ministration as a mediator and talks with israel and call for an internationally led process tromps decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has sparked worldwide
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condemnation and protests across the region but palestinian groups hamas and islamic jihad did not attend the meeting saying there's a lack of agreement on how to deal with washington emraan khan is following events in ramallah. it was a very strong speech from president bush we do boss he said the true slim was the jewel in the ground states in the capital of any future of the state the state criticised of the us president all the time for removing jerusalem from any future palestinian state fire tweet you can also be very critical of these very mystical language let's just take a listen to what some of the language sounds like. in this yes we have right now. we say that politically driven is our capital in our religion it's our capital idea graphically it's our capital but. but it was removed from the map with a tweet from mr trump as say you did that i would go now we say no to trump we wouldn't
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accept his plan we cited a deal of the century is the slop of the century. but it was just about jerusalem it was also about the palestinian factions as well he was very critical of islam and astronauts coming to the central council meeting he said that this was about politics anymore this was about the future of jerusalem the future of the palestinian state now he did criticize the senate budget for that positions he also said that this was a toy where the palestinians needed to get together because jerusalem is the religious cultural and political capital of palestine so very strong words coming out from the president but we did ask but this isn't the end all the central council meeting throwing ahead to monday now there will be these decisions that will be issued they will we shape any future negotiations and how those decisions will be implemented because. the u.s.
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president donald trump has denied accusations he's a racist he's been criticized for allegedly using vulgar language when describing haiti el salvador and several african nations during a white house meeting that he call home has more. the big conversation happening in washington and really across the country in the globe right now is president donald trump in fact a racist this is all coming about after a meeting where a bipartisan group of senators went to the white house and said they had to compromise on immigration reform the president reportedly bristled at it because he said it would allow in countries in africa el salvador in haiti and he described those as undesirable countries although he used a far more explosive expletive to describe those places now the question is is he in fact a racist because in that conversation he said he would rather take in people from countries like norway which are majority white well years of the president had to say about that. thank you believe. me
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this isn't just a question being bandied about whether or not president donald trump is racist this has an actual impact the republicans need to pass a budget their charge of the house and the senate and funding for the government runs out this coming friday if they can't pass something well then they'll face a partial government shutdown democrats have unique leverage because they need their votes in order to keep the government going so there are democrats who are saying they're simply not going to vote for it in less they get some sort of immigration deal they see this as their point of leverage and they plan to use it so right now they're basically going to face off for the next five days and either democrats are going to cave and vote for a budget or republicans are going to have to come up with some sort of immigration compromise we're following trump's alleged comment that american office has left his mark on one of the president's towels trying to measure remarks of projected on the hotel in washington d.c.
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latest and a number of us politicians have condemned trump's comments. meanwhile trump accuse the democrats of holding up negotiations on the deck a program which protects young undocumented immigrants from deportation and allows them to legally work in the u.s. trump enter the program in september congress has until march to renegotiate it. i think there were gridlock you know i think we. were there were no people. do. you think we. really. didn't want to hear you or your. work. or the way. you. tell ahead on the bulletin.
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seven years on from its revolution to new zealand show their discontent as they demand economic and social reforms plus. outside of this catholic church and something silly just lets up protesting against pope francis i was in arsalan on coming up i'll tell you why many people in this country are worried as the pope makes a slave to chile. by the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia you see we've got some snow show up in the southern side of the caspian sea that should clear away as we head into tuesday but tehran will see a significant drop in temperatures a mix of just seven degrees cooler further towards the east temperatures around
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freezing ten degrees in brighton couple elsewhere bypass looking at eighteen degrees the suicidal mediterranean the wind coming in off the sea from atlanta temperatures seventeen there in beirut let's move down in the arabian peninsula weather conditions largely fine we've got to thirty two and sunshine in mecca twenty five in doha but we are going to see the wind picking up during the course of choose there perhaps with some lifted dust but certainly. will be fairly strong flowing down through the gulf region effect and. let's head across into southern portions of africa where we've got some showers for the eastern cape some showers across parts of angola northern zambia into zimbabwe and also mozambique but we've also circulation which is a tropical cyclone which will eventually push towards madagascar in the meantime it's like we came in some very heavy rain into parts of malicious and re-union but jerry at this stage on tuesday it should be drawing fine in cape town pleasant day highs of twenty six. the weather sponsored by qatar.
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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put every day but the messages simply state the brain . rational. crazy months and misinformation is rife dismissal. well accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint to challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. these are our top stories turkish president. kurdish
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stronghold in northern syria to attack in the coming days that's controlled by the . terrorists. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has labeled. the slap of the century saying. at a meeting of the p.l.o. central council abbas reiterated he want to accept the trump of ministration as a mediator and talks with israel and u.s. president trump says he's not a racist trump has been accused of using vulgar language to describe african countries haiti and el salvador he has denied the accusations after attracting global condemnation. now hundreds of people have protested in the capital to mark seven years since the revolution that sparked the arab spring but as reports many of the issues that brought people to the streets then still causing problems today
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. a day of national unity into his year people from all walks of life conversion here on heavy bookkeeper square to commemorate the two thousand and eleven pro-democracy movement that brought the end of president diem bin ali's government and spread across the arab world the event comes at a time of uncertainty there have been protests nationwide in response to austerity measures recently implemented by the government many here say those measures we not improve the lives of the poor and could make things worse you see i'm doing. the party celebrating here today don't represent us the youth for them the revolution was just a pretext to get power but it's still the old elite that governors. things got better after the revolution it's true we've got poverty and unemployment but that's something we'll fix one day but i want to say the post-revolutionary is better.
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these young performers have a message to send they want the government to listen to their concerns about unemployment poverty and lack of opportunities in their country. in a visit to a poor neighborhood in the capital president. he has promised to tackle deepening economic problems phillips arena. the revolution was about freedom and dignity but it's a revolution was led by the youth and we need to listen to them they say we have done nothing for them there are six hundred twenty thousand unemployed people in tunisia this year will be devoted to solving their problems. and the. police at the center of the capital to prevent any scuffles that's to turn violent at this critical moment today on this anniversary of president but not his resignation to
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say they want to set their differences aside and remember those who lost their lives and autocratic rule but the millions of people had hoped the revolution will bring about prosperity feel frustrated over their government and worry about their future but i'll tell you turnus. iran's government has unblocks the popular social media at the telegram activists had used it to share videos of anti-government protests not shown on state media the government criticize the company for not filtering content it said promoted violence. he has more from. of all the social media people use in iran telegram is the most popular so no doubt it will come as a relief to iranians that the government has eased restrictions on the put in place during anti-government demonstrations last month. a day after unblocking telegram iran's president said resisting progress is futile and that blocking internet apps won't solve the country's problems. there was
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a time we said no one should listen to the radio there was signal interference with every station other than one or two was successful there was a time we said using satellite t.v. is forbidden did that work do people not watch satellite t.v. now we say cyberspace is that if we say it's bad does that fix the problem yet the more modern mom knew. telegram is like whatsapp instagram facebook and e-bay all rolled into one in the last few years more and more iranians have been using smartphones and nearly half the country forty million unique users are on telegram people in iran have never been more connected to one another as well as the outside world than they are now rules are rules are day by day is an online new start up that develops content for social media telegram lets their journalists talk to people directly about poverty minority groups and human rights the kinds of issues traditional state media outlets often ignore model home year people want
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a way to access news properly to feel the news is coming to them without any filtering and telegram is doing that telegram has also become a digital marketplace for businesses of all sizes and some like the people in this room say they've made millions of dollars to live on his return to replace the old together and i think a more than fifty per cent of all internet traffic in iran is due to tell where. is the c.e.o. of adventure an online ad agency and techie think tank at a time of high unemployment he says telegram is a job creator is a days old channels i think have created jobs for two hundred thousand people directly for retail and one hundred thousand for advertising and these are the three hundred thousand people who are make they were leavings directly from telegram indirectly he says telegram is responsible for as many as two million jobs and that it was a mistake to shut it down in the first place last week the deputy prosecutor
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general said telegram traffic was down by ninety percent since the unrest began but experts say the impact on users has been much smaller and in fact blocking it may have backfired. most people now use online tools like. bypass government restrictions and have access to more of the world wide web then they ever did before. a member of the qatari royal family says he is being held against his will in the united arab emirates shake up the lab in at least a video statement saying that if anything happened to him at four is been living in saudi arabia since a blockade by some of his neighbors began last june the u.a.e. denies the allegations and says he is for you to leave whenever he chooses ministry says it's monitoring the situation. now liberia's unity party has expelled
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the outgoing president ellen johnson sirleaf accusing her of not supporting their candidate in the recent polls which a lost the party says she and four other sabotage vice president joseph campaign as hala had a hawk star explained. oh you have a big fall for the mighty what should have been her political swan song after twelve years as president of the west african country is ending on a sour note she's one the most celebrated african leaders in recent memory and the first female elected president twice. she could run for a third term because of liberia's constitution broke the government a unity party accused her of meddling in the presidential elections by supporting the opposition's count of the. who won by a landslide. her party's candidate joseph had been her vice president throughout her two terms in office there were reports the two fell out during the campaign as he tried to distance himself from her. neighbors economy has quadrupled. but
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the country remains impoverished many have no access to a lawyer to drinking water or electricity. nicknamed sleepy joe for his tendency to fall asleep at public events book a has presented himself as the every man born into an illiterate family compared to her roots as a moneyed elitist a harvard educated and world bank trained civil servant first emerged politically in one thousand nine hundred seven as she ran against the ruling warlord charles taylor for my area. she got ten percent to his seventy five was more than two hundred thousand people were killed seventy percent of women were understood to have been raped thousands were maimed as former president charles taylor forth with his rivals was out in two thousand and three and is now serving a fifty year prison sentence after being convicted of war crimes at the hague as head of the peace time government she was sworn in for her first time in two
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thousand and six and again in two thousand and eleven she's awarded the nobel peace prize in two thousand and eleven as she campaigned for reelection i consider it a recognition. of the many years of struggle sally secured more than four billion dollars in debt relief from the u.s. u.n. and philanthropist but still over a million liberians live in extreme poverty according to the u.n. sally also had to deal with the worst outbreak of ebola virus which killed at least five thousand people in liberia alone. this is. despite her critics cite even as praise by many for her peaceful transition of political power she is due to hand over power to jordan where and his running mate jewel how a tailor ex-wife will charles taylor on january twenty second one of al-jazeera. now friends and relatives of the crew of an iranian tanker that sank off the coast
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of china one of those killed on the mat on disaster many are frustrated at the time it took to try to rescue those on board the tanker. it sank eight days after it collided with a cargo ship of the east china sea causing a massive fire on board only three bodies have been recovered from the sea another twenty nine sailors remain unaccounted for. six chilean catholic churches have been vandalized in three days all on the eve of pope francis's arrival in the country the most recent attack in the capital santiago resulted in graffiti saying down with the pope he'll be in chile as part of a six day tour that will also include peru two countries where there have been several sex scandals involving the catholic church you see in human has more from in southern chile. it used to be standing room only inside this cathedral in southern chile. but these days not many are singing the praises of their bishop one batter us appointed three years ago by pope francis. outside
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the cathedral other members of the flock demand the resignation of the bishop who's accused of covering up sex abuses by chile's most notorious pedophile priest the pope may be smiling down at these people but they're not smiling back this used to be one of the most faithful catholic cities in all of chile but now these faithful say that they are sad and angry at their pope. accuses him of betraying his promises of the end of the vatican still covers up abusers and to boot in chile it rewards them with promotions and positions abroad the severity we expected from the pope isn't there it's an acceptable that a bishop like barrows who covered up sex abuses he put in charge of our diocese while the protest continued we caught bishop leaving through the parking lot he has
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long denied any wrongdoing but they did the questions about the calls for his resignation they knew to him that there are many other people charge wark many blessings to you than. one who calls himself a survivor is one of those who accused the bishop of facilitating abuses against them by this man father finance. behind these walls abused scores of seminarians while preparing dozens of priests and five bishops including bishop battlers the saw when the priest when he arrived the people's genitals he was watching there's really the past the mony of how he. was present and. pure talk no action. zero tolerance falls zero tolerance. but just last week ahead of his trip
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to chile and peru the pope ordered the vatican to take over an elite catholic group in peru after years of charges that its founder seen here sexually and physically abused scores of children and adults athol are until now what we've had a dramatic gestures maneuvers for impact and damage control aimed at improving the church's image that may not be enough to satisfy victims like one could loose and other critics who insist that while the pope is here they'll continue raising their voice to hold the vatican and its leader accountable you see in human al-jazeera southern chile. and again the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera turkish president. has vowed to watch a military operation on a major kurdish stronghold in northern syria he's pledged to attack
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a plane in the coming days that's controlled by the chain a kurdish armed group turkey confed of terrorists well the move comes after reports the u.s. coalition plans to build a thirty thousand strong border security force and northern syria that would include the wife and the u.s. has previously supplied arms to kurdish fighters turkey is condemning the move with one of the u.s. mata and affair and its operation. god willing in the coming days we will continue the operation to purge our southern border from terror which the first step was taken with the euphrates shelled operation and no i was afraid. we expect america to support turkey and its legitimate efforts we expect our friends to display an attitude that the third stanza in this issue of survival that is so sensitive and so critical for our country generally a free an operation i hope these powers will not give rise to error by appearing on
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the same side as the terror organization. syrian government forces have launched an attack on a makeshift camp an adlib province. a missile hit close to civilians including families who had fled from earlier bombing attacks in the nearby hama countryside a syrian government pushed into the province has forced about one hundred twenty thousand people from their homes in recent weeks palestinian president mahmoud abbas has labeled u.s. president peace efforts the slap of the century saying shame on you at a meeting of the p.l.o. central council three to eight and he will not accept the trumpet ministration as a mediator and talks with israel and u.s. president trump has declared he's not a racist he's been accused of using vulgar language to describe african countries haiti and el salvador. to dozens have taken to the streets to mark seven year for
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the revolution that sparked the arab spring the rallies come amid a backdrop of further on best sparked by government imposed tax and price hikes. as the headlines on the do stay with us the listening post is coming up next thank you for watching. on counting the cost to oil hit seventy dollars a barrel we examine the drivers behind the rise one of the economic reasons behind the rest into new and we look a little closer at the whole straight being between france and china counting the cost this time on al-jazeera. that bombshell book rocking the white house michael also firing very troubling allegations that the president is actually. recently sent a letter. to. the questions are now being raised about the reliability of the car carry a pretty much free reign of explaining. your at the listening post here are some of
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the stories we've been tracking this week.


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