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i meant calls you a gringo all the terrorist hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. al-jazeera. you every your. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm c.
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ters and this is the news out line from london coming up turkish president vows to crush a u.s. plan to establish a thirty thousand strong force to secure syria's northern border. a double suicide bombing during rush hour kills at least thirty eight people and i central baghdad where a walkway collapses in an easy a stock exchange building injuring more than seventy people plus. and handed in there you know i had a list and i stuck around releases and video it says shows some of the chibok girls it's still holding. and i'm just i'm in doha with all the day's sports news including a disastrous opening day at the australian open for american women its biggest mediums eight over russia to the police to. turkey syria and russia have attacked a u.s.
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plan to form a thirty thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria turkey's president accused washington of trying to create a terror army he's pledged to quote drown it before it comes into being and has sent reinforcements to the border and the syrian government has vowed to drive the u.s. presence from its territory the u.s. says the force will secure areas along series border to the north with turkey and to the east with iraq it will be mostly made up of fighters from the syrian democratic forces who turkey considers terrorists the s.d.f. is a u.s. backed alliance of kurdish and our fighters which currently controls almost twenty five percent of syrian territory in the north and east russia says it's a us plots to partition syria were challenges reports from moscow. but russia's foreign minister had a stark rebuke for the u.s. on monday speaking as a media conference in moscow gay lover of said the creation of his own controlled
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by u.s. backed rebels risks syria's territorial integrity turkey's president also opposes the plan he's attacking reports of the u.s. backed kurdish border force type says turkey will launch its own military operation against the kurds in the northern syrian city of a free shot at that it is secure balling now the united states has confessed that they are forming a terror army along our border what we have to do is to strangle this terror army on our borders before it is born turkey has for its kurdish factions inside its borders for decades and doesn't want to see them gaining more power in neighboring syria botts in northern syria the americans have long been supporting some kurdish forces the kurds are the most effective fighting force against the assad government and against the islamic state in syria and they've been very successful in that
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that's the american purpose but the turks regard the kurds and the y b j as a dire threat they label them terrorists although u.s. president donald trump promised he would stop supporting kurdish fighters the pentagon never made that's official the reported thirty thousand strong u.s. backed border force would primarily come from kurdish led syrian democratic forces and would deploy along the syrian borders with turkey and iraq and along the euphrates river valley the dividing line with syrian government forces. one of the syrian wars detectable trends last year was the emerging axis of cooperation between russia and turkey often joining together to criticize steps taken by the united states if today's developments around the thing to go by that the trend looks set to continue into two thousand and eighteen will return and to zero muster . i'll send him costello has more from on tucker in turkey near the border with
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syria present and on today also war that turkey will be drawn thing these groups because turkey is c s y p g which is the backbone of s.t. of syrian democratic forces as an offshoot of p.k. k. the kurdistan workers' party and it's an alp old organization for turkey e.u. and the united states they are listed as terrorist groups so turkey says it as if it's a united states is directly strengthening and arming. k.k. while arming the i.p.g. and unclear says the weapons that the u.s. provides to them will be used against us one day and that's why we should solve this problem immediately we should launch an operation before why p.g. and p k k. it fires the arms to turkey this is the turkish discourse but of course one major concern was whether russia would ever say que go
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for turkey because russia has a strong word over a friend but it seems after today in today's statements by love row that russia also will support turkey in its this isn't to launch this operation and even the syrian regime sees the united states as a traitor because of this cooperation with the why p.g. . let's get more on this now from the u.s. where our correspondent kimberly hellcats is in washington d.c. i'm kimberly i'm guessing the architects of this must have known they would be strong reaction to it in the region what are you hearing where you are about why they're doing it. we reached out to the department of defense and it has supplied a bit of an explanation about this border security force certainly there is the understanding that there are these sensitivities in the region particularly with
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respect to the concerns of the ally turkey but again the united states has been very clear it says all along in terms of its goal and that is to preserve the fragile gains that have been made inside syria and because the united states has been working with both kurdish as well as arab fighters there is sort of a sort of a decision to carry on with this practice in the form of this border security force so well there is the ultimate goal of ultimately thirty thousand recruits with fifteen thousand of those possibly being fighters that have worked previously with the coalition right now there are only two hundred thirty that have been trained for this b.s.f. for border security force now there is this recognition that some will view that this is in fact giving preference to a particular group or that this may be in terms of the patrolling region the recognition by some that this is now going to become some sort of defacto border for a new autonomous region the united states saying that is not the case this is simply
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about working with the largest fighting force available that is already familiar to the united states and willing to and able to preserve the fragile gains in terms of the defeat of eisel in this region and making sure that stays that way good to get your thoughts on that can really help in washington d.c. well joining me to talk more about this is syria consulting research fellow at the chatham house think tank in london thanks very much for coming in to just picking up a little bit on what can really was just saying it sounds like the americans are trying to put in some sort of force that they trust they've been working side by side with the white p.g. and the syrian defense forces so that's why i'm guessing they are getting now involved in. being more efficient with their training or whatever but in a way tech is just reacting because turkey was expecting them to leave the y.p. g. and just walk away wasn't it was not only turkey who was not sure what the next
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step in syria will be like the kurds who are also scared that the do is will abandon them as soon as the fight against isis is over this is why this move is not only surprised to turkey but also a surprise to the kurds the syrian regime and russia as well and one of the borders i've talked about is the euphrates river which has always been talked about the syrians wouldn't accept if they wipe e.g. cross that river that's not a border protecting against isis fighters that may be still that going backwards and forwards that's against and that's area isn't it so i said what's that all about where it's not clear yet whether the force would be only deployed along the border was to ricky or whether there would be deployed against the defacto front lines that the kurdish forces share with other actors turkey is one of them but also you have the syrian regime as well and the if the aim here is to deploy them
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along those front lines then there will be most likely this collision against those forces the question again is whether the u.s. will support defend those forces against such attacks or not because that would be the real dates and will orally be seen when those attacks are taking place and turkey is pushing back obviously i'm guessing my more i'm bold and with the fact it has other allies now and doesn't necessarily have to deal so much for the u.s. but he still has a base in that area it still has an american base there what do you think the reaction will be if indeed turkey carries on and says it will drown this force she's quite incendiary language exactly i think the turks are so far just threatening to do. i saw that the actions on the ground will depend on a few factors the first one is whether the u.s. will show that they will protect those forces against any attack or not the second
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one is the russian and the sunni region in reaction to this force and whether those two actors will also attack or not the third one is whether the who is will allow us and even the syrian regime will allow turkey to intervene in a freeing because the escalation cannot be or liquid thing in this region it can be basically. it could trigger other conflict others collisions in different regions so again here will do is basically not only protect the kurds here but pretext to go the kurds across syria or not that remains to be seen we're watching very carefully hide had thanks very much for your thoughts on that and saying in syria where the government forces say they're close to taking control of a strategically important to have a province it follows prolonged fighting with a number of armed groups including to hey al sham which was previously affiliated
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with al qaeda government come on the say troops are advancing on abu diaa who are based from several positions in the southeast of the city of aleppo they say they've now taken control of more than four hundred square kilometers of the aleppo countryside near the border with. two suicide bombers have struck during the morning rush hour in the iraqi capital baghdad killing at least thirty eight people more than one hundred others were wounded in the attack on a busy street market in altai aaron square is the fourth attack in the capital in the past forty eight hours as some of binge of eight has no. bodies were scattered all over the streets in central baghdad two suicide bombers detonated their explosives during morning rush hour in tehran square dozens were killed and wounded. chocolate bars sold in the busy marketplace were scattered in the debris and blood. it's become
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a deadly routine as people of the iraqi capital quickly try to resume their lives. around square is a busy intersection in eastern baghdad between say the city and bridge the areas full of laborers on their way to work in the morning. i was here when the blast took place i heard two blasts many people got killed mainly workers the dead and wounded were taken to three mia by hospitals including. we have nine people two of them in the operation theatre and the other seven in the general surgery and fractures departments they will leave after treatment you have said it was going to work when the bombs exploded despite his wounds he ran for medical help he's like many iraqis who don't have faith in their leaders to provide safety. we don't need anyone from this government we need the government to stop the political elite have to stop their disputes for their personal interests and ministerial posts as the people of iraq will be the only victim. what can i say to the government nothing
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and just nothing we have urged the government more than once to take care of us we are poor and so many poor today have lost their lives there was another attack in northeastern baghdad three people were killed including a member of the iraqi ministry of defense. attacks have risen in the last forty eight hours eight people were killed in a suicide bombing on sunday in the area north of baghdad it shows that the minister of interior does not have the real intelligence network that it's supposed to be the data that will be on the table of the possible persons who are supposed to be working hard to make back that secure last month iraqi prime minister head that they declared victory against deisel saying the war against the group was over but the victory is yet to be translated into an end to attacks the u.n. says last month alone at least sixty nine civilians were killed in violence and conflict highlighting the fragility of iraq's peace as well detention fades after the declared defeat device of some of the job. coming up on this news hour
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protests in athens as the greek government votes through more austerity measures to satisfy its creditors. pope francis makes his way to south america and we'll tell you why he's expecting a mixed reception in chile. and rafael nadal places first competitive match after injury on day one of the australian i. go home and. an armed group has launched an attack on an air base in the libyan capital tripoli killing at least twelve people security sources say gunmen stormed mitiga air base where fighting spilled onto the runway causing flights to be diverted it was the only functioning at port in tripoli after the international terminal was damaged in twenty fourteen the bay to base was under the control of the specialty terence force which is affiliated with the u.n.
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backed government of national accord our correspondent mahmoud heard sent this update from tripoli. the special deterrence force that is the security apparatus tasked with securing and protecting them. is has managed to push back the assailant brigade now the outcomes of these clashes that erupted early in the morning are dozens dead and injured including civilians because the clashes took place around populated areas also all the flights from and to have been diverted to misrata airport and the national accord government has declared emergency and high security alert in and around him and. now the background of this conflict dates back to last october when the assailant brigade which is not affiliate to the national accord government
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also attacked is the brigade that attacked in may to get. the individuals of that brigade say that there is a prison inside the base and controlled by this special deterrence force and that prison holds thousands of suspects and so many suspects have died on the floor by the special deterrence force they also accuse the special diffidence force of extra judicial practices inside that prison they say that the prison is is it is outside of the state control and also does not belong to the official legislative institutions in the country. the united arab emirates secures cattery at force jets of twice intercepting civilian and iraqi ak raft during flights to bahrain qatar
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foreign ministry has denied the allegation and u.s. central command in the middle east says it hasn't received any reports of. in flights being intercepted in the gulf just two days ago doha complained to the un security council about two alleged violations of cattery air space by u.s. military aircraft in recent weeks in june the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain cut diplomatic and economic ties with qatar a hard sponsoring terrorism which denies. cats are catalysts human rights committee says the detention of a member of its royal family by the u.a.e. is illegal and violates human rights laws shaikh abdullah ben ali al funny is not the first public figure to accuse abu dabi of holding them against their will jamal of sheil reports so a little. funny is the latest in what appears to be a growing list of high profile figures to say they've been abducted some by the united arab emirates and others by its ally saudi arabia some of them in the
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infamous i'm currently in abu dhabi i was hosted by sheikh mohammad bin saeed i'm now confined to my residence i'm not allowed to leave i fear anything may happen to me hours later in murat your fishel street to the bin ali was not being held captive and was a free man prior to the gulf crisis which began when saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt imposed a land air and sea blockade on qatar seven months ago abdullah bin ali was an unknown member of the qatari royal family since then as riyadh and continued in their push to overthrow the governments in doha the anti qatar alliance has tried to portray him as a potential replacement to the amir of qatar shipped i mean been hammered funny they wanted to create an opposition to from within the. family but for the qatari society he's an unknown person he doesn't have the credentials he doesn't have the charisma even his in own the nuclear family did not approve the whole he was
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trying to play never mind the oil family or the qatari society in december former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik who was in self-imposed exile in the u.a.e. posted a video message saying he was being detained against his will so few was deported forty eight hours later flown to cairo and in a morality plane where he was immediately detained upon his arrival days later he withdrew from the race to be the next president of egypt. in november lebanon's prime minister was summoned to saudi arabia for a meeting with crown prince mohammed bin sandman and although saga has not said he was held captive many believe that he was including the german foreign minister who tweeted that how do you do you should be allowed to leave at once. both saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are notorious for jailing political dissidents dozens of princes a millionaire businessman remain in a hotel turn prison in the capital riyadh but holding foreign dignitaries and
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politicians is seen by analysts as a frightening new development the concern that the snap like one one action or one behavior now is becoming the law almost up pattern of form was some of these. countries this is very strange actually very and acceptable even legally is and it's an acceptable human rights was it's an excerpt of what detaining people against their will whether they are high a profile of medium for follow all of the fight both the saudis and their moralities have for years been accused of meddling in the internal affairs of countries such as egypt lebanon and qatar qatar true has been accused of the same but the alleged use of abduction as a foreign policy tool is something that has many people extremely worried. al-jazeera. shaikh khalid bin alie al phone is the brother of shake up the bin he
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says his brother has received mixed messages from authorities in the united arab emirates. he complained about that he's being denied to leave you eat. and he's confused about what. all the information he's getting from the people there. and they kept him all day he was told that he can leave the to saudi arabia but not to u.k. and the end of the day he was allowed. principal to leave you here and he has two daughters with him and it was about twelve o'clock at night that. they're told them that they have to go to the airport and then the information changed that you are not allowed to go to the u.k. the u.k. refuses your entry and that is false. and that your daughters can leave and you must they still say in the way a number of students have been injured after
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a walkway collapse suddenly while they were on a tour of an uneasy stock exchange at least seventy five people were taken to hospital in jakarta but police say none of the injuries are life threatening building managers are being questioned about why the floor caved in severus on reports from jakarta. the collapse happened just before lunch break a group of students from south to market on a study to work on the mezzanine level bridge which connects different parts of the building. most of the injured were students luckily the ground level below was nearly empty as bodies and debris rained down. the out that the roof of the first floor collapsed onto the ground floor there must be a few people who were injured like the receptionist and people who hung out in the store books was really saying no one suffered severe injuries i the injured suffered
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a breach and minor injuries on their feet and hands and they have been taken to the hospital hundreds of employees in the thirty one story tower were immediately evacuated the sudden collapse of the bridge here at the financial heart in jakarta has caused widespread panic the building houses offices of dozens of international companies and police escort and off the building management is under a lot of pressure to explain the cost of the collapse police confirmed it was not an attack as some had feared a car bomb explosion in two thousand killed fifteen people following this incident that the stock exchange financial trading was postponed for a while but continued in the afternoon step fasten al-jazeera check after spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is warning that madrid will maintain its control of catalonia if it imposed a regional leader colors preached the law tries to re-enter office wisdom on has been in self-imposed exile in belgian since catalonia voted for secession in an
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illegal referendum in october roy also says christa momot must be in catalonia to be sworn in as the region's president. police in greece have fired tear gas at protesters outside parliament in athens ask politicians inside debates a new series of austerity measures needed to trigger a final round of bailout the bill which has been approved in the last few minutes also includes controversial legislation making it more difficult for work for workers to strike the answer for this is in athens and joins us now live so john we're hearing tear gas is being fired is it developing with the protests so is it just really still a strike. there are still many thousands of people on the square in front of parliament and most of those people are demonstrating peacefully the police action against a small number of protesters who've been hurling molotov cocktails and flares is
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limited to one part of the square most people though are standing their ground not being evacuated and they are not walking away they have decided to stay there and see the protesters of the and meanwhile inside the parliament the bill has as you say been passed along government majority lines in other words one hundred fifty three m.p.'s out of the three hundred seat parliament parent lee also with one independent member of parliament voting with the ruling coalition and that means that greece technically should qualify at this month's euro group on the twenty second of the month to receive its next bailout and supplement of an estimated five billion dollars about four and a half billion euros that should put the government with respect to its current bundle of obligations all prior actions as they're called by the creditors has the eurozone and the i.m.f. but it will also face a fourth review later in the year in the spring and that will be the final one
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before mr jeepers the prime minister can truly say that greece is on course to graduate from its economic oversight in august when the stats fairly say bring one in three businesses has gone on one point two million out of what many of those young people you do wonder how much austerity greece how much more stary to greece can take. well the unemployment figure has gradually been climbing down it is now at twenty point seven percent which is the best figure greece has had since the beginning of this crisis but it is still a whopping great number it's one in five working people and for the young it's. about forty percent so all of these figures that you quote the result of an accumulation of businesses going bust over the last eight years not enough new jobs being created not enough bank credit being released into the marketplace to fund
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new enterprises and really no tax incentives to help any of this happened because the government has absolutely no wiggle room on relaxing any of the taxes whether it's corporate or personal income or sales tax there are high taxes across the board so when the government says it hopes for a recovery will everyone takes that with a pinch of salt don't forget last year greece was meant to have two point seven percent growth it is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of one percent this year another two percent as predicted that with the backing of the european commission again it's a wait and see process the international recovery is proceeding well and that's very encouraging to the greek economy but it is anyone's guess whether this will be the year in which greece actually manages to convince markets that it's turning a corner and heading back towards prosperity many thanks for that update johnson.
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now still to come on this news hour while the u.k. government is under fire over the collapse of a major british construction for. the book about the thoughts of president xi jinping that's raising questions in china. and the last gasp touchdown that secured a place in the n.f.l. last for details coming out with pisa and scored. hello there the weather is quite mobile all across the middle east at the moment we're going to fair amount of cloud drifting its way across us one of them is now working its way across towards our marty the next one's working its way across the caspian sea we're also seeing more cloud make its way into the western parts of turkey that's the one that's going to give us most of the precipitation as we head through tuesday expect a fair amount of rain and some snow here but elsewhere looking largely dry
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eventually though as we head through into wednesday we'll see more cloud begin to gather towards a southern part of our map so for force in baghdad and through kuwait we will see gray a weather and a top temperature just of nineteen a q a city and that cooler weather is on its way down the gulf towards us here in doha as well so twenty four degrees will be our maximum on choose day and during the day it will get quite windy that wind will bring in some slightly fresher air so the temperatures will drop over the next few days twenty two on maximum on wednesday and probably jury in the night will be dropping down to around twelve or thirteen as well so it will feel quite cool for us to further towards the south you can see this working massive cloud here this well actually drifting its way towards the west is moving very very slowly but it is intensifying as it does so this is our tropical cyclone looks like it's going to get very very close to marriages and larry union as we head through the next couple of days.
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al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how and why buildings influenced the course of history books sold the t.v. did not get enough credit for editing a book that would be the big historical figure but he was mondello the biggest called in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face at this time on. the most memorable moments of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to appear . as. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength.
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welcome back remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera turkey syria and russia have all expressed their fury as the u.s. plan to hold my thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria at least thirty eight people have been killed off the two suicide bombers blew themselves up injuring rush hour in the iraqi capital baghdad. and around who has launched an attack on an ad base that was the libyan capital is only functioning at ports killing at least twelve people. has released a video said to show some of the girls kidnapped from the night. jerry in town of
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chip uk nearly four years ago the footage was obtained by a us space journalism site one girl says they are safe and living comforts and don't want to be rescued nearly three hundred girls were abducted from their school in april twenty fourth chain skates and others have been released around one hundred are still believed to be held by the group and that doesn't oppose them we are the chibok girls you have been crying that we should be released but by the grace of allah we will not return home. well it just has this update from the printer some of the girls have been identified by their relations and completeness pushing the nigerian government to secure their release at least one of the goes the one speaking in the video has been identified two of appeared in a similar video released by book or on previously now the release of this particular video by before and according to some analysts is to give book around that advantage in terms of negotiations the release is coming at
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a time when that our general military has stepped up its operations around the lectured area of the submissive forest the elegant forest and other areas in the north east of nigeria now some also believe that this particular video is to show that book or a is still a potent force in its struggles in the east eastern nigeria the nigerian military and government in the past few months have announced that they have continued their operations with remarkable success against boko haram rescued more than a thousand people and of course damaging the command and control structures of boko haram book or on its part has released videos showing that it has kept and destroyed military equipment from the nigerian forces as well as forces from neighboring countries operating in that region. there's been a shootout between venezuelan special forces and a former police pilot who's been on the run for more than six months after he stole a police helicopter and attacked government buildings aska paris posted videos of
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himself on social media showing his injuries from the clash he said he was negotiating his surrender but told his children he loves them and hopes he sees them again in june last year prayer's used a stolen helicopter to throw grenades and shoot at government buildings in caracas but francis is on his way to south america his first stop will be chile where at least five churches have been vandalized in recent days and protests are expected to be held against the cover up of alleged sexual abuse in the catholic church as security for the papal visit has been ramped up as a result lucien human is live for us in san diego say this pope was not used to protests when he arrives on his foreign trips but that sounds like what he's going to be greeted with. yes absolutely he is not used to that especially in latin america his region of the world and especially in catholic
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countries in fact this visit to chile is being considered by many as probably the biggest challenge he's ever phrase to come to any catholic country right now i am glad behind me rather is the residence of the papal nuncio where the pope will be staying after he lands here in about five hours time the thing about this trip to chile is that is based on a lot on the issue of sex abuse is against children within the church now that's happened in many countries but this is the first time that many people are pointing the finger directly at the pope saying that he has covered up or defended those who commit these abuses and actually rewarded those who cover them up joining me is peter saunders from great britain he is one of the staunchest critics of the pope and thank you for being with us peter but it's very interesting because you were actually invited by pope francis to take part in his commission to look into ways of protecting minors who were victims of sex abuses in the church you yourself were
9:37 pm
one of those at one time indeed five years into his papacy many people will be well a lot of people will be very very disappointed but there hasn't been any real movement and i would say that the catholic church tragically is probably still remains the largest employer of child abusers and rapists on the planet matched only by its ability to to cover up and to continue as it does certainly here in. abusing priests from one place to another it simply. has to do so much more because . he's let people down and particularly children down in a very fundamental way you know he had made a lot of headlines all over the world when he promised zero tolerance. for abuses against the church in the commission that you were part of so why wasn't that enough well you know for forming
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a commission is one thing if you don't resource the commission properly if you don't start the commission properly if you don't give it your full backing and support then it becomes a meaningless exercise and many people warned me when i was invited to join that commission that this was smoke and mirrors and a public relations exercise on the part of the church a cynical exercise on the part of the church but i joined the commission in the belief that francis was sincere on his proclamation about zero tolerance but all the evidence all the evidence including here in chile i've been meeting with an amazing group of people today who are going to be challenging the church in a far far more fundamental way but all the evidence is that francis has fundamentally done nothing on this issue of any substance he knows that he's going to face a lot of criticism here in chile and probably also when he goes on from here to peru what do you think he will do i mean he knows he's coming here to to face a problem what could he do to change people's minds. there are things that he can
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do. here in chile for example here pointed to a man to to be bishop. now that man had credible allegations against him that the vatican had accepted and yet he was still appointed by the pope to the diocese and again today i've been with a large group of people not survivors of abuse i have to say but people from that parish in southern chile who are absolutely outraged that the pope made such an abominable. point appointment the pope can dismiss that man tonight. the pope can throw his hands up in the he can ask for forgiveness and he can claim to clean up the church tomorrow i don't think he's going to do that he's very good on the public relations from he says some amazing things about all sorts of issues but on this one he doesn't simply accept his responsibility to rid
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the church of the many rapists in abuses but still look under his and the vatican's protection peter saunders thank you very much for sharing your thoughts whether you have a to the pope will be arriving as i say in about five hours time very very still intense security probably the most that i've ever seen for any visit of the pope to this part of the world and we will of course be bringing you the latest back to you many thanks listen you're in there with bringing us the latest from santiago our stinney a teenager i had to mimi were mainly in israeli detention until at least wednesday after her bel request was denied to me was arrested a month ago on a video of her slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral she faces a prison sentence for assault stone throwing and incitement hours before the incident heads cousin mohammed was seriously injured when an israeli soldier fire they rubber coated steel bullets at his face
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a leading irish nationalists politician has resigned from the u.k. parliament after appearing to mock victims' ammash using in the one nine hundred seventy s. sinn fein m.p. barry macao duff posted a twitter video with a loaf of bread on his head on the anniversary of the nine hundred seventy six kings mill massacre in which ten protestant civilians were killed by republican ira gunmen the brand of bread is called king's mill. has also been suspended by his party and after initially denying any link has now issued an apology. tens of thousands of jobs are at risk with the collapse of the u.k. construction and services company karelian the firm is invests involved in a vast range of infrastructure and service contracts and the announcement that it's been forced into liquidation means uncertainty for the future of several flagship construction projects paul brennan reports. the sheer scale of karelians business activities reaches into almost every aspect of british life
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karelian and its contractors are involved in managing hundreds of schools hospitals and prisons and maintaining thousands of military haves karelian it's also a major infrastructure company involved in constructing the multi-billion dollar high speed two rail link as well as multimillion dollar hospital and transportation projects its collapse essential to the corridors of government and cast grave uncertainty over the livelihoods of tens of thousands of workers including here at the royal liverpool hospital but skating staff cleaning staff it's absolutely diabolical what's going on they took off their future is going to hell and it's not just in the sack really and they're all over you know so it's going to happen to a lot of people all over the country after three profit warnings in the past six months the signs were there when last ditch talks broke down on sunday karelians chairman philip green confirmed to the company's lenders have pulled the plug. the british government could be promised the public services will not be interrupted
9:43 pm
karelian workers were told to turn up for work as usual but reports quickly emerged of staff being sent home and the mood in parliament is grim we have been monitoring karelian closely since its first profit warning in july twenty seventh team and since there have planned extensively in case of the current situation and have her robust and deliverable contingency plans in place these are being implemented immediately to minimize any disruption and to protect the integrity of public service delivery the news is met with furious reaction from opposition politicians lord adonis former head of the government's infrastructure commission compared it to the notorious enron scandal one of america's biggest corporate bankruptcy. trades unions are demanding action protection for karelian workers and the calling for a formal public inquiry into why karelian was still being awarded contracts to spike clear evidence the company was in deep trouble it's perverse that despite the
9:44 pm
profit warnings. incidentally in the middle of those profit woman's bonuses were still posed to senior executives. the government still awarded those contracts this is taxpayers' money and the must be a public inquiry just a few months ago karelian was probably the biggest company that you've never heard of but not now with its business activities affecting so many people's day to day lives and it's finished projects so enormously costly plugging the gap left by its collapse is going to be a complex process paul brennan al-jazeera london. more than twelve thousand people in the philippines have fled to evacuation centers after a volcano on the island of luzon began erupting lover has been pouring from mt my own since sas as a authorities increased its alert level on sunday and are warning that the next flows of eruption could happen within the next few days lines have also been warned
9:45 pm
not to fly near the volcano sri lanka has reinstated a law banning women from buying alcohol days after it was lifted the law was overturned by a sri lankan president by three power strength trainer as fast as his anti alcohol and drugs policy is also prevents women from working in places which sell alcohol serous saying or has now come under fire for mixed messages after encouraging women to be more involved in politics just a few months ago in china a new book about the thoughts of president xi jinping has raised more questions about the extent of communist party propaganda other books which the chinese leadership doesn't want to be read or write the band or no longer being published bright has more from beijing. to meet demand the presses have been rolling nonstop since the communist party congress in october which adopted cheatin ping thought as a guiding philosophy. not surprisingly bookstores give the work special prominence
9:46 pm
when we arrived at this bookstore the promotional section was empty but suddenly and suspiciously it's filled with customers least tsonga communist party member told us she was buying five copies for a study group back at her office i haven't read the book yet but i start right after i go back we have all read the nineteenth party congress reports the ever times alongside the new she work is the report of the party congress that in shrine the concept of she thought into the constitution copies of the constitution are handily available to. put the books the party congress together on the shelves because they are in great demand from the citizens they happen urgent need to treat them equally urgent it seemed was the need of citizens to leave as soon as we left
9:47 pm
so did they. when our producer return ten minutes later a special section was deserted again. the future study of xi jinping thought by students and party members looks certain to make cheese books volumes one and two bestsellers for years to come contrast that with the fate of other political books about china's leaders that won't be included on any college reading list on book stands in the southern city of hong kong far more sensational titles claimed to give a behind the scenes look at the intrigue in the chinese leadership band on the mainland they sell well to chinese visitors but we found this door closed supposedly for renovation.
9:48 pm
even in.
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9:50 pm
the south korean government has made public transportation free during peak hours on monday because of an add pollution crisis the fee waiver is an emergency measure to tackle the poor quality concentration of fine particles in the air in seoul reached dangerous levels on sunday after nowak has been talking to commuters and so . people may welcome a free ride but in terms of public reaction to this move by the seoul city government there's quite a bit of cynicism about whether it will really work first of all souls' public transportation is already quite affordable it costs an average of about a dollar per ride and also people are blaming their pollution problems mostly on china. the main cause of the fine dust issue comes from china so we don't think
9:51 pm
that's effective you should be fixing china first. if public transportation is free when we have high levels of fine dust fear people will drive and it will help lessen the pollution or to be coming from china but if we can do something about it like having fewer cars it will help china is taking steps to curb pollution and actually the air quality here in south korea this winter has been a little bit better than it had been in previous years last year a joint study between a korean research institute and the u.s. space agency nasa found that between may and june actually only about a third of air pollution in south korea same problem in china and that may have been a little bit different if readings had been taken around this time. of year still this move by soul city government is an example of authorities in south korea trying to take control of the pollution that is created domestically most of that comes from vehicles so they really want to take more cars off the road. north korea
9:52 pm
has agreed to send an orchestra and our troops to perform at south korea's winter olympics so says the group will cross the border on force is the latest development after delegations from both sides met again to discuss the north's involvement out the games the talks were held as a truthful idjit inside the demilitarized zone separating the two countries last week they held their first direct talks in two years young is yet to announce whether athletes will attend the games and let's go over to pisa for all the sport and. to thank you so much shared speech quite the opening day for the first grand slam tennis tournament of the season the australian open sore venus williams knocked out on what was a bad day for american women while the men's will the rough in the dough put aside any doubts that he's fitness as he progressed into round two joanna gaucher of school reports. with no room up tournament before the first slam of the
9:53 pm
season rafael nadal's performance in melbourne was a hard one to take. i didn't need three which hampered the end of his two thousand and seventeen campaign was nowhere to be seen the dow answering fitness doubts as he answered every pull from vic to the love who goes with confidence and terminations even if deep down the world number one was apprehensive before his six one six one six one victory. i am bound to be cautious because you are not to our advantage because you have respect for you were born and because you have respect for the game. thank you because you don't consider yourself. a good man who does have plenty of self-confidence is australian nick carey else who came into this tournament off the back of a win in brisbane in typical curious fashion he collected a code violation for swearing at the crowd the other match the number seventeen
9:54 pm
seed had a little trouble raising hospitals or jerry or duke or silva in just eighty seven minutes and three secs. in the women's tournament second only busch nicky continues to search for her first grand slams crown she come to be got past her main is the halo blizzard mystery. but the same can be said of fifth seed remus williams who was stunned by swiss star belinda bench age six three seven five thanks with her sister serena sitting this tournament out talk to having a baby venus is last month the first time in twenty one years that the australian open has been without a williams in the second round. and that was just the start of a rough day for american women in melbourne ten seed kokoda and away tumbled out and so to us open champion sloane stephens these campaign ended at the hands of jenks way of china. in all nine american women exited on
9:55 pm
monday the day to begin for the countries. joining us roster. the minnesota vikings are just one game away from playing in a home super bowl after a remarkable playoff victory over the new orleans saints have a look at what happened on the final play of the game. i think. stefan day's the man with a sixty one yard touchdown as minnesota won twenty nine twenty four when the dying seconds bedpans to the n.f.c. championship game with watson they'll become the first team to ever host a super bowl which rotates cities each season. the jacksonville jaguars reach their first day of c. championship game in eighteen years rookie running back leonard format scored three
9:56 pm
touchdowns as they stunned at the more favored pittsburgh steelers forty five forty two so from thirty two teams we're down to just four in the n.f.l. both conference championship games will be played next sunday defending super bowl champions the new england patriots host the jaguars the vikings will need to get past the philadelphia eagles if they are to play in that home super bowl. goldsboro and it took the longest playoff in so many urban history for patton to clinch he sickened title of the year the american entered the final day in hawaii a shot off the lead but carded a two under par sixty eight putting him tied at the top of the leaderboard with james hahn it took six sudden poles in the playoff before because i finally prevailed. former manchester united star ryan giggs has been appointed as the new manager of wales giggs has signed a four year contract for his first major managerial role he's only other experience
9:57 pm
of being in charge was a four game stint in twenty fourteen as interim manager of united after david moyes was sacked the forty four year old takes over the role from chris coleman who joined sunderland in november he's first game in charge is going to be at the china cup tournament on march twenty second so many times it's been said you know if you've got a good career as a player doesn't necessarily mean you can be a good manager brought. i think that's down to the individual i'll do exactly what i did when i was a player. professional give it my all and enjoy it a french football referee has been suspended after his incredible behavior during a league match referee tourney chaperone accidentally collided with diego carlos in injury time between paris angel man and nonce but despite apologising to each other chaperone kick to the brazilian and followed it up by seem to give off
9:58 pm
a chalk not only those in the stadium but also fans watching the game on t.v. p.s.g. won the match one nil the french football federation say chef brown will face a disciplinary committee to answer for he's actions. and that's all the sport for me so it's back to you in london. thank you that is it from may sue turton on the news hour tain but lauren taylor will be with you in a moment with much more of the day's news don't grow a thanks for what. you
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are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person just wakes up over the morning and says i want to color the world in darkness and this is a dialogue and that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world we need more and find professionals i talk carroty is to model ways the new generation to study finds powerful documentaries debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of all massage any and all sex is a challenge your perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera. it is this.
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wonderful migration and generations of this. is the stuff of. a stunning portrayal of a. woman's determination to say. at this time. period in ankara turkey as president accuses the u.s. of building an oddity of terror inside syria.


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