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tv   Working on Water  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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girls were abducted by the own group boko haram in april twenty fourth teen about sixty escaped you know afterwards and around one hundred still believed to be in captivity pope francis has landed in chile for a visit that's steeped in controversy. security has been ramped up ahead of his arrival at least five churches have been vandalized in chile in recent days and protests are expected to be held against the cover up of alleged sexual abuse in the catholic church. in the united arab emirates is accused force jets of twice intercepting civilian emirates yeah craft during flights to bahrain qatar as foreign minister has denied the allegation and u.s. central command in the middle east says it hasn't received any reports of civilian flights being intercepted in the gulf skies. police in greece are fired tear gas or protesters outside parliament in athens as politicians inside debated a new series of austerity measures needed to trigger
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a final round of bailout loans to build includes measures to make it more difficult for workers to strike rebel architectures up next tuesday with a c.r. not just here by for now. a year in power america's controversy over president tenting use to polarize opinion. in a week of stress or force al-jazeera examines his impact at home and around the globe. donald trump's first year on al-jazeera. architect has always defined the human world and trump the simplest structures to the greatest monuments to bought a rebellion is underway. led by a new breed of aki ted that puts people before i constantly aka tex using the tools of that trade to lease structure that surrounded lives
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little entry defiant and professional little. to please. i've spent a large part of my career developing an expertise on high profile large scale projects museum's corporate headquarters for international organization skyscraper . in my belief is that in developing africa we need to find solutions that can be developed by the grassroots
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through the grassroots and that she's the same level of significance as we have on the sort of high end projects. is a very extreme and powerful example auburn isolation in africa it's a community that has almost no roads in the conventional sense no land no more infrastructure yet they've been able to develop such a huge. community building its. restaurants. stores. the lives of fish you know the trades they have a very scum like social structure all almost out of what one would imagine in the
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conventional sense. for me it represents a condition of his maximum. and minimum means. and i. guess i. wasn't my fault why this is the right fight for her.
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so don't go blue. interns to your design in the business school and. i wish we got home to the goal of these days we are also opening our private on the given to the government the government to come to just come and see. the concept of new flu to school came from the community. who are simply trying to solve very basic problems that i experience those issues where issues of flooding difficulty in building large structures within very marshy muddy soil on the ground.
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it's built on a base floating on about two hundred fifty barrels it allows the building to rise and fall with changing tides to. the ground level is used as a playground for. kids journal school hours and space or cultural events for the rest of the community after hours that on weekends. the middle section is barbarity for the students classrooms. and so it's a multicultural multi-functional building. quite
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a bit of repair work. there tie a ceiling has a sort of generator what happens to all these lights i don't know why this is so so so so look at all so well i think i need to do is take outs just replace this very very just take this out completely. was on the list also placed. was. nice and. good. good.
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they would raise you i'd be really is naming going to conditionally that. we've been with a four legged cup around the problem we also want to get along get out of our from the federal government i don't know what you've got my back on there is where the my what's your ear. him do say in the news that the beauty is an integral structure . on the. one missing in my you know without a doubt going to come on tony down you know we're going to know because. to come do under. those last one of you know when you're going to demolish or how these you. simply throw a lot of the kids given to come in from your commute to about the three houses. without the permission without them to show nothing nothing. i mean no one is
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a mind. but there are hundreds and if not thousands of. all over africa. we cannot simply be displaced this population i think it's important to think about how soon in fact develop them how to create enabling environments for them to thrive soon prove the sanitation conditions to provide the infrastructure to provide schools hospitals to make it a healthy place. greater
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good city is to be sure it's nancy.
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last. night i am back on house then vote now so. i say they give us thank you law so for is that there is it was said and there goes a demagogue some plants or is that our own land. where. is it is let's say there are now what that the folk. now amplify them come on the official thing from. the
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compound in this month. as you see there deep deep inside. oh yeah no money they buy oh yeah my little. cotton. this place makes is a magnet and the. man yeah my my my my my have is. yes she that kind of have that we. do want to do but don't think we have to bottom out we did was to please you want to take me out of my please you wouldn't do it would just be what exactly what i will not do all fronts this is that democracy is not electronic there you have to decide if i mean. that is what the movie just thinks. i'm the governance
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face impressions of an isolation and developments and communities like this that out on the privileged have no infrastructure. one of the first affected because the governments wants to change. the. historical women see if it's double the what put that to you mind about what he did did government just did stamp as he just said goodbye i don't have a beach become goes back a week that was why we will launch and become pink on their own lives but i think we're moving it we're just saying we know the crew when. it was shown we are we are going into government not totally we want you to come but you know we want
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development development it's about the phone rights to which we are not a question for which in the government. but not for the not for it because. not enough if we have to move there. so if we have something like this for for the communities we mark each house where we need water where we need training age where we need where we need school where we need clinic but also the history of this place we can also tell the stories of the communities very happy that was here today i want to see him to be put into it is. what it probably stood out to me to come out to. stand on this man thank you thank you very much. thank you michael. pleasure. if we're able to demonstrate that within such communities you can actually create
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change through themselves with themselves with their own assets with our own resources and we may also be able to change perceptions in a positive way. in the water is out now. but when the water is in this is actually quite a lovely day and when we first started we used to look at this day when we decided we were going to build a community media center and we used to joke about having a screen floating and i saw one day in a magazine an image of this floating school which had been in. and i thought this jetty and this guy and what we're trying to do.
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my the my. it's very very. good it's good. the fact. that. we had several questions about where the committee would like the building to be located and due to the historic interests of the community as efficient community. and perhaps just out of their own aspiration what the imagine their future to be the consensus was that they wanted something both from london. so that definitely influenced a concept as you see it like bastards and so on them to be a structure that's dark.
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in the title condition changes goes sort of up and down almost two times a day and what we've done is that this sort of very delicate end of the. project of the structure has a flirtation platform i'm not floating platform goes up and down. but to be presenting to the community this is one of many presentations that we've given the past months you know in this process and it's it's again another form of community engagement for sure the development of the projects and. to also get feedback it's an ongoing process on.
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the milling is in the alignment with this jets and it will come up like that. it's ten meters wide very big so i would say the end of it's probably would reach somewhere around careful. to the end of its wood roots even somewhere here so this is the part of the vision that we believe that you know you have the water from coming to shoot embrace that it is not about reclaiming more land every time but it is about using you know what are frogs for aadhar equational activities and if your job hopefully you teach a place where you can walk around you can do things and see what completes what are front area once you enjoyed the fact that.
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this is. the. most money. and. this is. the i deserve it as you say this take this is the case of the day for the way this takes you to step. out of the kind of. thinking that the last thing to do what. i was going to see from the. front of the look of the structure i believe when it's going to school to be a very beautiful sites for what i want to ask is we get big if there's a show for it. but if i've got a good look. because i'm coming from different data should somebody go see before if there's like a. good artist like not. just going to the ten year olds. i think it's going to be nobody was an accidental call so what does
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this discussion. the idea is that how can we now design that platform at the same time address the concerns of safety you know address concerns over use small c functional use the word in distinguish you put your mind. into that mode that we very big. that they will move through these platforms with. inductees yeah. ok you understand me. well doing any. of that type that comes ok so you're going to find out the height of the time. ok so you quite need to because this is now yours was witty we should not be afraid of take your responsibilities because this is a big project. in terms of maintainance on the system should also be considered
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also this is going to be built with wood that's the idea and. i don't know some of you that know there are lots of. hardware and would in fact would do that performs of them better. the more you get where i won that one. well it was much easier for the introduction of this into this community has a huge amount of intellectual capital and i see that sound and i think for the first time being we'll get an opportunity to compose that into a physical structure move themselves into sort of a new era of change. by the time we need to have a really clear concrete sense of how we can proceed from these final stages of
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design development because we still go. quite a lot of design. detail into the into technical design and construction so. markers and. robots so i'm very curious about what your thoughts about this point to connect this with this is my spoke with a real culture that is reinforced so just through that we can actually support the troops. of this sort of structurally on top of this for me to look at the pilots that's correct they're not really down pittsburgh kept on top of the piles and then they have it. it's like it's now twenty to twenty two years old. is strong but now we're never going to put in talk to these before i see the.
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scene because i i think i prefer to wait for more funding sure. what is the law just section of timber because i guess it depends that you can get more of a longest yard mine mine mine it. seems the longest you're going to get along it seems odd and longer. because she didn't feel in the pile and was the cause of much to modernize and with it so was it complains no site to have been a do as much processing kind of mines in mines then bring in that kind of equipment just like in the first instance the building joe metry needs to be a bit more resolved to get really see visually satisfied with what's going on now just rely structure and said you did should we be ok so we didn't design for we
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know the we did not last time you know what the sixty years of the sunday you probably get through the night time do women around. we'll is that what it is yeah we are beginning to see a lot of storms and sadness is a project that is in and sufficient of the changing placards. story is. sure. good. night. good evening i am really all know to be here and. happy to be able to be part of what i think is going to be
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a great thing this is where the whole world becoming to be chose and hopefully it will be and i will be an iconic police density for the whole community watch out for a community and put cycles. thank you. we are people not trying to use our voice then as a show on these government run policies because the on this mob. we are way to present it on this mom but in the government mom we are not down all these it out. is green meaning people don's leave that is why you see want to you know walk out those people leave yeah. my work embodies. you know at least three important values war one is
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that it solves a problem. too is that it is connected to earth and its environment and three is that. it's transformative. by itself all of its environments and its people so this is where i see a new hopefully should come through in this project that we're able to bring all of these things together. i had. to look at the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary part one people in
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power on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of bat you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on their computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. the best agaves why so many filipino children are having babies. at this time when our desire. al jazeera where ever you were. for
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centuries in egypt the sort to come on power over the mild in the now we aren't harming any of the nile basin countries they don't even ask the debate of the water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want a greater share i know that some people in asia are on russian and yes this circumstances have changed in ten quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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