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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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one of the most controversial court cases of the so-called war on terror the holy land five at this time on al jazeera world this is making. its business live live or trailers. the commander. they know they're. dangerous. gamble with their lives and just listening in to the destroyed on al-jazeera. russia joined turkey in denouncing a u.s. plan to form a border security force in syria. one
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day that this is al jazeera live from doha it was a coming up palestinian leader's call for the p.l.o. to suspend recognition of israel. pope francis begins his visit to chile find out about the controversy overshadowing his tour. in greece thousands of people protest against new austerity measures. turkey syria and russia have criticized the u.s. plan to form a thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria turkey's president accused washington of trying to create a terror army and pledged to quote drown it before it comes into being and the syrian government has vowed to drive the u.s. presence from its territory the u.s.
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says the force will secure areas along syria's border to the north with turkey and to the east with iraq it will be mostly made up of fighters from the syrian democratic forces a large part of that group is made up of kurdish fighters who turkey considers terrorists the s.d.f. is a u.s. backed alliance of kurdish an arab fighters controls almost twenty five percent of syrian territory in the north and the east where chalons reports. but russia's foreign minister had a stark rebuke for the u.s. on monday speaking as a media conference in moscow a lover of said the creation of his own controlled by u.s. backed rebels risks syria's territorial integrity turkey's president also opposes the plan he's attacking reports of the u.s. backed kurdish border force russia typer one says turkey will launch its own military operation against the kurds in the northern syrian city of a free shot at that it is secure well and now the united states has confessed that
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they are forming a terror army along our border what we have to do is to strangle this terror army on our borders before it is born turkey has for its kurdish factions inside its borders for decades and doesn't want to see them gaining more power in neighboring syria box in northern syria the americans have long been supporting some kurdish forces this is a predictable turkish escalation against us steps to concretize our military part of the syrian democratic forces into an enduring stabilisation force that can secure this terrain long term turkey has been crystal clear actually that it regards the syrian democratic forces as a threat to its interests although u.s. president donald trump promised he would stop supporting kurdish fighters the pentagon never made that's official the reported thirty thousand strong u.s. backed border force would primarily come from kurdish led syrian democratic forces
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and would deploy along the syrian borders with turkey and iraq and along the euphrates river valley the dividing line with syrian government forces. one of the syrian wars detectable trends last year was the emerging axis of cooperation between russia and turkey often joining together to criticize steps taken by the united states if today's developments are only going to go by that's a trend that looks set to continue into two thousand and eighteen were retellings zero moscow democrat is a policy analyst at the arab center in washington d.c. he says the u.s. appears to lack a clear plan. now obviously the u.s. is trying to counter the u. turkish russian. plan with the support of iran of course to try to basically have control of those of the lips so now you see a u.s.
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reaction it's not clear what's the end game is the force are already on the ground they are changing their their their amended basically to be a border zone which means if they're going to have a border control they want to stop the turkish if it was inside syria this is what is a bit reacting this way but the the end game of the of the u.s. troops is not clear where they are now so far is they want to finish the fight to get isis civilize those are senior and go to run if when they went to congress of your selfish to look to to put forward their policy they don't have answers about what's the end game this is the the most crucial issue that two thousand and eleven there's no clear strategy for for syria so this might backfire because you don't have on the ground support you have turkey on one side you have syria already on one side and then you have also iran so who are the allies of the as the earth and the u.s. in this supposed struggle now palestinian leaders have recommended that the palestine
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liberation organization suspend its recognition of israel they've been taking part in a meeting of the central council focusing on the american recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital in mankind as more from the occupied west bank. late on monday night the palestinian leadership issued a statement that could have far reaching consequences for the peace process the statement includes the call to suspend recognition of israel suspend security coordination with it and unite the palestinian factions through reconciliation the statement comes from the central council of the p.l.o. after two days of meetings it will be discussed further by the p.l.o. executive committee and it's up to that committee to implement the most policy at some point in the future. the statement also said that the u.s. is no longer a partner for peace and that the palestinians want international involvement but given that the us is perhaps the only country that can put pressure on israel will this work. we have to utilize different forms or back on to believe it has to know
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that this occupation this form of brutal colonialism can no longer be accepted and therefore we have to go to the international criminal court we have to go to the international court of justice we have to join an organization. accede to charters and conventions that would protect us from the one hand count the us president donald trump has said he will cut u.s. aid to the palestinians if that happens there will be an economic impact this factory produces extract of olive leaf tablets and he's part of a multi million dollar project to encourage enterprise in jericho the occupied west bank the factory was set up in this industrial zone with japanese investment without it it wouldn't have been successful for the operations manager here it shows that there are alternatives to the us for example the issue for me is the some other interests in helping. me. change once it's
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completed at this japanese funded industrial zone will house around five thousand workers and that's going to have a positive impact not just a locally but across the palestinian territories now if you speak to palestinians what will tell you is oftentimes foreign aid unlike u.s. aid comes without strings and preconditions. but it's not just economics politics also plays a key role according to one analyst palestinian president mahmoud abbas has options . and community. missions. and he's. looking for. solutions if you are not ready for it. despite palestinian confidence that there is no alternative to u.s. involvement in the peace process how the international community will react is key
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at some point the israelis and the palestinians will need some sort of framework for talks without the u.s. will that will look like is currently on line imraan khan how does the occupied west bank the libyan coast guard has rescued more than three hundred fifty migrants who are trying to cross the mediterranean sea three boats carrying the migrants to europe capsized near the libyan coast or were rescued and brought back to tripoli and are now in a detention center. but francis is arrived in chile for his first stop on a visit to south america crowds greeted the pontiff as he drove through the streets of the capital santiago but there were ten scenes ahead of his visit with five churches vandalized in recent days security for the papal visit was ramped up as a result latin america editor listen human has been following his visit in santiago . pope francis is finally here in chile and he's making his way right now to santiago's maine far affair with these people are waiting to see him pass in the
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popemobile but the reception is not exactly what the catholic church here would have hoped for there are people here of course as you can see but not nearly as many as one would have expected and certainly a lot less than in the other latin american countries that pope francis has visited this is likely to be the most challenging in latin america his home region because of widespread disillusionment with the church and its origin tiny leader this used to be one of the most painful countries in the world now less than fifty percent of chileans call themselves catholic and one of the reasons is the number of children who have been sexually abused by priests and even a nun these catholics came all the way from southern chile they wanted to be here when the pope passed so that he would see how upset they are with him for appointing a bishop to their city who is accused of covering up abuses. we have to do something we have to clean up the church we are angry at the heads of the church
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who have closed old doors to us indeed the pope's visit to chile has brought survivors of clerical sex abuse from all over the world to pressure the pope to make good on promises of zero tolerance of predators there are all priests in this country who are still in ministry eve some have even been. prosecuted and convicted for abuse but then they are put back into ministry come up possibly be the right. but there were many here who were overjoyed to see pope francis when he mounted his popemobile. who says he hopes the pope's visit will help unify chileans organizers tell us that the pope is perfectly aware that he's coming to a country where the catholic church is in a deep crisis where people have lost faith but that is the reason why he is coming the big question is is there anything that he can say or do in the short time that he'll. here just three days to reverse the situation ten workers in colombia have
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died after the bridge they were building collapsed civil defense authorities say the laborers were working on drainage along the bridge when it fell officials are still trying to determine if anyone is missing still ahead on al jazeera hong kong court set to rule on the final appeal of student leaders behind the twenty fourteen umbrella protests plus. here in rural kentucky far away from the big cities many people still support president donald trump we came here to find out why i'm peoples dando that story. welcome to look at the weather in the americas now we've got somebody cold out digging it's way down across north america still dallas there minus two isom ice and there is this front here looks
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a fairly weak affair but the still cold out to get in behind it so atlanta georgia will see temperatures dropping away or some minus one way down into georgia so only the florida peninsula we're hanging on supposed to be mild conditions across more western areas where like i mean got another weather system pushing into or specific northwest but least through the bulk of wednesday seattle in washington state should be dry and fine and it's likely be dry for san francisco and los angeles as you head down into central parts of america we still got some heavy rain showers across honduras nicaragua through costa rica and down towards panama further north wanted to share as perhaps the yucatan peninsula but otherwise fine mexico city seeing the reason that brightness now for the caribbean islands jerry not looking too bad still a fair amount of cloud across the bahamas nassau may see a few showers during the day but for kingston jamaica it should be quite a fine day for south america we still have plenty of showers affecting parts of peru down through into bolivia some rain still for parts of paraguay and showers likely for rio de janeiro it should be
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a fine day in santiago in chile and find around the river plates with highs of twenty eight and one is aries. our. own the benefit of saddam's people. so they see the importance of these. witnesses documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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we're going to watching out is there a mind of our top stories russia's foreign minister is warning that a u.s. coalition plan to build a syria border security force could break up the country the plan is also being criticized by turkey and the syrian government. palestinian leaders have recommended that the palestine liberation organization suspend its recognition of israel they've been taking part in a meeting of the central council focusing on the american recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. pope francis is arrived in chile where there's been ten scenes ahead of his visit with at least five churches vandalized it was a protest against the alleged cover up of sexual abuse in the catholic church. hong kong court is set to rule on the final appeal of three pro-democracy activists joshua long nathan low and alex child were convicted over their role in the twenty
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fourteen umbrella protest that currently out on bail but the court's ruling will decide if they stay free or go to jail speaking outside the court said this could be a pivotal moment for protest movements in the region. like a lot of must be for the whole family to personally be right we are wrong to keep it for us i think it's a try for all where that power the whole. call her old recognize will position the motivation to do this will be. sure. to keep it all to mold word or to send back to visit her every day we live when people are united not p.p.p. sarah clarke reports from hong kong. this is the last chance for the three student
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leaders to have their jail terms dropped out the three would charge and sentence for a legal protest and that charge centered on the the students and the act of still what was described as storming the government headquarters back in twenty fourteen and this was the event that triggered the occupy hong kong movement or the demonstrations that led to seventy nine days of parts of hong kong being shut down the last year they were sentenced to more now it's child got months joshua one got six months but not joe the term was basically only supported that jail sentence that was granted the right to appeal and that final court of appeal hearing is today joshua long's legal counsel suggests they will have a verdict a josher one says he's preparing to return to jail now the outcome it's up to the judge if he wants to consider any further evidence but the outcome of today's hearing is the tree will either be released and be able to walk free and have the jail time struck or they'll be returned back to prison to serve the rest of their term at least sixty one children have died from measles and malnutrition in the
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past four months in a remote part of indonesia the deaths are being blamed on a lack of doctors working in a smart regency which is located in the impoverished province syverson has more from indonesia's capital. these children have been dying over the past four months and only now officials here the government here is raising alarm what is happening is that these children and their parents have no or hardly any access to health officials in that particular area there are only nine doctors for twenty two hundred twenty four villages and they are all based in the capital of the district which means that these children with their parents have to travel for many many hours by foot by boat to reach any doctor and that's of course a very challenging thought sometimes even don't have any money to reach to go on this journey and they have been reports that children have been dying on the on the way simply trying to reach a doctor it's a forgotten part of indonesia historically has only become part of indonesia in the
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one nine hundred sixty s. many have been aiming for independence since then because they felt that they have been neglected by the by the capital since nearly fifteen thousand people have fled to evacuation centers in the philippines after a volcano began erupting on the island of luzon lover has been pouring from mt may on since saturday authorities increased its alert level on sunday and a warning that an explosive eruption could happen within the next few days airlines are being warned not to fly near the volcano pre-purchase is a fortress police outside parliament as politicians voted to approve more austerity measures twenty thousand people marched in anti-government rallies in the capital and sprayed police with red paint they responded with pepper spray despite the protests the star stares the reforms passed include cuts in family benefits and tougher conditions for union strikes up
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a list reports from the greek capital athens. aleksandr above lose work as a translator of german novels dried up six years ago she couldn't pay her five hundred dollars monthly mortgage and nearly lost her house the reason she isn't homeless is that she now rents out her for apartment and uses the proceeds to pay the bank but she still has a lot of debt she cannot pay off. my original critic kaddish and three or four thousand euros shows up to team thousand and today is around forty thousand in the interest was highway robbery i recently asked the bank to write some of it off but they refused. bubble is one of thousands of greeks who fear they will lose their homes because they haven't got enough work income the new law allows banks to foreclose on his properties and auction them off online instead of going through the law courts protests like this one will no
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longer have any effect in deterring auctions and banks plan to sell off thirteen billion dollars worth of property this year and next this form a series of politicians says the government is allowing banks to profit from taxpayers. the banks have acted like thieves. three times the last time cost the taxpayer forty billion euros is compensated bank to seventy to eighty percent of their non-performing loans so these loans should have been written off but it's not just the banks that are being given the green light to seize property the state will also claim it earlier all steroids the laws have already given the greek taxman the power to draw all but a few hundred euros from tax debtors bank accounts the new law will also allow the government to sell their homes online for tax debt of as little as six hundred dollars and cities as new law is also digging up what the left considers hallowed
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ground demanding that at least fifty percent of workers. be present in any vote to go on strike unions here say this will effectively make strikes impossible the government says these measures are an unpleasant but necessary step on the path to graduating from its economic oversights by the euro zone in august but even if the economy is given a clean bill of health this year many greeks believe the pain of austerity measures will be felt for decades to come jump al-jazeera athens a number of people have been killed during a shootout between venezuelan special forces and members linked to a form of police pilots who is accused of leading last year's rebellion against the government the pilot has been on the run for more than six months now reza ball has a story. these are the last images of debaters after the shootout with venezuela special forces and we told them that we want to turn ourselves in but
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they don't want that they want to kill us and i want the videos were posted online by paydays asking security forces not to show that they're ready to negotiate. they're attacking us with guns grenades the got snipers. the government says that several died in the shoot out among them two members of venezuela security forces five others were detained but it's not clear what happened to paris . he's a highly trained members of the forensic police who became venezuela's most wanted man when he stole a helicopter and threw grenades against the supreme court and other government buildings in june last year when thousands were taking to the streets against the government. since then he has been on the run posting videos online from time to time calling on the military to rise against. also starred
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in a two thousand and fifteen venezuelan action movie and then usually public profile for the usually secretive investigative police. the government says he was part of a terrorist cell trying to overthrow the president. the commander groups had to art part of the terrorist cell was killed the other paul was captured more than five people were captured there confessing telling us everything they planned. on monday he's mother pleaded for his life so in my little i am the mother of all skipper is he is trying to turn himself in let him do it protect his wife he is fighting for his country for venezuela. had been hiding in a home outside got out gas. people took to the streets to show their support for the pilot not knowing whether he's dead or alive.
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four time olympic gold medalist simone biles says she is among more than one hundred athletes who was sexually abused by former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nasser biles was the u.s. is top gymnastics performer at the twenty sixteen olympics now says admitted sexually assaulting gymnasts possessing child pornography and molesting girls who sought medical treatment he was sentenced in december to sixty years in one case and is facing a life sentence in another year since president trump took the oath of office most polls show his approval rating stand at about thirty percent in the first of a five part series we ask who are his most ardent fans and what is it about the president's so called america first policies that attracts supporters. went to kentucky to find out. that sound skin tattoo shop there are plenty of people getting their skin in. business is good and the
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expectation of people here is that it's about to get even better thanks to president donald trump the president promised his tax cut legislation. in the hands of millions of americans and that is one of the many reasons the owner of the shop has no doubt about this president. president when i was getting the support president. president travels goes off the wall and doesn't crazy but i mean i will see that happening i think is a very smart man that's a common sentiment in this small quiet town of mount sterling kentucky where nearly seventy percent of the residents voted. most say they would do again. on the outskirts of town signs at the manufacturing plants to provide jobs toll most thirty five percent of the local employment base after one major plant closed down last year trumps america first call to keep manufacturing jobs in the u.s.
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resonated even more we'd like to retain those jobs here and the white is in the money here in our country here trump is still seen as the best hope to do just that well clearly many people here in mount sterling still support president not everybody does particularly african-americans a group that trump has directly challenge to during the campaign you're living in poverty you schools are no good you have no jobs fifty eight percent of your youth is unemployed what hell do you have to lose. what we have to. respect. what we have to lose with dignity roy reed is a local city councilman who says it's often forgotten that one of the population in rural america are minorities who he says have been let down by trump made a lot of promises he has a couple one not
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a one that benefits this community. feel but back at the tattoo shop trump is seen much differently their support remains permanent just like the under the skin gabriel's onto. sterling kentucky on tuesday we'll look at how the trump administration has tried to deal with kim jong un's threats and the impact of the war of words with north korea a pro and anti trumpet says his had been demonstrating in the u.s. president's florida retreat. separated only by streets in the police both sides shouted at each other haitian protesters were upset about the president's alleged description of their country in insulting terms. there are generated by the president's words as overshadow the u.s. holiday dedicated to slain civil rights leader martin luther king ellen fishes more
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from washington d.c. across the united states there have been several events to mark the life of martin luther king at his memorial in washington his son led the commemoration i'm not here to talk about what has not happened because we know what has not. or i'm going to do is to look to the future to figure out how we as a nation can come together. and is the nation that we always have been in alabama where the civil rights leader was in charge of a chart be a nice new statute to the international icon this unique memorial only dr king's legacy but now the courageous men and women who stood and fall out for civil rights and justice during the fifty's and sixty's the president spent the big ole thing in florida but mark the occasion in a video message it is the dream of a world where people are judged by who they are not how they look or where they
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come from but this president still faces claims he used a vulgar word to refer to african countries and others during immigration talks or two republican senators said he didn't use the word fellow republican lindsey graham didn't deny it was pretty embarrassing when you have to take your children out of the room just to report the news democrat dick durbin was thought to be the source of the leak i know what happened i stand behind every word that i said their oath threatens to do real talks on the immigration issue known as dhaka the policy protecting thousands of undocumented migrants brought to america as children the u.s. government is facing a complete shutdown by friday unless there's a deal on spending limits the democrats say their position is absolutely clear no deal in dhaka no deal on spending alan fischer i'll just washington. that this is al jazeera these are the top stories russia's foreign minister is
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warning that a u.s. coalition plan to build a syria border security force could break up the country the plan has also been criticized by turkey and the bashar al assad government the u.s. says the thirty thousand strong force will help stabilize syria. pope francis is arrived in chile for his first stop on a visit to south america the pontiff landed in the capital but there be intense scenes and of his visit with five churches vandalized in recent days the protests are expected against the alleged cover up of sexual abuse in the catholic church security for the papal visit has been ramped up as a result. palestinian leaders have recommended that the palestine liberation organization suspend its recognition of israel they've been taking part in a meeting of the central council focusing on american recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the council also declared that the us has lost its ability to
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mediate between israel and palestine four time olympic gold medalist simone biled says she is among more than one hundred athletes who were sexually abused by former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nasir biles was the u.s. is top gymnastics performer at the twenty sixteen rio lympics now says admitted sexually assaulting gymnasts process possessing child pornography and molesting girls who sought medical treatment he was sentenced in december to sixty years in one case and is facing a life sentence in another. concorde is said to rule in the final appeal of three pro-democracy activists joshua wong nathan law and alex char were convicted over their role in the twenty fourteen umbrella protest that currently on bail but the court ruling will decide if they stay free or go to jail speaking outside the court said this could be a pivotal moment for protest movements in the region. nearly fifteen thousand
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people have fled to evacuation centers in the philippines after a volcano began erupting on the island of luzon love has been pouring from mount mayon since saturday as the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after witness. on counting the cost of oil hit seventy dollars a barrel we examine the drivers behind the rise one of the economic reasons behind the breast into a new and we look a little closer at the whole stray being between france and china counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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