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tv   In The Valley of Guns and Roses  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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ethiopia has released the leading opposition figure jailed more than a year ago where goody now was one of one hundred fifteen prisoners freed the first of five hundred who had charges against them dropped after a government undertaking tens of thousands of people were arrested in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen in a crackdown following months of protests by the country's people. catalonia is regional parliament has met for the first time since snap elections in december deputies chose secession supporter roger toronto as the new speaker but uncertainty remains over who will be the catalan leader separatist parties hold enough seats for a majority government but madrid says it would be illegal for the exiled former leader is pushed the moment to continue as leader but francis has held the mass in just hours after three helicopters and the roman catholic church were set on fire nearby the catholic leaders at stopping the at a county
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a region is seen as the most complex of the trip trip because it's the center of centuries old conflict with local indigenous people that's the news for now up next witness in the valley of.
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a good week. and that's awesome. so it. doesn't it serves a purpose but the to one man disappeared in office and we didn't know. he said i was going to learn the lessons or start to instill in the whole class marks i. was emotional caldwell our class amanda was told to motion version and i want to hold the old boy it's good not to go to scott a long. while yet.
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all the physically that last image on the new was i would put it like i'm in nashville escaping actually. equal to. the demento quibble with i'm a student which is applied to. the stuff that students according to clues were used to a good service so you're going to be shocked to see. what you got through what last year because now it's down. to the south you know. because it's what the runways do with whom the clearances are stood stood for me when more than one hundred she just got done i must be doing magic simply run i'm just going to give it a don't want. to but that's going to. be good education which will be good should leave it to the man who's looking when you see all different ways to get. all those moves are such poor
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locals almost. full moon just for starters are giving us ok. this is a resume of where do they do mike is to go to the back with the grades it is a story. why did it was to good to have it go to dog zillion no more was more than is the support the dog over that they lose too does.
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that i'm going to miss it there is an obvious got to this it got. mislead just as band says but i says that i am going to stick to smith good to put this to you. like to live. longer but i. will live on like. them playing level on. their level on that. system instead as in the we're putting look nice too good to not.
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believe this this is going to reach slow to me slim is a thing will pretty much book around. does best plan to lace the little boy to his pit with. look it's gone for them stiffed on such killings muslims did get some seat. because god they don't deceive us was last seen as of the more she tells us is of. magma always going to court on the second day the crashing saying this in the city
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to morrow go. home still going on but i this is what you need to. go back door and they say it is is it not us to. look at in that it notes of it. that's the good term outdoor will stay on the go much because shoot with the jewish in the bog us in greece it isn't there. are no magog that us to. in the woods. go to. there's lots. of them said let's.
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go to me. but it. it is the stuff of family tales and. synonymous the wonderful migration minutes and generations ahead of us that logic lines altering the landscape for movies the stuff of mine months on the moon a stunning portrayal of auditing life and one woman's determination to save the community. rushes two hundred. at this time long out to zero.
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on the books the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that has claimed so many lives such info sanctuary padawan people in power on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that's been critically
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done. on the fringes of some of africa's mega citizens make a slum is perched on stilts room the faults. of the cities of beginning to develop even for terri a school of. architects couldn't be out beyond just offering more sustainable solutions to the communities hardest hit by the tides of change or the luck that you continue with working on all this time on just you. north and south korea agree to march together under one flag at the winter olympics and field the joint ice hockey team.


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