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need is a threat to their authority. to see who also chose to live that is all for that need study into all our other stuff they were old enough to let us unprecedented access i still and the taliban at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. celebrations in ethiopia as an
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opposition leader and hundreds of prisoners detained during protests are released north and south korea agreed to march together under one flag at the winter olympics and field a joint ice hockey team warnings the u.s. decision to slash its aid for palestinians it risks a regional stability the art of diplomacy a day before a man who in a crowd meets to reason may france says it will lend britain the bell you tapestry . installed rafael nadal keeps his cool at the australian open dropping just born service game against leonardo. white troops around three. if he has freed a leading opposition figure as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for their part in anti-government protests.
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there are good enough as one of one hundred sixteen prisoners freed from a prison in the capital addis ababa he was greeted by thousands of his supporters three hundred sixty one more prisoners were freed in the south of the country hundreds of people were killed in a two thousand and sixteen crackdown on months of protests by the country's overall more people the government the so far pardoned more than five hundred of the protesters arrested one hundred of those following the story and has the latest for the release of the first gruesomeness the prime minister ehud promised two weeks ago would come of leave to all those who've been doll to the words of the prime minister of the god. a mentor gives you a pick and actually take such a bold step what many if you prince really excited about is the intention of the prime minister announced to close the mock prison in the heart of addis ababa a muslim security prison that is housing hundreds of political prisoners which has
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been used as a torture chamber for most of the past fifty years of course the government is cutting all of these steps at this point in time to try and ease the tensions in the region on the heart of region where they've been protests going on for most of the last two years with people. open the complaining about the government and how it's been treating them that release of people like my dad a good dinner a man who's group a huge following in all media many in the government feel would go a long way in this the most russians but that is another issue which is if you piers need for foreign investment it's a poor country of one hundred million people it's akin to me is one of the most robust in africa it's been growing up almost eight percent for most of the past decade and if you are trying to position itself as the perfect environment for
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foreign companies to come and build in the city particularly in the textile industry and this is part of the reforms in which it wants to create the most fair for foreign direct investment we'll have a to do reporting there and now we're joined live from the u.s. by his son hussein who is from st mary's university minnesota and he's a writer thank you so much for joining us here on these releases had been announced a few weeks ago and i guess to some sort of skepticism at the time how do you feel about the fact that they have already begun with a senior leader being released are you surprised or perhaps relieved. sort of surprised. and very happy that he's released to this release of morale good dinner one of the great sense of the country and a lifelong freedom fighter with a victory for their own in the people of it to kill us you know the people have
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been protesting since two thousand and four this is a victory for them however the question that. although we are happy that morale is released it's a great step however there are still thousands of political prisoners still languishing in the jails. including. one of the most prominent leaders in the country there are thousands of political prisoners still languishing in the jail there are the score so for journalists that are still in jail so this crisis only the surface of the problem is facing a huge problem and this is just a start. many of those arrests were obviously stemming from the demonstrations that we saw in late two thousand and fifteen which was the government crackdown demonstrations the mounding effectively a wider freedoms they started in a row me and amar and then moved to other parts of the country i mean what do you
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see when it comes to the actual vote issues that cause those demonstrations a wider democracy and what of freedom in the country i mean these releases are obviously a good step towards it but do you think that it's a guarantee in any way. there is no guarantee that the lows that are used to put him around and the others in jail are still in force. the country still has. low civil little liberties on. humanitarian and civic organization is still there the. state their electoral system is still in shambles the the judiciary is a mockery of justice without this reforms. i don't think the country. will be able to contain the protest the regime has to do more to to reform
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our students receive this reckoning lows has to institute judicial reform the security sector reform a complete overhaul of the electoral system without this i don't think the people will be satisfied with a real release of a mere one hundred eleven political prisoners out of tens of thousands what do you think the international community could do at this point to perhaps push a theo p a towards a wider reform some of the issues that you are discussing right now. well. the international cum community has been. in working with the ruling party in the name of fighting the war on terrorism it has been be looking the other way while the state imprisoned tens and tens of tens and
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thousands of political prisoners. i think. they cannot look the other way any longer they have to place the region to open up the political space a lot more freedom is in this kanellos that put people like murder because they're going to buy in jail without rescinding those lows the release of this business it doesn't mean much because. i could go back to behind the bars simply for speaking up for the rights of his people in against. injustice dr has sent hussein from the university of minnesota and then ethiopia analysts are thinking. at least twelve people have been killed in tween suicide attacks in nigeria the suicide bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of the city of my duty at least forty eight people were left injured and then kaduna state also in northern nigeria government of kidnapped
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two americans and two canadians and killed two police officers. marching under one flag and playing together in a joint women's ice hockey team north and south korea have announced the historic partnership for this year's winter olympics delegates from both countries announce of the situation after a third round of talks in the border village of. the north will also send the two hundred thirty member strong cheerleading team south korea's president has voiced his support for bringing the ice hockey players together saying it would move the hearts of people around the world but it's agood south korean athletes and the public more than one hundred petitions have been launched opposing the move well the olympic meetings may have officially thawed relations between north and south korea but they've had an icy reception from japan foreign minister a title call no has warned delegates at a meeting in canada to be fooled by kim jong un's government and to consider its true intentions at the summit twenty countries agreed to stop ship to ship
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transfers of goods to north korea in response to its nuclear weapons program jillian's allies russia and china did not attend the meeting but kathy novak has more now from the south korean capital seoul. this is a significant agreement between the two koreas especially considering that before high level talks last week there had been no official communication between the countries in more than two years now they have agreed to march together at the opening ceremony under a korean peninsula flag they've agreed to form a joint women's ice hockey team and interesting lee they're planning to stage events inside north korea they've agreed to hold training events out at of the resort that is a pet project of the leader kim jong un they're also planning to hold a joint cultural event at mount come down now a south korean tourists have not visited there since the south korean was shot by a security guard ten years ago and north korea has tried to bring up restarting
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that tourism program in the past there have been displays of unity at sporting events before for example the two koreas marched together at the opening ceremony of the two thousand sydney olympics but this agreement follows a period of heightened tensions and increasingly threatening north korean nuclear and missile tests south korean president monday and says he hopes this year will mark a turning point in establishing peace on the korean peninsula but others are skeptical of the japanese foreign minister has told the meaning of this counterparts that they should not be naive about north korea's intent nor should they be blinded by what he called its charm offensive saying that even now north korea continues to develop its nuclear weapons program. coming up this news hour pope francis makes an appeal to indigenous groups is he continues his controversial tour of chile and we'll look at the link between venezuela's crippling economic crisis and the recent spike in crime in neighboring colombia bus and sports we'll look at whether the
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football loving nation of morocco has what it takes to land the sport's biggest event. palestinians have denounced donald trump's decision to hold back money needed for aid there would have helped millions of people the head of the united nations relief and works agency or under has appealed for world donations to make up the shortfall the u.s. says it's withholding sixty five million dollars of the one hundred twenty five million it was going to give on which provides a lifeline for around five million palestinians in gaza the west bank jordan lebanon and syria now the u.s. is its biggest stoner giving nearly thirty percent of the group's budget but the e.u. u.k. saudi arabia and germany are the other main donor countries the u.s. had already drastically cut its contribution down from a three hundred fifty million dollars donation just last year imran khan reports
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now on what the impact will be. it will be camps like these jalazone in the occupied west bank that will be affected most by the us decision to cut a refugee funding to the united nations relief and works agency otherwise known as . there isn't a household here that doesn't rely on whether it's health education a waste collection fifteen thousand refugees live here yeah it would be a big problem with. the agency wasn't here for just two days us by league up we rely on at all in places like gaza residents fear they will be left destitute because of the us decision the israeli siege of gaza already creates acute shortages of food electricity and other essentials as well as causing high unemployment and infrastructure to crumble you know i think you should have mercy on the people and belittling my husband is an exam i can't buy only eleven on syria jordan and elsewhere five million palestinian refugees are reliant on. the agency
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has a deficit and says this new cut further harms its operations we are going to be working relentlessly to extend the donor base to find other donors to come in to fill this gap because our sincere hope is that we will be able to maintain services to some of the most marginal and fragile communities vulnerable people in the middle east we hope that regional security regional stability will not be threatened but that has to remain a risk in light of the u.s. reduction politically the palestinians say the u.s. is no longer a part of the peace this is another way sure does the heart of been the thinking over there but as the leadership and it shows that we are parked. it shows the reading over the political product of where the president and his administration would have come from to this issue it proves every day because of euro's and
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because of that another one us president donald trump has already caused controversy internationally with the announcement that the u.s. embassy will move from tel aviv to jerusalem and that angered a palestinian president mahmoud abbas. the sins of donald trump when he wrongly claimed that jerusalem is the capital of israel is a challenge to millions of muslims and christians this is favoritism for the sake of the israeli occupation for the israeli crimes for the israeli attacks on our palestinian people this means that the us has chosen to violate international law how can we trust has it been astray how can we trust this superpower we will never trust them again we will never accept them as mediators between us and the israelis the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side the us president donald trump said he was looking for the deal of the century which we need and the
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palestinians or palestinians say that deal is now history imran khan al-jazeera jealous in a refugee camp in the occupied west bank salim salama is head of the palestinian league for human rights an organization that helps palestinian syrians he now lives in oxford and spoke about how he benefited from an ra funding. i am one of those refugees who studied on a well funded school. this is how i managed to acquire all of my education my education that got me into oxford university i think its effect is going to be especially in terms of on the operations in syria because a huge amount of on our budget the donation of the united states of america to honor was a huge amount of it went to syria on a whopper ations and there is no other donor even the second largest donor of the e.u. there is no other donor matches the donations of the united states especially in syria operation so the effect is going to be catastrophic especially for half a million syrian palestinians who are in refugee displaced inside syria and in the
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middle east a military court has ruled that a palestinian teenager who was filmed slapping two israeli soldiers must be kept in custody until her trial i had to me was the tame during an arrest following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital herefore said as more now from the ofer a military court in the occupied west bank. well i had to mimi is no stranger to this prefabricated courtroom inside the office military prison she came in looking relatively relaxed exchanging messages with her father who was sitting waiting for stretching out her legs crossing at the ankles where they were cuffed together and she heard the judge in the case the military judge deny her bail pending her trial which was set for january thirty first the judge justifying that decision not so much talking about the aggravated assault charges related to the slapping that was caught in that video which went viral and made her such a cause celeb among palestinians a point of humiliation for many israeli nationals who saw the soldiers being
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confronted in this way talking more about the words that she used in that video he said that she was calling for stabbing attacks four suicide bombings and that incitement required her to remain in custody throughout the duration of her trial her lawyer said that she was very disappointed with this decision that the real meaning of those words were about the inevitability of such attacks are to the declaration by donald trump recognizing as far as united states was concerned jerusalem as the capital of israel she also said that she was disappointed that her arguments had not been listen to arguments such as israel's obligations under the convention of the rights of the child and what she said was an equal treatment of settlers and palestinians living in the occupied west bank as well as that the judge reminded heads mother narron man in custody until the start of her trial on friday the sixth. police in pakistan say a five year old girl has been raped and strangled to death in northwest in the northwest of the country officers say her body was discovered in
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a field on sunday close to the city of matter than it follows outrage over the rape and murder of eight year old zeina ben sorry whose body was found last thursday the case says caused widespread protests with authorities being accused of negligence. but francis as old man masson hours after three helicopters and the roman catholic church were set on fire nearby at least ten catholic churches have been fire bombed in the past week the eighty one year olds in the region is seen as the most complex of the strip because it's the center of a centuries old conflict with local indigenous groups during the mass pope francis urged the indigenous people to reject violence and pushing their calls latin america editor joins us live now from first of all tell us a little bit about what's going on there now. barbara
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is just about to take off we've just seen pictures of him boarding the plane to return to. meeting with large groups of young people at a university but certainly the centerpiece of his activities on this day was his trip here to call there were attacks on helicopters owned by forestry companies two churches were burned nearby here no one has taken responsibility for those attacks but there has been a lot of unrest head of the pope's visit here by more radical groups who say that he really represents a new colonise ation a new inquisition by the church after the spanish conquest of chile several hundred years ago this is a very long land rights conflict that's taking place here. had wanted to meet with the pope but apparently that was not possible i was told by the vatican that he is not here for a political mediation while he during the mass though he did recognize what he
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called centuries of pain and injustices against them up woodchip people he called on to recognize them as equals but really the centerpiece of his message was unity unity instead of confrontation we'll have to see barbara just how deeply that message goes how many people really are listening well speaking of people and we just we're seeing images now of the pope celebrating mass which he did a little while ago turned out wasn't quite will people were expecting so not as many people turned out but all the long term i mean how would you think the vatican or generally how do you think this visit will be assessed. well the visit. or the visit to chile in general. i think yes you are yes you're absolutely right there were far less people than was expected partially there is people aren't as interested the support for the catholic church has waned in chile significantly less than half of the amount of people that call themselves catholics thirty years
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ago call themselves that now but also there were problems just getting here there were barricades on many access roads placed by people with masks and weapons i was told but also by the vatican organizers that held that that scared a lot of people away so we will be different difficult to gauge what was the most important reason but it was a disappointing turnout and we'll really only know in the long run whether or not the pope's message for peace reconciliation and nonviolence is going to have any impact here. and just one last question briefly i mean you've outlined shoes whereby a lot of people feel towards the catholic church we have the first latin american pope do you think that held any sway at all or do you think it didn't make any real difference. it does make some difference barbara clearly he speaks the language that everyone can understand in an accent everybody can understand and he he is a charismatic figure he has been people were curious many people who weren't even
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catholics came because they wanted to hear what he had to say he is an important figure even still although his popularity is waning even in his own neighboring country argentina where people are wondering why he hasn't stopped over to see them why he has gone to eight latin american countries and is forsaking his own countrymen in the words of many people who came here from neighboring argentina to see him. to see a new minute with the latest there from. yes thank you. now seven senior venezuelan officials are likely to face european union sanctions from next week including the country's powerful chief justice this follows a similar travel bans and asset freezes imposed by the u.s. last year in an attempt to increase pressure on president nicolas maduro the country's ongoing economic crisis is also having a knock on effect in neighboring colombia where it's being blamed for an increase in crime rates well somebody is in on the venezuela colombia border and just tell
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us a little bit more about this link if you can and some. yes barbara where here just roughly five hundred meters from the main bridge the divide being colombian beneath where we are the colombian side here in behind me you can see a lot of refugees who are sleeping on the three thirty. there has been i think my in the number of minutes when refugees that. they say in the beginning. the year the colombian government this talking now of over half a million of them who are they gather with this look to the border towns and cities like to see an increase in contraband all sorts of good before it was
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mostly petrol which is way cheaper on the venezuelan but now according to the police there are rockets. contraband from venezuela all sorts of good that can be found from fruit through scrap metal and this is the reason why i mean particularly when they're looking at colombian criminal groups fighting against the bin it's going on criminal groups who control the contraband there have been at least five people who died in shoot. since the beginning of the year and the police are saying that this is the getting increasingly out of control. and alison they were just saying that now some venezuelan officials might face sanctions the u.s. is also trying to put pressure on travel bans for example you get the sense that any of it is really working.
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not so far and definitely not from a border town and like. the colombian point of view the crises. only going to get worse and some of these sanctions are having an effect in venice what about when it comes to the humanitarian side of things right here. is how to deal with the increase in the influx of people the theory of trying to register the number of people who are sleeping in the street in the theory of. sleeping in. fields nobody know how how many they are and what they do know though is that their numbers are going. to secretary general the u.n. and terrorists who think colombia last weekend that if i'm forty international community to start helping countries like you are receiving. and the number of.
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refugees he promised more monetary resources for colombia and also promised that he will pressure the international community to bring in more restoril were more resources and help colombia deal with this situation but it's not going away. down the venezuela colombia border. politicians in the u.s. trying to prevent a possible government shutdown on the anniversary of donald trump's first year in office. need to push through a short term spending bill by friday to avoid federal agencies shutting their doors over the weekend democratic leaders have said they won't back the spending plan unless they are there are guarantees to protect young immigrants known as dreamers who are facing. a former u.s. intelligence officer has been arrested and charged with allegedly holding on to
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classified information that eventually contributed to the dismantling of the cia's informant network in china jerry lee is accused of maintaining handwritten notes including names and details about spy recruits and other cia employees more than a dozen cia informants were killed or imprisoned by the chinese government in what was a major setback for the organization leave now lives in hong kong and was arrested when he flew to new york on monday. well still to come in this news hour catalonians new parliament meets for the first time but want to try to reinstate cabalistic wisdom on this president even though he's actually in belgium living under high alert to the philippines most active volcano continues to spew lava and then sports north and south korea planned to unify under a cloud but this time it will be on the world's biggest sporting stage.
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how low we've got some nasty weather pushing into the eastern med over the next couple of days at present we have got a fair amount of cloud just coming into cyprus easing over towards syria lebanon jordan we can expect to see some very heavy showers longer spells of rain coming through here on over the high ground dusting of snow well that will make its way eastward temperatures of anything falling back behind aleppo struggling to get around nine degrees celsius hopefully by this stage for lebanon and jordan should a little drier and brighter to the east of our bad it should be fine and dry but you notice that every right making its way across much of northern iraq said baghdad will see some wet weather that always brings with the possibility of some flooding most of problems across right in front of the finance right here over the next few days temperatures in. getting up to the present twenty four degrees celsius little bit of a brace a possibility of
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a little bit of dust and sad flying around meanwhile we still got some very high and heavy right into northern parts of mozambique not to millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours it's not really going anywhere to quickly either you can see the showers the cloud that stays in place as we go on through day into friday more big holes coming through as a heavy rain for northern parts of madagascar. it is this tooth fairy tale some. wonderful migration and generations of. good luck to mind altering the landscape is the stuff of mine. a stunning portrayal of life and one woman's determination to save the community. rushes hundred. at this time to see if.
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i had a foot in your book the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such infrasound cheery padawan people in power on al-jazeera. a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera
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a leading ethiopian opposition figure. has been freed as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for their part in anti-government protests thousands of his supporters greeted him after his release from a prison in the capital. north and south korea are to march under the same flag and field a joint women's ice hockey team at this year's winter olympics the decision was announced after a third round of talks in the border village of john and palestinians have the now standard. back sixty five million dollars from the un agency which helps palestinian refugees. the u.n. says more than half of somalia's population is in need of emergency major drought and worsening conflict millions have been forced from their homes and hundreds of thousands of children have been left the u.n. says the situation unless it was one point six billion dollars in extra funds bernard smith reports. finding it hard just to survive day to day after
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more than four years of drought and the continuing war with. the u.n. says it just managed to stave off famine in somalia last year but with poor rains forecast again this year more intensive aid will be needed to help the war in every two somalis who are displaced by widespread fighting. more than. a fifth of the population. for more than a decade fighters who are linked to al qaeda have been trying to take over somalia bombings in the capital mogadishu and conflict nationwide makes it hard for aid groups to introduce projects that will help the economy grow long term and reduce dependence on. be
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a long term war on how. the support. for the we are not in the. rio responding was born in the rise of. the threat from al shabaab gunmen remained significant despite being forced from much of the territory they controlled by forces from the somali army and the african union reduced funding means twenty one thousand a year troops are due to leave somalia by the end of twenty twenty somali government leaders say they don't have the resources to plug the gap those troops will leave that risks more instability and rather than a group's helping somalia become self-sufficient aid workers are struggling to keep the population from starving to death bernard smith al-jazeera. in catalonia a new and returning members of the regional parliament have met for the first time since elections in the summer but there's still uncertainty over who the new president will be separatist parties want the former leader at the moment but he is
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in self-imposed exile in belgium and madrid says that move would be illegal and how explains. the first vote in a new session of the cattle parliament and the separatist members of the new assembly the next chapter in their campaign for catalonia to split from the rest of spain. we're not going to back down we're going to work to build up the grassroots and turn a goal of an independent republic into reality. yellow ribbons marked the seats of elected members of parliament who are in jail or on the run judges accuse them of rebellion for leading the campaign to create a breakaway republic when spanish prime minister used emergency powers to call snap elections to the cattle and parliament is clear aim was to try and realign the balance of power but that gamble has not paid off because once again separatist parties have been able to build
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a majority and the ruling coalition. of the process session coalition was elected parliamentary speaker at wednesday's ennoble session but i learned that institutional necessary year parliamentary speaker is an important job he will effectively control the political agenda within the next two weeks he must organize a vote to choose the new head of the cancelling government the separatist party's want to reinstate ousted leader. who fled to belgium when the spanish government declared emergency rule in october. that. spanish police say they'll arrest bustamante if he were to. unity politicians who favor remaining part of spain also reject the proposal and then the new forest minister must be hearing catalonia not abroad we will not accept the site where the
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moccasin virtual politicians are holograms was separatist m.p.'s ended the opening session with the capital an anthem a rebel song about breaking the chains of spanish oppression while outside several thousand rallied to support the separatist cause they sense the stage is now set for a new showdown with spanish government leaders in the dreaded. zero bustle of. france has offered to lend britain the buy you a tapestry the announcement was made just the day before president manuel mccrone travels to the u.k. where he's expected to push for more money to boost security at the port of cali to stop migrants that the tapestry chronicles how william the conqueror came to invade england ending with the battle of hastings and at the feet of the anglo-saxon king harold in ten sixty six the precise origins of the seventy metre long tapestry are
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known but the first the written record of it dates back to fourteen seventy six in all that time it has never left france although some researchers believe it was actually made in southern england were britain's prime minister has welcomed the news that the by a tapestry a man with a crown could be heading to britain threesome a set it was very significant that people would be able to see it in the u.k. but the curator responsible for the tapestry has warned it will be about five years before it can travel because restoration work needs to be carried out the level of . the work is very fragile it's not been properly stored since the nineteenth century and very little work has been done to the mounting so today you can see marks of where money to to ration which might even date for seventeen for two centuries in some cases and which need to be stabilised before any transportation could be in visit that city mall the idea of the tapestry being presented in london
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will be discussed tomorrow by the president and the british prime minister we don't know exactly where it will go and show it but for us this is a great opportunity in food put the look he is a number of british visitors to the tapestries been falling we have about four thousand british visitors at the type of three hundred eighty thousand the full has been going on for about ten years so the idea is to reconquer the british audience a bit of william the conqueror did said this clearly nothing better than putting it on display for a few months or weeks in london or the pitch museum for example. well the french president has for him when it comes to wooing fellow world leaders with grand gestures like this a month after donald trump announced that he was withdrawing from the paris climate accord accord invited him to the french capital to watch the annual bus the military parade he also won him over with dinner at the eiffel tower and the trip to the polian stew relations with his russian counterpart vladimir putin were
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frosty after mccone accused russian media of trying to sabotage his election campaign but things improved after putin was invited to the palace of the for the three hundred three hundredth anniversary of peter the great visit the france and mccrone then kicked off two thousand and eighteen with a trip to china where he gave ping a horse called vs from the elite cavalry corps the chinese president had been impressed by the soldiers and horses of the republican guard when he visited paris in two thousand and fourteen well to talk about this in more detailed we're joined by georgina right from the euro program at the chatham house think tank here in london thanks so much for coming in the studio so we've seen a president mccrone is you know quite partial to giving what an impressive president what interesting about this happens stories that actually the u.k. asked for it twice before for the queen's coronation then for the nine hundred year anniversary of the battle of hastings didn't happen why now why do you think is it just president mccrone or is it because of break sort of various negotiations that
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france and the u.k. have right now when i think the department of coach in both countries has been discussing this for a while and i certainly think that it's not uncommon. present gifts during official state visit so if you think back to one thousand nine hundred six fronts gift of the united states with the statue of liberty which has since become a symbol of the united states but i do think it signals friendship and really the willingness of france. to maintain strong bilateral engagement irrespective of the outcome of breaks that negotiations. so in that sense it's a very positive signal as we saw in that list of the presidents the president a crown is given i mean he is quite generous izumi and quite creative as well but what do you think of the sort of soft the plough see if we can call it that what is it that president. wants to achieve with those presidents and do you think there are outside the norm well as i said it's not uncommon for you know to this point you think well again no not uncommon for the latest gift presidents during official
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state visit but i do think that this has been sort of particularly last year very important if. so he visited even one thousand countries and four continents and he certainly see diplomacy and dialogue is very essential to international corporations so many of the challenges starting sons and countries around the world in his eyes that require global corporation and he sees diplomacy and dialogue in that senses as pretty much a factor too it's interesting that he hasn't let sort of personal disagreements of for example the united states pulling out of the of the paris climate accord and yet he still you know welcomed that donald trump a very warmly when he came to the united states i mean do you think that obviously he's keen on diplomacy but you think he is trying to position himself as perhaps the leader in europe now that we don't know how long this is marco might be around politically and obviously the u.k. is in the middle of bracks well absolutely i think that's the key the u.k.
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has been very consumed by breaks in negotiations and this see with ongoing coalition discussions to form a government in germany this is left france to really push its interests in europe but also on the global stage and so in that sense because you know mexico has used this opportunity to really build relations across the across the world and so certainly this is been a very advantageous years last year and i expect this it be the same an opportunity for cars know michael to really promote france on the global stage just one last final point of the tapestries and actually going to make it to the. four or five years because of restoration issues using brakes or something to do with it that they're just waiting to see or breaks and they go see actions going case the u.k. doesn't give it back or not really no i don't think so i think given how it is says it's very important to conduct these tests to make sure that the tapestry isn't damaged but i do you think that it is again an important signal for the discussions between cars you know michael and theresa may take place this week that would be
9:44 pm
very interesting to listen to what comes out of those discussions georgina right from chatham house thank you thank you. and speaking of france the country has abandoned plans for a new airport after decades of indecision than the. airport was slated for non to in the west of the country it has faced heavy opposition from activists and environmentalists since the idea was first suggested which was back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven squatters are set up camp on its proposed site have been ordered out by spring. a province in the eastern philippines remains on high alert as the country's most active volcano continues to spew lava for a fourth day thirty four thousand people have been forced to evacuate germany island ogun reports now from by province. a perfect code is how many here describe mt my own thousands traveled to the luzon region to see the up close but for the people of iowa by the volcano is more than just a tourist attraction it is also
9:45 pm
a source of anxiety. it's been spewing ash and lava for the past week prompting the mass evacuation of thousands of villagers such as the family of roman and divine made and they're now staying in this evacuation center having grown up in a village on the slope of the volcano they've lost count of how many times they've fled danger they now consider themselves professional evacuees. i think. never gets easier we leave our life he would behind we sleep here it's uncomfortable but we know we have to obey the authorities will forcefully evacuate us anyway. just like many places across the country the province of all by often bears the brunt of natural disasters it's facing the pacific ocean so it's prone to typhoons and erupting volcano is because it lies along the so-called pacific ring of fire but the province is considered the most prepared when it comes to emergency
9:46 pm
response. and like what is said during the. but for the. we never know or looking at the press and. have always. because there's always always. thousands of filipinos live below to me yawn and dependent add we culture for the livelihood. this village is empty and people are making sure it stays that way to the danger passes and. we strive for zero casualties even if we have to forcibly extricate people from here some of them insist on coming back to look after their crops and their livestock we worry about that stockpile of ash and lava up there this is far as we can go just right at the six kilometer danger zone local officials tell us they have not seen the volcano this restive the smoke coming out of the bottom part of the volcano is lava that just flowed moments ago no one died
9:47 pm
in the last major eruption of mt to my yarn four years ago that does little to a piece people here they doubt whether their preparations will be enough to withstand nature's unbridled fieri jamelle and dog an al-jazeera by province eastern philippines. and sport. also coming up archeologists in mexico discover what's believed to be the largest. in the world.
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9:49 pm
and now here is the sport with andi. thanks so much barbara well as we've been hearing north and south korea will march together at next month's opening ceremony for the winter games in pyongyang the two koreas made the agreement during talks on wednesday as well as a pairing under a unified flag the two koreas will form a combined women's ice or heating is a sports correspondent late welling's with a significant developments don't have to be confirmed by the international olympic committee and on saturday but they will confirm them because this is very good for the i.o.c. the same as peace brokers when in fact they have just been perfectly positioned to be used by the koreans to come together it's not unprecedented but it is usually significant because if you go back to two thousand and six the korean team marched together i mean in one thousand nine hundred one north and south korea competed at
9:50 pm
the world table tennis championships together so it does happen but this feels bigger because of the political implications and there are also difficulties involved no doubt about that if you look at the women's ice hockey team that will represent korea or south korea or quite strong north korea on so that dilutes the team having some north korean players of course there are going to be some upset south korean ice hockey players do some of the coaches some of the people in south korea was wondering whether this should happen that one of them said look it's it's not the same as gluing a broken plate together so not everybody is happy about it but what's happening transcends sports and the huge delegation from north korea that we're going to be in pyongyang we're talking about around five hundred fifty people means more than who wins a medal. day three of the australian open so rough on that island caroline wozniak a progressing into the third round in melbourne tough day for some of the big nines but as johnny goes are oscar reports the men's world number one looks to be on
9:51 pm
something of a hot streak. rafael nadal continued his bright start to what he hopes will be a seventeenth grand slam title with no sign of his knee injury the dow was in the pink against you know de mayo nothing's getting it is way not even a ball go. and the world no one can pass the argentinian three set to reach this round her. third seed grigor dimitrov survived an epic encounter in the second round as he was taking to five sets by the donald the world number one hundred eighty six just didn't have the edge over the ball gary the end david chalke winning this one eight six you say australia's mick carey else also had a fight on his hands if you speak to traits keep the seventy seed complained several times to be on par about noise from the crowd and approach a microphone and the umpires headache didn't and that was it but
9:52 pm
kerry also eventually saw his tricky opponent seven five six pool seven six s. at the press center around three. in the women's draw a second seed caroline bush necchi came from five one down and set the save to much going to back to prosper ration yes but they were not a possible future contender for the crown and now it's tough presence on wednesday at fifteen years old ukrainian mata cost you became the youngest player to reach the ground of a glance time since one thousand nine hundred seventy i should be an idiot a cub scout. i heard a lot of time that i'm talented and i know dad. i know that only talent will learn how to play good so. oh i can see that i am. i'm working pretty hard. on the five hundred twenty one the next great compassion he listed to leno and she hopes to keep progressing in melbourne jonica i'll just be. down during football's
9:53 pm
governing body will decide where the twenty twenty six world cup is to be played a joint bid from the us mexico and canada is the front runner with morocco it's only rival right now that countries hosting the african nations championship some of the most reports from casablanca i these were the scenes eight years ago when south africa hosted the world cup and in eight years the continent it could once again welcome football's biggest showpiece. morrocco has surprised everyone no with their last minute bid to organize the twenty twenty six edition and the man in charge of african football has given the country his full backing. synagogue and this is our hope and dreams and has it is unfair that a great continent like africa has only been allowed to organize one world cup in a century i think it is legitimate for us to want one of our countries to make this
9:54 pm
commitment and i'm myself as a president and committed to join in this bid and. the twenty twenty sixth edition there is the first expanded the world cup consisting of forty eight countries this newly renovated one hundred the fifth stadium here in cousin blanka could be a showpiece venue but morocco has to prove it can handle such a big event it's building a good track record right now by hosting the continent second biggest tournament the african nations championship it's also staged the bigger africa cup of nations and the francophone games which featured one thousand seven hundred athletes and although morocco faces a stiff competition from a joint usa canada and mexico bid this confidence within the country that they can deliver the debate which we are facing is is is very hard you know we are competing against strong economies we are competing against america canada mexico but then as
9:55 pm
i said. so to system has changed a lot of things have changed broke or so has has changed during the last years basically in terms of infrastructure we are seeing more and more developments in the north african country has already had full failed bids. we see that morocco has perfectly organized the african nations championship and it can host the world cup in twenty twenty six moroccan football is on the rise russia twenty eighteen will be the first world cup photo. yes they'll be hoping they can make it fifth time lucky with this bit law fun harmless al-jazeera casablanca. an australia is kind of eunice taken the lead on day two of the top down under his sprinting fast world champion pace again on the final stretch of this stage in south australia he holds a ten second lead over regretful thursday status be shown to just twenty six
9:56 pm
kilometers with temperatures expected to reach forty degrees. ok i say schools looking to get back to offer in london and they thank you it's going to mexico now and the discovery of what's thought to be the world's largest underwater cave a team of archaeologists divers are hoping it will help them get a better understanding of the mayan civilization what are their general ports. deep underneath the state of kentucky no role in eastern mexico new the sandy beaches of can coom the tourist resort on the caribbean coast scuba divers explore what they say is the world's longest and largest underwater cavern of the problem with stretching for three hundred forty seven kilometers the freshwater caves are known as sea not dead all source of the maze of underwater channels is not only extensive but also deep but up to one hundred meters in some spots so. not these muscle mean of the sea and there are about two hundred underwater caves in the system which we
9:57 pm
thought could be connected but we were not sure of that so now we know about the collection and the flows of water while away the city. scientists think the kids were used as a source of fresh water during the ancient maya civilization divers began exploring the mayan aqua firs in the one nine hundred eighty s. mayans considered the cave sacred to the portal to talk with the gods north down a northern me a mother yourself it gives us a wonderful perspective a new understanding of how the leaders of the ancient settlements and how the ancient mayans developed it allows us to. understand more clearly the rituals and the pilgrimage sites and finally the great pretty hispanic settlements that we know of which run along this cave system. at the peak of their civilizations in the six to ten centuries mayans mastered agriculture mouths and the strong to me as well as building hospitals and sporting arenas and they're credited with creating calendars and discovering chocolate. mayans abandon their cities around one thousand years
9:58 pm
ago when spanish explorers arrived hundreds of years later they found most cities overgrown. this discovery by divers deep underwater may shed more light on what happened above so long ago. al-jazeera. and that is it from me and they say news hour stay with us then the clock is going to be with you in just a few minutes with more of the day's news that's not our. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is almost
9:59 pm
possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that choosing between buying medication or eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. for years japanese have gone into countries lush force for what they call. or forced baby thirteen years ago dr chen li was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest trying to size reduces stress hormones says us in the future the time may
10:00 pm
come when doctors prescribe the forest in the state of medicine for centuries egypt has soared to come on power over the nile in the now we aren't harming any of the nile basin countries they don't even notice that if they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to agree to share i know some people you make your. own question i guess this circumstances have changed in ten quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. celebrations in ethiopia as a key opposition leader was released as well as hundreds of prisoners detained during protests two years ago.


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