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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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diplomacy fields and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists reproving the barriers are built to impose division and external to sixty's instead of being an obstacle to toll wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. is know one way of telling a key thing is to tell it right and to be respectful it's great to get to know the person fully tells. this is al jazeera.
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this is it live from london coming up in the program celebrations in ethiopia as a key opposition leader is released as well as hundreds of prisoners detained during protests two years ago. north and south korea agreed to march under one flag at the winter olympics and field a joint ice hockey team. palestinians denounce the u.s. decision to slash its aid to the region amid warnings to risk to regional stability of the art of diplomacy a day before i call makes tourism a. pretty tapestry. in sport rafael nadal keeps his cool at the australian open just one service going against not a mile on his wife three surrounds. so he has freed a leading opposition figure as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for their part in
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a government protests bragged diena is one of more than one hundred prisoners freed from a prison in the capital addis ababa three hundred sixty one other inmates were also released in the south of the country always denied violating the law and his release his part of a government drive to foster a national reconciliation bill bratton. is a hero to his supporters and thousands of excited well wishers formed to guard of honor to a school with his convoy to nine miles from the detention center on the outskirts of addis ababa to his home in the nearby town of. the leader of the aroma federalist party had been arrested after returning from a visit to brussels a year ago was accused of collusion with outlawed group. the charge she always denied barry violated by liz the no. former member of parliament and it was a construction in the low. house. i have been always you know respect things that.
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anywhere it's got that them out. his freedom came as part of government efforts to stem a spreading wave of violence and unrest which flared up in twenty fifteen has claimed hundreds of lives and threatens the stability of one of africa's fastest growing economies and generally the third in a move into defusing the tension ethiopia's prime minister announced he would release many prominent dissident politicians always out without a party in their members who will decide is it exists or weeks what to do know what to do although it was originally out to dinner is a government the call for national dialogue if it is real in the honest the we are for it but amnesty international and other observers warn that a few high profile releases will not be enough the regime has to do more stories rescind this reckoning ellos has to instill judicial reform this security sector
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reform a complete overhaul of the electoral system without this. i don't think the people will be satisfied thousands of prisoners of conscience are still in jail accused all prosecuted for protesting against the government in a statement the us embassy said it was encouraged by the latest releases paul brennan al-jazeera. mala ching under one flag and playing together in a joint women's ice hockey team north and south korea have announced a historic partnership for this year's winter olympics delegates from both countries announced the decision after a third round of talks in the border village apartment the north will also send a two hundred thirty member strong cheerleading team south korea's president has voiced his support for bringing the ice hockey players together saying it would move the hearts of the people around the world but it's angered south korean athletes and the public more than one hundred petitions have been launched opposing
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the move well the olympic meetings may have for relations between north and south korea but they've had an icy reception from japan the foreign minister takano as one delegates at a meeting in canada not to be fooled by kim jong un's government and to consider its true intentions at the summit twenty countries agreed to stop a ship to ship transfers of goods to north korea in response to its nuclear weapons program pyongyang its allies russia and china didn't attend the meeting look at the novak has more now from the south korean capital of seoul. this is a significant agreement between the two koreas especially considering that before high level talks last week there had been no official communication between the countries in more than two years now they have agreed to march together at the opening ceremony under a korean peninsula flag they've agreed to form a joint women's ice hockey team and interesting lee they're planning to stage events inside north korea they've agreed to hold training events out at
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a ski resort that is a pet project of the leader kim jong un they're also planning to hold a joint cultural event at mt comedown now south korean tourists have not visited there since a south korean was shot by a security guard ten years ago and north korea has tried to bring up restarting that tourism program in the past there have been displays of unity at sporting events before for example the two koreas marched together at the opening ceremony of the two thousand sydney olympics but this is a green that follows a period of heightened tensions and increasingly threatening north korean nuclear and missile tests south korean president says he hopes this year will mark a turning point in a stablish in peace on the korean peninsula but others are skeptical of the japanese foreign minister has told the meaning of his counterparts that they should not be naive about north korea's intent nor should they be blinded by what he called its charm offensive saying that even now north korea continues to develop
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its nuclear weapons program well it's premeditated and forced a call to who is in the analyst in korean affairs he's from the university of leeds and joins us via skype from x. in the u.k. was a postcard of welcome to the program could you explain this for us at how this reproach moment came to be given that the tea parties are practically at each other's throats just weeks ago sure this very limited reproachful has come about. because the north korean leader. so suddenly changed his mood and it is new year's address so it's better. late two weeks ago until that time he had had absolutely nothing to say i told about the people in china lympics of course it's been known for what six years more that the winter olympics are being held in south korea he missed all the deadlines for formally entering the registering the team or anything like that so the south koreans have been quite worried really it with a at the general atmosphere that i'm sure viewers are well aware of the care in the
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midst of all this year the tenth months of tension over the peninsula and suddenly yes kimberly one has a trauma offensive to award south korea own they are not towards the u.s. or anybody else says that the olympics are a great national korean event. well her as far as that goes or at least two chairs protect it also out that nothing that they're doing this time they've done it with all marching to get this is sorry go ahead they're not going to say it if it came down and you said call it a change of mind but is that the case or is he is he being more calculating. oh yes i'm sorry i didn't mean it all to imply that suddenly peace and love the smell to his heart and he's going to lay down his nuclear weapons but talents no it is calculating south korea the last six or seven months has had a left leaning government that would ideally very much like to bring back the sunshine arrow which is. a ton of the century time basically when the ticker is got all much better. but that's really difficult because of the whole new career
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missile issue when in fact kim jong un had completely ignored moon day and is the name of the of the news. after president i also have actually put forward ever since he was elected last year and it being completely ignored until now so yes graciously the north agrees to the olympics probably trying to drive a wedge between south korea and its u.s. ally hasn't succeeded so far because the one trump has decided that all this all the credit goes to him and president moon is very wisely sucked up to him but then that's annoyed the north koreans who used him a brown noser iran sharia law to use that whatever that was that they used so you can see how it could all still end in tears ok japan's foreign minister taro kono has warned delegates in a meeting canada not to be fooled by kim jong un's government to consider its true intentions and in your view all those true intentions to drive a wedge between south korea and the united states. i think that's the idea and i think that i don't think they'll succeed because moon is a very canny politician and i think he has got a bit of
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a tightrope to walk at the moment lots of the things that he might like to do like reopening joint ventures the yes the mt km guy resort has been mentioned that's been shuttered for a decade there's also course the lay the case a resort which was close a couple of years ago it's perfectly clear now under the one of the many and sanctions that have been visited on north korea for their nuclear missile tests you can't have no country can have joint ventures past present or future with north korea and off you know so that can't happen but sports this far as it goes you know what why not and if if perhaps we'll just have to see you know when this is all over the paralympics finish what two months from now it lasts whether or not you know everything just breaks out again or whether there is a last like a that's a what's what's your consideration now briefly if you would because then we exist just going to be a pause for the olympics or could it be and why the peace process. i did you know as a triathlete never experienced hope springs eternal but i think paul was the right there's so much that can go wrong i would immediately afterwards the u.s.
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and south first post military exercises or little quotes canceled there's a suggestion they will be cancelled it just been postponed i think it was so that's just you know enjoy it enjoy it while it lasts basically. always appreciate your perspective thanks very much indeed thank you for coming out on this new pope francis makes an appeal to indigenous groups as he continues his controversial to chile. the un puts out a call for extra funding is half of somalia struggles against a major drought in western conflict goes for coming up to north and south korea planned to unify as we've had been hearing under a common flag but this time it will be on the world's biggest sporting stage. now palestinians have denounced donald trump's decision to hold back money needed for aid that would have helped millions of people the head of the united nations
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relief and works agency or has appealed for world donations to make up the shortfall the u.s. says it's withholding sixty five million dollars of the one hundred twenty five million it was going to given or that which provides a lifeline for some five million palestinians in gaza the west bank jordan lebanon and in syria the united states is the biggest day in it giving nearly thirty percent of its budget the e.u. u.k. saudi arabia germany all the other main donor countries the u.s. had already drastically cut its contribution down from a three hundred fifty million dollars dollar donation last year imran khan reports now on what the company. it will be camps like these jalazone in the occupied west bank that will be affected most by the us decision to cut a refugee funding to the united nations relief and works agency otherwise known as . there isn't a household here that doesn't rely on whether it's health education all waste collection fifteen thousand refugees live here you know i don't wish that it would
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be a big problem with out on the wall if the agency wasn't here for just two days you would see thrashed by leg up on the door in places like gaza residents fear they will be left destitute because of the u.s. decision the israeli siege of gaza already creates acute shortages of food electricity and other essentials as well as causing high unemployment and infrastructure to crumble. i think you should have mercy on the people and belittling my husband isn't president i can't buy only eleven on syria jordan and elsewhere five million palestinian refugees reliant on roff the agency has a deficit and says this new cut further harms its operations we are going to be working relentlessly to extend the donor base to find other donors to come in to fill this gap because our sincere hope is that we will be able to maintain services
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to some of the most marginal and fragile communities vulnerable people in the middle east we hope that regional security regional stability will not be threatened but that has to remain a risk in light of the u.s. reduction politically the palestinians say the u.s. is no longer a part of the peace this is another way sure does the heart of been the thinking over there but a senior leadership and it shows that we are quite acct. it shows the reading over the political product of where the president and his administration would have come from to this issue it proves every day because of the euro zone and because of the another one us president donald trump has already caused controversy nationally with the announcement that the u.s. embassy will move from tel aviv to jerusalem and that's angered a palestinian president mahmoud abbas. learned here this sins of donald trump when he wrongly claimed that jerusalem is the capital of israel is a challenge to millions of muslims and christians this is favoritism for the sake
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of the israeli occupation for the israeli crimes for the israeli attacks on our palestinian people this means that the us has chosen to violate international law how can we trust has it been astray how can we trust this superpower we will never trust them again we will never accept them as mediators between us and the israelis the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side the us president donald trump said he was looking for the deal of the century which we need and the palestinians or palestinians say that that deal is now history imran khan al-jazeera jealousy in refugee camp in the occupied west bank or their heart is in the. refugee camp in lebanon she sent us this update on how the decision will affect palestinians living there. underwire the lebanese government and they were all warning of the dire consequences for refugees the funding is cut now it has
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become a reality and people are worried palestinian refugees are poor as you can see they live in so-called camps neighborhoods and there's really no infrastructure and palestinians are denied basic rights they're barred from working in many professions. not a country that. has provided them with the services that they need that is why the refugees rely on. also run schools they provide relief they provide shelter to the refugees that is why many of them under what is are a lifeline and already the organization was underfunded it had. a number of services already they. provide. the services they provide the refugees. living conditions. more than the palestinians. have left the country from four hundred fifty thousand the latest
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census shows that there are one hundred seventy five thousand in lebanon many. find a better life so it's really a struggle living here. to eliminate their right to return because. if. this case falls under the u.n. h.c.r. then they move to. third countries what. is their right to return to their homeland a military court has ruled that a palestinian teenager who was filmed slapping an israeli soldier must be kept in custody until her trial she was arrested amid a unrest following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's comparable video of the incident went viral on social media gaining international attention. from. military courts in the occupied west bank. well i had to mimi is no stranger to this prefabricated
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courtroom inside the office military prison she came in looking relatively relaxed exchanging messages with her father who was sitting waiting for stretching out her legs crossing at the ankles where they were cuffed together and she heard the judge in the case the military judge deny her bail pending her trial which was set for january thirty first the judge justifying that decision not so much talking about the aggravated assault charges related to the slapping that was caught in that video which went viral and made her such a cause celeb among palestinians a point of humiliation for many israeli national sousse or the soldiers being confronted in this way talking more about the words that she used in that video he said that she was calling for stabbing attacks four suicide bombings and that incitement required her to remain in custody throughout the duration of her trial her lawyer said that she was very disappointed with this decision that the real meaning of those words were about the inevitability of such attacks are to the
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declaration by donald trump recognizing as far as united states was concerned jerusalem as the capital of israel she also said that she was disappointed that her arguments had not been listen to arguments such as israel's obligations under the convention of the rights of the child and what she said was an equal treatment of settlers and palestinians living in the occupied west bank as well as that the judge reminded heads mother narron man in custody until the start of her trial on friday the sixth at least ten people have been killed in twin suicide attacks in nigeria the suicide bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of the city of my degree at least forty eight people were left injured and in could be in a state also in northern nigeria gunmen have kidnapped two americans and two canadians and have killed two police officers. the united nations says more than half of somalia's population is in need of emergency aid to two a major drought and worsening conflict millions have been forced from their homes and hundreds of thousands of children have been left malnourished the u.n.
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says the situation will worsen unless it receives one point six billion dollars in extra funds bennett smith says for. most somalis are finding it hard just to survive day to day after more than four years of drought and the continuing war with al-shabaab fighters the un says it just managed to stave off famine in somalia last year but with poor rains forecast again this year more intensive aid will be needed to help the war in every two somalis who are displaced by widespread fighting. together over the more than two million a fifth of the population. is displaced away from their home this is fuelling suffering it is their levels of humanitarian and they do not have neighborhoods or ways to survive for more than a decade fighters who are linked to al qaeda have been trying to take over somalia bombings in the capital mogadishu and conflict nationwide makes it hard for aid
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groups to introduce projects that will help the economy grow long term and reduce dependence on a war. to be a long war on. the support. though that we are not in the. real is. the threat from gunmen remained significant despite being forced from much of the territory they controlled by forces from the somali army and the african union reduced funding means twenty one thousand troops are due to leave somalia by the end of twenty twenty somali government leaders say they don't have the resources to plug the gap those troops will leave that risks more instability and rather than a group's helping somalia become self-sufficient aid workers are struggling to keep the population from starving to death bernard smith al-jazeera syria's main kurdish party the p y d has called on the un security council to act immediately to protect
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kurdish controlled areas in the north of the country that includes the enclave of africa where turkey's president rested turtle and says he will launch an offensive in the coming days to push out the kurdish group the white p.j. . have gathered on the turkish side of the border there he says the kurdish forces are terrorists it's trying to criticize us for arming and funding them saying it's creating an army of terror along turkey's border kurdish fighters from form the backbone of the syrian democratic forces which controls almost a third of syria. the intersection of state restless and says he will take into account turkey's concerns but in a speech dedicated to syria there is no talk of stopping support for kurdish groups and he said that the us presence will remain strong but be clear. the united states will maintain a military presence in syria focused on ensuring isis cannot reemerge our
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military mission in syria will remain conditions based we cannot make the same mistakes that were made in two thousand and eleven when our premature departure from air iraq allowed out caught in iraq to survive and eventually morph into isis . it was that back you that allowed isis and other terrorist organizations to wreak havoc on the country to chile no where pope francis is held mass in a southern town where another catholic church was set on fire one of at least ten that have been targeted in the past week the pontiff says stop in the region is seen as the most complex of his trip because it's the center of a centuries old cold flicks with local indigenous groups to move a lot of america to newman explains all. this is how indigenous my approach is pray with branches and cries to the sun and the earth and it was with their traditional rites not the catholic churches that pope francis
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began his visit to chile's most rest of region. we can hear alco sing of a sorrow that cannot be silenced from centuries of injustices that have re onesies taking place. the pope dedicated his homily to the my pooches acknowledging that their blood was spilt on this very airbase chosen for the papal ceremony and that is still being disputed by seven hundred families thousands walk long distances from all over the region to attend even from neighboring argentina. we are separated by d. and is mountains but we are the same people who had the same demands for the return of our ancestral lands that were taken from us. but many couldn't get here because of barricades put up by massed groups who blocked access roads but. our region has been beaten by too many conflicts since the pope is closer to god than
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we are hopefully he can intercede on our be have for peace. three catholic churches were targeted by arsonists in the lead up to the pope's visit no one is taking responsibility. here. privately. but the vatican spokesman told al-jazeera the pope is not here to mediate the pope called for his to be recognized as equals but he made no mention of the key issue of land rights instead he warned against confrontation and violence. violence begets violence destruction increases fragmentation and separation violence can turn even the most just cause into a lie. francis is repeated pleas for unity is what many wanted to hear
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but it's unclear whether it will contribute to easing the centuries old dispute sheedy's poorest region. you see in human. seven senior venezuelan officials including the country's powerful chief justice could face european union sanctions from next week it's all designed to increase the pressure on the president nicolas maduro meanwhile the economic crisis is having a major flow on effect in neighboring colombia and the. reports now from on the venezuelan colombian border. minutes well as imploding economy as man to increase in the number of venezuela breath you moving to me especially in border towns and cities like kuta where we are right now half a million of them are now in colombia according to government figures hearing kuta
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have many are sleeping on the streets close to the border taking over placidus and sports fields in this city they're cooking out on the streets leaping in hammocks or tents their number has been increasing seems to be gamey against the year create creating a lot of tensions here in cuckoo time putting a strain on social services in the city for kuta has started registering them just to find out how many of them are actually now here in this border town and the secretary general of the united nations and families who was in colombia last week and said this time for the international community to do more in assisting colombia for this problem that will not go away and will probably only get worse in coming months still to come in his algerian user petunias new
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parliament meets for the first time for going but will try to reinstate it because as brutal as president even though he's in belgium. living on the high in the philippines most active volcano continue to spew lava. and drawing lines in the south dakar rally leader extends over the bow to show on stage and he will hold details in school. hello wednesday was characterized in scotland and northern ireland northern england with snow showers frequent ones lots of snow to be honest that's the cold air that's pushed right down through france and this mass of whitey's clouds will bring stone overnight quite a lot of snow to the alps once more then there's a final push through the us position we sit out thursday start of thursday would
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start forming in geneva behind temps has risen because we've got a storm system go through wednesday night thursday winds in excess of hundred twenty kilometers per hour by this time on the coast of poland most likely the dutch coast all the noland countries could see something of a surge we've got high tides same time not a good position to be that a storm will blow itself out but it does mean it will be a pretty poor start to the day and it takes all the energy away from further south or we've got going on throughout the middle trainees quite weather until you get to cyprus and eastwards and look at turkey even covered in massive rain and then snows that's certainly an active system on its way through and then the breeze comes back out of the still warm sarra so tripoli's up to nineteen by the time we get to friday and tunis is eighteen whereas rather crowd here about still maintained seventeen.
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and. the arrival of refugees is debated and european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that has claimed so many lives such infrasound cherry pot won people in power on al-jazeera. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any theatre attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds up to date just what president stated in no country that is not the other way when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentary and live news on air and online.
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top stories here on al-jazeera and leading ethiopian opposition figure. has been freed as part of a release of prisoners. thousands of his supporters after his release from a prison in the capital of. north korea. under the same flag and field a joint women's ice hockey team at this year's winter olympics the decision was announced after a third round of talks and the. palestinians have denounced donald trump's decision to hold back sixty five million dollars from the un agency. the agency helps
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palestinian refugees in the west bank and in neighboring countries. in catalonia new and returning members of the regional parliament have met for the first time since snap elections in december but there's still no uncertainty of the new president of the parliament septa's parties want to form a leader. but he's in self-imposed exile in belgium madrid says that would be illegal as this report. the first vote in a new session of the cattle parliament and the separatist members of the new assembly the next chapter in the campaign for catalonia to split from the rest of spain. we're not going to back down we're going to work to build up the grassroots and turn our goal of an independent republic into reality. yellow ribbons marked the seats of elected members of parliament who are in jail or on the run judges accuse them of rebellion for leading the campaign to create
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a breakaway republic when spanish prime minister mariano rajoy used emergency powers to call snap elections to the cattle and parliament his clear aim was to try and realign the balance of power but that gamble has not paid off because once again separatist parties have been able to build a majority and ruling coalition. of the process session coalition was elected parliamentary speaker at wednesday's ennoble session but i learned that institutional necessary your parliamentary speaker is an important job he will effectively control the political agenda within the next two weeks he must organize a vote to choose the new head of the cancelling government the separatist parties want to reinstate ousted leader. who fled to belgium when the spanish government declared emergency rule in october that we i think that everybody is that to have
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the president with him on in their presidency of this and i believe that. the spanish police say they'll arrest bustamante if he returns unity politicians who favor remaining part of spain also reject the proposal in this embassy and they were the new first minister must be hearing catalonia not abroad we will not accept the savior the moccasin virtual politicians are holograms was i. separatist m.p.'s ended the opening session with the capital an anthem a rebel song about breaking the chains of spanish oppression while outside several thousand rallied to support the separatist cause they sense the stage is now set for a new showdown with spanish government leaders in the dreaded. zero. french police have raided the headquarters of a dairy company like tireless oversell and that scandal that seen dozens of babies
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full sick the firm has recalled milk powder from eighty three countries it was revealed that factories were contaminated with the bacteria the company's own tests made the discovery in august spit its product stayed on sale for months french fraud officials and health authorities are looking in to what happened. to my men have set fire to an office belonging to one of russia's biggest human rights groups memorial c.c.t.v. shows that see men arriving at the building and now it's run as shortly before sparks is seen coming from the windows a memorial says it thinks the attacks linked to its work documenting human rights abuses in neighboring chechnya it's the chechen authorities by reporting disappearances and cases of torture us president donald trump is being compared to the former soviet dictator joseph stalin over that's chewed towards the media the comments from fellow republican jeff flake delivered on the floor of the senate flate criticized president trump's reference to fake news and alternative acts and
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full patrolling the media as the enemy of the people a white house correspondent can be held that has more from washington. president. the floor of the u.s. senate the setting for a remarkable of a sitting president preparing to mark the anniversary of his first year in office. a member of donald trump's own republican party calling on fellow senators to fight back against the president's attacks on america's constitutionally protected free press we are rather in an era in which the authoritarian impulse is reasserting itself it was a searing condemnation of the trump presidency repeatedly flaked challenge the president's statements and claims accusing him of eroding public trust in american institutions by threatening anyone who challenges him. trumps war with the media has been intensifying since taking office multiple reporters and news outlets
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have been targets of trump on twitter accused of disseminating what the president calls think news another republican senator john mccain is aqualung flake sentiments in an editorial published on wednesday mccain writes reporters around the world face intimidation threats of violence harassment persecution and sometimes even death as governments resort to brutal censorship to silence the truth white house is defending the president's conduct that we welcome access to the media every day i'm standing right here taking questions the president does so regularly the committee to protect journalists reports that in twenty seventeen two hundred and sixty two reporters were jailed for their work of those twenty one were imprisoned on charges of fake news a phrase coined by donald trump trump's anti media rhetoric has been copied by
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other world leaders including president rod rico to tears today he recently branded a philippine news website as fake news after it was critical of his government senator flake calls trump's actions despotic like that of joseph stalin who also characterized journalists as an enemy of the people. even the key to khrushchev forbade it use telling the soviet communist party that the phrase had been introduced by stalin for the purpose of quote annihilating such individuals unquote in spite of the condemnation trumps contempt for journalists and his dismissal of unfavorable news coverage appears unlikely to subside kimberly help get al-jazeera washington police in pakistan say a five year old girl has been raped and strangled in northwest pakistan offices say have body was discovered in a field on sunday close to the city of marjah and follows outrage over the rape and
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murder of eight year olds a numbers and sorry whose body was found last the day the case has caused widespread protests of authorities accused of negligence indonesia has deployed military paramedics to combat a health crisis in a remote part of papua province at least sixty one babies have dying from malnutrition and diseases such as the measles over the last four months the government admits his response has been slow and is delivering thousands of packages of food and medicine stedfast reports now from jakarta. three year old three c. a b. were died weighing only six kilograms less than half the healthy body weight a child her age like other malnourished and seriously ill children of the us might drive and she traveled with her mother many hours to get to a clinic trying to save her life but there are only nine doctors who are available for more than two hundred villages in this warm covered area in the south all of
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them are based in the district's capital hours away from their patients the outbreak of measles started in september and spread quickly because only a few children have been immunized many died because their undernourished bodies were not strong enough to fight the disease the government admits its response has been too late. or theme of the my. yes what we have done is not enough but let's not focus on who is in the wrong let's focus on how to solve it because we are dealing with this reality right now we thought our colleagues in pop were could handle it but it turns out they need help and to be pushed more that's what we're doing now. since popper became part of indonesia in the one nine hundred sixty s. power plants have often criticised the government from a collector in the far eastern province a small army movement has been fighting for independence and many have died because of military violence over the years to bring peace to government autonomy and
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improve its infrastructure. to what is happening to be as much as it does not care enough about papa despite building roads and the development we have seen since we got more autonomy poppins don't feel their lives have been proved. the government has called a measles outbreak an extraordinary situation and i send food and medical teams to the area also flying doctors and the military has been called in to help but due to the remoteness of the affected villages many fear for some help will be too late children dying of hunger and disease are a huge blow to president last fall to stop military fire for bringing welfare to the despite his frequent visits to this restive roughened this tragedy painfully shows that a lot more needs to be done to reach the traditional inhabitants of. that fossil al-jazeera. a leading voice in hong kong's pro-democracy movement has been
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sentenced to jail for a second time for his role in protests in two thousand and fourteen joshua wall has been given a three month jail term for contempt of court and is already being taken into custody judges have rejected ones lawyers request to release him while the demand for an appeal is being considered and other activists rafale wall was also jailed fourteen others received suspended sentences for their role in the protests properly known as the umbrella movement. the province in the philippines remains on its as the country's most active volcano continues to spew lava for a fourth day thirty four thousand people have been forced to evacuate well and been reports now from a province. a perfect code is how many here describe mt my own thousands travel to the luzon region to see the up close but for the people of iowa by the volcano is more than just a tourist attraction it is also
12:43 am
a source of anxiety. it's been spewing ash and lava for the past week prompting the mass evacuation of thousands of the looters such as the family of roman and divine and they're now staying in this evacuation center having grown up in a village on the slope of the volcano they've lost count of how many times they've fled danger they now consider themselves professional evacuees. i think. never gets easier we leave our life he would behind we sleep here it's uncomfortable but we know we have to obey the authorities will forcefully evacuate us anyway. just like many places across the country the province of all by often bears the brunt of natural disasters it's facing the pacific ocean so it's prone to typhoons and erupting volcano is because it lies along the so-called pacific ring of fire but the province is considered the most prepared when it comes to emergency
12:44 am
response. and like what is said during that. but for them. we never know or looking at the press and. have always you know because there's always always. thousands of filipinos live below mt to me yawn and dependent agriculture for their livelihood this village is empty and people are making sure it stays that way until the danger passes and. we strive for zero casualties even if we have to forcibly extricate people from here some of them insist on coming back to look after their crops and their livestock we worry about that stockpile of ash and lava up there. this is far as we can go exists right at the six kilometer danger zone local officials tell us they have not seen the volcano this restive the smoke coming out of the bottom part of the volcano is lava that just flowed moments
12:45 am
ago no one died in the last major eruption of mt to my yard four years ago that does little to a piece people here they doubt whether their preparations will be enough to withstand nature's unbridled theory jim duggan al-jazeera by province eastern philippines france wants to lend britain the beirut tapestry you know it's when it was made just a day before president amental macron travels to the u.k. for talks with the prime minister the reason may the tapestry tells the tale of how william the conqueror came to invade england ending with the battle of hastings and the defeat of the anglo-saxon king harold intensity six and the precise origins of the seventy metre long tapestry known but the first written record of it dates back to fourteen seventy six time it's never left france there's some research as believe it was made in southern england the curator responsible for the tapestry says it will be about five years before it can travel because restoration work he
12:46 am
said be carried out the level of. the work is very fragile it's not been properly stored since the nineteenth century and very little work has been done to the mounting so today you can see marks of where managed to to ration which might even date for the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries in some cases and which need to be stabilized before any transportation could be visit. still ahead this news a. flooded cave in the world. and one of the details. on. business updates to you by. going places together.
12:47 am
business updates to you by. going places together.
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and again to make on the discovery of what's thought to be the world's longest underwater cave the network of flooded tunnels and chambers is around three hundred fifty kilometers long a team of divers found human bones and pottery and hoping to use them to gain a better understanding of the mayan civilization. as its report. deep underneath the state of kentucky no row in eastern mexico new the sandy beaches of ken kuhn the tourist resort on the caribbean coast scuba divers explore what they say is the world's longest and largest underwater accountability with stretching for three hundred forty seven kilometers the freshwater caves are known as c no dead dust also posts the maze of underwater channels is not only extensive but also deep up to one hundred meters in some spots it's on the sea in the sea not these musclemen
12:49 am
of the scene there are about two hundred underwater caves in the secretary system which we thought could be connected but we were not sure of that so now we know about the collection and the flows of water while the city comport them into the way. that scientists think the kids were used as a source of freshwater during the ancient maya civilization divers began exploring the mayan aqua firs in the one nine hundred eighty s. mayans considered the cave sacred to the portal to talk with the gods of the north down i know to me a mother yourself it gives us a wonderful perspective a new understanding of how the leaders of the ancient settlements and how the ancient mayans developed it allows us to understand more clearly the rituals and the pilgrimage sites and finally the great pretty hispanic settlements that we know of which run along this cave system. at the peak of their civilizations in the six to ten centuries mayans master agriculture mouths and the straw namie as well as
12:50 am
building hospitals and sporting arenas and they are credited with creating calendars and discovering chocolate. mayans abandon their cities around one thousand years ago when spanish explorers arrived hundreds of years later they found most cities overgrown. this discovery by divers deep underwater may shed more light on what happened above so long ago. al-jazeera. ok let's move on to the sports. thank you so much nicole as we've been hearing north and south korea will march together at next month's opening ceremony for the winter games in pyongyang the two koreas making the agreement during talks on wednesday as well as appearing under a unified flag the two koreas will form a combined women's ice saki team it's a combo athletes official supporters and musicians will also be parts of the north korean delegation on north korea boycotted the last olympics in south korea that
12:51 am
was the one nine hundred eighty eight summer games in seoul twelve years later at the two thousand sydney olympics athletes from the two countries walked under one flag at the opening ceremony the two thousand and six went to games in syria was the last time the two countries appeared together at an olympics is all sports correspondent lee wellings. well the significant developments don't have to be confirmed by the international olympic committee and roseanne on saturday but i will confirm them because this is very good for the i.o.c. the same as peace brokers when in fact they have just been perfectly positioned to be used by the koreans to come together it's not unprecedented but it is usually significant because if you go back to two thousand and six the korean team marched together and in one thousand nine hundred one north and south korea competed at the world table tennis championships together so it does happen but this feels bigger because of the political implications and there are also difficulties involved no doubt about that if you look at the women's ice hockey team that will represent
12:52 am
korea or south korea or quite strong north korea on so that dilutes that same having some north korean players of course there are going to be some upset south korean players some of the coaches some of the people in south korea are wondering whether this should happen that one of them said look it's it's not the same as glowing a broken plate together so not everybody is happy about it but what's happening transcends sports and the huge delegation from north korea that we're going to be in pyongyang we're talking about around five hundred fifty people means more than who wins a medal. day three at the australian open so rafael nadal i'm caroline wozniak a progressing through the third round in melbourne is a tough day for some of the big names but as john a geyser oscar reports the men's world number one looks to be on something of a hot streak. rafael nadal continued his bright start to what he hopes will be a seventeenth grand slam title with no sign of his knee injury the dow was in the pink against the you know de mayo nothing's getting it is why not even
12:53 am
a ball go. and the world the one who passed the argentinian three set to reach the third round her. third seed grigor dimitrov survived an epic encounter in the second round as he was taking to five sets by the kids donald the world number one hundred eighty six just didn't have the edge over the ball gary in the end david chalke winning this one eight six you say australia's mick carey else also had a fight on his hands against picture troitsky the seventeenth seed complained several times to be on par about noise from the crowd and of the team microphone and the umpires headache didn't and then. i but kerry also eventually saw his tricky opponent seven five six pool seven six six the press center brown three was in the women's draw a second seed caroline busch necchi came from five one down and set the save to
12:54 am
much going to back to prosper ration yes but they were on a possible future contender for the crown and now it's tough presence on wednesday at fifteen years old ukrainian vata cost yoke became the youngest player to reach the round of a glance time since one thousand nine hundred seventy should be alleviated cops go . i heard a lot of time that i'm talented and i know dad. i know that only talent will learn how to play good so. so i can see that i'm. i'm working pretty hard. on the five hundred twenty one next great compassion he listed to leno and she hopes to keep progressing in melbourne. trying to get your oscar on just a. third say we're going to knock the premier league side bournemouth out of the english f.a. cup we're going winning this third round replay three. c.
12:55 am
want chelsea's game against norwich finished one one it's a reply i'm going into extra time. in june football's governing body will decide where the twenty twenty six world cup is to be played a joint bid from the u.s. and mexico and canada is the front runner with morocco it's only rival right now other countries hosting the african nations championship asuna hamish reports from casablanca. these were the scenes eight years ago when south africa hosted the world cup and in eight years the continent it could once again welcome football's biggest showpiece. morrocco has surprised everyone no with their last minute bid to organize the twenty twenty sixth edition and the man in charge of african football has given the country his full backing. cinnabon and this is our hope and dream because it is unfair that a great continent like africa has only been allowed to organize one world cup in a century i think it is legitimate for us to want one of our countries to make this
12:56 am
commitment and i'm myself as a president and committed to join in this bid and. the twenty twenty sixth edition there is the first expanded the world cup consisting of forty eight countries this newly renovated one hundred the fifth stadium here in cousin blanka could be a showpiece venue but morocco has to prove it can handle such a big event it's building a good track record right now by hosting the continent second biggest tournament the african nations championship it's also staged the bigger africa cup of nations and the francophone games which featured one thousand seven hundred athletes and although morocco faces a stiff competition from a joint usa canada and mexico bid this confidence within the country that they can deliver the debate which we are facing is is is very hard you know we are competing
12:57 am
against strong economies we are competing against america canada mexico but then as i said. so to system has changed a lot of things have changed broke or so has has changed during the last years basically in terms of infrastructure we are seeing more and more developments in morocco the north african country has already had four failed bids. we see that morocco has perfectly organized the african nations championship and it can host the world cup in twenty twenty six moroccan football is on the rise russia twenty eighteen will be the first world cup photo. yes they'll be hoping they can make it fifth time lucky with this bit of. fun hamlisch al-jazeera casablanca. co-signed says extended his lead some more than an hour at the dakar rally off the stage eleven the spaniard finished in third place on wednesday and also had a ten minute penalty removed by organizers which was given to him earlier in the
12:58 am
wake of to an alleged collision with a quad bike he leaves for one hour and forty five minutes from stuff and that's a hundred so there are just three more states remaining in this year's race. ok that is high school's looking for now let's get back to nic in london i mean they very much will see you later thanks a lot you can find much more of course on our website al jazeera dot coleman is the address but that's it for this news hour i will be back in our minutes with more of the day's news to joy is that.
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asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. when used investigates why so many filipino children are having babies. at this time and al-jazeera. facing the realities of growing up when to do you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the median maher government calls you a gringo all the terrorist hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time.
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celebrations in ethiopia as a key opposition leader was released along with hundreds of prisoners detained during protests.


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