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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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celebrations in ethiopia as a key opposition leader was released along with hundreds of prisoners detained during protests.
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but on the clock this is al jazeera live from london also coming up in the program that north and south korea agreed to march under one flag at the winter olympics and field a joint ice hockey team. palestinians denounce a u.s. decision to slash it say to the region amid warnings it's a risk to regional stability and pope francis makes an appeal to indigenous groups as he continues his controversial chili. if you has freed a leading opposition figure as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for their part in anti-government protests but a good dina is one of more than one hundred prisoners freed from a prison in the capital addis ababa three hundred sixty one other inmates were also released in the south of the country always denied violating the law and his release is part of a government drawing. to foster national reconciliation brennan as more. america
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dina is a hero to his supporters and thousands of excited well wishes for the guard of honor to restore his convoy to nine miles from the detention center on the outskirts of paris ababa to his home in the nearby town of braille. the leader of the aroma federalist party had been arrested after returning from a visit to brussels a year ago was accused of collusion with outlawed groups a charge she always denied raising of our very violated while it is there no. former member of parliament and always a consideration in the low. power. i have been always you know respect things that . anyway it's good that them out. his freedom came as part of government efforts to stem a spreading wave of violence and unrest which flared up in twenty fifteen has claimed
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hundreds of lives and threatens the stability of one of africa's fastest growing economies and generate a third in a move into defusing the tension ethiopia's prime minister announced he would release many prominent dissident politicians always out without a party in their members who will decide is it exists in the weeks what to do the right road to do all it was originally out to do is a government the board for national debt or if it is real in the honest the we are for it but amnesty international and other observers warn that a few high profile releases will not be enough the regime has to do more stories rescind this broken elos has to instill judicial reform this security sector reform a complete overhaul of the electoral system without this. i don't think the people will be satisfied thousands of prisoners of conscience are still in jail accused of
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prosecuted for protesting against the government in a statement the us embassy said it was encouraged by the latest releases paul brennan al-jazeera. marching under one flag and playing together in a joint women's ice hockey team north and south korea have announced a historic partnership for this year's winter olympics delegates from both countries announce a decision after a third round of talks in the border village of penguin to the north will send a two hundred thirty member strong cheerleading team south korea's president has voiced his support for bringing the ice hockey players together saying it would move the hearts of people around the world but it's angered some south korean athletes and members of the public more than one hundred petitions have been launched opposing the move well the thora north-south relations also had an icy reception for japan the foreign minister tata kono has warned delegates at a meeting in canada not to be fooled by kim jong un's government and to consider its true intentions at the summit twenty countries agreed to stop ship to ship
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transfers of lord goods to north korea in response to its nuclear weapons program pyongyang's allies russia and china didn't attend the meeting kathy novak has more from the south korean capital of seoul. this is a significant agreement between the two koreas especially considering that before high level talks last week there had been no official communication between the countries in more than two years now they have agreed to march together at the opening ceremony under a korean peninsula flag they've agreed to form a joint women's ice hockey team and interesting li they are planning to stage events inside north korea they've agreed to hold training events out at a ski resort that is a pet project of the leader kim jong un they're also planning to hold a joint cultural event at mount kumgang now south korean tourists have not visited there since the south korean was shot by a security guard ten years ago and north korea has tried to bring up restarting
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that tourism program in the past there have been displays of unity at sporting events before for example the two koreas marched together at the opening ceremony of the two thousand sydney olympics but this is agreement follows a period of heightened tensions and increasingly threatening north korean nuclear and missile tests south korean president says he hopes this year will mark a turning point in a stablish in peace on the korean peninsula but others are skeptical of the japanese foreign minister has told the meaning of his counterparts that they should not be naive about north korea's intent nor should they be blinded by what he called its charm offensive saying that even now north korea continues to develop its nuclear weapons program united states is calling for talks with a total about over peace in afghanistan u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley made the offer after returning from a trip to the afghan capital of kabul. i think one of the top priorities for the administration is to make sure that we do everything we can to combat terrorism and
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in afghanistan we know that has been a longtime safe haven for terrorism so yes we think peace is very important we think the taliban coming to the table is very important and we think that the entire international community needs to support this process that we can have peace . syria's main kurdish party the p y d has called on the un security council to act immediately to protect kurdish controlled areas in the north of the country that includes the enclave of friend with turkey's president ressa typo and says he will launch an offensive in the coming days to push out the kurdish group why p.j. . tanks have gathered on the turkish side of the border he says the kurdish forces are terrorists it strongly criticize the us filming in funding them saying it's creating an army of terror along turkey's border kurdish fighters form the backbone of the syrian democratic forces which control almost a third of syria. palestinians have denounced donald trump's decision to hold
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back money needed for aid that would have helped millions of people the u.s. says it's withholding sixty five million dollars of one hundred twenty five million dollars it was going to give the un relief and works agency. the agency provides a lifeline for some five million palestinians in run khan reports now from the occupied west bank. it will be camps like these jalazone in the occupied west bank that will be affected most by the us decision to cut a refugee funding to the united nations relief and works agency otherwise known as . there isn't a household here that doesn't rely on whether it's health education a waste collection fifteen thousand refugees live here you know i don't wish that it would be a big problem with. the agency i wasn't here for just two days you would see thrashed by league up on the tour in places like gaza residents fear they will be left destitute because of the u.s. decision the israeli siege of gaza already creates acute shortages of food
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electricity and other essentials as well as causing high unemployment and infrastructure to crumble. i think you should have mercy on the people and belittling my husband isn't his and i can't buy only eleven on syria jordan and elsewhere five million palestinian refugees are reliant on. the agency has a deficit and says this new cut further harms its operations we are going to be working relentlessly to extend the donor base to find other donors to come in to fill this gap because our sincere hope is that we will be able to maintain services to some of the most marginal and fragile communities vulnerable people in the middle east we hope that regional security regional stability will not be threatened but that has to remain a risk in light of the us would auction politically the palestinians say the u.s. is no longer a part of the peace this is another way sure does the heart of been the thinking
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over there but as the leadership and it shows that we are quite acct. it shows the reading over the political product of where the president and his administration would have come from to this issue it proves every day because of the euro zone and because of that another one u.s. president donald trump has already caused controversy nationally with the announcement that the u.s. embassy will move from tel aviv to jerusalem and that's angered a palestinian president mahmoud abbas. here at this sins of donald trump when he wrongly claimed that jerusalem is the capital of israel is a challenge to millions of muslims and christians this is favoritism for the sake of the israeli occupation for the israeli crimes for the israeli attacks on our palestinian people this means that the u.s. has chosen to violate international law how can we trust has it been astray how can we trust this superpower we will never trust them again we will never accept them
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as mediators between us and the israelis the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side the u.s. president donald trump said he was looking for the deal of the century which we need and the palestinians or palestinians say that that deal is now history imraan khan al-jazeera jealousy in refugee camp in the occupied west bank a military court has ruled that a palestinian teenager who was filmed slapping an israeli soldier must be kept in custody until her trial she was arrested and made unrest following the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital a video of the incident went viral on social media gaining international attention how we force it has more now from outside the off a military court in the occupied west bank. well i had to mimi is no stranger to this prefabricated courtroom inside the office military prison she came in looking relatively relaxed exchanging messages with her father who was sitting waiting for
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stretching out her legs crossing at the ankles where they were cuffed together and she heard the judge in the case the military judge deny her bail pending her trial which was set for january thirty first the judge justifying that decision not so much talking about the aggravated assault charges related to the slapping that was caught in that video which went viral and made her such a cause celeb among palestinians a point of humiliation for many israeli nationals who saw the soldiers being confronted in this way talking more about the words that she used in that video he said that she was calling for stabbing attacks four suicide bombings and that incitement required her to remain in custody throughout the duration of her trial her lawyer said that she was very disappointed with this decision that the real meaning of those words were about the inevitability of such attacks after the declaration by donald trump recognizing as far as united states was concerned jerusalem as the capital of israel she also said that she was disappointed that her arguments had not been listen to arguments such as israel's obligations under the
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convention of the rights of the child and what she said was an equal treatment of settlers and palestinians living in the occupied west bank as well as that the judge reminded heads mother nary a man in custody until the start of her trial on friday the sixth. still to come on out serious news a kind lady is it a new parliament meets for the first time but will it tried to reinstate callus beach my class president even though he's in belgium. the u.n. puts out a call for extra funding itself of somalia struggles against a major drought and western conflict. allan so far it's been a summer of extremes in australia with extreme temperatures we've had a fair amount of rain breaking a few records in the west that's lost
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a kid away now you can see yet more white top players in some pasta west australian certainly northern territory that's for the main rain is the temperatures are on the rise again once more thirty nine is the full cost of life thirty five from melbourne thirty seven springs where the right has not ceased following in perth you got about around the more reasonable twenty seven but if i put the color background on you see where the heart of the real heat is and it's drifting in this general directions up on tom we get to friday it was say thirty eight in melbourne but there will be places of forty one or forty two somewhere in victoria and also in south australia so the heat is returning one small but not immediate who is with storms how are we doing in us in the new zealand rain and fright range return to north running through all clingier can see clouds seems likely to the south of that and its north sea that rain persist well at least as far north as alton if you get felicity probably all right for the half of winter have been
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a lot of snow so far in japan the picture is a rather quiet or one for thursday. the arrival of refugees is debated and european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that has claimed so many lives such info sanctuary padawan people in power on al-jazeera.
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never get them out of the top stories here on al-jazeera leaving ethiopian opposition figure. has been freed as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for the parts of. north and south korea to march on the same flag and field a joint women's ice hockey team at this year's winter olympics the decision was announced after a third round of talks in the border village of. palestinians have denounced donald trump's decision to hold back sixty five million dollars from the un agency and the agency helps palestinian refugees in gaza and in the west bank and in neighboring countries. the united nations says that more than half of somalis population is in need of emergency a due to a major drought and west in culver that millions have been forced from their homes and hundreds of thousands of children have been left malnourished the u.n. says the situation will worsen unless it receives one point six billion dollars in
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extra funds but it smith has this report. most somalis are finding it hard just to survive day to day after more than four years of drought and the continuing war with al-shabaab fighters the u.n. says it just managed to stave off famine in somalia last year but with poor rains forecast again this year more intensive aid will be needed to help the one in every two somalis who are displaced by widespread fighting or together over the smaller than two million a fifth of the population one into somalia says displaced away from their home this is fuelling suffering it is fairly the levels of humanitarian need and they do not provide neighborhoods and other ways to survive for more than a decade fighters who are linked to al qaeda have been trying to take over somalia bombings in the capital mogadishu and conflict nationwide makes it hard for aid groups to introduce projects that will help the economy grow long term and reduce
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dependence on a war. and war on how. the support. we are not in the. rear. was born in the rise of. the threat from al shabaab gunmen remain significant despite being forced from much of the territory they controlled by forces from the somali army and the african union reduced funding means twenty one thousand troops are due to leave somalia by the end of twenty twenty somali government leaders say they don't have the resources to plug the gap those troops will leave that risks more instability and rather than a group's helping somalia become self-sufficient aid workers are struggling to keep the population from starving to death bernard smith al-jazeera. at least ten people have been killed by two suicide bombers in nigeria the attackers targeted
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a market on the outskirts of the city of might agree at least forty eight people were left into it officials suspect the group boko haram was behind the attacks and it could do an estate also in northern nigeria gunmen have kidnapped two americans and two canadians and killed two police officers. u.s. president donald trump has been compared to the former soviet dictated j.s a stalin in his eyes a jew towards the media the comments from fellow republican jeff flake were delivered on the floor of the senate flayed criticized president trump's reference to fake news and alternative facts and for patrolling the media as the enemy of the people white house correspondent can help it has more from washington. the president such as the floor of the u.s. senate the setting for a remarkable rebuke of a sitting president preparing to mark the anniversary of his first year in office a member of donald trump's own republican party calling on fellow senators to fight back against the president's attacks on america's constitutionally protected free
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press we are rather in an era in which the authoritarian impulse is reasserting itself it was a searing condemnation of the trump presidency repeatedly flaked challenge the president's statements and claims accusing him of are eroding public trust in american institutions by threatening anyone who challenges him. trumps war with the media has been intensifying since taking office multiple reporters and news outlets have been targets of trump on twitter accused of disseminating what the president calls think news another republican senator john mccain is aqualung flake sentiments in an editorial published on wednesday mccain writes reporters around the world face intimidation threats of violence harassment persecution and sometimes even death as governments resort to brutal censorship to silence the
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truth white house is defending the president's conduct that we welcome access to the media every day i'm standing right here taking questions the president does so regularly the committee to protect journalists reports that in twenty seven. two hundred and sixty two reporters were jailed for their work of those twenty one were imprisoned on charges of fake news a phrase coined by donald trump trump's anti media rhetoric has been copied by other world leaders including president rod rigo do tears today he recently branded a philippine news website as fake news after it was critical of his government senator flake calls trump's actions despotic like that of joseph stalin who also characterized journalists as an enemy of the people even the key to khrushchev forbade it use telling the soviet communist party that the phrase had been introduced by stalin for the purpose of quote annihilating such individuals unquote
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in spite of the condemnation trumps contempt for journalists and his dismissal of unfavorable news coverage appears unlikely to subside kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington in catalonia a new and returning members of the regional parliament have met for the first time since snap elections in december but they're still uncertainty over the new president of the parliament except as parties want to form a leader call it but he's in self-imposed exile in belgium madrid says that would be illegal open hole as. the first vote in a new session of the cattle and palm and the separatist members of the new assembly the next chapter in the campaign for catalonia to split from the rest of spain obama's i don't get it we're not going to back down we're going to work to build up the grassroots and turn a goal of an independent republic into reality. yellow ribbons marked the seats of
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elected members of parliament who are in jail or on the run judges accuse them of rebellion for leading the campaign to create a breakaway republic when spanish prime minister mariano rajoy used emergency powers to call snap elections to the cattle and parliament his clear aim was to try and realign the balance of power but that gamble has not paid off because once again separatist parties have been able to build a majority and ruling coalition. of the process session coalition was elected parliamentary speaker at wednesday's ennoble session but i learned that institutional necessary or parliamentary speaker is an important job he will effectively control the political agenda within the next two weeks he must organize a vote to choose the new head of the cancelling government the separatist parties want to reel in state ousted leader. who fled to belgium when the spanish
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government declared emergency rule in october that we i think that everybody is that will have the president with him on back in their presidency of this and i believe that. the spanish police say they will arrest bustamante if he returns unity politicians who favor remaining part of spain also reject the proposal in this embassy and therefore scare the new first minister must be hearing catalonia not abroad we will not accept the savior the moccasin virtual politicians are holograms was i. separatist m.p.'s ended the opening session with the capital an anthem a rebel song about breaking the chains of spanish oppression while outside several thousand rallied to support the separatist cause they sense the stage is now set for a new showdown with spanish government leaders in the dreaded. zero. to
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mars men have set fire to an office blowing to one of russia's biggest human rights groups memorial c.c.t.v. shows the two men a riving at the building in once run in shortly before sparks a scene coming from the windows memorial says it thinks the attacks linked to its work documenting human rights abuses in neighboring chechnya and saying that the chechen authorities by reporting disappearances and cases of torture seven senior venezuelan officials are likely to face european union sanctions from next week including the country's powerful chief justice this follows similar travel bans and asset freezes imposed by the united states last year in an attempt to increase the pressure on president nicolas maduro the country's only going economic crisis is having a knock on effect in neighboring colombia which is seen an influx of venezuelan refugees let's say has more now from cocoa to on the venezuela colombia border. when it's well imploding economy as man real increase in the number of in its way
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to rescue moving to me especially in border towns and cities like where we are right now half a million of them are now in colombia according to government figures hearing many are sleeping on the streets close to the border taking over last us and sports fields in this city they're cooking out on the streets leaping and hammocks or. their number has been increasing since the beginning again the year creating creating a lot of tensions here in kuwait time putting a strain on social services the city. has started registering them just to find out how many of them are actually now here and this border and the secretary general of the united nations. this was in colombia last week
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and so this time for the international community to do more in assisting colombia for this problem that will not go away and will probably only get worse in coming months on to chile knowing pope francis is held in the south where another catholic church was set on fire one over at least ten that have been told in the post week the point of stop in the region is seen as the most complex of this trip because it's the center of a centuries old conflict with local indigenous groups from to move a lot of america to the scene human has this report. this is how indigenous my approach is pray with branches and cries to the sun and the earth and it was with their traditional rites not the catholic churches that pope francis began his visit to chile's most rest of the region he had how tiny. but. we can
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hear alco sing of a sorrow that cannot be silenced who said trees of injustices that everyone sees taking place. the pope dedicated his homily to the my pooches acknowledging that their blood was spilt on this very airbase chosen for the papal ceremony and that is still being disputed by seven hundred families thousands walk long distances from all over the region to attend even from neighboring argentina. we are separated by the end is mountains but we are the same approach of people with the same demands for the return of our ancestral lands that were taken from us . but many couldn't get here because of barricades put up by massed groups who flock to access roads but. i would add a region has been beaten by too many conflicts since the pope is closer to god than we are hopefully he can into his seed and i would be have for peace. three catholic
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churches were targeted by arsonists in the lead up to the pope's visit. the second responsibility. here. privately you know him. but the vatican spokesman told al-jazeera the pope is not here to mediate the pope called for my pushes to be recognized as equals but he made no mention of the key issue of land rights instead he warned against confrontation and violence. violence begets violence destruction increases fragmentation and separation violence can turn even the most just cause into a lie. francis is repeated pleas for unity is what many wanted to hear but it's unclear whether it will contribute to easing the centuries old dispute
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sheedy's poorest region. you see in human i'll just see that. from that report here live pictures of the building along the streets of chinese capital santiago there's a pope francis waving to the assembled crowds as he goes through the chilean capital ahead of his next trip to. britain's prime minister has welcomed the news that french president to many macro wants to lend the bayeux tapestry to the u.k. it comes on the eve of his visit to britain where he's expected to push for more money to boost security at the port of cali to stop migrants attorneys amazed that it was very significant that people would be able to see the tapestry it was made more than nine centuries ago and shows a normal invasion of england intensity six those responsible for the tapestry will be about five years before it can travel because it needs a story. so
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there might have headlines here on al-jazeera and ethiopia has freed a leading opposition figure as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed more than a year ago for their part in antigovernment protests thousands of his supporters greeted dina one of one hundred sixteen prisoners freed from a prison in the capital addis ababa three hundred sixty one more prisoners were freed in the south of the country hundreds of people were killed in a two thousand and sixteen crackdown on months of protests by the country's or roma people the government more than five hundred of the protesters arrested. while it is their no. footman a member of parliament and it was a constituent and as you know. i have been always. make things that. any way. north and south korea have announced a historic partnership for this year's winter olympics delegates from both
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countries announce the decision after a third round of talks in the border village upon which will north and south korea will march of the same flag and field a joint women's ice hockey team. palestinians have denounced the donald trump's decision to hold back money needed for aid that would have helped millions of people the u.s. says it's withholding sixty five million dollars of one hundred twenty five million dollars it was going to give the united nations relief and works agency. the agency provides a lifeline for some five million palestinians in gaza in the west bank and jordan lebanon and in syria and the united states is the biggest donor. at least ten people were killed and forty eight injured by two suicide bombers in the city of my degree in northern nigeria nigerian officials suspect suspected of carrying out the attacks by catalonia is raising palm and has met for the first time since elections in december deputies chose to session supporter russia as the new speaker but
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uncertainty remains over who will be the cut the line leader separatist parties hold enough seats for a majority government and richard says it would be illegal for the exiled former leader to continue the that's news up next it's people by faith. al-jazeera. and for you. it's become one of the defining themes of our times a tidal wave of humanity in search of sanctuary from war repression poverty in recent years.


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