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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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to be declared face to face at this time on al-jazeera. and. then you look at the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's time but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary part one people in power on al-jazeera. celebrations in ethiopia after the release of an opposition leader and hundreds of other prisoners as part of a government amnesty. blown
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down this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the white house chief of staff reportedly tells democrats that president trump's pledges on immigration during the election campaign were uninformed. pope francis wades into a centuries old conflict in chile calling for unity in the struggle for indigenous rights. and we take a dive into a unique cave in mexico that could help shed some light on an ancient civilization . if europe it has freed an opposition leader as part of an amnesty of prisoners jailed at the anti-government protests in twenty fifteen the record dina was released with more than four hundred others in a move towards political reconciliation by the state paul brennan as more. morality dina is a hero to his supporters and thought. thousands of excited well wishers called the
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guard of honor to score his convoy to nine miles from the detention center on the outskirts of paris up above to his home in the nearby town of pray. the leader of the aroma federalist party had been arrested after returning from a visit to brussels a year ago was accused of collusion with outlawed groups a charge always denied by save of their violated while it is the no zero seven former member of parliament and it was a construction in the low. heigho. i have been always you know respect things that . anyway it's good that them out. his freedom came as part of government efforts to stem a spreading wave of violence and unrest which flared up in twenty fifteen has claimed hundreds of lives and threatens the stability of one of africa's fastest growing economies and generally the third in a move into defusing the tension ethiopia's prime minister announced he would
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release many prominent dissident politicians always out without a party in their members who will decide is it makes their weeks what to do the right road to do all. three jelly out to do is a government the board for national debt or if it is real in the honest the we are for it but amnesty international and other observers warn that a few high profile releases will not be enough the regime has to do more stories rescind this reckoning ellos has to instill judicial reform this security sector reform a complete overhaul of the electoral system without this. i don't think the people will be satisfied thousands of prisoners of conscience are still in jail accused all prosecuted for protesting against the government in a statement the us embassy said it was encouraged by the latest releases paul
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brennan al-jazeera mohammed a demers founder and editor of oprah dot com that's an independent news website about ethiopia he says the release is a direct result of the arm of protests. i think you know about a year ago i said i'm jailed fighting for my people my people were let me for free in does essentially what happened today i think what gives a lot of people of them is they mean this is a young population that is demanding it is right that is asking for more in ethiopia faces a challenge where the purpose is are not going away in it has pushed the ruling party to a corner where now there are divisions even within the governing coalition where the oromo members of the ruling ethiopian people's democratic front essentially embracing the protesters demands calling for reforms i think.
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power struggle within the party and the fact that there is an assertive younger generation of leaders within the ruling party in the in the fact that the protesters and the young people who are taking to the streets in the minding their rights this gives people a lot of the mizzen because one way or another change seems inevitable in ethiopia is just a matter of how soon it will come in a way we are going to see more chains of these twelve people have been killed in turn suicide attacks in nigeria the bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of my degree at least forty eight people are injured and in kaduna state that's a northern nigeria gunman kidnapped to americans and two canadians and killed two police officers the white house chief of staff has reportedly said president trump's campaign promises on immigration were uninformed u.s. media is reporting that john kerry made the comments while discussing immigration reforms with democratic politicians they want guarantees to protect undocumented
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migrants before backing a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. he's adjusted the way he's looked at the south asia strategy in afghanistan he said very definitely changed attitudes towards a darker issue than even the war once we briefed him when i was at the h.s. so he has evolved in the way he's looked at things campaign to governing are two different things and this president is very very very flexible in terms of what is within the realm of the possible she have a chance he has more now from washington d.c. once again allegedly behind closed doors someone very senior in the trump administration seemed to be badmouthing donald trump suggesting that his key signature policy on the campaign trail had been uninformed to build the wall and make mexico pay for it john kerry chief of staff saying he had to explain to donald trump that i would not be possible the problem is the dog in public at least shows no sign of having evolved as kelly suggests which makes it even more confusing as
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members of congress try to understand where the trumpet ministration actually stands on these issues of immigration which will become key to funding the government in the future democrats say unless there's a deal on immigration by friday they won't vote for a continuing resolution to fund the government and the government might shut down on friday having said that there are lots of other machinations on capitol hill which might avoid a shutdown by giving the democrats an extension of a child health insurance program and once again kicking the immigration issues down the road north and south korea will march under a unified flag at the opening ceremony at next month's winter olympics and also feel that john woman's eye socket seen to the games in pyongyang chung in south korea it follows the first time of a meeting between the north and south in more than two years but the apparent reconciliation efforts are opposed by many in the south with several petitions filed against it well kathy novak joins us live now from the south korean capital
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seoul cafe so not all south koreans are happy with their government's newfound friendship with the north how are people there feeling. well it's interesting daryn when you talk to south koreans i think overwhelmingly they are pragmatic they want a peaceful situation here on the korean peninsula but increasingly there are fewer people who were alive before the one nine hundred fifty s. and remember a unified korea so they are taught in school for example that korea is one that they are one people but when it comes to this idea of national unity it seems to be more in theory to more south korean people so a poll for example found that only four out of ten support this idea of the koreas marching under a unified korean peninsula flag at the opening ceremony and we talked to people in the streets about how they felt about this move for more unity at the olympics they said they support the idea in general it's good for peace efforts but for example
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they don't want the government to pay the expenses for the north koreans and they don't want the south korean hockey players to be made to miss out by forming this unified korea's ice hockey team to make way for the north korean players for example different circuits you have a significant result of this than. well i think in terms of intercourse relations it's certainly significant you have this agreement that also includes seeing south koreans going into north korea for joint training exercises and a joint cultural event of course it's illegal for the most part for south koreans to visit north korea and this is all happening after no communication between the two governments in more than two years but many skeptics are pointing to the bigger picture that yes this is an agreement over the olympics but what about the bigger question of the nuclear threat from north korea and the japanese foreign minister has been very vocal about that saying that the world should not be naive about north korea's intent he called it
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a charm offensive on the part of north korea and reminded his counterparts at a meeting in canada that even now north korea is continuing to develop its nuclear missiles program. thank you. u.s. president donald trump is accusing russia of helping north korea to evade international sanctions but he's provided no evidence in an interview with the reuters news agency because delta with the talks with north korea's leader kim jong il would be useful trump also won't appear on young's getting closer to delivering a long range missile that could reach the u.s. he prays china for restricting oil and coal supplies to north korea but said beijing could do much more israeli forces have killed a palestinian man during a raid in janine in the occupied west bank a number of palestinians were also injured in gunfire israeli media linking the incident to the search for the killer of a rabbi who was shot dead a week ago and a military court has ruled that a palestinian teenager who was film slopping and israeli soldier must be kept in
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custody until the trial video of the incident went viral on social media gaming international attention how the force that has more from outside of the military court in the occupied west bank. well i had to mimi is no stranger to this prefabricated courtroom inside the office military prison she came in looking relatively relaxed exchanging messages with her father who was sitting waiting for stretching out her legs crossing at the ankles where they were cuffed together and she heard the judge in the case the military judge deny her bail pending her trial which was set for january thirty first the judge justifying that decision not so much talking about the aggravated assault charges related to the slapping that was caught in that video which went viral and made her such a cause celeb among palestinians a point of humiliation for many israeli national susu all the soldiers being confronted in this way talking more about the words that she used in that video he said that she was calling for stabbing attacks for suicide bombings and that
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incitement required her to remain in custody throughout the duration of her trial her lawyer said that she was very disappointed with this decision that the real meaning of those words were about the inevitability of such attacks after the declaration by donald trump recognizing as far as united states was concerned jerusalem as the capital of israel she also said that she was disappointed that her arguments had not been listen to arguments such as israel's obligations under the convention of the rights of the child and what she said was unequal treatment of settlers and palestinians living in the occupied west bank as well as that the judge reminded heads mother nary a man in custody until the start of her trial on friday the sixth lots more still to come here and al-jazeera including. donald trump's presidency has had a huge impact on feminism in the united states and across the globe atika haim look at that. and on high alert people in the philippines are forced to evacuate as the ok now continues to spew lot more in that state.
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through tranquil raveena tandon. if you go on dillon. the moment is too cold in kazakhstan and parts of north iran where the cloud moves away temps is actually going to start to rise the next action is coming through levant at the moment and turkey that's spinning up so it's going to increase the breeze from the southwest over eleven and seventeen in beirut probably was rain twelve in aleppo but equally is a bit of a suddenly breeze everywhere so we've got plus six in tashkent minus one that rises to just above freezing the following day so it is certainly drift and temperatures start to rise at the same time we got some reappearing in beirut it's dropped ten she was able to feel better aleppo's down to nine again the rains gone through an
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anchor plus one in the sunshine but look at the amount of snow potentially falling out of the for eastern turkey northern syria and probably georgia maybe armenia as well south of it all but a breeze blowing currently i think will weaken to answer the gulf temperatures a steady in the middle twenty's typically around about thirty in mecca not much in the way of tired in the sky except maybe in the southwest of saudi up in the mountains. in southern africa we have had some big showers recently in south africa but the persistent rains for the north and will last in zambia for example. the weather sponsored by qatar race. the scene for us there on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating they say is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist
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just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this out ethiopia is free of the opposition leader that of at the dinner was detained during anti-government protests and twenty fifty the government released more than four hundred of those what it says is a national reconciliation. the white house chief of staff reportedly said president trumps campaign promises on immigration work on informed us media said john kenny made the comments while discussing immigration reform with democratic politicians.
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and north and south korea will march on the unified flag of the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics but the apparent reconciliation efforts are opposed by many in the south several petitions filed against. now the me too movement has been in the global spotlight in the past few months when to speak out about sexual harassment and abuse but as particle hand reports the election of donald trump as a us president has also played into that movement and a clear impact. women in politics preserve protect and defend there was no comparison donald trump had his day so help me god and the very next one women had theirs. in washington d.c. the largest protest in the history of the country women across america and the world marched to reject the president his sexist actions comments and past
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allegations of sexual assault he was even caught on tape bragging about it. and he was still a leftist. the question at the time was this a moment or a movement i never thought that i would do this until i went to the women's march in washington d.c. best let this be the beginning empowered women like rebecca cola ran for elected office in virginia a record number ran eleven toppled long serving male politicians it's been happening across the country. and i just say to donald trump keep your hands off seattle. women are running like never before and winning in large part because women are also voting in huge numbers because of trump the worst could possibly happen actually happened and we have someone unqualified to be leading this country a long time feminist icon gloria steinem is in
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a unique position to judge this movement she told me she believes it is here to stay it is beginning to shift and i think i think we're beginning to see that there is no gender. people or people but. then beyond race and beyond gender we're just going to have less of a system that political scientist laura brown says will change because of this she predicts women will have parity in government in a decade or so what you see here is that enough women are finally getting involved at all. the local and state level to ensure that there will be a strong bench of women candidates ready to run for those higher level offices in the coming years and decades one year in and it appears there is something donald trump is making great again feminism although it is highly unlikely that was his intention to call him al-jazeera washington and on thursday as part of our look at
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president trump's first year in office we'll examine the impact of his foreign policy in the middle east. well the u.s. president has been compared to form a subject dictator joseph stalin over his attitude towards the media the comments from fellow republican jeff flake were delivered on the floor of the senate criticized trump's reference to fake news out of tentative facts for patrolling the media as the enemy of the people white house correspondent kimberly help get us more from washington president would engage in such as the floor of the u.s. senate the setting for a remarkable rebuke of a sitting president preparing to mark the anniversary of his first year in office. a member of donald trump's own republican party calling on fellow senators to fight back against the president's attacks on america's constitutionally protected free press we are rather in an era in which the authoritarian impulse is reasserting itself it was a searing condemnation of the trump presidency repeatedly flaked challenge the
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president's statements and claims and accusing him of a roading public trust in american institutions by threatening anyone who challenges him. trysts war with the media has been intensifying since taking office multiple reporters and news outlets have been targets of trump on twitter accused of disseminating what the president calls think news another republican senator john mccain is aqualung flake sentiments in an editorial published on wednesday mccain writes reporters around the world face intimidation threats of violence harassment persecution and sometimes even death as governments resort to brutal censorship to silence the truth white house is defending the president's conduct that we welcome access to the media every day i'm standing right here taking questions the president does so regularly the committee to protect
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journalists reports that in twenty seventeen two hundred and sixty two reporters were jailed for their work of those twenty one were imprisoned on charges of fake news a phrase coined by donald trump trump's anti media rhetoric has been copied by other world leaders including president rod regal to tears today he recently branded a philippine news website as fake news after it was critical of his government senator flake calls trump's actions despotic like that of joseph stalin who also characterized journalists as an enemy of the people even to cuba khrushchev forbade it use. telling the soviet communist party that the phrase had been introduced by stalin for the purpose of quote annihilating such individuals unquote in spite of the condemnation trumps contempt for journalists and his dismissal of unfavorable news coverage appears unlikely to subside kimberly help get al-jazeera washington
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the parliament in catalonia in spain has met for the first time since not elections in december there are still uncertainty over who will be the region's next president separatist parties want the former leader put amount but he's in self-imposed exile in belgium under threat of a rest if he returns to spain his call penholder. the first vote in a new session of the cattle and palm and and the separatist members of the new assembly the next chapter in the campaign for catalonia to split from the rest of spain. we're not going to back down we're going to work to build up the grassroots and turn our goal of an independent republic into reality. yellow ribbons marked the seats of elected members of parliament who are in jail or on the run judges accuse them of rebellion for leading the campaign to create a breakaway republic when spanish prime minister used emergency powers to call snap
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elections to the cattle and parliament his clear aim was to try and realign the balance of power but that gamble has not paid off because once again separatist parties have been able to build a majority and ruling coalition. of the process session coalition was elected parliamentary speaker at wednesday's inaugural session. that. year parliamentary speaker is an important job he will effectively control the political agenda within the next two weeks he must organize a vote to choose the new head of the cancelling government the separatist parties want to reinstate ousted leader demand who fled to belgium when the spanish government declared emergency rule in october that we. will have brazil with him on . spanish police say they'll arrest bustamante if he
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returns unity politicians who favor remaining part of spain also reject the proposal rescind there the new forest minister must be hearing catalonia not abroad we will not accept the savior the moccasin virtual politicians are holograms. separatist m.p.'s ended the opening session with the capital. a rebel song about breaking the chains of spanish oppression while outside several thousand rallied to support the separatist cause they sense the stage is now set for a new showdown with spanish government leaders in madrid. police in pakistan say a five year old girl was raped before being strangled to death in the country's north west a body was discovered in a field on sunday close to the city of mount done there's been outrage in the
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country over the murder and rape of six year old zain about sorry her case is cause widespread protests with accusations of negligence on the part of the authorities space scientists in japan have launched the world's smallest satellite charon rocket after a failed attempt last year it blasted off from russian or a space center on a mission to collect images of the earth's surface engine is built many rocket from used parts found in home electronics devices and smartphones hoping similar low cost models with fuel demand for small satellites. province in eastern philippines is on high alert as the country's most active volcano continues to spew lava thirty four thousand people have been forced to evacuate john allen duggan reports from albay province. a perfect code is how many here describe mt my own thousands traveled to the luzon region to see the bulky new clothes but for the people of iowa by the volcano is more than just a tourist attraction it is also
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a source of anxiety. it's been spewing ash and lava for the past week prompting the mass evacuation of thousands of villagers such as the family of roman and divine mitt and they're now staying in the sit back you wish in the center having grown up in a village on the slopes of the volcano they've lost count of how many times they've fled danger they now consider themselves professional evacuees meanwhile i think. it never gets easier we leave for life he would behind us we sleep here it's uncomfortable but we know we have to obey the authorities will forcefully evacuate us anyway. just like many places across the country the province of all by often bears the brunt of natural disasters it's facing the pacific ocean so it's prone to typhoons and erupting volcano is because it lies along the so-called pacific ring of fire. but the province is considered the most prepared when it comes to
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emergency response always in first class will be. better for you but for the my on when it will never know or looking at the present i have always thought you know because there's always. thousands of filipinos live below to my lawn and dependent agriculture for their livelihood. this village is empty and people are making sure it stays that way until the danger passes and. we strive for zero casualties even if we have to forcibly extricate people from here some of them insist on coming back to look after their crops and their livestock we worry about that stockpile of ash and lava there this is far as we can go exists right at the six kilometer danger zone local officials tell us they have not seen the volcano this restive the smoke coming out of the bottom part of the volcano is lava that
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just flowed moments ago no one died in the last major eruption of mt to my yarn four years ago that does little to apiece people here they doubt whether their preparations will be enough to withstand nature's unbridled theory jim duggan al-jazeera and by province eastern philippines now archaeologists in mexico have discovered what's believed to be the largest underwater cave in the world the network of flooded tunnels and chambers around three hundred fifty kilometers long divers found human bones and pottery and are hoping to use them to gain a better understanding of the mayan civilization reports. deep underneath the state of kin tunnel row in eastern mexico near the sandy beaches of can prune the tourist resort on the caribbean coast scuba divers explore what they say is the world's longest and largest underwater cavern on the floor with stretching for three
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hundred forty seven kilometers the freshwater caves are known as sea not dead dust off hosts the maze of underwater channels is not only extensive but also deep up to one hundred meters in some spots on the sea and the sea not these muscle means of the sea and there are about two hundred underwater caves in the secretary a system which we thought could be connected but we were not sure of that so now we know about the collection and the flows of water while the way they said it comport them into the way. that scientists think the kids were used as a source of freshwater during the ancient maya civilization divers began exploring the mayan aco first in the one nine hundred eighty s. mayans considered the cave sacred to a portal to talk with the gods in north down a northern me a mother yourself it gives us a wonderful perspective a new understanding of how the leaders of the ancient settlements and how the ancient mayans developed it allows us to understand more clearly the rituals and the pilgrimage sites and finally the great pretty his spine example means that we
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know of which run along this cave system. at the peak of their civilizations in the six to ten centuries millions master agriculture mouths and the straw namie as well as building hospitals and sporting arenas and they're credited with creating calendars and discovering chocolate. mayans abandoned their cities around one thousand years ago when spanish explorers arrived hundreds of years later they found most cities overgrown. this discovery by divers deep under water may shed more light on what happened above so long ago. and you can catch up on all the news on our website there were days on your screen the address. of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera ethiopia has freed an opposition
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leader as part of an amnesty of prisoners who were jailed of the anti-government protests in twenty fifteen and had a good dinner was released with more than four hundred others he's always denied violating the law his release is part of a government drive for national reconciliation the white house chief of staff has reportedly said president trump's campaign promises on immigration an informed us media is reporting john kerry made the comments on discussing immigration reforms with democratic politicians they want guarantees to protect undocumented immigrants before backing a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown is adjusted the way he's looked at the south asia strategy afghanistan he's a very definitely changed his attitude towards the darker issue and even the war once we briefed him when i was at the h.s. so he has evolved in the way he's looked at things campaign to governing are two different things and this president is very very very flexible in terms of what is within the realm of the possible israeli forces have killed
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a palestinian man during a raid in janine in the occupied west bank a number of palestinians were also injured in the gunfire israeli media linking the incident to the search for the killers of a rabbi who was shot dead a week ago. an israeli military court has denied bail to the teenage activist i had to the sixteen year old was charged with assault and incitement after she was filmed hitting two soldiers in the occupied west bank a cousin who was also arrested following the incident was released earlier this month at least twelve people have been killed in twin suicide attacks in nigeria the bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of the city of my degree at least forty eight people were injured. in northern nigeria a gunman have kidnapped two americans and canadians and killed two police offices north and south korea will march under a unified flag of the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics and also feel the joint women's ice for the games in pyongyang and south korea but the
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apparent reconciliation efforts are opposed by many in the south with several petitions filed against it but those with the headlines the news continues here. after the stream which. are in power america's controversy president continues to polarize opinion. in a week of special reports al-jazeera examined. donald trump's first year. if you. even just talk politics with your friends you can't escape.


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