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in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time announces their. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in . the maria welcome to the news grid turks kurds syrians and americans it is a complicated mix right now on the turkish syrian border turkey is reported to be
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massing its forces now a free kurdish enclave in syria while the u.s. is denying it plans to form a new kurdish military force further east and. we're going to look at the. threat it poses to an already volatile region also on the grid the french president emmanuel micron makes the trip across the english channel between tyson controls a very crossing from small sixty million dollars to keep border controls in cali as the issue of migrants is raised once again and donald trump handed out his so-called. awards but it's glossing over what's become an increasingly combative relationship between the media and the president and see if there's actually now antagonism coming from both sides there are fifty states in the u.s. but there's a push for just one more they call it new california those wanting it are over big city politics and high taxes those against it say it'll never happen we have
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a conversation and your reaction to a split california i'm we're harding connected us with a hash tag. you with the news grid to live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and al-jazeera don't call me syria's war of course but once again we are seeing just how many players are involved and how it risks spilling over into other countries first there are reports the u.s. is forming a kurdish. water force in northern syria that's got turkey upset saying relations with iran qur'an washington could be irreversibly damaged meanwhile turkey is talking about a potential attack on a kurdish enclave which it says is run by terrorists now there are some bigger political movements going on here we're going to discuss those after this report from stephanie decker she is in antakya the turkish army is steadily increasing its presence along this stretch of the syrian border president russia has been
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threatening to attack the kurdish run area baffling for almost a week now there's been sporadic shelling after the mines in the north west of syria turkey borders the area on the north and west turkish troops are present inside syria on its southern edge and to the east are turkish backed syrian rebels so it is in effect surrounded. african is one of the autonomous enclaves controlled by the syrian kurdish p.y.t. party and its armed wing the y.p. g the i.p.g. has been working with the us in order to push ice a lot of syria not enough rain further east of the euphrates river in turkey seize the y.p. g. is an offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it together with the u.s. in europe considers a terrorist organization a free has been relatively peaceful throughout this war and it hosts tens of thousands of internally displaced syrians the americans have never had a presence here unlike the other kurdish run area of syria but the russians do and i'm chris says it has every right to protect its borders the timing is interesting
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it will let you know africa has been there for quite a long time as never threw like you know. a serious issue to threats or turkey but are going to probably need to these kind of nationalistic. you know rhetoric and potentially use its military in order to be able to gain more. with the upcoming elections in interview so i think that comes to. be. you know set aside when it comes to actual interaction and into a friend tensions have been stoked further in recent days by the u.s. announcement of a so-called border force which will be based east of the euphrates along the border with turkey and iraq and the y.p. g. will form its backbone not. the united states a nato supports a terrorist organization that threatens turkey can this be acceptable it's unacceptable and inexplicable. but u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson says it's not a border force the u.s. role has been mr trade and turkey is owed an explanation he says the build up is aimed at countering the resurgence of eisel will be internally focused and is important for the stability of syria however that's not what others involved in syria is one thing ankara attack on moscow and damascus having voice their opposition to. once again it highlights the complicated nature of syria's war isis been pushed out of most of the territory that it once held and so the battlefield is becoming perhaps even more complicated with each side trying to carve out its fear of influence and it seems the syrians are the ones that hold the least sway of stephanie decker al-jazeera. best person to talk about all this modern bashar a senior political analyst in london marwan let's deal with as i said i want to talk about sort of the politics behind it if we talk about the united states first what is their plan for this region now because initially it was all i saw i saw i
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saw now that i saw has been sort of pushed to the side it seems the focus is changing. absolutely come out and i think it's dramatic i would even there say historic and i still get to see a major evaluation of what is going on in washington because certainly while we've seen some signals about the united states getting more involved with their support of y p g and so on and so forth in the north but the kind of strategy we've heard from secretary of state rex tillerson is not simply a trump tweet at midnight this is policy this is strategy speech delivered at a university institute whereby the united states or the top administration is delineating an entirely new strategy in syria one that signals
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a major shift if not a total turnaround from its previous strategy in syria where as you said was focused on i so now it's actually focused on syria and not just syria in general syria and certain particulars for example the u.s. military presence in syria is going to be indefinite to see the united states will not leave syria apparently until assad goes that's again that's a major shift in policy three that the united states apparently does not see positively this new tryon goal that is forming between the russians the turks and the iranians certainly doesn't like to see iranian influence compounded in syria and hence it is putting through a strategy based also a local powers in order to confront the iranians and the russians in syria hence as russia draws down the united states build up its presence and its our allies in
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syria so all in all whether it is in favor of israel and jordan whether it is in favor of a new trump a vision let's call it if that even possible. in syria but certainly we are opening a pandora's box now but when it comes to the united states policy mullen was about turkey in all of this and there's two elements here one the turkish reaction to the united states which has been quite vehement already and then what turkey is doing itself with its own military there this is certainly a major issue first of all because the united states a turkey our allies they are both members in nato believe it or not you know you don't actually get that impression when you hear them both talking and reprimanding one another by the use of certain language or taken certain steps as in the case of american support of y p g which the turks consider the sister or the the other face
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if you will of pick a k a terrorist organization in as far as uncle is concerned so all in all i think slowly but surely we're going to see the united states try to. put unca at ease try to explain that whatever the united states is doing in syria is not only not against turkey that in fact it works in tandem with turkey's at least until recently is such a gin syria that asks for the removal of assad and allan for the refugees a lot of them who that are in turkey back into syria so the units are safe now will be trying to convince its nato ally turkey that yes the white b.g. is a problem but they will try to work in order to contain them or maybe change them but the overall strategy in syria is not necessarily against turkey now it's going to be difficult for the turks to back pedal a lot of their commitments and agreements and the standings with the russia and
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iran because let's all remember that turkey turned to russia and iran to a certain degree when they felt that the united states have turned its back on turkey and on that possibility of doing something in syria so no they're all trying to do catch up and i think whatever it is we're going to be seeing turkey and syria getting involved as saudi and then i say get involved in syria the question is whether they both will be able to confront iran and russia whether they are willing to do so and whether that will mean for a short term removal of us or a long term escalation to words even worse of all war and partition of syria. thank you melinda shara. on twitter if you want to connect with our senior political analyst there meanwhile the online team has put together one of their handy five things you should know on this new u.s. backed force its purpose the involvement of the six turkey's reaction
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russia's reaction syria's reaction all of this it's all there in what i would describe as heavy bite sized chunks for you just have a search for syria force five things at al-jazeera dot com and your comments already coming in the content deals are coming up on screen now hash tag twitter facebook and whatsapp thank you jen for your really thought sun facebook who said simply this is a good point here syrians seem to hold the least sway in all of this and that's true we've just talked about turkey and the united states and the kurds there is well it is very much supposed to be syria's war but all about these other players so thank you for your early comments coming through the whatsit numbers there as well plus one seven four five zero one triple one four nine the hash tag is a.j. news grid here in qatar a un backed conference is focusing on regional dialogue among those attending the event is the president of the united nations general assembly and in an interview with al-jazeera miroslav was told was i'm sorry why the general assembly has not
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put an end to the war in yemen have a listen. this is a the primary priority for responsibility of the security council which according to the charter is the body responsible for maintenance of international peace and security the general assembly deals with issues when they are brought to their attention or asked to be put on the agenda which has not been the case of course united nations followed the situation very closely and we are very much worried about a dire humanitarian situation and then when asked on the status of jerusalem he said it can only be determined through direct negotiations between palestinians and israelis remember last month the un voted to condemn the us president's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the two state solution is the only solution we support is the only solution that has been discussed the only solution that is clearly been negotiated and has a strong support of the united nations and other international organizations yes we
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are struggling now to get the process back on track jerusalem is part of the negotiation process to do so and status of jerusalem should be negotiated directly between the parties and it's part of the overall package and we need to support these and as secretary general. said more than once there is no plan b. so we only have one plan which is two state solution no one has ever presented any other solution and no one has ever proved that any other solution would be better and that full interview the u.n. general assembly is president with them our shale coming up on the next edition of talk to al-jazeera now the british prime minister to reason is expected to pledge around sixty two million dollars to strengthen border controls with france as she meets the french president emmanuel macron today there is of course been an influx of migrants trying to reach the u.k. via the french port of cali prompting france to demand more funding from london leaders are also expected to discuss the ongoing brags that negotiations let's check in with jonah how he is in sand hurst in the u.k.
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where that meeting is happening journal what's happened today so far. kemal there inside the sandhurst military academy world famous it is at the moment mr mrs may and mr macron having having seen it on a guarded military honor guard another sitting in closed door talks in a bilateral meeting defense and security top of the agenda of course but everything overshadowed by breaks it that said these are the two sort of preeminent military powers in europe they're accompanied by their intelligence sheaves who will be meeting face to face at this level for the very first time these are two countries that face common external threats international military threats and also threats at home they've both been the target of attacks recently with the loss of substantial innocent lives they also of course as you were mentioning there share a border on the french side including that sometimes controversial port of kalai
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and all the migrants and refugees that build up there mostly try to make their way to britain so there's an awful lot to talk about the headline pledge is expected to come out of this in a press conference in a short while tens of millions of dollars as you say pledged by britain in addition to money it's already spent on trying to reinforce that border to help france to deal with those migrants and refugees to take more of them in and also they'll be common pledges by one country to the other to help in their various international theaters of military operation north africa by the french and the eastern borders of the european union by the british against the perceived threat from russia but as i said overshadowing it all these breaks into the diplomats will tell you on both sides that what's really going on here is an effort by these two countries with a very long standing old ties to try and build a sort of new platform for future friendship and cooperation post bragg's it based on the knowledge and understanding that whilst they've got a lot in common they've also potentially got a lot to lose going to say it's important for mrs may to be building these one on
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one relationships with european leaders now isn't it because as you say brags that overshadows everything and from what we hear the brig's that negotiations aren't going maybe as smoothly as the u.k. would want. but i think there are various things going on at this particular moment it's a crucial second stage beginning for those breaks in negotiations the trade talks now the hardest portion of it to try and hammer out a trade relationship between britain and the e.u. france mr macro and go from strength to strength as sort of burgeoning predominant the predominant political force in europe and britain as you say begins to realize now that if it's to resume preserve any sense of relevance in the european union after a break it would it's got to do that on the basis of bilateral ties with key individual members so there is a sense in which this sort of a meeting is a sort of diplomatic blueprint if you like to try and begin to form those sorts of relationships and we may see much more of this in the future but it's hard to see
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it as a meeting of equals it has to be said i think at this point you know mr mack honest i said going from political strength to strength in the e.u. and abroad to resume a fairly politically stable even at home so that to the extent that it is a sort of diplomatic fora a diplomatic gambit it's again but that britain takes pretty much i think on the back foot at the moment that's life and sandhurst where that. meeting between micron and may is happening where people on both sides of the channel are worried about their livelihoods once the u.k. leaves the european union the. mouth of the french port city of. for generations the fishermen of blowing so mare have fished freely in u.k. waters under european union rules the northern french port is only fifty kilometers from britain across the english channel the fishermen worry it will no longer be possible after britain leaves the. remaining efficient english waters at this time
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of year so that is taken away from us life would be very hard he is one of the thirty five thousand tonnes of fish that are landed here each year two thirds of from u.k. waters and don't forget also that five thousand people here live on the seafront in the street and in large estates the processing industry so if we don't get that fish from the u.k. waters that would impact also that side of the industry. fishing leaders say that unless a deal is made people on both sides of the channel have much to lose or you measure if there was a hard brecht's it it could be difficult for the english to bring their fish to france about eighty percent of british fish and up on the european market mainly via france. or corner a northern grandfather always been close to the u.k. . troops who were in the print president and british prime minister marie contreras great people here her wrap up their leaders to protect their interests is
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a link is crucial and ready. to maintain it develop it so we are trying to convince those of us and the british florent to do more. it's unclear at this stage which way the olds are stacked but they're all signs that paris and london wish to stay on good terms on the agenda for thursday summit the possible known of the bio tapestry to britain the eleventh century artwork depicts invasion of england by french troops it has never left france if it crosses the english channel now the symbolism will be lost on no one natasha butler al-jazeera. and if you missed it last week we were actually in selves before it hit the headlines looking at this is a video diary from one of our view is looking at the efforts of the volunteers who
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are doing what they can to make life a little more comfortable for the refugees there is you can see i've posted that on my twitter page yet come on a.j. if you search for me on facebook as well you'll find it too here we are live well couple of things first of all united nations security council they have just sat down this is going to be a security council meeting a nuclear nonproliferation the important thing and james barry is our diplomatic editor is keeping an eye on this and we might talk to move at a later if you've got not only. ambassadors there but you've actually got foreign ministers who've come for this meeting so something could come out of that we'll keep an eye on it next box over it's the pope francis he is in chile in the thick way i think it is at the moment holding mass we've been covering the pope's controversial visit to chile there with our latin america editor of the c n human of course and in the next box that's nick clark he is in london with more international news resigning him of thanks very much israeli forces have killed a palestinian man and injured others during
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a raid in the town of jenin in the occupied west bank and israeli police were searching for the killer of a rabbi who was shot dead a week ago two israeli officers were injured in the raid imran khan has more now from ramallah. the rights of place around eleven forty five pm on wednesday nights are very special forces went and now we don't know who opened fire first what we do know is that two israeli special forces were injured and a palestinian man was shot dead these radio me say that the palestinian man was responsible for the killing of a rabbi on june ninth in nablus now when that happened there was a real thing that things could escalate and there indeed were attacks from settlers against palestinians from local settlements and then nablus the settlements clearly illegal under international law now the israeli army have confirmed that this man is linked to the killing of that rabbi around two o'clock in the morning engine in the israeli army went in they flatten the man's house and as they began their
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withdrawal there was severe clashes between the palestinians and the israeli army now there's been no confirmation of any of this from palestinian sources so we all relying on israeli israeli army sources a fire in a bus in kazakhstan has killed fifty two passengers only five people managed to escape from the vehicle when it caught like the victims were all migrant workers from neighboring uzbekistan the bus was traveling in a remote region on the main route between this pakistan and russia there's no indication yet what course ablaze with police launching an investigation authorities in turkey have removed an airliner from the shore of the black sea after it skidded off a runway tribes on board on saturday a large crane was used to lift the pegasus airlines boeing seven three seven from the cliff edge passengers and crew survived the accident turkish media is reporting the pilots are blaming a sudden surge of speed from the plane's right hand end to the forced to swerve to the left. the australian government is defending its controversial refugee policy
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strayer refuses asylum to anybody who reaches its shores by boat but the government says that when it comes to united nations official resettlement scheme australia actually takes in more refugees per capita than anywhere else from sydney is andrew thomas australia is known for being tough towards refugees denying asylum to anyone who arrives by boat but its government says that in fact the country is generous towards refugees. michael is a refugee who agrees the magician originally from iran says australia has been welcoming everybody respect each other there are good things to cut your country and all these different different nationalities live together in one country. australia is government says being tough on unauthorized migration has put it in control of its borders that means it has public support to take in large numbers of prescreened refugees by the united nations official resettlement. along with the
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united states and canada the most generous provider of places under the refugee and humanitarian program in the world last year the united states took in nearly a hundred thousand refugees canada took almost fifty thousand and australia took twenty seven thousand six hundred through the united nations refugee process on a per capita basis as a percentage of its small population australia resettled more refugees this way than any other country. but these figures are selective the number of refugees resettled by australia is dwarfed by the two point seven million sheltered by turkey or the one point five million in pakistan what is true is that for those refugees australia's government brings in on its own terms the support once they get here is some of the best in the world as well as education and counseling are antis had access to help to his magic show there's a government supported finance scheme to help refugees develop small businesses
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that critics say it's not enough to treat one group kindly while locking out another the ability to seek asylum is fundamental to refugee protection around the world and the why the destroyer trades people coming by by undermines that fundamental protection australia is generosity is real but is being overshadowed under thomas al-jazeera sydney. and that is it from london that's back to come out of it thank you for that nick comments coming in i got a good one for you here come the contact details for your suresh i hope of pronounce your name right i've got a great idea if you guys you know how you always mention at least one article which is related to your news yes i do that they explore as we call it you should put them in the comment or info area on the live stream so users can directly get them from here to be a lot easier you can hear the news while reading the article that's a very good idea and our social media producer she can hear me now let's look into
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that and maybe what i'll do as well as get into the habit of posting all those links at the end of the show on twitter as well so you can refer back to them that's what we want constructive feedback hash tag a.j. news grade twitter at a.j. english facebook dot com slash al-jazeera for that live stream where we are going to add all that extra content for you this is the news good if you watching us on facebook live we're going to take you to the united states right now where one woman's become legally responsible for more than a thousand children whose parents have been deported all detained story story and then koreans reacting to the news that the north and south will collaborate for this year's winter olympics in china athletes marching under that you unified flag but south koreans are divided over whether it's a good idea. being ready again in the eastern med in the levant in turkey where there's been snow or
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tide here and you see that the cloud still going through and fact that's not so much clouds that is more low temperature detected by the satellite as it sees cloud segment just proves the point has been snow banks intentions nine in aleppo the right running through northern syria even northern iraq obviously a bit of heightened you get the white stuff quite easily it's in choosing a suddenly breeze ahead of it's a baghdad's eighteen and kuwait's turns to once it goes through the wind direction changes so the temperatures tend to drop the. given that the sun is also out culver city aleppo is up to eleven if you feel the difference sun's out for turkeys while the snow is gone through azerbaijan to north and iran probably won't be hitting terra it's the mountains to your north but we have got the hint of rain then run across the gulf into the iranian side here writing or bit of snow at height weight still maintaining the eighty degrees it's not my suggestion to shower two to the south of that nothing on the full cost is that wind direction changes admittedly and if there is a hint of a shower to process for you q what i think is no more than
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a hint to be honest otherwise the arabian peninsula is quiet drawing of course shells down the southwest of saudi otherwise nothing. and this. is a. young libertine visit. to neither read nor write. telling it's great to. get. any just. risking it all this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and for us.
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headlines from al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as well it's an interesting one at the top there escaping systematic racism why act with new york for a cry. and more on fake news we're going to talk about that and a moment as well you know what's trying to get out to sea without compas something new and different it is what you are reading. but yours is no secrets that donald trump has an acrimonious relationship with the media often accusing them of peddling in accuracies and false odes news as he likes to call it well after much telling the president unveiled his fake news awards on wednesday this is how it looked as posted on his own facebook page.
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that was just the start of the big list we didn't get one we didn't so we're not fair or not watching us one of them so one of the two but anyway a lot of those news outlets have actually tweeted back saying thank you really thank you so it's a funny conversation really but it's easily the biggest conversation too of the day with hundreds of thousands of people using the hash tag fake news awards the news outlets receiving these awards have also reacted like i was saying most took the opportunity to point out false statements made by the president himself take for example the new york times they said president trump who question president barack obama's birthplace for years long insisted on the guilt of the central park five
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despite exonerating proof and claimed that millions of illegal ballots cost him the popular vote he wanted to have a word with the american public about accuracy in reporting the washington post also commented saying news organizations operate in competitive arenas and mistakes are bound to be made president trump almost never admits error even as he has made more than two thousand false or misleading statements. but although the president's stunt humored many press rights groups are quite concerned about the status of freedom of press in the united states what to what he's a contributor to the new york times he said that we laugh about the fake news awards but it is in fact quite terrifying and chilling this is what happens in dictatorships and fascist regimes and even members of the republican party have come forward comparing trump's behavior with soviet era dictators. we are rather in
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an era in which the authoritarian impulse is reasserting itself even nikita khrushchev forbade it use telling the soviet communist party that the phrase had been introduced by stalin for the purpose of quote annihilating such individuals unquote and for the first time ever the committee to protect journalists is sending a delegation to the us to study the threats on journalists but many supporters they've endorsed the fake news awards mike here saying do you understand how insanely lucky we are to have president trump we told him to go and destroy the political order he's doing it hash tag make america great again now the white house they can say that they continue to respect the press we welcome access to the media every day i'm standing right here taking questions the president does so regularly we want to know what you think of all of this as always you can join in with our hash tag a.j. news get thank you leah off we go to chicago with james warren who is the chief
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media writer for the poynter institute for media studies lovely to see you again i don't want to talk about fake news awards because really it is a bit of a joke in the end was he is more serious is this relationship that's very antagonistic relationship between the two is it entirely one sided you know it's easy to look at president trump and say he's the one saying fake news but use a little time how is the media quote unquote reacting playing this right. well i mean obviously the any democracy you're going to have inherently tension filled relationship that's the way it should go it's even the same if you're covering a local government city hall your county board or some real estate commission i mean that's that's part and parcel of trying to find out information and data from government which inherently whether it's in eastern europe or in north america attempts to opt to skate and hide i think
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a lot of what's played out started probably has its genesis in a campaign in which most of us totally missed the boat while being so obsessive in covering the candidates we didn't really do a very good job in covering the country and then we were surprised that that hillary clinton had lost but now fast forward with a guy who is interesting in that he is obsessive about getting media attention and the same time as found some clear political advantage into deriding us to bashing us and in some ways attempting to deal with us at the very same time he craves braves' our authority and legitimacy he continues the bash the new york times his hometown paper at the same time he's calling them up all the time one of their star reporters he picks up the phone routinely and there's the president he so wants to be liked by the new york times at the same time he derides it is money
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losing and approve a or of a fake news but the relationship is is rather poor right i would go further than poor and use the word toxic and that it is it's getting worse and worse on both sides you know there was the c.n.n. interview a few days ago with steven miller which really got quite ugly on air and i just think we're only a year into this three more years can you imagine three more years and what this is going to do to not just the relationship but you know the coverage that comes out. well i think all due respect even more important more potent more corrosive more unfortunate is the legacy so far of what average americans are thinking of the media and it would be faulty for folks like myself in the press not to concede that trump has had a significant negative impact in the way of a fair number of americans mostly conservatives mostly republicans think about us it's only about a year in four or five months ago in a major and parables survey both democrats and republicans in this country both
6:37 pm
said yes the press has a legitimate watchdog role as some like seventy five percent republicans ninety five percent democrats fast forward to today the democratic number is actually up a little bit the republican is in the forty's and you have a great many trump supporters who think that the mere act of criticizing a politician the mere act of pointing out a mistake by any politician at any level constitutes fake news that i think in a democracy is dangerous if no one believes what you say that james is not often i would ask this of a fellow journalist but what what should we do what should we as the media do obviously we keep reporting the stories as we see them and we keep reporting the facts as we see them but to make sure to try to repair some of that damage even. well i mean you continue doing what you do reflexive every day and whether it's on the local level or state level or you know covering the white house you're you're
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you're as honest and fair minded as you can be your editors are as rigorous and double checking what you say as they can be i had dinner last night with one of the nation's most prominent media attorneys and this was the subject of our discussion what do we do to somehow over time get back respect this is an industry the media that in rather haughty pretty pompous fashion for decades and decades didn't think it had the market itself really didn't think it had to make the case for its role in a democracy and now here we are in two thousand and eighteen most media operations don't even have the resources to do any sort of marketing campaign and to try to make the important link to people out there and it's not just folks who are reading about donald trump it's moves to reading about their their mayor or their governor to make the link between coverage of those people and the most important tenets of particularly free speech in a democracy we've done a very poor job in making the case for ourselves james warren it's always
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a pleasure talking to you thank you for your time and in the philippines president to terrify seems to have shifted layer from his crackdown on drugs into a crackdown on the media but use a fake news crackdown it's one of the most popular news websites called rappler it has been ordered to be shut down by the philippines government rappler started in two thousand and twelve and is usually fiercely critical of president rhodri go to territory but the securities and exchange commission an agency responsible for handling company registrations they said that raptor was shut down because it violated a clause in the constitution that limits media ownership to philippine citizens rappler says it has two foreign investors but they have no ownership or control over the website here's their c.e.o. maria. the f.c.c. did not follow the rules of procedure they didn't go through due process the
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embankment as sensually issued an order to shut us down without giving us an opportunity to respond to what the special panel found it so we didn't get that chance it wasn't a normal process and what we will do is prepare to fight now although president rhodri go to turkey denied having and fluence over this decision he did have some strong words to say about the out. of it because it's our right we're in when i'm not good policy. we will not infinity and a deal better so be armed. but. if. you know that. i am not so right. out of it going to start all of so. this all taking place as deter take continues to crack down on the media
6:41 pm
in fact according to reporters without borders the philippines is the deadliest country for journalists in asia and it sparked outrage online with journalists activists and celebrities calling this an attack on democracy and on press freedom they're sharing the hash tag i stand with rappler and defend the press freedom filmmaker eric maddi he tweeted saying that the philippine government has lost any kind of finesse subtlety and decency an opposite opposition senator bama keno he tweeted saying where writers are free there is the truest freedom we also heard from phelim kine at humans rights watch. the philippine government's move to shutdown rappler and to launch a criminal investigation into its operations is nothing less than a weaponize ation state regulatory processes to stifle a media voice that has fearlessly challenge the government's narrative of its murderous war on drugs and expose deep police involvement in exegetical killings
6:42 pm
however some who support the president they say that this should be a celebration of freedom from fake news and the president's spokesman he rejected the criticism on a post on facebook saying that it was about rappler complying with the constitution and nothing else now the f.c.c. his decision is not final but the justice secretary has announced a formal investigation for now though rappler is allowed to operate as normal as they pursue the next step to take the case to court if you're in the philippines we want to hear from you especially if this impacts you in any way and what you think of it deter today's move here you can tweet me directly at leo harding age or use or hash tag aging is good thank you once again but francis wrapping up his troubled visit to chile right now his presence caused tension in the out of kenya region which is that the center of a long running land runs dispute between the government and the local indigenous groups several churches have been firebombed in fact over the past week the scene
6:43 pm
newman is on latin america editor she has the latest from something. pope francis's last stop in chile is perhaps his most political he is in the northern desert city of tikrit which is home to huge numbers of immigrants from the rue and bolivia as well as from colombia and even from haiti and immigration is the main theme of his last homily he said that christians needed to keep their doors open to those who are forced to flee their homes clearly this is a message that is earmarked beyond chile's borders especially on this week when the issue of building walls to keep immigrants out is on the front pages once again this has been a difficult trip for pope francis in this country this is the world's largest catholic region but in chile his visit has been marred by nagging by the nagging issue rather of sex abuses against children in the catholic church this is despite
6:44 pm
the fact that he asked for forgiveness he said he felt shame and pain for it but the continued presence of a bishop who's been accused of covering up sex abuses again has cast a shadow over his trip from chile he goes on to neighboring peru for the second and final leg of his south american trip where the issue is again expected to come up the see a posted a reporter's notebook couple of days ago on this very story some insight into what she's called the crisis of faith in chile very good background from the city who has lived and breathed and reported on the region for decades now you will find reporter's notebooks under the more men you were down to zero to such a chill a neumann or some such combination you'll find it fun. back to leah yes. there's a funnel is new california or new california yet that could be the new the latest state in the us new california founders robert preston and tom reid they read out this declaration of independence on monday saying they're forming a new state they want to call it new california they start the declaration by
6:45 pm
quoting the constitution of the u.s. because yes forming a new state is legal and it's mentioned in the constitution too it just rarely happens to be exact it's only happened fifty times the founders they want to create a separate state out of the mainly rural counties in the state the new area would include all of these yellow places here the blue bit would say california as we know it it would still include the main cities like los angeles sacramento san francisco along with the tech silicon valley but the yellow would all be new california in a statement the founders said after years of over taxation and regulation and mano party politics the state of california and many of its fifty eight counties have become on governable when we think of california most of us think it's a democrat state it is but the rural areas that make up most of the land in california they usually vote republican this map here from the two thousand and
6:46 pm
sixteen presidential election now you can see people voted for trump in those red areas even though clinton won the state in total it's because big cities along the coast tend to vote democrat now these red states are also the ones that would for the majority make up new california now california hasn't always been democrat republicans won the state in almost every election into the eighty's and then after that the democrats took control again aside from that people think that this is a complete joke there are many who strongly support and who oppose the idea jeremy here saying wait so new california is basically rural. republican voters being upset that there are more people in california who vote progressively we keep losing so let's make our own state that's that's something he says and then on the other side you have alan who says i live in rural northern california and love the idea of becoming part of new california my republican vote would now actually count
6:47 pm
for something he says trying to form a new state in california is nothing new there have been five plans to split the state so far going back to one thousand nine hundred one to make a new state though you need approval from the state itself and from congress which is quite difficult to get spoiler alert though none of those plans have ever worked we want to know what you think send me your ideas if this is a good idea or what you would vote for connect with us of the hash tag a genius get there early morning in california or new california or indeed right now so to get in touch with us keeping a lookout for your feedback now we talked about this last night north and south korean athletes marching under a unified flag at the opening ceremony of the winter olympic games next month they also agreed to form a joint women's ice hockey team for the games in pyongyang chan this was after all the first time of all meetings between north and south in more than two years but several petitions have now been filed with some complaining it could actually affect the team's medal chances kathy novak spent out and about in seoul having
6:48 pm
a look at this. the winter olympics are just twenty two days away and the two koreas have come to a last minute agreement that they will walk together at the opening ceremony for south korean government says it's all part of an effort to promote this event as the peace olympics but not everyone here is happy a recent poll found only about four out of ten support the idea of marching under a unified korean peninsula flag and others are against the idea of a joint women's ice hockey team. today than those who think we need to carry our own flag i'm also against the united team because the athletes have worked so hard as a team so this is not fair in the game it's going to leave that up we should be unified anyway so i think it's a good idea we're the only separated nation in the world and i think it's mainly because of political reasons. some critics have questioned the decision to allow south korean athletes to train at a north korean ski resort which is known as the leader kim jong un's pet project
6:49 pm
they worry that south korea is helping promote tourism there and while there has been a saw in north and south korean relations these talks have been limited to discuss india lympics and not the bigger issue of north korea's nuclear weapons program so the question remains what happens after the olympics when the u.s. and south korea are due to resume joint military drills which always anger the north. a few modestly ninety day we're going to talk to him about sports in a moment i've got just a couple of other stories before we get there for the nine million people living across the u.k. who may be feeling lonely it may soon become easier for them to get help from the government british prime minister tourism i announce the appointment this is interesting of a loneliness minister the move comes after a commission on loneliness was set up following the death of the british m.p. jo cox before she was shot dead by a far right activist two years ago cox had been trying to raise awareness on the
6:50 pm
impact of loneliness social isolation as it's officially known in the u.k. . now one of the world's first dedicated virtual reality art spaces has opened in london showcasing a selection of pioneering works the new wave of artist has begun experimenting with the technology that may be revolutionizing the way art is produced viewed and even sold barker with us from london. it's a gallery space like no other bare walls no sculptures canvases or photographs just several headsets and a dark sponge lined room for centuries new technologies helped to evolve this is the next level i'm floating in a colossal bright space it feels like i'm in miniature there are giants around me there's a huge garden i've now floated into a huge room and what looks like the artist is sitting on
6:51 pm
a floor down below me it all sounds very alice in wonderland why quite simply because it is the works by american artist rachel ross in the first of several immersive displays all show in this dedicated virtual reality art space this isn't just simply about representing the real world in the virtual it's also experiencing the artist's mind frame an emotional state at the time of creation long before the tech was sort of commercially available people were experimenting with developing using developers' kits to make why make games artists are increasingly turning to it as a sort of new medium to explore and as with anything that's kind of early stage it is really interesting to see what the scope of it might be several renowned artists are now experimenting with the medium among them celebrated british artist mark cully sure this work threshold is a portal to the past. view is
6:52 pm
a transported back to the eighteenth thirty's and an exhibition of photography virtual reality is redefining the traditional gallery and reshaping the artist studio this is where color sure works serve a computer screen and a headset all the tools of the virtual artist for the love of all works out there that all or long bronze sculpture malvo was on i think it's all work should be dealing in these mediums that all the cutting edge off stuff that where basically assimilating images and videos and pictures representations of the world is important to do with the medium the technology is developing fast so i can see it was a mouse that just. says your plan has around. market is now establishing ways to buy and sell work securely in the near future it may even be possible to download a virtual home there are seemingly infinite worlds yet to explore need barca
6:53 pm
al-jazeera london. now it's your turn andy thanks they are being white in hip hop sixty years ago today a young hockey player called willie irene made and history he became the league's first black by appearing for the boston bruins in a win over the montreal canadiens all six decades on ari back on the ice or in boston's for a member that nine thousand nine hundred fifty eight the canadian spends a total of twenty one years in pro hockey now works as a diversity ambassador for the n.h.l. well despite a reason in a show history the league still faces criticism for its inability to spread the word that hockey is for everyone the eye still overwhelmingly whites when it comes to top level players research in twenty fifteen finding just five percent of an actual stars are black compared to the n.b.a. were by players make up more than three quarters of the league the n.f.l. not far behind that another study in the u.s. last year found that ninety two percent of the n.h.l. fan base is white the n.b.a.
6:54 pm
was the only big north american league with a majority of african american fans. now the initial decision to invite musician kadyrov to perform at the upcoming all-star game seen by many as being somewhat emblematic of the game's image problem kid rock a vocal supporter of donald trump and as opposed the rights of an f l players to protest against racial injustice canadian flyers fan thing on twitter n.h.l. kid rock a poor choice for the all star game for reasons beyond silence and a pale as a hockey fan who's part of a minority group someone who endorses inclusive would see would have made a far better choice and this from jordan donnelly is the first time i've ever felt down for millionaires they don't get skies the olympics and they have to listen to kid rock he does have some supporters out there it's kind of working with this kid rock is trending because liberals i'm out about him performing in the n.h.l. all-star game i barely ever watch hockey but i might have to that night kid rock
6:55 pm
the senate's well let's hope we get some more considered insight from the sports writer aaron gordon who is white and therefore is in new york and great to have you on a server all the cliches about the n.h.l. fair enough or is the league changing i think there's a little bit of truth to both sides certainly the league is overwhelmingly white those studies are unequivocal in that respect any time the camera pans around a fan you know the stands you can see that most of the people are why there isn't diversity in hockey that has been a problem but the league has taken steps to try and correct that and most of them are geared towards long term programs so it's a little unfair to say just because they're not working yet doesn't mean the league doesn't care about the issue at all. is accessibility to the sport still a problem for some communities. absolutely hockey is an
6:56 pm
incredibly expensive sport to play and in a lot of major metropolitan cities like new york where i am there are only a couple of rinks where people can play and most of them are not in diverse neighborhoods or at least difficult to access from those divers neighborhoods part of the n.h.l. programs has been trying to increase that accessibility by they have a long way to go it's a very difficult problem for them to solve and is it becoming a commercial and parents who fully suit diversify its firm base yeah i think it is it always has been and now that the league is getting less popular among their core group of white males it's more imperative than ever and it's not just about diversity within the u.s. it's also about diversity around the world you look at where hockey is popular elsewhere in the world and it's also white majority countries like in northern europe and in russia so i think there are a lot of reasons why they have to look to expand their fan base beyond white
6:57 pm
majority populations not just in the us and tell us how important role models all there are some high profile plant players also some of arabic descent says well tell us time pulls and that is in breaking the cycle absolutely it's critical and i think the league this is probably one of the fairest criticisms of the league is that they haven't done enough to embrace those role models i think p.k. subban is an excellent example of a black canadian player who is a he's a role model he in every way embodies what you want a sports star to be but the league hasn't put very much energy into promoting him instead they stick with promoting the same type of you know young white canadian faces that we've always seen the league kind of lean on like the sidney crosby's and even the patrick kane if you go into american players so i do think it's very fair to say the league should be doing more to promote the minority players who
6:58 pm
have come up and are stars in the league. thank you so much aaron gordon in new york for us. now back to come on let me thank you for that and that's how you get in touch that's all that i mean the screen the hash tag is a.j. news good twitter facebook and what's that all up and running and we will see you right back here studio fourteen zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow friday.
6:59 pm
the harvester. for years japanese have gone into the country's lush force for what they call. forest baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot or find a side door essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest trying to size reduces stress hormones. in the future the time may come when
7:00 pm
doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine. at. the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such info padawan people in power on al-jazeera. turkey seeks a russian support for its planned attack on a kurdish controlled enclave in syria this has assad's government responds angrily to the us announcing its keeping its troops in syria isis.


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