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forest baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest find to sites reduces stress hormones. in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine. the u.s. asked turkey not to take military action in the kurdish controlled district in northern syria. this is live from doha also coming up pope francis arrives in peru for the second
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leg of his south america tour. his first year in office we look at the tomatoes effect of his foreign policy in the middle east. i'm floating in a colossal bright space and find out how artists are using virtual reality as a new me. the u.s. state department is urging turkey not to invade syria turkish forces are massing on the border in preparation of action against the kurdish y p g well turkey considers the white b.g. a terrorist group but its fighters have been a key ally for the u.s. elsewhere in syria stephanie deca has more now from on talk you. the turkish army is steadily increasing its presence along this stretch of the syrian border present to one has been threatening to attack the kurdish run area baffling for almost
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a week now there has been sporadic shelling. inside africa and thousands marched on thursday in protest to turkey's aggression how the wealthy and that's the goal of this large demonstration is to send a message to the world and especially to turkey concerning the turkish threats we will not be a fright. we came here to protest against the attacks on offering we will stand by offering an outreach to why p.g. . thirteen is one of three autonomy's kurdish enclaves controlled by the syrian kurdish p why do party and its armed when the y p g turkey sees the y.p. g. as an offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which it together with the u.s. in europe consider a terrorist organization but the y.p. g. has been working with the u.s. to push ice a lot of syria not enough lean but further east of the euphrates river the americans have never had a presence in africa but the russians do and often has been relatively peaceful
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throughout this war and it hosts tens of thousands of internally displaced syrians it will let you know africa has been there for quite a long time has never through like you know was it a serious shortage or turkey but there are going to. probably need is this kind of nationalistic. you know rhetoric and potentially use its military in order to be able to gain more. with the upcoming elections in turkey so i think that comes to. you know set aside when it comes to actual interaction and into a friend tensions have been stoked further in recent days by the u.s. announcement of a so-called border force which will be based east of the euphrates along the border with turkey and iraq and the wife will form its backbone. now to the. united states and he supports a terrorist organization the truth instead of kid can this be acceptable it is
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unacceptable and inexplicably but u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says it's not a border force the us role has been mis portrayed and turkey is owed an explanation he says the build up is aimed at countering the resurgence of eisel will be internally focused and is important for the stability of syria however that's not what others involved in syria's war think ankara to han moscow and damascus have all voice their opposition to the force once again it highlights the complicated nature of syria's war isis been pushed out of most of the territory that it once held and so the battlefield is becoming perhaps even more complicated with each side trying to carve out its fear of influence and it seems the syrians are the ones that hold the least sway of stephanie decker al-jazeera. or rex tillerson on the u.s. it seems have been sending mixed messages about the force they're planning in syria with the pentagon saying one thing and the state department saying something very different pentagon correspondent jamie has more. the long term goals of u.s.
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policy in syria have been a bit muddled but the secretary of state rex tillerson is trying to make one point crystal clear u.s. forces are not leaving the united states will maintain a military presence in syria focused on ensuring isis cannot reemerge. our military mission in syria will remain conditions based its main focus training a local force but that has enraged turkey who see those they are teaching y p g fighters as a grave threat to their security turkey says that is why its forces are massing at the border prompting this warning from the u.s. we would call on certainly on the turks to not take any actions of that sort here's what caused the concern this statement from the u.s. military writing quote the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force the same it
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repeatedly refers to training a border security force thirty thousand strong raising concerns in turkey that they could have no thomas region now secretary tillerson says it isn't a border force that in his words has been mis portrayed mis described former u.s. ambassador to syria robert ford says that's ridiculous that the u.s. trained force would have course control the border they're just ignoring the turkish concern they know what their concerns are they just don't care basically they're making a bet that turkey will not walk too far away from its longstanding alliance with the united states they are making that. the us betting that turkey's leaders will be angry and not act whether that turns out to be true will depend in large part on what the leader of russia says not tillerson or trump pedicle hain al-jazeera washington meanwhile syria's deputy foreign minister is threatening his government's forces want to talk to his jets flying over its codice region he made
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the comment shortly before the turkish heads of intelligence on the army arrived in moscow to discuss the use of syrian airspace. we'll have the altogether too clear we warned that the syrian air defenses restored all its capacity and power and is ready to destroy turkish targets in the skies of the syrian arab republic this means that in any case aggression by the ticket air force it won't be made easy with a turkish journalist tom is says the russian position is more relevant than the american stance of a fly on sunday look at offering often is under the russian influence so even turkish ration has been attacking in criticizing us for offering it really not make sense because from the beginning there have been no american military forces present there and a couple days ago americans saying that you know this has nothing to do does
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even though today u.s. state department spokesman came out very strongly and called on turks not thing gage in wireless or not to in wait after in very clearly told not to do that so at this point turkish delegation general chief of staff and turkish a chief of intelligence in moscow today a kind of i guess the russian blessing for this offering operation and we have not heard anything about those meetings yet so for now the president seems to be very angry and wants to take out those elements who he sees them as threat to turkey so far it doesn't look like that turkey has any support from either the russia or u.s. or the western allies. turkey's parliament has extended the country's state of
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emergency for another three months it's the sixth extension since the failed coup in twenty sixteen that measures the now the president to bypass parliament by decree critics accuse the government of misusing its emergency powers to pursue its opponents pope francis has arrived in peru on the second leg of his south america tour the leader of the roman catholic church was welcome to lima by peruvian president pedro public. during his trip is expected to meet indigenous people large parts of their homeland have been destroyed by a gold rush in peru's amazon rainforest marianna sanchez is in lima and has been following the pope's journey she says the pope received a warm welcome from dignitaries. the pope then did a quick tour. in some of the streets of the center of lima with thousands of people cheering and welcoming him the pope will be spending the night in lima throughout his visit but early on friday he will be heading to. an area in the amazon that is
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a very important visit for the pope since this is an area that has been devastated by illegal miners and the pope been a champion of a healthy environment around the world will he will be visiting this place is a place of very important for him and he will be meeting some of the indigenous communities members of the indigenous communities there he will be presiding a religious ceremony on sunday where a million and a half people are expected to attend before he heads back to rome. some people have been protesting here the visit of the pope the vatican is protecting one man who is the leader or he was the leader of a very important religious organization he's accused of committing sexual abuse
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against the young men and so before. the pope arrived in peru he asked the vatican to intervene this is a religious organization called the slowly sume however people are angry at the pope that this hasn't been done before and so people are protesting but the government has said that no protests will be allowed and that anyone protesting will risk being detained the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has met a group of african diplomats just days after president donald trump's derogatory remarks on immigration from the continent are diplomatic editor james baker has more from the u.n. in new york. this was the highest level meeting between an official of the trump administration and african nations ambassador nikki haley is not just the u.n. ambassador for the trumpet ministration she's a member of the cabinet she was in damage limitation mode but she did not apologize
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i understand that she told the african ambassador she didn't know exactly what was said in that meeting last week in washington d.c. she simply said she regretted the political drama regarding what had been said she stressed the long ties between the continent and the united states and the investment and contribution that the u.s. had made towards africa for example citing the sixty six billion dollars the u.s. has given since the year two thousand to fight hiv aids the african ambassadors thanked her for talking to them remember only a few days ago they were asking for attraction and a formal apology they said though that these comments are not only been heard by african ambassadors but also by the african people in african leaders and stressed to her that african leaders will be meeting at an african union summit in the next
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two weeks and said it would be useful if president trump was to send a message to that summit and ask the haley said she'll be going from here in new york to washington d.c. in the coming hours and she said she would relay that message directly to the president time for a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back it's enough to make you sweat twenty seventeen proves to be one of the three warmest years on record but in a state. however we've had some rather unsettled weather into the east the sort of the mediterranean recently now that see the process of making its way if east was heading towards the caspian sea but still a chain of clout there coming across in georgia pushing over towards the black sea still a chance of one or two wintry flurries coming in here looking rather nasty northern
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parts of syria could see some rather heavy rain as we go on through friday still a possibility some rain making its way across iraq that will push further east was just out of the high ground northern iran further south possibilities of snow here as well i suspect we're not looking at snow there for kuwait city with a high of eighteen celsius but some rather heavy rain coming in for a time on saturday and on into sunday for the southeast and refight in trying her costs are we getting up to twenty four celsius maybe twenty five in doha a little bit of cloud into the southern end of the red sea and on into the gulf of aden might to squeeze out a few spots of rain plenty of rain making its way towards madagascar over the next day or two or remains of a topical side trying to get a passing very close spine or possibly gasket still seeing some heavy showers on the other side of the mozambique tad again some heavy rain best affecting northern my zombie and tanzania.
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on the fringes so some of this mega city. perched on stilts. but the cities are beginning to. areas where. the. most sustainable. communities are the state of the touch. to continue looking. this time. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s.
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state department is urging turkey not to intervene against kurdish forces in a free in syria the turkish government says it may attack in the coming days but is seeking approval from russia first. pope francis is arrived in peru on the second leg of his south american tool of the roman catholic church was welcome to lima peru been present at the coaches. and u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has met a group of african diplomats that meeting follows president trump derogatory remarks on immigration from the continent it's like. now south of i mocks a year since president donald trump took the oath of office becoming the forty fifth president of the united states al-jazeera looks at the impact his presidency has had so far on the middle east. it was the first time that saudi arabia had been chosen by u.s. president for his dippy overseas trip donald trump in the saudi leadership wanted
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to reset relations in. strange to under the obama administration particularly over iran the u.s. and the saudis are traditional allies but it's clearly a new relationship that he has closely grace but haven't been so bad in saudi arabia and he has literally tweeted. a trade prince of saudi arabia enjoy his twenty two co-defendants so he has essentially given them a diplomatic blank check and that is why many believe saudi arabia along with the united arab emirates battering in egypt miscalculated when they imposed an air sea and land blockade on qatar seven months ago qatar denies accusations of backing terrorist organizations trump and initially supported the blockade before the white house shifted its position very much on the side of saudi arabia and i think. he has simply gone ahead with whatever his son in law. transmitted to him terms of messages between. himself and at the beginning he demonstrated that he
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knew very little as to the strategic importance of qatar to the united states trump has more than once shown a lack of knowledge not just about u.s. interests while meeting lebanon's prime minister saad he seemed confused about the role of has been lost on the front lines in the fight against. al qaeda and hezbollah hezbollah is a part of the government it's also backed by iran iran has been the common denominator between the trumpet ministration the saudis and the israelis but so far there doesn't seem to be a clear strategy on how to confront iran they are. still there in iraq and in syria asked. has been pushed back already last year but how do they do it very very good talk at the moment of a parent an american military presence on a small scale in syria but it is overwhelmingly likely that iran is going to
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maintain a major influence there. u.s. troops were deployed in the kurdish region in syria to assist in the fight against iso the u.s. led coalition says the american personnel will stay and help create a border security force of thirty thousand kurdish troops the u.s. policy is to contain it and it is using its only leverage in syria the kurds to try to do that. trump doesn't have a new policy for syria he inherited his policy of nor direct military intervention but he doesn't want the russians iranians the syrian regime and hezbollah to declare victory the u.s. is not in a position to confront what it wants to postpone addict a ration of victory what he didn't postpone however was his campaign pledge but today we finally acknowledge the obvious that jerusalem is israel's capital with this highly controversial move overturned decades of u.s.
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foreign policy in the middle east but one year in what this administration thinks its policies in the region will ultimately achieve clear. now a spending bill to keep the u.s. government operating as passed the house of representatives the legislation to release funding for federal agencies until the middle of next month will now be debated in the senate agencies are warning employees of a shutdown on friday if the money isn't approved british monitors say there's been sporadic fighting in south sudan since the start of the year between forces loyal to the president and rival fighters loyal to his deputy years of civil war have displaced millions of people well the new executive director of the un's children's agency unicef henrietta four is visiting the country she joins us live via skype from juba henrietta for the conflict in south sudan has just ended its fifth year what do you think briefly are the main humanitarian challenges facing the country
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given what you've been seeing on the ground. well there is a crisis of violence here and there is a crisis of malnutrition we are seeing a time where i think all of us are terribly worried about the children and the young people we need to save this generation in south sudan and it's an interesting point you make about the malnutrition because we're told that twenty seventeen has been the most food insecurity year in south sudan's history why does south sudan continue to be one of the most food insecure countries in the world well the islands has meant that many of the farmers have run away from their fields their trade to do the farming and as a result there is just not food in the markets we just ended the harvest season and we're now into the dry period and the lean period and it means that there is just less food less water to be found we are very worried that a quarter of
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a million children are going to be facing death that it's here before the next harvest in july so it is a serious male nutrition problem yesterday we were up in some of the camps where the mothers and children are coming to see if there's malnutrition and the acute beer now nutrition is it's growing stronger so it's a continuing crisis and it's one the world needs to think about and to do something about it's it's serious here in south sudan and i understand that you witnessed a world food program food drop i mean how important are these food programs on do they really make a difference on the ground. they make an enormous difference in their life savings without these people would be dying and as you know the children in the young people are the most vulnerable and what happens is that if you don't get enough food then your ability to fend off diseases is much lower so then
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a war her is dirty here and the cholera begins to come in and then we are now vaccinating for polio also vaccinating for measles and then the cycle starts again so malnutrition is that the heart of trying to keep children and young people alive here in south sudan just a final thought i mean you paint a very bleak picture of the situation there so what is unicef and the u.n. as a whole doing to prevent the situation from worsening into a famine so in s.f. works in education we're trying to keep the children in school south sudan has seventy percent of its children out of school the highest in the world and we work in health and we were in rights so reunified and family members who've been separated from each other due to the violence yesterday we brought some children back to their mother they've been separated for four years it is heartwarming it's extremely important in so despite the fact of this being
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a very dangerous situation for humanitarian workers we've been reaching thousands and thousands of children and young people and in many years time there is no two point five million children that are refugees that are fleeing from their homes and they are the most vulnerable it's a crisis. henrietta for thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera thank you. now the average temperature on earth last year was hot enough to put twenty seventeen among the three warmest years on record the u.s. government space and atmospheric agencies publish their annual global temperature report showing a continuing trend of long term warming temperatures heat released on the oceans may also played a role in boosting the readings in recent years gabriel is under has more. you've probably heard that planet earth is getting hotter maybe where you live you've seen warmer weather or seen some of fx of climate change it is true weather patterns
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change year to year some years hotter some years colder than others but the long term trends appear clear planet earth is getting warmer. two of the leading climate and scientific agencies in the world have released new data nasa says last year was the second warmest on record after two thousand and sixteen in a different analysis of weather trends the national oceanic and atmospheric administration or noah as it's called concluded the past three years were the warmest since eight hundred eighty one record keeping began scientists say this is leading to climate change and they point to the arctic which is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet and melting sea ice in other parts of the world it's causing coastal flooding as well but behind the statistics are people being affected there are estimates that say millions of people are climate refugees
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forcibly displaced by sudden weather related hazards the international community has felt pressure to act and adopted the two thousand and sixteen paris climate accord and to tackle global temperatures but one of the world's biggest polluters remains uncommitted u.s. president donald trump withdrew the united states from the deal saying it was bad for the country's economy without the u.s. other countries will be hard pressed to meet the targets outlined in the accord but is the latest data shows earth continues to heat up and dealing with it is now more important than ever. egypt has appointed a new acting head of intelligence after recordings were leaked of offices instructing news presenters on how to cover controversial topics bascom on has been promoted moving from the president's office earlier this month the new york times and other media revealed leaks of telephone calls in one of them an intelligence officer told a t.v. presenter that cairo was willing to accept the u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel contrary to egypt's public position now a drone has helped save the lives of two swimmers in the world's first known sea rescue using the technology the teenage boys were spotted struggling in dangerous waves of the eastern coast of australia lifeguards flew the drone above the pair and dropped a float they made it safely to shore in just seventy seconds a lifeguard have taken up to six minutes to complete the rescue one of the world's first dedicated virtual reality art spaces opened in london a new wave of artists and began experimenting with a technology that set to revolutionize the way arts produced viewed and even sold reports. it's a gallery space like no other bare walls no sculptures canvases or photographs just several headsets and a dark sponge lined room the centuries new technologies helped to evolve this is
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the next level i'm floating in a colossal bright space it feels like i'm in miniature and there are giant three around me there's a huge garden i've now floated into a huge room and what looks like the artist is sitting on a floor down below me it all sounds very alice in wonderland why quite simply because it is. the works by american artist rachel ross in the first of several immersive displays all show in this dedicated virtual reality space this isn't just simply about representing the real world in the virtual it's also experiencing the artist's mind frame an emotional state at the time of creation long before the tech was sort of commercially available people were experimenting with developing kits to make games. turning to it as a sort of new medium to explore and as with anything that's kind of stages it's
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really interesting to see what the scope of it might be several right now and artists are now experimenting with the medium among them celebrated british artist callie sure this work threshold is a portal to the past view is a transported back to the eighteenth thirty's and an exhibition of early photography virtual realities redefining the traditional gallery and reshaping the artist's studio this is where color shore works serve a computer screen and headset of the tools of the virtual artist there's a lot of all works out there that or a long bronze sculpture marble sculpture is over and i think it's all work should be dealing in these mediums that all the cutting edge off stuff that we're basically assimilating images and videos and pictures representations of the world so it's important to do with the medium the technology is developing fast so i can
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see it was a mouse that. plan has around. market is now establishing ways to buy and sell work securely in the near future it may even be possible to download a virtual home there are seemingly infinite worlds yet to explore leave barca al-jazeera london. now as you heard earlier pope francis is on a south american tour but even while flying between chile and peru he's been busy with religious duties officiating at the first of a marriage on board the papal plane the couple are two flight attendants from the chile airline who tied the knot in a civil service back in twenty ten they had to cancel the religious ceremony however because their church was damaged in an earthquake well the ceremony was not planned and took place after the pope heard this story during his flight.
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time for a quick check of the headlines here the u.s. state department is urging turkey not to intervene against kurdish forces in a free in syria the turkish government says it may attack in the coming days but it's holding discussions with russia first the heads of the army and intelligence are in moscow for talks meanwhile syria's deputy foreign minister says his government forces will attack turkish jet see if they fly over his country's kurdish region. we warned that the syrian air defenses restored all its capacity in power and is ready to destroy turkish air targets in the skies of the syrian arab republic this means that in any case aggression by the taking air force it won't be made easy pope francis has arrived in peru on the second leg of his south america tour the leader of the roman catholic church was welcomed to lima by the peruvian president pedro public. a warm welcome the pope received in peru was in contrast to the reception he had on the
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first leg of his two or several churches were set alight during his trip to chile as i'm guessing running sexual abuse in the church came to the former. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has met a group of african diplomats the meeting follows president donald trump's derogatory remarks on immigration from the continent earlier this month. egypt has appointed a new acting head of intelligence out the recordings were leaked to offices instructing news presenters on how to cover controversial topics about has now been promoted earlier this month the new york times and other media reveal leaked conversations in one of them an intelligence officer told a t.v. presenter that cairo was willing to accept the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and that's contrary to egypt's public position the average temperature on earth last year was hot enough to put twenty seventeen among the three warmest years on record heat released on
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the oceans may also have played a role in boosting the ratings in recent years but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a rebel architecture station that's what. the controversial leader of islamic jihad has called he is one of the most wanted terrorists in history is really come to terms on his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli television and. the outcome is only death if someone tried to. keep the media. don't want to kill him in damascus at this time on al-jazeera world. defined. from the sinister to the greatest non-u. .


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