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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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taliban at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up they did just what presidents in the whole country but is not other would win people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring award winning documentary and live news on air and online. turkey is shelling a kurdish controlled area of northwest syria a prelude to what ankara promises will be more military action.
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other than or this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we made it clear that it was a plan it was not a guarantee. for a trouble for palestinians the u.s. suspends a forty five million dollars payment for food a. pope francis begins the final leg of his politically delicate visit to south america. a key piece of bricks that legislation passes the house of commons but huge questions still remain about how persons divorce from the e.u. will. kurdish y p g commanders say turkish forces have fired around seventy shells at villages its controls in the african districts of northern syria the bombardment from turkish territory began around midnight and continued into friday morning
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a y p g spokesman in africa and says this marks the heaviest turkish bombardment since the turkish government stepped up threats to take military action against the kurdish region setting jacket joins us live from taqiyya said he was starting happening it sounds like a really gearing up to start this operation. that's right you mentioned intensive shelling there has been shelling over the last week or so sporadically but it does seem that this was the heaviest bombardment overnight into the morning as you mentioned and also now we've had turkey's defense minister being the latest senior official to add his voice to what is really a growing call of action a statement really of intent that they will go in the defense minister saying that the operation against will begin it will begin without delay and that turkey has no choice to what it calls what it says declare terrorist groups so-called terrorist groups in their words from its border he also said they were still talking to
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russia and saying that it was also at the same time waiting for a timing if you will to minimize casualties reading between the lines this has to do with the fact that russia wields enormous influence enough when it has troops on the ground and it also controls its airspace so many people you will talk to will tell you that air space will be crucial for turkey in its operation that it wants to carry out to minutes minimize casualties for its troops they mention casualties this is a populated area there are lots of i.d.p.'s from other parts of syria what could be the humanitarian impact of an offensive. while it would it would be a huge effort is a region that has been relatively peaceful throughout this war and what that means is that you had syrians displaced because of the fighting in other areas of the country move towards there the exact numbers are difficult to confirm but around
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thirty thousand from what we understand i.d.p.'s and then of course also the regular population it is relatively surrounded by you've got the turkish border which has a wall and of course has the amassing of time it's turning themselves on after being to the north and to the west to the east of that you have you know rebels that are supported by turkey part of the euphrates shield operation they've been about seeing as well from what we understand in certain areas and then to the south you have a small contingent of turkish soldiers inside provinces the province held by a rebel group called the haydel sham which is led by the group for me known as the misrata so it is very difficult it is complicated and it will of course be a huge concern if turkey and certainly according to all politicians and even turkish media it will happen when they go in and what this has to do what it's going to impact on the civilians there stuff exactly reporting from. the u.s.
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says it will withhold another payment to the un's relief agency for palestinian refugees the forty five million dollars payment which was him up for food aid was promised last month at the time when we provided that note that information to under we made it clear that it was a pledge it was not a guarantee and that it would need to be confirmed later at this time we will not be providing that but that it does not mean i want to make it clear that does not mean that it will not be provided in the future. now this follows washington's announcement on choose day that it was withholding sixty five million dollars of a one hundred twenty five million dollars aid package the u.s. provides the largest amount of funding to the agency last year the obama administration gave more than three hundred and fifty million dollars has helped an estimated five million palestinians in education health care and housing and as active and palestinian occupied territories syria lebanon and jordan
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under simmons has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank this was an emergency funding appeal which went to december only for less than four weeks ago and this was the response of the us yes we'll put in this amount of money forty five million it's a pledge we will do so to help this cause what we're hearing now is that the money has been pulled back it's not being x. completely it's being withheld and of course this is really humanitarian dynamite for the palestinians because their bottom line is that they're dependent on it's a very different things of u.n.h.c.r. which is for refugees outside of their countries of origin this is an internationally agreed agency a u.n. agency it's got nothing to do with any attempts of peace talks anything to do with
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a pen it's politics it is a service for refugees five million new put the context together in that intro you have people who need access to this service teaching education a chance to try to get a job food and this is particularly what we're talking about right now because this funding is directly on to the plates of those in need. the u.n. says syrian refugees in lebanon are more reliance now than ever on international aid with more harsh winter weather forecasts extra funds are urgently needed a survey shows three quarters of the one million syrian refugees in lebanon are living on less than four dollars a day many in makeshift camps sixty percent are in extreme poverty an increase of five percent on the same time last year nine out of ten refugees are regularly going hungry you know aid agencies in lebanon say last year they received a third of the money they needed to meet the needs of refugees there appealing for
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two point seven billion dollars in funding for this year then harder has more from lebanon's bekaa valley. these people have been here since the conflict began seven years ago like you mentioned a harsh winter it's raining there's heavy winds and just look how people live this is just one of the many informal settlements where hundreds of thousands of refugees live this is their shelter plastic sheeting and it really does nothing in the cold temperatures are very low it is very cold we're going to show you some of the really the miserable conditions that these people live in happy with the cold the rain the heavy rainfall some of these tents like i mentioned there is no a proper shelters no concrete shelters simply because the lebanese government bans concrete shelters they don't want anything to be too permanent they do not want these refugees to feel comfortable and to encourage them to stay they would like them to go back to syria and were just entering one of the homes well we're going
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to call it the home but you can see the water has reached inside their their living rooms their living quarters and the people here have told us that they have to remove all their belongings because they got wet and in the floods in the flooding so life really is very difficult and a lot of them live in poverty a lot of them are in debt and the united nations is warning that because of the poverty children for example are very very vulnerable a lot of them especially the young girls they're being forced into child marriages and some of them also work they're forced to work to help their family survive so the situation is quite miserable it is miserable as you can see it is snowing now. a spending bill to keep the u.s. government operating has passed the house of representatives legislation to release funding for federal agencies until the middle of next month will now be debated in the senate government agencies are warning employees of
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a shutdown later on friday if the money isn't approved but democrats say they will not support a bill unless there are guarantees that young adult migrants who enter the u.s. illegally will be protected our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports . i have called carlos roll was brought to the united states from venezuela illegally by his parents at the age of two his university educated and now lives in chicago but is spending his vacation in washington to plead his case before lawmakers now we're all here to support the dream act i've been senator i wanted to check in with you about your support for the dream act growing needs congressional support to pass a law so he can stay in the united states legally under a program called daca i don't see anything it's fair that they're playing politics with our lives i mean it's really problematic and the fact that you know we are you know we are real people we are support you know we are contributors economy like my employers you know our employers are concerned about the political what's
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politically at stake ducker recipients like rola have become central in the debate over funding that could shut down the u.s. government at midnight friday within required twenty eighteen government funding legislation democrats are demanding protections for doctor recipients they also want money for health insurance for low income children republicans are demanding money for president trump's border wall along the southern border with mexico to stop illegal immigration they also want funding to rebuild the u.s. military if for any reason a judge down the worst thing is what happens to our military but democrats say dr recipients are the real victims in this battle if protections aren't put in place. some protesting in the u.s. congress were even arrested for advocating on behalf of illegal immigrants without status it's possible a short term funding deal could keep the government open allowing time for bigger
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issues to be addressed the last time there was a government shutdown was nearly five years ago and it could happen again if democrats and republicans are able to overcome their differences kimberly help get al-jazeera washington. pope francis has arrived in peru in the midst of a domestic political crisis and a sexual abuse scandal involving the catholic church tens of thousands of his followers lined the streets of lima as he passed through the capitol is the second and final leg of his south american tour whose leader has appealed to the pontiff to help resolve a political crisis following the pardon given to the former president but if would you morry pope francis is also expected to address the vatican's handling of a sexual abuse case involving the leader of a powerful catholic organization in peru rhianna sanchez has more from lima. pope will be spending the night in early on friday he will be heading to monday the u.s.
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an area in the amazon that is a very important visit for the pope since this is an area that has been devastated by illegal miners and the pope been a champion of a healthy environment around the world will he will be visiting this place is a place of a story important for him and he will be meeting some of the indigenous communities members of the indigenous communities there he will be presiding a religious ceremony on sunday where a million and a half people are expected to attend before he heads back to rome. some people have been protesting here in the visit of the pope the vatican is protecting one man who is the leader or he was the leader of a very important religious organization for secu of committing sexual abuse against
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the young men and. before. the pope arrived in peru he asked the vatican to intervene this is a religious organization called the so at least whom however people are angry at the pope that this hasn't been done before and so people are protesting but the government has said that no protests will be allowed and that anyone protesting will risk being detained a lot still has hair on al-jazeera have more on the thousands of people left homeless after an earthquake struck mexico city. hell i was about to be there called incursion coming out of siberia into northern
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japan but it's not there yet at the moment the breeze appears to be something of a westerly you get that hint from the satellite pictures attempts all that low we're going to stifle cost us a power and the rest of western hawkeye i don't mind is full well that cold event of all stopped it's much colder than bottle you'll notice and that's temperature will drop in but it will scroll down to minus eleven modest evidence of power a little bit colder at home shubert in tokyo still nearly ten degrees in the sunshine on the korean peninsula is just about all above freezing there is still cold night of course now look what's happening in china central southern china temps of anything are rising this is wrong for this time of year during importing more moisture the cattle tend to rain in land but as snow when you touch the really cold higher ground but otherwise this isn't quite how it should look in japan in january are either south of this it's a bit more normal governing question of rain showers for vietnam and probably malaysia and maybe even sudden talent in the next day or so but the biggest
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challenge most frequent are further south or in the media jakarta has been a focus certainly java seems likely including bali and sulawesi for what weather. al jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better market you're building up is going to reinvent stuff all the old made software what he used to train the world to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching out there as a reminder of our top stories kurdish why p.g. commanders say tech is forces a father around seventy shells a village as it controls in the f. ing district of northern syria from tucker's territory began around midnight and continued into friday morning a y p g spokesman in a free and says this marks the heaviest bombardment since i'm chris stepped up threats to take military action against the kurdish region. the u.s. says it will withhold a forty five million dollars payment to the un's relief agency for palestinian refugees and money which was a month for food aid was promised last month this is on top of the sixty five million dollars cut to announced this week. and tens of thousands of people have lined the streets of peru's capital lima to welcome the pope on this final leg of
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his south american tour through his leader has appealed to the pontiff to help was of a political crisis following the pardon given to former president alberto fujimori . british prime minister tourism a and french presenter money on have vowed to continue operating on a range of issues after the leave the european union and his first presidential visit to the u.k. mccall's of the history between the two countries could not be impacted by changes in institutions to help reports. we're better to talk defense and security cooperation than britain's world famous sandhurst military academy. the british army may not be the global force it once was but france and britain are still the main e.u. military powers just one of many things in common that these two leaders say they are keen to preserve post breaks it while this summit takes place is the u.k. prepares to leave the e.u. we are and will remain a steadfast partner to our friends and allies and
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a strong and deep relationship between the united kingdom and france remains in both our interests the president and i agree on the importance of the u.k. france relationship not just to our security but to european security they also share a border on the french side including the sometimes troubled port of kalai and a border that emanuel mccrone initially had said he wanted to tear up instead britain will pay tens of millions of dollars more towards reinforcing it and helping france deal with the burden of migrants and refugees trying to reach britain it is mr mack rahm's nod in the direction of common interests and continued close future ties. there are two things that cannot be changed our history and our geography these cannot be impacted by changes in the institution or office we are facing common challenges and we share the same destiny. the two sides also promised
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to help each other in their foreign military operations british helicopters to help france's fight against eisel and al-qaeda in north africa french assistance in securing the e.u. use eastern borders with russia but the real focus of attention here is as much defense as it is diplomacy it is the u.k. government trying to forge a close future relationship with france inside the e.u. when britain is out. as bricks of negotiations enter their most difficult stage trade talks there may well be more of this sort of treatment of e.u. leaders britain trying to maintain influence while it still can and relevance when it's all over jonah hill al jazeera at sandhurst russian opposition leader alex in a volley has suffered a new setback as he tries to fight a battle preventing him from running in this year's presidential election russia's
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constitutional court is refusing to review a complaint lodged fine of ali who was barred from the race because of a fraud conviction he says the charges were politically motivated present that amir putin is widely expected to win a fourth term in march there's ambassador to the un nikki haley has met a group of african diplomats just days after president donald trump to rocketry remarks on immigration from the continent. james bays has more from the u.n. in new york. this was the highest level meeting between an official of the trump administration and african nations ambassador nikki haley is not just the u.n. ambassador for the trumpet ministration she's a member of the cabinet she was in damage limitation mode but she did not apologize i understand that she told the african ambassador she didn't know exactly what was said in that meeting last week in washington d.c.
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she simply said she regretted the political drama regarding what had been said she stress the long ties between the continent and the united states and the investment and contribution that the u.s. had made towards africa for example citing the sixty six billion dollars the u.s. has given since the year two thousand to fight hiv aids the african ambassadors thanked her for talking to them remember only a few days ago they were asking for attraction and a formal apology they said though that these comments are not only been heard by african ambassadors but also by the african people and african leaders and stress to her that african leaders are we meeting at an african union summit in the next two weeks and said it would be useful if president trump was to send a message to that summit and asked the haley said she'll be going from here in new york to washington d.c. in the coming hours and she said she would relay that message directly to the
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president. there's been a rise in the number of lobbying companies in the us to clarify the hoff a foreign entity. transform a campaign manager was indicted for. the ukraine government firms are worried about being caught on the wrong side of the law. there's a story circulating in washington d.c. that the international industry here behind the anonymous facades of k. street is running scared since former trump campaign. was indicted for some eighteen million dollars that he earned through his undeclared lobbying work for the ukrainian government for was in violation of foreign the foreign agents registration act that requires lobbyists to declare their work for foreign powers the trouble is there's very little money for enforcement for almost fifty years there were just. fair and criminal prosecutions that that were brought to bear and
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only three of those actually led to convictions and now that's three convictions in over fifty years that's less than a conviction a decade and so nobody is being punished for violating a law there was a sort of sort of per person for companies not to file with fair and if they were filing with fair or not to file their paperwork and certainly not to file an on time the special counsel investigation may have started with inquiries about russia but it's become apparent that any undeclared foreign lobbying on behalf of any country that he turns up as part of his investigation may be of interest the number of lobbying firms reporting their work for foreign governments grew in twenty seventeen forty one new firms declared themselves one hundred three new foreign clones were added to those already known to be lobbying in d.c. and two hundred seventy foreign lobbyists declared themselves examples of the new filings include three hundred thirty three thousand dollars in payments for a campaign by the us to link to terrorism fifty thousand dollars for speech writing to queen rania of jordan t.v.
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appearances by general wesley clark on behalf of the turks against us based cleric for. some say that the timing is purely coincidental they would have reported the foreign work anyway will be read through and to find things was simply the result of routine reviews of those however say that a turning point has been reached and that finally flora is being taken seriously freeman however is unconvinced the only thing that's changed right now is we have a special council investigating russian interference in the twenty sixteen election in through that they have indicted people for fair violations once that special counsel goes away all of those resources all of that will go away and farah will wear me in the same lackluster law that it's always been congress has no plans to ground the department of justice any more money to enforce foreign so yes there may be some fair hair on k. street amongst lobbyists but it may only be temporary while the special counsel and his well financed investigators look in to the lobbying activities here once that
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investigation is over it may well be business as usual mobius trying to rake in as much money from foreign power as influence us policy and not only up to it she had zero washington. some breaking news just coming at ters the gulf crisis has taken a sudden dramatic turn al-jazeera has obtained audio recordings of a cash reward family member shakeup to all of bin pani the man who was portrayed by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as the main opposition figure to the cattery government he is now accusing saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of fabricating the gulf crisis in order to seize casseroles wealth he accuses mohammed bin solomon and mohammed bin ziad the saudi and abu dhabi crown prince's of plotting the entire crisis and audiotape he's threatened to end his life because of the immense pressure from abu dhabi's crown prince surrounding the gulf crisis chikatilo bin ali al tani was residing in saudi arabia since the blockade began
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last june he then moved to the u.a.e. where he accused the government of detaining him he was then moved to q wait where he is now in a military hospital. i am our beloved in ali bin abdullah al thani posting this audio on january the fifteenth i have resolved to put an end to my life as i have come to a dead end just mohammed bin zayed has nothing to do with ending my life however due to the pressures on me my confinement and inability to return home or during my family namely my two daughters i have decided to end my life with the aim of preventing any harm to others i can martin do you being a cause of harm to anybody i love as a result of acts of another person with power and influence my is to god the almighty the gulf crisis is based on interest only and the desire of both mohammed bin zayed and mohamed bin sad man to use the wealth and riches of qatar i urge my
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fellow countries to defend their country be aware of them the may blind your eyes with more money to destroy your country i refused that and i was put under tremendous pressure by them and recently under constant threat the day before was the worst my fellow gulf citizens you are old brothers so do not be overwhelmed by malice or fight for in significant issues i hope you all forgive me and see you in the afterlife. well than thirty two. people lost their homes after a massive earthquake in mexico city today hundreds are still living in temporary camps and all those have only recently. but in september last year the list of those looking for a home even longer when another big quake struck mexico city david muscle reports.
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that morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack officials said it was a temporary solution but thirty two years later jeanette is still here. back then if someone had told me that one day i'd have my own children and grandchildren but still be living here i wouldn't have believed it the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us. around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp camp president. tries to keep pressuring city officials to deliver on their promises. but if the government would have told us they weren't going to give us apartments we would look for alternatives every year but. here's our agreement we're going to deliver so this dream which are here this
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past september another powerful earthquake rocked mexico city hundreds of people died and once again thousands were left homeless. pets are playable as apartment building collapsed now she lives in this makeshift camp in a city park petra can't afford local rents so for now the sixty four year old sleeps in this tent. you have to be here in the camp all the time and put pressure on the government we don't want to be left here on the street for too long because we're senior citizens and we're vulnerable some of those displaced will benefit from government programs to cover short term rent payments and provide. it's for housing loans but as winter temperatures drop others fear they'll be left out in the cold politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government will fail david
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mercer al-jazeera in mexico city. i'm sure a col these are the headlines on al-jazeera the gulf crisis has taken a sudden dramatic al-jazeera has obtained or you have recordings of a cattery royal family member shaikh abdullah bin. the man who was portrayed by saudi arabia as the main opposition figure to the cattery government he is now accusing saudi arabia and the case in the gulf crisis in order to seize castle's wealth and i accuses mohamed bin selman mohammed bin zayed us the saudi and abu dhabi crown prince is of crossing the entire crisis in the audiotape the stress and to end his life because of the immense pressure from abu dhabi's crown prince surrounding the gulf crisis shake up till it was residing in saudi arabia since the blockade began last june he then moved to the u.a.e.
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where he accused the government of detaining him he was then moved to q wait he's now in a military hospital because his wife e.g. commanders say turkish forces of around seventy shells at villages controls in the african district of northern syria the bombardment from turkish territory began around midnight and continued into friday morning a y p g spokesman in africa and says this marks the heaviest bombardment since i stepped up threats to take military action against the kurdish region. the u.s. says it will withhold a forty five million dollars payment to the un's relief agency for palestinian refugees the money which was out for food aid was promised last month this is on top of a sixty five million dollars cut. this week a spending bill to keep the u.s. government operating has passed the house of representatives the legislation to release funding for federal agencies until the middle of next month will now be debated in the senate government agencies a warning employees of
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a shutdown later on friday if the money isn't approved those are your headlines more news continuing here on al-jazeera of the inside story. the march under the same flag at the winter olympics but will sports diplomacy between north and south korea extend to politics from the burning issue of nuclear weapons or is kim jong un exploiting concerns about america on the unpredictable donald trump this is inside story.


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