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story and count the cost of the negative publicity. surrounding the cost of time. when diplomacy fields and. borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division to sixty's instead of being an obstacle to. it became another obstacle to peace in a four part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame at this time on al-jazeera. the clock is ticking for us trying to prevent a looming government shutdown. coming
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up a member of the qatari royal family accuses saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of manufacturing the gulf crisis to see. egypt's president and speculation and says he's going to run for. pope francis makes of lead to protect his people during his trip to peru. the countdown is on in the u.s. with just a few hours to prevent a government shutdown but there's still no deal the senate late night vote to decide on the way forward these are live pictures from the senate now politicians must agree on a bill by midnight on friday to keep government agencies funded for the next month white house correspondent kelly hellcat reports. a planned trip to florida mark
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donald trump's first anniversary in office has been canceled at least for now instead america's republican president is reaching out to his democratic rival in the senate meeting with an invitation to the white house to try and avert a government shutdown we made some progress but we still have good numbers to support the discussions will continue republicans control congress but it's a crisis the white house blames on democrats it appears unfortunately that senate democrats are entrenched in forcing a shutdown unlike five years ago when the government shut down for sixteen days this time all u.s. national parks and post offices will remain open loys will not get paid and just like five years ago the military border patrol and federal firefighters among others will remain on the job but they'll also not be paid right away yesterday thirty nine thousand one hundred seven the most is going on thursday lawmakers in
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the u.s. house of representatives passed a short term funding bill to keep the government open but it must also pass in the senate and democratic senators are refusing to approve any funding legislation without protections from deportation for thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the united states as children with the president come up here democrats believe they have few options given trump announced obama era protections for the illegal immigrants known as doctor recipients runs out in march based on what we have seen in terms of how the republicans have responded in the past i believe democrats simply do not trust that the republicans will actually more to address the issue. despite claims to the contrary given twenty eighteen is a congressional election year it appears trump sees political advantage in a government shutdown if the public places blame on democrats. on friday morning he
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tweeted shutdown coming we need more republican victories in twenty eight team as donald trump prepares to mark his first year in office unless a deal is reached the anniversary of trump's inauguration is set to be celebrated much like the year started amid controversy kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington where president trump has just tweeted ahead of the vote he wrote that it's not looking good for our great military or safety and security on the very dangerous southern border dems want to shut down in order to help diminish the great success of the tax cuts and what they're doing for booming economy where political hand joins us live now from washington d.c. patty this is going right down to the wire isn't it can they pull off a last minute deal in the senate do you think. it doesn't sound like it everything that we're hearing off capitol hill basically everyone saying there is no deal the government will partially shut down before we go further into that i just want to
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point out a couple of things i think it's important the truth remain a factor when talking about what president don't trump has to say let's take a look at that tweet couple of things are just completely false that the military and the border will be border security will be hurt by this now not having long term funding military officials say is actually hurting the military but it's not as if the u.s. military is going to go on vacation if the government isn't funded essential employees like border patrol like national security like the military they all still have to come into work they just don't get paid until this is all settled then usually congress goes and gives them back pay as far as democrats wanting to distract from the very popular tax cut bill it isn't a popular tax cut bill in fact i'm sure democrats would love to be talking about this because poll after poll shows what the republicans passed is incredibly unpopular americans think overwhelmingly it's going to help corporations and the richest americans not. so the president trying to spin this but i think it's also important remember this is
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a crisis that he himself created there were programs in place that protected these children these young adults that came to the united states as children without documentation they were protected they were allowed to work as long as they were registered in their protected from deportation president said the program is illegal congress has to fix it so obviously that's something that was a priority for the democrats so the budget to do in the democrats said fine you need our votes didn't give us this protection and it looked like they had a deal but then the president who promised he'd sign anything said he wouldn't and now it's come down to this we think the senate's going to start voting any minute now but what we're hearing is they simply don't have the votes so how is the white house going to spin this i mean think about this this is one a year ago to the day the president became president and said that he was going to make great deals that he was going to make government work well this is what his budget director mick mulvaney had to say about that. i don't think you'll be taking care of the money i actually that's why i just said i think if you think there's a really good. thing for the work you offer to get in then you should work i think
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for me writing for tomorrow. no i don't like it but very very likely not leaving until tonight. so now he's saying it's fine as long as there's a deal by monday no it doesn't look promising that there will be a deal by monday doesn't like democrats are willing to cave republicans pretty much saying the same thing so it is a standoff they are holding the government hostage but just to keep this in perspective again this simply means that nonessential federal employees will not be able to come into work the basic functions of the federal government are expected to work if this doesn't go for a very long time if it does go for a very long time then it impacts the economy then it's a much bigger story right now the story is on the year anniversary of president donald trump taking office the government that he promised to fix is broken or to touch it go hang in there in washington d.c. thank you. now turkey is mobilizing thousands of for you syrian army rebels on its
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border with syria they were taken in a convoy of buses as part of a military operation against syrian kurdish fighters known as the white p.g. in the town about three in turkey calls them a terrorist group and the army has intensified shelling on the freedom in recent days and says a ground assault could happen soon stephanie decker has more from one talk in. the situation around that fighting is heating up there is been an increase in shelling from turkey into africa and also hearing reports that around fifteen thousand free syrian army fighters these are the rebels inside syria supported by turkey are mobilizing towards the east of affluent and this is all in line with the political rhetoric that's been coming out of anger over the last week or so the last voice added to that the defense ministry on friday saying that the operation would happen that there should be no delay and that turkey had no choice but to rid of what they
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call terrorists along this border all of this very significant player is russia and this is why we've seen the chief of staff and also the turkish head of intelligence in moscow on thursday also told continuing on friday to try and see whether russia gives the green light why is that will russia controls the airspace over a free and also has troops on the ground in that area it's all about politics it's incredibly complicated you're seeing different players now carving up trying to carve up different areas of syria expanding their spheres of influence it is a very very complicated situation we have talks coming up in vienna and in sochi and certainly it doesn't look like anyone can seem to agree on anything at the moment. now a qatari royal who was a close ally of saudi arabia says the gulf diplomatic crisis has been manufactured in an o.d.i. recording obtained by al-jazeera. fanny accuses saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of fabricating the rift with cattle as a way to see their neighbors wealth he also says he was under so much pressure from
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the two countries that he wanted to end his life reports the man saudi arabia and the u.a.e. were presenting as an alternative to qatar leadership stepped up his attacks on the blockading countries in a new audiotape shake of the lebanon early earth any a member of qatar royal family says the gulf's biggest diplomatic where it was triggered by saudi and imre to crum princes whom he accuses of plotting to take qatar's wealth by force. why not. let him.
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in the old you're recording the shea says he was under so much pressure from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. that he considered taking his own life he also appeared in a video posted online on sunday where he says he was detained against his will in the u.a.e. a claim which the night but two days later. he left the u.a.e. this is the only picture taken of him when he arrived in kuwait his family said his health deteriorated during his alleged detention in the u.a.e. he was told that he can leave to saudi arabia but not to. the end of the day he was allowed. to leave. and he has two daughters with him and it was about twelve o'clock at night that. they told them that they have to go to the airport and then the information changed
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that they are not allowed to go to the u.k. the u.k. refuses your interview and that is false. and that your daughters can live and you must. stay and they. the little known shape became a central figure during the gulf cooperation council crisis when he was first received by king solomon but of that as he's of saudi arabia media affiliated with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. portrayed him as the had of the opposition to the qatari government but soon the shade was nowhere to be seen except for tweets attributed to him the recent statements of the shed more light on the g.c.c. crisis that started in june when sandy arabia the u.a.e. and egypt cut off diplomatic ties and imposed a sea land and embargo on qatar the post from shekau the lebanon early support
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qatar stands for the west is public ated and politically motivated has zero agents president abdel fattah el-sisi has announced he will run for a second term the elections are set to take place in march since he rose to power in twenty fourteen after leading the military in ousting his predecessor report. the announcement was widely expected now egyptian president opposite data sisi has made it official anaesthetic a lot about info to collect you might of been today as a to members of the sausage moments we have gone through and think about a serious challenges that face our home country and the huge expectations and the hopes we have for our homeland i find myself standing confused before my national conscious as i speak to you was the honesty and transparency we have been used to in our dialogue and hope that you will accept me as a presidency of the republic. analysts are hardly surprised by his staying in power
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this way that way i think of the elections as one source solved it is just a missile or a facade of this committee that would say that he won the elections fed and square and he has significant to support. sisi who swept to power in two thousand and thirteen after a military coup against former president mohammed morsi obtained ninety seven percent of the vote in the two thousand and fourteen election international observers question the credibility of the results saying the election fell short of international standards. campaign promises included rebuilding egypt reviving the country's economy and raising living conditions. but almost four years into his presidency many egyptians are disillusioned with his rule concern has grown that it has brought with it a return to the authoritarian security state that prevailed under former president hosni mubarak rendering the tahir square revolution only
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a brief experiment in democracy. real opposition to sisi in the march election is likely to be thin on the ground potential candidates have either already withdrawn or seen their candidacy blocked some have blamed an atmosphere of fear observers say cc's tactic is a recognizable. one in the region of the mubarak and the house has not said on saddam's of the agent has used it before they would tell the international indonesian community that they won with ninety percent or ninety nine percent whatever the percentage by the same time there are no consequences for that so on one end it to bolster their teams that intimacy of their genes on one end and the other and you know there are no consequences for that actions. cc's rule has been marked by a brutal crackdown on freedom of expression and civil liberties economic turbulence and increasing attacks by armed groups human rights groups have been placed under severe restrictions and many critics in the media have been silenced. his allies
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however dismiss accusations of abuses saying his tactics are needed for security in the face of an insurgency in the north sinai region that has expanded to include civilian targets. and does either. well former armed forces chief of staff sami announce says he'll also run an call for state institutions to be neutral towards all candidates. with daughter suri if i am elected to this historic position to save egypt that belongs to the people i call on all citizens to do their part in their responsibility to the nation. home orthostatic. i can the country's institutions both private and military to remain neutral towards all who have announced her candidacy and to not take sides of the current president this is against our constitution he is merely a candidate among other candidates also to come here not just here including concerns are being raised over the plan to repatriate thousands of ranger refugees
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to me and set to begin in a few days time. and they made it from syria to lebanon but refugees from war face freezing winter conditions in makeshift camps more and stay with us. hello the deep freeze a week ago is almost a memory if anything the temperatures throughout the central plains a sudden states in the eastern seaboard all rising pressure is high and the breeze is something of a sudden the any wintry weather is coming in once again across the harbor had admitted later on the pacific seaboard on little bit further inland a look at the temperatures here were up above freezing at twelve in dallas and ford chicago there in toronto but it was minus full you know twenty four hours ago so tempers are on their way up not much weather happening here but a snow in ontario notice more snow coming down through the rockies chain to the
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high ground as far south as nevada possibly bits of california that's been quite storm in the pacific seaboard i think that will be the concentration of significant weather well as elsewhere we watch temperatures rise twenty two again in dallas who sought denver santa monica maybe that's less surprising there's been persistent rain on the coast of panama it's a cost to recreate in nicaragua recently and i think it'll carry zero to be honest the shreds of cloud you see across jamaica cuba might produce a little bit of rain but it's quite likely will see even temporary flooding rain catching once again bits of honduras and as i said costa rica and once again panama . largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. one when used investigates why so many filipino children having babies. at this time on al-jazeera.
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and. welcome back a quick reminder at the top stories the other side looks unlikely the u.s. senate will be able to avoid a government shutdown politicians have only a few hours left to agree on a bill to keep federal agencies funded for the next month earlier donald trump met top democrats to witness support but significant areas of disagreement remain.
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atari royal it was a close ally of saudi arabia says the gulf diplomatic crisis has been manufactured in an audio recording obtained by al-jazeera. fanny accuses saudi arabia and the u.a.e. of fabricating the rift with qatar to see their neighbors know. egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi is running us running a second time in the march elections and former army chief sami amount has added his name to the list calling for state institutions to be neutral towards all candidates. the pope francis called for the protection of indigenous people visiting the heart of peru's amazon rainforest the head of the catholic church condemned the exploitation of timber gas and gold in the area which he said is endangering native peruvians. following the pope's visit in peru. the first stop on a three day tour in. pope francis a champion of clean environment that members of amazonian indigenous communities
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the pope says they are the most vulnerable people and now they're living in danger going to the native amazonian peoples have a problem even being so threatened on the lens as they are at present there is new extract of islam and. by great business interests that want to lay hands on its petroleum charisse lumber and gold. more than anywhere else than here in the mother the region the government says the gold rush has destroyed more than thirty two thousand hectares of forest nearly eight hundred thousand kilos of gold are produced here every year the pope once here is placed to stop illegal miners dumping chemicals into the river destroying the eco system could affect some of the poorest communities. the government says three thousand tonnes of mercury have been dumped in the amas of rivers that the community depends on the river to survive community leader says they want the pope to help yes i mean that the river is
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contaminated with fish primary this would drinkable water we need to take care of the forest we need fish farmers and we want to stop we have to defend our territory . along the way and mother the peruvians packed the streets to cheer the pontiff eighty percent of peruvians are catholic. at the presidential palace in lima the pope said the environmental degradation. cannot be separated from the moral degradation. and how much evil is done to our latin american people and the democracies of this continent by the social virus a phenomenon that infix everything with the greatest harm being done to the poor and other. people reference to the allegations of corruption among many politicians in latin america. are now proved put aside their anger at politicians to cheer
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and welcome their most important religious leader was when a scientist i just. did a. range of refugees escaped to bangladesh to start returning to me and ma from next week more than six hundred fifty thousand are living in camps after fleeing violence and persecution over the past five months but the un land rights groups are raising grave concerns about the report relation process his. future hinge a men women and children are just some of the new arrivals they fled me and more into bangladesh in recent days and now being provided shelter in a refugee camp close to the border. says she paid a boat but around seventy dollars to ferry her family across the river into bangladesh. but she and her three sons then got separated from her husband's sixteen year old daughter and the boy's grandmother she doesn't know where they are
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my son is a man i knew i wouldn't want to me and my soldiers were demanding girls they said give us girls and save yourselves they have been giving there are hidden cards that say we are from bangladesh was. the myanmar government considers the really illegal immigrants and they've suffered decades of persecution the latest crackdown began after rick rebel group attacked police posts killing a number of security forces in office last year hundreds of thousands of regime joe fled to violence the un has accused me of ethnic cleansing it's estimated that the army killed at least six thousand seven hundred range in the first few weeks of the crackdown on someone no. we don't want to go back my brother in law and my nephew were slaughtered as my children are still so young they are safe but the i don't kill laughing and. carrying what few belongings they have to here and songs are
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taken to collect the shelter kits. to distribution centers a twenty minute walk through the camp where more than six hundred fifty thousand rahimtoola refugees live now. the families are handed bags containing basic household goods and health care like tombs and although the number of ranger crossing from myanmar to bangladesh in recent weeks has dropped considerably. according to the international organization for migration around two thousand four hundred people cross in december alone. now the plan put forward by the myanmar on the bangladesh government's to stop repatriating ranger that wants to go back to myanmar is due to start in a couple of days but its new arrivals like these that highlight just how vulnerable and afraid the regime germy on law remain. the u.n. and international aid organizations say it's too early for refugees to return when the security cannot be guaranteed.
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between us. we are still helping people on a regular basis. of humanitarian support to here and her boys are taken to the place where aid workers a building shelter this tiny bamboo and tall pool in heart will be home for the full sea will future i hope my husband daughter and grandmother can find is here she says stratford al-jazeera the refugee camp fun with the. u.s. vice president mike pence is on his way to the middle east for a three day trip to discuss moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has provoked international anger pence will go to egypt and jordan and then spend two days in israel where he'll address parliament palestinians have made it clear he's not welcome the lebanese army has found the bodies of nine syrian refugees who froze to death trying to
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cross the border into lebanon they died during a snowstorm euro border crossing and a mountainous area six others were saved but one later died in hospital army patrols are looking for other refugees caught in the storm and arrested two syrians on smuggling charges. well the tragedy underlines the conditions endure this winter by nearly a million syrian refugees who've made it into lebanon they're living in flimsy tents that flood easily and have no protection from the freezing temperatures the united states says it's received less than sixty percent of the funding it needs to help them so now to spoke to some of the refugees in the bekaa valley in lebanon. heavy with snow lower temperatures lebanon is being hit by a storm making the lives of the nearly one million syrian refugees even more miserable. they face many challenges during the winter months among them the lack
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of proper shelter they live in tents that are made from plastic sheeting which does little to protect from the cold and the rain on monday martin and we couldn't sleep all night the tent was flooded we stayed up and moved all our belongings outside the conditions of our tents a bad it's the shepley family's sevens winter in displacement since fleeing the conflict in neighboring syria in winter the refugees require more help they need fuel for heating thermal blankets and warm clothes. we know from the hygiene cliche we are dead we are living in misery we have nothing but pain sickness and suffering we are deprived of everything i can. families like the abdullah how much can't survive without assistance ahmed the father is half blind the youngest child sabrine is mentally challenged the eldest has a heart disease and their mother suffers from asthma and eczema one lois in my
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junior year i need medicine and i need help we all cannot work we don't have water and fuel to keep warm we are living only by god's mercy i may be kicked out of ten soon because they didn't pay the rent for a long time the united nations does provide some assistance but a shortfall in funding means not everyone is reached. the united nations doesn't just help the more than five million syrian refugees in neighboring countries it says that thirteen million people need help in syria six million of them are internally displaced and the displacement continues in recent weeks more than two hundred thousand people were forced to leave their homes the war is not over. it may be a while before these refugees can go home the lebanese government doesn't want them to stay that is why it has prevented the united nations from building permanent camps it also doesn't allow any concrete construction but this may not be their last harsh winter in exile. valley lebanon. germany says it
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will no longer export arms to countries involved in the war in yemen the move covers the sale of military equipment to the saudi led coalition that's been fighting the rebels in the country since twenty fifth the conflict has left over ten thousand people dead with millions on the brink of famine. the russian president is brave subzero temperatures for his traditional january dip putin took office the coat and boots in a chilly minus five degrees centigrade for the icy plunge jumping into a hole cut into the frozen lake in northwest russia it's part of orthodox christianity celebrations remembering the baptism of jesus is known for his exploits in the wilderness but this was the first time he publicly took part in the ritual. of the top stories in an al-jazeera it looks unlikely the u.s. senate will be able to avoid a government shutdown politicians have only
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a few hours left to agree on a bill to keep federal agencies funded for the next month earlier donald trump met top democrats to win their support but significant areas of disagreement still remain particle heinous more from washington d.c. . it doesn't democrats are willing to cave republicans pretty much saying the same thing so it is a standoff they are holding the government hostage but just to keep this in perspective again this simply means that nonessential federal employees will not be able to come into work the basic functions of the federal government are expected to work if this doesn't go for a very long time if it does go for a very long time then it impacts the economy then it's a much bigger story right now the story is on the year anniversary of president donald trump taking office the government that he promised to fix is broken a qatari royal who was a close ally of saudi arabia says the gulf diplomatic crisis has been manufactured in order recording obtained by al-jazeera. fanny accuses saudi arabia and the
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u.a.e. of fabricating the rift with cats to seize their neighbors will egypt's president cc's running for a second in the march elections and former chief sami on them as i did his name to the list calling for state institutions to be neutral towards candidates. turkey is mobilizing thousands of free syrian army rebels on its border with syria it's part of a military operation threatened against syrian kurdish fighters known as the wife of based in the town about fifteen the army has intensified shelling unafraid in recent days and says a ground assault could happen soon. the lebanese army has found the bodies of nineteen syrian refugees who froze to death trying to cross the border into lebanon they died during a snowstorm soldiers are looking for others caught in the storm and arrested two syrians on smuggling charges. pope francis has met peru's president pedre public as he wraps up his south america talk earlier he called for the protection of
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indigenous people while visiting the heart of peru's amazon forest the pope condemned the exploitation of timber gas and gold in the area he said nature peruvians have never been more threatened and urge the government to recognize their culture those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one of many of them so watching. america's controversial president continues to polarize opinions. trump do solemnly swear marking one year since he was sworn into office al-jazeera brings you a special program about the impact president trump has had at home and around the globe trump's first year on al-jazeera. in the philippines biggest maternity hospital a baby is born every few minutes and often the new mothers are just children themselves. with the legal age of consent.


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