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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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where ever you are. for centuries egypt the sort to come on power over the mild event we aren't harming any of the not of basal countries they don't mean that most that if they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenge by countries who want to grant a share i know some people who make your. own question then yes this circumstances have changed and changed quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. what we've just witnessed on the floor was the. democrats this will be called the trump shutdown. the u.s. government runs out of money but it may have to take day to day life unless the new
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thing. other than your karl this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. back forces prepared to cross into syria says a kurdish enclave on its border is a threat to its security. pope francis makes a plea to protect the abhisit and its people during his trip to peru. and egypt president makes it official he is going to run for a second. u.s. government has officially shut down a senate vote to fund federal agencies until next month fail just a short time ago only essential offices and services will now remain open republicans and democrats of pointing the finger at finger at one another oh hey reports from washington. this is not the anniversary any leader wants to have it
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was exactly one year ago when donald trump made this promise and became president we will face challenges we will confront hardships but we will get the job done he vowed government would work again it's clear with this. it isn't republicans who control the congress and the white house lost four of their own members but picked up five democrats still not enough to pass the bill that means many nonessential government employees won't be coming to work on monday without a deal although most essential federal services will continue the employees just won't get paid until it's over it came down to this a program that was in place to protect children brought into this country without documentation president trump threw it out and said congress should fix it he promised to help if we do this properly dr you're not so far away from
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comprehensive immigration reform and if you want to take that further step i'll take the heat i don't care i don't care i'll take all the heat you want to get. they brought him a bipartisan deal and he refused to sign it so democrats refused to help pass the budget now the white house is saying they still have the weekend to work out a deal i think it will be taken care of the month i actually that's why i just said i think i really think there's a really difficult to. fix the problem for the office of the future for now it is a standoff a functioning government held hostage while two parties wait to see which side the public will blame for the very dysfunction that trump promised to end exactly one year ago what we've just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision by senate democrats to shove us. millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political gash a government shutdown was one hundred percent avoidable this will be called
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the trump shutdown because there is no one no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. al-jazeera washington. well here's what happens now the u.s. government has officially shut down hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be affected but its impact will vary across departments more than ninety five percent of employees at the environmental protection agency and housing department will be out of work that's compared to about fifty percent of workers the treasury u.s. defense secretary says training maintenance and intelligence operations will be impacted around hoff of the defense department seven hundred forty thousand civilian workers will also have to take a leave of absence and if you're planning to visit the u.s. landmark tourist sites like washington's famous smithsonian museums and the national zoo well they'll be closed but services like border security as well as as
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traffic control will continue the state department also says visa services at u.s. embassies will remain as long as funding remains. is a political analyst and professor of public policy at george mason university he thinks the shutdown will hurt president trump the most. he'd love to be able to fire congress but he can't do that and people hold the president responsible for running the federal government look the president's republican the republicans have majorities in both houses of congress democrats are perfectly confident they can put the blame on the republicans for not being able to do what they were elected to do namely keep the government open the democrats feel empowered by this they did take a stand on the immigration issue and actually most americans sympathize with the democratic position that young people who were brought to the united states as illegal immigrants when they were children should be allowed to remain in the united states that's something that's going to be very difficult for republicans to
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attack so the immigration issue while it's central to the shutdown most americans will simply see it as a failure of governance and more and more evidence that the united states is becoming ungovernable. there as defense secretary says the focus for his nation's national security has moved away from terrorism on to the competition between the great powers to his masses said the focus would be on can train china's expanding mochi its increasingly aggressive russia is the latest sign of sifting priorities in america's defense strategy in several times he has more from washington d.c. general motors warned of it washington was in danger of losing what he called its qualitative edge in weaponry against china and russia that's despite the estimates that say that washington spends more than the next eight to ten countries combined on weaponry including russia and china this was the pentagon's interpretation of the white house national security strategy released last december i don't retreat
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at the same points the change in emphasis to great power competition from terrorism was the first point he made. we face growing threat from revisionist powers as different as china and russia or from each other nations that do seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models pursuing veto authority over to other nations economic diplomatic and security decisions rogue regimes like north korea and iran persist and take an action that threaten regional and even global stability biol and extremist organizations like isis or lebanese hezbollah or al qaeda continue to show hatred destroying peace and murdering innocents across the globe what's particularly striking about the pentagon's defense strategy and the white house is national security strategy is they completely contradict what donald trump said on the campaign trail that he would be putting america first that he
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would withdraw from international entanglements that the u.s. would no longer be the world's policeman it's clear from these two strategy papers that both his defense secretary and national security adviser don't agree. u.s. vice president mike pence is on his way to the middle east for a three day trip to discuss moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem yes decision to recognize to islam as israel's capital provoked international anger and still days egypt and jordan spend two days in israel where he will address parliament since have made it clear he is not welcome turkey is mobilizing thousands of free syrian army rebels on its border with syria they were taken in a convoy of buses as part of a military operation against syrian kurdish fighters there as the white p.g.a. in the syrian town of a frame turkey calls them a terrorist group has intensified shelling on a frame in recent days and says a ground assault could happen soon seven decades in antakya on the tacky syrian
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border. the situation around the freeing is heating up there is been an increase in shelling from turkey into africa and also hearing reports that around fifteen thousand free syrian army fighters these are the rebels inside syria supported by turkey are mobilizing towards the east of affluence and this is all in line with the political rhetoric that's been coming out of anger over the last week or so the last voice added to that the defense minister on friday saying that the operation would happen that there should be no delay and that turkey had no choice but to rid of what they call terrorists along this border all of this very significant player is russia and this is why we've seen the chief of staff and also the turkish head of intelligence in moscow on thursday also told continuing on friday to try and see whether russia gives the green light why is that will russia controls the airspace over
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a free and also has troops on the ground in that area it's all about politics it's incredibly complicated and you're seeing different players now carving up trying to carve up different areas of syria expanding their spheres of influence it is a very very complicated situation we have talks coming up in vienna and in sochi and certainly it doesn't look like anyone can seem to agree on anything at the moment. francis has called for the protection of indigenous in the heart of for years allison forrest that of the catholic church condemned the exploitation of gas and gold in the area which he says is endangering native peruvians says is following the pope's visit in. oh for. the first stop on a three day tour in. pope francis a champion of clean environment but members of amazonian indigenous communities the pope says they are the most vulnerable people and now they're living in danger and then you see the native peoples have probably never been so threatened on the lens
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as they are at present there is no extract of islam and. by great business interests that want to lay hands on its petroleum gas lumber and so. more than anywhere else than here in the mother the region the government says the gold rush has destroyed more than thirty two thousand hectares of forest nearly eight hundred thousand kilos of gold are produced here every year the pope once here is placed to stop illegal miners dumping chemicals into the river destroying the eco system go to fix some of the poorest communities. the government says three thousand tonnes of mercury have been dumped in the am as of rivers that the community depends on the river to survive community leader says they want the pope to help yes i mean that the river is contaminated with fish a prime minister drinkable water we need to take care of the forest we need fish
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farmers and we want to stop we have to defend our territory. along the way and mother the peruvians packed the streets to cheer the pontiff eighty percent of peruvians are catholic. at the presidential palace in lima the pope said the environmental degradation can. not be separated from the moral degradation. and how much evil is done to latin american people and the democracies of this continent by the social virus a phenomenon that infix everything with the greatest harm being done to the poor and other. people reference to the allegations of corruption among many politicians in latin america for now prove beyond sport aside their anger at politicians to cheer and welcome their most important religious leader was innocent just
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a just. and tips present up to fattah el-sisi has announced he will run for a second term elections are set to take place in march to see ways to parent twenty thirteen after alsa his predecessor mohamed morsi in a military coup moment john jay reports the announcement was widely expected now egyptian president obvious but that has sisi has made it official. about him for equality today as a to members of the sysop moments we have gone through and think about the serious challenges that face our home country and the huge expectations and the hopes we have for our homeland i find myself standing confused before my national conscious as i speak to you with the honesty and transparency we have been used to in our dialogue and hope that you will accept me for the presidency of the republic. analysts are hardly surprised by his staying in power this way or that way i think
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of the elections as one source of energy to see or a facade of this committee that would say that he won the elections fair and square and he has significant popular support. c.c. who swept to power in two thousand and thirteen after a military coup against former president mohammed morsi obtained ninety seven percent of the vote in the two thousand and fourteen election international observers question the credibility of the results saying the election fell short of international standards. campaign promises included rebuilding egypt reviving the country's economy and raising living conditions. but almost four years into his presidency many egyptians are disillusioned with his rule concern has grown that it has brought with it a return to the authoritarian security state that prevailed under former president hosni mubarak rendering the hero square revolution only
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a brief experiment in democracy. real opposition to sisi in the march election is likely to be thin on the ground potential candidates have either already withdrawn or seen their candidacy blocked some have blamed an atmosphere of fear observers say cc's tactic is a recognizable one in the region of the mubarak and has less evidence of themselves the agent has used it before they would tell the international individual community that they won with ninety percent or ninety nine percent whatever the percentage by the same time there are no consequences for that so on one end it to bolster that eames that intimacy of the genes on one end and all that and you know there are no consequences for that actions. rule has been marked by a brutal crackdown on freedom of expression and civil liberties economic turbulence and increasing attacks by armed groups human rights groups have been placed under severe restrictions and many critics in the media have been silenced. his allies
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however dismiss accusations of abuses saying his tactics are needed for security in the face of an insurgency in the north sinai region that has expanded to include civilian targets mohammed does either. still ahead here on al-jazeera the sun is rising over a plan to repatriate hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees to man. plus we visit an elephant sanctuary in kenya that's going beyond improving the animals' lives. from the sky. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city. hello there recently seen some severe weather in europe recently with a winds gusting over one hundred forty kilometers per hour and that storm caused us a fair amount of damage this is what it did to poland brought us
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a lot of very wintery weather and the system is still with the system worked its way towards an area of high pressure so it's sort of stall ground to a halt here and just now is swirling around this region gradually becoming less intense as this one then becomes less of a headache but watching another weather system work its way in from the atlantic this one is nowhere near as violent but it's still bringing us some heavy rain and a fair amount of snow on the edge as well that system gradually edges its way eastwards as we head into sunday more cloud of rain still following it so for the western parts of europe will be pretty wet over the next couple of days the southeastern parts of europe are also looking at a pretty wet picture on sunday lots of cloud lots of what they hear and ahead of it fairly brisk winds as well now some of that weather has also come across the northern parts of africa too you can see the latest one is gradually edging its way eastward safe algiers could still be a few more showers during the day today that shows could also be affecting us in tunisia but as we head through into sunday looks like it should be dry and brought to the winds coming down from the north though so still not that wall we're looking
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at a top temperature now does of around seventeen degrees. the way sponsored by the time . news has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day. the message is simplistic you have the brain good logical rational person crazy and misinformation is right dismissal and. accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream when you do narratives of this time on al-jazeera.
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or again this is al-jazeera minds of our top stories this hour republicans and democrats in the us are pointing fingers at each other for a government shutdown that has come into effect a senate vote to fund federal agencies until next month failed. to complete a one year in office as president. free syrian army rebels are being mobilized by turkey along its border with syria as part of preparations for a turkish military operation against kurdish fighters as the y.p. g. in the syrian town of the turkish army has intensified its selling on the area in recent days as a ground assault could happen soon. and egypt's president. has announced he is running for a second swept to power after making the military coup to alice's criticism ahmed morsi and twenty team says his main challenger will be former armed forces chief of staff. refugees who escaped to bangladesh due to start
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returning to men next week more than six hundred fifty thousand living in makeshift camps self-defeating violence and persecution over the past five months but the u.n. and rights groups are raising grave concerns about the repatriation process reports . women and children are just new arrivals. they fled me and more into bangladesh in recent days and i'm now being provided shelter in a refugee camp close to the border. to her it says she paid a boat went around seventy dollars to ferry her family across the river into bangladesh but she and her three sons then got separated from her husband sixteen year old daughter and the boy's grandmother she doesn't know where they are my son is a. little the me and my soldiers were demanding girls they said give us girls and save yourselves they have been giving there are hidden cards that say we are from bangladesh was. the myanmar government considers the rich illegal immigrants and
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they've suffered decades of persecution the latest crackdown began a rebel group attacked police posts killing a number of security forces in all this last year hundreds of thousands of fled the violence the un has accused me of ethnic cleansing it's estimated that the army killed at least six thousand seven hundred range in the first few weeks of the crackdown. on. we don't want to go back my brother in law and my nephew were slaughtered as my children are still so young they are safe but the i don't see it and. carrying what few belongings they have to hear and songs are taken to collect their shelter kits the distribution center is a twenty minute walk through the camp where more than six hundred fifty thousand rahimtoola refugees leave now. the families are handed bags containing basic
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household goods and healthcare like tombs although the number of crossing from myanmar to bangladesh in recent weeks has dropped considerably. according to the international organization for migration around two thousand four hundred people crossed in december alone. now the plan put forward by the myanmar the bangladesh governments to stop repress ranger that wants to go back to myanmar is due to start a couple of days but its new arrivals like these that highlight just how vulnerable and afraid the regime germy on will remain. the u.n. and international aid organizations say it's too early for refugees to return when the security cannot be guaranteed i.o.m. is no involved in we've had trees she lease talks are happening file actually between the two governments but i see you can see today we are still having people arriving on a regular basis in desperate need of humanitarian support to here and her boys are
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taken to the place where aid workers a building that shelter this tiny bamboo and top hole in heart will be home for the full see will future i hope my husband daughter and grandmother can find us here she says stratford al-jazeera the refugee camp on with the. new tests promises hope in the fight against cancer scientists in the u.s. have developed a universal plan test capable eight different types of cancer test which is called cancers think is to catch the disease early and save lives. the scientists here at john hopkins university in baltimore analyzed more than a thousand patients who chose symptoms of cancer to see whether this new test would accurately confirm the diagnosis and they were excited to discover that for certain tumors the council's seek test was up to ninety eight percent accuracy and the same
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test was effective for eight different types of cancer fluting five which no early screening currently exists here's how it works as a chuma forms and grows the cancerous cells within it change reproduce and die sometimes cierra shed cells that can get into the bloodstream and when cancer cells die they can also release d.n.a. and other fragments that also get into the blood cancer seek is described as a liquid biopsy and analyzes a patient's blood sample for traces of that cancer d.n.a. and identifying which genes and mutations are most active can identify the type of cancer and the best treatment the importance of early diagnosis of cancer can't be understated for example in the case of brow counts ovarian cancer and breast cancer ninety percent of those diagnosed early will continue to live for more than five years but the survival rate if it's caught at an advanced stage is much lower in
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the case of a variant cancer is just five percent in the u.k. cancer specialists are giving a cautious welcome to the findings this is a very exciting first step along the way to such a blood test they've shown that you can pick up a toy any traces of the cancer in the blood. but potentially has the ability to pick up cancers early on and identify patients for surgery but it is a first step another specialist though wants to see the test accuracy improved stage one when we want to diagnose these cancers this is. whitelaw it's just about forty percent so that is something. that might hold this test but. when we try to think about mentoring the baltimore study worked with patients who had already shown symptoms of cancer the true breakthrough will happen if this test can identify cancer before the symptoms a match that could really make
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a massive impact on survival rates this test is one step closer to the. open and al-jazeera london. and stash olympic committee is meeting with north and south korean officials to discuss their plans to participate jointly and next month's winter games delegations arriving at the i.o.c. as headquarters in the swiss says he. after holding their first high level talks into his soul and pyongyang agreed to march under a unified flag during the opening ceremony and jointly failed a women's ice hockey team but those moves still require i.o.c. approval we're looking for first of all to constructive meeting today we heard more than twelve hours of talks and negotiations yesterday and in a very constructive way so i hope we will come to a good result today and you will be the first one to know right after the meeting
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where we can hopefully. communicate good results in the olympic spirit thousands of students have protested outside the hunger area and paula meant calling for improvements to the education system the protesters also demanded greater flexibility in educational opportunities from a civic to obama has nationalized the school system and set tight controls on the publication of textbooks. facebook is launching a survey to members for members to end and find new sources that are trustworthy source it exacts and rucksack a book once a prioritize what he calls high quality news saying there's too much sensationalism and misinformation in the news feed it's not expected to release the results of a survey lycoming to run conservation projects in northern kenya is working to keep young and vulnerable elephants safe locals are embracing elephant conservation walls working to improve their livelihoods have made
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a miller has more. this two month old coffee is like any other baby she demands constant attention but a few weeks ago it was a neuro almost drowned in a flooded river in northern kenya she's now at this elephant sanctuary where russia linen yeah is helping to settle her after the rescue all of the cars here have either been abandoned or lost their mothers to draw out poaching but unlike any other sanctuary this one is entirely community owned. you know nikkei is from the some blue tribe there are nomadic herders who rely on goats sheep and camels to help provide a livelihood before. their community do do dislike. but for now to come to. benefits or benefits live in york it goes on to say that to work at the century means
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a better life for many here and so his community appreciates the animals more. money from tourists who visit the sanctuary also helps to provide local villages with much needed water health care roads and financial assistance for students the sanctuary is run by a board of trustees made up of elders who employ local people to work their. in a new cases these days people from surrounding villages are increasingly helping with conservation efforts community members are often the ones tipping off the sentry when there's an animal in need off to a cough is rescued its support to the sanctuary and kept separate from the other coughs for five days once the keepers know the new elephant is healthy it's introduced to the nursery and its temporary family the sanctuary falls under the number conservancy which is home to about fifty thousand people the same brew of
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always lived with wildlife and although the population has grown and the number of livestock the amount of livestock in this well is grown they still are happy to co-exist with what life because they're not natural hunters on the not porches and so they feel like it's there. it is their role to take care of the environment here. it's estimated that between five and ten eleven cops arrested in newton canyon each while the return century is just over a year old keepers here say they're conservation work will leave a lasting impression from al-jazeera some blue county. and oracle these are the headlines on al-jazeera republicans and democrats in the u.s. a pointing fingers at one another for a government shutdown that has come into effect
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a senate vote to fund federal agencies until next month failed this comes as donald trump completes one here in office as president what we've just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision by senate democrats or shovel. millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political games the government shutdown was one hundred percent avoidable. this will be called the trump show. because there is no one no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trouble. the us defense secretary says the focus for his nation's national security has moved away from terrorism and onto the competition between the great powers. the focus would be on countering china's expanding military and an increasingly aggressive russia is the latest sign of
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shifting priorities in america's defense strategy. u.s. vice president mike pence is on his way to the middle east for a three day trip to discuss moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital provoked international anger will go on to egypt and jordan and spent two days in israel where he'll address parliament palestinians have made it clear he is not welcome. turkey is mobilizing thousands of free syrian army rebels on its border with syria they were taken in a convoy of buses as part of a military operation against syrian kurdish fighters known as the y p g in the syrian town of turkey calls them a terrorist group the army has intensified shelling on afraid in recent days and says a ground assault could happen soon. and egypt's president uphill battle since he has announced he is running for a second term he swept to power after leading the military coup to else's princesa mohamed morsi in twenty thirteen days he won the election
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a year later with ninety seven percent of the vote his main challenger will be former armed forces chief of staff sami and. those are your headlines we're back with more news here on al-jazeera after listening post stay with us. now jazeera. with and for your. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg announcing what he's calling a major change to harness the gender of the left public content by a post brand that is organized terrorists are a focus for america are based on going old school they're going fact i am under a lot of criticism for the last eight years over what facebook is to decide. to lower much of gives birth in europe the listening post here are some of the stories we're tracking.


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