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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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call a vote at this time on al-jazeera. we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have presence here all the time apart from being a tremendous source a very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. this is zero.
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and over i'm julie went on with this is the news hour live from london coming up security forces a back a gunman at a major hotel in the afghan capital reports of at least fifteen people killed or wounded. turkey says it's launched an air and ground offensive on kurdish positions in syria's aspirin region. u.s. politicians get back to work trying to break the deadlock let's shut them government on the first anniversary of dumb trump's presidency. a sanctuary in northern kenya that's helping at the community as well as vulnerable as. in sport olympic bosses confirm north korea will be at next month's once again chang twenty two north korean athletes will compete with the two koreas marching behind one flying at the opening ceremony. of their warm welcome to the news hour now. a major hotel in the afghan capital
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kabul is under attack by gunmen that's according to the interior ministry local media reporting at least fifteen people killed or wounded the government spokesman says special forces i'm on the scene of the intercontinental hotel battling attack as well the hotel is on top of a hill overlooking the city and it's usually heavily guarded because of its popularity with foreigners and prominent locals let's go live now to jennifer glass who's standing by in kabul hi there jennifer so what are the details to we have so far well julie it's a seizure is going on for more than four hours now the attackers got into the hotel on a very busy saturday night we know that a wedding was ongoing inside the hotel at the time for attackers according to the interior ministry got into the hotel heavily armed wender stand now the two of those attackers are now dead two other attackers still in the hotel reports from
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inside the hotel said those gunmen were going room to room searching for people we know that people were hiding that perhaps a hostage situation was ongoing a wedding was happening at the hotel at the time we understand the wedding party was evacuated unhurt i would this is say in the last hour or so that the afghan security forces have turned off power to the hillside where that hotel is standing and that siege continues julissa very very difficult and dark saturday night here in kabul as that very large hotel one of the two most prominent hotels in the afghan capital still under siege and jennifer can you give me the broader security context of what's happening in the city more generally right now. well there had been a security alert by the american embassy just a couple of days ago saying that hotels might be targeted this hotel the
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intercontinental hotel which i must say is not part of the international intercontinental chain and it keeps the name was not named in that u.s. warning earlier this week but security has been tight here in kabul for quite a long time in may of last year at the very end of may of last year a large bomb in the center of town just outside the heavily fortified green zone killed more than one hundred fifty people and they've tightened security around town trying to prevent any large vehicles coming into town there's been number of attacks in the last four or five weeks here in kabul in the center of the city on on mosques and other targets and the government very much really under fire from the afghan people who are unhappy that they feel that they cannot maintain security here in the capital and the intercontinental hotel under attack tonight heavily fortified and very busy on this saturday night not only a wedding but also a major conference was held there this morning another conference was scheduled to
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be held in the next day or so so we know that several dozen officials and delegations were there from around the country so it was a busy time at the intercontinental hotel the interior ministry is saying seven or eight people they know have been injured but they won't know the really the extent of the casualties until they get that hotel cleared as i said earlier two gunman still in that hotel according to the interior ministry and afghan forces working to try and find them and get them out of there jennifer glass there live with more details on the attack form. well joining me in the studio is afzal ashraf he's an associate professor at malta commune of our city center of conflict security and terrorism based here in the u.k. us always a pleasure to see your take initially on what we're seeing developing here what we're seeing is obviously an attack which is designed to send
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a message to the international community that's why they've chosen one of the most iconic public buildings in the city the hotel that has been attacked before in two thousand and eleven and this attack has come days after warning pacific warning about attacks against the hotels in the kabul so what we have is a very powerful message being sent out that the government cannot maintain and guarantee security and whoever this group is whether they're. taliban inspired or whether they're die shreyas inspired or just getting that message out what we're seeing at the tactical level is as your correspondent said the lights go off in that area which suggests to me that the special forces people that you can see in the pictures behind us that we've got to and what we call night vision goggles and veggies on their helmets will be using the advantage they have of those goggles the
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ability to see in the dark to go in and try and do with the remnants of the attackers to try and clear them and rescue who are still inside the hotel i guess as as the hours and count on from what's happening right now but the big question that always happens doesn't after an attack like this and especially with this so tell us because it's on a hill and it's incredibly fortified as you know how did these attackers get in and then i guess what jennifer was saying is there is that broader problem for you know the citizens of kabul and more broadly around afghanistan you know why i can our government not keep us safe well lit one of the quest. as i'm sure the investigation you look at is how these people get in despite the fact that as you say fortified handed they had a warning so that one of the areas questions that we're looking at is whether these attackers had some inside help it might be easy for one or two to sneak in but it was a large number of their appears to be and their weapons are almost certainly they
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were they might have been some form of insider help so that's something they will look at the message as i said unfortunately is a very powerful one and the government is going to have a challenge on its hand it has always had a challenge of this and in terms of providing security for the population and this is what the narrative has been between the government in kabul and the taliban is that. the taliban say we can provide security you can't and the government is struggling to do that and it's probably a time in fact it's been time for many years but the government needs to start unifying within itself to get rid of this political turf wars that they've had and start to govern rather than trying to retain power on an individual basis what about the groups themselves or we don't know who's responsible for for this
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attack but you've got i asked you've got the taliban what so what's the endgame of these groups and how do they fit together in the picture where all of these groups are composed of small warlord types who've decided to join the big brand but how they fit together well the they're all working either for the taliban brand all the ice around the united primarily by the fact that they don't really like the status quo they don't like the government is in power they want to change it and as far as a concerned they cannot. almost unilaterally but the effect of all of their actions will be the same as that's what they're working on trying to destabilize the government trying to lose public support for the government and trying in that respect to maybe possibly even push for an international resolution
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which will give them some power and control which they can then build upon to eventually take over control of the whole of the country which i think is the end game of saw thanks very much as turkey says it's now launched an offensive on the kurdish held on klav of afrin that's in northern syria after days of shelling turkish jets have carried out air strikes on the border district targeting the kurdish why p.g. and turkey's president says the next target will be the syrian town of man bench which the us backed kurdish led forces captured from i saw in twenty sixteen stephanie decker has more now from the turkey syria border. shortly before sunset on saturday turkey launched its air campaign on a three turkish officials had said all we that the operation was in. the hand of much of the president to one spoke just a few hours before the jets to call them or call them go to go to the we would wipe
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out this corridor or step by step starting from the west africa operation has to factor started in the field this will be followed by bad being which since the promises by. kept so far nobody can say anything whether we do what is necessary. throughout the morning along turkey's western border with are freed the turkish army had brought in bulldozers gravel and concrete blocks appearing to build up their defenses along the border with syria. tank shelled specific locations on the mountain and hours later this mountain would be targeted by airstrikes the army made us move from this position a few hours before the campaign officially began and this is just one of the locations that the turkish army is shelling out free in is pretty much surrounded turkey to its west and north and there's also been a buildup inside syria by free syrian army fighters to the east about three now those are the rebels that turkey supports. turkey and reinforce the f.s.a.
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with thousands more men over the last few days these buses drove the fighters across the border into syria they will be part of a ground offensive against the y.p. the kurdish group turkey considers to be a terrorist organization it is also however the group the americans consider their best ally in fighting eisel the international dimensions are vast russia an ounce to pulled out a few hundred military personnel that had enough reason shortly after the campaign started and russia controls this airspace meaning turkey could not be flying their planes without russia's consent turkey says it is only targeting what it calls terrorists but there are already reports coming out of a feeling that civilians have been affected it seems a serious seven year war is entering yet another phase stephanie decker of the turkey syria border. at least twelve civilians including children have been killed by government shelling in east and go to in syria the shelling is thought to have
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hit a market in duma airstrikes also talking to the tans of how morea and are have been which are currently under rebel control. meanwhile syrian state television says government forces have taken control of a rebel held air base in northwest syria who are based in the province was captured by rebels in twenty fifteen defense of this part of the government's ongoing efforts to regain control of the area. coming up on the news hour women marked the first anniversary of donald trump's presidency by bradley again in a drive to get more female candidates running for office. pope francis wraps up his not american tour but is facing criticism for comments he made in chile. and in sports roger federer is a step closer to defending his trillion in the title details coming up next.
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branded himself the art of the deal president but donald trump was unable to strike a deal with the democrats to prevent a government shutdown the first anniversary of his inauguration republicans and democrats are now trying to negotiate a deal before monday the government officially shutdown at midnight in washington d.c. after the senate failed to pass a stopgap funding bill on friday kimberly how could the latest. a frustrated white house marking one year in office not with the celebration but instead with government confusion at a hastily called press briefing republican white house officials accuse their democratic rivals in congress of refusing to agree to a short term deal on the government we have now agreed to reduce that to three weeks we think that that is a concession are part of social media president trub posted multiple tweets pointing at democrats holding our military hostage over their desire to have
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unchecked illegal immigration this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and the democrats wanted to give me a nice present wages stand listening to the american people the last government shutdown nearly five years ago lasted sixteen days this time lawmakers in the u.s. congress returned to work on saturday rick a goal passing legislation to fund the government before federal workers are scheduled that monday morning but it's next to impossible to strike a deal with the president because he can't stick to the terms so here we are on the first anniversary of the president's inauguration mired in the trump shop there. the white house says there will be no discussion on immigration a till the government is reopened democrats insist there will be no funding deal
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unless protections for more than three million people brought illegally to the united states as children are passed. outside the white house on the lawn of the national mall and dozens of cities across the united states including new york and los angeles mostly democratic supporters attending a planned women's march protested the republicans down but the standoff is a political gamble for both parties polls show a majority of americans support democratic efforts to reform immigration but a majority also believe it should not mean a shutdown in the end whatever deal is struck this is not how donald trump planned to mark his first year as president kimberley health al-jazeera washington by cowen joins us live from washington d.c. hi there mike so right now both sides blaming each other how does this get resolved
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. well it's very difficult to see both sides have been holding talks in the course of the day to try and find some kind of last gasp measure to extend the agreement to avoid or end the scotland shutdown but they still seem too far apart intent as you say at this particular point in putting blame on each other rather than addressing the issue of how to get through it it's significant to see in this question of blame game going on that the number of democrats who oppose the short gap measure in the senate friday night there were five but they were joined by four republicans so essentially those who vote today against the last gasp measure to reopen government will came from both sides of the aisle but the division is so deep at the moment the various. things being put on any agreement
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by both sides makes a very unlikely that they going to get that aim of getting together getting some sort of short term agreement together getting the government open again by monday and make that sort of leads neatly into my second question which is can democrats get what they want but what also occurs to me here is if both sides of blaming each other who to the american people blame. well that's something that may play well play out in the polls in the months ahead certainly in the mid-term elections that will be having up but the issue at the moment is what is the root of all of this send many observers point out that this all began essentially to fall apart at a meeting that president held with a bipartisan group of lawmakers back on generally the eleventh that was a meeting on immigration now that was to get some kind of bof a bipartisan deal which would allow government to stay open that meeting broke up over allegedly intemperate use of language by donald trump about the countries of origin soft many
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of the u.s. is immigrants democrat senators were absolutely appalled as were those in congress by the reported statements president trump admitted that he'd used tough language tonight that he use the actual pejorative language attributed to him but this is the root cause of where we are now it was a bipartisan meeting there was apparently goodwill on all sides to reach some form of agreement that was blown up with that meeting between trump and lawmakers now we do know that at the central all of this is the president he alone has the power to bridge the divide that exists at present given his tweets in the course of the day that's unlikely that he is going to step in at any time soon so very very bleak indeed the chances of getting the government open certainly by the beginning of the week which is more make its intention i cam of the live from washington d.c. mike thank you. now women's march is a taking place across the u.s.
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on the anniversary of donald trump's first year in office this one taking place in washington d.c. power to the polls is being hailed as the beginning of a new era and female political activism organizers hope saturday's rallies will encourage more women to vote and to run for office in november as midterm elections sunday marks one year since the historic first women's march which saw nearly five million people take to the streets in protest against donald trump's policies. russ jordan has this update from washington d.c. . participants in the women's march in washington d.c. started their day near the lincoln memorial to basically shore each other up as they try to push for more political activity in two thousand and eighteen mainly by running for office now the several thousand demonstrators have moved to here just outside the white house where they're hoping that the u.s. president donald trump hears them most of them are very much opposed to tromso
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leadership in the years since he's taken office they don't like his policies on health care they don't like his policies against women they don't like his policies on immigrants and people of color there's calling for a more progressive form of politics both nationally and in their local communities and they say that it's high time that donald trump and us republicans are pushed aside so that policies that are more family friendly that respect women and that respect the diversity of the united states actually can be put into place they're also calling for what they call economic justice as well as protection of the environment but there's one thing that unifies everyone who has come out on this mid-winter day in washington it's this they don't like the president. well the issue of immigration has dominated president chums first year in power was of course his controversial ban on travelers from this the majority of nations the
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decision to undo the emergency provisions for migrants from some carabine countries and then of course he maintains he will still build that's wall between the u.s. and mexico homan joins me live now from tijuana in mexico so john what's the significance of where you are now. well you can see probably just a little bit behind me prototypes for the border wall there are about nine meters tall and according to reports of recent tests conducted on them they're going to be significantly harder to get over than the existing fence which you can also see here it covers about a third of the border and actually just a little bit earlier we saw some evidence of how sort of easy it is to get over it a couple of people that you probably see on your screen now who did monies to get over there on to the other side they're probably going to get picked up by the border patrol which is quite extensive on the other side here in the united states but in the early years of president trump's ministration there was talk about the
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trump effect especially from officials in which the numbers of people trying to get across illegally into the united states went down to the lowest on record and it was said that was because of president trump's tough rhetoric but since then plans like building the border the border will have got stuck in congress also adding to the number of border agents and since that's happened they see three more people the numbers are going up again of people trying to get into the united states of course fueled by problems in people's home countries especially el salvador and honduras of a lack of economic opportunity but also violence back home but while president trumps struggled a bit to get his policies and his plans through in terms of border security he has been able to enact quite a lot of tough migration measures within the country as you'll see in our report. you ready. it was always going to be an ambitious promise we will be
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a great was the side. and on the first anniversary of donald trump's presidency so far this is all there is prototypes on the mexico u.s. border but while his signature pledge has been held up the president of the migration promises are bearing fruit. like a ban on travelers from several muslim majority countries in the revoking of temporary emergency visas for hundreds of thousands of haitians you could argue ins and salvadorans that had been continually renewed under previous administrations to his supporters it's all about protecting u.s. jobs and security i love them i think is doing the right things that we have americans all well for because we have illegals here taking their jobs we have lower wages because we have a legal work in their jobs the u.s. has been increasing border security in deputations few years but trumps opponents say his rhetoric and policies are much too far it's been cost as
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a fight for america's soul caught in the middle of those like ana from el salvador she has a job and family stateside but when the temporary visa program ends in september two thousand and nineteen she faces deportation to one of the world's most violent countries what it is all if i go back i'm frightened for my life because they'll think i have money and kidnap my children or grandchildren that's why i ask that god and your thirty's take into account a situation that the threat of eviction also hangs over the dreamers seven hundred thousand young people stateside illegally as children president trump says they have his sympathy he's pushing for any deal for their future to include funding for more security especially his signature project. politically president. trump feels he needs the will to satisfy his base but with a third of the border already covered by a fence the actual usefulness of
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a structure that's going to cost at least twenty one billion dollars has been questioned where it is sort of a waste of money and a waste of everyone's time is to build a wall or a fence in the middle of the desert where you know on the wall really ultimately does to a determined border crosser is slow them down for a few minutes. but the wool as with the rest of the migration issue has become too important for either side to give way and the fight has already spilled into the president's second year. well as we know that fight between the president and between his opponents is now part of the reason that we've got the government shutdown in the united states but one of the things that neither the president nor the other political parties in the united states can really control is what's happening in the countries at the migrate that the migrants are coming from particularly in central america guatemala el salvador honduras snow salvador through the most violent countries in the in the world but
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what the u.s. has been doing has been providing money for economic and social programs to try and help deal with those root causes in those countries interesting leave the trump administration has actually decided to cut that money but at least a third and the plan is for private investment to take up the slack so we'll have to see as the years go by of his presidency what sort of impact that has on the amount of people that are being pushed out and ending up on the border with president trump country the united states john holdren there live in tijuana john thank you. let's help a little bit more about the u.s. shutdown and donald trump's first year of the lot to squeeze in but i'm joined now by political historian james de boys ed james you know we've been sitting here chatting and frankly there is so much to squeeze in how if you had to come up with a word to describe his year so far it's
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a birth but what would it be chaos jeb bush described donald trump as the candidate as the chaos candidate and that has translated into his presidency whatever one thinks of door trum as a chief executive his management style has been chaotic the way he's run his presidency has been chaotic the white house has been chaotic his dealings with the media and with congress have been chaotic so they go in i'm not sure one word of this can he go into the job because i'm i imagine every president does regardless of their previous experience so you know can we put this down to kind of if you see the chaotic first year could it get better from here people been waiting for donald trump to become presidential ever since he got the nomination you might remember going back to the summer of not two thousand and sixteen it was always promised i'm going to be the most presidential president of all he said with the exception of perhaps lincoln well a year in we're still waiting and i would remind you that we're now twenty five percent through donald trump's mandated time in office so you know he's got a you know a ticking clock in terms of but when he can become acting presidential nobody
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around him seems to believe he can become presidential the concept of let trump trump is one thing but it appears that for too much this year it's been let trump be bannan and that is course has become a great problem talking about the shutdown when talking to my correspondent arnie we're talking about what we know what's at the heart of what's happening right now you know what we should we be paying attention to year in this story well the challenge of course is this is the first time there's ever been a government shutdown when one party has controlled all three levers of government the presidency the white house the presidency the the house of representatives and the senate usually there's been one party controlling one and one party the other so really it's. the difficult for the republican party to try to cast off responsibility for this they're trying very hard calling it the schumer shutdown but of course that's becomes problematic yes you need to get sixty votes to basically clear a budget in the senate but quite frankly the republicans haven't even to get all of
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their own party to vote for this so when you have donor trump as a private citizen and as a candidate saying that in the event of a shutdown the president is always responsible difficult to try and get him away from his own words which time and again kids coming back to down him what else i find interesting about this first year is not just paying attention to donald trump and republicans but the democrats what's going on i mean it looks to me like they are to some degree they're less rudderless i think that's fair i think absolutely right we need to sometimes keep an eye on the figures rather than on the bluster if any of the president a year into his office with a whole ring around thirty five percent in the polls we would be now talking about the inevitability of a one term presidency and the inevitability of someone rising to the republican ranks to challenge him and there'd be a whole raft of democrats lining up gleefully willing to challenge him we're not seeing any of that right frankly the greatest hope for a trump second term lies in the fact that the democratic party is chaotic and leaderless hence all the focus upon bernie sanders who i remind viewers isn't even
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a registered democrat in the united states is going to be fascinating to see it as you point out we're twenty five percent of the way through don't we have a presidency could be a much longer chat james thank you very much. much more to come the souring getting . we'll tell you why this is a border area is creating tensions between egypt and sudan. when you look at the growing divide between rich and poor which sparked tehran's deadly protests. and for boeing mccloy's back from injury and back in time from ship the abu dhabi. vicious storm has blown or it's not the remains over the circulation here still
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dropping stuff in this irania lot here and the stone here and there was something better roots but the wind isn't a strong and there's a following breeze and all that tire represent all the rain or snow falling out of it once again we've got loads to come for the alps across into the tirol further south carpathian mountains following on behind the next system briefly bring snow into the eastern side of the british isles on sunday then it probably turns to rain we got ma weather coming in here that's true coming down through france as well but ahead of it all is still called enough to be wintry the stars died out in the baltic states but not further south and rumania is folding come monday we've got right into the south of that just coming through greece and the west side of ticky the next system developing now the onshore breeze is make it pretty well the i think probably still with a fairly good would if you look at our to the water in algiers or from tunis that breeze will die at some degree and then you have the development further east for crete cyprus and turkey the one that came through here
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a couple days ago first of produce the first proper winter well in the levant this could repeat the process middle that week. i am doing this on the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of the arab guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every your. welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera afghan special forces are fighting gunmen have attacked a major hotel in central kabul the interior ministry says three or four attackers are inside the intercontinental hotel. turkey started its offensive on kurdish position in syria's a free man region it says man bitch will be next. u.s.
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government is shut down after the senate fails to pass a funding bill donald trump blames the democrats. pope francis's lead a huge mass on a beach in northern peru as a south american to or comes to an end hundreds of thousands of people gathered in trujillo for the service more than one hundred people were killed by flooding last year in the area hope is expected to visit some of the worst affected areas. meanwhile the pope himself has been criticized by his top advisor on clerical sex abuse for comments he made on thursday whilst in chile the pontiff accused victims of a paedophile priest of having slandered another bishop one borrows now the victim's claims claimed that barrow us knew of the abuse but did nothing to stop but a charge the bishop himself the lies well this is what francis said. yes everything and everyone looking over the day that they bring me proof against bishop paris
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then i will speak there is not one bit of proof against him or all of it is slander it's not clear. cardinal sean o'malley the archbishop of boston said he couldn't explain why the poor but chose in the words the words that he did adding they were a source of great pain for survivors of sexual abuse he said the pontiff fully recognized the agree just failures of the church and its clergy who abuse children that relations between egypt and sudan have deteriorated over the past year as tensions cool over the disputed triangle of the twenty thousand square kilometer border area at the red sea sudan accuses egypt of killing its people and has deployed troops on the border here but morgan reports on how the dispute is affecting those well if their mohamed atta met has always identified himself as a sudanese from the bush era tribe which comes from the border area but that makes it difficult to get goods and resources to reach the little town of where he lives
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that's because all see in northeastern sudan is the closest town to the disputed border between sudan in egypt in the triangle known as hello which egypt continues to hold. bashar in the us the you know some people say that the bush ids are now parts of egypt but in our hearts we are not of the commissions none of us say we are egyptians and even egyptians don't accept us as part of that was the. mohamed says he has looked in permits from egyptian authorities to cross into her lie as do many people who live in or save but have families in the triangle the dispute over a region rich in oil and minerals started when sudan gained independence in one thousand nine hundred fifty six and borders were drawn up over the past few years the dispute has escalated with sudan accusing egypt of harassing its citizens when they crossed into the region and executing dozens of them in the past twelve months alone that fund marks the beginning of the disputed area of the library and go egypt has the asian forces there for more than two decades despite protests from
12:38 am
the sudanese government recently has been at the forefront of increased tensions between the two countries tensions exacerbated by sudan support for if you peace plans to build a hydroelectric dam which will reduce the amount of water reaching egypt today and has repeatedly complained to the un security council over and once a dispute solved through arbitration egypt has failed to respond in protest sudan recalled its ambassador to egypt earlier this month. a very good model there treating all people there in humanely those killings and torture that's why we met here at the parliament and are taking steps so that it's no longer a regional issue but also an international one sudan has deployed troops on the border egypt says it doesn't want to work with its neighbors. we will no engage in a war with our brothers or anyone else any pounds spent on disputes or conflicts should be directed to our people for those living in
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a safe it's not the military escalation they're worried about but the relatives they have living in the triangle who have lost their land to egypt and may lose their identities who he will morgan al-jazeera from the sudan egyptian border over the last week human rights groups and opposition politicians of warning that iranians arrested after taking part in december's and government protest are being tortured and killed in prison officials who claim that some of those who died committed suicide. well the anti-government demonstrations in iran exposed the growing divide between rich and poor while one or two percent of the population enjoys a luxury of life style millions of iranians are struggling to make ends meet in twenty seventeen iran's government set the poverty line at about four hundred eighty dollars a month per household thirty three percent of the population lives below the line and that it's more than twenty four million people but it's also a struggle for many of the above the line the median income for an average household is about eight hundred eighty five dollars just two dollars more the
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minimum they need to get by and with soaring unemployment and inflation many iranians are for straighted that despite the lifting of economic sanctions two years ago the promised economic boom has not happened to some off to iran's most vulnerable people. buzzard met her so for us says the hardest part of his job is getting people interested in classical music. they tell us that it makes it difficult to find work we have found so naturally we have few opportunities to perform. still so for a says he loves his work and does not need the money i promise i want out of the streets are not about his to perform with a place where you can change the way people feel for a second a minute or an art and you get back a lot of positive energy from the street. but not everyone on the streets is there by choice say the makes about five dollars
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a day selling flowers fifteen when business is good with eight mouths to feed he says it's better than nothing bitches she i have a diploma but i don't have a job my cousin has a master's degree and he doesn't have a job either the situation in the country is bad officials to do something to give lots of promises and we vote for them and then they take office and forget us say the once the same as millions of iranians a house he can afford a steady job and cheaper prices for everyday goods. but he's not hopeful that things will get better any time soon. big cities like to run are experiencing a real estate boom luxury buildings and luxury brands are popping up on almost every major street but the very urban development that is bringing the rich and poor closer together is the same thing that is pushing them apart more stuff to you . for the last fifty years the status of a people's financial situation has been getting better what is harmful is the gap
12:42 am
that's being created between poor and rich people and that self-awareness that is being created in the middle class of this is saudis more dangerous than poverty itself we don't have people who are deeply paul like other countries but the gap between the poor and rich people makes the feeling of being held back more extreme it's the kind of discontent that helped fuel anti-government protests last month. and could be the impetus for more unrest in the future. muhammad is from the north of the country he came to run to make enough money to send home to his wife sister and mother he doesn't like what he does and makes at most only ten dollars a day doing. yeah when i was going to don't do that what should i say i haven't seen my family in a month i haven't paid my rent or the gaza built or the power bill or the lotto bill i'm not able to earn enough money businesses but so people don't pay us to be . home and sings us a song that many iranians know all too well about
12:43 am
a man who is tired desperate and pray for help. to her. five faces in this chariot battling to contain than a burning out of control on the outskirts of sydney around a thousand people have been evacuated from the royal national park as the place threatens the main access to a popular tourist spot. that's a lot in kenya where conservation project has found a savvy way to help protect young and vulnerable elephants the rich hettie sanctuary in sambora county is entirely owned by the local community so they also benefit from the money and jobs it generates for me to miller has more now from some of our own candy. this two month old coffee is like any other baby she demands constant attention but a few weeks ago it was so near almost drowned in a flooded river in northern kenya she's now at this elephant sanctuary where
12:44 am
russian linen yakka is helping to settle her after the rescue all of the cars here have either been abandoned or lost their mothers to draw out poaching but unlike any other sanctuary this one is entirely community owned. you know nikkei is from the some blue tribe there are nomadic herders who rely on goats sheep and camels to help provide a livelihood before do. to community today do dislike. but for now to come to. our troops who are. benefits or benefits a little in your head goes on to say that work at the century means a better life for many here and so his community appreciates the animals more. money from tourists who visit the century also helps to provide local villages with
12:45 am
much needed water health care roads and financial assistance for students the sanctuary is run by a board of trustees made up of elders who employ local people to work there in a new cases these days people from surrounding villages are increasingly helping with conservation efforts community members are often the ones tipping off the sentry when there's an animal in need. off to a coffee is rescued it's a four to the century and kept separate from the other coughs for five days once the keepers know the new elephant is healthy it's introduced to the nursery and its temporary family the sanctuary falls under the number conservancy which is home to about fifty thousand people the same brew of always lived with. life and although the population has grown and the number of livestock or the amount of livestock in this well is grown they still are happy to co-exist with what life because they're not natural hunters on their not porches and so they feel like it's
12:46 am
there. it is their role to take care of the environment here. it's estimated that between five and ten eleven cops are rescued in route in kenya and while the return of the century is just over a year old keepers here say they're conservation work will leave a lasting impression from al-jazeera somebody recounting. still to come on the program and sport will be at the finishing line of the world's toughest off-road insurance race. helping the red mist almost box this first year in power we look back at some of the keep moments that have defined his presidency so far. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but
12:47 am
inside the favelas. has big plans so there's a. building since the age of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal and the mosque to plan out the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al jazeera and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
12:48 am
let's get all the dispersants that with that they are. thank you so much julie while the international olympic committee has confirmed north korea's participation at next month's winter games in pyongyang during a meeting at the headquarters in switzerland it was decided that twenty two north korean athletes will compete in the three sports but the two koreas marching behind one flag at the opening ceremony the i.c. german president thomas back says the agreement has global significance. i'm sure. that this will be a very emotional moment not only for all koreans but also for the entire world.
12:49 am
i mean myself from a firm a lead the right it country it is a moment i'm also personally looking for a lot to with great anticipation and great emotion manchester city have maintained their twelve point lead at the top of the english premier league after losing their unbeaten league record at liverpool last time out they were too good for newcastle a surge or a trick giving city a three one win. afterwards if you deliver always you have a little bit about how it was going to reargue would have been if you make two games in a rule. no winning in that way was so important to competitions like kilo a cup semi final in carbon after was brahma going here in going we need mathematically ten victories to be champion a goal from anthony mathieu are enough for second place money united to beat burnley united manager joe is a marine i says the deal to sign striker alexy sanchez from asto is getting closer
12:50 am
. a sink us i think is so close so close so close that this should doesn't happen. it's not going to happen. so. i'm positive i know that my people. is doing everything. arsenal ended a run of three league games that's when they beat crystal palace for one defending champions chelsea are followed after a four one zero win over brighton and their manager was in combative made after that going. to to see did they get the bonus bit and i don't see. that there was bitter but these demons with many problems. from move fourteen games in the you know every competition and undulate curva looks to be a strong consented to win the australian open title twenty sixteen champion
12:51 am
overwhelming maria sharapova in the third round encounter in melbourne tatyana sanchez has more. former champion maria sharapova the comeback run at the australian open is over i the russian was back in melbourne after testing positive for a banned substance hit in twenty six seen the sharp over was no match for former champion angele kapur the german winning in straight sets six one six three there's a lot of things any temper and as i said this is a process and this is. a lot of things that take time to be able to get these matches and players that are playing this well and i'm going to face a lot of them this year and i have to bring in today was not enough. cappa next place is just the way of chinese taipei you added another thing i did prior to her australian open win list she beat number twenty six the agony ashgabat ones go was wild number one simona halep outlasted her opponent in an epic
12:52 am
match the top seed was up against american lauren davis has ranked seventy six in the world would the romanian winning the deciding set fifteen thirteen in a match that lasted nearly four hours twenty six year old khalid is going for her first grand slam title i gave everything very head today and i actually am really proud that i could stay there and winning was not busy at all she played great. roger federer is moving closer to successfully defending his title in melbourne this with speed rashad got a skate to advance to the fourth round federer plays martin fisher that next i was hoping i could play at that level so. i'm very happy that i was able to rise to a level that i needed to beat richard. you know i. was tough. score shows it as well i could've done it
12:53 am
maybe a bit faster the same time happy to have done it the way it happened so. i was pleased and six time champion novak djokovic to fight an injury scare in his match the sad required on court treatment during his encounter with albert ramos the yellow that still finished up as the straight sets were no passing out of al-jazeera. ross fisher and thomas pate is share the lead after day three of the abu dhabi championship pages of belgium rolling in this pop out on the eighteenth to keep his name at the top of the leaderboard. just a shot behind as rory mcilroy he's looking good on his return from a three month period. i one of the world's toughest off road insurance events has reached the finish line in the argentinian city of quarter but the dakar rally has traversed three
12:54 am
countries and fowls of kilometers of unforgiving terrain the veteran spanish drive a car science winning the car race. was at the finish line for us. it's only the taking part that counts for others only victory will do and then there are those off to two grueling weeks through some of the toughest to reign on the planet i'm just glad it's will over time now to reflect on what might have been for me was a mistake on the rubble of the second i defer spot was a lot but i mean the first couple days in the state. when you started we just saw so much by that for the media. more than three hundred cars trucks motorbikes quad bikes and buggies plus a huge support network from around the world covering nine thousand kilometers is also a logistical and environmental challenge since the race debut in one nine hundred
12:55 am
seventy. seventy competitors and spectators have been killed in accidents. they've worked to improve safety and to protect the routes no one died this year. the. brink. of a weather condition. that. this is the tenth year that has been run in south america a supposedly temporary measure after the two thousand and eight race was canceled following the killing of four french tourists on the planned route in mauritania. is the motor capital of argentina and these fans will give it up easily meanwhile the challenges is great for the races as it was in africa to get a little bit lost. so it's it's change really really quick at the moment looks not
12:56 am
so good for me. no one the motorbike race well the veteran spanish driver carlos signed repeated his two thousand and ten victory in the car category as they pack up two thousand and eighteen planning is already underway the next year's race in south america. argentina. looking for now let's get back to chile in london andy thank you that's it for the news hour be back shortly with more news will leave you with a look at some of the key moments from donald trump's first year at the forty fifth president of the u.s. . graduation. from this day forward it's going to be only. birds. first sign of
12:57 am
a crowd coming right back to the nation on tuesday in. the. at. the f.b.i. as part of our counterintelligence mission is investigate the russian government's efforts to interfere in the thousand and sixteen presidential elections. but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. of the united states through all. our. climate of course. is on a suicide mission from self. term. as
12:58 am
the capital of israel. the us president has denied using the word home to describe haiti. in africa. i might. be.
12:59 am
carcinogen. for years japanese have gone into the country's lush force for what they call. green or forest baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential are at least found in the forests my research has shown that forest front to sides reduces stress hormones can relax us in the future
1:00 am
the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest in the state of medicine now he's here in many cases. i still in afghanistan to some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority to take a shot to see if there was such a child or a chance to live up to that such a long haul out of islam they were only to love the chats unprecedented access icily and the taliban at this time on al-jazeera. security forces a baton gunman at a major hotel in the afghan capital reports of multiple people killed it.


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