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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds corruptly did just what president say in the whole country there is not other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. dramatic pictures out of the afghan capital where gunmen have attacked a five star hotel.
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there nor cal this is al sara live from doha also coming up he says it started as an offensive against kurdish positions inside syria. would go shading with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. . the blame game in washington as the senate fails to pass a spending bill forcing a government shutdown. under the finishing line of the world's toughest off road and tour and threats. afghan special forces are battling gunmen who stormed a five star hotel and kabul and took hostages. these are the first days time pictures we're seeing of the hotel after the attack a man appears to be trying to escape the burning building from a balcony the afghan interior ministry says one of the gunman has been shot dead before writing is continuing from floor to floor u.s.
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embassy recently warned of possible strikes against high profile targets. joins us on the line from kabul abdullah says almost twelve hours after the first attack on this hotel late saturday night seeing these dramatic pictures at first light this morning what's been happening. when. morning sun rises. in kabul was. described as we were turned back from. the continental hotel which is clearly. not additional special forces and. forces of. the just going to. now just as you say a. continued. posture of all knowledge.
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of the just explodes of the engine combo votes out of. the stooges source also the timing of the talkers. likely to be more attractive. and they're supposed to be on the servant of the building now which is telling us just. people who. probably were skewed and should be people have been reported to be injured some people some were injured as you saw in the pictures jumping out of the b.b.c. . the first time they find attractive in kabul. city. clearly didn't appear to be. good. for this attack. and.
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i tried to hide from the. hotel public gatherings ok many thanks for the update from kabul this morning and twelve hours off the intercontinental hotel was attacked that seems ongoing we'll keep you posted on all the latest developments. now a new front in syria's war has opened turkey has launched an operation against us back syrian kurds y p g fighters in the offing region and has frames the offensive as part of a wider battle against kurdish separatists in southwest turkey and the u.s. president says the next target will be a bandage a syrian town that was recaptured from myself in two thousand and sixteen by kurdish led force also backed by the us opposed by turkey seventy deca has more from the turkey syrian border. shortly before sunset on saturday turkey launched
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its air campaign on africa in turkish officials had said all week that the operation was imminent. much president. spoke just a few hours before the jets to call them. we would wipe out this corridor or step by step starting from the west africa operation has defectors started in the field this will be followed but. since the promises made. and kept so far nobody can say anything when we do what is necessary. throughout the morning along turkey's western border with the turkish army had brought in bulldozers gravel and concrete blocks appearing to build up their defenses along the border with syria. tank shell specific locations on the mountain and hours later this mountain would be targeted by airstrikes the army made us move from this position a few hours before the campaign officially began and this is just one of the locations that the turkish army is shelling out free in is pretty much surrounded
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turkey to its west and north and there's also been a build up inside syria by free syrian army fighters to the east about three now those are the rebels that turkey supports. turkey had reinforced the f.s.a. with thousands more men over the last few days these buses drove the fighters across the border into syria they will be part of a ground offensive against the y.p. g. the kurdish group turkey considers to be a terrorist organization it is also however the group the americans consider their best ally in fighting eisel the international dimensions are vast russia and now instead pulled out a few hundred military personnel that had enough range shortly after the campaign started and russia controls this airspace meaning turkey could not be flying their planes without russia's consent turkey says it is only targeting what it calls terrorists but there are already reports coming out of africa in that civilians have been affected it seems syria seven year war is entering yet another phase
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stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border. russia alice if you enjoy macof says relations between turkey and russia are very strong russia and turkey are on very good terms now they've restored their relationship after turkey shut down russian airplane and. relation to tear it is now the relations are back they are so good actually is that when turkey was advancing in a frame all the russians were with the group from area also when recently. there was a drone attack on the russian airbase put impersonality spoke and said turkey is beyond any suspicion. so they wrote put in announced that there was. international power involved in the
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attack on russian airbase so putin always highlights that turkey and russia though they have different goals in the region but they are allies. the anniversary of president trumps integration has been marked by a government shutdown after the senate failed to agree on a spending bill that will try again early on monday to vote for a deal with immigration the main sticking point republicans and democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock mike hanna reports house democratic minority leader nancy pelosi was the monger thousands of people protesting near the white house her presence at the moment no longer needed on capitol hill when they go see a chanst between senate democrats and republicans on the new wording of a stopgap funding bill fell apart democrats were quick to blame the president and
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right wing forces within his administration negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. it's next to impossible as soon as you take one step forward. the hard right forces the president three steps back but republicans in turn accuse the democrats and schumer in particular of negotiating in bad ways like that so mr she was going to have to up his game a little bit be a little bit more honest with the president states if we received roberson it from the president himself posted multiple tweets one reading democrats holding our military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and democrats wanted to give me a nice present president trump himself well he's canceled a visit to his florida clubhouse where he was going to celebrate the anniversary of his inauguration along with those willing to pay up to one hundred thousand dollars
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a plate more significantly perhaps it appears he's also canceling his trip to the world economic forum in davos where global leaders gather each year. a year ago on this night the newly inaugurated president was dancing at his inaugural party but the insistence on doing things his way have left americans contemplating an indefinite freeze of many government services mike hanna al-jazeera washington. oh hundreds of thousands of women are marching across the u.s. against president trump organizers hope they'll encourage more women to vote and to run for office in november midterm elections muslim jordan has more. drumming up momentum for political action a gear into the presidency of donald trump thousands marched in washington and
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across the nation on saturday not just against the president and his policies but also in support of their favorite causes reproductive rights gender equality and racial and economic justice black rights human rights women's rights. just every human should have like equal rights and i do think that it has kind of injected a more civic activism among people and that's a good thing i think that it's easy for people to come complacent about their their rights and about that to marcus in general and i think you know this this is a wake up call women apparently have heard the call one report says that nearly four hundred women have announced they want to seat in the house of representatives while forty nine are running for the senate and even though there are only fifty states nearly eighty women are now running to be governor i have friends who are running for office for local office and i've seen people create organizations it is
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it is really a change and that's very heartening to see the newly elected mayor of charlotte north carolina urged marchers in that city to seize the moment we're all here because we care deeply about the wellbeing of women and we want to promote a safe and productive environment for women that means equal pay for equal work some marchers say trump's presidency has underscored the need to take politics seriously finally people understand that you have to vote not only for the presidency but you have to vote for your congressman you have to vote in local sections you have to vote for these people who are in office for so long what we often forget is though the local governments what's going on affecting the day to day i think engagement either if it's local and running the war with more more. borders is going to help us the demonstrators say this is what democracy looks like but in the united states it's not just enough to take to the streets and exercise
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one's first amendment rights it's also about getting involved in the political process and the organizers hope that's the legacy of this year's women's march rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. samoa has hair on al-jazeera the. tens of thousands of romanians a come fronted by riot police during anti corruption demonstrations. and once a symbol of price now and i saw fs for a bicycle come back in china face a bumpy ride. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to some rice atop an asian metropolis. alah the first proper winter storm has just blown through the levant it started off being noticed in turkey this is eastern turkey and this clearly is a sandstorm whipped up i think the sun comes from further south the syrian desert
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region possibly egypt and the whole lot swept east was such that iraq had a similar sort of view but twelve hours later and this is the un killing remains of that storm producing snow on this picture in the northwest of iraq now behind it all the skies are clear the wind has drops from very cold by morning by day we should see at about eighteen in baghdad and beirut and even aleppo is up to about thirteen so much as the snow would have melted but it was a cold night and the wind has dropped however i suspect the next thing is already brewing so looks like you end up with a windy day this is come monday with the cloud already gathering and that might be windy enough for once again to pick up the sand there orange i think probably unlikely in the arabian peninsula the change to a northerly breeze means a drop in temperature in doha and abu dhabi and twenty one by day it's much warmer further west it always is so meccas up to thirty two or even thirty three degrees now remains dreiser a good part of northern africa but you have the familiar line of rain that still
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there from angola across to madagascar where it's quite heavy. the waiver sponsored by qatar and greece. in two thousand and eight al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. ten years on we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of india. super thirty at this time on al-jazeera. i am. i am i am i am. i am who i am. and there again you're watching out of there as
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reminder of our top stories this hour afghan special forces are battling gunman who stormed a five star hotel in kabul and took hostages two attackers have been killed as live two more on the ground offensive in the african region in northern syria it's an angle a for syrian kurdish why p.g. fighters backed by the u.s. mascot has condemned what it calls brutal aggression. and the u.s. senate will try again on monday to vote for a deal to fund the government alderson's failed to agree on the spending bill on friday into a shutout. tens of thousands of romanians have protested against changes to the judicial system demonstrates any amended laws will make it harder to prosecute officials for corruption their willing party has been implicated in several fraud cases and a hoax. if the palmer was hoping the snowstorms raging across from mania would deter protesters from marching they were to be disappointed tens of thousands
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gathered in book arrest braving the rain and the cold and hostile police presence to show their opposition to anti graft legislation the protests were organized after the ruling social democrats o.p.'s the past in the last month which could make it harder to prosecute crime and high level corruption has been a controversial issue in rumania since the government was sworn in a year ago. they tell me i came here to live in a free country that is not full of corrupt people i want these assassins and the marquis of people. to the revolution of the country i don't think that i come here because we want to correct politicians and justice in romania. a protest march followed another event for we can remain here with the president speaking out of to a second felt government so another prime minister ousted i'm the cheese after i weighed all the arguments taking into account the actual situation in parliament i
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decided to give the social democrats one more chance and to designate the person they proposed to mrs duncan. not done sheila dunn chiller would be the third prime minister and eleven months the first woman to ever lead the government she still has to be approved by the parliament most controversially she's considered a very close ally to the p.s.t. leader liviu drug he was convicted for ballot rigging and faces charges of abuse of office his two year prison sentence was suspended if the current anti graft legislation is passed the case against him would be dropped. done jenner was brought in after her predecessor stepped down on monday after falling out with the party head deeply embarrassing because the japanese prime minister was on a state visit to remain at the time his meeting with his counterpart was quickly scrapped and a day with the president was fast forwarded instead meanwhile the european union has spoken out and to do more to prevent and tackle high level corruption.
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remain a joint european union in two thousand and seven and is subject to special monitoring of the judiciary and the rule of law over nine to remain informal ministers deputies and senators have been indicted by the council of europe's anti corruption unit since two thousand and six but brussels has been accused of being too soft on the former soviet state the scale of the protest is nothing new and remain is history tens of thousands took to the streets in one thousand nine hundred nine in the mass uprising which led to the downfall of the communist dictator nicolae ceausescu memories of that revolution seemed rife nearly thirty years later the new prime minister is set to be sworn in in early february perhaps her first task is appeasing the marchers. there are thousands of women have. still to protest against president fog. fourteen opposition parties began week to demonstrations in september demanding the president step down and came to power in
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two thousand and five after the death of his father. and end of his to an end to his family dynasty which has ruled for more than fifty is a border dispute between egypt and sit on is tearing communities a pause relations have to terrorize his triangle a tooth twenty thousand square kilometer area by the red sea so don accuses egypt of killing its people and has deployed troops to the border reports. mohamed atta met has always identified himself as a sudanese from the bush era tribe which comes from the border area but that makes it difficult to get goods and resources to reach the little town of all safe where he lives that's because all safe in northeastern sudan is the closest town to the disputed border between sudan in egypt and the triangle known as hell which egypt continues to hold. you know some people say that the bushite is a now part of egypt but in our hearts we are not
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a traditions none of us say we are egyptians and even egyptians don't accept us as part of them. mohamed says he has looked in permits from egyptian authorities to cross into hell i as do many people who live in or safe but have families in the triangle the dispute over a region rich in oil and minerals started when sudan gained independence in one thousand nine hundred fifty six and borders were drawn up over the past few years the dispute has escalated with sudan accusing egypt of harassing its citizens when they crossed into the region and executing dozens of them in the past twelve months alone that fence marks the beginning of the disputed area of the library and go egypt has station forces there for more than two decades despite protests from the sudanese government recently has been at the forefront of increased tensions between the two countries tensions exacerbated by sudan support for if you peace plans to build a hydroelectric dam which will reduce the amount of water reaching egypt today and has repeatedly complained to the un security council over and once
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a dispute solved through arbitration egypt has failed to respond in protest sudan recalled its ambassador to egypt earlier this month was very inside there treating our people there in humanely those killings and torture that's why we met here at the parliament and are taking steps so that it's no longer a regional issue but also an international one. sudan has deployed troops on the border egypt says it doesn't want to work with its neighbors. we will not engage in a war with our brothers or anyone else any pound spent on disputes or conflicts should be directed toward people for those living in a safe it's not the military escalation they're worried about but the relatives they have living in the triangle who have lost their land to egypt and may lose their identities who he will morgan al-jazeera from the sudan egyptian border jamaica's government has declared a state of emergency in parts of the country's northwest because of violent crime police and soldiers have been given extra powers in and around and take up
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a whole of three hundred murders were committed in the area last year have been warned to stay in their resorts and measures will last until the fifteenth of february. and delegation has arrived in south career ahead of next month's winter olympics and charring inspection teams visit was delayed by one day sending twenty two athletes to the games their magic breakthrough follows talks earlier this month the first official meeting in two years. in asia is deploying military paramedics to carry food and vaccines to a remote region provinces suffering from a chronic lack of health care and reports from the town of i gather. here the extent of the health crisis in power becomes painfully clear undernourished and very seriously ill children are still being rushed to this hospital and this is the only hospital for around one hundred thousand people here in the us my district and conditions are very very basic maria has just traveled for around five hours by
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speedboat to bring her little daughter. she says she's one years old and look she's extremely undernourished not only undernourished because of a lack of food but the are smart people in contact with the outside world are rapidly losing their traditions and also their knowledge on how to give nutrition to their children the indonesian government is pulling money into this region but many building infrastructure and living conditions the basic health conditions of these people are seriously deteriorating. to have a nice social democratic party is meeting later on sunday's decide whether to start formal talks with the chancellor to form a coalition government the s.t.p. leader martin scholtz backtracked from his opposition to an alliance issue has divided the party as dominic kane reports from berlin. these are trying times for the social democrats once they were the dominant force in german politics and the
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legacy of their first post-war chancellor villi behind remains palpable but so did their present electoral problems their current leader martin schultz now finds himself proposing another grand coalition with angle americal one he himself opposed in the autumn it's a position many in his party are struggling with. their own style of unity we are concentrating on finding a majority in favor of the result of exploratory talks as the basis for a coalition deal of the party congress on sunday that's my task to get a majority or those are trying to get a majority for their positions but that is the competition within the democratic party. and there are several prominent elements in that competition already espied a groups in two of the sixteen states have voted against another grand coalition and the party's youth movement is vociferously opposed to the moment cardamom and it's and we're not just leading the fight against another grand coalition we're
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convinced that what we're doing is showing the s.p.d. the best way to become stronger in the future to be the strongest left leaning party in our society but some people in our party seem to think that we have an eternal guarantee to be the largest group in parliament up but we don't. this internal party dispute right now conceals the fact that this party's election performances have been falling and some might say failing for more than fifteen years. a glance at the latest opinion polls shows how bleak the situation is just eighteen percent the s.p.d. is less popular now than in september's general election nearer to the parties in third and fourth place than to angle americans christian democrats for the us produce the sunday vote is definitely a very crucial decision that might as well decide the fate in the medium term for the prettier the party as a whole in principle delegates will be voting purely about whether to enter formal
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negotiations with the christian democrats in practice it seems like a battle for the party's political soul dominic came out zero berlin well renowned french chef paul bocuse has died at the age of ninety one then as the pope of gastronomy he became famous for modernizing french cuisine in the one nine hundred seventy s. his restaurant in leon held three michelin stars without a break for more than forty years sources close to his family say he died after a long battle with parkinson's disease one of the world's toughest off road in joints events has reached its conclusion stage around the argentinian city of cordoba but this year's dakar rally to an end of the last two weeks cars bikes quads trucks and u.t.v. buggies have been racing through thousands of kilometers of unforgiving terrain three countries they started in peru and pass through bolivia before heading into
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argentina in the car pass a great spain's carlos sainz has one a tie so for a second time. on much slower but the bicycle was once the only form of transport from those chinese people's wealth growth a symbol of prestige pursuit ever taken by cars now as they make a comeback with bike sharing operations booming says agent brown reports the area's industry is in serious trouble. for some the humble bicycle has become a menace across beijing clusters of discarded rental bikes covers sidewalks bike sharing began two years ago the selling point was that it was cheap and you could leave them wherever you wanted but that's the problem say many who live here . you should see both sides yes it's really convenient and ecological but it's a disaster with this huge amount to do you see a lot of it's definitely a waste because the occupy public spaces during peak times it takes pile up at bus
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stops according to the government china has more than twenty three million shared bicycles recent photographs on social media show numerous dumping grounds for abandoned bikes the operators insist there are clear rules about where to park them and it's not their fault it's not happening you can hire a bike like this for just seven cents for half an hour there are also other obvious benefits it's good exercise and better for the environment than driving but there's also one obvious problem excessive oversupply now the inevitable zuckerberg several operators have gone bust with one owing investors almost sixty million dollars. the city of fear engine has a long history of bicycle production despite the overcapacity these are destined for the rental sector fine is free market policies made this private factory
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possible now the owner hopes the communist government can come to the rescue. we believe the government should do more to help the amount of shared bikes should be on the basis of a city scale just forty years ago you knew you'd made it when you had a bike along with a watch radio and sewing machine it was a family's most valuable possession a symbol of pride now for some it stands as a symbol of national waste a dream brown al-jazeera beijing. this is our top stories afghan special forces are battling gunmen who stormed a five star hotel in kabul and took hostages two attackers have been killed and lived to more so in size eight people injured security forces are fighting from floor to floor at the last i heard has more from kabul i want you to reach in so
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there is no doubt kids close up the intercom of course are. still to source also be insolent to our. children and like to know our platters. and their possibility on the seventh floor of the building now and it's due to sources telling us that at least twenty people who tried inside the hotel have been instituted turkey has begun an air and ground offensive in the african region in northern syria it's an enclave for syrian kalish why p.g. fighters who are backed by the u.s. says as strikes have killed at least nine people. the u.s. senate will try again on monday to vote for a deal to fund the government failed to agree on a spending bill and friday leading to a shutdown republicans and democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock women are rallying across the u.s.
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to about one year since president trump took office says hope that encourage more women to vote and run for office in november's midterm elections vice president mike pence has arrived in jordan as part of a regional tool he was in egypt where he met president abdel fattah el-sisi to discuss security and the israeli palestinian peace process pence who will be visiting israel as well so the u.s. is still committed to a two state solution. tens of thousands of romanians have protested against changes to their judicial system. i am a stranger savy amended laws will make it harder to prosecute officials for corruption it still needs the approval of the president. and per process has condemned the killing of women which he says this time last america into the world's most violent place for females he also spoke out against drug violence during mass in the northern peruvian city of true. headlines and back with more news on al-jazeera that's super thirty stay with us.
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