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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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need to return to find the rest of their family who couldn't make the. border security. now the journey between the two countries is just a boat across the river that takes twenty minutes which is. trying to go back to save. at least five people dead. after government officials.
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brought them. to move into the. next. determined. political action. network for an overnight siege at the intercontinental hotel in kabul gunfire and explosions can still be heard from outside the hotel despite the interior minister . afghan officials say one hundred and sixty people including four foreigners
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have been rescued let's go. now she is joining us on the phone from kabul what are you hearing jennifer. well listen i'm just outside the intercontinental hotel where we know that explosions and gunfire have been going on over the last couple of hours or so as you said that this siege is going into its fifteenth hour we saw all security forces heading to the hotel where the enforcement heavily on just about an hour ago but the explosions and gunfire heavy arms as well as small arms fire has continued here you can see the hotel side of the hotel totally burnt out where fires burned overnight and at daybreak this morning we saw some very dramatic footage of people getting out of the hotel leaving the top floors basically moving people down the top floors on the outside balconies trying to get and out gunfire just now being heard as well as any network another explosion there and if you can
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hear that but this speed has gone on for fifteen hours and the ministry of interior says it was four gunmen that got into this hotel on a hillside above a heavily armed hotel with a lot of questions was about how they got in and we can very much share those explosions jennifer reports that security at the hotel was handed over to a private company two weeks ago it certainly seems to be a lot of weapons ammunition involved how could attack have been able to penetrate this hotel. that is going to be the big question how did they get in clearly they had a lot of weapons another explosion their security forces have been fighting for fifteen hours now more to floor room to room in this hotel one hundred sixty people have been evacuated including the attackers heavily fortified and been able to hold off afghan security forces for fifteen hours in this hotel and how they got in
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there are two security checkpoints as you drive in a check the cars they check everything in the car and then there are another further two checkpoints where they search people and bags as you get in the hotel as well so that's going to be the big question as you said a new security private security group took over. over the security at the hotel now that is the case and a number of secured facilities here you do have a private security firm who are to be in charge of each of these buildings but the interior ministry says they will launch an investigation as to how this happened but of course the priority now is ending that jennifer thank you very much for that for now that jennifer plastering us with the latest on the phone from kabul thank you. moving on to other news for now and a new front has opened and syria's war turkey has launched an operation against u.s. backed syrian kurdish fighters in northern syria the operation is concentrated on
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the region six people have already died from artillery and air strikes turkish troops have been mobilized at the border and state media reports that turkish backed syrian fighters have already crossed into a fleeing and took he's president says the next target will be that the syrian town that was recaptured from isis than two thousand and sixteen by a kurdish led force backed by the u.s. bought opposed by turkey stephanie decker has more now from the turkish syrian border we've been hearing intensive shelling and heavy machine gunfire throughout the morning also the sound of jets in the sky we are on the western side this is the western border that turkey has with also there are reports turkish media reporting that the ground operation has started we are trying to confirm that very difficult to confirm the exact movements the moment but what is certain is that turkey has brought in thousands of free syrian army fighters these are the rebels inside syria that turkey supports into syria reinforcing they've also brought them
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to their northern border and along this western borders are really gives you an indication that after being is surrounded from most side the turkish military say that the airstrikes that were carried out starting sort of sunsets on saturday have achieved ninety six percent of their targets an incredible air campaign seventy two jets involved according to the turkish military and it is an ongoing operation of course there is a lot of concern for the civilians from what we understand people moving away from those border areas and also the situation inside people sheltering in their basements so it must be an absolutely terrifying time for them. to the us now with the anniversary of president trans inauguration has been marked by a government shutdown after the senate failed to agree on a spending bill it will try again on monday to avoid a deal with immigration the main sticking point republicans and democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock mike hanna reports. house democratic minority
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leader nancy pelosi was the monger thousands of people protesting near the white house her presence at the moment no longer needed on capitol hill when they go see a chanst between senate democrats and republicans on the new wording of a stopgap funding bill fell apart democrats were quick to blame the president and right wing forces within his administration negotiating with this white house is like negotiating with jell-o. . it's next to impossible as soon as you take one step forward. the hard right forces the president three steps back but republicans in turn accuse the democrats and schumer in particular of negotiating in bad ways like that so mr she was going to have to up his game a little bit be a little bit more honest with the president states if we can see for others from the from the president himself posted multiple tweets one reading democrats holding our military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration this
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is the one year anniversary of my presidency and democrats wanted to give me a nice present president trump himself well he's canceled a visit to his florida club house where he was going to celebrate the anniversary of his inauguration along with those willing to pay up to one hundred thousand dollars a plate more significantly perhaps it appears he's also canceling his trip to the world economic forum in davos where global leaders gather each year. a year ago on this night the newly inaugurated president was dancing at his inaugural party at the insistence on doing things his way have left americans contemplating an indefinite freeze of many government services mike hanna al-jazeera washington. now bill schneider as a professor of public policy at george mason university and a political analyst and he says any solution is being handed by the basis of both
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parties. the republican base are hard line conservatives who refuse to accept any kind of illegal immigration even immigrants who are brought to the united states is children they want seven hundred thousand of them deported and the progressives on the democratic side just don't want to make any deal with donald trump because they don't want to do anything that could make trump look like a winner and the leadership of both parties are being held captive by their bases including president he's the president of the united states and it's his job to make government work he was elected because he's an outsider not a politician. a professional politician but he's been missing in action through this entire crisis he couldn't even. get the minority leader of the united states senate to make a deal he seemed very powerless in all this and i think americans are going to conclude that he's not a very effective president if he can't even make a deal work now not to mock tom's anniversary in office hundreds of thousands of
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women marched across the u.s. to protest against his administration and its policies organizers hope that encourage more women to vote and won for office and event this midterm elections roslyn jordan has moved from washington. drumming up momentum for political action into the presidency of donald trump thousands marched in washington and across the nation on saturday not just against the president and his policies but also in support of their favorite causes reproductive rights gender equality and racial and economic justice black rights human rights women's rights. just. like equal rights i do think that it has kind of injected more civic activism among people and that's a good thing i think that it's easy for people to come complacent about their their rights and about democracy in general and i think you know this this is
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a wake up call women the parent. we have heard the call one report says that nearly four hundred women have announced they want to seat in the house of representatives while forty nine are running for the senate and even though there are only fifty states nearly eighty women are now running to be governor i have friends who are running for office for local office and i've seen people create organizations it is it is really a change and it's very heartening to say the newly elected mayor of charlotte north carolina urged marchers in that city to seize the moment we're all here because we care deeply about the well being of women and we want to promote a safe and productive environment for women that means equal pay for equal work some marchers say trump's presidency has underscored the need to take politics seriously finally people understand that you have to vote not only for the presidency but you have to vote for your congressman you have to vote in local
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sections you have to vote for these people who are in office for so long what we often forget is though the local governments what's going on affecting their day to day i think engagement either if it's local and running the war with more more voters is going to help us the telestrator say this is what democracy looks like but in the united states it's not just enough to take to the streets and exercise one's first amendment rights it's also about getting involved in the political process and the organizers hope that's the legacy of this year's women's march rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington still ahead on the bulletin the u.s. vice president arrives in jordan as part of his controversial middle east oil and wants a summit of pride now and i saw efforts for a bicycle comeback in china face a bumpy ride.
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from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. hello and welcome to international weather forecast remains pretty unsettled across parts of europe with some heavy snowfall in the offing there we got a frontal system pushing in across more western areas bringing very wet weather across the u.k. with some snow on its forward edge so if you look at the forecast there is that snow pushing in more snow across the alps some of this pretty heavy we've got some rain extending down towards the peyronie's eastern areas also seen some heavy snowfall some snow in the balkans you see across parts of russia as quite a swathe of snow which is going to push away towards the east during the course of monday but still snow across southeastern areas and cold air minus two there fitch is now we've got the snow still across the alps mild air across more western areas twelve as a high in london and find a crosstab ear implants of a sixteen as a maximalist been the other side of the mediterranean we've got this area of low
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pressure just bringing in some fairly brisk winds along the coast of north africa but otherwise weather conditions not too bad twenty two bright in cairo for central parts of africa most to share it to vittie is largely south of the barn across towards tanzania otherwise across west africa weather conditions are looking drawing fine thirty two and sunny in lagos for southern parts of africa we've got some showers across southern parts of south africa because he sees one or two showers in cape town. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. facing the reality is growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mean maher government calls you a gringo lead terrorist hear their story on to how does he have at this time. i'd. tell you. some of it i like.
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good to have you with us on our top stories the afghan government is blaming the. network for the overnight seizure of the intercontinental hotel in kabul gunfire and explosions can still be heard from outside the hotel at least five civilians have been killed in the attack which began. on saturday night. turkey has launched a new campaign in syria targeting the kurdish controlled on clay scene artillery and air strikes have killed at least six people and troops are mobilizing for a ground assault president says the next target will be another town under kurdish
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control and the anniversary of u.s. president has been marked by a government shutdown off the senate failed to agree on a spending bill that will try again on monday to vote for immigration the main sticking point republicans and democrats blaming each other for the deadlock. now u.s. vice president mike pence has arrived in jordan to meet king abdullah as part of his regional tour earlier he met president of the c.c. in egypt to discuss security and the israeli palestinian peace process penned says the u.s. is still committed to a two state solution despite the controversial u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital let's get more on this now we're joined by. the former foreign minister of jordan who is joining us from the capital amman very good to have you with us on al-jazeera i'm so what kind of a welcome do you think vice president. jordan not just by the king but by the people given that u.s.
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decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital which has angered so many in the region. well this is being treated officially as a business trip and therefore jordan is would be more than willing to hear what he says and especially expounds a little bit on what is called the deal of the century popularly i don't think this visit is welcome and people are worried that this might be the building of bad news so in a way the or there is a mixed feeling about it and is there anything that mike pence can say now can reveal about what the u.s. has planned in this deal the so-called deal of the century. that will be welcome by jordan given the damage that's already being done by that u.s. decision on jerusalem. for the jordanian position has been very constant and his majesty has been. about the position that there should be two states.
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in palestine one for israel and the neighboring country for the palestinians on the words bank of jordan on the occupied territories emerged in sixty seven and rose in him as its capital jerusalem is jerusalem you saw in there with you know only solution that the short of that will be will jordan will take it through the gloom of songs so in a way that we should wait for what he has to see look at it very intently and then the durbin and king and the government will decide on what course of action to take and away from the israeli palestinian issue mr what else will the jordanians be looking for from mike pence we know that the memorandum of understanding between the two countries where the u.s. actually provides a lot of money to jordan to help them an economic military issues with the many
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challenges the country is facing like the millions of refugees there that memorandum of understanding has expired will there be a new one. well i really don't anticipate that right now of the budget of next year the americans are have already committed the same amount of it even a little bit more than they did in two thousand and seventeen so in a way until the end of the year there will be no effect on the financial aid which is the united states of us because of the war over you know jordan has been sticking to this position for a long time and when the u.s. aid to jordan has been increasing over the last five or six years so that it actually serves other purposes other than the agreement between the president and his majesty king also on what caused the in in on the palestinian struggle so therefore i believe that. the americans would really go ahead and
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abolish the or cancer of the of them it they may not increase store them in a decrease that a little bit about jordan has been impacted by the decision of that artist is to decrease to the war as you know jordan has two point two million refugees into all of them and those actually mostly supported by their whatever amount that is going to be. or the deficit that's going to be in the budget there must be found must be compensated and jordan has to look for other donors and to try to bridge the gap it will be very interesting to see how at these meetings go with actually very much for your time mr advani that is sad alan and joining us live from amman thank you you thank. so now pope francis has condemned the killing of women which he says has to in latin america into the most violent place on earth for women the leader of the catholic church also spoke out
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against drugs while and still in mass in the northern peruvian city of through he'll then return to lima and spent time speaking with followers and blessing children but his money on the sanchez reports from lima the pope's mission in peru is being overshadowed by his handling of a clergy sex abuse scandal in chile. well peruvians are much focused on the pope's trip here to have been reacting to the pope's comments before he left a few days ago where he said that the victims allegations that. protected sex abuse paedophiles. were calumny and slander. like a snowball for the pope and now his top adviser on sex abuse scandal. has rebuked the pope's comments he said that he doesn't understand why the pope has used those words slander and. those words in fact cause
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a great pain to the survivors of sex abuse cases by clergymen this has of course has caused a national uproar in chile and peruvians. also are waiting for the pope to react to one case here of a very powerful religious leader here. who prosecutors say has committed. against young adults and children he is living in rome has been protected by the vatican the pope has only order to intervene in this powerful religious organization. critics here say that they are waiting for the pope to not talk about war and people here critics of the pope. are expecting the. prosecutors and the justice to be able to extradite back
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to peru. right to china now where the bicycle was once the only form of transport for most people but his personal wealth and quote used a symbol of prestige replaced by cars now the bicycle is making a comeback with the sharing operations booming as adrian brown reports the return has brought new problems. for some humble bicycle has become a menace across beijing clusters of discarded rental bikes. bike sharing began two years ago the selling point was that it was cheap and you could leave them wherever you wanted but that's the problem say many who live here which is that you should see both sides yes it's really convenient and ecological but it's a disaster with this huge amount to you see all of it's definitely a waste because they occupy public spaces during peak times likes pile up at bus
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stops according to the government china has more than twenty three million shared bicycles recent photographs on social media show numerous dumping grounds for abandoned bikes the operators insist there are clear rules about where to park them and it's not their fault it's not happening you can hire a bike like this for just seven cents for half an hour there are also other obvious benefits it's good exercise and better for the environment than driving but there's also one obvious problem excessive oversupply now the inevitable zur curb several operators have gone bust with one owing investors almost sixty million dollars. the city of here engine has a long history of bicycle production despite the overcapacity these are destined for the rental sector fine is free market policies made this private factory
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possible now the owner hopes the communist government can come to the rescue. we believe the government should do more to help the amount of shared bikes should be on the basis of a city scale just forty years ago you knew you'd made it when you had a bike along with a watch radio and sewing machine it was a family's most valuable possession a symbol of pride now for some it stands as a symbol of national waste a dream brown al-jazeera beijing. now a president on the transfer steer and the white house has seen a big changes and u.s. foreign policy since coming to office tropics managed to offend u.s. allies fortune you alliances and reverse key policy decisions on diplomatic editor james bass takes a look back at a turbulent year is the world a safer place one year after president trump took office the answer is almost
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certainly no but is that the trumpet ministrations fault the situation on the korean peninsula is more dangerous because of north korea's nuclear test and missile launches but many believe president trump's responses including at this podium in september made things much worse. the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to turn only destroy north korea if you look elsewhere around the world it's not a positive picture the one success for the administration was dislodging eisel from the territory it held in syria and iraq but that was achieved by continuing policies put in place by president obama and where was the wider policy to deal with the civil war in syria president trump intervened in april with a military strike on the side airbase in response to
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a chemical weapons attack but that was a one off and there's been no punishment for consistent attacks on civilians in the country the president talked up peace between the israelis and palestinians saying he hoped to reach the deal of the century but his actions recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital have made that aim impossible for now as well as visiting jerusalem president trump went to saudi arabia a visit that saudi authorities may have felt gave them the green light to blockade their gulf neighbor cattle to intensify their campaign in yemen and to launch an internal crackdown with many princes put under arrest experts say it's part of a wider pattern countries no longer fear us condemnation on human rights in the way they used to trump is not a leader on human rights he has talked about pulling out of the un human rights council and although he talks a lot about abuses in venezuela and syria and sometimes empathizes with suffering
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trolldom in the middle east there's no substance that the united nations itself has felt the effects of a trump presidency the u.s. pulled out of the cultural and educational agency unesco it pulled funding from the un population fund which promotes family planning the administration force the overall un peacekeeping budget to be cut and in the last few days it withheld funding for the un agency that helps palestinians. now finally this bulletin if you're interested in traditional steam locomotives or i thought towers made of a car not the model engineering show in london is the place for you there are hundreds of exhibits but many say it's becoming a lost art because of the digital era pizza shop explains why. toys for the boys will not exactly this is london showcase of modeling forty five clubs and societies display more than two thousand exhibits but you struggle to find the few in the crowd under the age of sixty. modeling may be on its way to
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being a bygone art but records produced. it took twenty seven months to build his tower in paris using a regional drawings call and davis spent over a year to create the precise dimensions of this complex architectural masterpiece the half inch hole spacing for the. is exactly a five foot six inches which is about height perhaps more challenging in scope and scale the five metre long replica of the royal navy's h.m.s. ark royal dan forty started her in one thousand nine hundred ninety two and finished twenty five years later he served on a similar carrier in the cold war and brought that experience to provide the authentic detail on the flight deck many of these modeling clubs go back to the turn of the century but with the digital age their future can no longer be assured
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. that kids raised a top top notch. and seem to play computer games all the time and that the concept of using your hands and thinking chimps have gone very sad. most of the exhibits reinforce a comfortable sense of nostalgia among these ancient modelers the s.s. great britain was launched exactly one hundred seventy five years ago and was the longest passenger ship in the world and naturally in this exhibition the traces the very origin of modeling there's a matchstick model to show her lines. and then there's this quite bizarre and old favorite with the kids. al-jazeera london.
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and. again as of a problem in the headlines on al-jazeera the afghan government is blaming the taliban linked conny network for an overnight seizure of the intercontinental hotel in kabul gunfire and explosions can still be heard from outside the hotel at least five civilians have been killed in the attack which began when gunmen stormed the hotel on saturday night. turkey has launched a new campaign in syria targeting the kurdish controlled on clay of a fifteen artillery and air strikes have killed at least six people and troops are mobilizing for a ground assault turkey's president says the next target would be members another town under kurdish control anniversary of president sort all the ration has been marked by government shutdown after the senate failed to agree on the spending bill it will try again on monday to vote for a deal with immigration the main sticking point republicans and democrats are blaming each other for the deadlock. u.s. vice president mike pence has arrived in jordan to meet king abdullah as part of
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his regional tore pens told reporters last night before leaving egypt that the u.s. is still committed to a two state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict. but i assured him that even as president made that decision a decision that i will reaffirm in jordan and reaffirm in israel before the end of this trip that will also reaffirm what president trump also said that we're absolutely committed to the two preserving the status quo with regard to holy sites in jerusalem that we are that we've we we we have come to know a final resolution about boundaries or other issues that are to be negotiated between the parties and if the parties agree i reminded president el-sisi the president said that if the parties agree we will support a two state solution but francis has condemned the killing of women which he says has ten latin america and of the most violent place on earth for women the leader
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of the catholic church also spoke out against drug violence during mass in the northern peruvian city of through he'll he then returned to lima and spent on speaking with followers and blessing children rights those are the headlines do stay with us because talk to al-jazeera is coming up next. there is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. you. will. see. with wars and conflicts continue to rage and. the safety and well being of millions of people around the world. who are.


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