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egypt to assault to come on power over the mild enough we aren't harming any of them out of place a country they don't need for most of the debate get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to agree to share i know some people you make your. own question then yes the circumstances are changed in turn for the struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. takis president vows to crush kurdish fighters in syria as his troops launch a massive cost border operation.
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hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. a taliban attack on the intercontinental hotel in kabul finally ends off to a sixteen hour gun battle at least eighteen people were killed. at least opened fire on anti-government protesters in the democratic republic of congo killing five . negotiating with president trump is like negotiating with jell-o. . and lots of finger pointing among politicians in the u.s. over who's to blame for the government shutdown can they fix it. turkish troops have entered northern syria to drive out kurdish forces on their border the soldiers went into a free in a day off the turkish jets and i'll tell you. units pounded targets belonging to
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the kurdish people's protection units a wipe each considered a terror group by ankara trying to capture an area controlled by the y.p. jean in northwestern syria well the region borders turkey and is cut off from fellow kurdish forces to the east takesh president. has also threatened to attack kurdish held man beach and his one pro cut issue opposition parties in turkey not to protest against the military operation. there has been nobody protesting on the streets of far the h d p congress is not a target either anybody that he needs those calls the mix the mystic of taking to the streets will pay a high price i need to stress this this is a national struggle we will crush anyone who opposes our national struggle. al-jazeera stephanie teka has the latest from near the tacky syria border. the ground offensive is now well underway free syrian army fighters those are syrian
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rebels supported by turkey have entered to the north of africa and to the west across the border with turkey also supported by turkish troops we know there's been confrontations between f.s.a. and y p g particularly in the northwest of syria the exact details are difficult to confirm but we are hearing that the f.s.a. have taken a couple of villages the why p.g. say that they've distorted turkish tanks it is also a propaganda war some of these details very difficult to confirm but the bigger picture is clear turkey very keen on carrying out this operation pusing huge firepower seventy two jets were used when this operation started on saturday afternoon and of course it is a concern for the civilians around two hundred thousand civilians also a lot of i.d.p.'s in the area of a city and a fleeing had been relatively peaceful throughout this war which of course now is not the case also a huge psychological impact for the people living there as they know that this war is underway and facing them in their cities.
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the taliban says it was behind an overnight attack on a hotel in the afghan capital which killed at least eighteen people gunmen stormed the intercontinental hotel in kabul on saturday night targeting foreigners and government officials jennifer glass reports from kabul. explosions and gunfire lasted for hours as afghan special forces moved through the hotel guests trapped in their room new sheets and curtains to try to escape the attackers intent on bloodshed and murder or to have known way out for the weekend there were people and children inside the hotel rooms the attackers were knocking on the door eight room to reach their targets they killed ordinary people and officials they were taught that in foreigners especially hard. as the fighting intensified and grenades
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and gunshots echoed around the hotel some mula high call could only wait for it to end his brother cari hussein was trapped inside and had stopped answering his phone to them at the end of one of the when. he told me he locked himself in a room it's very difficult with a family member trapped inside it's tragic and painful it's unfortunate that these things happen it's not just out of many other people are trapped and i hope to see him and i hope this fighting in a country ends. on the roof of the hotel afghan soldiers signaled the end of the fighting by waving an afghan flag almost immediately i call her from his brother to say. but marjon was not as lucky a visiting cousin had jumped from a hotel balcony she thought he was alive but couldn't find him in any hospital she says she looked online before discovering who was doing. all i know it's difficult to be around afghanistan my cousin lived in holland three years came
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here for just a and it's a tragic incident happened all as afghan forces and international advisers left the area officials headed into the hotel to assess the damage and look for casualties and survivors this is an attack that unfolded in the public eye live on t.v. and watched by hundreds on the streets the afghan president commended afghan security forces saying they'd done all they could to minimize the number of casual . yes he wants an investigation into how the attackers got into the hotel the question also is how they did so with enough weapons for a sixteen hour siege jennifer glass al-jazeera called. well now at least five people have died in anti-government demonstrations organized by catholic church leaders in the democratic republic of congo around sixty nine people have been arrested the protesters say president joseph kabila is violating the constitution by staying in office beyond his term two people were killed during a similar protest in the capital on new year's eve catherine sorie is in kinshasa.
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this streets in the capital kinshasa has now been cleared but it has been all day huge presence of police and president the presidential guard against stone throwing protesters we saw priests and washes from this main catholic church in the city dispatched by police using tear gas as they marched along with their rules are by walls and tweaks in their peaceful protest in the east police lopes tear gas inside a charge several people injured there is while a lot of people are very frustrated with the political situation in the country and they're looking more to the charge for guidance and leadership if you remember the charge brokered this political deal between the opposition and ruling parties back in plane to sixteen the deal was to see an election a presidential election in last december that did not happen the deal has expired
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that's why the catholic church leadership he's so angry and saying that they are going to continue calling on their faithful to come out in peaceful protest too demanding for electoral justice demanding full of politicians to respect the constitution and also for president joseph kabila to peacefully step down because he's minded has expired and he is not illegal to run for at the. tom. germany social democrats have in the last hour voted to go into formal talks about striking a deal with angela merkel's conservative party delegates now really approved this step at a conference and some would argue they should another machall government she's been unable to form a coalition since the elections in september dominic cain has more from that as the conference and on. the result of this party conference was clear it gave the leadership that gave martin schultz the result that he wanted in so far as yes was
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concerned yes he can take his party's leadership into formal negotiations that angered americans christine democrats are very and allies this is the party of christine social union but let's be clear that he did not receive the sort of majority that he would have wanted there was some speculation among analysts a few days previously that perhaps two thirds of the delegates would vote in favor of all that didn't happen yes he has won this victory as it were but the level of opposition that emerged on the floor of this hall in the debate was considerable and the sorts of references being made delegates standing up and saying that their hearts they should oppose and their head well said perhaps this might be the way to go one delegate even said well i went with my gut feeling and that my gut feeling was to oppose clearly mr shultz can now use this result to go into those negotiations but there are those who are beginning to pose serious questions about whether he is the man to lead his party further into
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a coalition government and indeed further into perhaps the next parliamentary term several years down the line but that's a question for another time for now he can look upon this result as giving him what he wanted. the united nations is asking for almost three billion dollars to pay for humanitarian aid to yemen the u.n. humanitarian coordinator for the country says that while around ten thousand people have been killed by the fighting that many more have died due to a lack of medical assistance. it's not just the people who died or a plea because of the water the conflict itself is those people who die those silent deaths and the villages in the times where they haven't been able to access good health or exist medical facilities and die for the going to be diseases face the children. sixty nine children are now known to have died from an outbreak of measles in india indonesia's puppet province according to a local official that this is just one of the diseases that's rampant in
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a region where malnutrition is a major problem a step vasa reports. a very sad and very serious health crisis here in part why the military has even been called in to rescue babies from starvation their parents usually undernourished and that's why they're firing upon arrival police leaders like needles chicken pox the basically dying of chicken pox on needles right now but also malaria but it's a fairly it's very remote part of indonesia and basically takes twenty four hours to travel from the capital to where i am right now it takes a big plane small plane both to even get to this position so a lot of people here are very much battling the remoteness or the military doesn't even have the capacity or the manpower to go to all these remote villages so a lot of people say the amount of children dying is a lot higher than what we know right now from church officials say it isn't twice or three times higher than the numbers that we are receiving right now and what the
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government is doing is now in emergency response for around four weeks and then they will evaluate again so a lot of medical staff from the capital and also from out of parts have been flown in and also food is a right in here but officials here are saying that a much more long term solution is needed because the aftermath people are basically lost their traditions there's very much a tribe that has been living in nature for a very long time now through their contact with the outside world the basically giving the wrong nutrition to their babies some people have to have been telling me that they're actually getting energy drinks instead of milk so they are very small infants so of course a lot of problems that need a long term a much more structural solution and many here are worried that the emergency response will finish the military and the how to pitch a pillow go home and then the problem will still exist and watching al jazeera still to come. zation
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alliance rally here in zimbabwe's only shadowed by concerns over the opposition leader's health. a symbol of pride or national waste why the return of the bicycle is causing problems in china. hello again we'll start by looking at weather conditions across levant and western parts of asia across easy scenarios weather conditions looking pretty quiet at the moment we've got an area of low pressure developing iran turkey and through and towards cyprus and that's going to bring some unsubtle conditions through across eastern parts of turkey some really heavy rain we're going to see some snowfall extending across more so than areas as well and some heavy rain across parts of syria through into lebanon with just sixteen degrees as
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a high in beirut so they had southwards into the reagan peninsula we have had quite windy conditions some lifted dust blowing down on the strong winds but that wind is easing down over the next twenty four hours so certainly by the time we're through to choose day very light winds around the gulf states men get a lot of folk coming back once again on the other side of the confined there for mecca medina with temperatures twenty nine and twenty five respectively across into southern portions of africa and we've got to see some clouds are giving the threat of some rain for cape town and across other areas further towards the east johannesburg and durban should be largely dry and fine and then we've got heavy rain across parts of mozambique tanzania seen plenty of showers and heavy showers the center crossed northern parts of zimbabwe into zambia but lusaka should be largely dry highs of twenty nine.
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welcome back you with al-jazeera let's update you on the stories making headlines turkish troops have entered the northern syrian of offering to drive out kurdish y p g forces united states is urging turkey to exercise restraint and avoid civilian
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casualties. the taliban says it was behind an overnight attack on a luxury hotel in the afghan capital in which at least eighteen people were killed . and germany's social democrats have voted to go into formal talks about a grand coalition government with angela merkel's conservatives. and other stories we're watching closely the united nations special wrapper to the myanmar has visited ranger refugee camps in bangladesh yankee leaves trip comes just days before range of refugees it used to start returning to myanmar which she was banned from entering the repatriation process is expected to last two years more than six hundred thousand ranger fled to bangladesh since me and miles on the launch to crack down in northern iraq and stay in august stratford spoke to the un special rapporteur for myanmar it's a refugee camp. i don't think the situation has really improved.
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and first of all where will they go back to they've lost their livelihood they've lost their crops they've lost their fields all the all the rice now as we've heard really being sold elsewhere to other countries. they've lost their homes so they're really rebuilding process is going to be huge and and the people should not be subjected to living in another camp like situation we all know what happened after two thousand and twelve people are still there after two thousand and twelve and i've talked to people in charge were told that they would stay for come on muslims for three days they ended up staying in the right years in the years in come in talk to you. so i know that refugees are very concerned about that what can the international community really do in terms of pressuring. some
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sort of process to cope with those issues over these alleged atrocities to be committed inside myanmar i think international community should do more to pressure that if we we've all heard never again and if these people who we know. have committed some of somebody has to be held accountable and somebody needs to see that these people are held accountable with respect to the a difference here will can the international community do to better help bangladesh mean this is not going away in the near future if this crisis what i've seen so far with just a few days of rain or even a half a day of rain we really will be witnessing landslides and we may see more casualties coming in huge numbers of casualties as a result of this and the constant. nation of the people in proximity is just
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it's just not. humane. the way they can live in dignity camps need to move out to be. dispersed a little bit and this is where the international community can help to. try to get to disperse these counts and and maybe ask the government to provide more alive now jordan's king abdullah has appealed to the u.s. vice president to rebuild trust and confidence after the trumpet ministration announced it would recognize jerusalem as israel's capital my pen says the u.s. still believes in a two state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict in the last half an hour he's just touched down in israel where he's expected to receive a mixed welcome harry force that has more from occupied east jerusalem on the second leg of his regional visit the u.s. vice president was keen to offer assurances to a major middle east an ally and by extension to the palestinians who refused to
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meet him on the issue of jerusalem we are committed to continue to respect jordan's role as the custodian of holy sites that we take no position on boundaries and final status those are subject to negotiation and and as i make clear to you the president make clear the world united states of america remains committed if the parties agree to two state solution. through the arab world's public outrage with a recognition by u.s. president donald trump ob jerusalem as israel's capital the jordanian king offered a conciliatory tone your visits here i'm sure is to be able to trust confidence not only how well for the two state solution on us for next six or seven lights and choose as a couple of it and it has to stay but living side by side with a secure replaces really. yeah. that's far from the line being taken by the palestinian leadership its president mahmoud abbas declaring that the u.s.
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had given it the slap of the century reiterating his position that the u.s. could no longer be involved in the peace process the u.s. vice president isn't meeting the palestinians but he does have a message publicly apparently tailored towards them reiterating u.s. support for a two state solution if that's what both sides agreed to of course for the palestinians that message is entirely overshadowed by what donald trump said over a month ago declaring that the u.s. view jerusalem as israel's capital thanks to many the messenger himself is part of the problem the shift in u.s. policy with which pence was closely associated was welcomed by his evangelical christian base many of whom believe the return of the jews to the holy land is a precursor to jesus' second coming and says and gender that is extremist fundamentalist look to the list. to an absolute it is the geology which goes against all that believes and commitments of the arab and palestinian christians
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and particular and they feel that they have been betrayed by somebody who is dealing with them to mend this injustice using dillard's an as a justification. for israelis it's a different picture hence represents the u.s. administration to recognize what they see as an uncontroversial reality drusilla status is their capital. a great friend of the state of israel and. here this evening a true friend united states vice president mike pence we welcome him here and i'm looking forward to our discussions we will discuss the trumpet ministrations efforts to halt iran's aggression the iranian nuclear program and ways to advance peace and security in the region after a morning meeting with the israeli prime minister on monday pence will address the israeli parliament the knesset israeli palestinian representatives of vowed to boycott the event all mass will sit al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. well moving to zimbabwe now where the opposition m.d.c.
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alliance is holding its first rally of the year but concerns are growing about the health of the opposition's leader morgan tsvangirai president of the zanu p.f. is promised to hold elections within five months long time leader robert mugabe was forced out of office in november by the army which has a has this update from just outside the capital harare. leaders in the case say there. is going to be president eliciting the don't take place in a few months time of the al some of the sons and some. think it can save his country outside the country at a hospital getting treated something could. be participate in elections will they take place in the leadership in the light and say here is. candidates no matter what. candidates and one of them to play chords with with his life. but in the unlikely event that is unable to continue. the there are leaders there
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are leaders there. we have to give our people in fighting chance some people are also concerned about. opposition alliance the crowd is a couple of hundred meet will easily in the positive this is managed to a lot better than say because people who are in fighting the opposition over the issue of. race if he's no longer able to manage its relations we told them. to threaten to leave the president because. if they're not the ones put. a lot a stake through the system lines publicly and telling his supporters everything is ok it was a. bit ready for the elections. are they going to. the
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u.s. president says the republicans should change the senate rules if the government shutdown continues money for federal agencies was cut off on saturday off to congress failed to pass a funding bill despite the republican party majority donald trump is pinning the blame on the democrats who are in turn pointing the finger at the republicans and the concessions on immigration before passing the bill also in jordan explains from washington. on the second day of the u.s. government shutdown there doesn't seem to be any indication that this crisis between congressional republicans and congressional democrats as well as with the white house will be resolved quickly that's because both sides are seeing real political benefit from sticking to their guns as it were congressional democrats say that the white house has not been negotiating in good faith and so they don't see any incentive in trying to provide more short term funding to keep the federal government operating until they have assurances that the white house isn't going to
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change its mind when they get through with rounds of negotiations congressional republicans for their part are trying to blame the shutdown on congressional democrats essentially saying that they need to basically get on with the business of making certain that u.s. troops get their paychecks that essential government operations can continue and that health care particularly for the most vulnerable including young children can be restored however the debate is playing out on the sunday public affairs shows here in the united states and whether it's an administration surrogate or a member of congress it's pretty clear that this won't be resolved by the end of the business day on monday which is when federal workers across the country and around the world would be expected to go back to work to their jobs. thousands of people have taken to the streets in northern greece to call therapeutic of macedonia to change its name which has to say that neighbors connies macedonia as
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it's also the name of a greek province the two countries have been locked in dispute of the name said ever since macedonia declared independence from yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred one greece's objections have left macedonia without an officially recognized name and means the country conjoin international denies ations like nato . an island volcano in papa new guinea has it rocked it again triggering triggering tsunami warnings for nearby coastal communities flumes of steam and ash being shot into the air from could over i learned by flights have also been cancelled will cain a first erupted earlier this month causing thousands of people to flee from surrounding islands papa new guinea sits on the pacific ring of fire an area of intense seismic activity now pope francis is usually a final mass in lima as his tour of south america comes to an end up to a million people are expected to attend the service as an airbase in peru's capital
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on saturday pope francis spoke out against violence shown towards women. now owning a bicycle in china was once a status symbol and the only form of transport but his personal wealth increase the once every day essential was soon overtaken by cars but now bicycles are making a comeback with bike sharing operations booming those adrian brown reports the return has also brought new problems. for some the humble bicycle has become a menace across beijing clusters of discarded rental bikes covered sidewalk. bike sharing began two years ago the selling point was that it was cheap and you could leave them wherever you wanted but that's the problem say many who live here or do you mean that you should see both sides yes it's really convenient and ecological but it's a disaster with this huge amount to you see a lot of it's definitely
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a waste because the occupy public spaces during peak china zigzags pile up at bus stops according to the government china has more than twenty three million shared bicycles recent photographs on social media show numerous dumping grounds for abandoned bikes the operators insist there are clear rules about where to park them and it's not their fault it's not happening you can hire a bike like this for just seven cents for half an hour there are also other obvious benefits it's good exercise and better for the environment than driving but there's also one obvious problem excessive oversupply now the inevitable zur curb several operators have gone bust with one owing investors almost sixty million dollars the city of here engine has a long history of bicycle production despite the overcapacity these are destined for the rental sector for free market policies made this private factory possible
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now the owner hopes the communist government can come to the rescue. we believe the government should do more to help the amount of shared bikes should be on the basis of a city scale just forty years ago you knew you'd made it when you had a bike along with a watch radio and sewing machine it was a family's most valuable possession a symbol of pride now for some it stands as a symbol of national waste a dream brown al-jazeera beijing. well as much more never they were covering right here more about bicycles in china and everything else out there. it's update on the top stories this hour turkish troops have entered the northern syrian enclave of frayne to drive out kurdish forces the soldiers went into a free in a day off to touch jets not to live units pounded targets belonging to the kurdish
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people's protection units or why peachy united states is a turkey to exercise restraint and avoid civilian casualties turkey's president says he wants to prevent a kurdish car door being opened on the border with syria. there has been nobody protesting on the streets so far the h d p congress is not a target of either anybody that he needs those calls the mix the mystic of taking to the streets will the high price i need to stress this this is a national struggle we will crush anyone who opposes our national struggle. afghanistan's interior minister says for afghans and fourteen foreigners were killed in a siege on a luxury hotel in the capital kabul. the taliban said they were behind the sixteen hour attack on the heavily guarded intercontinental hotel they say they were targeting government workers security forces and foreigners. at least five people have died in
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anti-government demonstrations organized by catholic church leaders in the democratic republic of congo around sixty nine have been arrested the protesters say president joseph kabila is violating the constitution by staying in office beyond his term. germany's social democrats have voted to go into formal talks about a grand coalition government with angela merkel's conservatives party delegates narrative prove the staff at a conference in fawn summit argue they shouldn't prop up an album out of government she's been on able to form a coalition since the elections in september jordan's king abdullah has appealed to the u.s. vice president to rebuild trust and confidence after the trumpet ministrations decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital might be and says the u.s. still believes in a two state solution to the israel palestine conflict and in the last half hour he's just touched down in israel ways expected to receive a mixed welcome. pope francis is wrapping up his south american told with
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a final match in lima actually a million people are expected to attend the service and in furies capital i'm going to be live in lima in about twenty five minutes time during the news hour do join me for that it's off to inside story which starts now. a new front in syria's war. on drugs attacks on u.s. backed. but what on the implications of olive branch operation and what does it leave relations with washington this is inside story.


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