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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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do you feel more confident and feel more energetic to feel more alive. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but inside the favelas because of it has big plans of his own. building since the age of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal and the mosque to plan out the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera. techies president promises to crush kurdish fighters as his military continues it's a one ground operation in northern syria.
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about this and this is all just a lie from doha also coming up. the shutdown going on get a lot worse tomorrow. a work. day would be a good. u.s. senators hold talks to end a funding deadlock which has caused a government shutdown since saturday. fighting between police and anti-government protesters in democratic republic of congo has killed at least six people. more than a million people gather as pope francis holds a final mass improved ending his controversial tool of latin america. the u.s. is urging turkey to use restraint in its operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria turkey soldiers have entered the own flavor of a free in part of an assault to drive out kurdish people's protection units or why
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p.g. turkey's president is vowing to crush the group which he views as a terrorist organization stephanie decker reports. the border echoes with the sounds of war turkey's offensive on africa is now well under way the ground operation started on sunday turkish soldiers supporting free syrian army fighters inside syria. turkish president dredger type edges defiant as he addressed a large crowd in the city of course on. this is a national struggle and then this national struggle will crush anyone who stands against us let this be known. it's been a week of rhetoric politicians promising that turkey was going to attack a free to rid of the y.p. g. kurdish fighters that i'm pro considers terrorists but they're also the u.s. is best ally on the ground in fighting eisel regardless of international complications turkey is fully committed to this offensive we're in turkey's border
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with africa and throughout the day we've heard the sound of jets in the sky also intense artillery and machine gun fire outgoing from a turkish base behind that mountain although why p.g. are extremely well trained they know the terrain in offering but turkey has superiority when it comes to the skies and that gives it a huge advantage. belligerence here heard the airstrikes late on saturday as turkey started its offensive and they are a little uneasy. or. we are right next to the action with planes flying over our heads lot of shelling of course we are confident but at the end of the day anything can happen shells have already fallen in turkey so we are worried this could happen here. turkey says it will continue its operation until it's pushed the y. p.g. away from its borders no one knows how long that will take what the implications may be. stephanie defra al-jazeera on the turkey syria border. the smoke side is
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the adjunct professor at george washington university he says the u.s. could turn a blind eye to the turkish military operation there's certainly a domestic component to all the rhetoric coming out of turkey and even here in washington there's an understanding of why president early one needs to conduct this military operation in fact i would go as far as saying and there there might be even a tacit acceptance that as long as circus troops remain on the west bank of the euphrates river that washington might decide to look the other way and not come to the assistance of its kurdish allies on the ground now if turkey decides to cross the river to the east side that's a whole different story because that's where u.s. national interests are at stake i think washington after quite some time president trump coming into office articulated a syria policy one that aims to preserve u.s. gains in syria the u.s. had been involved in trying to push i think out and now that they have they want to
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hold on to the territory that they and their allies have and also to try and put some pressure on iran in syria financial pressure because they are rainy and spent up to fifteen billion dollars a year in supporting the assad regime and that territory that the u.s. is holding on to is very rich in natural resources including oil there's the euphrates dam and there's also a very agricultural agriculturally rich land in that area so this is part of a broader geo political calculus for washington why they want to remain in that part of syria republican and democrat senators in the u.s. are holding talks to break the deadlock that's kept the government shutdown for two days money for federal agencies was cut off on saturday after the senate failed to pos of funding bill services some monuments and national parks were affected over the weekend but the statue of liberty is set to reopen on monday and you vote on the spending plan is due in the coming hours. now the democratic leader could end
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this today we can get past this manufactured crisis and get on to a host of serious issues before the require our all for bipartisan negotiation this shutdown going to get a lot worse from all a lot worse today would be a good. americans know why the dysfunction is current dysfunctional president hence we are in a trump shutdown and party leaders who won't act without it is created the chaos and the gridlock we find ourselves in today it all really stems from the president my candidate has more from washington d.c. legislators continued to convene in the course of the day attempting to find a compromise agreement to reopen government but the level of the trail did not drop each side continuing to blame the other on the inability to agree on
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a bill to get government funding once again under way in the course of the day though a group of moderate center senators got together attempting to hack out a compromise proposal on a bipartisan level the swiss some more than twenty senators within the one hundred seats senate they are some stage going to try and get this compromise to the senate leadership to get it introduced on the floor as a vote but the head of the senate to the leader of the senate republican mitch mcconnell making very clear that even if there is no agreement in the course of the evening then come one eight am local time in the morning there will be a vote regardless of whether there is agreement of what it is going to be voted on so certainly the outlook pretty bleak at the moment legislators saying they really want to get agreement before people return to work monday but no indication whatsoever that the divide between the sides has in any way narrowed. least seven
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people have been killed in clashes with security forces in ethiopia the violence broke out during epiphany celebrations in the heart of the region worshippers is said of clashed with security officials patrolling the holiday procession in the town of some five hundred kilometers from the capital. six people have been killed and several injured following fighting between police and protesters in democratic republic of congo the anti-government demonstrations were organized by leaders of the catholic church in the country they're angry at the delay in holding a presidential election after president joseph kabila final time expired in twenty sixteen catherine sawyer reports. after a morning mass at the main catholic church in kinshasa washee pairs begin their latest protest march current tweeks their rosaries and by polls they are angry that a charge broke a political deal between the ruling and opposition parties that could have seen
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a presidential election held last december has not been on that they did not go far police had blocked the route refusing to allow them to move forward and when the marches stood their ground this happened. police and presidential guards against stone throwing protest us several people were killed others injured some with gunshot wounds to the obviously we have the right to much we were following the instructions of a creed as it was a piece of protest but the police would not let us. in the east of the country police gas inside this church the service had just ended and the faithful are about to start their party has several people here also injured oh i do not want to go nobody i don't respect people's rights. is even throwing tear gas into the church we will not accept kabila he must go his mandate is over. a new year's eve there
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was similar violent confrontations during demonstrations. this in the beginning of the. remember they killed six people in december and logically people should have been afraid but it's the country that is happening now so this pressure is going to increase i don't know that the government saying. the protests are equal church leaders and opposition politicians and ceased they will not give up their demand for change. this road in the city has now been cleared by police but it's still very very tense people here are very frustrated about the political situation and saying that they have lost confidence in the politicians in the political system and that's why we're looking more to the catholic church to provide guidance and leadership in this difficult political time. with a membership of close to half of the eighty million congolese population the catholic
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church is hugely significant and many people hope it may be the catalyst that will finally see a free fair and credible election without president joseph kabila in the running catching saudi al-jazeera conciousness. pope francis has led a final mass in lima bringing his tour of south america to an end more than a million people were at the service at the last palm us air base in the peruvian capital head of the class the pope met local bishops and sons as has more from. the pope's trip has been seen and perceived in different ways in chile than in a do. a lot of there was a lot of expectation that the pope would speak more about the sex abuse cases by clergymen and the trip in chile and that on a sour note when the pope just before leaving chile sided with the bishop. that. the pope said that there was no prove that he allegedly protected
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a paedophile priest. and of course that caused an uproar in chile there was the reaction has been very different the pope here has been cheered and greeted and wellcome throughout the country from the amazon to the northern city of the heel and the city of lima and the pope house talked about many different things throughout the trip but what he didn't talk about here was the abuse cases that happened. still ahead in order. in the far east of indonesia is facing a serious health crisis i'm stunned france and reporting from the us much region in the south of where children are dying because of undernourishment and measles outbreak. last more than two thousand exhibits but an uncertain future for this modeling arcs.
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from. winds to an inch on to greece. hello there it's turning a bit cooler for some of us in the southeast in parts of china the winds are going to be feeding down from the north over the next few days of the temperatures will be dropping thirteen in shanghai on monday but as we head through to choose day only eight degrees as a maximum and hong kong will also see the temperatures drop over the next few days as well see the winds here they're feeding up from the south of there picking up a bit of moisture as they do say so for some of us across this region that's likely to be an increase of cloud in just the outside chance of the old shower as we head down towards the southeast and parts of asia lots of wet weather ahead without some very heavy downpours over mindanao there in southern parts of the philippines we're also seeing a lot of cloud across parts of job jakarta is looking really quite wet and that's as we head through the next few days
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a monday and tuesday rather wet head further north it does look a bit dry force in singapore and for k.l. as well over towards india most of the wet weather recently has just been in the extreme south it's also been affecting us in sri lanka but things are going to change as we head through the next day or so with this little weather feature edging its way towards if it doesn't look very big but it's going to bring some pretty nasty weather there and it was working its way straight across new delhi as we head into tuesday so here it won't be warmer toll on tuesday fifteen degrees it will also be rather murky for many of us very wet to. the way sponsored by qatar airways. the controversial leader of islamic jihad his car to the east one of most wanted terrorists in the street is really coming to terms and his alleged extrajudicial killing by israeli intelligence inside the sense of being caught in the last post the outcome is only this if someone tried to scott immediately syrian
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intelligence was shut down the border kill him in damascus at this time on al jazeera world. you want to go to syria i know reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. is urging turkey to use restraint in its operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria turkish soldiers have entered the old playbook afeni to drive out fighters from kurdish peoples protection units known as the white p.g. . republican and democrat senators in the u.s. are holding discussions to end up funding deadlock that's kept the government shut down for two days senate leaders have been trading blame for the amp us ahead of another vote on the funding bill. pope francis has concluded his tour of south
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america but the final mass in lima more than a million people have gathered to hear the pontiff and produce capital lima the trip has been overshadowed by a sex abuse scandal in chile. it's feared the death toll from the measles measles outbreak in the indonesian province of papa is much higher than previously reported official figures say sixty eight children have now died but church leaders say the real number could be in the hundreds steadfast in got rare access to papa and sent this report. children of the tribe in. a life their buddies are exhausted and weak from hunger and disease undernourished they're battling against outbreaks of measles and chicken pox. military medical teams have arrived in some remote areas. and a husband lena's had to travel for five hours and free it
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a six month old daughter would not survive. his being in this bad condition for quite a while but only now have people come to our village to help. is five years old but how body is less than half the size of a healthy child her age village is saying twenty nine children in her village alone have died. we rode our boats to a health post in another village but when we arrived they rejected us some of our children made it their alive but some died we buried them there others died on the way we buried them next to the river village just tell us that local authorities never visited their village even after a measles outbreak was reported last september their long. yes we have very limited means and stuff but this doesn't mean we are trying very hard but we need
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is not just to be criticised but real help those who criticize us i want to work here. church officials estimate hundreds of children of the tribe have died so far but many deaths have not been reported. my question is does anyone really care about these children who are dying does anyone want to go there and get real data about their condition and why do we only now say this is a problem. the us my tribe is best known for its past history of had hunting and cannibalism and living of the forest but introduced to modern life and money they are struggling to survive without government eight for months they desperately have tried to find help but their cries to save their children's life found that here this has crisis shows that. it's not reaching one living in these forgotten parts of the i have had a go. while help has come for these i asked my children many of us remain in their remote villages the only hope is to help
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a little right in time step fasten al-jazeera i gotz. the united nations is launched the largest humanitarian appeal for yemen it's asking for almost three billion dollars in donations to help yemenis in the war torn country more than two years of relentless airstrikes and fighting with hooty rebels has left forty five percent of the population in desperate need of lifesaving assistance hundreds of thousands of yemenis are facing death on a daily basis because of a severe lack of basic supplies the united nations special rapporteur for me and maher has visited dry hinge or refugee camps in bangladesh young healy's trip companies just days before range of refugees are due to start returning to me and more which lee was banned from entering the pottery ration process is expected to last two years more than six hundred thousand ranger fled to bangladesh after me and mine as army launched a crackdown in northern rock and states last august al-jazeera is charles stratford
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spoke with the un special rapporteur from the m r i don't refugee count. i don't think the situation has really improved in myanmar and first of all where will they go back to they've lost their livelihood they've lost their crops they've lost their fields all the all the rice now as we've heard really being sold elsewhere to other countries they've lost their homes so they're really rebuilding process is going to be huge and and the people should not be subjected to living in another camp like situation we all know what happened after two thousand and twelve people are still there after two thousand and twelve and i've talked to people in charge were told that they would stay for come on muslims for three days they ended up staying in the years in the years in come in talk to you. so i
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know that refugees are very concerned about that what can the international community really do in terms of pressuring. some sort of process to call. the issue of these alleged atrocities to be committed to charge me and i think the international community should do more to pressure that if we've all heard never again and if these people who we know. have committed some of you know somebody has to be held accountable and somebody needs to see that these people are held accountable with respect to the a different here can the international community do to better help bangladesh this is not going away in the near future is at this question what i've seen so far with just a few days of rain or even a half a day of rain we will be witnessing landslides and we may see more casualties
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coming in huge number of casualties as a result of this and the constant. nation of the people in proximity is just it's just not. humane. the way they can live in dignity camps need to move out to be. dispersed a little bit and this is where the international community can help to. try to visit to disperse these councils and maybe. to provide more lives germany social democrats have given the green light to formal coalition talks with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives party delegates narrowly approved this step at a conference in bonn merkel's been unable to form a government since elections in september when it came reports it was a vote with profound implications for the social democrats for germany and perhaps
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the e.u. by a clear but not necessarily large majority martin schulze now has the authority to enter formal negotiations with anglo-american the platform slogans proclaimed a new time needs a new politics but on offer was much of the same old government in a wide ranging speech should spelt out why another coalition with merkel was the best option. believe me this hasn't been easy for anyone but i never doubted for a moment that we should follow the play of the president as a way out of this difficult political situation as a social democrat is my firm conviction that in this exceptional situation we must at least try to provide the best possible outcome for the people of germany and the europe. but many in the hall and in the wider party did not agree perhaps the most vocal opposition came from the party's youth movement lloyd has been absolutely i'm sure people negotiated well it's a reason i and many of those in an outside this room is not happy with the results
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it's not because they did bad work but because after twelve years of anger and eight years of grand coalition we no longer have the same views on resultant issues this conference is opens up some very clear divisions inside this party between the party leadership and the rank and file between those prepared to compromise and those who aren't and between the younger generation and the older one some analysts believe the current leader has to bear responsibility for what we see it is that he is bearing the support thought market choice and not just as clearly he is. not a part of the future i would say i would actually you can call him a yesterday's man as of today and yet as of tomorrow schultz will be the leader who takes his divided party formally into negotiations with the christian democrats but the final deal which then emerges must be passed by a ballot of the entire party membership and if sunday's vote is anything to go by
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that may not be easy dominic cain al-jazeera bomb. welcomed yesterday's decision to go ahead with coalition talks she says they'll start as soon as possible. for us it's important in the coalition talks that germany has a stable government that can deal with the issues facing us in the future to me be key issues include economic strength especially the necessary changes that we need and it's age as the foundation for social justice and security the negotiations will be within the framework of the preliminary agreement already reached with the social democrats many issues remain to be resolved in detail and that's sure to require intensive discussions thousands of women of gathered at a football stadium in las vegas on the second day of global demonstrations against any quality. about is also being held to mark one year since the us presidents in old aeration many are not only supporting women's
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rights but also denouncing president tom's views on issues including immigration abortion and l. g.b.t. rights. hollywood's inmates are taking to the red carpet in the signs and he's ahead of the screen actors guild awards ceremonies going on of the postures acting achievements but it's also set to tackle the industry's growing sexual misconduct scandal events will be a female powered affair with only women presenting all thirteen of the awards our correspondent rob reynolds has the latest from the shrine theater in los angeles. this award ceremonies a bit different from many others in that it is for actors by actors and members of the actors labor union are the ones who get to vote for their favorite actors in both the motion pictures and television series so you have categories such as best ensemble cast in a comedy television series best ensemble cast in a dramatic television series and of course best female actor and best male actor in
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a motion picture and to date in light of the ever increasing sexual misconduct scandal that began with revelations about the producer harvey weinstein in october all of the presenters will be female and you can be sure that people will be raising issues of the sexual harassment scandals both in entertainment politics journalism and other fields and also most likely people commenting on the policies of the trump administration this of course comes just a few weeks after a stunning speech at the golden globes by the television host oprah winfrey had people so excited they began calling for her to be the next presidential candidate to oppose president trump and twenty twenty years we don't know if that
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kind of rhetoric will be here tonight but you can rest assured that there will be these issues will be both raised and addressed and commented upon. in the screen actors guild. traditional steam locomotives eiffel towers made from construction kits this is just some of the exhibits on display at the model engineering so in london there are hundreds of them and the exhibition has been basing but the future of modeling is facing an uphill struggle these are shots of the story. toys for the boys who will not exactly this is london showcase of modeling forty five clubs and societies display more than two thousand exhibits but you struggle to find the few in the crowd under the age of sixty modeling may be on its way to being a bygone art but look what it's produced. it took eiffel twenty seven months to build his town in paris using eiffel so regional drawings
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colin davis spent over a year to create to persist dimensions of this complex architectural masterpiece the half inch hole spacing for the mcconnell is exactly five foot six inches which is about zero height perhaps more challenging in scope and scale the five metre long replica of the royal navy's h.m.s. ark royal dan forty started her in one nine hundred ninety two and finished twenty five years later he served on a similar carrier in the cold war and brought that experience to provide the authentic detail on the flight deck many of these modeling clubs go back to the turn of the century but with the digital age their future can no longer be assured . kids three days popped up that summer. and seem to play computer games all the time and the concept of using your hands and
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thinking chimps have gone very sad. most of the exhibits reinforce a comfortable sense of nostalgia among these ancient mandalas the s. is great britain was launched exactly one hundred seventy five years ago and was the longest passenger ship in the world and naturally in this exhibition the traces the very origin of modeling there's a much to model to show her lines. and then there's this quite bizarre and old favorite with the kids. al-jazeera london. this is all just zero these are the top stories the u.s. is urging turkey to use restraint in its operation against kurdish fighters in northern syria turkish soldiers have vented they own flavor of offering to drive out fighters from kurdish peoples protection units known as the wiping g.
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republican and democrat senators in the u.s. are holding discussions to end a funding deadlock that's kept the government shut down for two days senate leaders have been trading blame for the on pass have another vote on the funding bill and the democratic leader could end this today we can get past this manufactured crisis and get on to all of serious issues before the require all bipartisan negotiation this shutdown but don't get a lot more from all a lot more today would be a good day to em. pope francis concluded his tour of south america with a final mass in lima more than a million people gathered to hear the pontiff improves capital the trip has been overshadowed by a sex abuse scandal in chile. at least seven people have been killed in clashes
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with security forces in ethiopia the violence broke out injuring epiphany celebrations in the region worshipers is said to have clashed with security officers patrolling the holiday procession in the town of well dia some five hundred kilometers from the capital. at least six people have been killed and several injured following clashes between police and protesters and democratic republic of congo the anti-government demonstrations were organized by local leaders of the catholic church and i agree at the delay in holding a presidential election after president joseph kabila his final term expired in twenty sixteen the united nations has launched the largest humanitarian appeal for yemen in saskatoon almost three billion dollars in donations to help yemenis in the war torn country more than two years of relentless sidey led airstrikes and fighting with who the rebels has left forty five percent of the population in desperate need of lifesaving assistance thousands of women have gathered at a football stadium in las vegas on the second day of global demonstrations against
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any quality rallies that also be held to mark one years since the us president's inauguration many are not only supporting women's rights but denouncing president trump's views on immigration abortion and l.g.b. t.v. rights those are the headlines now it's inside story by finance. attacks on the fact. of what on the implications of olive branch operation and what does it leave relations with washington this is inside story.


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