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tv   The Philippines Baby Factory  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 8:32am-9:00am +03

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in a pail for yemen it's asking for almost three billion dollars in donations almost three years of solid lead as strikes and fighting with hooty rebels has left forty five percent of the population in desperate need of lifesaving assistance. a plan to replot trade hundreds of thousands of refugees to man modest use of began on tuesday bangladesh on man maher agreed to send back around seven hundred fifty thousand refugees who fled i think violence in iraq and state since october two thousand and sixteen the program is set to take two years however many refugees say they're feeling pressured to go home and i'm worried about their safety a motorcycle bomb was exposed as a market in southern thailand killing three people and injuring dozens more as the first attack of its kind in months in the region where muslims have been fighting for autonomy. and the six people have been killed and several injured following volunteer police and protesters in democratic republic of congo the anti-government demonstrations were organized by local leaders of the catholic church that angry at
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the delay in holding a presidential election. those are your headlines more news here on al-jazeera after one. counting the cost why the jury's still out on this spy it's wall street's delight we delve into china's better than expected growth story and count the cost of negative publicity. surrounding the cost base time on al-jazeera. in the philippines biggest maternity hospital a baby is born every few minutes and often the new mothers are just children themselves. with the legal age of consent just twelve teen pregnancy is on the rise here prompting many to turn to
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a shadow we underworld for hello i'm steve on this episode one used to investigates the impact of church and state on a nation dubbed the baby factory. it's late afternoon in an area locals call happy land on the outskirts of the philippine capital manila. and i am amongst the shanty dwellings thirteen year old my family is playing a jumping game with chinese goddess with her friends and then i. am now watching on high from sniffing paint solvent is her twenty two year old boyfriend at just eleven she became pregnant to him but she was seven months alone
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before she even realized. that the stick up i love i didn't know i was pregnant that i was even playing chinese gotta supply and i think at that when i was jumping the gutter. i thought something in my stomach. at that and then i suffered a miscarriage. local health workers. so her boyfriend losing their child but doesn't mention that she just blames the self. it was painful and. it's also an affront to the lord. god why did i commit such a sin that i played. well i cried hard because it was painful to lose
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a baby. may may's pregnancy was not by choice and it seems neither was the first time she had six. it was painful. i was just forced to do it. with a father in prison and her mother in a new relationship she lives here with her boyfriend's family. why he's staying here with your boyfriend. because they feed me well it's. just one of the growing number of young filipino girls who find themselves pregnant it's real we men this problem not just for in terms of the health of the actual teenagers themselves who are becoming parents at sunny such young ages and for the children that they then have but it's also costing the government and the country
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a lot in seoul much is so much money lost in productivity and in terms of them being unable to join the formal economy because they haven't finished high school it's really a very very big problem for the country. the province of polo in the west of the philippines is a pretty part of the world but it is an ugly reality palauan has one of the highest rites of teenage pregnancy anywhere in the country one in five teenagers in the program already has a child and the vast majority of them live in very poor communities like this one. in the slum on the capital puerto princesa we find fifteen year old tara with her family the baby she's holding isn't one of her three siblings it's her daughter she says she knew little about six when she met the child's father soon after her
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fourteenth birthday. no nine. i didn't want to do it i was scared. but after a week i agreed. when it came to protecting itself against pregnancy terrell's says she knew nothing and no mother. never talked about it don't blame me and the same the going to men sobbing i felt awkward giving her advice about contraceptives because she was too young. i also wasn't sure whether she was allowed to use contraceptives at her age. in the philippines girls under the age of eighteen need their parents' permission to get contraception or an egg hiv test but the age of consent is much lower just twelve one of the lowest in the world the father of terrell's baby says he's twenty eight but local health workers believe he's at least ten years older than that in. one or not. i feel proud
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that i call of duty for wife when you know. even if i'm so much older. rebel already had four children when he met terrell his eldest just a couple of years younger than her he claims he didn't know terrell was only fourteen until she got pregnant. about money after a year of being together with what she told me she was pregnant and. so i chose horrible my wife because i was scared a case might be filed against me in the down. under filipino law even though terrell was above the age of consent because she was still under eighteen and he was over were dilke could have been charged with coercing her to have sex but. i was so scared i went to a parents' house and told them that i would take responsibility for the baby they
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gave their consent. my parents were concerned that he might not be able to make a living for us. but now they say he's trying his best to put food on the table and to support our daily needs they don't say anything anymore. we reported to the department of social welfare and development but the girl didn't want to press charges because she's in love her parents didn't want to press charges because as far as they were concerned she's being taken care of by her boyfriend now she's living with him one less mouth for them to feed and they don't want to interfere ameena evangelist swarmer pole is one of the founders of women's health in roots of health something troubling that we've also seen among the groups that we work with is that a lot of the young girls are in relationships with much older men and i think
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technically via the laws you should be able to press charges even without the cooperation of the girl and of the parents. on the other side of town twenty three year old has four children to two different fathers the youngest child is just a week old and she says her food is six surely experience was when she was fourteen and her boyfriend nineteen. only knew back then to play china. that's all. i wanted to cry. i was pushing him away but he said he would take responsibility and that he loved me. that other guys would accept me and i thought what took my virginity should be the one. angela zon threatened to file a case against him for coercing her into having sex. that's why his mother and
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father decided to make us live together and make him take responsibility for what he did to me. at fifteen pregnant but miscarried at seven months at sixteen she gave birth to a baby boy and then within a few weeks was pregnant again. they said contraception had side effects they said it damaged a uterus. so i got scared. after her second child was born her boyfriend left her for another woman taking their two kids with him she now has two more children with a new partner he's at work today but they will live with the family. as he wanted me to get pregnant. i agreed because he accepted me watch i
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am. unlike others. but there are times when he tells me i should be thankful he accepted. sometimes i cry because my children are suffering as sometimes they have nothing to eat. angela believes things would have been very different if she'd known as a teenager. is better to be educated about what contraceptives are available. and what sex is about. that's better than being ignorant. here and we have a government that doesn't spend very much money on teen pregnancy prevention programs. they don't want a lot very much funding or any at all to contraception and so this really ties the
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hands of the provincial health office they can't really do very much without the budget to have activities and programs. we visit the vice governor of the province dennis socrates to ask him why this is the case i think the solution lies in a more intensive information and education company to tell young people that sex is good but it has to be within the context of a loving and indissoluble marriage and it must be open to life through parenting which is the natural consequence of the. so abstinence to married yes that's right. you're a member of the extremely conservative catholic group opus dei it's easy imminently against all forms of contraception all human life is good even life that is even
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life but the loss of even human life in someone by the mother. but the united nations says that it's a woman's right to be able to plan a family. what do you say to that i disagree with the un. proposition of the the un idea and i would like to think that that. would be overturned in the future. with more than eighty percent of filipinos catholic the church wheels enormous influence over national policy particularly when it comes to family planning. it's five need since the government to reproductive health will guarantee sex education in schools and access to free contraception but with fierce lobbying from the catholic church and all the pro-life groups it still hasn't been implemented. and having
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no access to contraception can have tragic consequences. the black nazareth church in manila has come to be known as a place of despair many mothers leave aborted foetuses here in the hope their child's soul will be saved this is dead and not only by the god but also by the law. in the philippines abortion is illegal in all circumstances even right . but right here in front of this church is an abortion circle not where women are desperate to get rid of an operational phase. wearing a hidden camera we send one of our team in undercover to see if she can buy abortion treatments within a few minutes she finds a stool willing to help she tells the woman she's full months pregnant and with no questions asked she pays seventy five dollars for the remedies how did you go oh
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yeah we were he once again what moore's law didn't take her and she was sold to treatments one of herbal and root concoction. the lady said that you take that when you're up to four months along but then when she found out that i was more months pregnant she offering. even further if i wanted further operations through our capital. the pills are illegal also medication known to induce abortion anyone caught selling or using them can face up to six years in prison. in a back street of a poor urban community an abortionist says a prayer fearing prosecution she doesn't want to be identified then with it.
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but i light a candle for the fetus because it's already a human being only it in a bun and. i also ask for forgiveness from the law for the sin i committed again in the. early i'm scared that the police will come from an on line up a list but i must all my courage because i really need the money for mammy the woman tells us she's performed more than a thousand abortions most of them on taina ages who are about five months pregnant she charges them up to eighty dollars depending on how advanced the pregnancy ease she says she uses a combination of the illegal also drug and deep message to push the features out. i tell them if you shout you did that in pleasure i. don't complain. but if i see that there's a sudden gush of blood that means something has ruptured inside that's when i ask
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them to run to the hospital they're on their own as i don't go with them so. i just stay here at the house because. we already had a deal. every year it's estimated that more than half a million women resort to abortion in the philippines. about one hundred thousand almost half of them teenagers end up in hospital due to complications and many. so this is warrant for. here at dr jose for bella memorial hospital in manila one of the busiest maternity hospitals in the wold this award is dedicated to post-abortion patients most patients or rather than to them they have had and. so there are tell tale signs that they have a board and if it's in fact the person they they come in here heavy
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bleeding without the blood pressure without the balls and you do not have any choice but to. treat them or else they will die. obstetrician in gynecologist dr soon see on sees teenage abortions as a serious health issue and believes the alarming numbers of teenagers getting pregnant needs to be addressed urgently i'll say crisis us a lot of teenagers are getting right. without finishing this school cycle of poverty just ever broken. she says each year the hospital delivers thirteen thousand babies more than two thousand to teenagers. my goodness there are a lot of people most of them ending up in the scissoring ward. there are
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a lot of complications for teenage pregnancies like pre-term labor and initially they will undergo a society and section because their bellies. best that hypertension is a problem hemorrhage is a crock so you had your baby yes yesterday elise is just fifteen years old get up and. run on. that one and a half of this is. her little boy is now in intensive care with respect tree problems a common issue for babies born to teenage mothers a leader says she got pregnant to her first boyfriend but that the twenty five year old left his soon after allegedly a man on the other side of the ward is eighteen year old jay leno is this your first baby. second baby an apple. and what
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about your first baby what happened and pretty much. the feeling levels. she says after her first pregnancy she had a contraceptive implant but had it removed when her twenty one year old partner wanted a baby i think really the. education is key for solving the problems here. like having a curriculum in. referendum in health and sexuality our stand is to let the teenagers have options regarding perception. but with no comprehensive sex education curriculum in schools the catholic church has a loud voice when it comes to what's taught to teenagers it's.
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joe why villa says group leave pua is unama one of the country's most powerful church organizations couples for christ foundation and works in partnership with the education and social welfare departments. today there at this middle class catholic high school just outside manila. after assume the listen begins with self-worth and you about the person because i think that the person you are amazing. then condoms the difference between the sexes every night before. i mean because that's just like me i mean or guys this is why it's a female because just like a female or
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a guy isn't that it's like only that you know what. he wants. and then it all goes back to one messy abstinence is the only way when we. say. yes person and not only yourself but also heard. that is why we are so we don't believe. you know why and why. because we believe in our. own corner. everybody says so yes. yes well see here. he is and yes. what happened today was amazing because at this age curiosity this triggering we're starting to
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be thirsty are starting to starve for things that shouldn't be done by us at the stone age the students endorsement of live pure is one thing but they curiosity has many of them turning to social media and pornography. why do i wish because i am incapable of doing it. sad to say that it's normal for us to know that a man is. not there so we don't know the phrase when you learn about so you know. when it comes to contraception the jury is still out well not sure contraception has a higher risk of. pregnancy yes but i don't really have any idea about that just i'm just having a what about you two girls like if you deed have sex what do you think you would use to protect yourself.
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because for me i would never use country it's our anyway bunch of us and the catholic priests and i do agree on contraception i think it should be fought because not all of us not everyone of course can control ourselves. i know there are people who are weak. back in palauan this help. for those teenagers who some consider a week. i think we need immigration in the war room of the local roots of hill for a team of youth advocates prepared to battle the teenage pregnancy epidemic i think we need cilla talk with the get contraceptives because i have a lot of experience of the young people that i want to i guess it's because their partners doesn't want to get. their weapons contraceptives and six
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education. taking to the streets they visit a popular teenage hangout in puerto princesa. i look it was six. years. they were. not far away at home in her still community thanks to roots of terrell is now protected from another pregnancy. i got an implant for three years because i'm scared of giving birth again. she's also hoping to start for cation all education classes having only got to grade six at school. i want to work hard for my baby. i want to raise her well.
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i will try my best to send her to school so she won't be ignorant so she wore an end up like me who got pregnant at a young age. and twenty three year old will not be having a fifth baby she too has turned to contraception getting an i.u.d. from roots of health. yes this will be the last one i don't want more cuts than the a might die if i give birth again. but for thirteen year old mamie living in a manila slum with her twenty two year old boyfriend the risk of another pregnancy is high. health workers say her contraception injections have lapsed and fear should become yet another of
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the hundreds of thousands of young filipino girls whose lives are jeopardized every year by unplanned pregnancy. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when east exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific nations darkstar it when used at this time on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks the government of mali so market has pushed to have a series of laws that if fares will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government starts off doesn't rattle the cost of college or jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand
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like this. that armored column though how these are the top stories on al-jazeera a u.s. government shutdown is set to continue on monday as republican and democrat said this has struggled.


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