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tv   Masters No More  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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we have extended coverage off the u.s. president's visit to israel. just a few minutes to stay with us. facing reality growing up going to do you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret getting to the heart of the matter. government calls you a gringo all the terrorist hear their story. at this time. u.s. vice president. about to speak at the knesset. and
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. with me. also ahead. turkey says it's offensive the northern syria wants the stablished security zone along the border. as liberia. as president of the challenges facing office and ending the trip. and the fallout from the sex abuse scandal. after holding an open air mass. u.s. president. talks with prime minister benjamin netanyahu the visit is being boy palestinians angry at the. declaration on jerusalem penn says the most senior american official
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to visit jerusalem since the us announced its decision to move its embassy there the city status is a key point of contention in the middle east peace process well this is what pans had to say soon after meeting netanyahu. was great over. israel's capital jerusalem. following over the story this is. where he said we were in the. united states and israel. introduced but also i would call. for speaking with you here over the river. corresponding to how we force it now he's joining us live from the knesset and as
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we wait for the vice president's address i believe he's just and to. terry what do we. actually let's go to the live pictures now of the president as we are saying he has entered the knesset and he is about to address the israeli parliament let's listen no thanks. so as we wait for us was president to address the israeli parliament he is of course the highest ranking u.s. official to visit jerusalem so the u.s. president donald trump made the declaration in december of israel recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the decision to. the american embassy and israel from
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hell of being to traverse them pens delayed his tour of the middle east that was to take place in december until now this is his third stop on the tour he's already been to egypt and met with president adam fatha alfy see second stop was jordan where he met with king abdullah and of course that very controversial decision. of recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital was brought up between both leaders he has received a very well from unsurprisingly israel and as we can see he is about to address harmony to address the israeli knesset. because one correspondent terry will such as we wait for the wait for the vice president's address so as we're seeing harry he has been welcomed very warmly
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and israel. what did to him and prime minister netanyahu talk about. well they. did it for their discussions before he came here and as you heard in that clip he was very clear to say that the united states recognizes jerusalem as the capital that he was founded a great honor to be in israel's capital jerusalem that is something that the prime minister of israel reciprocated saying that this was the first time in hundreds of meetings with foreign leaders that both he and his guest had been able to call israel jerusalem israel's capital that is language that i'm sure he will use again in this speech is also likely to speak about the wider picture in the region this is an administration which is very closely allied in terms of its view of the region with this particular right wing israeli go. i meant and so there's
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a lot of shared territory for them to go over and indeed publicly promote during this visit but the visit is also a very stark illustration of the divide between not very close relationship and the kind of relationship that the palestinians have with this trumpet ministration was only a year ago but there was a lot of positivity about the prospects of a trump peace plan by this very particular u.s. president the palestinian leadership was talking about its relationship in washington that it was trying to build now fast forward a year later and we have this situation of a complete disjunct between the palestinians and the u.s. administration mahmoud abbas in europe looking for other potential frameworks for any kind of a peace process going forward the palestinians saying that there is no prospect of the united states involvement despite what mike pence has been saying during this trip the united states is still in favor of a two state solution if both sides were to agree to one and as you're saying the
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the welcome from the israeli and kay's members of the knesset has largely been extremely warm what we're expecting from the israeli palestinian members the joint arab list as it's known is for them to get up and simply walk out one very senior member of that of that joint arab list saying that essentially donald trump and mike pence the u.s. administration can no longer be part of the solution to the israeli palestinian conflict it is part of the problem and how have we had any more talk at all about this you know great deal that u.s. president donald trump has promised that he's working on for his anti-air presidency have we had any more news of that are we expecting anything from the vice president on this visit on their plans. i mean the vice president himself despite the fact that he's talking about the two state solution still being on the table as far as the united states is concerned again with this code or so that the trump administration has been very.
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i apologize we have lost our connection. and harry force that at the knesset where vice president mike pence is about to speak i believe we can go to our correspondent and. is live for us so what's been the reaction there and ron to the u.s. vice president's visit. well i have to say it's been very very subdued there's been very few protests that taken place there were a couple of demonstrations this morning in gaza city most notably led by women but generally speaking gazans are really ignoring this visit because they have bigger problems the economy here is about to collapse the business community have held a strike to try to highlight that fact also they're very concerned about the fact that the u.s. is withhold withheld story sixty five million dollars in aid to palestinian refugees to the united nations relief works agency and then just
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a couple days later and then sort of this withholding another forty five million dollars in food aid now they're all one point one million palestinians here in the calls this trip that rely on that food to date so there's a lot of concern here but politically speaking hamas have actually reacted they said they don't going to engage in the visit and they reaffirmed their rights to resist the occupation a lot of palestinian politicians lot of palestinian people who are involved in negotiations will tell you that the u.s. is now no longer a peace program that's what you hear that the u.s. is now part of the conflict because of recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital so we've got a lot of things going on when it comes to what ordinary palestinians what but the the peace visit really isn't one of them has genuinely been ignored here it's about how gazans are living day to day because of the now decade long israeli siege.
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all right and i'm actually very much for that as. hey is live for us in gaza. and as we've been saying we're covering it we have extended coverage of the u.s. vice president mike pence is visit to israel as part of his tour of the region where he's first started egypt and then went on to jordan and while the vice president is in israel the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is in brussels so let's go live to brussels now because that's where our correspondent john king is covering the palestinian president's visit for us so what does nothing with abbas have planned what will he be looking for from european foreign ministers from the foreign policy chief federica moderating. well elizabeth there is that's a true targets from this visit as far as really understand the first essentially is
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something a message even before prince his mouth and that is the fact that he decided to make this trip while mike pence was in jerusalem in palestine in order to essentially ensure that the u.s. administration got the message very clearly from the palestinian authority that not only did the palestinian or thought you know want to meet with senior officials somebody like the vice president or while they were on the on the visit to the region but also that they no longer accepted the united states as a broker in this decade strong conflict the second maybe aim from this trip is to try and explore or diversify the palestinian authority's options when it comes to political negotiations and its role within the international community israel understanding was we know. the u.s. has been pivotal in ensuring the protestant you know story not only received some funds and. backing but also was present in the discussions that took place
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internationally now that that's not taken. they're not on the same page so to speak as to how to move forward. the particular authorities given to what has also been a significant partner maybe not as strong as the united states but still very significant say in the european union our boss will be speaking to the twenty eight member foreign ministers as well as obviously. to discuss ways in order to maybe push for some sort of a solution but what our bus is main challenges is essentially trying to find not only find an alternative politically but one that is acceptable to his people in the end of the day you've had a political process that's gone on for more than through decades that says it's high points of signing deals on the white house lawn in terms of the oslo agreements and others but realistically has brought about very little change through the day to day life of
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a people that have been under occupation for decades on end and now added to that occupation over the past ten fifteen years you've had other major issues that have challenge them be it the siege on gaza be it several crackdowns into fathers and other things that have taken place and obviously the almost by and you will war that israel decides to wage be it's on gaza two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve two thousand and fourteen and other things in between so what our boss really needs to do is he needs to come to the european union and come away with a pledge on one hand that the e.u. would still negotiate and would still engage with the palestinian authority politically but on the other hand come back to his people and say ok yes maybe the political process through the united states has failed in that the u.s. has decided to recognize illegally occupied drizzling as israeli land in spite of obviously the u.n. resolutions that very much consider it to be occupied. so yes the political process
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has failed as far as washington is concerned but the e.u. now is willing to engage maybe come up with a new road toward some sort of final status negotiations but this is the first step in what would be much much very very long process if you only what we're hearing so . popular elizabeth is that there may be willing to try and offer some sort of bilateral trade deal between the pier and the european union some sort of economic incentive to try and bring the p.a. to negotiations with the israelis but we've seen that happen before through tony blair or the quartet some other things where they offer some sort of small autonomic incentive but on the ground really makes no difference at all or thank you very much for that and we are waiting to hear from palestinian president mahmoud abbas and brussels we will go back to. what. there's prime minister benjamin netanyahu with vice president mike pence surplus then.
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you know. so as prime minister netanyahu addresses the israeli knesset let's go to our correspondent for certain herriot jamal. talking about the palestinian president's plans you know seeking out someone to possibly replace the united states where the end its role as a mediator in the peace process which the palestinians will no longer accept because of that u.s. decision on jerusalem and yet you have the vice president on this trip continuing to say that they're still ready to negotiate to be a mediator what is mike pence trying to achieve on this visit do you think obviously he's welcomed by the israelis but do they are they hearing what the palestinians are saying do they really still see a role for themselves in this peace process. well if they can't. but here what the
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palestinians are saying they've been utterly clear about it almost since the moment that the declaration was out of donald trump's mouth on december the sixth that they no longer see the united states as a potential mediator however the u.s. has invested a huge amount of time and effort in laying the groundwork for a trump peace plan which it still says it's going to unveil in the early part of this year so for whatever reason that the the administration felt it had to make this declaration as it did i think we can hear benjamin netanyahu actually the background if you want to carry yes say i'm going to interrupt you here because of a less than a now. in america. and his vice president you have stood shoulder to shoulder with president from with you . so have
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harry while i'm going to come back to you while we wait again for the vice president. yes. issues there with benjamin netanyahu but as i was saying that the u.s. is still in this position where it has this peace plan that it wants to unveil at some stage they say early in this new year and so the. vice president mike pence cannot but say that we are still involved in this we still want if the two sides agree to be there to to facilitate a two state solution but it does really demonstrate that the utter separation between that position and the palestinian reaction to what they saw as this hugely consequential insult really to their aspirations of nationhood and of having east jerusalem as their capital side by side with an israeli state a palestinian state alongside that written in the in the minutes before the speech this whole. ordo was filled with israeli members of the knesset and indeed israeli
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palestinian members of the knesset and that disjunct really was was very clear to see that of course right wingers were here saying that the whole idea of the us declaration should be some the palestinians should have capitalized on that this was. very clear of all of the u.s. backing of israel is true of jerusalem as israel's capital of making that clear and that was the time that the palestinians should've really used that clarity in some way unclear exactly how to then pursue their own claims to to a palestinian state and use the united states influence in some way to help that happen the leader in the knesset of the zionist union the main opposition bloc told us in slightly more nuanced language that he was here to really warmly welcomed this very close friend of israel although it's interesting that the u.s.
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vice president didn't want to meet with the israeli opposition leaders he's really suring up what is already an extremely close relationship between the administration and the israeli government of benjamin netanyahu but he was talking inside a more nuanced ways about the need to try and go again so a recognition of the i think the damage done in december and as far as the israeli palestinian and k.'s that the joint arab list they were saying that look we're going to stand up we're going to walk out that this has to be very clear that the current u.s. administration the trumpet ministration has no part to play in any potential solution to this conflict and so really it was clear here that there is this this huge difference in understanding between even mainstream israeli political opinion and what the palestinians view as as having been a total end to any u.s. involvement in the peace process harry thank you very much for that and we will come. go back to harry and to the israeli knesset as soon as we hear from the u.s.
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vice president we of course have extended coverage of his visit to israel as well as the vision but for now thank you very much harry. we're going to move on to other news just for now caution on u.s. parliament speaker has proposed ousted leader card as as the candidate to form the region's new government the nomination comes as denmark despite threats from spain he would be detained there. someday spain state prosecutors said it was very issue an arrest warrant for a few leaves belgium the former president of constable in your fled to brussels in a tobar after his regional government declared independence from spain in a referendum illegal madrid. hundreds of thousands of federal employees in the u.s. will have to stay home on monday as the government shutdown extends into the working week money for federal agencies was cut off on saturday after the senate
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failed to pass a funding bill a new vote on the spending plan. in the coming hours. following developments from washington d.c. . the shutdown of the u.s. government will stretch into a third day this is after the faint glimmer of hope to achieve an overnight compromise was down when senate democrats announced that yet there was still no deal now the next possible vote would come at noon monday but on an elusive compromise that has yet to be reached a group of bipartisan centrist senators have been working behind closed doors to reach that compromise so far what's been discussed is a temporary measure to reopen the government until february eighth and then to address immigration that may be a hard pill for democrats to swallow they see this as their opportunity to leverage the budget in order to help the eight hundred thousand young undocumented in the.
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whole dreamers who were brought to this country illegally as children meanwhile u.s. president donald trump well one time said he wished to help the legalize those young people has now in recent days turned back on that stance playing to his base and saying he wants a harder stance on immigration with these shifting stances and with the finger pointing coming from trump's account on twitter it remains to be seen when and if a compromise to reopen the federal government will occur now undocumented students in the u.s. state of georgia say they're being forced to study in secret because of a law that bans them from top universities politicians have always had a strong message that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to attend public colleges activists have decided to fight back with an underground university of their own and agalloch of a ports from atlanta. to the. civil rights era songs have a special meaning for the students of freedom university most of the children of
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illegal immigrants are banned from attending georgia's top public colleges the policy enacted six years ago has been described as educational segregation and it's a really great room for people to feel comfortable create a circle of chairs to to have dialogues and plan actions but freedom university an underground institution of was undocumented students a chance to further their education classroom locations are kept secret following threats from white supremacist groups but it's this state's laws that organizers say the biggest danger banning young people is morally wrong we are targeting people not based on their academic merit but on a social status completely out of their control so we are now in a situation in which we are targeting and punishing kids and and for me this is wrong like many of those who attend freedom university via letter was brought to the u.s. by her parents this is the only home she's ever known but his state. means pursuing
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a higher education is a legal minefield it can be really intimidating researching all of these policies and immigration educational policy isn't china navigate through that. can be discouraging at times but i feel that's where freedom university comes in and bridges that gap around you but you know that really is why it was a charge on georgia's ground has led to protests alabama and south carolina have similar laws in place civil rights activist rosalind pope for similar battles as a student in the sixty's and says the atmosphere now feels just as toxic it's getting to be downright scary. and i think from the top down. people feel free now to express their real feelings towards the thousands of undocumented children continue to attend georgia's schools but even if they come top of the class the state's top colleges aunt an option legal challenges are now
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being made but for now the students at freedom university continue to study in the shadows at the gallacher atlanta georgia. to liberia now where former football star george way or has been sworn in as the president is replacing nobel peace prize went to ellen johnson sirleaf who led the west african nation for twelve years reports from monrovia on the challenges ahead. liberia's president elect arrives at one last set of tits off. the boat here is some of her. but many believe it would be for. the story takes over from outgoing president johnson sirleaf whose term expired a week. but the challenges she leaves behind are huge on employment it's going to be a key issue to resolve. and the conditions are not pretty it is all able to
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find his feet. within the first six months he will lose attention of the international development community he'll lose attention of global capital and he will lose the interest of a largely impatient voting base. the youth form one of weir's biggest voting bloc in the last election and this group is largely unskilled and impatient for change he told us opening up the rural areas is a huge priority for. the recipe. but there are several unresolved issues that are equally picking for attention education electricity industrialization and national reconciliation ellen johnson sirleaf may have stabilized post-war liberia but like most developing countries it still struggles with the twin problems of corruption and under
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development one hundred seventy years after it was founded when jordan where takes the also office of the twenty fifth president of liberia on these grounds is supporters and one of so fun sixty percent of liberia's budget will be watching closely to see how he discharges his responsibilities. the first will be who he appoints interest cabinet because with that we have been branded as inexperienced he needs to put his best foot forward he needs a stroll minister fire ants that can send a message to the local and international economic players that liberia is capable of doing business. georgia where he's taking off his months after international donors are started scaling down operations in liberia which means the country sees less foreign aid. but some liberians say it's time they take their destiny in their own rules. for now this celebrate what is not clear how long the
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bill would last or how soon the impatience will set comedy. francis has laid a final mass and remembering his six day tour of south america to an end while he was welcomed by millions of catholics in chile and over his trip spain overshadowed by sex abuse cases in both countries as reports from lima. more than a million people joined pope francis for his farewell mass. the last time proving prayed with the pope was nearly thirty years ago here that now. says the pope's visit was inspirational when they're most in bangor landing it's been such a wonderful emotion for me you have no idea how much i've cried. caribbeans followed eighty one year old friends from the amazon in the south to the
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beachfront mass in one chuckle in the north. many like seventy eight year old. maid long journeys to see the pope you know. i believe in the holy father though i start from my back i made the effort travelling twenty four hours by bus i'm happy . francis don't prove to not forget the poor. a society that doesn't accept those who suffer compassion toward suffering is cruel and inhumane. the argentine born pontiff criticised corruption in latin america he urged indigenous people to protect the amazon and condemned human trafficking and crimes against women. but said nothing about sex abuse by the clergy.
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and. ten churches were burned more than eighty people were arrested for protesting the abuses by the clergy but the pope defended. victims covered up abuse. then i will talk there is not one piece of proof against him it's clear. the pope is under a lot of pressure. but . the. well the pontiff drew. his visit to the victims of abuse say the pope missed a chance to bring them some peace and comfort.
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now plan to repatriate hundreds of. the to. seven hundred thousand refugees who fled. the repatriation process is expected to take but a list of. their feeling pressured to go back to. their safety. now dozens of flights and train services have been cancelled in tokyo as the japanese capital braces for its first heavy snow alert in four years authorities have urged people to go home early in the fears of public transport chaos while japan's northern regions are used to seeing heavy blankets of snow during winter such weather is rare in tokyo. for the
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pain officials have raised the alert level of the country's most active volcano warning of a possible eruption within days mount male spewed a large cloud of ash and smoke on monday the alert level is now four on a scale of five tens of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes remaining residents have been told to stay indoors. write to china now the country invests more each year and wind hydro and solar power than any other but as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases it still an ambitious plan to replace carbon with the new about energy and that plan includes the largest floating solar farm on earth probably right went to say that. they float in the winter sunshine shimmering islands silently generating enough power for a small city on the shore new sections of solar panels are bolted together and then floated out to join the others the lake they occupy was formed by the collapse of
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a disused coal mine underground that would otherwise go to waste to design these sections like this is especially for this area they weren't you no matter how much the land flowed. the water helps cool the panels and keeps them free of dust to make them more efficient. and hoyt like other provinces is experiencing an unusually severe winter. if it's the result of climate change it's a reminder that a country which is built its prosperity on coal must look to renewable energy for its future with its demand for energy china is still burning about half the world's coal but that is fast changing the government has promised to spend three hundred sixty billion dollars on clean energy by twenty twenty and the difference is clear to see quite literally. beijing and other cities in northern. have been enjoying
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blue skies this winter largely because of a restriction on coal burning it's a controversial policy that's left many people shivering without enough alternative energy sources but it's given a glimpse of a smoke free future without coal back in nine the coal mine and power station can be seen beyond the solar panels. juge when you're in used to work that but says the solar farms pays him twice as much and he's happy to work above ground. my son also works in the industry it's got a job putting panels on people's roofs. part of a huge workforce that will eventually number in the millions finding a cleaner life in green energy rob mcbride al-jazeera and whole province china. they all spell or from the iranian tanker in the east china sea has tripled in size
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the oil slick has expanded to three hundred thirty two square kilometers in a week scientists have warned of a massive environmental catastrophe iranian tank she was carrying a million barrels of oil when it collided with another ship earlier this month the vessel burned for eight days before it sank on the three bodies of the ships mainly iranian crew have been recovered. it's fear the death toll from a measles outbreak in the indonesian province of pop what is much higher than previously reported official figures say sixty nine children have now died but church leaders say the real number could be in the hundreds step lawson has been given rare access to the affected area. children of the tribe in. a life their buddies are exhausted and weak from hunger and disease undernourished they're battling against outbreaks of measles and chicken pox. military medical teams have arrived in some remote areas. and
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a husband leanness had to travel for five hours and fit a six month old daughter would not survive. outdoors in his brain and his bad condition for quite a while but only now have people come to our village to help. is five years old but how body is less than half the size of a healthy child her age village is saying twenty nine children in her village alone have died. we rode our boats to a health post in another village but when we arrived they rejected us some of our children made it their alive but some died we buried them there others died on the way we buried them next to the river village just tell us that local authorities never visited their village even after a measles outbreak was reported last september a long. we have very limited means and stuff but this doesn't mean we are not
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trying very hard what we need is not just to be criticised but real help i want to invite those who criticize those who work here. church officials estimate hundreds of children of the tribe have died so far but many deaths have not been reported. my question is does anyone really care about these children who are dying does anyone want to go there and get real data about their condition and why do we only now say this is a problem. the us my tribe is best known for its past history of had hunting and cannibalism and living of the forest but introduced to modern life and money they're struggling to survive without government aid for months they have tried to find help but their cries to save their children's lives that here this has crisis so that. it's not reaching one living in the hearts of.
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well help for these i ask my children many remain in their remote villages the only hope help will arrive in time stop fast and al-jazeera our guts. a motorcycle bomb has exploded in a market in southern thailand killing three people and injuring dozens more that happened in the southern province of yala no one is claimed responsibility it is the first attack of its kind in months in the region where ethnic malaya muslims have been fighting for. foreign ministers from latin america and china a meeting in chile for a two day summit that will focus on trade the leaders of the thirty three member latin american and caribbean community want to make sure relations with china go beyond its appetite for commodities you see in human reports. chilean cherries juicy sweet and above all red intensely red in china it's believed the
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color brings good luck especially when marking the chinese new year next month hence the insatiable demand it's a tradition that's bringing good fortune here to. this is the largest production in history exports to china have allowed food producers to grow substantially all the way from central to southern chile. this is the very last shipment of chilean cherries which will soon be going to the port of san antonio to board a ship with a thousand containers of cherries all going to china more than ninety percent of this country's cherries are exported to that country for a very simple reason no one pays more than the chinese. and china's appetite isn't limited to cherries other fruits meat angriness that it can produce at home have given south america a twenty three billion dollars trade surplus in food. largely chile brazil and argentina in less than two decades trade has increased twenty two times
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making china the number one importer of latin american commodities this presents a problem and an opportunity says the u.n. economic commission for latin america and the caribbean loving american countries have been talking to the chinese about this i mean welcome to invest in latin america if you want to welcome to increase our trading patterns but let's move to areas of innovation to provide value added. one of those areas is renewable energy especially solar latin american leaders want china to become a partner in technology and science not just an importer of raw materials. of gold they believe will make economic development in latin america less reliant on good luck to improve the region's fortunes.
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it's the skill a change and the candidates are pulling out all the stops for so you can do it i mean you have to leave him. out as i said in his telling me as a society i don't follow vote this time i'll just see. the new poll ranks mexico city is the pool with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you
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have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers. to some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers. facing reality was growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mean maher government calls you a gringo all the terrorist hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time .
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to germany now with a social democrat the democrats have given the green light to form a coalition talks with chancellor and i'm there is conserved. says a party delegate from loudly to approve the step at a conference and bond because being unable to form a government force elections last september john mccain reports. it was a vote with profound implications for the social democrats for germany and perhaps the e.u. by a clear but not necessarily large majority martin schulze now has the authority to enter formal negotiations with anglo american the platform slogans proclaimed a new time needs a new politics but on offer was much of the same old government in a wide ranging speech should spelt out why another coalition with merkel was the best option not new york. believe me this hasn't been easy for anyone but i never
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doubted for a moment that we should follow the plea of the president as the way out of this difficult political situation as a social democrat here is my firm conviction that in this exceptional situation we must at least try to find the best possible outcome for the people of germany and the europe. that many in the hall and in the wider party to not agree perhaps the most vocal opposition came from the party's youth movement. absolutely i'm sure people negotiated well it's a reason i and many of those in and outside this room are not happy with the results it's not because they did bad work but because after twelve years of anger michael and eight years of grand coalition we no longer have to say. we're taking you live to the israeli knesset now the israeli parliament and west jerusalem where u.s. vice president mike pence is about to speak let's listen in. thank
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. president rivlin prime minister. speaker edelstein leader herzog members of the knesset justices of the supreme court citizens of israel. thank
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. you. right. so you end up with of course you're going to have any other human issues that we're watching pictures of the israeli knesset about to hear an address from vice president mike pence which has just been interrupted i believe by israeli palestinian members of the best said. thank you to have a great honor to address this knesset. the first vice president of the united
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states to be a four foot of fear in jerusalem the capital of the state of israel thank you and i bring greetings from a leader who has done more to bring our two countries closer together. than any president in the past seventy years the forty fifth president of the united states of america president donald trump you and. thanks to the president's leadership the alliance between our two countries has never been stronger and the friendship between our peoples has never been deep
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and i am here to convey a simple message from the heart of the american people america stands with israel to a . we stand with israel because your cause is our cause your values are our values and your fight is our fight we stand with israel because we believe in right over wrong good over evil and in liberty over tyranny we stand with israel because that's what americans have always done and so has it been since my country's earliest days there in his historic visit to jerusalem
3:50 pm
president trump declared that the bond between us in his words is woven together in the hearts of our people and the people of the united states have always held a special affection and admiration for the people of the book in the story of the jews we've. always seen the story of america it is the story of an exodus a journey from persecution to freedom a story that shows the power of faith. and the promise of hope. my country's very first settlers also saw themselves as pilgrims. sent by providence to build a new promised land the songs and stories of the people of israel were their anthems and they faithfully taught them to their children. and do to this day.
3:51 pm
and our founders as others have said turned to the wisdom of the hebrew bible for direction guidance and inspiration america's first president george washington wrote with favor to the children of the stock of abraham. our second president john adams declared that the jews in his words have done more to civilize man than any other nation. and your story inspired my forebears to create what our sixteenth president called a new birth of freedom and down through the generations the american people became fierce advocates of the jewish people's aspiration to return to the land of your forefathers one thousand to claim your own new birth of freedom in your beloved homeland the jewish people held fast to
3:52 pm
a promise through all the ages written so long ago that even if you'd been banished to the most distant land under the heavens from there he would gather and bring you back to the land which your father's business. through a two thousand year exile the longest of any people anywhere through conquests and expulsions inquisitions and pogroms the jewish people held on to this problem. and they held on to it through the longest and darkest of nights and night. elie weisel proclaimed seven times sealed the night the transformed the small faces of children. into smoke under a silent sky a night that consumed the faith of so many challenges the faith of so many still
3:53 pm
and tomorrow when i stand with my wife and jada shown on of the six million jewish martyrs of the holocaust we will marvel at the faith and resilience of your people who just three years after walking beneath the shadow of death rose up from the ashes to resurrect yourselves to re claim a jewish future and to re build the jewish state was i and this april. we will mark the day when the jewish people answered that ancient question can a country be born in a day and a nation be born in
3:54 pm
a moment as the state of israel celebrates the seventieth anniversary of its birth was. as you prepare to commemorate this is story milestone i say along with the good people of israel here and around the world. she had a key on. the key amano the hague eon her lao's model was a good of
3:55 pm
the. seventy years ago the united states was proud to be the first nation in the world to recognize the state of israel but as you well know. the work we began on that day was left unfinished for while the united states recognized your nation one of ministration after another refused to recognize your capital but just last month president donald trump made history he righted a seventy year wrong he kept his word to the american people when he announced that the united states of america will finally acknowledge jerusalem is israel's capital would
3:56 pm
the jewish peoples on breakable bonder the sacred city reaches back more than three thousand years it was here in jerusalem on mount mariah that abraham offered his son isaac and was credited with righteousness for his faith in god it was here in jerusalem that king david consecrated the capital of kingdom of israel . and sense its rebirth the modern state of israel has called this city the seat of its cover. jerusalem is israel's capital and as such president trump has directed the state department to immediately begin preparations to move the united states embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem should
3:57 pm
. in the weeks ahead our administration will advance its plan to open the united states embassy in jerusalem and that united states embassy will open before the end of next year. would
3:58 pm
. our president made his decision in his words in the best interest of the united states but he also made it clear that we believe that his decision is in the best interests of peace by finally recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital the united states has chosen fact over fiction. and fact is the only true foundation for a just and lasting peace under president trump the united states of america remains fully committed to achieve a lasting peace between israelis and palestinians one thousand eight hundred. in announcing his decision on jerusalem. the president also called in his words on
3:59 pm
all parties to maintain the status quo its response all the sides including the temple mount also known as the iran al sharif and he made it clear that we're not taking a position on any final status issues including the specific boundaries of the israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders and president trump reaffirmed that it both sides agree the united states of america will support a two state solution of the hundred one of the. now we know israelis want peace. and we know that israelis need no lectures on the price of war. the
4:00 pm
people of israel know the terrible price all too well your prime minister knows that price he himself was nearly killed in battle. and his beloved brother jani was killed while courageously leading the intensity hostage rescue forty one years ago and you know the price of war no best. or the blessings of peace can bring to you to your children and future generations . the united states appreciates your government's declared willingness to resume direct peace negotiations with the palestinian authority and today we strongly urge the palestinian leadership to return to the table peace can only come through dialogue.


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