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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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one question then yes this circumstances have changed and changed quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. this is held all still dangerous most vicious where the slightest error means a one way tickets over the edge and realities that men are coming back to more of all those who may not meet until the end braving tough conditions facing death at every turn it into effect serious here trailers i get no gamble with their lives just took on an if i'm risking it all on al-jazeera. andrade's of people feared dead after a measles outbreak came top while just zero reports from one of the most remote parts of the world where villagers say they've been forgotten.
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for me back to go this is a life my headquarters in doha also coming up the main challenger to egypt's president calls all fees election campaign after being detained by the army. the u.s. said russia clash at the u.n. security council over the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria's rebel enclave of duma. remembering hugh masekela the man known as the follows south african jazz who has died from prostate cancer. thank you for joining us i mean he's always outbreak is feared to have killed hundreds of man people in indonesia's eastern pa province officials say sixty nine
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children have died but church leaders estimate the death toll to be much higher a correspondent stepped bos'n and her team gains rare access to some of those forgotten villages in one of the most remote regions of the world they took a commercial flight from the capital jakarta to get through to me in poplar province from to make the team took a small plane to get to a guy that's they then travelled by boat through the river inlet and into the jungle to get from i gots to the tot and that's now speak to stand in who joins us live from my god she's in a church that is now being used as a makeshift hospital set a pretty challenging and long journey that you made to get to this remote region of indonesia tell us about what you saw when you arrived. well heartbreaking scenes in this village toll remote up river and basically a chose that it's very challenging also for the military police and all these
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health officials to get through these very remote settlements and you can even call this villages these things are basically cattleman's of people who are still semi nomadic they live in the forests a few months every year still to find through their lives off first aagot palm trees most of the time but now they also spend time in the villages and what we see is a very very severe health situation we saw a lot of very skinny children malnourished children but what also was striking is that especially the moderates are very malnourished as well so basically these babies many of them are already born malnourished and of course concerning the fact that there's hardly any food in that area the babies will not recover from that situation but basically has happened is that the us much right is losing rapidly its tradition to list automated lists of the forest and now they're basically stuck in the settlement and not knowing what to do with this modern food that has been reaching the area and we went to this particular village where one of the hardest
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hit i can say which children has died over the last couple of weeks and of course we found a very sad situation people felt very much left alone and still until this moment no medical help has arrived for them as you can see in our report. the land of the smart spread across a vast jungle delta only reachable by boat a challenge in journey most outsiders prefer to avoid. assert that a settlement in the middle of dense forest we are welcomed by grieving parents dozens of topless died after their malnourished bodies didn't survive a measles outbreak a doctor has yet to visit the remote village. i mean by you're having a lives have become so hard we need a doctor to come here the government in jakarta has to help us because the local government has never visited us a government health department spokesman has said stuff are working with very
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limited resources and they're trying very hard to help the people are threatened by a lack of medical care and address to change in lifestyle to find food they used to spend months in the forest. and they used to eat sagbo from palm trees and drink natural water but since the government opened district offices here everything has changed instant food and energy drinks entity area but the us most people don't know these things are bad for them. while some smart women go through the long process to prius psagot we find children eating uncooked instant noodles and the baby drinking instant coffee while the children have been dying these are not people are left on their own far away from any doctor or government officials who don't make the effort to make the long and difficult journey only a strong government commitment to reach out to these poor papa one can help to prevent another tragedy. to handle the health crisis
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catholic church workers are handing out food to young children and give how the vice tomatoes many of them are malnourished as well. but the us must can't continue to live on donations of food aid forever to survival depends on their ability to revive traditions and the willingness of the government to really help and guide them. well the government has now declared a medical emergency unpresidential can we go to has established a special task force consisting of the military and police the go into this far reaching areas but it's very rare for us to have this kind of access have a lot of people here are very worried that journalists are going to be gone and also medical teams will be gone that they will be left alone again and that people will be forgotten so what's happening now is that people are being brought in from the villages to this church basically because the village here act is already off
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loaded with patients with children in very bad conditions but they will have to go home eventually and the big question will be then who is going to take care of them don thank you very much for that report steadfast and i for a singer got seen indonesia. in other world news egypt should military has detained his former chief of staff just days after he said he will run for president in the elections scheduled in march sami anon has been seen as a main challenger to president abdel fattah sisi but he's now called off his campaign mama jam june has the details. just days after year nouns to his candidacy in his country's upcoming presidential elections egypt's military has arrested former egyptian armed forces chief of staff sami. in a televised statement the military said imam committed violations when he announced his presidential bid without obtaining permits from the armed forces he's also accused of committing forgery to be included in the voter database there are two
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explanations for this one is that he actually miscalculated the level of support that he has within the military institution and within the security and his so within the pollen institutions the second one is not mistaken a decision he expected to step and this is not the end of the story you probably see something a counter reaction on his part or on the part of his loyalists so it's still too early to tell i'm an announced his intention to run hours after current president of the fatah has sisi declared his plan to seek a second term even before sisi made his candidacy official it wasn't just widely assumed that sisi would prevail in the march elections it was also widely expected that real opposition to sisi was likely to be thin on the ground potential candidates have either already withdrawn or seen their candidacy while. some have blamed an atmosphere of fear to other presidential hopefuls were forced to quit the
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race earlier this month. one of them said that the nephew of former leader on what he said last week he wanted to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest another former prime minister and air force general ahmed shafik had also announced his interest in running but he was placed under house arrest before being deported from the united arab emirates where he'd been living in exile according to his lawyers was detained as soon as he landed in cairo and then there is egyptian army colonel ahmed consul in december he was sentenced by a military court to six years in prison after he announced his plans to run for president leaving many to wonder just how serious a threat the military men may have posed to sisi a former military chief of staff said not only is somebody with he's a serious contender he was the former chief of stuff the deputy head of the supreme council of the own forces did with the body of them a lot of and he is much senior into those of the military command and in sisi so
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he's somebody who is very well connected with the americans very well connected with unity so he's not someone who is a lightweight anyway during cc's rule which has been marked by a crackdown on freedom of expression human rights groups have been placed under severe restrictions and many critics in the media have been silenced the question now how many more presidential candidates will be added to a seemingly growing list of those being suppressed. well let's have a look at sami a nonce background he became chief of staff of the gyptian military in two thousand and five under former president hosni mubarak in twenty levon and during the gyptian revolution he worked closely with u.s. officials including james mattis the current u.s. defense secretary but just a year later former president mohamed morsy forced him to resign and on eventually formed his own political party tag masood is a professor at the harvard kennedy school of government in the u.s. he says sami anon has many allies who could help him. semi i meant clearly has
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loyalist supporters within the military establishment it's inconceivable that he would have decided to run for the presidency without having some backers within the military so the question is how will those people respond so i do think that it's too early to say that and then candidacy has been nipped in the bud but we are clearly and it's clear that the regime has indicated its anxiety about i meant candidacy and we'll see now what happens in the coming days in what must be a negotiating process between and then in the military his candidacy announcement indicated that he thought that ccs policies were bad that the military was being asked to bear too much of the burden of governing egypt that in fact there did need to be a cooperation between the civilian and the military forces so certainly he talked an oppositional game in that brief period where he was allowed to speak but it's too much to i would say right now to call him an opposition candidate but certainly
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challengers to see see what opportunities that they see this is a president whose popularity has declined significantly as a result of many of the tough economic decisions that he's made the most notable of which was the floating of the egyptian pound more than about a year ago which saw the the pound plummet to something like eight hundred pounds per u.s. dollar and that has certainly been felt by a lot of egyptians particularly middle class egyptians in their pocketbooks in addition sisi has pared back subsidies and done all kinds of other things that i think were actually necessary for the egyptian economy but did not do him any favors in terms of his popularity and the u.s. state department has reacted spokeswoman had a new act says the u.s. as a way of his detention. we are following these reports we know he's spent considerable time in the united states so where we're certainly familiar with him we support a timely and credible electoral process and believe it needs to include the
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opportunity for citizens to participate freely in egyptian elections we believe that that should include addressing restrictions on freedom of association peaceful assembly and also expression. the united nations says an estimated five thousand people have been displaced by turkey's military offensive against kurdish fighters in the african region of syria. the operation which involves shelling and strikes is set to enter its fifth day it's believed around eight hundred thousand civilians are living there activists say at least twenty three civilians have been killed so far now frayne is surrounded by turkish and free syrian army forces to the north east and west and syrian government forces to the south it's believed most of those fleeing of charging through a government held territory to an enclave inside aleppo city that's controlled by kurdish forces meanwhile at least twenty one people have suffered breathing problems after an alleged chemical attack on a rebel held enclave mysterious capital damascus the syrian observatory for human
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rights has accused the government of being behind me attack it says white smoke was released after syrian forces fired a barrage of rockets into the neighborhood of duma the attack prompted warning sign the international community diplomats from twenty nine countries have met in paris to push for sanctions and criminal charges against those responsible for similar attacks and the united nations security council has met to discuss chemical weapons and the situation in syria christian salome reports from new york. russia called this last minute security council meeting on the issue of chemical weapons in syria to defend itself against attacks coming from the united states alleging that russia was ultimately responsible for ongoing chemical attacks in syria because it had failed to authorize ongoing investigations by the u.n. into those attacks the u.s. and russian ambassador were quite friendly on their way into the meeting but once
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the meeting took off into formal statements they went on the attack the russians say they are all for accountability in syria when it comes to chemical weapons but . past investigations they said were unscientific and politically motivated those past investigations found evidence that syria and ice will both have used chemical weapons syria of course denies that they have used chemical weapons russia suggested that the recent attack being talked about and eastern ghouta was actually being manufactured or somehow exploited by the west. does not seem strange to anybody that this alleged episode the veracity of which is yet to be confirmed or perpetrators yet to be identified for some reasons converges with the meeting in paris in the forthcoming syrian national dialogue in sochi when russia does not like the facts they try and distract the conversation that's because the facts come back over and over again to the truth russia wants to hide that the assad regime
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continues to use chemical weapons against its own people russia also announced it's putting forward a new proposal to address chemical weapons used in syria but the united kingdom pointed out in its remarks that past proposals undermine the council's attend to hold the government of syria accountable said focusing on non-state actors like i saw clearly this will be a problem going forward something that will have to be negotiated the united states for its part said that it would not accept any proposal that undermines its ability to get at the truth. should a head on al-jazeera pakistani police make an arrest over the matter of seven year old the scene happened sorry. the first member of donald trump's cabinet is question over a possible collusion between the u.s. president's campaign and russia.
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welcome back now a look at the weather conditions across the americas we've got a classic frontal set up across north america it's a front moving through in a line way down across the southern states so some warmer how you on across some miami florida otherwise looking cooler once again new york they're coming up five degrees but weather conditions improving the snow has cleared away is fine around the eastern seaboard during the course of thursday and back out swards the west we've got another system pushing in towards the pacific northwest some snow likely over the rockies some snow for the south sierra nevada this means little bit of rain affecting san francisco at times though los angeles is expected to remain dry down into central parts of america the winds coming in from the east or northeast we've got lots of showers along the caribbean coastline of the isthmus all the way from panama up through towards the yucatan peninsula and indeed some showers pushing in towards mexico city tearing wednesday as the oil is the caribbean we
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still have a fair amount of cloud across parts of cuba in the bahamas but generally weather conditions here are looking better and there will be a fair matter sunshine kingston jamaica enjoying some very pleasant weather conditions heading into south america we've seen some flooding rain affecting southern parts of brazil in recent days that looks to be easing those improve for the situation here dry in point as areas in argentina with highs of twenty six. rio has big plans to turn its largest favelas into spectacles. but inside the favelas because of it has big plans of his own. building since the age of twelve listen trained yet skilled architect has as good a chance as any at seeing his vision come to light. the federal role and the master plan and the concluding part of rebel architecture at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour al-jazeera has gained access to one of the most remote areas in the world where hundreds a few days because of a measles outbreak official see the crisis in indonesia's eastern congo province has claimed the lives of sixty nine children but church leaders estimate the death toll to be much higher the egyptian military has detained his former chief of staff just days after he said he would run in the presidential election in march sami anon was seen as a main challenger to president after fact r.c.c. anon has not called off easy election campaign. and the united nations security
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council has held a meeting on continued chemical attacks in syria russia call for a new inquiry into who is to blame a move the u.s. has branded a destruction. at least twenty seven people have been killed after a car bomb exploded in libya a blast in the eastern city of benghazi killed worshippers who were live leaving a mosque after evening prayers a second car bomb exploded just half an hour later injuring security and ambulance personnel. but he's seen pakistan say d.n.a. samples of a man suspected of the rape and murder of a seven year old girl are a match and then have been sirees murder triggered mass protests over alleged police incompetence the most senior official in punjab province has accused the suspects of being a serial killer saying the twenty four year old confessed to the murder of seven other children mariana honda has more. police had rounded up more than a thousand mean a wide sweep to track down the killer of the child whose death had caused outrage
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in pakistan in the end the search narrowed to the neighborhood where the girl lived punjab province is most senior official shaba shadi for says the d.n.a. of twenty four year old emraan is a match he alleges confessed to him into and seven others into alleys yet to stand trial or into a formal plea shadi called for him to be hanged zana. killer has been arrested his name is imran his a resident of course or he's twenty four years old he is a serial killer. zeinab and said he was last seen alive in this grainy c.c.t.v. footage holding the hand of an unknown man and being led away his parents were on pilgrimage in saudi arabia at the time they accused the police of doing little when they reported him missing. she was found dead four days later in the city of customers right and strangled to death and discarded and
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a rubbish dump. the. use of her death ignited simmering frustration on social media and on the streets of a number of cities a perceived police in action and the government's failure to protect children and family last year police in short did a suspect in the killing of another child as he allegedly tried to escape they still investigating whether he was innocent but in the months that followed they were reportedly twelve other child mood is in custer district including zeinab. the hashtag justice for cyanide trained in pakistan. demonstrations turned violent and two people were killed local reports say the suspect is known to the family zeinab father mohammed amin has denied rumors he's a relative and. his voice to cools was a neighbor's killer to be hanged. today during the committee meeting i demand to be
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accused behinds publicly since there's no provision for that in the constitution they moved an amendment process or. international attention two years ago when police arrested several suspects in a child six simple no graffiti ring hundreds of videos of child molestation surface and official told al-jazeera that he had been taken in for questioning in the initial sweep but was released because of a lack of evidence. for police say they believe zainab killer is now in custody but given the reaction to her death it will likely take more than a single arist to restore confidence medium honed to zero. u.s. vice president mike pence has visited the western world war in occupied east jerusalem on the second and final day of his visit to israel the wall in the old city is one of the holiest sites in judaism pen's was shown around the side by a rabbi earlier he met these really president groovin rivlin and toward the
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holocaust memorial palestinians meanwhile have held a general strike over the vice president's visit and the u.s. decision to recognize him as israel's capital shops transport and public services were close across the occupied west bank and east jerusalem the ruling fatah party called for the strike saying it was the beginning of a peaceful struggle against the u.s. decision. four people have died after a small plane and helicopter collided in germany it happened in the skies northwest of should guard two of the victims were in a rescue helicopter on a training flight the other two were piloting a small plane but he say the cause of the crash is still unclear. the u.s. justice department has confirmed to al jazeera that attorney general jeff sessions was questions last week over alleged collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia is believed to be the first time a member of president trump's cabinet has been questioned in the inquiry our white
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house correspondent kimberly hauck it reports. getting closer to the president the department of justice confirming attorney general jeff sessions has been interviewed by robert muller steam as a witness in the russian vest a geisha and it's the first time a member of donald trump's cabinet has been questioned by the special counsel the trump says he's unfazed by what sessions might have told investigators i'm not at all thank you all the investigation is probing possible truck campaign ties with russia of whether the united states president tried to obstruct the russian vesta geisha as the head of trump's foreign policy team during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign sessions has unique insights given he was also involved deeply in the firing of the former f.b.i. director james comey in tweets and publicly trump has complained bitterly that sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigation or am disappointed believing sessions' should have done more to protect him sessions as one of more
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than a dozen current and former trump officials to be questioned earlier this month it was revealed one time from strategist steve bam and has also struck a deal with muller seemed to be interviewed. late last year former national security advisor michael flynn and advisor george papadopoulos pled guilty to charges in connection with the probe and are now cooperating as witnesses is suggests muller is ratcheting up pressure on the president who has been cryptic about whether he will speak with the special counsel will see what happens and despite claims by donald trump's lawyer that the russian investigators and would wrap up by the end of last year the questions by the special counsel continue and appear to be intensifying can really help get al-jazeera washington. venezuela's president says he is ready to run for reelection nicolas maduro is yet to be
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formally nominated by his ruling socialist party presidential elections are due to be held by the end of april it's unclear who from the divided opposition will stand against maduro the brazilian city of sol pollo has called close its zulu and botanical gardens as the government grapples with an outbreak of yellow fever that's cause seventy deaths across three states the facilities were closed after a wild monkey died from the disease almost one hundred fifty human cases have been confirmed in minister are pollo and rio de janeiro the government is rushing to vaccinate twenty million people. now the man known as the father of south african gys has died from cancer seventy eight year old humans to care i became a legend around the world for his anti-apartheid songs and campaign to free now since mandela tanya page as our report from china spoke.
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hugh masekela his trumpet playing propelled him to global stardom he spent three decades living in exile in the united states we he campaigned against the apartheid regime back home in south africa. but. nurses money. lead. of course more prison and in it he just like. you know with the music school and with the recordings and he knew everything in my children's names into my wife's name willie's gone to school with my wife. and it just reached me with all this. i was blown away i went to the. killer collaborated with the likes of harry belafonte and pull simon is instrumental grazing in the grass was an international number one hit in one nine
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hundred sixty eight. and joined us in their first band together as teenage is i think he would like people to remember him first. and then his contribution. in this. that was being selfish and things to himself and his successes successes were due to the people the people whose stories. you know massa keller returned home soon after nelson mandela was finally freed in one thousand nine hundred ninety after twenty seven years in prison this part of johannesburg new town is synonymous with south africa's jazz scene hugh masekela was a regular in the clubs that dot the streets his music affected young and old he was one of my idols and i would have loved to meet him. at some point in my life now
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that is gone it's really depressing insert for me because i'll never get the chance to tell him how he inspired us as south africans in upcoming musicians must continue to perform on stage well into the sea than today's sharing his lifelong passion with adoring fans for as long as he could. until he lost a decade long battle with prostate cancer and she's tiny page al-jazeera johannesburg. the oscar nominations are out ahead of a ceremony on march fourth fact will be watched closely for how the academy reacts to recent sexual assaults scandals in the movie industry the film picking up the most nominations overall was again a model taurus fantasy drama the shape of water it tells the story of a lonely cleaning woman who befriends a detained creature. you. know
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again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera has gained access to one of the most remote areas in the world where hundreds of dead due to a measles outbreak officials say the crisis in indonesia's eastern province of pop-y. has claimed the lives of sixty nine children but it is estimate the death toll to be much higher that boston has more from i gotz in papua province. what we see is a very very severe health situation we saw a lot of very many children malnourished children but also a striking is that especially their models are very malnourished while they're going to lose babies many of them are already born malnourished and of course considering the fact that there's hardly any food in that area the babies will not recover from that situation we're going to happen is that the right is losing
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rapidly it's tradition to live off making little of the forest and now they're basically stuck in these settlements and not knowing what to do with this modern food that has been reaching the area. the egyptian military has detained its former chief of staff just days after he said he would run in the presidential election this march sami anon was seen as the main challenger to president abdel fattah el-sisi the united nations security council has held a meeting on continued chemical attacks in syria russia call for a new inquiry into who is to blame a move the u.s. has branded a distraction the u.s. justice department has confirmed attorney general jeff sessions was questioned last week over alleged collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia it's believed to be the first time a member of tom's cabinet has been questioned in the inquiry which is led by former f.b.i. director robert mueller police in pakistan have arrested a man suspected of raping and killing a seventy year old girl zainab and saris body was found in
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a rubbish dump earlier this month in the city of sort of murderous sparked outrage on social media and led to protests across pakistan. and those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right after rebel at architecture to status. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. architect has always defined the human. trump the simplest struck just to the greatest monuments. a rebellion is under way . led by a new breed of aka ted that puts people before i'd gone. off to texas using the tools of that trade to restructure the surrounding.


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