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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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this time zero. i'm going to. look the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood just. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary to people in power at this time on al-jazeera. a hundred such a day after a measles outbreak in pop watch al-jazeera reports from one of the most remote parts of the world where villages say they've been forgotten. this is the only way
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to bring food and medicine yes most people of children have been dying of malnutrition and disease. though this is al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha and fully back to people also coming out the main challenger to egypt's president calls off his election campaign after being detained by the army and the u.s. and russia clash at the u.n. security council over the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria's rebel enclave of to. thank you for joining us unease olds outbreak is feared to have killed hundreds of malnourished people in indonesia's eastern pa province officials say sixty nine children have died but church leaders estimate the death toll to be much higher correspondence that boss and her team gained rare axis. to some of those forgotten
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villages in one of the world's most remote regions they took a commercial flight from the capital jakarta to get to timika in papua province from to macau the team took a small plane to get to a gas then they travelled by boat through the river inlet and into the jungle to get from a guy at a time. is now at a church in advance of spain uses an emergency clinic from where she explained what she saw. where we found heartbreaking scenes in the village where many children had died one of the hardest hit villages twenty seven children were reported that because of malnutrition of course that we bodies they were very vulnerable to. like measles and chicken pox and what we found is that none of these children had actually had proper actually nations and also no doctors had visited this area for over a year people told us they are writing also was not only the among the skinny children and babies but also their models are in very bad condition so many of these babies
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are already born malnourished and they won't have a good chance to survive the first five years the people who are really feeling that they were left alone they were calling on the government especially the central government to help them they have no faith in the regional government they think they don't care about us they never pitted me so it's a very very challenging situation and also very remote as you can see in our report . the land of the smart spreads across a vast jungle delta only reachable by boat a challenge in journeys most outsiders prefer to avoid. in that settlement in the middle of dense forest we are welcomed by grieving parents dozens of topless died after their malnourished bodies didn't survive a measles outbreak a doctor has yet to visit the remote village. let me by your giving our lives have
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become so hard we need a doctor to come here the government in jakarta has to help us because the local government has never visited us a government hell department spokesman has said stuff are working with very limited resources and they're trying very hard to help the people are threatened by a lack of medical care and address to change in lifestyle to find food they used to spend months in the forest. they used to eat sad go from palm trees and drink natural water but since the government opened district offices here everything is changed instant food and energy drinks entity area but the us most people don't know these things are bad for them. while some smart women go through the long process to put prius psagot we find children eating uncooked instant noodles and the baby drinking instant coffee while the children have been dying these are smart people are left on their own far away from any doctor or government
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officials who don't make the effort to make the long and difficult journey only government commitment to reach out to these poor papa once can help to prevent another tragedy. to handle the health crisis catholic church workers are handing out food to young children and give how the vice tomatoes many of them are malnourished as well. but the us must con continue to live on donations of food aid forever to survival depends on their ability to refine traditions and the willingness of the government to really help and guide them. when the government has declared a medical emergency and what's happening now is that there's a task force consisting of police and military the military is here now go into the villages also together with help workers from the how become and interact and they go to this village just trying to save children's lives bring the worst patients to this church basically in our gut this is an emergency hospital right now because
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the rest of the hospital the clinic is already over full so the children are being taken care of right here and we got this very rare access and a lot of people here the powerplant are very worried that if journalists are gone and also these medical emergency things are gone that the as much will be left to themselves again they will have to go back to their villages still and who will take care of them then. in other world news egypt's military has detained his former chief of staff just days after he said he would run for president in elections scheduled in march sami in and has been seen as a main challenger to president abdel fatah sisi but he's now called off his campaign. has the latest. just days after year nouns to his candidacy in his country's upcoming presidential elections egypt's military has arrested former egyptian armed forces chief of staff sami on on words. in a televised statement the military said imam committed violations when he announced
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his presidential bid without obtaining permits from the armed forces he's also accused of committing forgery to be included in the voter database there are two explanations for this one is that he actually miscalculated the level of support that he has within the military institution and within the security and his so within the politest to sions the second one is he actually did not mistaken a decision he expected this step and this is not the end of the story you told the see something account of the action on his part or the part of his loyalists so it's still too early to tell i'm an announced his intention to run hours after current president of the fatah has sisi declared his plan to seek a second term even before sisi made his candidacy official it wasn't just widely assumed that sisi would prevail in the march elections it was also widely expected that real opposition to sisi was likely to be thin on the ground potential candidates have either already withdrawn or seen their candidacy while. some have
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blamed an atmosphere of fear to other presidential hopefuls were forced to quit the race earlier this month one of them and one said that the nephew of former leader anwar sadat said last week he wanted to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest another former prime minister and air force general ahmed shafiq had also announced his interest in running but he was placed under house arrest before being deported from the united arab emirates where he'd been living in exile according to his lawyers was detained as soon as he landed in cairo. and then there is egyptian army colonel ahmed consul in december he was sentenced by a military court to six years in prison after he announced his plans to run for president leaving many to wonder just how serious a threat the military men may have posed to sisi a former military chief of staff said not only is somebody with he's a serious contender he was the former chief of stuff the deputy head of the supreme
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council of the armed forces did with body after mubarak and he is much senior in terms of the military command and in sisi so he's somebody who is a very well connected with the americans very well connected region and so he's not someone who was a lightweight anyway during cc's rule which has been marked by a crackdown on freedom of expression human rights groups have been placed under severe restrictions and many critics in the media have been silenced the question now how many more presidential candidates will be added to a seemingly growing list of those being suppressed. the united nations says an estimated five thousand people have been displaced by turkey's military offensive against kurdish fighters in the region of syria. the operation which involves shelling and strikes is said and to its fifth date it's believed around eight hundred thousand civilians are living there activists say at least twenty three civilians have been killed now freeness surrounded by turkish
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and free syrian army forces to the north east and west and syrian government forces to the south as believed most of those fleeing are traveling through government territory to an enclave inside aleppo city that's controlled by kurdish forces meanwhile at least twenty one people have suffered breathing problems after an alleged chemical attack on a rebel held enclave nias syria's capital damascus the syrian observatory for human rights has accused the government of being behind the attack it says white smoke was released after syrian forces fired a barrage of rockets into the neighborhood of duma it prompted warning sign the international community diplomats from twenty nine countries have met in paris to push for sanctions and criminal charges against those responsible for similar attacks and the un security council has met to discuss chemical weapons and the situation in syria christian salome reports from new york. russia called this last minute security council meeting on the issue of chemical weapons in syria to defend
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itself against attacks coming from the united states alleging that russia was ultimately responsible for ongoing chemical attacks in syria because it had failed to authorize ongoing investigations by the u.n. into those attacks the u.s. and russian ambassador were quite friendly on their way into the meeting but once the meeting took off into formal statements they went on the attack the russians said they are all for accountability in syria when it comes to chemical weapons but past investigations they say. unscientific and politically motivated those past investigations found evidence that syria and eisel both have used chemical weapons syria of course denies that they have used chemical weapons russia suggested that the recent attack being talked about and eastern ghouta was actually being manufactured or somehow exploited by the west suddenly this is not seem strange to
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anybody that this alleged episode the veracity of which is yet to be confirmed or perpetrators yet to be identified for so many reasons converges with the meeting in paris and the forthcoming syrian national dialogue in sochi when russia doesn't like the facts they try and distract the conversation that's because the facts come back over and over again to the truth russia wants to hide that the assad regime continues to use chemical weapons against its own people russia also announced it's putting forward a new proposal to address chemical weapons used in syria but the united kingdom pointed out in its remarks that past proposals undermine the council's intent to hold the government of syria accountable instead focusing on non-state actors like i saw clearly this will be a problem going forward something that will have to be negotiated the united states for its part said that it would not accept any proposal that undermines its ability
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to get at the truth. at least twenty seven people have been killed after a car bomb exploded in libya a blast in the eastern city of benghazi killed worshippers who were leaving a moscow after evening prayers a second car bomb exploded just half an hour later injuring security and ambulance personnel. the u.s. justice department has confirmed that attorney general jeff sessions was questioned last week over alleged collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia it's believed to be the first time a member of president cabinet has been questioned in inquiry. spahn and kimberly hockett reports. getting closer to the president the department of justice confirming attorney general jeff sessions has been interviewed by robert mueller steam as a witness in the russian vest a geisha and it's the first time a member of donald trump's cabinet has been questioned by the special counsel the trump says he's unfazed by what sessions might have told investigators but not at
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all thank you all the investigation is probing possible truck campaign ties with russia of whether the united states president tried to obstruct the russian vesta geisha as the head of trump's foreign policy team during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign sessions has unique insights given he was also involved deeply in the firing of the former f.b.i. director james comey in tweets and publicly trump has complained bitterly that sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigation or am disappointed believing sessions' should have done more to protect him sessions as one of more than a dozen current and former trump officials to be questioned earlier this month it was revealed one time from strategist steve bam and has also struck a deal with muller seemed to be interviewed. late last year former national security advisor michael flynn and advisor george papadopoulos pled guilty to
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charges in connection with the probe and are now cooperating as witnesses is suggests muller is ratcheting up pressure on the president who has been cryptic about whether he will speak with the special counsel will see what happens and despite claims by donald trump's lawyer that the russian investigators and would wrap up by the end of last year the questions by the special counsel continue and appear to be intensifying kimberly help at al-jazeera washington. still ahead on al-jazeera. uncertified in hong kong coming up why the city famous for its neon signs and glittering skyline may be under pressure to keep the lights and switch off. and that core is you to decide the fate of brazil's former president guilty verdicts could end his plans for a reelection bid distilling this. by
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the springtime flower of a mounting lead. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we've had quite a nasty area of low pressure around the eastern side of the mediterranean giving snow across parts of lebanon higher elevations and also turkey but it's all seems to be dying out of the moments not very well not just eight degrees celsius sixteen degrees in beirut and pushing on into thursday we will still the northern edge of the system more snow returning and temperatures struck in the ancrum monis one subzero in places like van in turkey also and generally unsettled weather here looking to buffered by data twenty two fourteen in tehran couple coming in at thirteen degrees below zero marty that maximum honest fifteen really cold air across more eastern parts of asia now the arabian prince is fine we've lost the shemale wind so we may get early morning mist and fog coming back for doha around
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the gulf states generally but otherwise weather conditions here looking lovely this time of year find on the other side of the peninsula with mecca coming in with temperatures of twenty nine degrees this little bit of cloud from time to time had a across into southern portions of africa we've got to find conditions across many areas the showers across angola northern parts of zambia's about by and through towards mozambique but you haven't spoken i stay sunshine highs of twenty five. the way sponsored by qatar peace. paint the scene for us when they're online what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but in number not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sept do people the little choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on
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al jazeera. welcome back our top stories al-jazeera has gained or a rare access to one of the most remote areas in the world where hundreds if you're dead due to a measles outbreak officials say the crisis in indonesia eastern pa province has claimed the lives of sixty nine children but church leaders estimate the death toll to be much higher the gyptian military has detained its former chief of staff just days after he said he would run in the presidential election in march sami anon was seen as the main challenger to president abdel fatah anon has not called off his election campaign. and the united nations security council has held
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a meeting on continued chemical attacks in syria russia call for a new inquiry into who is to blame a move the u.s. has branded a distraction. now a coalition of more than a dozen latin american countries has rejected venezuela's call for early elections saying it contradicts democratic principles the pro-government constituent assembly in caracas is calling for poles by the end of april president nicolas maduro says he's willing to seek another term in office a latin america at its end. reports. foreign ministers from latin america and canada who gathered in chile to discuss the crack presidential elections from which most opposition parties have been banned. for this decision by the. impeach the realization of democratic transparent and credible elections. one of venezuela's best known government opponents is here asking for more two
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months ago the former mayor of. escaped house arrest and fled the country. and that's when i was asking latin american nations to follow the example of the united states and the european union by imposing sanctions on high ranking venezuelan government officials but he is going much much further saying here what most opposition leaders who are still inside venezuela dare not ask for in public live this man tells al-jazeera venezuela needs what he described as humanitarian intervention which he concedes could mean the use of force. venezuela needs to be liberated from. we're already invaded by the cubans venezuela needs a humanitarian intervention by the u.n. or whatever international organization we don't want the world to come later and give us its condolences when democracy is already dead. regional leaders are increasingly frustrated with efforts to convince them israel as president. to
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restore basic democratic freedoms and accept transparent supervised elections which would take at least six months to prepare. venezuela's foreign minister who was in some earlier regional gathering reacted angrily to the meeting of his peers. so the same imperialists who instructed the european union to sanction venezuela they instructed. these governments to attack venezuela. some speculate president moved up the election date as a show of force ahead of a new round of negotiations between government and opposition leaders from monday but if caracas insists on moving ahead with what some see as a further power grab some could be persuaded to do more than just shake hands with those who argue that the time for talking is over. you see in human i'll just see that. a court in brazil is you to decide on wednesday whether to uphold
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a corruption conviction against former president luiz inacio lula da silva. thousands of his supporters rallied in southern brazil to hear him speak a day before the decision if he loses his appeal he'll be unable to run for president this year despite being the early favorite to win you know was defiant as he addressed the crowds. here. i don't know if it is the fear of losing return in twenty eight i don't know if it is for you if it is for you it's good because they're not afraid of the but things we did but of the good things we did out of conviction against a property in sao paolo. details. the beaches of what have long been a holiday getaway for people living in brazil's financial capital. but lately it's become one no one for another reason it's the focus of the corruption accusations
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against former president. but everyone say this is apartment i think that as a former president of brazil he should have been the most correct of all if he bought it and gave up on the apartment as he lawyers say he should have a. documentum forming that i think he's cute you must pay for his mistakes. the former president was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison a decision on his appeal is due this wednesday here were convicted of accepting over a million dollars in bribes from a construction company profiteers say that that money was used to buy and to renovate that three triplex on top of that building they also say that in return help that company when contract with a fatal company but there were doubts but many say there is not enough proof to condemn him because the tribe plex continues to be registered under the
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construction company's name that's why people like and that is on so subtle sandals continue to support him. supports the workers those who are working hard every day i will vote for a leader for sure people are harassing him to stop him returning to the presidency but we the brazilian people should compare what lula did for us and what the current president michelle turner has done to us that's my impression brazil is heading to the polls to elect a new president in october and no luck on team used to be this country's most popular politician he was president for eighteen years after the two thousand and ten he supporters continue to see him as a champion of the poor a few of. those now seventy two is facing six other investigations he's not only fighting back but has also announced he's planning to run for president again. the bush nowadays we don't have a candidate who offers a project
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a proposal that gets the electorate involved we were dragged to a severe economic crisis and what the population can see is that social and economic conditions to terry ated significantly this year your luck would end up behind bars or elected president what's certain is the accusations against him have not been. able to disillusion those who want him in power again. it is i will what brazil. india is from minister narendra modi has warned against threats to global civilization in his opening address at the world economic forum in switzerland at the center of this year's summit is a debate over the growing gap between rich and poor us present donald trump will close a gathering of seventy world leaders on sea john a whole report from davos. it's gridlock in. just as the world economic forum's annual meeting hard stop high in the swiss alps a huge dump of snow has brought things to
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a standstill it doesn't matter how important you are there's little to do but wait . no there isn't anything like this before i would say i like it but it's a bit of a struggle does not on a small. normal use of i think the last time the snow drifts were this high davos was coincidentally also the last time a u.s. president visited davos that was bill clinton well with an avalanche warning in place this year is also bracing for the arrival of donald trump i was in the protests have already begun ahead of his arrival on thursday this was the scenes europe and in davos itself president trump may not get the warmest welcome the u.s. announced new import tariffs this week angering china and south korea and illustrating trumps america first policy of economic nationalism and protectionism
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anathema in a global club that believes in free trade as the indian prime minister pointed out in his opening address bar said some are darvish many societies and countries are becoming more and more focused on themselves it feels like the opposite of globalization the negative impact of this kind of mindset cannot be considered less dangerous than climate change or terrorism that was a thinly veiled slight by the leader of the world's fastest growing economy aimed at the leader of the world's largest economy almost trump's response on friday is the week's most anticipated event joined a whole al-jazeera davos. now hong kong may be famous for its bright neon signs and glittering skyline but it also end the title of one of the worst cities in the world for light pollution now many of its residents have called for authorities to fake the off switch on those infamous lights. as the story from our. when the sun
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sets in hong kong the city skyline comes alive billboards and neon lights aluminite the crowded streets the glow from the densely packed skyscrapers is one of the city's main attraction it's. the lights were so on. and. so nice but this appreciation is not shared by everyone in hong kong last year the government reported a record number of complaints the curtains may be drawn but residents argue the glare outside is hard to a skype we receive some complaints about the light pollution they get in the song all they have. to stop us from life outside of you tube in their home scientists at the university of hong kong spent months studying levels of light pollution collecting more than five million measurements but i found hong
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kong one of the world's worst offenders the lights pollution condition in hong kong was extremely severe in particular in the urban regions you know the lights night sky brightness which is what we measure is on average a few hundred times over the level off that night sky without light pollution in cities such as seoul london shanghai i'm sorry billboard lighting and signage is regulated and there are penalties. but in hong kong there are no laws a voluntary charging card just businesses to switch off between eleven pm and seven am the critics say it's not enough to make a difference. the government says four thousand eight hundred properties have signed up to the charges so far and it's satisfied that it's working we are doing our utmost to address this puppy concerned we we attach importance to the voting to extend the life and use taking effect if they don't everyone is convinced
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and some residents are tight. it upon themselves to act so each outlet a campaign to have a commercial building switch off after midnight she won but she expects the lots to eventually turn back all i know that the buildings have less side the child as turning logic but just as total i think is the what is is it has fallen to her it is law and they theory for now it seems hong kong's broad lots will continue to shine. al-jazeera hong kong. and don't forget plenty more news on our website al-jazeera dot com all the very latest on all of our top stories on there al-jazeera dot com. hello again i'm fully back evil with the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera has gained access to one of the most remote areas in the world where hundreds are
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feared dead due to a nice old outbreak officials say the crisis in indonesia or province has claimed the lives of sixty nine children by church leaders estimate the death toll to be much higher and has more from i've got seen pop up providence. what we see is a very very severe how to asian recall a lot of very many children malnourished children but also a striking is that especially their models are very malnourished while they're going to lose babies many of them are already born malnourished and of course considering the fact that there's hardly any food in that area the babies will not recover from that situation we're going to happen is that right is losing rapidly it's tradition to live. off the forest and now they've been stuck in these cattlemen and not knowing what to do with this modern food that has been reaching the area the egyptian military has detained its former chief of staff just days after he said he would run in the presidential election in march sami and on was
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seen as a main challenger to president abdel fattah sisi the united nations security council has seldom meeting on continued chemical attacks in syria russia called for a new inquiry into who is to blame a move the u.s. has branded a distraction. at least twenty seven people have been killed by a car bomb in libya the blast in the eastern city of benghazi struck worshipers who were leaving a mosque after evening prayers a second car bomb exploded just a half an hour later injuring security and ambulance personnel the u.s. justice department task infirmed attorney general jeff sessions was questioned last week over alleged collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia it's believed to be the first time a member of trump's cabinet has been questioned in the inquiry which is led by former f.b.i. director robert muller. venezuela's president says he is ready to run for reelection nicolas maduro is yet to be formally nominated by his ruling socialist
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party the presidential elections are due to be held by the end of april you have to see it with headlines on al-jazeera the stream is next stay with us. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. for me ok and you are in the stream where we are continuing our week of special shows from the sundance film festival today how syrian refugee settling into the united states in just a few minutes will be costing over to my co-host of allow me to get.


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