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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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the international list of threatened species. rewind returns with new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries. and the moving story of two young turkmen girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera. save the children suspends its operations in afghanistan after i saw gunmen stormed its regional office killing four people.
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in the intent of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up brazil's appeals court upholds a corruption conviction for former president lula da silva of a major impact on his political ambitions. larry nasser the disgraced former doctor of the u.s. gymnastics team is jailed for up to one hundred seventy five years plus. i'm james day in day where president trump is expected in the coming hours will he be set by the global elite to gather. i know save the children has suspended its programs in afghanistan following an attack on its eastern offices in jalalabad three of its staff members and an afghan army soldier were killed in a suicide attack and siege which has been claimed by eisel jennifer glass has more . the attack began with
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a car bomb the floor of the state of the children office in jalalabad eastern afghanistan the gunman stormed the building for more than eight hours they battled afghan security forces while dozens of save the children staff were trapped inside the building was set on fire eventually afghan police and soldiers killed the attackers and rescued the staff afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for children to be born following decades of war insecurity and poverty for twelve years save the children has worked with afghan communities to help kids arrive but the attack on the agency's office in jalalabad suggest it's becoming increasingly difficult for staff to help afghans without becoming victims of the conflict themselves it's quite possible to save the children would leave afghanistan. the onus is on the afghan government to provide security for the latest a to six on aid worker security show that over the last fifteen years their jobs have become much more dangerous in two thousand and sixteen there were one hundred fifty eight attacks on aid organizations around the world in which one hundred to one hundred
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workers were killed ninety eight wounded and eighty nine kidnapped that's almost triple the number of attacks in two thousand and three south sudan is the most dangerous country for aid workers followed by afghanistan and syria the u.n. humanitarian coordinator calls afghanistan one of the most challenging and dangerous environments for humanitarians in two thousand and seventeen seventeen aid workers were killed and thirty two injured doctors without borders withdrew from the northern afghan city of could use in two thousand and fifteen after the medical charities hospital was mistakenly destroyed by a u.s. airstrike and last year the international red cross which is operated in afghanistan for more than thirty years close to clinics and limited his operations nationwide after seven staff members were killed and others abducted now we're in a very explosive situation i think where we note the community says communities can no longer guarantee all safety on our axis and that's now where it's becoming extremely difficult to know. who we can rely on and that's that's the challenge
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today more so than in the last thirty years afghanistan is dependent on aid organizations if gunmen were to drive them out the afghan government can't support the social services programs on which millions of afghans depend save the children says it helps one point four million children in afghanistan and it's committed to its work here the organization would like to restart its programs but it can only do so when it's short staffed can work safely jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. earlier we spoke to had a soaring schmidt the c.e.o. of save the children. well we have for now suspended our activities but rest assured that we are still committed to helping the afghan people and particularly children in afghanistan we have been there for so many years and we know what we do there help millions of children survive be educated be protected so we will continue to do what we are doing enough to understand this is a setback for sure and will take us
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a long time to recover from this and we should never ever accept at tax on aid workers people who are spending their lives helping children this is very innocent work this is where that all parents would want for children this is work that help children survive and learn and be protected and i have still am completely saddened by the fact that someone would try to stop this in such a violent attack this was very violent issued never happen and of course this is a setback but we remain committed to helping the children in afghanistan and all over the world where save the children is working a brazilian court has upheld a corruption and one in ordering conviction against former president luis in us you not assume a. the popular politician known as nuna had appealed against a nine and a half year prison sentence nuna is leading repose for his presidential election but the wording could see him disqualified ten years ago has the latest from outside the court in porto alegre. obviously people here are very disappointed in
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a way but they're also telling us that they did not expect anything different but they know that the country that the government in no way the judiciary i again. feel about that that this whole case had been fabricated that there are political motives because they don't want him to run for the president the most popular politician in the country at this point what many here are asking like why did you to sherry going out to be not going after the dozens of congressmen that have been investigated members that have been at other candidates other presidential candidates why are they not being judged on western thought on the fact that so many people here are telling us that this is political and that obviously they believe in. any respect you bronwyn to add it to america's quarterly magazine and he explained why many of it is still supporting. or people still have very good
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memories of lewis presidency which of course was from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten those were boom years for brazil's economy and they were years that also saw a massive growth in the middle class and reduction in poverty it was they were years that saw brazil grow its influence on the world stage it was the time when it was granted the right to host the world cup and the olympics and the equation in people's minds the reason why lou is running first currently and virtually every poll for the october election is a lot of people sort of make this calculation in their minds and they say ok well look you know all of these politicians are corrupt but lou is the only one who ever did anything for me. u.s. president donald trump has warned his turkish counterpart. in a phone call to limit military operations in northern syria or risk conflict with
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american forces u.s. backed fighters have already been deployed to the front lines in the northern syrian town of man binge at obama's promise to expand operations towards the town to confront the kurdish y p g which to he views as terrorists. hopefully starting from and be sure we will continue by thwarting this game along our borders and we will completely wipe out this trouble from our region. he's already launched an air and ground operation in the city of a free and because of the y.p. g. presence there at least five thousand people have been displaced in five days of fighting turkey says two hundred sixty eight fighters have been quote neutralized in the operation so far although the could say that an exaggeration can be how could has moved from washington d.c. . into readout of president trump's phone call with president air to watch the white house press office reporting that donald trump relayed his concerns about the
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escalating violence in syria concern being that it is undercutting what the white house calls shared goals who are defeating eisel the u.s. is also urging turkey to exercise caution particularly around the area of mad bridge because the concern being there that there could in fact if turkey continues to advance toward that area a direct confrontation between american forces and turkish forces something the united states would like to avoid the president reportedly inviting president who want to close bilateral cooperation boarding to the white house press office to address what the u.s. is calling turkey's legitimate security concerns discussing the need to stabilize a unified syria posing no threats to neighbors and that includes turkey now the president also reportedly expressed his concern however about what he calls destructive and false rhetoric coming from turkey about the united states still
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despite some tense points perhaps in that phone call according to the readout the two leaders apparently pledging to improve the strategic partnership when it comes to not only combating terrorism but also to foster regional stability. a former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasa has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexual abuse when one hundred fifty women gave evidence against him including several input medalists john hendren reports it's a me too moment that resonates throughout the world of sport. this staggering sentence mattered less than this statement it made wow. mr. whitehead through to. dr larry nasser was already handed his sixty year prison term for related child pornography last month that will keep the fifty four year old away from children for life perhaps you have figured it out by now but little girls
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don't see little forever to grow into strong women that return to destroy your world he pleaded guilty to molesting seven girls in usa gymnastics in michigan state university through intimate treatments that he told them had therapeutic value and except for apology to all of you it's impossible to write in convey. or carry your words with me for the rest of my days he was accused by more than one hundred fifty women apps and how dare you say sorry about everything you've done and all the lives you've destroyed we all see right through your. you're a pathetic monster that is only sorry you got caught the accusers included gold medalists some own byelaws alley reisman gabby douglas in mckayla maroney who statement was read by a prosecutor dr nasser was not a doctor. he in fact was in forever shout the a child molester a monster of
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a human being and a story. he abused my trust he abused my body and he left scars on my psyche that may never go away the victim's anger went beyond nasser this monster was also the architect of policies and procedures that are supposed to protect athletes from sexual abuse for both usa gymnastics and the us a c abusers your time is up the survivors are here standing town and we are not going anywhere on monday three leaders of usa gymnastics the national governing body for the olympic sport resigned under pressure among nasser's latest accuser is byles one of the most decorated gymnast in olympic history on twitter she said she dreaded returning to the training center where she was abused this week usa lympics announced it will close the texas center that haunts or whether the organization can regain the trust of dozens of women who say it failed to protect them remains an open question john
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hendren al-jazeera our. most to come including the undercover reporter into sexual harassment at a man in a charity event is causing outrage in the u.k. plus. rory chalons in moscow and later in the program i'll be explaining why a british satirical film about this man not going down well russia. allan as we approach australia today that's friday so the heat is building not if you were but in south australia in particular where we've had some pretty high temperatures in land in the last day or so of his and big storms south of queens about certain new south wales into victoria less so in south australia is probably
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adelaide where the temps will be rising at their most because it's the heat coming out the interior gets here first so high around the thirty thirty one mark the most part which is looking nice enough but we're heading who i think ten degrees higher in adelaide by the time we get saturday or sunday the heat's certainly there on the springs in perth you know gentle on shore breeze it's looking nice at twenty five all the rain the party's occasional big thunderstorms is this concentrated stuff in the north should be that it is the wet season it wants to form a circulation but it hasn't yet succeeded which is watch and wait some light showers stuff will spill over into vanuatu for example shot to seems possible to fiji but if you come south of that spot the clouds in new zealand there's nothing that was it has been fairly wet in north island in the last few days it's not now the forecast is in the high twenty's more all us wherever you are there is creeping on shore cloud in south island but it's more than an occasional shower.
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the arrival of refugees is debated and european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary to people in power at this time on al jazeera. and one of the top stories. save the children has suspended its operations in
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afghanistan after four people were killed in an attack on its offices. the majority of brazil's appeals court has upheld for president. of us corruption conviction which could have a major impact on his political comeback. and the former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasr has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison a sexual abuse. senior u.s. officials have hit back against suggestions but don't america first agenda is hurting globalization and trade the u.s. president himself has jews who arrived at the world economic forum in the swiss town of. james reports from davos. high in the swiss alps this is the ultimate annual gathering of the global elite captains of industry business commas and finance how fit talk fest every year here in davos see you
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might think the u.s. is first a businessman president in decades would fit right in these are powerful people but they mostly do business in a sober and polite manner unlike trump they are the richest people and represent the most wealthy companies on earth but they tend to take a global view unlike trump the motto of the world economic forum is working together in a fractured world in and so he is he's not to be a representative of that philosophy the idea of america first is is the antithesis of that it's the idea of you know raising one nation one community above those of all others and i think that's really what's. challenging to this community about about donald trump i think if you read the queen the lines of what it takes to bring everybody together diversity of thought and all of the turn that it creates is part of the process and i hope that that takes
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a new account and. trump will be the first president to address stabbed us since bill clinton eighteen years ago those who wish to roll back the forces of globalization because they ferret's disruptive consequences i believe are plainly wrong fifty years of experience shows that greater economic integration and political cooperation. are positive forces. that message was counted at the time by repeated protests around the world by antiglobalization congress now nearly two decades on the main voice questioning suspension of global trade is the president himself from this day forward it's going to be only america first president made his name and his money signing people up to his golf clubs and he is the guest here
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devol but he remains a guest and not a member of this club james days al-jazeera dabble switzerland a veteran u.s. diplomat has quit an advisory panel on the range of crisis after describing it as a whitewash former new mexico governor bill richardson quit the panel as was making his first trip to recline state in me and not from west seven hundred thousand range i have fled richardson clashed with me in leader. over the issue of two journalists i rested there last month i was very unhappy and distressed right downtown through the reaction to my point that this issue of reuters journalists being treated fairly and rapidly and that brought almost an explosion on her part. saying there were issues relating to be official
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secrecy sacked that this was not my charter as a member of the advisory board and the very heated exchange that we had i don't want to be part of a whitewash. and i felt it was best that i resign immediately. united nations has the number of people in somalia on the brink of famine has grown ten fold in a year with half the population in urgent need a year later the situation isn't any better in fact the united nations is concerned that the amount of somalis who are on the brink of famine has increased ten fold the united nations is appealing for one point six billion dollars to provide humanitarian assistance to millions of somalis they say that six million people in this country that's at least half the population need humanitarian assistance at
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least half of those people are children and all of that amount half of the people who need assistance need emergency lifesaving assistance was also of concern much like the people at this camp in mogadishu is that two point one million somalis have been displaced by drought. rainfall as well as the realities of poor security in many parts of the country and that's one of the issue for the united nations a round development and the future of somalia is that of security african union forces troops that have been in this country for ten years securing the country pushing back al shabaab fighters are expected to continue they were stalled this year at least one thousand troops did leave somalia at the end of twenty seventeen or twenty two thousand are expected to withdraw by twenty twenty two main concerns for the united nations one security the other again averting famine in somalia as
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well as ensuring that there's some level of political stability in this country. an undercover report into sexual harassment at a charity fundraising gala in the u.k. has caused outrage and financial times found that women were sexually harassed and proposition that the event attended by male business and political leaders ought to be phipps has more. an exclusive charity evening at one of london's smartest hotels it's called the president's club so exclusive that the only guests are men some of britain's leading bankers businessmen property developers was the only women like the undercover reporter who took these pictures whose desk is told to wear sexy clothes forced to sign a document saying they won't talk about what happened here one of the auction prizes plastic surgery to make we're told your wife more attractive other prizes to be with the governor of the bank of england lunch with the foreign secretary boris
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childs the women are repeatedly groped harassed invited to bedrooms up stairs man. quite courses on things very quickly to. some of that it was pretty shocking things depressing politicians from all parties say they're outraged women have the right to feel safe wherever they were and allegations of this type of behavior are completely unacceptable or could then that a government minister attended the evening he says he left early he was appalled by the behavior and though he doesn't plan to resign a leading hospital to receive some of the three million dollars raised by the president's club has returned the money and by the end of the day the president's club itself had disbanded in disgrace giving its remaining money to children's
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charities this is the hotel where the event took place the door just in. london popular with movie stars and royalty it says it's deeply concerned by the allegations an investigation is underway one of the phillips al-jazeera mayfair in central london. cattery measuring pilots say they're ready to fly without the support of their gulf neighbors it comes after the un a military was told not to escalate airspace tensions with carter a fly on the turn to bruce. has more. these planes are on the frontline of a dispute between qatar and its neighbors. only days ago could the complained to the united nations that iraqi military jets had violated its airspace the u.a.e. later claimed without providing any proof that one of its passenger planes was intercepted but at the rejects wichita denies. these are the first pilots to graduate as officers since cutters neighbors blockaded their country the u.s.
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military has been ordered to tone down tensions in many of these graduates want ties between the gulf countries to be restored but they know their country has learned an important lesson in self-reliance not enough that. they considered that the blockade will hurt us but on the contrary we benefited and now our pilots will be ready for the future but that readiness for the future has a cost since the blockade but there has been tens of billions of dollars in military contracts and allies such as turkey have ratified agreements to send thousands of soldiers to be based in qatar. the air force is getting twenty four typhoons from the u.k. it's getting twelve to sort of firefighters from france the u.s. company buoying it will be supplying thirty six f. fifteen. in need of other rules over the richest country in the world per capita and that massive wealth has brought influence there for us have the latest thing
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greatest fighter airplanes in the old and that's why as you can see. if you look inside you would see this is a new generation aircrafts the latest it has a glass cockpits and it has everything you need to train the pilots to become future fighter pilots. but there is building in its partnerships across the world to protect it against the accusations by its neighbors it's always denied sponsoring terror the excuse behind the seven month blockade. pressure intended to bring other to its knees is actually helping it stand on its own feet from some of the job of their. north korea has issued a rare call for a breakthrough on unification talks a state channel called on all koreans to promote contacts travel and cooperation between the north and south it also warned that any challenge to the rest ambition to be united korea would be smashed the conspiracy tone comes
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a week after the neighbors agreed to march under a unified flag at next month's winter olympics in the south the british film the death of stalin was supposed to open in russian cinemas on thursday but the controversial black comedy about former soviet leader joseph stalin as effectively being banned from cinematic release or a chance reports. the death of stalin is unsurprisingly considering its source material the blackest of black comedies the profane british satire mocks the panic of talks a view to fishel is following the murderous tyrant stroke in one nine hundred fifty three. should show before you got us by skill it's been acclaimed by western critics but in russia the film is no laughing matter though denies censorship this week the culture ministry revoked the film's distribution license citing extremist content. on early viewing as
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a member of the ministry's public council he wasn't impressed look at the. marshals of the green or logic war coverage in level six when the entire at least of the state's leaders get portrayed in pathetic and vulgar images at this point my heart is turns on thinking it's really a lesson cern's insert insult and the line is drastically for the state and individual russians for sometime similar sometimes different reasons the stalin years are a highly sensitive subject at a moscow exhibition on the great terror of nine hundred thirty seven you can view execution quotas for thousands of people at a time many living russians lost parents or grandparents the wounds are still raw or for some to roff a cinematic comedy others would like a chance to see it. just everyone should decide for themselves to watch it or not it should be a personal choice you know it's another you can't loftus it you should think about
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it and correct your mistakes but it's not even slightly funny. or. i don't think you can laugh at it it's hard. to laugh at it means to laugh at yourself. late last year a somber monument to soviet repressions was unveiled in the capital by vladimir putin but the careful language he used reveals how little he feels there is to be gains from investigating historical abuses of state power too closely no national. we are descendants should remember the tragedy of repression about the causes which lead to it but it doesn't mean demanding that accounts be settled we must never again push society to the dangerous precipice of division now it is important for all of us to rely on values of trust and stability. stalin may be the bloodiest of a long line of despots rulers but his brutal legacy also comes tightly bundled with
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the defeat of fascism the modern russian state totem of unity against hostile outsiders for russians or thora sees the death of stalin is a foreign trespass on the hallowed ground in a particularly vulgar one vats in mocking the terrifying absurdities of stalin ism the film also threatens the country's cafferty sanctified narrative of world war two glory that has proven unacceptable rory talons al-jazeera moscow. and now the main stories that make news here not just here the aid agency save the children has suspended its operations in afghanistan after an attack on its offices gunmen stormed their compound in the eastern city of jalalabad after a suicide bombing outside three of its staff members and an afghan soldier killed
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in the attack and results will see what has been claimed by ourselves. this is work that helped children survive and thorough and be protected and i have still ever completely saddened by the fact that someone would try to stop this it's such a violent attack this was very violent it should never happen and of course this is a setback but we remain committed to helping that show that afghanistan with majority of brazil's appeals court has upheld former president luis in us your do not assume of us corruption conviction which could have a major impact on his political comeback popular politician known across the country as lula has been leading the polls for tobas presidential election. u.s. president donald trump has warned his turkish counterpart. in a phone call to limit military operations in northern syria or risk conflict with u.s. forces turkey's president has promised to expand operations to confront the threat
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he sees posed by the kurdish y p g to he's already launched an air and ground operation in the nearby city of a three in because of the y.p. g. presence there at least five thousand people have been displaced in five days of fighting. the former u.s. gymnastics team dr larry nasser has been sentenced to one hundred seventy five years in prison for sexually assaulting women and girls nasir pleaded guilty after being accused by more than one hundred fifty women including several u.s. and big gold medalists not to have a report by a british newspaper on sexual harassment is that questions to be asked in the u.k. parliament two female reporters from the financial times were subject to repeated inappropriate advances working as hostesses to male only charity event taking place at london's prestigious dorchester hotel. that's why we're now coming next people in power with part two the story of two refugees and their journey to safety in
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germany athena. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. it's become one of the defining themes of all times a total wave of humanity in search of sanctuary from repression poverty in recent years millions of time.


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