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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 15  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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ations in afghanistan after a deadly attack on its jalalabad office soldier and three staff members were killed in the sea which i saw has claimed responsibility for the attack. the us president says he's willing to be interviewed by investigators looking into alleged collusion between his presidential campaign and russia donald trump told reporters he was looking forward to speaking under oath to special counsel robert mueller who is leading the investigation. a former u.s. gymnastics doctor has been sentenced for sexually assaulting female athletes and patients for decades under the guise of medical treatment larry nasser pleaded guilty of to being accused by more than one hundred fifty women including several u.s. olympic gold medalists. egypt's last main opposition candidate for an upcoming presidential election has withdrawn from the race hello dolly made the announcement just as president of the fact that all sisi filed his nomination papers. science isn't
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china have achieved a world first by cloning two monkeys in a quiet way were created using the same process used to clone dolly the sheep or than twenty years ago those are the headlines the news continues but first it is the stream. hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream today as part of asked special week shows for the sundance film festival you'll meet some brilliant young minds set to change the world their stories are part of a new documentary science fair. city utah with the film's
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director the documentary follows him from around the world in their quest to win intel international science and engineering where. the winner in the category of medicine. those youngsters you just saw are real scientists at today's science fairs teens of making stethoscopes powered by artificial intelligence i'm researching cures for the sake of virus the documentary science fair showcases these remarkable students and their endeavors at a time when scientific fact is being challenged around the globe also raises the
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question of how to nurture young people with extraordinary talents joining us to talk about this book in south dakota brahman she's one of the young scientists featured in the film also in the documentary in santa clara california. here with me in park city are the film's directors christina costantini and aaron foster welcome to the stream both of you. already out there about the show because i love the film and i and i i love science clearly so i know the same is true for you all casino you've called this a love letter to the world of science health so i was a science fair. when i was in high school i went to the international science and engineering fair two years actually i think you know and it totally changed my life validated you know the interest that i had it gave me confidence like rewarded intelligence and all kinds of you know is incredible experience so i wanted to show
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what an amazing place it was it's also a really fun funny place because it's full of teenagers and so inherently it's a lot of fun and so you know we set out to to make this little celebration of the science fair world and then what drew you to the film christina. christina told me the stories of her time and i surf and you know some of the anecdotes she told me just maybe really excited about the film and then we had a chance to scout seventy thousand sixteen in phoenix and it blew my mind just you know seven hundred kids from around the world that are just celebrated like rock stars for you know for doing science at a really impressive level and we got to be some really amazing kids including robbie and chris here who we met on that first trip and we stuck with them all the way till sunday which is crazy raising me. fair and lovely i'm just thinking what is your secret sauce that made you
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a few of the competitors to any doubt in the science fair that convention why did he think christina and i haven't paty. i think that my journey to the entire international science friends really unconventional one because i come from a pretty small community that doesn't really promote science fair so i think that. you know that. having my perspective in a documentary would bring a really unique flair to the to the science. world. right. yes. i mean kind of the same thing like i came from a really small town in west virginia and. i mean the first year that i was at the science. fair and and i don't know it was it was really fun i tried to be a little bit funny and. i don't know robby i think he succeeded i want to show a little clip from science fact this is the kind of thing that really does it's quite
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a daring all of depending it might be quite annoying when you fuel his math teacher always parents have that. program his calculator to generate shakespearean insults. you know and every time he would tell you he would punch a button it would generate another insult. so i remember one day it was. something like that art and on washed talk and say things like that. i know aren't home areas that are as ingenious. so this is one of the calculators that i was modeling i got this from like broadcast like sixteen bit music to f.m. radio and i learned a lot doing this and i don't get it like you know my math teacher she hated me for it. i congratulate the kid so you do and you're doing good things. everybody's saying the cell phone camera what is that like but not on your
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calculator now seeing yourself on a camera. is going to one track science playing here it's really weird i mean i experienced the first sunday. and it was just it was just really strange like hearing your own henri's because it doesn't sound the same but what you're. so i want to bring up this tweet here from jack and some of you may know him because of course for those of you on this show he was in the film he is a previous winner and i thought what a participant previous i thought participate and winner and so this is what he tweeted into the show jack says there are many setbacks as you work through your scientific experiment but lots of long days and nights are learning you really have to believe and love your work through talking about some of the challenges that some of the students face and while i want to hear more about those christina and dan i'm also interested in the challenges you all pay for filmmakers because your background is investigative work not so much human interest student so talk about
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some of those obstacles so we thought this was going to be so easy because you were used to is investigative reporting. but it was quite a challenging piece we ended up we got five press passes to the international science fair and we were trying to chase around a dozen kids and so you know very long hours it was a ton of fun but yeah it was definitely not an easy production. china keep track of twelve teenagers in downtown los angeles for a week is not the easiest thing it was bit like we we said it's bit like micro there but instead of a changing to the seeds of a crime scenes and and car accidents we were chasing teenage drama. but as it was so much fun i mean we were just feeding off the energy of these kids they were so excited to be there we were so excited to be there and we were very invested in them at this by this point so you know we just really were just so excited to document their journey there and then he has promised that i want to get one of the
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students reactions to this tweet about the fact back the film doesn't make it look it shows that it is difficult but we are wondering for you what was the biggest difficulty. probably you know biggest challenge drug the whole science fair process was finding like that adult to kind of help guide me through all the people working on a complicated process processes that are acquired to have a project to present at international science fair because science fair isn't recognised response or by my high school so it was really hard kind of finding that mentor figure to help me with this and the journey tell us about the mental you did find because it's quite unusual process exactly so my mentor was culturally schmidt was actually the football coach at our high school performance is really big into that line dixon sports so i was a really unconventional climber ship but it worked out really well because coachmen is such
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a supportive and. admirable figure he he helped in any possible way he could in it was amazing what he did or didn't look i don't get to start oh you don't get. is that it is also the head of them in this club in the head of. the day and i guess i have always wanted to give him a shout out for that because it never made it to the film but he's a really amazing guy. did he understand the science that you had to understand your project oh i explain my project to him a couple times and he didn't quite understand all the technical aspects but i think he had a pretty good grasp of what i was doing and he always pays me for you know reason a public health concern which was a big problem in project was. this although he didn't understand all of the science behind them definitely understood it well enough to be that figure that guiding figure so let's have a little look at his project. our school has
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a pretty bad drug an alcohol problem because in working as there's not much to do. i definitely want to you know explore more about the underlying risky behavior phenomenon nor will. it mind. my project basically focuses on how repeat acts of risky behavior is the facts emotions and cognitive functions in adolescence. the brain easily legal you doing. so basically the negative emotions that are usually associated with risk taking like guilt and fear and stress gradually become you know desensitize a new did with the repeated exposures to different risky environments. or a better explanation even though i don't know i really i do all of it but you see the struggle that actually i had to go through to find a sponsor and then also in the film you have people like dr serena mccullough we
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had a video comment she sent us because she couldn't be on the show but you can kind of see the care and the expertise she puts into each of her students this is what she talked to about how to go about doing about this is this is what she thought the greatest support i would give to science education is to identify university partnerships with high school students i believe that currently we provide foundational mathematics and science to all students but we sometimes forget about the exceptional students you know we benefit them all to have someone there to support them in the fields that may not be well understood by high school teachers . so she talks about there her ideas for how to support gifted students but the broader picture is she someone who is one of those people and you don't always find that talk about that juxtaposition in schools where that the baron ready for
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students and others words not so much you know and i really wanted to share oversee the science fair and these really well resourced schools that are super supportive dr mccall has one of the best she has the best science or team in the world and she you know spends all of her hours on this she goes home and reads research journals on the topics that her students own learning about and she doesn't get any sleep she's one of the hardest working people i know and her students their work reflects that and they are doing incredible amazing things and so you know when we see when we look at robbie there and the other end of the spectrum so we want to show kind of the kids that need more support and the kids who have an amazing support system . i mean the tolerance you know her research team jericho has gone new york you know like many schools around that football programs you know she's very much a coach and she you know they spent time after school and many hours after school
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working on their research projects. and i think it more schools were to dedicate their time like they do to so you know the school sports programs that by thirty two stem education or even the arts you know you have different results and you have you know people like us fear robbie who you know don't get the kind of support that supported down in casino when i first saw. a color on the film i looked at her and i thought that she was intense i think i'm exaggerating have a look. in action in science fact. what is this section of tax about. i'm going to be so proud of my kids going to nobel prize because they will one of them will. claim why i'm just in the command of numbers important finding. like hell is a very high working teacher sometimes she works even handed her students know
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can you focus please give me the having she is strict she can be scary but i actually like her style you mind me of my my life in china because she just. really i see. through it and i think about your math teacher mrs maya is how do those two combat. opposites i mean this my as a critic in a way she was like. yes. you know tell us more for instance you and you would you would make how could i said do shakespearean insults and she would say what i mean i mean she should take away my calculator i reset it whatever. i feel like if you like that's a good thing you know i that's sort of how i started to learn how to program. so i
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mean even though i've been a little bit annoying to the math teacher feel like you know there's probably better ways that you could have responded to a kid programming their calculator teachers have been watching this now educates will be watching this now and they will have youngsters in their cars who are like you who it over to if not doing their homework understand the mathematics or whatever subject is that they're doing that just maybe not just throwing in the how what would you say to those educated. well i mean the reason that i wasn't really doing a lot of my homework is because i was really busy running different stuff like i started my systems programming i was like working on teaching that i was mentoring the middle school's robotics that i started when i was in middle school i'd go back and mentor that i just had a lot of stuff that i was working on that was it was really interesting to be it's a lot more interesting than you know the homework that they get for math class because i mean the homework that i got for misfires was just like just like drills
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on this is just like to. get into this equation and just you know calculate is just like lation and that's that's really not what that's about there was no room for creativity or anything all right you've got some support from live on you change let me just show you this if i can see if this kid can cause a calculator he can code a computer someone sending to succumb valley i will pay for it we'll save that. and tracking him down really can go ahead so i wanted to bring that to comment on the same theme the first one is from early and really is also in the film was also a participant in the science fair she by type schoolers truly need the support of classroom teachers to push for involvement in extracurriculars like research research grants and internship opportunities are so few would give exposure to real institutions she says they need funding so that's one person's view and she's a student so she knows what she's talking about this is a teacher she's a science teacher this is jenkins jerez and she writes in in
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a nation driven by test scores it can be challenging to convince teachers that authentic stem science and math teaching and learning works students are always excited when the learning is real relevant and connected to them so we need to keep creating those teachable moments so some of the things that students and schools in this country are up against funding teachers who are teaching to the test because that is what the school system expects of them talk about some of those. challenges i will think that you ran into in the filming of this you know i think you know certainly in in robbie's case you know here's an obvious a brilliant kid who's very good at taking on independent projects he's very committed to the things that he's interested in but he can't run the support in an education system that teaches to the test and so you know i'm a little more sympathetic maybe to mrs myers than that from the standpoint that you know she's got a job to do which is to get the kids you know doing well on the state exams or national exams so you know they are between a rock and
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a hard place but certainly i think we have to be more imaginative when it comes to kids like robbie. and basically encourage these interest because you know robbie is an incredible mind you know those that old apple lead think different robbie things like he is one of those kids that is just going to push down love and really make big changes in this world. i want to share something with from caspi is it's a little mention here from harvard university in the class of twenty twenty tape. so i recently committed to know harvard university classes for twenty three and i hope that. in college. this little curls from park city do you carry it. right here on it do you think science fair is the reason why you're going to have it. i definitely think that my participation and success and
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i'm certain contributed to my acceptance to harvard i feel like. top colleges like harvard really seek a unique student body and i feel that participating i don't really. kind of set me apart from a lot of other kids my age misty knight says live on you chip watching you rather than catch fat robbie this is for you what scientific breakthroughs are you working on in order to change the wells you have to have some kind of scientific breakthrough that you're dedicated to watch out work. so it might not be a real scientific breakthrough right now i'm working a lot on generative are so getting trying to get artificial intelligence to create artwork. i mean i know that's not really like i guess it might not like change the world but i just i don't know much i know it can change what do you have some you want to show us chosen to house yeah i don't know it's like a it's going to be good enough but i have this trend ok and i actually what i did
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was for that one it's not what i heard some medical electorates like the stuff the doctors put on your chest like see the electricity in your heart is up to a houseplant and i use that as random noise sort of in in this plot so it is like the energy for that was bouncing around in the web. that. i love ok i want to share one more comment with someone else who thinks different and differently and robbie you might relate because he also wasn't really that interested in his class work this is adria and this is what he told a story. the fun part of being going to work less i didn't know what to expect and the truth is that this period was far beyond any possible cuts. even i said i met a lot of teenagers like me used to think outside the box and preferred to do research projects instead of attending course which so it was a life changing experience jan after i said thanks to unleash the first one was to
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become sense for the second one was to start the p.c. after my studies and i'd like to say that i think this will. so he attended the trash will science fair and twenty twelve he talks about what happens afterwards so you all what happens after the film what do you want people to take away to be. you know for us i think the most important thing is that a lot of people see it that's what we hope we hope that people still make people laugh. and most of all people to either compete in science careers or hopefully change the way they think about the importance of these kinds of independent research competitions it was the way that i learned the best high school and for there to be more of them would be amazing oklahoma just announce that they're cutting their state science fair so you know i think now more than ever we need to remind people that scientists really matter in this country in and
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you know teenagers are the next generation of scientists. i have to say going down . i was going to say i think you know a lot of the kids that are pitching this film play against stereotypes of what a science kid their kid is you know you know if they're nerds there and there is in the best possible sense of that word these kids are a lot of fun they're very creative and this film is a lot of fun and it really just showcases. how much fun this journey is it's intense is a lot of work that goes into it but they really do have a good time along the way i have to say this image of jack jack is he is a gift and he's right in the beginning of the film is not it's not a spoiler because in all of the trailers this is how excited he is to when i say the international science and engineering fair and then he's a little bit already here he tweets out you can think of this is the olympics a science fair winning will change your life and wage you can't even comprehend i'm
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wondering will be a he there yet. work in progress kashmir has a life change it was too close to science fathi to say it's different i think my work has definitely she has risen science fair and just just like accomplishing anything and i'm so gives you that validation and confidence that what you're doing matters and it kind of gives you the push florentine and you know keep continuing what you're passionate about regardless of what those around you are doing or saying to discourage you i would love top tips from european cash vs the other youngsters who are watching this who have a presentation to do or putting together their board always do what what would you tell them i think i always kind of this is going to it's going to i'm going to cliche but always speak from your heart because i know a lot of kids like me hurst their presentations and become kind of robotic but i
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think if you. kind of put everything in your own words and speak very clearly you're naturally not you will really get your point across to the judges as best as you can. roughly. i definitely say put together your bird before you get there because twenty six actually i had this huge cardboard it was just blank and i mailed it out to a science fair yeah and then when i got there i started taping everything on because i wasn't really done my project is i would say. this is good advice for life probably. i want to get wealthy that advise this is from jack or you've heard from a lot throughout this show but you have really great tweets so jack says read widely think deeply work hard listen to your mentor believe in your idea learn to present your ideas i couldn't even get my name out of my mouth at the start and then you have a chance to go to the fair. thank you so much to christina and darren and kashmir
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and to robbie as well who is going to hire just like talking to you appreciate it at the sundance institute go online look for science fair and you will find out all about his amazing documentary thank you very much we'll see you on line a hash tag a day stream.
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february on al-jazeera south korea hosts the twenty eighteen winter olympics can record be broken al-jazeera will bring you the latest from pyongyang chimed the big picture examines the present day crisis in venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past senior officials will meet to discuss the biggest security challenges facing our wild will be live from the munich security conference partition borders of blood looks at the troubled legacy of the events that shaped the indian subcontinent am's top aerospace companies from around the globe will gather to showcase the latest technology at the singapore ash february on al-jazeera. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding
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a distortion isn't what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level right to publish it beat up and get to be offensive overall it's all about eyes people to setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. new evidence of abuse against the military is a top us diplomat quits a kid visor a panel on the rangar crisis.


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