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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. am . eat. where ever you. seventy is of war in syria the u.n. tries again to bring both sides to the table.
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from doha also coming up new evidence of abuse. as a former u.s. diplomat quits an advisory panel on the right. brings his america first agenda to the world economic forum in davos plus. celebrations ensued on after a group of migrants kidnapped by smugglers and libya is rescued. a new military front opened by turkey in the syrian war could further complicate peace talks in vienna. for the past six days he's been attacking kurdish forces in the northern syrian region of afraid they want to push the fight says who's they say
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a terrorists out from the area and create a buffer zone on the border and the special envoy for syria says the ninth round of talks comes at a very critical time in the conflict a correspondent joins us live from vienna what are we hearing from the talks so far . we're actually hearing not very much what we do know is that the meeting between the u.n. envoy to find the minister and the syrian government delegation is now over but we haven't heard any comment at the end of that meeting it lasted about two and a half to three hours now in about an hour you will have the opposition coming here to the u.n. building and they will hold their meeting or at least their first round of meetings for this talks with the founder mr and now the opposition yesterday did say that these talks were critical and definitive as they put it and when asked why they
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were saying simply because these are the talks that will show the seriousness of all parties to basically start didn't go she should because at the moment there's a deadlock this deadlock has been going for a long time and what we have heard from the syrian delegation that was in this building. moments ago is that they had no i gin the that delegation had nothing on the agenda they were not willing to talk about the constitution or elections supervised by the u.n. which were to two main points that were supposed to be discussed not only this round but even during geneva eight last december now the government says that it was unhappy with the report that was given by stiff to or to the u.n. security council it felt that it was biased against the syrian regime and it wanted to hear from stiffen the mist what was the thinking behind that report but it sort of indicated at least that was earlier in the day that it wasn't ready to talk
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about anything else at this stage is it worth a look or talk about the constitution not going to talk about elections what else is there that needs to be discussed. well that is the big question i think when you when you listen to the opposition it is very important for them. as you have this new essence see it is showing a united front you know one of the main complaints by not only the syrian government but also for example russia is that it's seen that this opposition was fragmented with the various platforms the chiropractor from the moscow platform the truck for now they say that they have come together that they are speaking in one voice even though not everyone agrees on everything within themselves but they're here to show that and also i think for the opposition is very important because they do still believe that this u.n. sponsored talks if they ever happen are the only way forward they did say that they
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will not decide on whether they're going to go to sochi next week unless until the end of this round of talks is anyone expecting anything to come out of that probably not and that is something you would hear both sides you probably didn't hear directly from the mistura but at the end of the last round of negotiations he had said that there had been no talks whatsoever doing that round that lasted for two weeks the opposition is showing itself energetic between geneva eight engine even nine now they have been around the world they have been to do you and they have been to washington this book to congress they spoke to president mccall they went to moscow they went to turkey they went to the arab capitals they went all around basically all the players to bring momentum to get backing and to get them sort of assurance that this is the only process. which would bring about any kind
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of peace deal at some point ok harder frank you had a reporting from vienna. well germany has put on hold a decision to upgrade its tanks being used by the turkish military in current or future conflicts german made lapid tanks will not for an upgrade until both countries can find a new agreement over arms sold by berlin to ankara turkey has been using the tanks in their current offensive in northern syria in the african region against kurdish fighters. a former u.s. diplomat has question international advisory panel tackling the hinge of crisis calling it a whitewash bill richardson was a former close friend of men monthly that she he was signed from the group as it was making its first trip to state where violence has forced more than seven hundred thousand people to flee to bag the dash he says it's isn't a quick pose a lengthy argument with c.t. during a meeting on monday i was very unhappy and distressed by downtown through
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the reaction to my point that this issue of reuters journalists being treated fairly and rapidly. that brought almost an explosion on her part. saying there were issues relating to the official secrecies act that this was not my charter as a member of the advisory board and the very heated exchange that we have i don't want to be part of a whitewash. and i felt it's best but then i resign immediately all mammals military is accused of using gang rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the range of rights groups say the attacks occurred during a recent crackdown in rock states in which as many as seven thousand people are thought to have been killed charles traffic reports from could to pile on refugee camp in bangladesh. fifteen and seventeen years old say myanmar all the
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soldiers tied them to trees and gang rapes them the eldest sister sister lost consciousness and the second man began to prove to lie so he did in. the army surrounded our house she says my sister and i were in the bathroom the soldiers burstein and drank this outside seven main raped me. she says passers by found them unconscious and still tied to the trees. it was difficult to walk she says but they helped us it took us fifteen days to walk to the bangladesh border. rights groups say that the myanmar army used gang rape as part of its ethnic cleansing campaign that killed thousands of people and destroyed their homes in rakhine state they also say that myanmar's case highlights massive floors in the international criminal justice system and there are questions being asked as to
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whether the interests of powerful countries like china could jeopardize myanmar ever fully being called to account. gathering evidence in myanmar is almost impossible at the moment the myanmar government has banned the un's top human rights investigator from entering the country me and my has made a very big mistake in banning myself and also a fact finding mission and other investigative teams to going in because this is exactly what the world needs to to see and hear from is their first hand reports from persons like myself and others rights groups say the un security council should refer me to the international criminal court in the hague. but the i.c.c. only has jurisdiction over crimes committed by states that have signed its founding treaty the rome statute and we is not a signatory getting myanmar an i.c.c. referral in the un security council would likely fail because of china's power of
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veto china's interests in myanmar a growing these include oil pipelines across rakhine and the construction of a deep water port the girls now live with the woman that found them in the camp four months ago. they say they heard gunshots inside their house as they would drive the way. they say their mother father and three siblings were inside is the soldiers look at the front door behind them and set their home on fire chance transferred al-jazeera from a refugee camp and with the. as a growing sense of anticipation of the world economic forum in davos now that u.s. president of trump has arrived he has brought his america first agenda to the summit which is attended by hundreds of politicians and business leaders from around the world trump is expected to address the forum on friday and some of the it is sending him
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a message that cooperation is better than isolation i hope he will send a message so of course it will be america first but if you could add on but not alone or but america first time we need cooperation with the rest of the world or whatever that could be nice because i think everybody needs to realize whether you are a leader from a small or medium size of become true is that you can't achieve what you want. on your own the world faced with a lot of challenges. which can only be solved in the close international cooperation. that james paces in davos joins us live from the jim some of these if it isn't it america first agenda at a forum of global. yes how is he going to fit in with other world leaders like the canadian prime minister who's just walked past me now is that trump america first view going to fifteen with the rest of the business and political leaders president
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trump is now in the hall behind me in the last ten minutes he arrived here he turned up and in order to make his way to see the british prime minister reason may walk through the center of the hole surrounded by his security was asked what his message would be he said peace and prosperity one quick other question that went to donald trump how you think you going to be received and he said look i'm already being received well but of course that was everyone standing around looking at the spectacle of an american president and the u.s. secret service guarding him so his meeting may now one presumes what it was a meeting what's on his agenda. we we've got a number of different bilateral meetings taking place to resume a obviously the first meeting and interesting reports out in the last couple of hours by the bloomberg news agency saying that trees are may find it very hard to actually have contact with donald trump whenever they have phone calls she can't get a word in edgeways every ten seconds or so he interrupts so she gets time to talk
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to him now and after that it's an important meeting with regard to the middle east because it's the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting with president trump president trump of course in the last year has said he'll push forward the middle east peace process but in fact things have pretty much gone backwards particularly since the administration recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and in recent days has cut the funding for the u.n. agency that deals with the palestinians under a so that will be an important meeting with the israeli prime minister and going into friday remember what president trump said about africa in the last week will be meeting with the incoming chair of the african union paul garvey who's the president of rwanda and then on friday we have the big speech that everyone's going to be watching very closely the tony here which president top trump has actually turned up in is he going to say something that fits in with this tone of global
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trade global values or is that going to be very much the domestic donald trump the domestic agenda of america first that speech is taking place here about thirteen hundred hours g.m.t. on friday and we'll be watching ten days and that are thanks dan. lots more terror on al jazeera on the run a spike in violence forces thousands of people to flee the democratic republic of congo. armory chalons in moscow and later in the program i'll be explaining why a british satirical film about this man not going down well in russia. however got some lovely present sunshine across southeastern parts of china at the moment further north a little more the way of snow that snow just easing back up towards shanghai time
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which is no higher than around three degrees celsius on friday warming up a touch as we go on into sat the a southerly breeze coming in behind but the snow of this state and little more expansive stays fun in try for hong kong temperatures here at about twenty celsius twenty celsius two to handle a little more the way of cloud and right towards the fos out west of china into northern parts of vietnam meanwhile we've also got some snow affecting the far north of india laws to clear skies here at present as you can see but there has been quite a bit of snowfall up towards the mountains not particularly unusual but a good old covering nevertheless and the inevitable travel disruption as a result of that things should quieten down as we go on through the next day or two temperatures in new delhi at around twenty one celsius a gentle breeze the fog and smoke problems intensifying once again i suspect for the far south of india with more cloud rolling in sauces some showers there into the eastern side of sri lanka maybe out of course even potential
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a little bit of cloud into the northern sections of the peninsula but fine and dry for most. the scene for us where they're online which is a very new sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat. between. eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're with al-jazeera as a reminder of our top stories the night round of un back talks aimed at ending the seven year war in syria are underway in vienna the u.n. syria and boys meet in the government and opposition days before rush hosts its own talks in sochi. of all u.s. diplomats has quit an international advisory panel to change a crisis calling it a whitewash bill richardson resigned from the group because it was making its first trip to state violence and force more than seven hundred thousand people to flee. and says he's bringing a message of peace and prosperity to the world economic forum's annual summit in the u.s. president is set to address the summit on friday. three people dead and dozens of others injured in a train derailment in italy that happened and killed tello in the province of
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a train came off the tracks during the morning rush hour because of the accent is not yet known. people fleeing the eastern democratic republic of congo are reporting a surge in killings rapes and abductions by armed groups the u.n. says violence has pushed more than ten thousand people into neighboring uganda since the beginning of december welcome web report from the new york banda refugee transit camp in uganda rebecca salama says many of her neighbors have been killed all raped in recent weeks armed groups keep attacking her village in the democratic republic of congo that's why she's walked here to neighboring uganda with her family met by ugandan soldiers near the border. when you go to pick your crops or go to the forest for firewood if you're a man they kill you and if you're a woman they will rape you that's why we came here. along with other new
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arrivals with back it continues her journey in a u.n. truck u.n. says more than ten thousand people of arrived here in the last month seeing a spike in violence at home everyone we spoke to says they don't know which armed groups attacking them or why they say the fighters carry guns wear uniforms and speak languages from all over congo and neighboring rwanda since it's not safe at home this refugee transit camps the better option so i don't cover with the new arrivals first off the line up here and raid some facts and then everyone's made to come over here and wash their hands as well. after the journey a few ties them to made to go through this but the camp managers say it's necessary that everyone has to queue up here for a medical check in that tent at the end. rebecca's baby twins kelvin and carol they
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are identified as severely malnourished. she says she hasn't been able to harvest her crops for weeks and hasn't produced enough breastmilk u.n. officials say these kinds of problems a typical among those arriving at the transit camp before they can be assisted and taken to long term refugee settlements most of the reviews are a wind of it because when a doctor them to walk for a long distance we also have cases where women are they and the names of bin thanks to all the others or they have this cold here especially at night time kids who help keep the back as family warm until they can build a new home her husband in a small can still never go back up and we've heard that here is peaceful we're still on the way though we're optimistic that everything will be better and not like congo. a new life starts with spending the night on the floor of this shelter . is safer here but it will be weeks before things get any easier. malcolm webb al-jazeera the arab on the transit camp uganda. and all and group loyal to
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libya's national unity government says it's arrested again accused of kidnapping and torturing sudanese migrants has been growing outrage over the mistreatment and torture of migrants by people smugglers in libya but there's been some good news the sudanese vibrance who were kidnapped all no way home to our cell has more. celebrations for a happy ending after a night's no ordeal for this sudanese family two of their sons were amongst those kidnapped by traffickers and held captive for weeks in libya one of their brothers was overwhelmed when he heard news of his loved ones release. as you can see everyone is so happy and relieved i never thought we would see him again the. video had emerged showing several sudanese migrants being tortured by people
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traffickers in libya the kidnappers demanded large sums of ransom money to release their captives sudan's foreign minister says it was diplomatic efforts that secured their release you would wish that a shot a could feel was out of the thirty year this was a coordinated effort between the ministries of defense interior and foreign affairs we had five their citizens to refrain from migrating illegally to libya or any other country for their own safety in a country where poverty is rife and unemployment is high many young says unease feel they have no option other than to smuggle themselves abroad in search of a better life and as if crossing the desert by forts where the risk of drowning in the mediterranean weren't enough migrants in search of safety in their livelihood now have to deal with sadistic smugglers aiming to profit from some of the world's poorest people. are just. egypt's last main opposition candidate for the presidential election in march has withdrawn from the race has made the announcement just as president until fattah el-sisi nomination
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papers on tuesday former army chief of staff sammy annan was arrested days after announcing his candidacy. all these indicators were pointing towards planed intentions to poison and grab. evacuated from its presumed democratic meaning and to push us into speeches which we are not able to handle we are honored to not participate in the death toll from an attack on a car will hotel has now climbed to twenty five the thirteen hour standoff at the intercontinental hotel began on saturday taliban gunmen targeted foreign workers and guests c.c.t.v. footage shows the armed men were not searched before entering the hotel for president of brazil louise and the silver insists he will run for reelection in october despite losing his appeal for corruption and money laundering convictions judges added almost three years to his nine year prison sentence his lawyers
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denounced the decision as a politically driven farce another appeal this time in the supreme court. but as i was present there goes my tour has confirmed he'll seek a second term and an early election already widely rejected by the international community the economy is on the brink of collapse with more than half a million venezuelans crossing the border into colombia seeking better opportunities as underrun p.s.e. is in the border city of kuta where many asleep on the streets and fearing deportation. over a thousand venezuelan are sleeping on the streets of this border town in tents in hammocks or lying on sheets of cardboard in sports fields escaping hunger back home in the way i would never have imagined living in these conditions the hardest is not having a bathroom or water there are children and pregnant women here during the day they look for any job they can find until recently most of the fans of thousands who cross through this first bridge into colombia with sell low cost food i can spare
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such as oranges or bread in exchange for hard currency and go back at the end of the day many still do but an increasing number is the saving to say. york city used to be a policewoman in beliefs where a better salary was enough to feed their children. now she's selling what she can to buy a twelve u.s. dollar bus ticket to colombia's coffee fields i love hoping to find a job and send money back home but not in so far every other day to save enough and leave to work i am told i can walk. out or it is have started registering the new arrivals promising shelters with basic facilities but on this night migration police arrived striking a different tone. your border mobility card does not allow you to live here you have seven days to leave life we catch you again you face fines and deportation two
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of them lacking documentation were indeed taken away from me like i don't. feel cheated they said they were here to offer a better condition as well. instead they took our documents and told us we must leave but we can't go back some local politicians say most people in or against providing shelters it's sending the wrong message that they can come here and receive shelter and food cook already has many problems and high unemployment we need the international community to intervene but there's sympathy and compassion to be found with locals delivering desperately needed food. to what. we need to be welcome in colombia is welcomed in venezuela for many years during our civil war now it is our turn to help as much as we can. a long term solution to describe this may not be found in a sandwich in a so there but it will help these venezuelans get through another night on the
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streets i listen to. british film the death of stalin was supposed to open in russian cinemas on thursday but the controversial black comedy about former soviet leader joseph stalin has effectively been banned from release across the country right challenge explains why her the death of stalin is unsurprisingly considering its source material the blackest of black comedies the profane british satire mocks the panic of top soviet of following the murderous tyrant stroke in one nine hundred fifty three. sure. before you get us both killed it's been acclaimed by western critics but in russia the film is no laughing matter though denies censorship this week the culture ministry revoked the film's distribution license citing extremist content. on early viewing as a member of the ministry's public council he wasn't impressed. with marshals of the
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great to logic war covered in medals when the entire least of the state's leaders get portrayed in pathetic and vulgar images at this point art turns in sick each a lesson cern's into insult and the line is crossed for the state and individual russians for sometime similar sometimes different reasons the stalin years are a highly sensitive subject at a moscow exhibition on the great terror of nine hundred thirty seven you can view execution quotas for thousands of people at a time many living russians lost parents or grandparents the wounds are still raw or for some to rauf a cinematic comedy others would like a chance to see it. just everyone should decide for themselves to watch it or not it should be a personal choice. you can't loftus it you should think about it and correct your mistakes but it's not even slightly funny.
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i don't think you can laugh at it it's our history to laugh at it means to laugh at yourself. late last year a somber monument to soviet repressions was unveiled in the capital by vladimir putin but the careful language he used reveals how little he feels there is to be gained from investigating historical abuses of state power too closely no national. we are descendants should remember the tragedy of repression about the causes which lead to it but it doesn't mean demanding that accounts be settled we must never again push society to the dangerous precipice of division now it is important for all of us to rely on values of trust and stability. stalin may be the bloodiest of a long line of despots rulers but his brutal legacy also comes tightly bundled with the defeat of fascism the modern russian state totem of unity against hostile
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outsiders for russians or thora sees the death of stalin is a foreign trespass on hallowed ground in a particularly vulgar one that in mocking the terrifying absurdities of stalin ism the film also threatens the country's carefully sanctified narrative of world war two glory that has proven unacceptable rory chalons al-jazeera moscow. scientists in china have achieved a world first by cloning two monkeys. identical twins created using the same process used to clone dolly the sheep more than twenty years ago of the first primates to be created using the technique bring in the prospect of clay and human beings ever closer. america these are your headlines on al-jazeera a night round of un back talks aimed at ending the seven year war in syria are
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underway in vienna and syria and voices meeting the government and opposition days before russia is due to host its own talks in sochi. germany has pushed on hold the decision to upgrade its tanks being used by the turkish military and current or future conflicts the german made lapid tanks will not see an upgrade until both countries can sign a new agreement over arms sold by byrne into ankara turkey has been using the tanks in their current offensive in northern syria and the african region against kurdish fighters. a former u.s. diplomat has quit an international advisory panel tackling the range of crisis calling it a whitewash bill richardson resigned from the group as it was making its first trip to russia and state violence has forced more than seven hundred thousand people to flee to bangladesh donald trump says he is bringing a message of peace and prosperity to the world economic forum's annual summit in davos is held talks with u.k. prime minister theresa may the u.s.
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president is set to address the summit on friday is expected to tout his america first agenda but other world leaders say cooperation is better than isolation i hope people. of course will be american first but if you could add on but not alone or but america first we need cooperation with the rest of the world or whatever that could be nice because i think everybody needs to realize whether you are a leader from a small or medium size or be country is that you can't achieve what you want. they were faced with a lot of challenges. which can only be solved in. an investigation is under way in after a train derailed during the morning rush hour three people were killed and dozens of others injured after a train derailment that happened in the province of milan a former president of brazil the silver insists he will run for reelection in
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october despite losing his appeal for corruption and money laundering conviction it's. those are your headlines more news here on al-jazeera after the strain stay with us. facing reality growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the mean maher government calls you a gringo the terrorist hear their story on the how does iraq at this time. hi i'm femi oke a and you're in the stream today as part of. the sundance film festival you'll meet some brilliant young minds set to change the world their stories are part of a new documentary science fair.


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