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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously who. do feel more and more energetic will feel more alive. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. a low i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. that money
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is on the table that but it's not going to that unless they shift out and go shoot the. u.s. president donald trump issues a stern warning to the palestinians to pursue peace with israel. demands for the u.k. to withdraw its invitation to the saudi crown prince over the country's involvement in yemen egypt the new military front opened up by turkey in syria further complicates the un backed peace talks taking place in vienna. and a small step for man one giant leap for monkeys research as around the world held the cloning of the first primates in china. in sports a first time grand slam when it is guaranteed at the australian open simona halep setting up a final with caroline does not keep both parties for first major talks. we
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begin in davos where after much anticipation u.s. president donald trump has finally arrived at the world economic forum and already he's making waves over his threats to withhold aid from the palestinians if they do not pursue peace with israel a diplomatic editor james bays reports from davos. to the u.s. president seemed in the mood to see arrived here nice cold and gross very little baby but between israelis and palestinians that seems further away than ever you might think that when you've alienated one sided in negotiation. in this case the palestinians you might reach out to them you very much flanked by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the author of the art of the deal showed that not his way when they disrespected us
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a week ago by not allowing our great vice president to see them and we give them hundreds of millions of dollars in support tremendous numbers numbers that nobody understands that money is on the table that money is not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace because i can tell you that israel does want to make peace and they're going to have to want to make peace too or we're going to have nothing to do with it and. of course the reason the president pence on his visit was shunned by the palestinian president and heckled by palestinian members of the israeli parliament the knesset was the controversial u.s. decision made last year to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital something again praised down false by prime minister netanyahu. this is the store. that will be for the mark of our peace for generations to come we took jerusalem
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off the table so we don't talk about it and they never got past seriously we took it off the table not to talk about it anymore. we won one or if your give up four points later on the negotiation if it ever takes place i don't know that it ever will take place that seems to be a complete misreading of the situation the president is suggesting that he's removing of the stumbling block of jerusalem from the negotiations in fact most believe he's making it an even more divisive issue. previous u.s. administrations knew the recognition card was one they needed to keep it not use to maintain leverage with the israelis a two state solution requires pressure me israelis to give up illegal settlements they built a land that should form a palestinian nation great honor to be from the trumpet ministration israel seems to get only praise and never pressure james spays al-jazeera devils christian
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salome brings us more now from the united nations during the security council's monthly meeting on the situation in the middle east the palestinian ambassador riyad months were spoke and said that the palestinians opposition to the united states moving its embassy to jerusalem was not a sign of disrespect to the americans on the contrary he described it as an ultimate sign of respect for international law and agreements that have come before here at the united nations which described jerusalem as an issue to be settled during final status negotiations he called on other countries to make up for the sixty five million dollars in aid cut by the united states while the united states ambassador nikki haley accused the palestinians of walking away from the peace process in his speech president abbas declared the landmark oslo peace accords dead he rejected any american role in peace talks he insulted the american president
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he called for suspending recognition of israel he invoked an ugly and fictional past reaching back to the seventeenth century to paint israel as a colonialist project engineer by european powers managed the un's middle east envoy nicholai milan novel also spoke at the session he warned that aid cuts to the palestinians could further destabilize the region and further undermine the peace process. well it is a form a u.s. deputy special envoy for israeli palestinian negotiations he is now a senior fellow of foreign policy at the center for middle east policy at brookings joins me now from washington thanks very much for speaking to us what are the implications of the u.s. president calling for the ultimate deal between israelis and palestinians the great deal as he puts it whilst at the same time saying that your syllabus categorically off the negotiating table. you know president from said he one of the deal of the
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century between israelis and palestinians of that he was the guy to do it in fact what he did. is he did make the deal of the century he made the flop of the century by putting jerusalem you know squarely trying to take jerusalem off the table what he did is kind of bang jerusalem down on the center of the table broke the table so we no longer even have a negotiating table with kind of jerusalem splattered all over the floor you know as a result fifty seven muslim majority countries recognized east jerusalem as the palestinian capital. the capital of a future palestinian state votes in the united nations have been less pro-american less pro israel than ever before in fact barack obama did a far better job at protecting israel at the u.n. so it's really been an abject failure is the purpose of the palestinian approach clear to you that has been a clear refusal to engage with the u.s.
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since president trumps announcement on jerusalem but that only seems to have angered president try to harden the u.s. position. look the palestinians enter negotiations decades ago and signed on to the oslo agreement under the understanding that all issues including and especially jerusalem would be resolved through negotiations and so by breaking its promise to the palestinians to the international community there's really nowhere for the palestinians palestinians to go other than to walk away at this time it's just it's hard to imagine how they face their own public and survive in this context you know and presidents president trumps threat to suspend aid to the palestinians. i mean u.s. aid to the palestinians is two percent of their budget no country no person would would give up a core principle core belief over a two percent loss of finances it just doesn't make sense president from said
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nobody understands the numbers i think the first person who doesn't understand the numbers is president trump because two percent of it is just not enough to transform a foreign policy of. a movement or people or a foreign government but the problem is that doesn't seem to be anyone stepping into the vacuum you have the israelis playing along with trump right now you have a palestinian leadership which is cornered you quite rightly point out that the u.s. is isolated on an international level but the policy is getting very little support from the arab world there isn't really robust backing from the e.u. and there is no one willing to step in and seize momentum for any sort of talks on it. there's no question the palestinians are in a difficult position but they've always been in a difficult position they're clearly the weaker party in negotiations look they have i think you know i would say they don't have any support i mean you had the
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muslim majority countries including the arab countries voting to support them. at the conference in turkey you had the vote at the united nations which was kind of more as pro or more fro palestinian than it's ever been and you know in a sense you do in a small ways have the european union and other european countries stepping up to fill the void as one example when i was in the obama administration i would support either president secretary kerry or lead the u.s. delegation to a key twice a year. discussion on the palestinian economy that was hosted by the europeans the europeans are next week hosting an emergency or an urgent meeting and that summit doing three of them this year instead of two so that they're tiny steps but other countries are coming in to fill the void and in fact by by refusing would president trump threat is actually writing the u.s.
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out of the ability to influence the process and i want to just say finally in addition to the palestinians aid cuts to refugees in the middle east the palestinian refugees on in the middle east as a way to influence the palestinians is an absolutely callous step it hurts u.s. national security it hurts the national security of our allies jordan and lebanon and it doesn't help israel one bit so it's president trump is sort of playing a hand where it's just a. bad move after bad move that undermines the security and stability of the united states of jordan of lebanon of the palestinians and even of israel. special envoy. thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with us. my pleasure the united nations has started another round of peace talks with the syrian government and the opposition in vienna just days before syria's close ally
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russia is due to host its own negotiations in sochi but turkey's latest military assault is expected to complicate the talks further for the past six days turkish forces have been attacking kurdish y.p. g. fighters in the northern syrian region of a freend kurdish authorities in the area have appealed to the syrian government for help turkey wants to push the y.p. g. out of a free and create a buffer zone along its border with syria well as diplomatic efforts struggle to make any real progress syrian government forces backed by russia and iran have continued to gain ground for years recovering huge swathes of the country from rebel fighters for more now on who controls what has priyanka gupta the bottom up of the syrian civil war has changed dramatically over the past year seemingly shifting the balance of power this is what syria looked like a year ago fractured between various sides syrian government areas are marked in
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red their opposition areas in queens the kurds in yellow at the top and i saw in brown there what's forward to now and the syrian government has managed to expand its control over much of the country i thought has been pushed out into these tiny pockets the rebels have been further squeezed into the west in a blip and some other parts like these pockets are on top of damascus in eastern and the palestinian refugee camp yarmouk which is split between various sides but what's of real concern is eastern ghouta where the syrian government along with this russian allies have intensified their air strikes since november the regime has also tighten its nearly five year long siege with devastating consequences for some four hundred thousand people living there. well the kurds they're in control of all these big chunks of territory in the north kodesh group the y p g is facing turkish air and ground offensive in northwest in offering ankara considers kurdish groups in syria terrorists turkey is also training its eyes now on one bridge in
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the east to push kurdish dominated syrian democratic forces east of the a free distributor in an attempt to flood the secure its borders and that might make the complex war of syria even more complicated because the s.d.f. is backed by turkey's nato ally the u.s. in its fight against isis the british prime minister to resign may is under pressure to withdraw an invitation to the saudi crown prince of his country's war on yemen crown prince mohammed bin solomon is juicer visit london within weeks groups including stop the war and the arab organization for human rights in the u.k. are asking me to cancel his visit a saudi led coalition intervened in yemen civil war in twenty fifteen it's now the world's worst humanitarian crisis stephen bell is the spokesman for the campaign to block the saudi leaders visit and a member of the palestinian solidarity campaign joins me now from coventry here in
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the u.k. thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us please tell us more about what you are calling on the u.k. government to do. we are calling upon the u.k. government to withdraw the invitation. in view it is not acceptable to lay out the red carpet for someone who is responsible for what the u.n. says is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today the fact that the most recent u.n. report indicated up to live a million yemeni children or risk from the will cholera famine and the blockade of the country destruction of the infrastructure all this means it's not suitable to invite someone who is the prime responsibility for the continuation of the war. how would you describe public opinion in the country in terms of air your approach to this is it in your favor opinion pose
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a vindicated over sixty percent oppose continuing military arming of the saudi regime this is i would say broadly reflected in parliament insofar as are all the major parties apart from the government. and do you pick contingent or against the continuing to support the saudi. war efforts so we think of public opinion broadly on our side but it's necessary to organize to bring political opinion into line with the more general. units of the british public as you say it's all very well to call for the cancelling of a high level visit but that have been many reports many allegations in terms of presence complicity what further action concrete measures all forms of pressure
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could potentially be taken in the arena as of defense or economic policy. who british involvement could hardly be more direct there are members of the british armed forces in saudi operational center and their own person no. systems in the operations center as well so the british government and business involvement in the surrender swarup is absolutely. plus the british government has some of the saudi regime four billion pounds worth of omes not senses since two thousand and fifteen if the thing the british government has to do is to change its policy recognise that there is an impasse in which it cannot be won by military means a political dialogue has to be seven months we says in human. terms but the saudis obviously got to move the british governments to impose
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a solution i'm not going to go up there and that's the biggest change has to be. all right well thank you very much for speaking to us stephen bell here bring you more on our top story now and donald trump's visit to the world economic forum in davos he's been speaking about the need for the palestinians to engage very angry at what he described as a snob in the palestinian refusal to meet vice president mike pence and the u.s. president now threatening to withhold a from the palestinians riyad mansour is the palestinian ambassador to the united nations he joins me live from the u.n. in new york thank you for taking the time to speak to us if i could start by getting your thoughts on the comments from u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley today saying that it's the palestinians the standing in the way of peace they're not willing to engage they're not willing to talk or even come to the table. well
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a first of all you know we totally reject this onslaught from embers that nikki haley against the palestinian people and their leadership including president mahmoud abbas we haven't done anything other than defending international law defending security council resolution and defending our rights when it comes to the issue of jerusalem this is what we have done we are proud of what we did and we will continue to do so because there are specific resolutions in the security council that are totally against the illegal unilateral provocative new policy of the us administration and to come and to attack us as a result of that is uncalled for and there is no man that is committed to peace among the palestinians today than president mahmoud abbas and to defend our
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rights and to defend international law and to be attacked as the way she did is very. ridiculous and we believe that the united states of america now is one hundred percent and the side of the israelis and the other the other. face of the same coin and the israeli ambassador did not open his mouth about that israeli palestinian conflict today he just only talked about iran and she is the only one who put herself as a party to the conflict therefore they selected to remove themselves from being a partial. arbiter and you know a third party then can mediate between us and the israelis they selected that by then and travis indians have lady albury here and they made that crystal clear and
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. in the aftermath of trump's jerusalem declaration that the u.s. was no longer in a position to mediate in talks but the palace in approach has been this refusal to engage with the u.s. in in any shape or form and of course the refusal to meet mike pence on his trip but it's a very difficult position because that doesn't seem to of the palestinians favor in any way it only seems to have hardened the u.s. position. well the see when the president and nikki haley say that jerusalem is of the table and there are. and with holding money against this humanitarian organization which means that they are saying refugees are of the room then they left nothing on the table there is nothing left and if there is nothing left and they are totally in the camp of the israelis then
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they lost their capacity to be the mediator between us and the israelis and to be the only one that is cast toward the end of the process that is why we are saying we want a collective process from the international community to play a positive impartial role between us and the israelis that that can lead to the end of the israeli occupation that happen on the fourth of june nine hundred sixty seven and to the independence of the state of palestine with is jerusalem as its capital and therefore to save the two state solution mr i'm not saying all these things is making them upset right but so but can i ask can i ask you mr mansour you do you. feel genuinely let down and disappointed by the international community because as you say it was
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very significant in many ways a historic step which the trumpet ministration when they made the announcement but the support and the backing that you've been calling for from the international community doesn't seem to have been very forthcoming it's not clear which body or which country is prepared to take the mentor mentee step into this void left by the united states. actually mixed feelings disappointed in the fact that the international community does not have the political will to implement its resolutions including security council resolution but that on the other hand we are happy that there is a massive international support to our position and in rejecting the unilateral illegal position of the united states over jerusalem and also there is a strong position against you know what they've have done again soon or on or by
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holding funds and then there is a strong trend saying that we need a collective process all these things are in line of what we are saying and we are delighted that there is a massive support and the united states is isolated as israel is isolated as well because they selected to be on the other side of history and against international law and against security council resolutions but still a very difficult position for mahmoud abbas because you might be encouraged by international support but that is completely lost on the many palestinians who continue to live under occupation as time goes on how much pressure is there going to be for the palestinian authority for mahmoud abbas to really take bold and measures. oh lord no we realize that the zero pressures including economic pressures will increase the hardship against our
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people but i am proud to say that the palestinian people are resilient you don't see a single white flag whether in the gaza strip in is jerusalem or in the occupied west bank to capitulate against our national rights president abbas said the person or the leader that will sell jerusalem sell jerusalem among the palestinian people has not been born it means that jerusalem it means everything to all of us and we are willing you know to sacrifice whatever it is it is needed in order to defend jerusalem this is the position of the palestinian people and the defiance of the palestinian people is not but to be respected by everyone and by all peace loving people in all corners of the globe had mansour at the united nations thank you thank you he on mars accused a former u.s.
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diplomat who quit an international advisory panel on the range of crisis of pursuing his own agenda bill richardson a former pows friend of myanmar leader and sang say a chief resign from the group while it was making its first trip to rack and state he said suchi lack moral leadership and they didn't want to be part of a whitewash tensions came to a head when richardson raised the case of two reuters reporters who are on trial in myanmar i was very unhappy and distressed right down reaction to my point that this issue of reuters journalists being treated fairly and rapidly. that brought almost an explosion on her part. saying there were issues relating to be official secrecy zakk that this was not my charter as a member of the advisory board and very heated exchange that we had i don't want to
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be part of a whitewash and i felt it's best that i resign immediately. it was a bring you on the program we're looking at the controversial bollywood film that's inspired story months of protests it finally opens across india. on the talk about life in paris rubber thing is on flood alerts as the river thing continues to rise. and inspire only here from the u.s. open champion targeting his first ever australian open title. hello this to the very obvious revealing cloud lie across northern europe this came in more than twenty four hours ago brought some windy but very mild weather and of
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course with it brings right it brought some record breaking temperatures to denmark and belgium and almost many of the neighboring countries but it's not really rain we're talking about and that's sinking down to a sudden front to sit here during friday now the warmth has largely gone this circulating in the western med his he got sixteen degrees in rome as an example but it's still relatively modest still raining a long way off in the alpha some snow for the tolls none of this is going to do any good for the safety the real cold further east is still with this man is seven in kiev minus one this is daytime highs in bucharest for example about the cloud clears away by saturday and the temperatures if anything lift a little bit in kiev not so in bucharest and vienna is it seven in the sunshine it's still above where the average suggests these temperatures should be to has been rather warm spell recently and more coming in for the british isles. the immediate future the car has just started to build the rain just started to for now dearie and i look at the fall cross it it's quite possible the atlas mountains as
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if it has snow in the next day or so but for most of course this will be rain. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across. one when east exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific nations dark subject when used at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. personal stories of lebanese villagers on the border with israel. their daily struggles when they go to the regency for this purpose when we go there. and the peaceful protests during the release of the interior means defiance and resistance
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that at this new time it's means no offer at night and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. welcome back you are at the outer is there a news outlets update you on the top stories u.s. president donald trump is arrived in switzerland for the world economic forum is already sparked controversy by threatening to withhold aid from the palestinians if they don't engage in peace talks with israel un brokered negotiations between the syrian government and the opposition have started in vienna just days before russia hosts its own negotiations in sochi the talks have been complicated by turkey's
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incursion into northern syria and that driving out kurdish fighters and the admiral's army has been accused of using gang rape as a weapon of war in a campaign of ethnic cleansing against revenge of muslims it comes as a former u.s. diplomat question international advisory panel tackling the range of prices calling it a whitewash. allow people fleeing the eastern democratic republic of congo are reporting a surge in rapes killings and abductions by armed groups the u.n. says violence has pushed more than ten thousand people into neighboring uganda since the beginning of december malcolm webb reports from the banda refugee transit camp in uganda. rebecca says many of her neighbors have been killed or raped in recent weeks armed groups keep attacking our village in the democratic republic of congo that's why she's walked here to neighboring uganda with her family they
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met by ugandan soldiers near the border. when you go to pick your crops or go to the forest or fire you if you're a man they kill you and if you're a woman they'll rape you that's why we came here. along with other new arrivals rebecca continues her journey in a u.n. truck the u.n. says more than ten thousand people it arrived here in the last month seeing a spike in the violence and. everyone we spoke to says they don't know which armed groups attacking them or why they say the fighters carry guns wear uniforms and speak languages from all over congo and neighboring rwanda. since it's not safe at home this refugee transit camps the better option. and covered with dust the new arrivals first have to line up here and get their feet sprayed with disinfectant and everyone is made to come over here and wash their hands as well. after the
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journey must be tiresome to made to go through this but they can't manage just say it's necessary then everyone has to queue up here for a medical check in not tents at the end. rebecca's baby twins kelvin and carol they are right then to find a severely malnourished. she says she hasn't been able to harvest her crops for weeks and hasn't produced enough breast milk u.n. officials say these kinds of problems a typical among those arriving at the transit camp before they can be assisted and taken to long term refugee settlements most of believe me. because when you talk to them to work for a long distance we also cases where we've been and been sexually others or. it's cold here specially at night thank you it will help keep the attackers family warm until they can build a new home a husband in a small town never go back. we've heard that here is peaceful we're still on the way though we're optimistic that everything will be better and not like congo
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a new life starts with spending the night on the floor of this shelter. they say for here but it will be weeks before things get any easier malcolm where al-jazeera transit camp uganda. after three months of protests in india the controversial bollywood film bad mother has released to mixed reviews some cinemas decided against showing the film for fear of a backlash from right wing hindu groups is that it was an insult to the community charlotte reports. release day for padma vos in cinemas nationwide resemble security checkpoints the bollywood blockbuster has already provoked months of protests by some members of the hindu community. on earning day cinemas braced for more reaction. the film portrays a fourteenth century hindu queen who belongs to the high rajput cost and. a
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muslim rule the sticking point was an alleged romantic dream sequence between the characters seen as a step too far by right wing hindus it never existed but the room is where enough the lead actress depict to coney to receive death rates. into activists from she rushed put conny santa seen by many as a hardline nationalist group of late proteus and several indian states anger at last week when india's supreme court rejected bids by four states to ban the film. community lives only to protect the country the religion and one self-respect. can be noticed in a crowd he's disciplined never flees a battle and is always ready to die yet. this debate over whether their concerns are relevant historians say there is little evidence the hindu queen existed and a confident she's a fictional character and
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a super poem fans of the movie project at the protests apart from all the corner was. a wonderful kind of movie recreates it did always what watching so you know i missed out on this one just because of one corner with. its only politics they want media attention why don't they just watch the movie as entertainment this is nonsense. hardline hindu ism is on the rise in india some say emboldened by prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist party indians are waiting to see if they'll be further reaction to the movie at the box office or on the streets shallop palace al-jazeera. joining me now to discuss the controversy is dead on and he is the head of politics and international relations at the university of westminster and a south asia analyst thank you very much for coming in to speak to us and you're in india up until just yesterday can you give us a sense of the mood in the atmosphere surrounding the film's release or if the
12:37 am
protests and demonstrations against getting was he what i noticed was of course there was a lot of control with you're going to film jim in the middle classes wanted the film to be relieved on their part it's a far right group that opposing it but in reality what we find of this certain commonality between the hindu right wing government because in the right the protest of other the filmmaker there were certain shared value in that world endeavor hindu nation and everything hindu should be celebrated and anything that islamic or muslim should be demonized in fact the film demonizes muslims and the group also demonize the muslim and the girl and the reason it's controversial the reason is controlled surely because this particular group raj foods the other warrior costs they consider themselves warriors now they're thirteen themselves within the hindu nationalist fold the not just in the government they simply using the control with a sword themselves so that they get more power within the coalition that constitutes the in the government. and so how is it that they are in terms of the
12:38 am
logistics they seem to have been able to mobilize many different protestors people are emotional and they care enough to take to the streets not just for a few days or weeks but for several months they've caused a lot of disruption to everyday life we've seen public transport affected us schools have closed and i think something that is in northern india and states don't want to show this film for fear of a backlash if he left or the government they would have allowed it to be banned but what happened is the court said that they should the film should be relieved that what had happened because they did it and the filmmaker had accepted all the cuts that the protests have been demanding and what we find of course is that hindu nationalist families quite a big one before they have. different groups jockeying for power within it that's what is happening so they're setting themselves here no the reason what we're finding is basically this group is threatening whiling they've taken violence again the filmmaker again the film actor was in world and yet the government haven't done anything against them so what we're finding increasingly is that the right wing
12:39 am
government is forced to become more right but they're fine with it because that's what the ideology is the de facto a number of peer to the not showing for them and therefore it becomes when a free speech but the reality is what this film is about is largely also hate speech because they demonized muslims to an extent where muslims can be seen as nothing except sort of those who seduced in the women are and out into ripping into him and that's how deport him and so you're saying that this really this film demonizes muslims but that's not the reason it's controversial it's more of a tussle within the right wing camp with a kind of narrative of that group of people what has this film crossed a line in terms of kind of normalizing or or worsening the demonization of muslims in this current climate in india so when we look at bollywood from one hundred fifty s. onward and one thousand nine hundred generally bollywood provided promote an idea of india secular as one where hindu muslim christians could live together that was
12:40 am
the dominant idea then things started shifting at hindu rate when came to power but this one with part and parcel of almost a complete demonization marginalization muslims also have to keep in mind that muslims are kashmiris or dulles or tribal been protesting in this while into manner they would have been gone from the government but because it is vocal majority in the group that is very important and dominant in the coalition of the government there is no crackdown from the government so in a sense it reflects and illustrates a complete writing in fact a far right shift in the governor that is in india thank you very much dr and thank you. now the death toll from an attack on a kabul hotel has climbed to twenty five the thirteen hour standoff of the intercontinental hotel began on saturday taliban gunmen targeted foreign workers and guests thora jesus still looking at how security was breached c.c.t.v. footage shows the men were not searched before entering the hotel weeks of heavy
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rainfall in france has caused widespread flooding in the country's north and east rescue workers have evacuated residents from their homes arris is on flood alert as the river sen is rising fast the city's mayor is blaming climate change for recent spells of extreme weather as a tasha butler reports. stranded restaurants and submerged bridges as the river seine in paris continues to rise its pedestrian eyes banks have disappeared usually bustling with cyclists and now a no go zone and the city is on flood alert. to get within we have overcome for some hate whites into floods going over six majors one in spring and the other in winter it is clearly a question of paris adapting to climate change usual. the city council has put in place special measures river traffic has been stopped only emergency boats are allowed and ten pre-flood barriers are being installed paris's world famous museums
12:42 am
are also playing safe the louve has closed a wing and is moving some works to higher ground for some people here the swollen river has become something of a tourist attraction for more than one hundred fifty years parisians have used this statue as a gauge now normally the water level is around two meters and the fields of the statue are visible but as the water rises the whole body disappears now city officials here in paris say they expect the water level to be above six meters in the next few days come a visit almost every year we are the here and we've never seen the river y.p.s. and we live right down there and we've heard about the statue most of. my work in offices nearby and we've taken precautions in case there's a flood and power cuts over the past century the same has risen in paris several times but it's not safe to float since one thousand nine hundred ten when flooding
12:43 am
turned the city into a french feminists flood prevention has improved since then but experts say it's not enough a major flood in paris could hit the whole country it could go between a three to saute billion euros in terms of the direct advantages but also discord have consequences of the macroeconomic level because the paris region resent one sort of the national g.d.p. so it can have impact on growth under the drug market on on public finance to. the rising water is the result of weeks of heavy rain in france through costas say drier weather is on the way people here hope it will be just in time to prevent parses historic center for becoming swamped natasha buckler al-jazeera paris. a packed commuter commuter train has derailed in italy killing three people and seriously injuring ten others it happened in about twenty kilometers outside of milan during the morning rush hour
12:44 am
a piece of the track appeared broken in the will of the train sustained damage two of the middle cars also came off the rails. the number of homeless people sleeping on streets and britain has reached record levels according to a new report released by the government an estimated four and a half thousand people and now sleeping rough but charities say the true scale of one isness is much greater these bach reports from london. david cost has been sleeping on the streets of london for more than a year it's a bleak existence so noisy it's really hard is she is there with the call you've got to deal with people you know the. on ice sometimes you know he lost his job as a carpenter and couldn't afford to pay for housing he's now worried about his mental health just walk home invasion a roof over my head and maybe get you know she she she she adopted to get my head back to go go back to work you know. one of the wealthiest countries in the
12:45 am
world war more people are now living on the street many are struggling with addiction mental physical illness others are escaping violence of abuse but an increasing number of here simply because they can't afford to live anywhere the situation is made worse by a critical shortage of affordable housing and cuts to social welfare benefits according to the government's latest figures there are more than four and a half thousand people sleeping rough in england streets but the scourge of homelessness doesn't end here hidden away in bedsits and temporary emergency accommodation for thousands more homeless people of all ages the entire homeless population of of great britain is around about two hundred fifty thousand people roughly thingy's is the most visible and and i have to say the most outrageous form of homelessness in terms of you know it being absolutely unacceptable the average age of death is just forty seven years old you're seventeen times more likely to be
12:46 am
attacked on the street than anybody else the government says it's committed to harvey sleeping in four years and eliminating it altogether in. a decade. but this is not an isolated story homelessness is on the rise in every european country except finland in the greek capital athens as many as one in seventy residents are homeless and in paris the number of people sleeping rough has reached critical levels. in finland when a person becomes homeless they've given stable accommodation first rather than slowly progressing through levels of temporary housing the british government's planning to trial a similar scheme in the u.k. but those forced to sleep rough need real change now. al-jazeera london researches around the world are hailing it as a breakthrough scientists in china have managed to clone the first monkeys born six
12:47 am
and eight weeks ago it comes twenty years after the successful cloning of mammals which first began with dolly the sheep and a hawks that has more. meet joan was wrong and why why these twin long tailed crab eating macaques have been hailed as a scientific breakthrough this libertarian china has succeeded where other researches have failed scientists at the institute of neary science in shanghai created the first cloned monkeys he's new technique called sematic cell nuclear transfer the claiming process began with a monkey egg and a monkey fetus sell it genetically modified process and then a bart tree then develops into an embryo which was then implanted in a monkey eventually the babies were born was novel about this process is the nuclei were transferred from fetal cells rather than adult ones that's different from the world's first cloned animal dolly the sheep which was created from only adult cells
12:48 am
china is the first to successfully clone primates using this method however scientists a criticized for pushing ethical boundaries the chinese process took one hundred twenty seven eggs to produce two monkeys animal rights activists oppose medical research on monkeys and i should point out that people argue that is not ethical to use monkey parkinson disease model. in monkeys which has been used a lot of factor but initially use a large number of monkeys in your largest states alone there are thirty forty thousand monkeys each year but dr tarpley. other such as a celebration how claiming primates could help preserve species on the brink of extinction the other use is you know many primates are on the border of extinction gorillas chippie and z's many other primates species are under pressure cloning may give you a way to maintain the species given the progress in claiming primates will people
12:49 am
be next we will never try the we have i don't think there's anybody willing to do human cloning and a society would not permit it but they can and they do take a knowledge once it's appealed there's always a possibility of misuse for now china is celebrating the breakthrough the new borns a just six and eight weeks old it's hope that they will lead long and healthy lives . there and watching out as there are still to come. henri mcelroy tuns out the heats at the bike as a classic and he has that story and much more in still. business updates brought to you by qatar where we're going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar oh we're going places together.
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well now a symbolic doomsday clock which represents how close humanity is to destroying the planet is the closest it's been to signaling the end of the well since nine hundred fifty three the clock was moved forward by thirty seconds by the bulletin of atomic scientists mounting concerns over nuclear war and climate change the last time the two minutes to midnight was when the u.s. and the soviet union were testing hydrogen bombs. hopefully the world won't end before we get this ball with andy thank you so much my mother a fourth member of the usa gymnastics board has resigned after former same doctor laurie nasser was sentenced to up to one hundred and seventy five years in prison
12:52 am
for abusing young female athletes the u.s. a limpid committee says the entire eighteen person panel should now quit. on wednesday nasa pleaded guilty to ten counts of sexual assault with testimony being heard from over one hundred and fifty victims two gnostics governing body in the u.s. has been criticized for failing to protect its athletes well in iran i spoke to the u.s. force it's an example of part of he says judge aqualina decision could be a turning point in the country's social history. she slammed the gavel and said his time is up and i think that her actions and the way she dressed him and looked directly into the soul of a monster and said this is over and cindy sentencing him to forty to one hundred seventy five years in prison on top of the sixty years he was sorry he's set to serve for child pornography court cases was an iconic moment not only for usa
12:53 am
gymnastics not only for sports but in our culture for the silence that's been covered up by not only individuals but institutions around this country and around the world we really didn't begin talking about it and still the sentencing and that shows what's wrong in our culture is that when one person is silent it leads to a culture of silence and we should be talking about this where else is going on is that not just usa gymnastics we also have usa swimming head being told that he should be fired in a letter to usa swimming in relation to not adequately addressing sexual abuse of assault allegations being made against usa swimming so there is so much more here to uncover and we're not really talking about enough as we should and i think that we should talk about this more. there will be a first time when if the women's australian open title on saturday carranza snacky and simona halep will meet in the final whoever wins will also be claiming their
12:54 am
first grand slam trophy tatiana sanchez reports. talked to mona hallett had never reached an australian open final before but this was to be her day i remain in a jam and former world number one angele khabar on thursday after a lengthy battle to go one set told her lips stormed ahead taking the first of five games in the deciding fed cup before back but couldn't outdo the world number one who showed like dented had the term nation saving to match point. about paying off giving her a six three four six nine seven when i was. i was in this position in french open so maybe i can make a better match i can make us. make it more relaxed and taking like
12:55 am
a normal major don't want to think about the result has i did the during this tournament and was a great feeling going on court justified for the both for the games and not for the match just step by step it was just a battle at the end and it's just one or two points which decides the match and for me yeah i mean they give everything and this is what i will tell myself she'll face another former world number one caroline wozniak who's also three to her first australian open final. the danish second the dominated for much of her much against the leith martin both in the ak evo survived a late surge by her twenty two year old belgian opponent to clinch the match six three seven. i think i was here in the so finals two thousand and eleven i was serving for the match against lena and i had
12:56 am
a match point and i lost it and i was there for him right out there today but you know i just tried to just try and stay calm and i was like it's going to win. he has yet to win a grand slam title and this is just the that grand slam final for the twenty seven year old i tatiana out of there in the men's draw is also reached his first ever australian open final knocking out britain's car edmund at the end was aiming to become just the fourth british man to reach a grand slam final since the open era began in i think sixty eight of the crowd here a straight sets went to hell face either or federer or chong in sunday's final. was really good i mean today was just a little bit different intensities done in. that match i lifted my game a lot and the energy was really good on the court and i think overall i'm feeling really good and things like that this goes thanks to my guys. making me work hard i
12:57 am
think i use a great team over here now i have the two days off so it's going to be a nice one and something. manchester united manager gerry say marino has signed a one year contract extension with the club now tied to united until twenty twenty the thirty four year old won a couple trophies during his first season in charge and said in a statement he felt he was the right manager for this great club for the foreseeable future. jimmy don't some has a one shot lead after the first round of the dubai desert classic the washington carded a ten on a par round of sixty two rory mcilroy return to form also continuing after a three month injury lie off the former world number one finished third in abu dhabi last week and is well placed on seven under. the rise and rise of afghanistan as a global cricketing force has continued at the under nineteen world cup afghanistan here beating heart of new zealand by so you are injured so you runs to reach the semifinals last year the country senior team was granted full test status as well
12:58 am
this under nineteen team next faced australia as they paid to win a first world sites. ok that's a sports looking for now let's get back to marry him in london thank you very much andy and that's it for the news hour much more news coming up in just a couple of minutes i'll have a full bullish no news very shortly they without is there see anything. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily
12:59 am
a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum mallika ahluwalia is the driving force behind sars partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous holocaust museum this is not beautiful a museum so countries around the world have walked to memorialize these events that have shaped them by dition is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really
1:00 am
important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. facing realities growing up going to do you realise that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter the man maher government calls you a gringo all the terrorist hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time . that money is on the table that knowledge that going to them unless they ship down and negotiate for each us president donald trump issues a warning to the palestinians that they must pursue peace with israel yours or.


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