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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. to. zero. this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next sixty minutes. i think it's going to be a great message that people are going to like here of. anticipation grows at the
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world economic forum in davos ahead of donald trump's keynote address. and is already making news in davos with tough words for the palestinians and a renewed embrace of israel. south korea's president orders an investigation after dozens were killed when a fire breaks out at a hospital. and india uses its republic day celebrations to build bridges to southeast asia. all eyes are on top of us in switzerland where in a few hours time the u.s. president will deliver the keynote speech to the annual world economic forum donald trump along a champion of protectionism is expected to use the speech to promote his america first agenda but there are indications he could be adjusting his position with the senior ministration official saying he will call for free but fair trade. and may
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consider rejoining agreements charlie after arriving in davos on thursday president made headlines about repeating his administration's threat to withhold millions of dollars of aid to the palestinians from davos our diplomatic editor same space reports. the u.s. president seemed in upbeat mood as he arrived here. and prosperity between israelis and palestinians that seems further away than ever you might think that when you've alienated one side in a negotiation in this case the palestinians you might reach out to the you very much flanked by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the author of the art of the deal showed that not his way where they disrespected us a week ago by not allowing our great vice president to see them and we give them hundreds of millions of dollars in support tremendous numbers numbers that nobody
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understands that money is on the table that money is not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace because i can tell you that israel does want to make peace and they're going to have to want to make peace or we're going to have nothing to do with it and. of course the reason the president pence on his visit was shunned by the palestinian president and heckled by palestinian members of the israeli parliament the knesset was the controversial u.s. decision late last year to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital something again praised the downfall spy prime minister netanyahu this is the story. that will be for the very hard to argue for generations to come we took jerusalem off the table so we don't talk about it they never got past you're saying we took it off the table we don't have to talk about it more. one one point. give actual
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points later on the negotiation if it ever takes place i don't know that it ever will take place that seems to be a complete misreading of the situation the president is suggesting that he's removing the stumbling block of jerusalem from the negotiations in fact most believe he's making it an even more divisive issue previous us administrations knew the recognition card was one they needed to keep and not use to maintain leverage with the israelis a two state solution requires pressure on the israelis to give up illegal settlements they built on land that should form a palestinian nation great honor to be from the trumpet ministration israel seems to get only praise and never pressure james pays zero s. the gulf between washington and the palestinians was also on display at the united nations thursday christian salome has that story. the united states and palestinians exchanged accusations during the security council's monthly debate on
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the middle east palestinian ambassador riyad mansour spoke passionately about how his people had been demonized and dehumanized and accused of disrespect while the israelis were rewarded for building settlements on palestinian land he pointed out that jerusalem status according to previous international agreements should be decided in negotiations but the united states ambassador nicholas helli accused palestinian leadership of walking away from peace talks. and response to repeated this notion of our position i am compelled to clarify further our position is not intended to respect. this respect and should not be translated as such by anyone in the contrary it is a position rooted in full of the spec for the for the principles of justice and equity for the charter. photo this concert for the assembly and for the
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decades long international consensus on the program at those over peace which we will not chase after a palestinian leadership that lacks what needs what is needed to achieve peace to get historic results we need courageous leaders history has provided such leaders in the past for the sake of the palestinian and israeli people we pray it does so again the united states is isolated in its position here at the u.n. even its closest allies in the security council the united kingdom and france voted in favor of a resolution calling on the u.s. to rescind his decision to move its embassy to jerusalem the u.s. vetoed that resolution to go live now to davos where our correspondent john hall is standing by with more on perhaps where u.s. president all truck may be headed when it comes to trade jonah. while everyone's
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waiting of course for donald trump's closing address here at davos in a couple of hours time he is the man the name at the center of every single conversation going on at davos at the moment well we're going to have a conversation now about the global trust the annual trust were only to released by the new york based marketing firm edelman it measures public trust in government and institutions and has come up with some pretty interesting findings in this year after the first year of the trumpet ministration in the united states i'm joined by matthew harrington head of global operations for edelman thanks for joining us matthew your trust barometer has concluded that fully a third thirty three percent of americans do not have any faith in their government you know it's been a remarkable year we had the largest double digit drop in trust in a country and that was a thirty seven point decline for the u.s. an interesting lee thirty percent of the inform public's had a drop in trust in government in particular is that a forgive me is that
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a third of people who do trust the government or a third who doesn't trust that distrust number in terms of the plummeting so we're now the least trusted country of the twenty eight that we have how much of that do you think is down to the trust of the trumpet ministration i think it's a combination of factors i think it it's the congress it's the level of discourse has declined it's such an ironic situation to find ourselves in with a growing economy employment rates it kicking along and yet the decline of trust in our institutional government your report notes that is the ultimate irony and it is odd isn't it because as the economy clearly is going up in the united states trust is going down what does that say about the nature of government of the way people view government is a strong economy no longer seen as a function of good government does appear that there's a disconnect and that there's a heightened cynicism related to the absence of actual facts coming from or good constructive discussion coming from our administration and from the congress. well
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it's a big theme of donald trump's of course he will speak about it later that growing u.s. economy he will claim it's all down to his policies another big theme of his is fake news another bit bit of mention in your report made sober reading for me that the global media is trust in the global media is at an all time low has fake news one it hasn't won but it's made a big entrenchment on the mindset seven in ten of those we surveyed no longer trust the information they're reading as being factual which is a very real concern we unpacked media this year social media platforms like twitter and search engines had a real question relative to our day at advancing trusted information the positive side was journalists had a five point increase so traditional journalism is seen as arbiter of facts so that's good news for us i guess you've been hanging out here for the week what's the sense you've been getting from the people you've been speaking to about what
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they expect to hear from donald trump a bit later on today i think that there's a expectation that he's going to try to maybe counter some of the messaging around populism that he's put forward in the past year i also think that people would like to be hearing from him that he is interested in global trade i know in the last twenty four hours he made some comments about the p.p. that the people scratching their heads a little bit so we're just going to have to say tough crowd here isn't it. and yet they are going to have to reconcile themselves a little bit with the fact that while they don't like what he says or what he stands for they do like the fact of the global economy is booming to some extent because of his tax reforms and regulator reforms that can't really afford to dislike donald trump too much here in davos by i think the trust barometer indicates that people are actually uncoupling in some respects the benefits of a pot strong economy and the degree to which they have trust in their institutions and i think one of the. most interesting pieces of the study this year was that
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business was actually more trusted than a year ago and c.e.o.'s in particular will be calling you called upon to engage in society and societal issues so i think that's what this community in particular is taking away from the week is they've got to stand up in advance this week dance the world through if it's not you aren't and we're going to leave it there had a global operations for edelman and throw back to indo as here in davos expectations are high for donald trump's closing statement closing address in a couple of hours time town hall i first novice john i think you and us president has given his first international interview since taking office more than a year ago trump was questioned by britain's i.t.v. about his retreating anti muslim videos last year and november trump shared three inflammatory videos from the far right group of britain first he was condemned by u.k. prime minister to resign me for doing so morgan asked trump to say he was sorry for the post but he fell short of giving
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a categorical apology here's the exchange. i got an apology out of you just for the reach weeks of well if you're telling me they're going to go along with them here's what's fair if you are telling me the horrible people horrible racist people i would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that i know nothing about them and you would disavow you so the people that i don't want to be involved would be brought to you telling me about these people because i know nothing about these people turkey's president has promised to clear out kurdish fighters along the length of its border with syria it may extend its offensive as far as iraq or just have heard a line says the operation in a frame will continue to the east including the town of. turkey regards the kurdish y p g fighters as terrorists and wants them removed so it can create a buffer zone the u.s. has called on turkey to exercise restraint and focus on defeating eisel instead it's concerned about u.s. forces operating in month. particularly in a frame off or
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a chanst turkish operations in a frame and all operations in a frame that have the effect of or inducing friction into the equation of making it hard to focus on why we're in syria which is the defeat of isis in the afraid to rally or negative fighting fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including patients and nurses internet intensive care unit firefighters in the southern city where yang managed to rescue dozens of other peoples trapped by the flames critically injured survivors have been taken to other hospitals in the city the country's president is calling for an investigation. into the president in held an emergency meeting of his chief a short while ago to discuss the fire at a marion hospital he expressed regret and sadness over the situation of the fire that broke out at sage long hospital which led to a high number of casualties not long after the fire in session in december an overage death toll that could still increase president moon says the government must prioritize minimizing additional deaths by taking the necessary medical
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measures for the rescued victims. observers kathy novak has more. this fire broke out at about seven thirty am local time at the at a hospital in mere young in the south of south korea it was extinguished by about ten thirty am local time but not before dozens of lives were lost and dozens more people were injured and we're told there are about one hundred people in the hospital there was also a nursing hospital next door ninety six people were evacuated from that building president in is taking the situation extremely seriously he called an emergency meeting and said this is extremely regrettable and is sad investigations are ongoing into the cause of this fire local authorities say the majority of people who died suffered from suffocation it was not attributed to the burns that caused those deaths but in fact i did the suggestion is that those people inhaled toxic
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fumes this fire is the second in as many months twenty nine people were killed last month when a fire broke out in a fitness center in another city in the south of the country but i'm ahead of the news hour including brazil's former leader is named parties official presidential candidate despite a corruption conviction african nations look to develop a global gateway to bolster economic trade with the rest of the world. and in sport tiger woods launches his latest comeback car will have all the details coming up later in the program. and he celebrated its sixty ninth republic day with a military parade attended by leaders from ten south east and south east asian nations it's the first time this many foreign leaders have attended the event are being hosted by the prime minister narendra modi today marks the adoption of the
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indian constitution in one nine hundred fifty nearly sixty thousand security personnel were deployed in new delhi for that grade. but his decision to invite leaders some ten southeast nations that make up the as young group is being seen as a bold move to try and isolate china as part of its act east strategy new delhi is hoping to strengthen political and economic ties with southeast asian nations and is trade without the honest horse by that with china in the past two years china's business was southeast asia was more than six times that of india and he has also moved to counter china's influence in the region by signing a maritime agreement with nations blocks been alarmed by chinese china's building of artificial islands on disputed territory in the south china sea kundera pythia go to is a nonresident fellow in asia middle east relations at the brookings doha center he joins us from london we appreciate your time very much so this guest list of these ten ten nations how would you characterize that list you think it's very
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strategically important guest list as you mentioned india has an act east policy where it's trying to focus building ties with southeast asian countries and i think the indian policymakers have a very long term perspective when they see southeast asia as part of india's future sphere of influence and they often highlight that indian religions like hinduism and buddhism have actually influenced the cultures of southeast asia does india see china is as a competition or a threat. india certainly does and this is i guess part of its way in dealing with the threat it sees from china so india tries to exclude external great powers from its own region which is south asia and china has been building ties with countries all around in these borders so by building its own
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ties with southeast asian countries india sees this is a way to counter china. if you go back last year you see that the two countries also had a territorial standoff so there's a number of factors of tension in that relationship and i guess this is just another way of india pushing back against china so how does china view india or china views india in a slightly different way it sees more india more as a conditional threat where india is only problematic to china to the degree that india aligns with the u.s. and japan and some of china's of the rivals in an attempt to isolate china it also sees india is problematic in terms of india building ties with countries like vietnam standing with the southeast asian countries in the standoff over the south china sea in issues like that but it doesn't see india as a threat to the degree that india sees china is there
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a way that these two countries can still benefit each other that it can get something useful out of the other. yes i mean they have an enormous trading relationship they have a history of peaceful coexistence of going back millennia in terms of cultural exchange they both also have. similar interests as rising developing countries that both seek a more multipolar world order i guess where the tension is that india sees china's increasing dominance in asia as an unknown quantity and there's also political imperatives in both countries to be seen as tough against the other so in that sense it would require some strategic diplomacy and long term thinking in order to overcome these obstacles. thank you very much joining us from london. judges in brazil have our former president. lula to silva from leaving the country the
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order follows the loss of his appeal against convictions for corruption and money laundering three years were added to his jail sentence down despite that he has been named as the party's candidate to campaign for re-election in october reports himself. as an act of defiance against a courtroom back confirms conviction on corruption charges brazil's workers party confirmed the former president and there are officials candidate for this year's presidential elections that will take place in october the law remains defiant and he said that if he becomes brazil's president again he will rule for this country's most vulnerable on wednesday a unanimous ruling with little room to a pupil higher courts and then electoral forty four expected to block his candidacy convicted for receiving over one million dollars in bribes paid by a construction company in the form of a renovated triplex his lawyers say that the case is politically motivated that is
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the victim of political persecution and that there is not enough proof to condemn him. for what we saw was that more than once president lula was convicted without ever having committed a crime the votes read during the day by the appellate court judges were not able to demonstrate any elements that would indicate that a crime had been committed. they also said that the few one right are being violated no law will continue appealing to the higher courts and the parties that he will be the candidate and till the very end but he could be detained along the way something that would increase the tension the polar ice station and the political turmoil that already exists in this country. german chancellor angela merkel is hopeful talks to form a coalition with the social democrats will end the political impasse within weeks if the negotiations are successful a government could be in place by easter germany is still waiting for
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a government four months after elections were held. and so right now. what we are going to do right now is go to our staff who is live for us as we have been covering the happenings on inside syria right across the border from turkey do we have staff dekker. i can hear you richelle can you hear me yes we can go ahead. we're in the city which is just south of the border with turkey this is an area that. has the syrian rebel this is part of the eastern front and we've been taken in by the turks here on a sort of a media tour this is the center. city before they took us a little bit closer to the front lines because of course there is going on with the
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why it is relatively quiet today i have to tell you we've just heard friday prayers are now in the center of the city we've just heard from turkey's president again he's talking every day richelle these days and you've been saying that he is going to rain is not going to be the beginning of this they're going to take this all the way to the border with iraq and that means the u.s. is very very very complicated when it comes to the politics but i think it is interesting we haven't been here in a long time. a city that sort of secured the area for us but basically there's a lot of life is normal here and this is been normal for quite some time when turkey took this area under operation euphrates. and as you can see we're having a bit of a technical problem there with steph so we can move on trade across africa is about to get an overhaul with measures aimed at cutting the cost of doing business its
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hope to digital free trade or make connecting online easier for export and import companies at a much larger deal covering the whole continent is in the pipeline minimal reports from one of the biggest trade ports and is to africa on the kenyan coast is the height of the. families run this manufacturing business in mombasa for decades he wants to expand sales of his wooden doors and other products beyond kenya's borders . while moody can import the rumor to rules he needs red tape in lengthy cross border processes make exports difficult finding more affordable buying through the agency because though amount of paperwork required and the taxation changing every now and then was a don't know is we are talking or little we are told there is a big change in the pictures and policy between no. i think one of the models for now the couple of us in the brain but this year the regional economic bloc komisar the common market for eastern southern africa plans to roll out
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a digital free trade area which would benefit traffic hubs like mombasa as its east africa's largest port and serves as the main gate to wait for trade for kenya and its neighbors the east africa community has already adopted an integrated regional system if for example congo is cleared here in mombasa on the kenyan coast can be tracked in neighboring uganda now the commis a free trade zone would ideally bring together more african countries beyond this region to enjoy seemless important export new technology would be used to connect the chain of people governments and agencies involved in the import and export of goods the move away from manual paperwork would be a first for africa. allowing more goods to move through the region faster the east and southern african zone has still to be finalized while a larger continental free trade area covering all of africa is also looking for
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political backing this year it covers a single market of one point two billion people and a combined g.d.p. of more than a three trillion dollars it's thought the agreement could increase trade by at least fifty percent but the reality is there are challenges across african borders we look collected as a continent where by real by rolled the press structure is poor. so that poses a challenge because it will continue to impact on the cost and time it takes to do to do business within the continent other barriers that i see is the fear of loss of revenue for the government because when you free up in a region you the government will effectively been doing itself customs and duties and taxes that they receive from exports and from imports there's also concern that while the political will maybe there duplicate regional and continental efforts will take a long time to implement adding to worries that the continent's private sector may
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not have a strong enough for us to drive africa's dreams for me to miller al-jazeera my bus support kenya i feel minutes so have they whether with everton that still have my office here right now the u.k. comes under pressure to cancel a visit by saudi arabia's crown that's another step closer to doomsday scientists issue a dire warning what healthy ones are destroying the earth and sport roger federer richesses thirty or else i'll file or tell you how to clean up. the nice pink skies by the taj mahal. or is the sunsets in the city of angels. we've had a real mixed bag of weather for australia day down and with searing heat across southern parts of the country and flooding rains to the north cannes for the
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hundred eleven millimeters affright just twenty four hours you see that shane of thunder heads rolling across the gulf area into the came right across the top and darwin had a hundred and one millimeters of rain in the space of twenty four hours that wet weather and the hot weather that's set to continue as we go on through the weekend here's that heat down towards the south adelaide will get up to forty one celsius as we go through west saturday afternoon and warmest still hotter still as we go on into sunday the red sands a releasing some very high temperatures here so that weather that we do have across northern posix say that does linger across the far north of the country the missing for the heavy downpours was heavy showers extending their way right across darwin and beyond further south because of the northerly winds which of really set in now that what's known as a brick failed away and that hot weather coming out of the interior temperatures in adelaide to around forty two degrees and places say relief is on the way we will
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see this bad of rain making its way across south australia and as we come to monday temperatures in adelaide at twenty six degrees. there with sponsored by the time he's. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily the star news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on ounces era. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to. africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and
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solving called. big challenging systems and shaping you want. creative thinkers shaping their continent's future going to be to africa this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now and a short time the u.s. president will deliver the keynote speech at the annual world economic forum in davos switzerland expected to promote his america first agenda that administration official says he will also call for free but fair trade fire at a hospital in south korea that has killed at least thirty seven people including
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patients and nurses in an intensive care unit dozens of others trapped inside or rescued in the southern city of yangon. turkey's president has promised to clear out kurdish fighters along the length of its border with syria and make stand its offensive as far as iraq a type one says the operation in a frame will continue to the east including the town of. turkey regards the kurdish y.p. chief fighters as terrorists and i round of un led talks to resolve the conflict in syria are taking place in the austrian capital vienna officials say the summit may be the last hope of ending the seven year long war delegations representing both the syrian government and the opposition are attending the negotiations last talks that were in december failed. joins us live from vienna so what's what's posed to be different this time. well certainly they're trying to find i would say that these are talks about how to initiate substance of talks
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because regardless of all these meetings tackling the real issues has been the challenge all along they this schedule was supposed to be first a session between u.n. envoys to fundament and the syrian government delegation followed by a session with well what's happening is the opposition is now ready inside the u.n. building it's a round about off an hour ago and it will be it will be having the first session of the day from what we understand is a new document in circulation that's a ten point document that has been put forward by far and as you can see we lost our signal there with hoda so we will try to get back to her as we cover the latest round of talks in vienna in the meantime britain's prime
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minister is being pressured to cancel a proposed visit to london by the saudi crown prince because of the war in yemen minister to visit london campaign creeps including the start the work all asian say no billions of any star suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis where famine is threatened and diseases are widespread so even bell a spokesman for the campaign to block that is that he's responsible for the the crisis. we are calling upon the u.k. government to withdraw the invitation. in view it is not acceptable to lay out the red carpet for someone who is responsible what the un says is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today the fact that the most recent u.n. report indicated up to eleven million yemeni children or risk from the will cholera famine and the blockade of the country destruction of infrastructure all this means
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it's not suitable to invite someone who is the prime responsibility for the continuation war opinion pose a vindicated over sixty percent oppose continuing military arming for the saudi regime this is for i would say really reflected in parliament insofar as are all the major parties apart from the gut. do you pick contingent against the continuing to support the saudi. war efforts so we think that public opinion is broadly on our side but it's necessary to organize to bring political opinion into line where at our turn you now to vienna were heard abdel-hamid us and standing by live reporting on the latest round of talks the night round of talks to try to end the
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war in syria we had a bit of a technical problem but but things are good now to place to continue. yeah well i was just saying so the sessions have been inverted this starting with a meeting between the opposition and stiff them as to or now from what we know there is a new document in circulation it's a ten point plan about how to tackle actually resolution two to five four which is the basis of all the un efforts that have been ongoing and in that document they tackle all the issues about rewriting the constitution the centralization of power . diminishing presidential powers and also increasing the powers of the prime minister certainly those are issues that are part of these four baskets. five four but they have been so difficult to even start talking about that from what we understand from some diplomats respond to is that yesterday during this session
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between the syrian government and sinn fein. there was very little very little substance of talk. syrian government delegation had come here also voicing its discontent dollars to fund de mistura saying that to fund them is to us report to the u.n. security council at the end of last year was biased against the syrian regime now also we are waiting to hear later on in the day the day whether the opposition will attend. the meeting early next week we asked again when he was coming in to the building whether that decision will come today well he said maybe later on today the opposition does say that it comes under a lot of pressure from its own supporters some of them the crying the fact that already for example the head of the s.n.c. really had gone to moscow before coming to vienna and had met with sergei lavrov
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there some of the supporters of the opposition said that should have not happened. also our it's the delegation going to sochi that this decision has not been taken the u.n. still has not indoors those talks in sochi those decisions should be and your own today even though we are hearing that we can't confirm it that the talks might be extended by another day here in vienna i had to live for us and vienna hota thank you. president donald trump is proposing a plan that could give citizenship to undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children but that's only if democrats agree to funding a mexico border wall it would mean one point eight million so-called dreamers would be protected from deportation to the country of their birth the white house says the proposal could attract enough votes to pass through the senate. plans a twenty five billion dollars fund to build the wall which he pledged to do during
1:38 pm
his election campaign he also said at the time that he would have mexico pay for it and return trump says around two million immigrants who entered the u.s. without documents when they were children will be eligible for citizenship but that process will take ten to twelve years they'll have to meet specific criteria for education achievement and what's called moral character trump also plans to tighten rules on sponsoring family members and only allowing young children and spouses at the moment under eighteen year olds are and siblings can be sponsored and wants to end the lottery system that supporters say random selection ensure its diversity the president says it's dangerous and must be shut down. this framework will fulfill the four agreed upon pillars securing the border and closing legal loopholes indian extended family chain migration cancelling the visa lottery and providing a permanent solution on dhaka after decades of n.a.a. in action by congress it's time we work together to solve this issue once and for
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all and donald trump has dismissed reports that he ordered the firing of special counsel robert muller in june as fake news has the man leading the investigation into the truck campaign's links with russia the new york times is reporting that the president backed down when a senior white house attorney threatened to resign if miller was fired according to the report trump said muller could not be impartial spanish government leaders in madrid are considering legal action to stop the separatist leader of catalonia from being reelected carlos pushed him on as the only candidate on the ballot when m.p.'s in the regional parliament in barcelona vote on tuesday he has been in south exile self-imposed exile that is in brussels since declaring independence hall in the referendum in october charges in maturity declared the breakaway illegal and charged with rebellion. a symbolic doomsday clock which represents how close humanity is to destroying the planet is a narrative spin to signaling the end of the world since one thousand fifty three
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the clock was moved forward by thirty seconds on thursday by the bulletin atomic scientists because of mounting concern over a nuclear war and climate change the last time the clock was it two minutes to midnight was when the u.s. and the soviet union were testing hydrogen bombs which are somerville is a member of the science and security board of the bulletin of the atomic scientists he says it's more important than ever to educate the public on the scale of threats we face. one of our main motivations in even having the doomsday clock and going to the trouble it's going to every year is to motivate people to be concerned to learn about these issues and to make you know news and concerns known to the importance we see a lack of will. so for example us russian relations have deteriorated there's no ongoing high level talks about nuclear arms control between us and russia the two countries which between them have almost all of the nuclear weapons in the
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world and i think it's this lack of strong international action that concerns us and that's very much junior and climate change as well and haiti around two million people who live in the capital port au prince are appealing for help to get clean drinking water the devastating earthquake eight years ago now wrecked the sanitation systems and temporary taps and toilets you sense that are breaking down charlotte l.s.s. a story. this is the only source of drinking water in the delmas neighborhood of port au prince a twenty leagues a bucket of water costs sixteen cents molly blanche shot is one of few haitians who can afford the daily ritual the amazing logan when a family member that would like to get drinking water would like them to build a tank so we can get washed out because his life without that we can't live we need the state to build a bathroom there's no bathroom here. but those who cannot afford the sixteen cents to clean the water come here the water is contaminated but they fill up they
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contain is and drink it anyway despite the threat from we support cholera more than half a million haitians have had the disease it's. somebody else about going to be enough if we need water if the people don't have water what will we do this tank doesn't work water is healthy water is life there are people who don't have that when this tank worked we had water that. you know it all flows back to this haiti. davis stating the earthquake in twenty tame two hundred twenty thousand people died and infrastructure was destroyed and international aid agencies flew in to build temporary infrastructure including water tanks. they're breaking down as the wait to rebuild infrastructure drags on. listen half of haitians in rule areas have access to clean water and only a cool to have a tortoise. i'm waiting for the international community and for nonprofit organizations to help us only they can make something for us but the international
1:43 pm
community has been distracted by other disasters the u.n. mission has pulled out and a huge has dried up yet hey she remains one of the poorest nations in the world charlotte ballasts al-jazeera and israel is expelling the ambassador from spain a day after the european union impose sanctions on government leaders saying supported economic measures and travel bans on seven senior officials who were accused of human rights abuses in israel and president nicolas maduro the government says spain is meddling in its affairs diplomats from canada and brazil were expelled in december on similar grounds. the number of homeless people in britain has reached record levels and the government report estimates four and a half thousand people are sleeping rough but charities say the true scale of homelessness is actually much worse parker reports from london. david koch has been sleeping on the streets of london for more than a year it's
1:44 pm
a bleak existence so noisy is really hard is she is there with the call you've got to deal with people you know the. on ice sometimes you know he lost his job as a carpenter and couldn't afford to pay for housing he's now worried about his mental health just walk home edition a roof over my head and maybe get a good you know she she she she adopted to get my head back to go go back to work you know. one of the wealthiest countries in the world war more people are now living on the street many are struggling with addiction mental physical illness others are escaping violence of abuse but an increasing number here simply because they can't afford to live anywhere the situation is made worse by a critical shortage of affordable housing and cuts to social welfare benefits according to the government's latest figures there are more than four and a half thousand people sleeping rough on the england streets but the scourge of
1:45 pm
homelessness doesn't end here hidden away in bedsits and temporary emergency accommodation of thousands more homeless people of all ages the entire homeless population of of great britain is around about two hundred fifty thousand people roughly thingy's is the most visible and and i have to say the most outrageous form of homelessness in terms of you know it being absolutely unacceptable the average age of death is just forty seven years old you're seventeen times more likely to be attacked on the street than anybody else the government says is committed to harvey sleeping in four years and eliminating it all together in a decade. but this is north and. isolated story homelessness is on the rise in every european country except finland in the greek capital athens as many as one in seventy residents are homeless and in paris the number of people sleeping rough has reached critical levels. in finland when
1:46 pm
a person becomes homeless they've given stable accommodation first rather than slowly progressing through levels of temporary housing the british government's planning to trial a similar scheme in the u.k. but those forced to sleep rough need real change now. london volcanic ash continues to cover farmlands around mt they aren't in the philippines a lot of continues to spew out from the mountain for a second week now scientists are concerned it could continue for months more than seventy four thousand people have been displaced from the danger zone around the volcano and it's not certain when they'll be able to go home. art treasures in the famously of paris and living museum in paris that is are being moved to safety because the threat of floods they were sent has burst its banks after weeks of rain reports. stranded restaurants and submerged bridges as the river sand in paris
1:47 pm
continues to rise its pedestrian eyes banks have disappeared usually bustling with cyclists and now a no go zone and the city is on flood alert. to get within we have overcome for some hate whites into floods going over six majors one in spring and the other in winter it is clearly a question of paris adapting to climate change you from. the city council has put in place special measures river traffic has been stopped only emergency boats are allowed and ten pre-flood barriers are being installed paris's world famous museums are also playing safe the louve has closed a wing and is moving some all it works to higher ground for some people here the swollen river has become something of a tourist attraction for more than one hundred fifty years parisians have used this statue as a gauge normally the water level is around two meters and the fields of the statue are visible but as the water rises the whole body disappears and thirty officials
1:48 pm
here in paris say that they expect the water level to be above six meters in the next few days come and visit almost every year every other year and we've never seen the river y.p.s. and we live right down there and we've heard about the statue most of. my work in offices nearby and we've taken precautions in case there's a flood and power cuts over the past century the same has risen in paris several times but it's not safe to float since one thousand nine hundred ten when flooding turned the city into a french venice flood prevention has improved since then but experts say it's not enough a major flood. paris could hate the whole country it could go between a three two saw two billion euros in terms of the direct advantages but also discord have consequences at the macroeconomic level because no. region represents one sort of the national g.d.p. so it can hardly impact on gross under the drug market on until big finance to. the
1:49 pm
rising water is the result of weeks of heavy rain in france to say dry weather is on the way people here hope it will be just in time to prevent parses historic center from becoming swamped with al-jazeera paris still had on al-jazeera and just united to new way alexis sanchez is involved in a bit of a mix up our will explain and support.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
for sport but we shall thank you so much well he's done it again roger federer is into his thirtieth grand slam final the thirty six year old was ruthless and his match against shanghai and their australian open semi final federer took the first set six one and just thirty three minutes it wasn't to be a fierce battle between the defending champion and his twenty one year old to point . retired in the second set with blisters on his feet he was losing five two in any case federer who will appear in the australian open final for a seventh time with a sworn challenge of croatia on sunday tiger woods has launched his latest comeback the former world number one return to the p.g.a. tour on thursday competing in his first official tournaments since back surgery last april the forty two year old shot and even par seventy two in the first round of the farmers and insurance so it would not torrey pines go a seven time winner of the event the woods trails leader tony finn out by seven
1:52 pm
strokes he finished the round tie for eighty fourth place i'm fine with that i didn't hit myron very well today didn't hit anything close let me give myself a lot of looks out there and consequently i didn't make a lot of birdies and i didn't play the par fives as well you they're playing well even par so tomorrow he's like you can drive a little better also a lot closer and you know we're going to the better side for greens and hope i can make a few. arsenal manager arsene wenger has admitted his club are at fault regarding alexey sanchez's missed drugs test the chilean missed the test while completing his move to manchester united sanchez completed the move on monday but was meant to have the drugs test while still at arsenal he has been accused of intentionally trying to avoid the test while arsenal have confirmed that they've not been contacted by the u.k. anti doping agency. manchester united manager josie marino has signed
1:53 pm
a one year contract extension with the club marino is now tied to united until twenty twenty the fifty four year old won two trophies during his first season in charge saying in a statement that he felt he was the right manager for this a great club for the forseeable future one hundred sixty nine russian athletes have been cleared by the international olympic committee to compete at next month's winter games in pyung chang the i.o.c. bagged russia last month from pyongyang over state sponsored doping allegations at the two thousand and fourteen olympics in sochi but said cleena elites could compete under in neutral play however russian officials say their top athletes have been excluded by the i.o.c. even though they had not dope to russian officials say they are planning to organize alternative competitions for athletes excluded from the games. photos have been released of north and south korean female hockey players holding their first joint olympics training session twelve players have been added to the existing
1:54 pm
south korean squad of twenty three at least three north korean players will be selected for each match meanwhile over in aspen colorado athletes are continuing their preparations for the kyung chang games at the x. games the annual extreme sports event olympic gold medalist matty bowman won the women's super pipe for the fifth time while the running men's champion aaron what's unfortunate run landed him. in a place. now one of the biggest flops in u.s. sports history is set to make a return the x. which was an off season alternative to the n.f.l. is set to relaunch and twenty twenty nearly two decades on from being scrapped after just one season the comeback season will feature eight teams in this being led by. chairman vince mcmahon the co launched the first season with n.b.c. fewer rules and more aggressive play were hallmarks of the lone season which was
1:55 pm
criticized for quality games drawing low t.v. audiences mcmahon says he'll avoid gimmicks for the reboot and wants the extra fell to be void of political protests like seen this season in the end a family member for. it is an opportunity for me to say that as far as our league is concerned it will have nothing to do with politics absolutely nothing and nothing to do with social issues either read there to play football we want really good football and i think that's what fans want as well when they tune in and i don't know they want to be dealing with political issues and things of that nature they want good football that's what we're going to deliver a fourth member of the usa gymnastics borders resigned after former team doctor larry nasser was sentenced to up to one hundred and seventy five years in prison for abusing young female athletes the u.s. olympic committee says the entire eighteen person panel should quit on wednesday nasser pleaded guilty to ten counts of sexual assault with testimony being heard from more than one hundred fifty victims gymnastics governing body and the u.s.
1:56 pm
has been criticized for failing to protect its outlets earlier we spoke to the u.s. sports attorney has a very pope who says the judge's decision could be a turning point in the country's social history. she slammed the gavel and said his time is up and i think that her actions. and the way she addressed him and looked directly into the soul of a monster and said this is over and sentencing him to forty to one hundred seventy five years in prison on top of the sixty years he was sorry he's set to serve for child pornography court cases was an iconic moment not only for usa gymnastics not only for sports but in our culture for the silence that's been covered up by not only individuals but institutions around this country and around the world we really didn't begin talking about it and some of the sentencing and that shows what's wrong in our culture is that when one person is silent at least to
1:57 pm
a culture of silence and we should be talking about this where else is going on is that not just usa gymnastics we also have usa swimming head being told that he should be fired in a letter to usa swimming in relation to not adequately addressing sexual abuse of assault allegations being made against usa swimming so there is so much more here to uncover and we're not really talking about enough as we should and i think we should talk about this more western conference leaving golden state claimed a measure went on thursday that champions beating one of the season's form teams the minnesota temper temper whirls who are fourth in the west there was also a loss for the team with the fourth best record in the east the miami heat blew a twelve point fourth quarter lead to go down to one of the worst teams this season the sacramento kings they did however lose by just a single point missing a chance to win it after buster kings holding on for just fifteen win in forty
1:58 pm
eight games eighty nine to eighty eight. and that's all your sport for now back to you thank you very much keep it here much more news on the other side of the break with my colleague. that border.
1:59 pm
guards from. training starts light but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sold what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh punch this side and this side like this and like that. i don't like it because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously to. go through a. more energetic fruitful life. i
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am doing this on the benefit of people. so mad they see me important there are guys. who witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. turkey steps up its military campaign in northern syria signaling that it may extend it as far east as iraq we have a reporter on the ground. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i think
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it's going to be a great message that people are going to like hearing anticipation grows at the world economic forum in davos ahead of donald trump's keynote address.


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