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as witchcraft and sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when used exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific missions darkstar when used at this time i now do sirrah on counting the cost the problem with dallas every day is the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but for who moves are afoot to open up a lot from the african continent plus the link between seafood forced labor in thailand counting the cost at this time on i'll just tear up. america for us does not mean america alone. donald trump takes his america message to dam last declaring the u.s.
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open for business but he also uses his speech to attack the media were. a low i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. to expand its operation and it could issue of syria all the way east of the border with iraq. thirty seven dead after a fire sweeps through a hospital in south korea. growing numbers of young people have turned up in the french port of kalai hoping to cross the channel to the u.k. . and scuffles break out in supermarkets across france as shocked as to not see it discounted not tap.
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u.s. president donald trump has warned trading partners he will no longer tolerate unfair trade in a speech to the wild economic forum in davos he also said the u.s. is open for business trying to push his america fast agenda in a speech that covered the economy trade and security while he appeared to slightly soften his isolationist stance he emphasized that as president it's his job to always put the interests of the united states. of america it is the place to do business so come to america where you can innovate create and build aai i believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also. but america first does not mean
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america alone when the united states grows so does the world. a while and double seals have attacked the media branding a report which alleged that he planned to fire special prosecutor robert muller fake news the new york times says trump wanted to sign in june of last year but he backed down when the top white house lawyer threatened to resign while is leading the probe into allegations of collusion between the trunk team and russia in the twenty sixteen election so in a moment going to get more reaction to that story from washington where we have alan fischer standing by first though let's head to dab also we have a diplomatic editor james bays and so we're hearing a merica first speech there from china no surprises there but what was interesting was that he did stick to his script and it was perhaps a tone that we are not accustomed to hearing from president trying yeah he
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was being very careful in this speech as you say he was sticking to the words in the speech the words that appeared on the teleprompter in front of him i think will be a sigh of relief from the white house which didn't need another problem right now anderson relief from those here of the world economic forum because they know what president trump has said about global trade in the past in this body which has existed for norm fifty years is devoted to open global trade so they could have perhaps been concerned about the america first president with a message from what we saw here today which was affectively the salesman in chief was america first but not alone although there were some words of criticism for countries in the world he says breach the global norms of trade there was nothing in this speech that i think is going to cause greater anger among those that were listening to it. right james and so never want to miss an
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opportunity he couldn't help but have a dig at the media as well yes absolutely because there is this other story running and it's the one that catching the headlines back in the united states and that's to do with the special counsel reports that president trump had said he was going to fire the special counsel robot will of back in june he's declared that fake news fake news when he was asked here in davos and then when he was talking to the audience he spoke about his relationship with the media . so those donald trump talking there you heard the grow from the audience
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when he mentioned that that was the only time really you saw that the rest of the time he was very politely received apologies for that some technical problems that we we didn't get a chance to hear what president trump had to say there about the media james but no doubt it's something that we have heard many times before will speak to james a bit later but for now thanks very much alan fischer following those developments in washington d.c. and of course allan it was the. reports about how he tried to fire special counsel robert yallop back down that would be fake news what more do we know about these reports and the reaction to it. while a number of news organizations have no confirmed the new york times reporting what you have to remember is that while the new while the white house is saying this is fake news it's not true around that time in june and july last year there were a lot of people around the president some of his coasters who were going out and
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preparing the ground for robert mueller to be fired they were talking about potential conflicts of interest to robert mueller couldn't really do a decent job on this because there was some animus towards the president so what the new york times says is that around june last year that donald trump wanted to fire robert mueller but don't mcgann who is the white house counsel said look if you do this then i will resign now donald trump can actually fire robert mueller it's got to be the department of justice and the assistant attorney general that's because jeff sessions has recused himself from all issues around the russia probe so when mcgann wouldn't instruct the department of justice to do it donald trump then backed off what he's trying to avoid is during the watergate crisis richard nixon ordered his attorney general to fire the special prosecutor he refused and resigned he then ordered his deputy to fire the special prosecutor he refused and
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resigned and then he appointed this list of general to become the new attorney general who then fired the special prosecutor that became known as the saturday night massacre and that is the shadow that looms over donald trump when he starts talking about how he would like to remove robert mueller from his position. right and so other very important developments in washington the trial has said that he's willing to soften his stance on immigration he is proposing a plan that could give citizenship to some one point eight million undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children in exchange for money for his mexico wall what has been the response to this. well interestingly enough on both the right and the left there has been rejection of this idea on the right there calling donald trump on this the door and saying that he's allowing immigration to be almost rampant and it's goes against everything he talked about on the campaign trail on the left they say that they
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don't want to fund the wall it is absolutely pointless they don't see the point in doing it and that they think this is ridiculous not only that he wants to end the visa lottery which is where countries who are underrepresented in the united states can apply for a visa lottery instead what they want to do is clear the backlog of our own four million people who are currently waiting for green cards for various reasons to get into the united states know while there is this. opposition on the extremes in the middle ground there may be people who think that this is a good idea they may be democrats red state democrats as they call them democrats who are in states that are traditionally republican who may well think look i could vote for that and there may well be some republicans who think yeah i can accept some of the darker things some of these people getting into the country because in six percent of the people in the u.s. are in favor of that so what donald trump is essentially done is give this note to
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congress and say this is my plan use or something that we can all agree on and if it passes both houses put it on my desk if i like it then i'll sign it it's really just the starting bargaining chip but there is opposition on both the extreme right and the extreme left in the middle there may be people who think there is something here that can work with and and washington thank you. on another developments u.s. president donald trump has given his first international t.v. interview since taking office truong was questioned by britain's i.t.v. about his retreating of anti muslim videos last year and november trying to shed three inflammatory videos from the felt far right groups and first he was condemned by the u.k. prime minister tourism a for doing so i see these piers morgan os trying to say sorry for the post but he fell short of giving a full apology is the exchange a minute an apology out of you just for the retreats of well if you're telling me that he would go along with his words dear if you are telling me that are horrible
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people horrible racist people horribly i would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that i knew nothing about them i never disavowed it's over people are i don't want to be involved with people are you telling me about these terrible because i know nothing about these people. techies president says the drive to push kurdish fighters out of northern syria will continue as far as the border with iraq takesh forces have been fighting for a week now to expel the kurdish why peachey militia from the a-frame region the why b.g. is a key part of the s t f which is backed by the us dozens of people have died in the fighting each side says it's killed hundreds of enemy fighters. will continue to all branch operation which is on its seventh day today until we reach all of our targets after this will cleanse man bids from the terrorists as it
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has been promised to us nobody should be bothered by this because the real owner of members is not those terrorists but the arab brothers they're after this we'll continue our fight until no terrorist is left al-jazeera stephanie deca has been inside syria she sent us this from as just east of frayne. we're in the syrian city . this is an area that is part of sort of eastern fraud with their operation pretty you know you can feed life is pretty much normal here or was a lot of children in these areas were in the turkish press tour so to speak they're very keen to show us their operations here what is striking is the influence and the presence of turkey also when it comes to its military now the f.s.a. the free syrian army fighters they are the ones at the front line coming around this sort of we've been speaking to some of the as well they say they're committed to this fight this is the fight enough but even the fight that turkey says is targeting the wife which they grew
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a terrorist organization we've been hearing from our children you know they go into this wall with their minds is this remains a very active war. in vienna a ninth round of un led talks to find a solution to the war in syria appears to have reached a dead end little progress has been made in this round or an earlier rounds held in geneva and the government and opposition still have not met face to face. let's go live now to huldah abdel-hamid who's in vienna and what's behind the breakdown this time. well behind the breakdown this time is a. ten point working document that was put forward to the opposition as we understand it from our diplomatic sources last night now that document was drafted by five countries. britain france saudi arabia and jordan described to us as a document that basically is more of a mechanism on how to revive these peace talks because we keep on defining them as
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peace talks but what's happening at the moment not just this round but even during the geneva eight round early december is that they're actually trying to find ways to start tackling substantiative negotiations well this morning the opposition had a very long meeting about hours with the u.n. envoy to find them is but. at some point it also spoke to the russian delegation that is here in vienna the moment and then the syrian government delegation showed up here at the u.n. building that meeting was much less than two hours and at the end of that meeting embassador japhet he was heading the legation came out and basically rejected those ten points working documents and this is what he had to say in his own words. it's no coincidence that the vienna talks
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coincide with the leaking or the intentional distribution of what is called an informal paper about reviving the syrian political process in geneva this was drawn up by representatives of five countries who met in washington then recently in paris they are the u.s. britain france saudi arabia and jordan all of them have participated in the bloodshed of the syrian people this is in fact tantamount to a black comedy in which we live in a new blatant chapter of conspiracy against syria. author i know that we see these rounds of negotiations come and go but there any plans for them to meet again . well we haven't still heard from either the opposition or indeed the fundaments to himself now we are told that the opposition should be heading back here to the u.n. building in the coming hours for another session with the envoy and then real problem here what they have to say now you have to look at all of what's happening
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here in vienna in view of of the looming conference in sochi which is due to happen in three days now at the beginning of next week now the opposition as we as we stand it so far. the head of the opposition. has received an in asian from moscow to that till she meeting but only on an individual basis and from our sources we understand that he has rejected that invitation we haven't heard yet when to do u.n. will actually indorsed the sochi meeting or not we do know that there have been several conversations between the founder mistura and the russians that the russians have put forward. to find them is to our request for him to take part in forming the constitutional committee in so she would have asked for a written guarantees about what exactly is wrong with b.
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and more importantly parent is that wherever outcome or whatever achievement there isn't so she will be folded back into do you and process do you and the opposition not wanting to have two parallel tracks now when you listen to embassador jaafari it is quite clear that on the other side this syrian government is looking at sochi more that is looking that is looking here at the u.n. so very complicated situation now we need to listen to hear from the two other partners involved in this process before really saying that we've reached another dead end here but at the moment it doesn't look very. thank you very much trying to identify me and in vienna. want to tell you about in the program eight years after the haiti earthquake millions remain without allies in basic necessity water. reinforcing its modern my density and yet marks the day sixty nine years ago it became a sovereign state. how
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i was saying some rather cold and when she weather pushing across china recently central areas seeing a fair bit of snow some leeway in this in hong kong temperatures around twenty celsius barely getting up to around four degrees there in shanghai on a sas day off ne might be a touch woman to go on into sunday but a tough snow here as well some wet weather on the southern flank still getting up to around nineteen or twenty celsius there in hong kong i suspect it will cloud over through the course of the day increasing cloud also pushing towards southern parts of india towards schrank you can see this the line of storms that just around the southern most parts of the being goal they are heading towards flank the eastern side of the country could see some rain this week go through saturday thirty celsius over the next couple of days then more clout there into southern
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parts of india further north it's generally fine and dry although the smoke pole problems continue for new delhi temperatures here at around twenty two degrees it will be lucky to see a high of twenty two here in doha through the second half of the weekend we're getting up to around twenty seven on sas day but this little line of cloud here that's going to be something of a cold front's as such it sinks further southwards in this because on through sunday we will struggle to get to a high of around twenty one degrees celsius so feeling rather chilly. reus is more dangerous bullshit issues where the slightest error means a one way tickets over the years each year or use that remember come to more homes . need to own children braving tough conditions facing death at every turn. into a very serious here are very worried that if you're going to go down with their lives
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just to move the risk borne disease. and. welcome back you with al-jazeera let's update you on the top stories president donald trump has been pushing his america first message at the world economic forum in davos saying the u.s. is open for business but will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices trump has also dismissed as fake news a report suggesting he ordered the sacking of special prosecutor in june last year . and our other top story president says his forces will sweep us back to kurdish
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fighters from the syrian border and could even push all the way east to the iraqi front. all now and all the stories we're following a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including patients and says in an intensive care unit firefighters in the southern city of marry young managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames kathy novak reports now from seoul. i the fire started in the emergency ward at about seven thirty in the morning it quickly spread to other parts of said john hospital and took firefighters more than an hour to bring under control and another two hours to extinguish. all or should we stop the fire from spreading from the first floor to the second floor during the initial phase and therefore also prevent a difference spreading to the rest of the building. despite the rescue effort patients and medical staff were killed most were suffocated by inhaling toxic fumes
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about one hundred patients were being treated in the hospital when the blaze broke out about ninety other people in an adjacent nursing unit were safely evacuated president in ordered an investigation into the cause of the fire and that the president moving expresses regret and sadness over the situation of the fire that broke out a safe hospital which led to a high number of casualties not long after the fire in that fire in the southern city of jackson claimed twenty nine lives just last month at the time prime minister. promised there would never be a repeat now he says he's ashamed to have to say the same thing questions are once again being asked about fire safety in south korea so john hospital doesn't have water sprinklers because if it's a relatively small size the law doesn't require them kathy novak al-jazeera soul. now in haiti around two million people who live in the capital port au prince are
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appealing for help to get clean drinking water the devastating earthquake eight years ago wrecked sanitation systems and temporary taps and toilets keep breaking down charlotte dallas has the story. this is the only source of drinking water in the delmas neighborhood of port au prince a twenty leagues a bucket of water costs sixteen cents blanchard is one of few haitians who can afford the daily ritual and. would like to get drinking water we'd like them to build a tank so we can get water because it's life without it we can't live we need the state to build a bathroom there's no bathroom here. but those who cannot afford the sixteen cents for clean water come here the water is contaminated but they fill up their containers and drink it anyway despite the threat from was a born cholera more than half a million haitians have had the disease. so. we need water if the
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people don't have water what will we do this tank doesn't work water is health water is life there are people who don't have that when this tank worked we had water. it all flows back to this haiti's devastating earthquake in twenty taney two hundred twenty thousand people died and infrastructure was destroyed and international aid agencies flow wind to build temporary infrastructure including water tanks eight years on they are breaking down as the wait to rebuild infrastructure drags on. listen half of haitians in rule areas have access to clean water and only a quarter of a tortoise. i'm waiting for the international community and for nonprofit organizations to help us only they can make something for us but the international community has been distracted by other disasters the u.n. mission has pulled out and they it has dried up yet hey she remains one of the
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poorest nations in the world charlotte dallas al-jazeera. india has been celebrating its sixty night for public day with a parade in delhi country is marking the day the country was declared a sovereign state ending british colonial rule and a hoax to has more. india's pride and ambition shone through the fog on the sixty ninth republic day. shake a sea military might for domestic audience a fly past by the indian air force including an eye in the sky surveillance plane. the aereo display followed a procession of tanks missiles military hardware rolling down the russia promenade in india's capital all seemingly designed to reinforce the message of india's stature as a growing power and tributes were also paid to india's founding father mahatma gandhi prime minister and the hendra modi hosted a long guest list i think it's
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a very strategically important guest list india has an act just policy where it's trying to focus building ties with southeast asian countries. this was the first republic parade attended by ten leaders miss ac asian of southeast asian nations on the twenty fifth anniversary of india joining the a c. and regional group the indian government is promoting its act east policy aimed at strengthening economic and political ties with its neighbors as china continues to will huge influence today we have china's flow rate in the. region which traditionally used to be india. as it well india has backyard and i think india is conscious but at the same time contradictory characteristic is that china is india's largest trading partner. and the parade highlighted the diverse skills of the one billion three hundred million indians. the celebrate the
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achievement of around seventeen percent of the world's population sixty nine years since gaining independence from colonial britain. is there. more than a year after the demolition of senatorial jungle camp as. in a sudden rise in the number of young asylum seekers arriving in the french quarter of cali the closest point on the european mainland to the k. it follows the leaders of france and britain signing a treaty last week aimed at streamlining the process of dealing with arrivals a sonicare go reports from callaway the deal seems to have given people false hope of reaching the u.k. . playing for time in cali's industrial zone a place where asylum seekers have flocked to in the hope they may escape the limbo they face day in day out while they're here they are trapped many of them been if the months sleeping rough wherever they can go sleeping without any front end and
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the rod maybe we could sit here because it's just because it's. just that with us. this is not life it's not life because living in the forest we have who have been. so this is the place the location where one of the few just to be sure point was supposed to occur on thursday afternoon as you can see authorities are there and they've stopped it from happening and that's some kind of a lot of anger from those who gathered here to be able to get some food. for months the riot police have been a regular presence here as are the standoffs with my words desperate to escape. some hope perhaps has been provided by the joint treaty signed by the french president and the british prime minister last week. a particularly important point of this sunday for streeter will be the subject of
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minors this treaty. for all those in a position to cross the channel to drastically reduce detail limits from six months to thirty days for adults from six months to twenty five days for unaccompanied with minors. the treaty is intended to improve the management of the border on both sides of the english channel but there is little evidence as to how it will be done and whether it would expedite urgent asylum cases to reunite them with relatives living in the u k. for those working on the front line of this crisis the expectations have led to rumors that asylum seekers only need to come to cali to get to the u.k. and that's led to large numbers of people turning up here i do feel people have false hope because of this misunderstanding and because there's been no effort to explain any of the changes there's been no effort before on to explain to people what asylum entails and fronts despite the challenges the young the desperate try
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to find any way they can to reach britain no matter how dangerous the police attempt to stop them climbing on to lorries bound to england but they still take the chance any risk they feel is worth it to leave behind a life in france that hangs in the balance on a diagonal al-jazeera kalai. violence has broken out in supermarkets across france with customers battling to get hold of having discounted chocolate spread the out to mash a supermarket chain slashed the price of not teleports y. of whopping seventy percent elise were forced to step in to control desperate shoppers in one northern french town. says it's nothing to do with them and it's the supermarket that launched a promotion. our
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quick look at the top stories president donald trump is continuing to push his america first message of world economic forum in davos warning the u.s. will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices but remains open for business america is the place to do business so come to america where you can innovate create and build i believe in america. as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also what america for years does not mean america alone where the united states grows so does the world trump is also dismissed as fake news a report suggesting he ordered the sacking of special prosecutor robert muller in
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june last year the new york times says trump backed down when the top white house lawyer threatened to resign miller is leading the probe into allegations of collusion between the trunk campaign team and russia in the twenty sixteen election . a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including patients and nurses in an intensive care unit firefighters in the southern city of marianne managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames investigation is now on the way. turkey's president says his forces will sweep kurdish fighters from the syrian border and could push all the way east to the iraqi frontier turkish offensive against the kurdish y.p. chief fighters in syria's african region is already strained ties with its nato ally the united states turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist group but the militia has played a prominent role in u.s. led efforts to combat i.c.l. in syria. the u.n. says at least thirty people drowned when their boat capsized off the coast of yemen
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this week appen shortly after the vessel left the port city of aden the u.n. says the boat was carrying people from somalia in ethiopia back to africa heading for ship duty. coming up next risking it all this edition focuses on pakistan i have more news for you in about twenty five minutes trying to get. i've.


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