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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. is a very important source of information for many people around the world all the cameras have gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. we're inside syria where turkey's operation against kurdish fighters could bring two nato powers into direct military conflict.
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and i'm jane dutton this is al jazeera live from doha it was a coming up thank you sir thank you for donald trump denies he wanted to sack robert mueller the man who heads the russia meddling investigation. budget pressure the entire u.s. gymnastics board plans to resign in the wake of sexual abuse scandal involving a former team doctor. making it up that they let me go they were begging me to stay u.s. diplomat bill richardson denies he was asked by myanmar's government to step down from advisory board on the rating a crisis. president . is warning that turkey's operation against kurdish fighters in syria could be extended to the border with iraq al jazeera has traveled with the turkish army as it continues its offensive to sweep fighters from the region the move risks
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a possible confrontation with the kurdish militia a group backed by the united states a nato ally seventy dechen a cameraman jamil bustle of this report from the city of. as we enter syria it is the free syrian army flag flies high here we are on a media trip into as organized by the turkish authorities they take us close to where there's been fighting with the kurdish armed group turkey calls a terrorist organization turkish forces are trying to push it out of the region about the front line is just a few kilometers west of here both turkish troops and the free syrian army are taking part but on. i'm not sure that. one of the f.s.a. fighters why he is involved in turkey's operation for some it seems it's personal. because they betrayed us and especially because they took over. two
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years living in the. conditions especially now in the winter. what our target escorts are telling us is that the front line with the kurdish fighters is just further along that mountain. which is over to this side where there's been fighting but what is clear here on the outskirts of city is how much of a presence they are of course supporting the free syrian army fighters the syrian rebels that are really taking a large part in this operation that turkey has undertaken against. while we were here two bullets whizzed overhead. and we're told. to blame for this. sort of the you know they shot at us and are tired of stars or. was pushed out of here in two thousand and fourteen but life remains difficult now her has to provide for thirteen members of her family she tells us she is. war has
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now become the norm she says but the. people are used to the shelling in the explosions the young children are still scared but we've been facing this for a few years now we're not afraid anymore. there is hardly any electricity here generators are the only way to get light or heat in the winter rain has left the streets with maud. the black paint on this will be for sale. it seems some still dream of moving on from here. the landscape in this part of syria is dotted with tents millions of syrians are made homeless and they're a country that in the history of we've been here for three years in the tent has never been fixed because of the run the tent leaks and there are seven people in one tent our situation is terrible. this is a country ripped apart by almost seven years of war millions of syrians have had to
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leave their lives behind. and as the years go by the war simply seems to change its form the guns seemingly impossible to silence. stephanie decker al-jazeera as ounds syria. the syrian opposition is boycotting talks on the war that russia is hosting next week the delegation says the conference is an attempt to undermine u.n. efforts to broker a peace deal we listen to many got and he is concerning the commitment but none of them will deliver somehow and. we are we are tired of that we need real involvement we need real commitment and the ball is in the russian court and the say that they have the upper hand in syria and they were responsible for saving the sujiatun for a long time and they can bring it to commit itself to international legality as in
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you shouldn't and if they won't they can. now that announcement came in vienna where the latest round of year in talks between syria's government and opposition has just wrapped up the conference finished without any major breakthroughs nine rounds of un talks between the warring sides have made little progress toward ending the civil war the u.n. special envoy for syria says he hasn't decided whether he will attend the talks in russia he said he said the immense frustration of millions of syrians the lack of a political settlement to date. what is required is political will it is high time the diplomacy dialogue and negotiations prevail for the interest of all syrians. general this is being briefed and will be briefed tonight on the outcome of these discussions and then it will be up
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to him to take the decision what will be the un response to the invitation to attend the sochi u.s. president donald trump is taking his america first message to the world's elite addressing the world economic forum in davos he declared the u.s. open for business but he warned that washington would no longer turn a blind eye to unfair trade practices diplomatic editor james bays has more from davos. as the band played president trump stood someone could leave aside the man who founded the world economic forum klaus schwab his vision for almost half a century open world trade is not at all with the president's america first policy taking the role of salesman in chief trump declared no america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world american prosperity has created countless jobs all around that low. trump who was
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recently as this week has been accused of protectionism after slapping terrorists on imports of solar panels and washing machines criticized other nations for their trading practices we cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal he was politely received until he lashed out as he always does the media and it wasn't till i became a politician that i realized how nasty how mean how vicious and how fake. the press can be as the cameras start going off in the back. trump's capitol colleagues seem pleased with the speech of their great job but nobel prize winning
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economist professor joseph stiglitz said trumpet got his sums wrong and doesn't realize that the global trading system is already stacked in the u.s. his favor he tried to put a soft spin the fact is the rules of the game have been written by the united states largely for the united states and now for the united states to say that they are unfair to not next day there are unfair to developing countries but to say that they're unfair of the united states is unconscionable as president trump left dav also organizes will be breathing a sigh of relief he was scripted and restraint there was some criticism that there was little new in his speech and no concrete details one veteran davos attendee told me people don't come here to listen tomorrow log oh happy talk james. davos as we head in james bays report trump attack the media while in kids the new
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york times of faking news of its report that the president wants to sack robert mueller he's the special prosecutor looking into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election political hay and. publicly donald trump has often dismissed the investigation into potential collusion between his campaign and russian operatives but there are now reports he ordered the man behind it fired last june but apparently white house attorney dan mcgann threatened to quit in protest so the president backed down trump had his usual response to the news thanks to stuff thank you very much because you're kind of sticks to it but here's what we do know trump has seemed fixated with the russian investigators it started on march second of last year when attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the invest. geisha trump was furious saying sessions' was supposed to protect him on march twentieth f.b.i. director james comey admits the agency is investigating potential collusion between
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the trunk campaign and russia may ninth he was fired and the very next day trump told visiting russian diplomats that firing him took the pressure off the russian investigation he said something similar on camera and in fact when i decided to just do it i said to myself i said you know. this rush your thing with trump and russia is a made up story that backfired on may seventeenth special counsel robert mueller was appointed to lead the investigation and on june eighth comatose defied the congress the trumpet asked him for loyalty and to drop the investigation into trump's national security advisor michael flynn that raised the possibility the trouble broke the law by attempting to obstruct justice former federal prosecutor melanie sloan says if in that same month he attempted to also fire moeller that could also be considered against the law of course a loop into the obstruction of justice case he will examine the question of what
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were the details of when trump was thinking of firing him what had exactly happened was it right on top of other events so it would be part of that pattern of misconduct that bob mueller is looking at the president could get a chance to clarify all this to moaner him self the president says he expects to sit down for an interview with investigators in the coming weeks but it comes with its own risks lying to them would be a federal offense all in its own petty calling al-jazeera washington. over the gymnastics scandal in the u.s. is mounting the usa gymnastics board has resigned and federal officials say they investigating michigan state university over the sexual abuse of female gymnasts as follows the sentencing of disgraced former team doctor larry nasa to up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for views in athletes under his k. then. one day after the u.s. olympic committee sent this letter demanding the resignation of the full usa
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gymnastics board all remaining members step down the u.s.o.c. threatened to strip the group of its power following wednesday sentence of dr larry now sorry i just find you getting boring the physician for the u.s. women's gymnastics team and michigan state university pleaded guilty to sexually abusing seven women athletes easy on the campus of michigan university friday evening outrage students demonstrated over nasser and the school's potential complicity in the case just hours earlier a michigan state's athletic director announced his retirement i don't want anyone to perceive that i'm walking away i'm walking forward and walking forward in a way that based upon my deep assessment. gives the survivors first and foremost the sephardic department this university in my family an opportunity. to healing and step
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forward michigan state already faces more than one hundred thirty lawsuits from women and girls michigan's governor and attorney general say they are launching separate investigations u.s. education secretary betsy divorce says her department is also investigating i think there's going to be a broader look not just at gymnastics i wouldn't be surprised if the n.c. double a which is the organization that oversees collegiate collegiate sports at large in the united states is under scrutiny as well here by the time it's all over with nearly one hundred fifty women have accused nasser of sexually abusing them including a limpet gold medalist ellie raisman who wants more answers this is bigger than larry nasser we have to get to the bottom of how this is aster happened if we don't figure out how it did we can't be confident that it won't happen again there could
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also be financial consequences for both michigan state and usa gymnastics the school could lose millions of dollars in donations usa gymnastics could lose millions in sponsorships dion estabrook al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera a country divided we look at the challenge ahead as the president of honduras begins his new. my. trial by theater a new play confronts a strain his policies on immigration. because some very wet weather pushing towards southern parts of the u.s. at the moment at present we've got this band of cloud which will make its way across the great plains not a little area of cloud just pushing in across texas and that will ease its way
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towards louisiana as you go on through saturday with some very heavy downpours the to join up they'll make their way across the appalachian chain gradually push further east was suddenly winds and look at those temperatures fourteen celsius in d.c. and getting up into double figures that for new york a fourteen as well for san francisco up towards the pacific northwest here we're looking at rain sleet and snow some very strong winds driving in a day power of low pressure bringing some rather nasty conditions as we go on through the next couple of days further south it should be a lousy dry but that wetter weather that we've had across the deep south really setting in the panhandle having a very wet weekend sunday will become a particularly stormy and that cloud of rain that will stretch his way across florida sometimes when to where the western side of the caribbean and here is the starting point for that wet weather that we have across southern parts of the u.s. it will push across the gulf and make its way further northeast was the showers continue across the western side of the caribbean a scattering of showers there for jamaica for cuba and also for hispaniola through
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saturday and sunday. as witchcraft and sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea when used exposes shocking human rights abuses. of a specific mission stark start one when used at this time on al-jazeera. and all jews in europe. where ever you.
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are going to watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour the syrian opposition says it will boycott talks that russia is hosting in next week the decision came as the latest round of un talks on the civil war ended in vienna without a major breakthrough. donald trump has told the world economic forum that the u.s. will not turn a blind eye to unfair trade practices the u.s. president insisted his country is open for business but he also stuck by his america first message all remaining members of the usa gymnastics board have agreed to step down after form a team dr larry nasser was jailed for sexually abusing female athletes follows a demand for their resignation from the u.s. olympic committee over the handling of the abuse claims. that is doubt over the planned return of some reading of refugees from bangladesh to me and government leaders i'm in mind that repatriation centers in rakhine state were open and ready
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to receive some of the refugees as of tuesday across the border bangladesh officials say paperwork for the refugees is incomplete comes as a u.s. diplomat resigned from an advisory council after a heated exchange with leader and son suchi bill richardson said he feared the crisis was being whitewashed man mark uses him of pursuing his own agenda. they're making it up that they let me go they were begging me to stay the national security adviser you on that last night i was there. what they said was that in public statements that i was pursuing my own agenda yeah my own agenda was basically follow the kofi annan recommendations do something about the refugees stop the human rights atrocities release the two journalists that were detained because freedom of the prez's a bedrock of democracy and a coffee anon recommendation of finding out what's going on yeah i was outspoken
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and unsung suchi my former friend well i still respect or didn't want to hear that this this mission was a whitewash she doesn't want to show more leadership because she's afraid of the military the military has enormous power there. she says there's a separation of constitutional rights between the military and her she doesn't want to offend them she doesn't want to take them on but she should say to the military were in a terrible mess stop these atrocities allow these refugees to move forward don't do mass graves find ways to stop the human rights violations she's unwilling to take on a very powerful entity and that's the military the u.n. says at least thirty refugees and migrants have drowned off the coast of the yemeni city of aden it says a boat heading to djibouti capsized when people smugglers on board opened fire he
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have a crowded vessel was carrying one hundred fifty two somalis and ethiopians who were fleeing the war in yemen many people travel to yemen to escape unrest in the country's put on a time to return home. the vessel is believed to have been operated by unscrupulous smugglers who are attempting to take refugees and migrants to djibouti while also trying to extort more money from these refugees and migrants. the book the boat capsized amid reports of gunfire being used against the passengers in his first speech in six years the president of democratic republic of congo has confirmed his country will hold elections joseph kabila said polling will go ahead even though voting has already been postponed twice he also denied accusations that his security forces are cracking down on protesters who are calling for him to step down catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. the democratic republic of congo faces political uncertainty over. accusations of human rights abuses by government forces
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security crises and protests by the catholic church and opposition parties president joseph kabila is looking increasingly isolated at home and a brute and his chosen now to give his first news conference in sixty is probably the most important thing is not this is a. thing it's you can organize elections whenever you want. them. to day to day after tomorrow. but question more important is what happened to. manage to. do you have killed. you have stability ability stability in order for the country to go. on sunday police clashed with protesters calling for electoral justice the demonstration had been organized by the catholic church six people were killed eight other people died in
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similar protests on new year's eve. leaders have overstepped their rule do you think he's got the in the catholic church rejected election results in two thousand and eleven. nowhere in the bible is it written that jesus presided over an electoral commission it's very dangerous when people try to mix religion and politics. in the capital kinshasa people say. they've been waiting for a long time to hear their president speak. the president has said that he respects the constitution each show up by ensuring the election happens yesterday development as he said but with election things will just get worse. a presidential election was supposed to be held in sixteen at the end of kabila second and final time the electoral commission say security logistical challenges have forced the delay preparations have finally began with a vote to take place but opposition politicians still do not trust the process the
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president is under a lot of pressure to step down he said he will but once the reason new head of state to take its place the electoral commission insist that the election which has been postponed twice now is going to happen at the end of this many congolese are hoping that they will finally get to vote in december but more importantly that the paul will be free fair and credible catherine all jazeera nairobi kenya as well as opposition leaders have condemned the supreme court's decision to block the coalition from registering in upcoming elections the court's ruling comes just days after the major a dominating constituent assembly announced that the poll would be held in april months ahead of schedule critics said madeira is depriving people of a free and fair election. starting tomorrow and on sunday we're going to come out with more force with more will to defend plurality and political promises venues
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where that's why we've seen the first justice and its capacity to get the services we're going to defend this industry and to defend as as an instrument that can rescue democracy and freedom one of those will be sworn in as per his president later on saturday for second term is opponents accuse him of electoral fraud and continue to protest against his reelection john homan reports from the capital. in honduras the top twenty percent own more than half the country's wealth many of the rest live like neftali and you hania just about surviving in a shack. inequality is an age old problem poverty is on the rise the majority of hondurans don't have a steady job despite a college education neftali can only find work selling ices he makes three cents on each one with that is a commemorative everything sometimes we eat sometimes we don't that's literally how it is the situation with employment is really difficult there are no opportunities
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. these are the issues that president juan hernandez couldn't resolve in his first term and will now face again at the start of his second but mr manders also has his own problems there were serious irregularities and suspicions of fraud in the elections which he recently won many hondurans don't support him. two months of protests have left more than thirty people dead. we have come out as united people before the world to tell them that the government stole the election discontents increased again in the run up to now and it's his swearing in how is the president and this administration going to deal with a country in which many people don't recognize him as the legitimate president but . the president president has called for a national dialogue he sent letters to x. candidates of other parties the church civil society and businesses to sit down so we can build our country and put new ideas on the table. and there are things to
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build on the president and on this is invested in infrastructure projects repaired ties with international lending rule denies ations and reduced crime in what was the world's deadliest country outside of a war zone but the issues that helped stoke the protests remain there fast there had to these protests are about the needs of the population a population which is dying. hunger a population which doesn't have a quality education a population in which if you are not enrolled in a political party you don't get help the. president now has more years to tackle those problems and unite to divide the country behind him john home and. to goose ago. police in canada are treating the deaths of a billionaire couple as a double murder the bodies of pharmaceutical billionaires barry and honey sherman were found six weeks ago at their home in toronto they say the couple who were in
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their seventy's were the victims of a targeted killing an annual arts festival in australia is turning the spotlight on the country's immigration policies among the many shows to entertain crowds at the sydney festival is a play which looks at the government's treatment of refugees and thomas went along and sent this report. on a stage rather than in a court room is a truth and reconciliation commission that australia has never had. the play cool tribunals delves into the dark side of australia's treatment of asylum seekers refugee activists describe their experiences of the country's immigration system that does also confront the treatment i mean did you know saw strains an aboriginal elder place the courts magistrate. truth telling. it's about telling a story and it's about acknowledging and healing for the audience being
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there is about sending a signal as well as enjoying the show it does challenge just so striving to say well. what is what has been happening is unacceptable and yet we have been accepting that tribe you know is one of several shows at this year's sydney festival which tackle social issues jurassic plastic features dinosaurs created from thousands of discarded plastic toys it's a comment on out throw away society exhibits with a social message go are the exception rather than the rule for the most part the sydney festival is simply about showcasing great and accessible culture and the city that's hosting it. january in australia is the middle of summer sydney at its best often the way that we get out of stick out. here's a photograph of where you live and he's a photograph of where we're living ten year is what are you come down to us. much
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of the festival takes place outdoors highly sprung is an energetic mix of trampoline ing theatre and a street arts a park or there's also a karaoke carousel with children and adults encouraged to sing their way around the right it's still culture but a lot less political agita al-jazeera sydney. a cinema in moscow has stopped showing a satirical film on joseph stalin after a police raid officers questioned staff and management at the theater after it defied a ban on the movie the death of stalin russia's culture minister says the british made company marks russia's soviet history. itself as there are these are the top stories the syrian opposition says it will boycott talks that russia is hosting and such in next week the decision came as the latest round of un talks wrapped up in vienna without
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a major breakthrough ultimately what is required is political will it is high time the diplomacy dialogue and negotiations prevail for the interest of all syrians. that's a good general this is being briefed and will be briefed tonight on the outcome of these discussions and then it will be up to him to take the decision what will be the u.n. response to the invitation to attend the sochi turkey's president reject tire better one is warning that its operation against kurdish fighters in syria could be extended to the border with iraq the turkish offensive to push fighters out of the region has been going for more than a week now it's increased tensions with the u.s. which supports the kurdish white p.g. militia in trying to secure parts of northern and eastern syria.
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all remaining members of the usa gymnastics board have agreed to step down of to form a team dr larry nasser was jailed for sexually abusing female gymnasts follows a demand for the resignation from the u.s. olympic committee over the handling of the abuse claims. donald trump has told the world economic forum that the u.s. will not turn a blind eye to unfair trade practices the u.s. president insisted his country is open for business but he also stuck by his america first message plans to return rangar refugees from bangladesh to me and in doubt after a falling out between a u.s. diplomat and myanmar's government bill richardson says he resigned from an advisory role on the ring of crisis after a telephone conversation with leader and son suchi the president of democratic republic of congo's promised elections will go ahead as planned in december in his first speech in six years as waves of protests calling on joseph kabila to quit he
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is still in office more than a year after his official mandate expired those are the headlines the news continues but first it is one one east. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. all. in public a growing wave of which chance is sweeping across the country women accused of causing sickness and debts.


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