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tv   A Goat For A Vote  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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but the journey itself is little understood. to syrian's document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary to people in power at this time on al-jazeera. it was upon which modern day venezuela was established. for over a century this lucrative resource has divided the people less than those with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its common it leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the big picture the battle for venezuela coming through just zero. and over the top stories on al-jazeera in syria
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a cease fire has come into effect in the besieged damascus suburb of east and go to the area held by groups loyal to syrian democratic forces has been a key strategic point in the war because of its close proximity to the capital four hundred thousand people living in the area are suffering acute food and medicine shortages meanwhile the syrian opposition says it will boycott talks that russia is hosting in such a next week the decision came as the latest round of u.n. meetings wrapped up in vienna without a major breakthrough this does have a plan return of some writing to refugees from bangladesh to me and my government leaders in myanmar nonce that repatriation centers in rakhine state were open and ready to receive some of the refugees as of tuesday but across the border bangladesh officials say paperwork for the refugees is incomplete or remaining members of the usa gymnastics board have agreed to step down after former team doctor larry nasser was jailed for sexually abusing female athletes it's latex
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director at michigan state university where nasa worked also resigned the university is now the focus of a federal investigation. has more. one day after the u.s. olympic committee sent this letter demanding the resignation of the full usa gymnastics board all remaining members step down the u.s.o.c. threatened to strip the group of its power following wednesday sentence of dr larry nasser i just find you're getting boring the physician for the u.s. women's gymnastics team and michigan state university pleaded guilty to sexually abusing seven women athletes easy on the campus of michigan university friday evening outrage students demonstrated over nasser and the school's potential complicity in the case just hours earlier a michigan state's athletic director announced his retirement i don't want anyone to perceive that i'm walking away i'm walking forward. i'm walking forward in
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a way that based upon my deep assessment. gives the survivors first and foremost the sephardic department this university in my family an opportunity. three healing and step forward michigan state already faces more than one hundred thirty lawsuits from women and girls michigan's governor and attorney general say they are launching separate investigations u.s. education secretary betsy divorce says her department is also investigating i think there's going to be a broader look not just at gymnastics i wouldn't be surprised if the n.c. double a which is the organization that oversees collegiate collegiate sports at large in the united states is under scrutiny as well here by the time it's all over with nearly one hundred fifty women have accused nasser of sexually abusing them
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including a limpid gold medalist ellie raisman who wants more answers this is bigger than larry nasser we have to get to the bottom of how this disaster happened if we don't figure out how it did we can't be confident that it won't happen again there could also be financial consequences for both michigan state and usa gymnastics the school could lose millions of dollars in donations usa gymnastics could lose millions in sponsorships dion us to brooke al-jazeera donald trump has told the world economic forum that the u.s. will not turn a blind eye to unfair trade practices the u.s. president insisted his country is open for business but he also stuck by his america first message the president of democratic republic of congo has promised elections will go ahead as planned in december and his first speech in six years it follows waves of protests calling on joseph capitulate chairs of kabila to quit he's still in office more than a year after his official mandate expired. a cinema in moscow stopped showing
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a satirical film on joseph stalin after police raid officers questioned management at the theatre after defined a ban on the movie the death of stalin moscow's culture ministry says the british made comedy marks russia's soviet history. those are the headlines the news continues after witness a goat for a vote. in
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all of that the motto of the bennett. of president number. one i'm going to get visible it was screwed it begin oh please don't put enough plus the up and and dedication that will be legally allowed to get that abuse i'm going to look i'm going to put up because i've got it and because he's definitely up. and not going to say the get up and tell me how to reveal. as doubling. they've been put out. because demands of vision to put a visit to bed that i picked up because it's going to be you know i'm not good for somebody's going to come in and one of them is look at the young with a big lead but i'm not going to leave the not one is racial hung up and i'm going to not get jobs in the adoptee's do community number one get a put up is
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a. gimmick in the middle school but so is how. i. would have school and buckled in my law to. not. and that one bad neck of. the last ten of them and i'm calling them minimal then and i don't almost always. tell you how it can always end up in my neck in how my journey ends and kids in the ocean. present will most and run off. and laugh and joke each it bad but that again i don't look. for the. night and i don't post and he's got i want my now and then my only warning
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or not. my mother shouldn't be called. because i'm going to move though he's just. not totally sure of it. so many. present awful such situations before him on to me. on absolute use of violence no disagreement i go for something else from you mocking you or someone when you presume oh you're basically isn't really not on there a out but really what your choice of nice is very nice got the blood oh well. i
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want to make it one of this once maybe got this one guy today to help i thought i had three weeks of war. in the bush told to. us that. it's there. that there so i moved on through. five bring to the. fire. boat for an opening. just opening.
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and by the flood raising here we're collaboration with a commanding god of the partially disclosed in a. digital version of. my new version to the end of the nation and my life. the living spirit i'm going to want to. morning school. morning school and. now i want to say that these elections the campaign period and their actions should be taken very very seriously very seriously because if you if everything goes wrong then we are done for the next one yeah if you remember what happened in kenya two thousand and
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seven two thousand and eight it's because of not wanting this not wanting the other and we've lost clashes that can mean there was a lot of suffering people even lost their lives and so let us do the right. you can you know you can sum your society you can serve your community you can salve kenya as a whole you're not going to be a student forever you will one day become a citizen used to mock us and. let the best we know then lose us from the wind to go promise yourself that devalues i am going to ask that we dance and i want to wish you are the best of today thank you so much. the perfect president. what they may think or say is the one who is mostly this who is deceived and secondly just man our leader who can do things.
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wonderfully we need a leader who is strong and even. to us is firmer us and when we come to their leadership. to lead mostly enough less boys so. they don't want to live. if boys can lead even as good as you can be. because we're all equal. i was discouraged by this some of the ways they told me you know you can't lead since my journey started there's never been that bad. but i'd say to convince even we go as we can we can we can make. and i'm not. when but. when we need me sir that i want
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thank you and thank you. you see what i meant that i was. the. last year you all know that i tried to vote for the presidency and what happened. i really i don't know i wanted my explain need to feel i get emotional because that happened is the boys almost wanted to reach me out they've been brought to mind a martyr threatening that if i was elected the president the reach me. and we've been there. so i had to step down it's not funny it's not fun i
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had to step down to the to the vice presidents and that is when i was elected for the second time the vice president i was really hot i was really hot. like damn i can tell you yellow the way you. do you. lose. money to me. let me see it really. going by the.
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way no. one appreciates it. in the free.
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yes. you know how different if you take no part of it just some kind of thing you said. just come from the floor i think. they call us even when it may look that there is a god is making. i love to make him to be different but i would not like to see this well let him get it just yet and doesn't that he maybe i'm suffering from what i want not just against him but to see this well you're always. so he's as if you're pretending affinities not just him was that it appears that the coming president. into monday didn't have to.
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ask even for the t. just a bit for me. i'm wearing this to look around this year. because it's not to look like a day not that unique right here even supporting the book and going with a friend is the from on going and going to document. for. five . or. so.
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mama mama deaf well. i doubt my duffel. blue blue. mother was going to put on the been there doing the blue. fifteen and six in the press the notes in the original voice. but. you're going to keep. defending them you're. going robyn williams when it did. it was oh now with oh now who are going to go are you going to call the soon to come decent job want to call it again going to visit me in the. middle from going to see and i'm going to be back in a local allow for the five. go and get on with the i'm a. good.
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i'm not crazy. i don't like. you know the biggest bets myself you know knowing. what because you're willing to go from. them i. don't know defeat.
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or know. and do something for their post or school president school but they mean these are just one thing for this post he's in or you want to become a soldier in the future but no don't know don't know if i sold them but. maybe you're generally. going to become someone i had a liver list so that's why i'm now starting this. practice and i'm a practising but really confident anybody. is going to when was are to look for your son or want to sack who you know their votes you shouldn't have money. then when you have. more chances of winning you'll get some of my going to look for
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me when i. remember when you know you're going to drop another one dog one of you must see it soon in the field of money tomorrow if you. think you can use that spending money is just. like if you want me to do and not really did you know that you. should. thank you and i don't think i'm good at you pretty fearless really so keep this model you get to vote i promise that. if you. look. in my lower body was going to have to get any but the budget christopher walker had him but to hide sam claflin and you know nuking the living room we were in room and
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i came to win and i had enrolled her number look at. the record vehicle mother issue that i don't know i passed but you're going to need to want to get on the island i'll be do won't you get up will not work he will mold session. you do skeet sound you saw. the skin and the whiskey it. was. our land. the air.
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was. the was the it. was that. was. welcome of unit school of one of the some in the center one not to mix and then that really happy man like to be on a working of the new comer that a son needs another dungarvan combust they'd be at always a bomb she knocked mind you have a bonnet and i mean no must i did daddy a mission from a doctor we were you know michael brown how can the government. or the executive level so you can know about it got to go up we're not always going to work so we got to say it's not on us on one no it's going it. i finish you want to distribute
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us water when you are sick to the upside and i know when i saw him them on that he had. a good. laugh and got through that but if anything they're going to fuck it. up and i will. tell. you. the overhead and i. was on i love it you know we're going to want their money i don't know what your market is about where this is why this is no don't mind up about simba what went up all in the millennia. now i know so you you get whatever you want to to get that's why you're here today you want to i want to talk to stu say whatever you want to see i want you to ask whatever you
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want to us i want you to request i think you are too quick to quit so that i know my colleagues want these. i want to swap not just with you i look at this little group and look at that yes it's out there but you want a horse kind of suit you want to see something like that so you're not there to buy your horse i can look by you i cannot buy you are your feelings. do get me right i cannot buy you a feel your feelings push i can do is i can make you happy so that when you are doing something which you whatever you want to do you can be happy when you do a little bit of my job the i'm going. my name is heading on finding four presidents mocking my friend jackson hammerless and company. of come here for on
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a quest. to me you need to be very serious indeed yang me somehow sometimes i'm a little bit begins with us this and was sure that things sure show hello plus a really good money. minimus had. from form three east on vending for places then sure of a cunt and. i'm here before too and to do is on my own so first of all of the stuff to buy. buy into it is in my in my name as i have said before i'm hiding from form three istic says we're going to see more interesting influence you want to name but in the distant future in my county determining wasn't going to join us at ten this is leading to. good morning less money and. most of you know me i'm out of jaffa on phone from three days to on
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voting for president and it developed was to come here is to ask for kinder to your voice i thought presidents love to make your own choice or you know you can select that somebody to be yesterday because after making of it by position here that after over here after you are going to suffer the consequences because you have made our own choice in selecting a bad person. so for the food of nuts thank you very much and. doing plenty. of going with something a little here so that to kind maybe you can move consumer goods to some seats here . was. the country you know the frequency of that you know i'm really i'm what i'm really wanting to go with you which for me will grow some speed we shall see i do see two things i do because when he was getting. that shake it was
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like that like i was the father was the e.u. . i wanted to work full. i good seats woman. good at bud's twenty six i think. it's like giving them money then if so that they can give you woods and that. he's not. famous. in our school. how to when he goes. up once again villainy. had an
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idea who cooperated in. zero explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how life already influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro was a feudal eastern not a communist i'm just sure want to do is country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time on al-jazeera the nature news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans
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are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. more than seven decades ago a country was split into really big good but didn't do anything and now the time to go to the page all it took was a pan a map of the collapsing empire when the british. to draw a line they put it is a servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violence of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these e.p.l. neighbors partition borders of blood at this time. alone with her mind of the top stories on al-jazeera in syria russian brokered
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cease fire has gone into effect in the besieged enclave of eastern good to its last remaining rebel held stronghold in the capital damascus four hundred thousand people living in the area are suffering acute food and medicine shortages the syrian opposition says it will boycott talks that russia is hosting in such a next week the decision came as the latest round of un negotiations in vienna were extended for a day there's been a major breakthrough ultimately what is required is political will it is high time the diplomacy dialogue and negotiations prevail for the interest of all syrians as i said the general to do with this is being briefed and will be briefed tonight on the outcome of these discussions and then it will be up to him to take the decision what will be the u.n. response to the invitation to attend the sochi this does have
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a planned return of some rangar refugees from bangladesh to me and my government leaders in myanmar nonce that repatriation centers in rakhine state were open and ready to receive some of the refugees as of tuesday but across the border bangladesh officials say paperwork for the refugees is incomplete. or many members of the usa gymnastics board have agreed to step down after former team doctor larry nasser was jailed for sexually abusing female athletes with latex directed michigan state university where nasa worked also resigned. donald trump has told the world economic forum that the u.s. will not turn a blind eye to unfair trade practices the u.s. president insisted his country is open for business but he also stuck by his america first message. security forces an ungenerous on high alert ahead of the an organization of reelected president quanah london and there's the opposition has
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called for a general strike. cinnamon moscow stop showing a satirical film on joseph stalin after police raid of says question management at the theater after defied a ban on the movie the death of stalin moscow's culture minister says the british made comedy mocks russia's soviet history. those are the headlines this go back to witness a goat for a vote. even the. one up the one from britain president not that i'm. ok and i don't i do recall a company or not i didn't. think
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. i would. ok what not to me. what tactics are using for. you. and me and. the. amount on what i am gratified to do and i can use up. the moment i still can he said mean to me that when you and i think one is going. to say that's not going to go into fine now we. just give it just give it a go at it look at the start of the book itself. that i was going to guess i've got. my don't see monkey.
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see. it's. very. possible been a bit of a skewed look at it and then if i seem to be going to. happen i'd. like to. but leave. anything you. say. to me but it wasn't him he didn't say this is why. this is. my dad you know then you're dead to me. so you sign a deciding give me enough us to before this happened over the going on over here so you. were going to.
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know what i mean here we go boys you. go in there. i let me. go like there was. money to be able to see to show them up to you. see you know been a. little boy i don't know if you. look at. them. as i forgot me. with that or would you keep on delafield talking about your south cell.
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phone any good on which i can and is the most a d.m. who rang and then end up with. a long talk with the media and then you've been. lucky and i stand up and down and up and no less dainty got enough for. the night and i look and then my love a long. i need something that is hanging my jacket jeje jaggi rule my that you are not drunk was up as an i.v. . and that was only one way i love you no no need. to see that i mean i'm a lend me and. end up being a come a day if you were and wondered if you don't know. you know one hundred. men nor nothing i know new men who so young but under fire took away.
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my. most of. human dignity when i see you think i mean. that thing you know when. he saw a lot of me and how not to me. and. my mom i got it on a mosquito. i'm one of the band and i'm i'm not there yet in my body. my man i love the bottom of that of the ground of the love of freedom of the sea. and i don't want as above. and i will die alone we feel with pleasure for letting him.
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sound. for let me. see the movie united to get on when they would have begun. would they rebuild the movie one bad to. film. a modern one of the event one of a lot of the folks who my little place wanted to. for example jam. with me when no. one was the only one obviously the one that he really feels was just you. for.
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move on but. you know. because it's on the market when you know what's up. five feet. that was. what i know. i did. on. this film with one hundred his new business is.
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to come again and you know what if this is so much writing my tonight to begin to give us a. sound. i may i may be pleased to commit to is the kind of says the comedy one. one one one. one no goal was. one no. one hour. one now was ok though i'm now is. often a good as. well. do . so well. i am a shallow wish. but. when i'm with
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you today. and then. into the magnitude it was the bush. and oh yeah. that was really giving. you grief i mean it really made a fool even my hands. now. oh yes it was you know i did a little more of that local. and you know i hear that he can hear you food anyway and they have the that is she lived that wind that well when do you want out. and i was you was thousand
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you was thousand thousand was before you did over the a bank was you were the one thousand feet it was of i was you was the easiest was early. out there were they were on couldn't kristen the hose as you can see put forth a flood of development so these are my developments. of the hook up to. elected me and i don't i would do much to this is it ok. to give you your works for so
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that development can be kind of been the how to is sure. i'm very happy for to defend them in this good is going to be slipped on to each other and the student to me joy today. what does that do some of the time. was when. you know it. was something something and only thing till you knew the it was our yes i was. thinking look you got anything not to be. done. if you today have to. highly motivated you know got him going. i'm going i'm going to lovely house my love for my family but i know how about i will be talking about going to. let them alone believe that when you let me go without going.
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home with. well you know me well i know you're going to be good about my going away or anything like you don't really tell me how much. i make that claim you are not going to feel no money i'm going to have no doubt in going to i'm going to tell you a lot and i don't want you to get up and about what on someone to talk about i'm going to let you know that i don't want to get nothing out of your trouble you know yeah well i didn't. know nothing about no don't have anything to do you know you don't have anything and i'm not going to let me out and i'm. like i'm on volume right now i think i'm going i'm going out now when i got up i don't like to lie to you i don't think i'm going to let.
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you know it is. going to. that i did. was.
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i want to stay between you have seen the passion you mean being being made yeah if it's rude to say but that. i don't want to hide. myself that it's convicts and i'm. going to see offending again but only to have boys school to give the gods. that's a little bit about icing even a bit in the government they president must a bad boy. i said that's not true we had a plan and you can lead as you can be displeased. by the students that's why it's.
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ok. now what. was that. how did the whole let's. go for it. excuse from i was because my name is. is that. i said that the officer expressing happy. i suppose something promised me and there are many. good here doesn't just look bad and i'm sure i shall live the bad. to enjoy the meats there. for those who are not feel it or not i say thank you and enjoy the heat of the
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luncheon to. say thank you. thank you so much to buddha for the president on. a silicon. when you put me. i listen to anybody's wish. anybody school plays a gun listen top class on level of education this is because. i feel like i'm nischelle. thank you so much fun when you go on about the other. side.
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so now i. don't focus only on. so sort of comes down to zero sum my story a few outlets to grab some of the of the hour thank. you. fantastic.
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of the. you and if the point of view was then maybe for the first look a bit so it was you what i know from that day was me i was out for my luck to you but it was my that you never know my journey as one family fifty. two to about you to my would you be. if you. want to ok it is was. to be ok it is my to. to be about. one thousand.
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one to begin my day process oh boy think i need to what you face for i did. this for and plays it's all we want i love when you was a joke or who we thought was to anybody would just use your but not me back i'm. not. supposed to write your name this is a six minute nobody should know who you voted for you.
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we have now passed our books we want to know who has a good one from this class so that is the counting in ten days. how do you run. how do you get out. just say that i live just how do you. mind that you some of them. that it. might that means i'm a. little bit like. how do you. not that means i'm on. my i mean damn i want that.
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that that he. just. died that i live. the. life that i lived. life that i lived. life that i live. alone and by. my that means. that i know that here. that i am. saying that i am saying that i live. thing that i live. thanks daniel. thank you that i live the. way that i live. my. findings like telling side saleem has done and that's the one for us from this class how do you get my age
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what's. mine that mean that mike that was eight was the week that the president joe knew ten to twenty four inside thirty of the was. that i said perform my duties. to the school those under conditional so help me god thank you. god god god. god. god. god. oh.
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god. oh you must mean you know hoarsely. and you know on a. tennis you want to say anything about this house and i'm coming down to. a fall and i know that i mean being.
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a haunting journey through memories sky by sri lanka's civil war. divisions and mental wounds still run deep. as a once exiled tamil gorilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong. demons in paradise a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. what
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it's been a rather wet wake a disturbed wake forest and possibly medics right now but things will improve as we go through the next couple of days has our offending area of life precious still so . away across the south the first cyprus syria lebanon jordan seeing some rather wet weather will gradually ease as we go through the next couple of days this is the same in tel aviv the same behavior a making its way across southern parts of israel through the gaza strip and now it's pushing further eastward so easing across a good part of iraq into the northwest of iran turning to snow as it does so twelve celsius in tehran on saturday it will be colder still as we go on through sunday that snow really setting in if anything just sinking a little further south and we'll see some cooler weather also making its way across arabian peninsula over the next dials tabbies in doha a pleasant twenty seven celsius on saturday afternoon this bad a cloud sinks further southwards introducing colder rare or a stiff wind lifted dust and sand on the cards and it really will feel quite chilly
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with the top temperature of just twenty one degrees celsius may well get a little bit of wet weather continuing across the eastern side of south africa be could really do with a rainy cape down nice on a that's in the forecast over the next couple of days it stays wet for the northeast of south africa on sunday. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have no frame good logical rational or crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. swear every. rewind returns with new updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries. and the moving story of two young turkmen girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera. a ceasefire goes into effect in the last remaining syrian rebel stronghold near
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damascus but will it hold.


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