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class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards i don't want to live in the world where everything is designing california made in china. is in my hands of the corporation the only way to be subversive is to be able to control the technology but my single bonzi has built a chip that anyone can do to build anything that. cost like a pizza spearheading a global movement to democratize technology. part of the rebel series at this time . last. syrian warplanes launched a fierce offensive on the rebel held province of idlib as russia hosts talks to try to end the conflict.
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on the intake this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the. girls fall prey to human traffickers but some of the refugees are sold for as little as sixty dollars we have an exclusive report from a camp in bangladesh. on the verge of running dry drought in the south african city of cape town reaches a critical stage also. i'm going to be philips on the scottish island of it's for sale so that belong to the local community a wealthy london. syrian warplanes have launched a fierce offensive on the rebel held province of idlib killing at least twenty people women and children are among the dead when it is say the jets targeted a market and then a hospital full of people wounded in an earlier strike meanwhile
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a russian brokered cease fire on the edge of the capital damascus seems to have collapsed activists are reporting several troops violations by government forces besieging eastern guta at least eight people have died russia has also launched a diplomatic push to end the war hosting a new round of talks in sochi the un is there but the main syrian opposition group says it will boycott the negotiations until president bashar al assad's forces and their russian allies stop the violence the kurds who control almost twenty percent of syrian territory also not attending where the focus of a turkish military operation in northern syria ankara says their fighters are terrorists stephanie decker reports now from the town of killis on the turkish syrian border. there's just been incoming from syria into turkey we were actually preparing for a live when we heard a whiz over our heads. and then we saw the smoke landing around five hundred meters from our position well the police have now come
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to inspect the crater this is a reminder of course that this is an act of conflict and there are consequences for these border towns these border cities cholas has had rockets and shells land here before also the honey on the other side of the border but people that residents that we've spoken to here will tell you that they are concerned they're used to it because i saw was here just a couple of years ago along the border and there was this kind of tense situation as well but one gentleman we spoke to yesterday said he was worried and he was already wife and children away you could see people are tense and they want us to move on we're it shows has more now from the talks in sochi. well the news earlier on monday the another group of opposition figures was going to be staying away from sochi really exposes i think the short comings of this congress russia has tried to make this as inclusive as possible inviting people and groups from across the syrian cultural religious and political spectrum so the robot is here there are
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these there are sunnis and shias allo whites and various different political platforms including the moscow platform the rest on a platform but there are a few notable exceptions now those are the s.n.c. the syrian that negotiation committee which has said that it will stay away from sochi believing that this is undermining the geneva process the kurdish groups such as the y. p.g. then not here either they are considered persona non grata by turkey and of essentially being shut out i don't think they want to come anyway because of what's going on in africa and so this all basically steers towards the moscow and damascus perspective on the syrian conflict the upshot of this congress is likely to be the endorsement of the new what they're calling a constitutional committee made up supposedly all of the syrian government on one
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side and opposition representatives on the other but if the main groups of the opposition are not here then this allows damascus to essentially say that the opposition groups boycotting sochi boycotting this process are saboteurs of peace the big question of course is where the u.n. stands on the of this and whether stefan de mistura will approve of these measures and not allow this to filter in to the geneva process the russians believe that he is on board rafters wait to see whether the u.s. that suggests that it's confirmed goma. and then a dash range of muslims being neighboring me and being increasingly targeted by human traffickers at refugee camps in this exclusive report out of there has been
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speaking to men who are involved in smuggling girls after the country. correspondent charles stratford reports. oh my darling daughter she cries. she asks me when we talk oh mother what shall i do now how can i come back to you how would you get me out of india to be with you again my own a council says her daughter years mean was thirteen years old when she was snatched by a man in the refugee camp and smuggled to india. was three years ago no iona and he has mean fled the military crackdown in myanmar in two thousand and twelve. says the trafficker was arrested in india and yasmin was rescued her daughter is living at a safe house for other trafficking victims in kolkata myanmar strip the region jury of citizenship in one thousand nine hundred to be denali oh no or yes mean have passports so they cannot be reunited my owner says every month she saves
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a little money to chat to her daughter for a few minutes on the phone. only gold knows the pain i experience every day she says i don't have money to go to india my daughter warns me to try and cross into india without a passport. my own story is built on coleman in the ricky refugio camps rights groups say that trafficking gangs have thrived in the ranger refugee camps here in bangladesh for years but the recent arrival of more than six hundred fifty thousand new refugees means the situation is getting even worse now we met a traffic and he told us that men come from outside the camps they pay range of families for their daughters promising them work for the girls often never seen again. we sit by the road in the men come to us the man tells me they also because if we can get the helpless type of people families are ready to provide
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girls because they don't have enough food. the man says men often specifically want girls of a certain age he says they pay the families around five thousand talking about sixty dollars for each go. for the girls around twelve to fourteen years old he says they tell me they have difficulty with their domestic work at their homes they say they need someone to cook for them the man tells me he has stopped providing the main goals now and only trafficked a few young women. when the parents come to find me that i have to highlight he explains they want information all that delicious but i have no information. the un's refugee agency is trying to help loyola be reunited with her daughter but he says only the band with danish all sorts he's to make a decision. but no decision has been never met her father because he died before
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she was pulled she's afraid she herself may die without ever seeing me again there was. i want nothing more than my daughter she says it would be so kind if you if you could get your daughter back why yes mean is a piece of my heart charles stratford al-jazeera refugee camp one witness. i saw says it was behind an attack on a military academy in afghanistan's capital kabul eleven soldiers were killed and sixteen others injured in the gun battle nearly martial for him in national defense university five of the attackers were also killed the same site was the target of a suicide bombing in october in which fifteen officers died this comes two days after a suicide bombing also in kabul killed at least one hundred three people afghanistan's president declared three days of mourning afghans are blaming the government for
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failing to improve security for. at least four people being killed in aden after what yemen's government has called an attempted coup by southern separatists the two sides are supported by different countries within the sounded coalition who are jointly fighting the rebels international aid organization oxfam is warning about the escalating violence which is that the closure of its office ties with the image of a deports. fighting has intensified in the city of guys in central yemen government forces have been fighting who the rebels who are aligned with iran since two thousand and fifteen the saudi led coalition backed the government but fighters in paris say they're exhausted and not getting the help they need. they say military aid is being provided on the basis of their alliance with members of the coalition some say the brigade to go into the u.a.e. give them more supplies that can see that has had ties been receiving the required support the city would have been liberated by now apart from whatever military gear
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we have the army and resistance are barely surviving we are abandoned by the coalition and we do not know the reasons simmons. has not been liberated to not due to the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the coalition residents are capable to liberate the city at no time did receive military and financial support and. aid organizations including the red crescent say their staff are stranded oxfam says it has closed its office in. but there isn't the only place there conflicting interests within the saudi that correlation emerge this is a view with the airport remains closed for a second day prime minister ahmed bin that has visited his office after his troops took back control of government buildings from southern secessionists that accuse the separatists of mounting a coup reinforcements from beyond were able to secure some areas but sporadic fighting continues. there is no difference between the who these and anyone else who rebels against a legitimate government no matter who they are if he's not with the legitimate
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government then he's rebelling against it and considered an enemy to the entire country. but it's not as simple because the fighting sides are supported by members of the same coalition saudi arabia backs government forces in the session as our allies of the united arab emirates many in a didn't have traditionally supported the idea of a separate state similar to the structure before yemen's unification in one nine hundred ninety did he go imagining and we want a civilian government a government of law a government made according to the principles of the southern transition council was the internationally recognized government pulled in saudi arabia and united arab emirates to fight the who these but since two thousand and fifteen the gulf regions. country has suffered from the world's largest cholera outbreak and almost half of the country lives and famine like conditions. and there seems to be no into the fighting some of the job of the zero. still to come on the program refugees
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sleep rough on the streets of northern greece as growing numbers across the turkish border. by china's interest in this undersea plateau rich in minerals and gas is the focus of protests in the philippines. welcome back it remains pretty chilly across central and southern parts of china taiwan and indeed across parts of indochina to temperatures here about six or seven degrees below where they should be at this time of year shanghai seeing temperatures just beginning to rise a little bit as we head through nice twenty four hours but still hanoi looking rather cloudy some drizzle pretty miserable conditions here once you get across into laos a mere modern temperatures are where they should be at this time of year into the high twenty's and low thirty's across into south asia the satellite imagery shows
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some showers pushing into ward sri lanka so the risk of a few showers turning up for colombo during the course of tuesday otherwise all dry and fine to say fine across northern parts of pakistan india through towards bangladesh we still have problems with mist and fog so head in to wednesday we may just see some snow developing up through the hindu kush and northern parts of pakistan but otherwise it's a largely fine picture kharaj the sunshine and twenty seven degrees here in the arabian peninsula we've had a fairly brisk over the last day or so certainly cooler conditions still ok at twenty degrees celsius you know some riyadh is struggling with highs of just sixteen degrees still getting thirty degrees in mecca as we head through into wednesday we're just recovers with temperatures rising to eighteen. the problem with. the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but for who. the link
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between seafood for. the cost at this time. is on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories forty fortieth's that's incredibly. syrian warplanes offensive on the rebel held province of russia hosts talks to try to end the conflict. fled from being targeted by people smugglers in the
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refugee camps of bangladesh. and eleven soldiers are killed in kabul in an attack on a military academy says it's to blame. you know states ambassador to the united nations nikki haley is taking members of the u.n. security council on a tour of washington d.c. one of the highlights a look at the iranian missiles and equipment she unveiled in december as alleged evidence of tehran's violations of security council resolutions. speak to our diplomatic have to james bays now so it's an extraordinary move towards nikki haley hoping to achieve here. well i think she wants to show these missile fragments directly to the other members of the security council says she and the fourteen other ambassadors set off on a bus to a u.s. military base just outside washington d.c. where he has shown them these missile fragments that certainly the u.s.
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and saudi arabia say came from iran in response were responsible for that missile attack on riyadh all the other diplomats were filmed by al-jazeera going on that trip none of them were speaking they'd been told by the halley's people not to speak to our team who were filming them the russian ambassador actually said to us i am not allowed to speak to you and then started laughing it's certainly clear that not all the rest of the security council are convinced about the evidence that they are being shown here by the united states and i think they'll be listening very carefully to what they hear from the experts at the military base and what they hear in the next hour when they come here to the white house where they're going to be meeting the president himself so given all that james how likely is it that the u.s. will get having from this. well certainly there are lots of countries on the security council and those that are in the grouping to do the iran deal the p five
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plus plus one that want to see the iran deal kept very separate from these allegations of use of ballistic missiles by iran i can also tell you that there are diplomats on this trip who are concerned about the chain of custody of these fragments because the fragments came to the u.s. from saudi arabia did the saudis in some way tamper with them certainly one of those who's watching what's what is being shown on the stall right now looking at these fragments is the acting british ambassador jonathan allen i've been in touch with him and on twitter he seems convinced there's a norm expert i understand it's more than just frank factory stamps he tells me missile shape unique as is anti-tank missile design hard to see there tampered with is that if that's the accusation and that's from the acting british ambassador who right now is at that air base looking at those remnants james bays thank you very much indeed aid agencies say there's been
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a surge in homelessness among refugees in northern greece the country's second largest city thessaloniki has apparently run out of space to house new arrivals refugees avoiding the greek islands and instead of crossing over the land border with turkey they are often forced to pass through the everest river firstly reports . many people believe pakistanis or iranians aren't refugees and so they cannot know what's happening in the border province of blocky stand where these people come from they spoke out against tribal leaders there who want independence and they were threatened with death so they ran for it. they crossed the every us river from turkey into greece walked for five days and added up sleeping here in the salon icky for months the men had to take it in turns to stay awake to protect their wife and sister. i felt like committing suicide i was going mad i thought i should have stayed in my country and let the
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tribespeople kill me i just wasn't expecting this to toll the bill got frostbite in thick snow on the river border he can no longer bend his fingers. for. any watch from me i can't even go to the toll upon myself my brother has to help me there's no way i can work it's really stressful. where they took us to where they've been sleeping we realised we'd been here before in november two thousand and sixteen then it was different people all suffering the same things that winter turned out to be the coldest for decades water froze in the refugee camps greece's lack of preparation was exposed the full year on nothing has changed it's due to the fog about their fundamental rights are being violently those people don't have house don't have access to medical care. they say absolutely nothing the baloch family got shelter three months ago through the norwegian
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refugee council saima is now pregnant but their only guaranteed accommodation for three months more so they could end up back here again before she gives birth. while the greek authorities and charities try to prioritise families single men have no chance one meal a day provided by young european volunteers working off to nations and that's it. there's no doubt the big increase in people crossing the every river into northern greece is simply compounded the homeless problem here in fact the only thing we're told is now completely full there is simply nowhere to put all these people there may be the good news is that the winds are so far hasn't been anything like as cold as a terrible conditions this time last year but if it does get worse greece could have a full blown crisis on its hands. they showed us where they sleep underneath an abandoned half built concrete block if the police catch them here they can go to jail so the dental to even light a fire is over but presumably when they sleep they dream of nothing because that is
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exactly what they have the problem florence lee al-jazeera facility the south african city of cape town is facing its worst water crisis in a century and protesters say the government is to blame the taps are expected to run dry by april twelfth the torah gateway explains. our anger on the streets of cape town over a water crisis these protesters say the government should have prevented the city is completely mismanaging the water they're not getting the leaks cannot be using the placing the pipes they already know what the management devices that they know are defective and that but no plan this brings they're not allowing people access to so they are strangling the water supply reservoirs have been full for more than three years because the hasn't been enough rain. the city is limiting each household to fifty liters of water
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a day that's the quicker than to one full blast with eighty people in the house up till now we've managed to bring up with the consumption from one thousand killer lead to sperm month we put all the doubt now last month it was a killer leaders and we are doing a little bit more in order to bring it further down to get it in line with the six b. . that will come in the first buffy booty from south africa's move to minister says climate change is to blame for the crisis she's urging everyone to come back to he says it is therefore important is that all users play their part in reducing or to consumption. the agricultural sector has made a commitment to make sure that they explore innovative solutions so that then there is that the petition to the realities of limiting scientists say the city has made significant efforts to deal with the crisis. has been very successful with
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the modern program which began around about ninety nine and the remarkable senior program is that it has managed. to despotic ruler is that he was growing economic development and population city officials who are ready people who would days there over the date when taps are expected to run dry that day is now april the twelfth nine days earlier than previously expected it appears that desperate measures to conserve water are having little effect victoria gayton be out there in the philippines there been protests against the chinese research expedition to an underwater region called bend and rise it's an important marina area in the philippine sea with untapped resources and the un has declared that it belongs to the philippines and again report. in two thousand and twelve the united nations confirmed that the bene rise is part of the philippines territory it's an undersea
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plateau located on the country's eastern coast it's at the center of the planet's marine by a diversity and its resources aren't tapped with more than thirteen million hectares believed to be rich in minerals and gas. which travelled to ben a rise a few months ago back then the philippine military boasted of a long term plan to improve its patrols of the area the agriculture ministry also planned to build a reserve that will be a refuge for filipino fishermen. the benon rise was seen as a possible solution to the country's school shortages but that appears to have changed now president rodrigo to thirty says china may now lead to exploration in the year he's government says the research is purely scientific but market time experts say to tear it is apparent cozying up to china is alarming we can see that this is all part of. this had been given history its policy of
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friendliness stars china which you know is also getting going overboard because it's just about in every aspect of of national life not china is also logged in a dispute with the philippines and other countries over the spratleys group of islands in the south china sea its incursions in the area have raised tension with other regional countries some fear the same could happen in the been a rise it should be a neutral country that have no vested interests that have no claim without territory without exclusive economic zone that's why i said let's follow the a.b.c. rules anyone but china. filipina scientists are demanding transparency from detectors government they want the government to release the details of the expedition so the public will know the concessions given to china but the government refuses to address the issue directly we do not have sovereignty in the
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bend them rights because what we only have in the bend them rights as part of extended continental shelf is the right to explore exploit the natural resources found around filipino scientists have been exploring behnam rise for years and want to continue their work or will china has become a powerful player in the region many people we spoke to here say they believe the government stands on the issue may endanger the country's interests and those are with long. time allies duggan al jazeera manila. emirates scottish island is up for sale you know wants to sell it on the open market but land ownership in scotland is a sensitive issue a few hundred wealthy people own half of all private land and the scottish government wants to change that barnaby phillips reports from the island of over. in a distant corner of the british isles i drove through
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a wild landscape to find an island community that is dying six hundred people lived here on olva in the nineteenth century now there are only six including the owner has decided to sell it and rebecca whose children are at school on the neighboring island of maui she fears a new owner could force her family to leave a final blow in the long decline of this community my husband grew up here in our whole lives are invested in the. system of to live in years and in belton up her business and our children are very happy at the local scale and i think it would be devastating for us. is littered with empty houses some long abandoned recently far from jobs and services this is a difficult place to survive but the remaining islanders supported by people all want to buy believing they can repopulate it make it viable backed by scotland's
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government which has new powers to change the pattern of land ownership being to change from the present situation where a very large proportion of the very few people. to the benefit of local communities there's an opportunity under the wonderful legislation in scotland for actually to make a difference. grab it with both the old jamie howard who sadly have lived here for seventy years believes the community underestimate how much investment olva needs better his land agent told us to find a buyer on the open market if we're trying to get investors here we don't want to put barriers in the way we don't want to frighten them by saying if you buy here well the community or somebody else may come in and stop you we want people who are leaving europe with these like it or you don't. we're leaving your we want to encourage investment into this part of the world but donald who runs the little
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ferry to seize the proposed by out as well this last chance stainless speak. so we need to get new blood blood like into the typical. olver is just one tiny island but the conflict of interests here between local community and the landowner is one that resonates through the highlands and islands and through scotland's history scotland's government seems inclined to give the island his time and money to match the elders price it's intervention big watch to far beyond body phillips al-jazeera in the scottish highlands. and one of the top stories in our zero syrian warplanes have launched a fierce offensive on the rebel held province of idlib killing at least twenty people want to say the jets targeted a market and then
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a hospital full of people wounded in the earlier strike comes as russian launches a diplomatic push to end the war to a new round of talks in sort shape the u.n. is there but the main syrian opposition group says it will boycott the negotiations until president bashar assad's forces and their russian allies stop the violence for a challenges in sochi if the main groups of the opposition are not here then this allows damascus to essentially say it's the opposition groups boycotting sochi boycotting this process. of peace the big question of course is where the u.n. stands on the with this and whether from demist stora will approve of these measures and not allow this to filter in to the geneva process. people smugglers are targeting revenge of muslims who fled to bangladesh for me and maher al-jazeera has spoken to former smugglers who say the price for a girl in the refugee camps is around sixty dollars even if they're rescued they
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often can't return to their families at the don't have passports rights groups say the situation has got worse with the recent influx of more than six hundred fifty thousand ranger refugees to the camps free in violence in myanmar eleven afghan soldiers have been killed in an attack on a military academy in kabul eisel says it's responsible fighting lasted for hours after at least five men attacked the cademy in the early hours of the morning they are mesas two of them were shot dead and two others blew themselves up at least four more people have been killed in the yemeni city of aden the day after what the government called an attempted coup by separatists backed by the u.a.e. it eerie ministry says government forces are now back in control of the city including the office of the prime minister at least a dozen people were killed on sunday where hundreds of others were wounded as southern secessionists fought the army for control of government buildings yemen's president says the unrest only benefits the rebels who are at war with the
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international get recognized government there you had on this stop it's counting the cost to have more news for you straight talk about thanks for watching by phone or. hello i'm sam he's a than this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week a problem with dallas and exclusive ski resorts how's.


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