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everything is designed in california. is in my hands of the corporation the only way to. let my small bands he has built a chip that anyone can to build anything. like a pizza hut spearheading a global movement to democratize technology make our part of the rubber series at this time. women and children among the dead off the syrian warplanes target a market and then a hospital in the rebel how problems of ad lib. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me as a purana also ahead the f.b.i.
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as deputy director andrew mccabe steps down ahead of his planned retirement in march. suspends peace talks with the rebels after a series of bomb attacks. on barnaby phillips on the scottish island of it's for sale should it belong to the local community or wealthy landowners. syrian warplanes have killed at least twenty people during an offensive on the rebel held province of the monitors said the jets targeted market at a hospital full of people who were injured in the strike it comes as russia is hosting a new round of talks and sochi the main syrian opposition group says it will boycott the negotiations stephanie deca reports from the town of kill us on the turkish syrian border. there's just been incoming from syria into turkey we were actually
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preparing for a live when we heard a whiz over our heads and we were dropped. and then we saw the smoke london around five hundred metres from our position when the police have now come to inspect the crater this is a reminder of course that this is an act of conflict and there are consequences for these border towns these border cities cholas has had rockets and shells land here before also the honey on the other side of the border the people that residents that we've spoken to here will tell you that they are concerned they're used to it because i still was here just a couple of years ago along the border and there was this kind of tense situation as well but one gentleman was but yesterday said he was worried and he was already know it is most wife and children away you can see people are tense and they want us to move on. and her child has more from sochi where the latest round of talks on syria taking place. well the news earlier on monday another group of opposition
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figures was going to be staying away from sochi really exposes i think the short comings of this congress russia has tried to make this as inclusive as possible inviting people and groups from across the syrian cultural religious and political spectrum so the robot is here there are his e d's there are sunnis and shias alawite and various different political platforms including the moscow platform the rest on a platform but there are a few notable exceptions now those are the s.n.c. the syrian that negotiation committee which has said that it will stay away from sochi believing that this is undermining the geneva process and the kurdish groups such as the why p.g. then not here. they are considered to start on gras by turkey and have a century been shutout but i think they want to come anyway because of what's going
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on in africa and so this all basically steers sort she towards the moscow and to mass. perspective on the syrian conflict the upshot of this congress is likely to be the endorsement of a new what they're calling a constitutional committee made up supposedly of the syrian government on one side and opposition representatives on the other but if the main groups of the opposition are not here then this allows damascus to essentially say that the opposition groups boycotting sofie boycotting this process. of peace the big question of course is where the u.n. stands on all of this and whether stephan demist stora will approve of these measures and then allow this to filter into the geneva process the russians believe that he is on board rafters wait to see whether the u.s. that suggest that is confirmed. to other news now that these thirty six people have
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been killed in aden during two days of fighting after southern secessionists try to stage a coup and get an international committee of the red cross posted a video online of the agency's head of mission to aid in explaining the current situation on the ground and we are going through it quite a bit. see. it a little but. tell me where we have our own neighborhood in the wee hours of the occasion maybe you can. back out some shit in the soap is what we are living in the last two days here they would we are here to get in touch with the parties that are conducting one to the other and maybe focusing on. kids we help with the way i see it is this insane we are managing this it. gets to the
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other must. be done as well unfortunately. the same post. the f.b.i. as deputy director has resigned weeks before his official retirement date the us president has repeatedly criticized andrew mackay accusing him of favor and his rival hillary clinton during the two thousand and sixteen presidential race or the caves departure comes as the f.b.i. continues its proud and possible ties between russia and china's campaign alan fischer reports. and ricky has been with the f.b.i. for twenty years but in recent months he's been the target of repeated criticism from president bush and the deputy director played a role in the investigation in hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server his wife ran for office for the democrats in virginia and received campaign donations from clinton allies for the president that was enough for him to tweet how can the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe the man in charge along with lekan james komi of the phony hillary clinton investigation including her thirty three thousand illegally
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deleted e-mails be given seven hundred thousand dollars for his wife's campaign by clinton puppets during investigation. when mckibben age his intention to retire in march the president tweeted again f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits ninety days to go the white house the night it played any part in his the sit in to leave the f.b.i. i can tell you none of this issue is made by out of the white house in any specifics i would refer you to the f.b.i. but keep briefly ran the f.b.i. after the president fired james komi the washington post reported the president asked him how he voted in the election to keep told him he didn't vote but his departure will risk questions among other f.b.i. agents this is profoundly disturbing it's yet another chip in the edifice of the separation of politics from the rule of law and the independence of the justice department the law enforcement bodies of united states in this instance the f.b.i.
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intelligence community and frankly american democracy this is been dominating the headlines but washington's attention will soon time to this president's first state of the union speech on tuesday but the ramifications of mccabe's abrupt departure may well rumble on alan fischer washington now activists and campaigns in the u.s. have gathered to hold what they're calling the people's state of the union it comes on the eve of donald trump's first dress well many have called for volunteers to support campaigns against republican candidates and this year's midterm elections i want you to ask everyone in your district who's running for office this question do you support. every member of congress the senate must be asked this question be very clear about this the purpose of the twenty eighteen election is that we. the jury for the trial of
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donald. trump that's what you know much of this guy brags. why not. our movement rose up against hatred joining together for you quality and justice we came together and we must keep coming together to reject the skirvin nation to reject hate and to reject those elected officials who have been complicit in the face of racism with their silence as you've heard from speakers this is our moment. this is our moment to rise above the energy of division two one of unity and love. the u.s. has lifted its ban on refugees from eleven what it called high risk countries but says tougher checks will still be enforced but donald trump implemented
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a bad and told us part of his revised immigration policy applicants from the on name countries will still face so-called risk based assessments to be accepted. colombia's government has suspended talks with the rebels after a string of bombings killed seven police officers over the weekend president juan manuel santos has blamed for attacks on police stations and three cities long talks were aimed at ending nearly fifty years of violence. three bombs attacks in less than twenty four hours was interpreted as a clear message from the un about its fate in the peace process in colombia in the aftermath of the country's president juan manuel santos had his own. my patients on the patients of the colombian people has its limits so i have taken the decision to suspend the start of the fifth cycle of negotiations which was shared world for the coming days until we see coherence between the words and its actions. talks between
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the government and the active rebel group in colombia have been going for more than a year last october they agreed on a ceasefire but the rebels launched a new offensive when it expired earlier this month they targeted oil pipelines and security forces the bloodiest of the we can attacks took place in the coastal city of. where five officers were killed. president santos flew there to inspect the aftermath under increasing pressure to win the peace talks for good in the eyes of the taxi indicate the group's leadership is divided over the way forward. as an organization where different tendencies converge on are expressed both politically and militarily they also have an historical issue with timing they're unable to understand when it's the right moment for doing or not doing something this attack happened at the worst possible time public opinion not only rejected them but also
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closed the political space government had to continue negotiation the year lynn says it's willing to take part in another ceasefire but its attacks will continue until the moment it's agreed upon the truth is that unlike the successful talks with five gravels who signed the peace deal with the government a year ago the negotiations with a year alone seem increasingly bound for failure living the dream of a colombia completely at peace in its stead troth i listen to them. now the u.s. military is changing its guidelines for the use of wireless gadgets following revelations that fitness tracking this can disclose sensitive military positions a global map of routes used by iran and lists posted online by fitness tracking companies traveler reveals the outlines of u.s. bases and war zones around the world arlen's government has agreed to hold
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a referendum on liberal liberalizing abortion laws and may be historically catholic country has some of the toughest restrictions in europe it's currently banned in all cases except where there is a specific threat to the mother's life due to the pregnancy. still ahead on the bill this and how mountain international criticism of the one hundred crisis is forcing closer to its traditional allies china for economic help and turning off the taps the drought that's left cape town on the verge of running out of the. through tranquil review can you see. i do not mean. it's a beach gone. hello there was in quite a bit of snow around in the middle east recently in lebanon we've been enjoying that wintry weather not only does it look beautiful but it's also giving us
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a chance to get out on the slopes and enjoy some skiing elsewhere there's also been a very heavy snow around in tehran as well snow men have been built here although there's been so much snow that it has caused quite a bit of disruption now the system responsible is this one here and it's gradually now edging its way east with have brought to some winter weather over parts of afghanistan it's easing though as we head through chews day and barely anything left to it hasn't finished with us in just yet though because it begins to intensify once more as we head through wednesday and the temperatures will be dropping as well so a couple will get to around three degrees and we will see some sleet and snow at times during the day generally then across the middle east region rather cool in that cool weather is also digging further south towards us here in doha so twenty or twenty one degrees is the maximum temperature that we're hoping for over the next few days and certainly feeling cold at night without temperatures in the city dropping down to around thirteen or fourteen to the south of us also know that will
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force in muscat twenty two maximum that was a southern parts of africa lots of rain in the northern parts of our map and it stretches across into antananarivo. there with sponsored by qatar. the scene for us where they're on line which is a very new sand in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat do people the choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on a. zero.
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to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories syrian warplanes have launched an offensive targeting the rebel held province of killing at least twenty people and the syrian observatory for human rise says the jets had a market and then a hospital treating people wounded and early a strike the f.b.i. deputy director has resigned ahead of his official retirement date the u.s. president has repeatedly accused andrew mackay political bias the white house has denied having any involvement with the caves. and colombia's government has put peace talks with rebels on hold after a struggle bombings killed seven police officers on the weekend president manuel those blamed the group for the attacks on police stations and three cities. as economic prospects for the west are at risk following mountain international
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criticism of its handling of the one hundred crisis last week a top u.s. diplomat quit the government's advisory panel after a heated exchange would lead to a bill richardson's departure shows how she appears to be pushing away critics and old allies for support scott hardly reports from the. as the. city winds down at the end of the day people stream to the riverside to commute to feed the seagulls and to soak in the last bit of light before sunset. and when the sun rises and a new day starts a reminder has arrived overnight another cargo ship from myanmar is main trading partner china also a reminder of the dependence on its huge neighbor to the north you know something leaders here hoped would lessen when economic sanctions began to soften eight years ago but with mounting international criticism and pressure over the range of crisis
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the nation seems to be turning its focus away from new partners in the west i think given. the justified anger on the part of the national community in the un instead of of handling that criticism in dealing with the crisis and are caught in a professional political and moral man a government has decided to just go back to the chinese this new factory on the outskirts of yangon supplies myanmar rubber to tire manufacturers up in china it's about seventy percent of their business they want to expand to the west but this deepening rift between western nations and the government here might force companies like this and the nation to remain reliant on trade with china. myanmar drew harsh comments from the u.s. last week when it announced the government would buy six advanced su thirty fighter jets from russia. and the. and ginzo when i was a political prisoner during military rule he says the timing of the fighter deal
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and closer military ties with russia are related to the range of crisis after what happened in rakhine and the discussions at un security council china russia flatly said that they would support him so this is something that i am on that issue especially knows that can't count on. analyst david matheson feels that even though the two nations are providing for me and more now investments in defense assistance there is a long term problem they do in a western diet because the chinese and the russians are going to provide health and education and issues they want to sell weapons and they want to extract natural resources. right now most of the people of myanmar are not aware of any negative impact that the range of crisis might bring but some think that there will be a cost if there's further distancing from the international community and that could impede the progress of reform after years of isolation it's got harder al-jazeera yangon. well there been protests in the philippines against
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a chinese research expedition to an underwater region called venom drive as an important marine area and the for the pain say with untapped resources and the un has declared that it belongs to the philippines general and those on the ports. in two thousand and twelve the united nations confirmed that the bene rise is part of the philippines there are tree it's an undersea plateau located on the country's eastern coast it's at the center of the planet's marine by a diversity and its resources are untapped with more than thirteen million hectares believed to be rich in minerals and gas. which travelled to bynum rise a few months ago back then the philippine military boasted of a long term plan to improve its patrols of the area the agriculture ministry also planned to build a reserve that will be a refuge for filipino fishermen the behnam rise was seen as a possible solution to the country's school shortages but that appears to have
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changed now president rodrigo the third to says china may now lead to exploration in the year he's government says the research is purely scientific but market time experts say deterred as a parent cozying up to china is alarming you can see that this is all part of. this and we're giving history shows bali scene of friendliness stars china which you know a social game going overboard because it's just about in every aspect of of national life not china is also locked in a dispute with the philippines and other countries over the spratleys group of islands in the south china sea it's incursions in the area have raised tension with other regional countries some fear the same could happen in the bin rise it should be a neutral country that have no. that is that had no claim. on our exclusive
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way said let's follow the a.b.c. anyone but china. filipino scientists are demanding parents from the thirty's government they want the government to release the details of the expedition so the public will know the concessions given to china but the government refuses to address the issue directly we do not have. the benham rights because what we only have in the bynum right spite of extended continental shelf is the right to explore and exploit the natural resources found around filipino scientists have been exploring behnam rise for years and want to continue their work although china has become a powerful player in the region many people we spoke to here say they believe the government stand on the issue may endanger the country's interests and those are with longtime allies. again al jazeera. the story is treatment of asylum
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seekers is once again in the spotlight this time of a cabinet documents revealing that a top minister tried to stop hundreds of refugees from starting a new and permanent life in the country the papers revealed that in two thousand and thirteen the ben immigration minister scott morrison asked the country's national security agency to delay checks on seven hundred asylum seekers he wanted them to miss the deadline for a permanent protection visa that would then only permit them to stay in the country for three years more than one hundred moderns have been rescued off the coast of libya after they became stranded trying to cross the mediterranean and dangerous conditions an official from the country's coast guard said the group which included women and children were brought to a naval base in tripoli for medical treatment. and kenya the head of the fire department in the country's capital has been suspended off to far left falls and home this at least four people died and more than fourteen thousand others have
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lost their homes as a she which plays swept through the state area of. kenyan media's reporting that firefighters ran out of water seven off a diving now cape town is on the verge of running out of water the south african city is just seventy one days away from having to shut off most of its taps due to a severe drought residents are blaming the government as they count down to what's being dumped daisy on the twelfth of a full. report. on the streets of cape town over a week to crisis these protesters say the government should have prevented the city is completely mismanaging. they're not taking the weeks to beat using the placing the pipes they want to marry me devices that they know are depicted. but no plan this brings them people actually so they are strangling. reservoirs have been full
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for more than three years because there hasn't been enough rain. the city is limiting each household to fifty liters of water a day that's equivalent to one full basket with eight people in the house up till now we've managed to bring up with the consumption from one thousand kilos. we brought the last month. and we are doing a little bit more in order to bring that for the dough to get it in line with the six p. . m. the first buffy booty from south africa's will to minister says climate change is to blame for the crisis she's urging everyone to cut back. it is therefore important is that all users play their parts introducing more to consumption. the agricultural sector has made a commitment to make sure that they explore innovative solutions so that then there is that the petition to the realities of climate change scientists say the city has
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made significant efforts to deal with the crisis the air time has been incredibly successful with a water the monitoring program which began in a round about ninety ninety and the remarkable thing about this program is that it has managed to line the dumond on what a despotic group a city was growing economic development and population city officials who are ready to pull with days there are the date when taps are expected to run dry that day is now april the twelfth nine days earlier than previously expected it appears that desperate measures to conserve water are having little effect victoria gating be out there. and france they swollen river sand is now threatening towns further downstream from paris heavy rain has flooded embankments forced road closures and canceled of about cruises in the french capital around one and a half thousand people had to leave their homes of a picked up five point eight four on monday high water levels are expected to
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remain for the coming days and fears that may extend into the coming weeks woakes wagon has come under fire from politicians and the public for part funding tests in which monkeys and humans were exposed to toxic fumes a report says the german car maker ordered the studies in two thousand and fourteen along with daimler and b.m.w. the german government has called the tests on justifiable. a remote scottish island opf a say in the government deciding whether to give the local community the right to buy it rather than putting it on the open market or land ownership in scotland as a sensitive issue with a few wealthy people owning half of all private land as one of the philips reports from the government wants to change that. in a distant corner of the british isles i drove through a wild landscape to find an island community that is dying six hundred people lived here on the old in the nineteenth century now there are only six including the
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owner has decided to sell it and rebecca whose children are at school in the neighboring island of maui she fears a new owner could force her family to leave a final blow in the long decline of this community my husband grew up here in our whole lives. to live in years and in belton of her business and our children are very happy at the local skill and i think it would be devastating for us old is littered with empty houses some longer battered recently far from jobs and services this. is a difficult place to survive but the remaining islanders supported by people all want to buy gold for believing they can repopulate it make it viable backed by scotland's government which has new powers to change the pattern of land ownership
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being to change from the present situation where a very large proportion of learning is owned by a very few people. which can't be to the benefit of local communities there's an opportunity under the wonderful legislation in scotland for actually to make a difference. grab it with both the old j.b. howard hughes family have lived here for seventy years believes the community underestimate how much investment alva needs better his land agent told us to find a buyer on the open market if we're trying to get investors here we don't want to put barriers in the way we don't want to frighten them by saying if you buy here well the community or somebody else may come in and stop you we want people who are leaving europe with these like it or you don't when leaving europe we want to encourage investment into this part of the world but donald who runs the little ferry to bow sees the proposed community buyout as old as last chance to speak.
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so we need to get new blood work into the typical. is just one tiny island but the conflict of interests here between local community and landowner is one that resonates through the highlands and islands and through scotland's history scotland's government seems inclined to give the islanders time and money to match the owners price it's intervention being watched far beyond all of barnaby phillips al-jazeera in the scottish highlands. you know get out of the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera syrian warplanes have killed at least twenty people during an offensive on the rebel held province of idlib monitors said the jets targeted a market and then a hospital full of people wounded in the earliest strike comes as russia is hosting a new round of talks in sochi but the main syrian opposition group says it will
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boycott the negotiations. the f.b.i. deputy director has resigned weeks before has official of a target date the u.s. president has repeatedly accused andrew mccabe of political bias donald trump says the cape favored his rival hillary clinton during the two thousand and sixteen presidential race mccabe the resignation comes a week off the u.s. media reported that trump wanted him gone but the white house denies any involvement we've seen numerous ports as all of you have and any specifics i can tell you none of this decision was made by that of the white house in any specifics i would refer you to the f.b.i. president wasn't part of this is you making process and we would refer you to the f.b.i. where christopher ray serves as the director which as i said last week and i'll repeat again today the president has full confidence in him and has put the decisions at the f.b.i.
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in his hands. the long peace talks between the colombian government and rebels have been called off after a series of bombings of the weekend president. has blamed the boxes rebels for the attacks on police stations and three cities arlen's government has agreed to hold a referendum and may on liberalizing the abortion that's currently bad in all cases except where there's a specific threat to the mother's life due to the pregnancy. documents from australia's government show that a top minister tried to stop hundreds of refugees from starting a new and permanent life in the country the papers revealed that in two thousand and thirteen and then immigration minister scott morrison asked the country's national security agency to delay checks on seven hundred asylum seekers he wanted them to miss the deadline for a permanent protection visa that would then permit them to stay in the country for three years those are the headlines on the do stay with us the
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stream is coming up next ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily news biggest tech success story. that i love and we bring you the stories economic world we live in. at this time. ok and you're in the stream today a new bollywood film has people talking about the cost of the most importantly about the message the importance of mental health and hygiene by bringing the story of one indian innovator to the big screen the film's producer director and they are removing stigma.


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