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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 29  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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the government many government is accusing saudi arabia of ignoring the actions by u.a.e. linked forces kenya's opposition says it will swear and its leader as an alternative president it honey general house warn that challenging the official president will amount to treason ceremonies being held at her a national park in nairobi. the f.b.i.'s deputy director andrew mccabe has resigned just weeks before he was due to retire he has been repeatedly criticized by the u.s. government for alleged put a political bias that is the white house has to dying any involvement in mccabe stepping down the speaker of catalonia parliament has postponed the vote for the region's president pushed a man who is in self-imposed exile in brussels he's the only candidate it's unclear when the vote will actually take place a sprains prime minister has warned parliament speaker roger torent that he will face legal consequences if pushed him on as elected the new president. left spain
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or not tobar after his government declared and dependents in a referendum world illegal by madrid. there are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story that are. african union leaders have been holding a summit in the ethiopian capital corruption conflict and funding for the fifty five member bloc tops the agenda. bring in much stated reforms this is inside story. my
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. hello there welcome to the program i'm laura kyle the african union has been around and subdural from the early fifty five years a symbol of african unity in the post-colonial decades but it's faced many challenges in this new era where corruption and conflict continue to dominate the headlines is new chief rwandan president paul kagame a says africa is running out of time to save itself from permanent deprivation he made the comments of the a use annual summit in ethiopia well as his focus is fighting corruption economic commission for africa says the constant news is one hundred forty eight billion dollars a year due to graft that's why the a u has declared two thousand and eighteen african anti corruption. we'll get to our guests in just a moment but first mohamed the story up for us from a use headquarters in addas ababa. one issue that dominated talks of the african
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union summit is the heart of institutional and financial reform of the african union these are feeling that the party continental body needs to get more robust and independent in its financing so that it can make its own independent positions another issue that's really dominated here the talks here is corruption there is a feeling that it has reached some untenable hates fifty billion dollars is mostly in the continent every year through illicit outflows and these are feeling among african leaders that it's time to talk about it. because that is needed to create hope for the thousands upon thousands of young people who are living the continent in search of hope but looking at the composition of the african union membership some of these leaders have come to power through fraudulent elections and many are skeptical whether they can come up with an images that can adequately tackle corruption in the continent. well
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they. may have to implement certain reforms during his tenure as chairman he's pushed for member states to pay a zero point two percent tax on imports from outside africa to make a you less reliant on foreign aid about hoffa's fifty five countries have signed up the reforms commission has discussed shopping a focus to a few areas and reevaluating its many smaller bodies to reflect that there was a wants to encourage more unity across the continent through an african passport and african youth groups and the commission wants to adopt a process to make sure members abide by the a use decision. ok let's bring in our guest now and joining us in dhaka adama gaye a west africa analyst and in a buddha a gem bay a lawyer and former director of north central zone civil liberties organization of a warm welcome to both of you adama the
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a you it's been criticized as inefficient dysfunctional and irrelevant to most africans welcome is reform package correct that look that is really not just an impression but facing that is a very deep shit bailiff for us. but we need to do it and the other side of the. to date at least we did african union to continue as a voice studies that in existence the whole world look up to the african union in article has the idea opinion of the continent take an example recently when mr trump accused in a very negative turns million african country is the african union at least two got by sending a message to him by diplomatic and mediated voices and that led somehow
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to mr trump reverting back and saluting the african country means that you can also take into account some of the other achievement by the african union suggest that despite that ignore all that accept constitutional changes in the conditions that military rule is now almost objecting to the dustbin of history in africa and at least this time around even during have to implement it then come up with some ideas of informed including the financing of the organization's activities by african nations then sense so it's that half full glass and now it's necessary to fill the other side of the glass by african countries themselves and the other guy union as a task achieved with mr khatami coming to that and i suspect that maybe we can see some of the course and changes coming up ok do you agree with that other. larger
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firm mr carr government is right. the royal african you know has been played. recently or has been some improvement on what it used to be but mr khatami is wrong totally wrong where you prove that when you are certain that the african union the perception of the africa you number africans are joan dramatically tough not because one of the cardinal. objectivity of certain of the african union is about fifty years of existence which is the promotion of peace security and stability in the african continent has not been achieved in most very many african countries starting with nigeria there is massive destabilisation of the populace in the not is we had the boko haram consistently page in the social life life of the people in the place between two thousand and fifteen
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and now there's been some appreciable improvement in the security of loss of property in the not is but that has been replaced by is the climate of instability in the north central and also part of the not is i talk about this like terrible like a ben when this north central plateau and the rest so there's a climate of insecurity even here in nigeria and conduct there otherwise i would say that is why has the failed on that count. well one of the reasons why you do within the air you part are played some more fundamental role is that there's be muslim movement in and out of nigeria korea thousand other african countries within the sub region. in a manner that if the african you know where strong where you are active and a vision that should have been able to stop the free movement of terrorists from one country to the other that really the integration that you want to see the cop
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pressure on you all to have theme in them checkmate in the activities of terrorists across this area has not been achieved and while this too because one of the cardinal another cardinal. principle upon with your objective of we did he was found i mean the africa you know of form has also not been achieved and that is the integration of the economies on peoples of the african nations so to that as then mr khatami cannot claim wholesales victory of achievement in the area of integration in the area of percentage perception in the manner that the african nationals or to begin to come into ok i think that while the africa the africa union has done some work there is still throw much more to be done that the african union ought to admit it are filled in doing ok so donna we've got the package of reforms announced like
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a government one of them is to increase efficiency do you think that will then in turn allow it since basso address its main aim its core aim which is peace and security for the continent. this is the voice of just not for a magic. unfortunately one of the listen i didn't intend it to. be limited to the. two issues the negativity the nation which is not only. i think that there are other places in africa but there are going around the places within africa that are very unstable and face huge conflicts that many places that are unstable we have slavery happening in libya we have a migration we have chorus in we have that peace and security challenges those things that exist we are not going to hide them that we have to look at the facts in order to challenge them but if you look at the african union today at least it's
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a box that is accepted and that voice needs to come up with solutions in two thousand to the organization was created but the army if you look up with a cold war and it there were no mechanism for peace and security challenges nothing to address who did but still see started being changed in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight at the care summit of the you mechanism were put in place in order to learn to what is down to peace and security mechanism that the african you know that the upside is as it is called you have also since nine hundred ninety nine in the ugliest summit of the former you that decision to do a military coup makers but we are far far away into ability or the problems of the continent africa is not to get along in studying these problems because not
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forget it is the charter of the united nations that is monday in the uk you article organization of african of you do you have to listens to address peace and security in the world well after cutting the people both believe you need to bring the un you need to put in place there because it and you need about or to make sure that we put money from africa in order to have those forces that will replace peace and security that. i do want to somehow most of the funds out of syria and and once. first of all let me just put this one point to you adela because a common observation of the a you that there's no shortage of solutions being found around the negotiating table in ad is ababa but the problem is implementing them in countries across the continent. yes that's true too implementation is for up have been always the big problems not just of the african union but if you
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did her organization used to be i doubt it that of course so i wrote a lot of implementation have been seen as been seen as one of the big problems but not enough about it and also they have also a public opinion that is existing that is pushing them to telling them that you are just a talking shop you're losing your wallet. you have been a failure nobody respects you so you have to become effective and then people of your proceeds if you want to be respected by the african countries but i think that we need to start by doing things at the lower but we're going to score in we didn't need your help when you're in balance language parlance subsidiary level within the nations of the african union death fifty four if you look at moro side fifty five and if you look at the. african union this is a tension of numbers of states but those are the entities there need to be effective first of all that's happening you need to set up competent people to
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grounding organisations and also you need to ensure that democratically bids because if we don't have democracy going to the best and the practice the talented and really in a sense of the future it is still the state of the cup i don't think that we did it but i am not that kind of puts a withdrawal of the baby with the bus i write that the african union now is just to become hockey fifty fifty and if it does so i believe it got a gift because there is good we from the international community everybody knows that i've yet to make let's put on targets of the world eleven out of three thousand that have as i want to bring you and have adama just mention good well for me it's not a point in wanting to say be a year on the sixteenth but on the issue of. one thing which is one issue when it's a cessna discussed i'm wondering if there's going to be an assistance from the international community on avian taking control of its own things the u.s. the u.k.
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each linage a plan russia or major contributors to the aid in this budget because they then get a say in african affairs so they can speak happy to relinquish control maybe before i respond to the question of funding which is fundamental to how the african union is going to be pursued from now going forward i just want to respond to the comment by my friend from the car he started by saying the problem with nigerian intellectuals i do not think he was responding to the comments i had made those are views that he has held before today and therefore the generalization i would let it pass however some of the commissariat made simply validate the file that the african union has not performed or to mali and the problems even in america indications that the african union can do more i do agree completely that it is not our place to put down the african union is to encourage the african union
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to do what is right and when we talk about the funding of the reforms the problem is that a gunman is proposing they are key if you do not have the funding to implementor you have to go cap in hand begging to be able to implement a program that will help your people that on its own creates a problem of perception it weakens your ability to speak truth to power we believe that the african nations members of the african union are cut people off point in their activities of the african union if you like brass some of the things that militate against the ability to fire on the african union one of them being corruption and it is good that africa you know has recognized that corruption in african nations is a key problem that is why the president mahmoud abbas article real them is. in promoting that he's been given the opportunity to speak to the african people about the question of fighting corruption now in terms of also the management of
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resources in terms of capacity building in terms of development of human infrastructure i mean the human capacity of of africans to be able to deal with the issues how much of our budget go into this these are the critical issues that when african nations gather around the table they should be able to tell themselves that prompt truth that we need to do more we are to be able to deal with this issue because the kind of peer review or mechanism for their citizens understand that because this idea of a getting zero point two percent laissez attacks on imports from outside of africa and every country can ship basing this amount. of the set aside countries have signed up so this is this something that's going to work to fund a year now that shouldn't be a problem because if you have to have five countries signing on that are five countries that are committed to do three fronts to ensure that it works i am sure that between nigeria. south africa quite
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a number of the african countries that have the capacity to even so part the a you i believe that the thirty five thirty five nations are modern enough to be able to show that reforms are cheap it is the a commitment it is what they see as the need for it to be done now quite a number of african countries don't see don't appear to see the african union as the first line of defense for instance that african countries the first deal with france before they talk about africa or the african countries why do we have that because the strength of the african union is not as it should be i mean it can be so that we have a fricken solutions to african problems at every point in time that is not to say we are so let us nor country under the sun today can. stand on its own we need to do business was our continents of the world however do we know that we should be able to do it with respect we big need to be able to speak where we are to speak
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not because we are to live and i've done a lot i'm free man is going to get it done that and this moving moving it on a little bit we're looking at present paul kagame of course he'll ever wonder out of genocide. is he the right man for the job i've been with he's been called a village chief trying to use a village style method in the city and that this doesn't wash that people are unhappy that he hasn't been console seven nuff with the a you are process is that true adama i think mr tunney we may know is a valid and effective leader and he has shown the since he took the realities country one day after the genocide in april ninety ninety four clear the years membership in the vatican we the country and he's dead even goods by brigade economic achievements even though the simpson and nick and public of the country
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still maybe. also democratic just like that but for him to take over at a time when the african union needed this as an actual action to deliver on the policies of reform and the financing of the organization is a good city but he needs a constant people not just the heads of states not just the international community if you talk ordinary people like us because you can't do it can make integration without the people you have to do it with them but so far the good thing is that with the change in time what we have seen happening now in the african union is that at least they're talking of things that matter to people two years but you never heard african union talking about democracy you never hear them talking about fighting corruption that's. that is that rationalization of the activities of the organization looking at peace and security at this desolate what and the second one
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comes at the right time when it comes now to the funding let me talk about something and egypt because when i was there we had difficulties even getting our salaries because there was no problem ican is in on a voluntary contribution by status but of course instituted but first this is living from importation of goods from outside the region and that's how today the cost is being properly funded for a listing salaries and that is the model that the african union is spotty i believe it is a slow takeoff but with the support of mr khatami with this decision and with the understanding by the african nations that they cannot continue dating from other people and has a pot ok program them to fund the building of their headquarters like the chinese empty handed and look spying that echo headquarters of the african union are counting on that of the european nations that guided agenda of the organization i
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think now with a leader who is that a party and a well organized myself and resident present i believe we can now begin the serious thought that the african union needs in order to go forward to action ok other is the time right now i mean program is that he says that the time to change is now there is not urgency felt across the continent that there is a sense of urgency across africa because if you see the level of migration from africa i do risk us with africans are taken to be able to cross the far i desire to be able to make it to europe you know there isn't just to with which the african you know must reform african nations must begin to think of how to ensure that there is sustainable development in. in africa to ensure that up with the number of africans i have been lost on the trail of the militant really healthy through the sahara desert in the last twenty to thirty years perhaps put together could be more
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than the number of africans who died in the transfer her and transatlantic slave trade there is this all just there with which african nations and leaders must therefore i believe the most noble mr paul krugman which is a spirit particularly user experience in bringing to an end the genocide in rwanda and the level of progress randa has made in this number of years is a position to be able to assist to cooperate with other provide leadership to of other african countries to be able to see the science of projects which with africa's most art in any case the level of instability in africa today has been out of the level of the with the tide that we have not been able to get our governance in this is right once we do that africa should be a better place and i think a shoo in did be the best place in the world to reside down as a one year from now can we expect. to be different well we've been seeing
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a new african renaissance you know we can see the scene of the day dreaming and i don't see the things that mistakenly maybe. the god of the messiah will come and fix these problems the problems are so intense people are the city and the brain and you can do simple beating at the african union. proclamation about change because they want the tent they want the international themselves into power law to really work the people but at this the mere fact that they're realizing that we're no longer going to keep this is a good thing and that is the thought that african people. as a community where they. putting their money good people more and more being money to deliver the goods that they expect for the continent democrats see good governance infrastructures and to make sure that africa is not the brightest it
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could allies but other than beloved agent world bank i read all the important missions by that their partners china european countries you never said you did it so mr khatami made plain rude but not what is generally said as a whole would hand-write the african continent if it's all going to be good just part of the tradition but the whole sedition to be democratic in the senate i don't implement that at all levels and everything subsidiaries eleven within the nations so that the african union would just be somehow. britta of the vision and the dream of going to the fore i was. not and i think we do know that the leaders got sent it i'm afraid we have run out of time very enticing debate between the chevy said thank you very much taking time to join us here on inside story adamic i and.
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agenda. thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website that's al-jazeera dot com and further discussion to get her facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter i have less as a.j. inside story from me laura carl and the whole team have a spy for now. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
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possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the palestine national locust was first founded in the one nine hundred thirty s. but has had to be revived in two thousand and ten all was very important for me to sing in palestine now musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the occupied territories so good philistine it's like every palestinian living in the us poor felt it was the first time they performed using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as
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a force for unity the diaspora orchestra at this time twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult hood if i take two decades following the development of a life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl from wang joe do you know me at this time on al-jazeera. your child has their arms the whole rob and these are our top news stories secessionist forces in yemen are reported to have taken control of the southern port city of aden the reuters news agency says the forces which are backed by the us.


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