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just. hold the benefit of saddam people so bad to see all. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. southern city of aden is thrown into turmoil secessionist say they've taken control . of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the. russian sponsored
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talks on the war in syria a marked by heckling at an airport protest by the opposition delegation. i can your blocks t.v. and radio stations from broadcasting opposition leader. mark inauguration ceremony . and the philippines government declares war on fake news that some say is just a way to stifle freedom of speech. and the first to yemen the west the session is forces say they've taken control of the southern port city of aden that's where the saudi backed government of president. has been based in twenty fourteen when it was pushed out of the capital by hoofy rebels russia's news agency says the forces which are backed by the u.a.e. have confined the government of president hadi to the presidential palace
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suggesting splits in a saudi led coalition where some of the has the latest. the seat of power for yemen's government is no longer under its control this is the sudden port city of aden where secessionist say they are now in charge fighters from the sudden transitional council have seized areas around the presidential palace and military bases. the prime minister's call to cease fire has not but the government of president. the is based out of saudi arabia and the man he appointed as governor of aden now heads the separatist movement secessionist said given how the made him to change his government and when the deadline expired on sunday thousands of their supporters took to the streets of aden. that. we demand this corrupt gang in the liberated southern areas be expelled our youth have sacrificed for the school these sacrifices cannot go down the drain and see this corrupt gang and power to them we say enough is enough. many people in the south of accuse the
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government in the north of discrimination since united in one thousand nine hundred the situation has worsened since the war against the who began three years ago. we aspire to form a state the coalition must consider our cause if not they will be the losers as we were store our country and our state that early on they are here today holding our ground you'll remain in the streets we will topple the field government we will topple bin and his government as they've humiliated our people the people. the saudi led coalition was supposed to fight the iran backed with the rebels you could call much of the north including the capital. and the united arab emirates which is part of that coalition has been supporting the separatists in the south where you a partner saudi arabia backs the internationally recognized government which no longer has any control in the north or the south but despite that the saudis insist the coalition has been splinted. the position of the u.a.e.
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remains deeply consistent with other members of the coalition concerning the yemen crisis the foreign ministers meeting last week was good evidence that members of the coalition are united and will take the liberation of yemen as their ultimate goal but instead of liberating and uniting yemen the war seems to have pushed the country to the brink of breaking up some of the job he'd held as there. were. extensively he joins us from doha is it a game changer in yemen. it is in a way lauren because now the secessionist of the south moving one step closer to declaring the south of yemen and their control now the secessionist backed by the united. have the upper say in aden in how that are most likely to further expand their control to other areas like b.n.
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and also of which gives them more advantages in the near future of the of the most powerful military group operating there are the same time the internationally recognized government of president. is losing ground his ministers as we speak are now the seeds in the government's compound in the city of aden there are talks which are underway so that they can be evacuated towards saudi arabia this is definitely a turning point now it's in yemen and what does it mean for the region. more instability definitely because with this is fashion is now taking control i have to say that this is sentiment has been there in yemen for quite some time because they feel like they have been betrayed discriminated against by the political elite in the north and they said that since they joined the union into in one thousand nine hundred ninety nothing positive has come out of that union so they would like to reinstate the republic that existed before nineteen ninety however under the
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current situation more instability means groups like. i said could further take advantage and and move into those areas we're talking about an area of massive xiu strategic importance the gulf of aden babel mend out of the crossroads of some of the busiest sea lanes in the world. for a global trade the crucial for the shipment of oil worldwide there are crucial for security for the united states of america for the european union we're talking about an area which is almost they bring the horn of africa with all the problems that we've seen over the last few years it also raises questions about whether saudi arabia and the u.a.e. the biggest players in the a man on a collision course or they are now trying to further undermine. harvey had he is based in yemen in theory you'd expect this man to be backed by saudi arabia what we're seeing right now is totally different the man is being completely undermined
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his losing complete control of the last remaining areas he used to control for quite some time so now yemen is left with two things there is a this is actually the south both is controlling the north. ashleigh thank you very much indeed. can you know position movement has been declared a criminal group by the government following a symbolic swearing. in a leader. i. staged inauguration was an act of protest by adding his supporters who say he's kenya's legitimate leader they say hurrican yes his presidential election was neither free nor fed and yes it was sworn in himself in december after he won a rerun of the original vote preference or has more from nairobi. well thousands of
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people while here to witness the swearing in of and it was a bit anticlimactic for many of them who left disappointed and we talked to some of them who said the reason why they're disappointed is because three of the main opposition coalition partners did not show up in clued in along with this deputy was supposed to be sworn in along alongside people are disappointed that that did not happen they're saying their presence here would have shown that the opposition is really united. that he is going to give details as to why those principles did not show up other people we talked to here say that it doesn't really. just warm the bible to protect and serve the people of kenya as the people's president so people that we talked to here are saying his supporters saying that they're pegging their hopes on him that he is to change that opinion so
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going forward it will be interesting to see what he does after today it will also be interesting to see and get more details about what this people's president and tales. russians forms of talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have begun in the black sea resort of sochi but day one has been punctuated with disagreements interruptions and delays event has been boycotted by the leadership of the syrian opposition the u.s. britain and france where they support a separate u.n. mediated process which itself has failed to get anywhere some delegates heckled the russian foreign minister when he read a statement from president vladimir putin they accused moscow of killing civilians and some opposition delegates refused even to leave sochi airport for the talks because syrian government flags were displayed at the terminal. rather bumpy start to this day. it has been year
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for various reasons and for various different people as you suggested there it's been difficult for the opposition to really come around and view this and view this process as anything other than a russian orchestrated way to circumvent the geneva process that's why many of them refused to come here that's why the syria negotiating committee didn't want to come there were other groups who pulled away from this whole process on monday saying that while there were still attacks going on in the countryside massacres as they put it they were prepared to come here to sochi and there was that the airport overnights where a turkish backed group of opposition didn't like the fact that the airport was draped in syrian government flags and turned around and went home again deferring all of their author of teas to the the turkish government representatives here it's
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basically paints a picture all of first of all an opposition that is not very unified and that's been the problem throughout the whole syria negotiation process is and also it paints a picture of a conference here that is basically now essentially a fairly unbalanced one in that it doesn't it doesn't portray doesn't represent the views of a large group of syrian opposition figures and really given all that how likely is it that any progress we need. well russia is going to talk up the benefits of all this russia says the world doesn't matter that all those people are staying away because what you have here is still one thousand five hundred or so delegates from across the spectrum of syrian society you've got religious figures you've got political figures cultural figures business figures who are coming together. to talk about the future of syria russia says that is an important
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thing regardless of whether various opposition people are here and what it wants to come out of this is some sort of constitutional committee that can then be put to the united nations essentially stephan de mistura the special envoy for the u.n. is here to watch over all of this the idea from russia is that this constitutional committee is going to be vetted by mr de mistura and then is going to feed in to the geneva process which is you know ultimately what's going to provide at some point in the future whenever that might may be the final political settlement for this war torn country berish allan's in sochi thank you very much indeed. still to come on the program donald trump gets ready to deliver his state of the union address it can rally a deeply divided nation. and why one of the world centers a virtual currencies is cracking down on the trade of crypto currencies.
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how low the weather remains rather kristen told across the good parts of central and eastern china clearing skies here that's allowed those temperatures to fall away quite sharply we've had a good covering of snow recently of course into central and eastern parts of china it's going to stay on the chilly side here as we go through the next diot say although the temperatures will edge up in the right direction so shanghai with a top temperature of around five degrees celsius the mold leeway and packing those temperatures back to just eleven degrees there in hong kong but to start it up as we make our way through the second half of the week thursday was a high of around fourteen souses in hong kong you are six degrees there for shanghai that cold air has also penner for the traded in. to the north of vietnam
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hanoi at around fifteen celsius but you come further west and it's a. sunny with some warm sunshine it's also want to see showers into sri lanka over the next say to see this little area of father has making their way through the showers into eastern and southern parts of sri lanka elsewhere shani dry across south asia. making its way across afghanistan the same area the pool a good covering into iraq it will make its way further east was as we go through thursday. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about
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creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. i want to know the top stories here al-jazeera session this forces say they've taken control of yemen's southern port city of aden they reportedly can find the government of president of rebel months or hardee to the presidential palace. russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria that began in the black sea resort of sochi they've been punctuated with disagreements interruptions and delays. by the kenyan opposition movement has been declared
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a criminal group by the government or in the symbolic swearing in of an aide to write a dinner. u.s. active state and defense minister meeting that counterparts from qatar in washington d.c. ahead of their closed meetings. said the u.s. was keen to find a solution to the gulf crisis seen several arab nations cut off all ties with qatar this dispute has had direct negative consequences economically and militarily for those involved as well as the united states well concerned by the rhetoric and propaganda employed in the region playing out daily in mainstream and social media it is critical that all parties minimize rhetoric exercise restraint to avoid further escalation and work toward a resolution. they united g.c.c. bolsters our effectiveness so many fronts particularly on counter terror countering terrorism defeating isis and countering the spread of iran it's mine and plans. to
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go ahead in washington d.c. per se apart from what i hope for a resolution to this is there anything will concrete in terms of trying to resolve the d.c.c. crisis that's come out of the meeting of the. well i think the meeting itself is trying to send a strong message to three people and that would be president donald trump the leaders of the united arab emirates and of course the crown prince and saudi arabia really all of this designed to send the message that secretary madison secretary tillerson have said since the beginning is that this is not in the u.s. interest and here's why that matters what he just said there because he says it's impacting the u.s. militarily obviously that is going to be a problem for president donald trump if this continues let's not forget at the very outset of the blockade it's believed that president trump well in saudi arabia gave a nod to the blockade. initially came out and sided with the blockading countries
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since secretary of state rex tillerson and secretary of defense to medicine got involved though he's really sort of walked that back but at the same time there hasn't been much movement we saw president trump himself say that he wanted the sides to talk that they should come to the white house and he would negotiate it very quickly there was a brief phone call but that was basically it nothing has moved the needle so what you're seeing here is a message from the secretaries of state and defense and also i have to point out a very concerted p.r. effort on behalf of qatar you're really starting to see it talked a lot about war in the united states in prominent magazines and newspapers from prominent people so it's a push to try to resolve that whether or not it will have that impact not clear but one thing i think that was very important that was highlighted at the very end of the meeting is one of this one of the things they did is sign to understanding basically that the u.s. intends to work jointly with qatar to deter confront external pressures to qatar's turk territorial integrity so sending the message if anybody thought that maybe
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they should move in don't you mention that initial sort of discrepancy between what president was saying about the dispute and what the two sections of state were saying is it your impression that they are i mean you said that the. same page but how far does that go. can we not tell of a stage. well it's been interesting to look at the readouts of phone calls that we see from president trump he has made several calls to the leaders of saudi arabia and also kuwait and always talks about how the g.c.c. unity is important so it does seem that there are still things happening behind the scenes interesting play i thought from the qatari foreign minister remember donald trump is a man who sees most things through the prism of business and deals and he was so interested with saudi arabia because when he went there they announced three hundred billion dollars worth of deals that would improve the u.s. economy now fact checkers went back and said lot of those deals were put together under president obama and a lot of them are just saying hey one day we'd like to buy this stuff not any sort
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of agreement but what you saw the qatari foreign minister do is come out and say we're going to put one hundred billion dollars into the u.s. economy including ten billion and infrastructure talk to a creating thousands of jobs in the united states and then went on to bring up the standoff say we're be able to do this even with those conditions sort of indicating or hinting we could do more if the blockade was lifted also i thought it was interesting the qatari defense minister sent the message repeatedly both here and at a think tank yesterday try to remember to remind the united states that when saudi arabian troops kicked the u.s. troops out of their country cut or happily took them and the minister says we're going to spend even more money to make them more comfortable building housing units a state of the art schools for u.s. troops kids and entertainment facilities on base thank you very much indeed. what on trumpet will give his state of the union address to congress on tuesday kicking off his second year in office the us president will lay out his agenda as he seeks to rally
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a deeply divided nation and sagging approval ratings white house has described his speech as incredible to me how carports washington d.c. . donald trump isn't known for modesty most people expect him to spend much of his state of the union address highlighting what he boasts as evidence of success from his first year in office passing a one point five trillion dollar tax reform bill drops an unemployment and driving the historic gains in the stock market. of the field right now out of the sky. trump is known for his off the cuff remarks but the u.s. president displayed none of that last year in his first address to congress and most expect the u.s. president will appear as what's been dubbed teleprompter trope veering little from prepared remarks his aim to sound presidential much as he did last week in davos switzerland there has never been
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a better time to hire to build to invest and grow in the united states no issue is more divisive at the moment been immigration trump wants twenty five billion to build his wall along the southern border with mexico something he will request on tuesday but there's pressure on him to protect the children of illegal immigrants as well the issue is so contentious it recently shut down the government . as celebrities like pop star cash use their star status to shine a light on sexual harassment and unequal treatment of women its unlikely trump will acknowledge the hash tag me to movement even as his poll numbers continue to be low amongst women trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least nineteen women another press. so that might you know make someone laugh or into the meat to move he won not for obvious reasons but i guess and i think that's
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a mistake in fact some democratic lawmakers are boycotting the address for that very reason at this forum analysts agreed he should play up republican accomplishments particularly when it comes to foreign policy i think you're going to see the president take quite a bit of credit for protests in iran i think you're going to see the president right we take credit for what has happened with those in particular it's unlikely donald trump will mention in his speech the accusations of collusion or russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election that continue to trouble the trump wait house can really help at al-jazeera washington a coalition of egyptian opposition parties haven't us though boycott the upcoming presidential election and of course on the public to do the same a spokesman for the civil democratic movement cited a wave of repression in the lead up to the march vote as reason for their decision not to participate president of defacto cc's leading challenger former military
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chief of staff sami anon was arrested last week a number of other candidates have withdrawn because of intimidation concerns united nations children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea with a situation made worse by international sanctions are being put in place because of north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs last week the u.s. and its new sanctions on several nice nations and people and on six north korean ships the twenty seven year old man has been arrested over the rape of a baby girl in india the eight month old baby is being treated for serious internal injuries and has had a three hour operation in the capital delhi the twenty seven year old man arrested and charged is the baby's cousin nearly eleven thousand cases of child rape reported in india in twenty fifteen. the government of the philippines is introducing new laws to stop what it calls fake news but opponents say the move is
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an attack on free speech aimed at punishing journalists and bloggers who criticize president regular tatty to rely on and again reports. the best antidote to fake news is truth filipino journalists are demanding accountability from president good legal detectives government they say journalism has been under siege mostly from doctors to supporters and some members of his government fuels massage any rappler an online news site known to be critical of the government had its license revoked over a technicality a few weeks ago thing. in the past the turkey has said corrupt journalists are not exempt from assassination words that appear to have found a residence with his supporters rappler c.e.o. maria ressa says deter does presidency in two thousand and sixteen was largely want through social media and the internet has been used as a weapon since then she says some of those leading the attacks are part of the
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government machinery the end goal is to silence dissent when people don't know what is real and what is fake when facts don't matter then the voice with the loudest megaphone gains more power the presidential communications agency admits it has made mistakes but denies these were all intentional but it continues to employ bloggers who have in the past released false statements and used violent rhetoric bloggers like assistant secretary michael saw and was around five point five million followers on facebook. i told her aspirants your blog is concerned it does not reflect the p.c. views. but after decades of restrictions and controlled during the rule of president ford and marcus the media in the philippines became one of the most influential institutions in the country but the community to protect journalists
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also ranks the philippines as one of the most dangerous places in the world to work . journalists in far flung villages have been shot at point blank range cases have been filed but these remain largely unsolved but legislators believe freedom of expression has been abused and want restrictions on the media critics say the territory is using a twenty first century playbook using the internet as a weapon journalists at the senate today are demanding accountability and say they will not back down but many here question just how long they will be able to hold out or whether they can resist threats of government regulation there's never been such a for a time for the philippine media to malawi dogon al-jazeera manila south korea is cracking down on the trade of cryptocurrency is like but corn the government is banning anonymous trading many people have to buy and sell from bank accounts set
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up in their real names and his cuff you know back reports from the capital so it's splitting opinion in a nation that's one of the world's centers of virtual currencies. park young uk hasn't worked since he quit his job at a pub in july he hopes to find a new role through a government employment program in the meantime he's trying his luck trading digital currencies. i've been living off my savings i have expenses but knowing come so i thought big coin could be a way to earn some money with a. park could only invest about five hundred dollars but was happy to make one hundred dollar profit when prices surged came to one's company specializes in block chain the technology underpinning crypto currencies he says they're attractive for many who find it hard to keep up with the rising cost of living and bank interest rates are low and there are limited to opportunities for investment so the new cryptocurrency disappeared along in on time to return on investment it's estimated
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more than two million south koreans own cryptocurrency. south korea accounts for ten percent of global trade but south korea's economy accounts for less than two percent of the global economy so the market is overheated by about five fold at times demand has driven prices on local exchanges higher than those overseas a mark up known as the kimchi premium. has seen a phenomenon that can be described as a craze a culture tantamount to gambling has been promoting the justice minister parks and he has made a similar comparisons to gambling which is generally illegal here for south korean citizens earlier this month he said his ministry was preparing legislation to ban crypto currency trading. global prices tumbled after the comments then the president's office clarified that a band was just one measure being considered the government says new regulations
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banning anonymous trading are designed to prevent crimes such as money laundering and tax evasion it's also concerned about security north korea is. suspected of being behind hacks targeting south korean exchanges but many investors aren't happy park young says the government is trying to go back in time and more than two hundred thousand people have signed an online petition against a major cryptocurrency crackdown kathy novak al jazeera saw. and we're going to run to the top stories on our jazeera secessionist forces say they've taken control of the southern port city of aden that's where the saudi backed government of president or hardy had been basins twenty fourteen when it was pushed out of the capital by who the rebels the russian's news agency says the u.a.e. backed forces have confined the government of president hadi to the presidential
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palace suggesting splits in the saudi led coalition. has more now this assassination of the south moving one step closer to declaring the south of yemen and their control now the succession is backed by the united. have the opposite in aden and how that are most likely to further expand their control to other areas like b.n. and also of which gives them more advantages in the near future of the of the most powerful but it's a group operating the russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria has begun in the black sea resort of sochi but they've been punctuated with disagreements interruptions and delays some delegates heckled the russian foreign minister when he read a statement from president vladimir putin event has been boycotted by the leadership of the syrian opposition and representatives from the u.s.
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britain and france who support a separate u.n. mediated process. the kenyan opposition movement has been declared a criminal group by the government following the symbolic swearing in of leader. staged inauguration was an act of protest by adding his supporters who say he is kenya's legitimate leader they argue that a hurricane yet as presidential election was neither free nor fair kenyatta was sworn in himself in december after he won a rerun of august's original vote. the u.s. secretary of state and defense minister meeting their counterparts from qatar in the washington d.c. ahead of a closed meeting sector state rex tillerson so the u.s. was keen to find a solution to the gulf crisis that seen several arab nations cut off all ties with qatar united nations children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea the situation made worse by international
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sanctions if you stay with us here on innovate africa is next more news for you straight after that picture much watching seeing a bit by from. africa a new series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent that is on the rise. today in the great africa. taking high tech teaching to south african townships the music. of using.


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