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tv   The Diaspora Orchestra  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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seven decades ago a country was split into we began with them going in and now i. believe they all it took was a plan a map of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant to had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood at this time. you're watching al-jazeera i'm still wrong with these are all top news stories the european union says it's increasing its financial support to the palestinian territories following the u.s. decision to withhold funding earlier this month international donors to palestine
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are meeting in brussels to discuss the funding crisis with the un warning garza colony is now on the third of collapse. we know the more we can achieve progress on the ground the more this can help prevent violence and the more this can help also the c.e.o. of political process so in this context we believe it is important that the palestinian authority is committed to unite the west bank and gaza on the one single and legitimate authority no u.s. president donald trump has given his first state of the union address urging republicans and democrats to unite behind his immigration policies and a one point five trillion dollars infrastructure plan trucker's promising to strengthen the military and to keep guantanamo bay prison open indefinitely he also warned against the nuclear threat from north korea. north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland we are waging
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a campaign of maximum pressure to prevent that from ever happening hasta experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation i will not repeat the mistakes of past administrations that got us into this very dangerous position we need only look at the deprived character of the north korean regime to understand the nature of the nuclear threat it could pose to america and to our allies in our old style feingold is a republican political strategist at the advisory firm d.c. international he says trump's rhetoric called north korea has had a positive implant. well we have to keep in mind that president trump and his team have very strong believe that their tactics which includes the president's tone or
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over the last year has worked it prompted north korea to reach out to south korea and begin some negotiations they also believe that they are told has prompted the international community to do more on north korea whether it's on sanctions enforcement were just not welcoming north koreans to their countries to do business or maintain diplomatic posts so the tone just does not concern the trump administration or the reaction or potential reaction from north korea is certainly not going to factor into the word choice or the tone of voice that the president uses when he talks about north korea and we saw that again in the state of the union more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in pakistan to the governments that it will no longer extend their refugee status the legal status officially expired on december the thirty first but the pakistani cabinet had extended their stay by one more month rusher and turkey's
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president say they're satisfied with the results of the syria peace talks that have concluded in sochi the russian sponsored told scented with a call for elections but the main syrian opposition which boycotted the event says key demands were ignored the informal agreements have been made the british prime minister to reserve may has begun a three day visit to china she's pushing for new trade deals in the u.k. as the u.k. prepares to leave the european union they met with chinese premier at the queen hearing before so who says they signed about a dozen agreements on this when they you know we always have eyes on the common interests between china and the u.s. looking at the relationship it's true that there are certain differences but if you look at the bigger picture i'm sure that our common interests far outweigh our differences and disagreements and sky watchers will soon be able to witness the start of a three part alluded phenomena. these are live pictures of it so far the so-called super blood to moon really hasn't been seen for more than
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a hundred fifty years it will appear much bigger brighter than usual both americans have set their lawns to catch a glimpse of the total lunar eclipse it will also have you seen in many parts of asia and the pacific rim those with the news headlines out of their wealth continues i'll see you in thirty minutes.
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it was. it. was. an in the orchestra kind of semi security in the corner in no small orchestra a symphony for us to look at some of them looked a lot but it tanya said limit so evil of just so limited as it was a limitless seems. as if you know. leonard had it and that has an advantage when. it should i believe in god or the nation all of us a bit of a few don't buckle. and walk in the name of just what any
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a double shift. a word of dishonesty need to lead oh we'll always did you my lad if you mean for the sin. we lead. must put in the sad little head into the sadness. i don't know charlie i have to tell you my name is mamma and i know i caught it in it. about e-mail so that there's a coincidence between how to make something is good like but i seen an orchestra in the orchestra and you backed by the sunni and you are charlie chut and we know your family so we will we love to enjoy in the circus and you can meet other by sunni and maybe from different guns mohammed it's nice to meet you mike i'm charley
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as you know and i live in los angeles i'm so glad that you contacted me so this is sounds like such a wonderful opportunity coming up to palestine to perform with my my fellow musicians and probably some relatives as well you know. my father and my uncles all grew up in jerusalem and it's just such a treat to be able to go back finally thank you so see see you soon i think ok sounds great and but are they ready yet. so what about it. and end with this x. well. dismantle orchestra and you live in fear. and no no well yeah but then again i'm here to the beach at the family
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before lafayette from a little bit yeah they literally had it with a quick look at the quote. many risk you i never said if you need to get up oh well come dine me i'm not going to. thank you for going to it with elements of a kind of on about us a little bit live when but it's often said. that it was happy to be the first book double benefit of all. that in the book i have found that you'll definitely. let me think other than the. love. of it.
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i was born here in the united states my dad is from palestine he came over in one nine hundred fifty and lived here and started his family here and we've lived always in southern california i'm a professional violinist and i. i do music for movies soundtracks and commercials
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and record projects i received an e-mail from an orchestra that i work with here in los angeles they had forwarded to me the correspondence they received from tim party from the national orchestra on the edward sade institute looking for me i'm not sure how he'd discovered me or knew that i was living here but they forward me the e-mail and it was kind of quizzical that somebody was looking for me from that part of the world professionally not it wasn't a family member or something like that so it was quite interesting and intriguing when i got this e-mail and when i learned what it was all about i was very excited to hear that they were trying to bring people from around the world back to to create music.
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mostly orchestras that i worked with in my career have been in los angeles and it's about your ability and how you perform on your instrument doing a project like this was it was more than just being able to play your instrument it was communing with with people and in a way almost family. playing music with them and many of them from all over the world from europe and south america and then in the states and and being able to put it assemble a group together like that was it was really something it felt it felt like something very important was happening and especially through music music is such a great language the the in the. the .
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old. the the. old the even. the the with the you. the news. and it's me the mobile was in the woods and i'm in the lead that would have done in the premier suddenly have a special sunday but answer could well have been or still when when did he for the holiday season feel i do but orchestra. fuzzily was minister m.s.n. and extra shuffling and know how bullied the habbush ape e.-d.
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were up to who my last will sit by a mile mark and who had them but get it in mostly to hold em in uk but in most of the us only but little as said the little editor who the i'm going to outreach project danny. i. couldn't member of an orchestra anyone could have been hooked up . with less than what had. been a dish with. this. woman in the. years. the.
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new who can. you know who know. a bit. who are. not enough to be. the energy head of women. behind. us at n.b.c. today. i miss my mother. but. don't worry about her
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son on the. one hundred level but along with that there's. i definitely think i was out of it if you could have be had that i didn't know yet to davis that how way i'll survive for you on it as a kind of b. day heading in the i me a live shot of that if i had to be a no one madman no is yet to make any q. no will see a few five could be a bust but look awfully she sighed one of the i've been he had and it had been anyone could handle most of them but he standing back to you says i'm a father and must leave it open each i says in the jeep was a boy in the bunch of it that hey. they. put it on a must have it as ever be on a fact he. a. mechanic and he had
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a choice in the authority and mechanic andy the ocean they know many times or she has any. other message than at the head of the. bunny and he figured it couldn't fall asleep. and if i don't come on board the ship that. no i mean how it got out of the barn or in the nick of the horn millennium or said wilson to get in even that's a given but i mean you could take
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a mule and the many men when mackinnon emmons would be a malignant man must have animal at arc and nominally do a little below and in the duel isn't a b. if i lost any i'd seen what community if they yield to start at that fashion he couldn't lemme lemony jewish the little figure in the wall the old man locked up for you but what for shit that the street she feeds him out of will trina filho of a damn fool some awful evie frequency man the manager bob diamond forgot the heloc to get in with the jimmy and. been there for mostly michelin on the shores i. was.
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my name is mary m. to maddy my father was palestinian and my mother is japanese. i grew up in japan and i studied in the united states and i live in paris now i certainly listen to all different kinds of music i like rock and. and popular music as well but very since very very early age i must say since around three or four i tend to fight very specifically was classical music and as soon as i started actually singing classical music myself i immediately knew that this was the way that i can express myself the most and the most fully always very important for me to sing in palestine and also with palestinians abroad as well too
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because i love i love palestine i love palestinians and i love being in this in this culture and a part of it my background as a palestinian and as a japanese those are the strongest of course that's part of my head. was. i feel that my background has helped me immensely. is a big part of who i am so i grew up listening to a lot of classical music certainly song by my aunt danielle but also my father
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listened to a lot of bach and mozart at home all the arts played a huge part of my daily life since i was born i would just like to say that all was so thrilled to be here so thrilled to the always welcomed back they say you know they say welcome home to me when i'm here even if it's been even if it's been a few years that i haven't been back and even if i'm so ashamed that i don't speak arabic but they but my family and friends always say welcome home and that is how i feel so i really am grateful for that.
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i was recording this morning at capitol records for a show called the x. factor we do it usually on sundays every week it ranges from a couple hours to several hours today was about a three hour session. and my uncle is joining us he has traveled from northern california city called palo alto. and he'll be arriving at los angeles international airport where we're on our way to go collect them i think are going to really. joy meeting him because he is from palestine born and raised in palestine speaks arabic unfortunately i speak no arabic so i know i'm really happy that i can bring my uncle and he can add some culture to our of our gathering here so for now i'll grab my uncle and head back to the house and then i will spend some time ago.
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traveling. why you made it up in the fantastic. so much recovery. from the bottom out in all their. lives that mony mony needed to my shop in the. right right. will talk about. whatever they. want to know the forge a kind of hortons on up when we're going to the from. the city.
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just here i was chickens come. i live with. the fact is they took their land and i remember it became. but nineteen forty four forty five forty six. it became impossible to go from one place to another without having an id and that's was restricting our freedom and it became ugly that we have to put up with
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a foreigner have telling us where to go when to go. and now what i see the situation is happening in palestine that you have to secede your land and give it to these people because they tell you saw i'm sorry the military said we have to mow down your house we don't care where you go or we hope you die in the desert somewhere that is an affront to humanity these are some of the pictures of villa. and the tumbi a section of jerusalem where i was born. and this is a picture of the very last it was completed in one thousand nine hundred twenty six this is a picture that is now touted the net to show villa how rashid
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. was taken by the israeli government golda mayer lived in this house and i think bay was married in this house too and golda may have denied in her memoirs that an arab ever lived in that house and she also marred the name of the will of her rashid. so that counts for bernadotte who had not noticed that she is living in the arabs house.
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i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see me important they are guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. february on al-jazeera south korea has the twenty eighteen winter olympics can records be broken al-jazeera will bring you the latest from pyongyang chimed the big picture examines the present day crisis in venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past senior officials will meet to discuss the biggest security challenges facing our wild will be live from the munich security conference
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partition borders of blood looks at the troubled legacy of the events that shaped the indian subcontinent and in a series of special reports we look at new trade and travel rates which are opening up the. february on al-jazeera. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home one when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching out of their arms the whole robin and these are all top news stories the european union is giving an extra fifty three million dollars in aid to palestine following the u.s. decision to withhold funding to use foreign policy chief or to recover buggering he
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made the announcement at a donors meeting in brussels the u.n. has warned that girls economy is on the verge of collapse. we know the more we can achieve progress on the ground the more this can help prevent violence and the more this can help also is a political process so in this context we believe it is important that the palestinian authority is committed to unite the west bank and gaza on the one single and legitimate authority us president donald trump has given his first state of the union address urging republicans and democrats to unite behind his immigration policies and one point five trillion dollars if the structure plan trump is also promising to strengthen the military and to keep the guantanamo bay prison open indefinitely. more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in barca's than after the government said it will no longer extend their refugee status their legal status officially expired on december
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thirty first but the pakistani cabinet had extended their stay by one month. rusher and turkey's president of said that they are satisfied with the results of the syria peace talks that have concluded in sochi the russian sponsored talks ended with a call for elections but the main opposition which boycotted the event says key demands were ignored no formal agreements have been made. british lawyers are submitting a review of human rights inside the arabia to the un human rights council saudi arabia is currently chairing the council but is facing growing criticism over worsening human rights in the kingdom of british business leaders of start of a three day trip to china by signing thirty billion dollars worth of trade deals the premier league and welcome to prime minister trees in may and a fifty strong trade delegation britain hopes to secure a free trade agreement before it leaves the european union. celestial event known as the super blue blood moon is gracing the night skies here are the latest
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pictures of the movie set in los angeles the three part lunar eclipse means the moon appears much bigger brighter and brighter than usual it's the first time a blood moon has made to parents in decades to stay with us. when charlie found out about the palestine orchestra he was and through z. asked dick because of his background to go palestine and share all his time with with all these people that you know he loved that he loved me there and i hope he can continue.
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there is something about music and it depending on the style that you're doing but for me when i when i'm playing and performing especially if you get taken into a world where you know you're you're thinking about your music only you know you're not thinking about what's happening back home and you're dealing with issues that are difficult at home or in your family or your friends or anything like that you're in you're in the moment of the music and it's kind of a respite from from the daily grind of life so i really look forward to the concerts especially because you get a you get a break from from reality really you're just in this world of music and it's refreshing to be doing that and not thinking about everything else that you're going to be thinking about once it's over.
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so i'm just getting my things together for the trip and i'm packing what i think i might need over there the weather is probably going to be. it might be a little chilly so i've got a couple things that i'd like to have with me along with my performing outfit and some gifts for some family members and things like that we're joining maybe fifty or sixty members of the orchestra that are coming many of them from all different parts of the world from including europe and south america and is in the states like me and so i'm going to take these things with me and i'll grab my violin and i will head to the airport and begin the journey.
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of. the book of love the liffey by many a mile out of condiments on a. sure and stick it in the well head is it could be and. it is. beloved in the could you couldn't even look. at the could it is that the could develop into. a box
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we have bought. the second for the party be home again and i was a year put on i'll be what i thought. as you could. see and it was kind of a list. you know i mean i'm cousin e. in the second is able to have a blue. moon so it could be emma what i was about but one of the that i know lol mother publicans all of us but i was not going to was.
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an adult. no. cause. and mostly coffee couldn't process. chickenfoot of the book. but a common cold but the matecumbe chickens or make it to. this dems love roth man economic theory but how are the dems common cold can also model him about the freehold in no mood but what if we are. about what values it could be the
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middle a millionaire model with a millionaire it was a week walk or. don't have been the whole you can have bitten me. today clearly the. he had had me him then you been back into an abyss a mess my husband and me the matter can have and enough to share. a bad
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command mariam. learn had that as a buffer to look into the can i have a lot of issues and i managed and i thought it does will be a feather to be a dick beauty best than isabel national camembert the laughlin and has a more t.m.i. or at home more him a kid in the corner cellar with a sort of a tom can measure the fellas in a year why he and butter out in the usual had a d. a computer in home or in. the home to mom was that like a guess this is a sign from the homeless. i'm
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always looking for palestinian poetry to sing and this poem particularly special to my heart because first of all it's by the great. and. i really felt close to it because i feel also like. i'm palestinian but like so many of us in the diaspora so many of us who had to leave. i speak also as somebody from a far away land. and somebody who who feels this great nostalgia whenever i return and also i feel that the poem is really speaking about the experience of somebody like my father who had to leave.
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as a child and. he feels he has been living in exile his whole life but every day dreaming of palestine every day has his heart is in palestine so i feel that this poem really speaks beautifully about this experience of exile as the palestinian. leak. proof. was.
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read oh oh. did. you.
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know but to see him know what. i let me. out of the.
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that. was.
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another one to find out. for us out. of a little. well as a failure of history has had a role. because if the how we talk about how we as voters that are invalid then you hear from us the in hoc no no as if i'm in. academia. or we had a few nor would we said this one phone call or human foreseen said we need a bomb or in a bad thought because that or because if it only because i was there because hell
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you know and the mission had to flee but at the back of my elbow but with a will of about but his you know as if. he were pissed that i would love our love for sin city in heaven was there were. some easter to him that they were going to be in what is your agenda. for the. visit many of the leaders. and.
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and the. the. the. the air as in think of a movie i mean what money for you had to his head low in norman damage my plane a movie would be hoenheim called a feast or a so if you call
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a bus phinney hey sean sean with la and i did notice you had. a chuckle hoss what the number on and mocha. surely will coon. like to show how of if you do nothing you and i have it as a fit for friends as if it can be kept if you do a lot of be at any of us in our lives if they feel them osama thought on a different world war and how you rub it on a block in a medically home mother look we haven't heard any talk of hoss but what could orchestra latin have in the. in eyes if you need more duty and all that hacking up likely bottom than a muzzle to him as if in him as if the coffee hung only. fuck off air that to be in . the coffin of us a lot of be a holy shit any bus and no jani and i learn a kaline an island for him all the best enemies eat i'm hale and i'm for heavily in
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. the in. the look will be going to the cliff with bush on hold it going on while if you back live with going on hell bomb the hell walk. the earth.
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when you perform back home it's a it's a different situation you're poor you're auditioning and you're performing with people and you're trying to do your best and it's all about the play here that's why it's a much deeper level you're. mixing with people from your background and getting to hear the language and have the food and see the sights and it really is such a different experience doing it for something like this than it is say a job back home it is a dream for me i have never had the opportunity to come to palestine and until tim . mohamed foggo contacted me i really didn't know when i would ever have that opportunity so it was really a great chance to come out and meet people of my heritage and play music with them and it's a it's a very nonpolitical situation so it's really nice because we're here just to spread the word of palestinian culture the good the good side of the culture.
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so how might i tell addict sit up and watch the toma any must sit in the list so you say a visual assistance and have to visit them and had to be suitable. it's best to behave to have a bad enough to see what a woman can and not of him did a lot of then the law send a man can imagine now what had little to how did you interest in a belief that it was a sin of been no connection been know been in musicians to. judas sabby and be. done this might be at a few key ken was
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a bust. but so many choose to join you wish he had the admin who invited each. he had some sistine alyson and are still caught out after i leave home for a bit damn and busy china care. when i'm behind me but at the plaza in the summit behind it's. had a must and i'd have to look at mattel for missing vision who would buy them and shoot it dearie and he said end of t.t. behavior has been no enough to get us to new who hit boom of the dish and. busts but he did a good. thing
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with the palestine national orchestra it's quite different because it brings together to. two of my passions my identity as a palestinian and also my identity as as a musician and it's an extremely special experience because the orchestra is made up of musicians professional palestinian positions who live all around the world and work professionally and they we gather for the sake of this orchestra and all of us feel this sense of very strong identity as a palestinian and we have something very very specific and very passionate and important to communicate to the world and this makes the experience unlike
3:55 pm
any other i feel. when the palestine national archives to that day i think is something quite rare. oh.
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a young so mali refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. of those lucky too good to us there was a relief to go down said my bread but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera well to ask sally was whether his american dream is still alive. in america at this time on al-jazeera.
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from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello there well take a look at the weather across the americas in south america plenty of showers across the amazon basin we've got showers affecting parts of bolivia at the moment so still a chance of some flooding here otherwise you see some heavy rain affecting southern parts of brazil rio has been quite wet over the last couple of days or so but this frontal area is moving away towards the north so we should find brighter conditions in rio more in the way of sunshine fine for the south across a bonus aries on the side of the room plates in montevideo also plenty of sunshine temperatures in the low thirty's fine for santiago in chile so let's head up into the caribbean region am missing quite a bit of clouds at times across this area and still see you could temperature looking rather cloudy some cloud extending across the bahamas and also for western
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parts of cuba so that cloud is still there but still a lot of dry fine weather will be a few showers passing through but bress winds that won't last for long so plenty of sunshine and for much of time it's going to be nice in kingston jamaica with highs of twenty nine degrees celsius as we move into north america we've got one area of cloud and rain and snow on its northern edge across the great lakes so that's going to gradually push through chilly for new york there zero twenty one down in the south in dallas and then that area snow clears away as we head through thursday. sponsored by cat time. it was upon which modern day venezuela was established. for over a century this lucrative resource has divided the less than those with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of a prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the
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big picture of the battle for venezuela coming through. twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult hood. two decades following the development of a life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the story of k.k. the girl. at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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