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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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it's when he come off air and things seem kinda realized in witness history in the making. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time when al jazeera. mass graves found in me and maher video appears to confirm the massacre of hundreds of henschel muslims and attempts to cover up the crimes.
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and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up what a mosque is calling a dangerous development the palestinian groups leader ismail haniya is designated a global terrorist by the u.s. government which. poland senate approves a bill that seeks to criminalize anyone who blames the country for nazi war crimes that is despite warnings from israel and the u.s. . at the f.b.i. publicly opposes the push by the white house and republicans to release a secret memo alleging bias in the agency. early release video appears to show evidence of a massacre of a henschel muslims and me in mar last year associated press says it's confirmed at least five previously reported mass graves the video appears to show the bodies of four half buried men it's thought the killings took place in group r.p.n.
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and august newsagency stick to villagers to say up to four hundred people may have been killed in mars the government has regularly denied that any massacre was committed so far it's acknowledged only one mass grave which it says can. tain ten terrorists more than six hundred fifty thousand have fled across the border to bangladesh since august they say they're feeling a crackdown by mean mars military that the military says their operations are only targeting armed groups bangladesh and me and more have reached a deal to voluntarily repatriate the right hand but implementation has been delayed in the u.n. says not enough is being done to guarantee the safety of those who return scott heiler has more from yang go home. we contacted a government spokesman about this is sociate a press video that shows these atrocities in rakhine state and he said that he had not seen nor heard of it yet and that he would get back to us that has not happened now if the track record serves as any indication we probably won't hear back or the
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government won't directly comment on this video footage that associate press has released there have been multiple reports from humanitarian organizations who have accused of the government of queues the military of systematic rape of violence against the hands of populations in rakhine state they have denied all of that and really haven't directly responded to specific examples like the one we're seeing from associated press now it's interesting when you look at just the last couple of weeks for the first time military admitted that some of its members its soldiers were involved in the killing of civilians in rakhine state they said some were involved in a mass grave that was discovered with ten bodies in it that came just two months after the military issued the findings of an internal they said exhaustive internal investigation were none of their soldiers were implicated in any wrongdoing coming back just a few months later saying yes in fact they were now as an example of how tightly controlled the military and the government here keep what's coming out of rakhine state or at the courthouse to order a journalist on trial for possessing secret documents while they're investigating
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what was going on in the kind state they're going to be finding out if they'll be able to be released on bail but this trial will probably be going on for a couple of more weeks but again it underlines just how closely the military and the government here want to keep what happened in rakhine state during those two months under wraps the un special rapporteur on man maher who's been banned from entering the country says the government is not allowing her to do her job she says the military actions are part of a deliberate pattern of violence. talks of repatriation at this time i clearly premature while the government of bangladesh made it clear to me that no refugees would be forced back to me and much i remain concerned about whether any safeguards exist to ensure that any returns are truly voluntary safe dignified and sustainable i saw great anxiety and fear and i spoke to refugees about the prospect of returning to me emma one mother said to me our beautiful children were
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slaughtered how can we go back we're fiji's have been entirely excluded from con conversations about their fate and going forward they must be involved in a meaningful way robertson is the deputy director of human rights watch is asia division he says increasing reports of atrocities or prompt more action from the international community. i think we're going to see more of this and i think it's going to have a direct impact both on the refugees who will be even more scared to go back will probably a fuse to move anywhere will refuse the offers by the myanmar government to return but i think it's also going to have a considerable knock on effect for the international accountability efforts to try to bring some of the military to international justice for what they've done to the rohingya there's not been enough pressure but we think that is it's starting to really most move now i mean we're seeing international sanctions specifically
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targeted to certain individuals that the big effort is to determine who did what when and where and how how are those people going to be held accountable i think we're starting to see the mobilization of real political opinion that something needs to be done far beyond what has been done so far what is most worrisome about these reports beyond obviously the killings is now the effort to cover this up that they discovered. in some instances acid is being used to burn off the features of the people killed or burned off the fingerprints to try to obstruct any accountability and that shows a degree of pre-planning that will really i think impact the international community's decisions about whether this is constitutes genocide or not palestinian group hamas says u.s. sanctions against its top political leader will not stop it from resisting israeli occupation washington has designated ismail hani a global terrorist and he had called for an uprising or an end to fight against
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israel after donald trump's decision to recognize traits limits israel's capital also in jordan reports. the united states formally declared the palestinian group hamas a terrorist organization in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven twenty one years later washington says hamas is political chief. is himself a specially designated global terrorist because thanks to his leadership hamas has killed seventeen americans the designation is that any assets honey a house in the u.s. are now frozen he can't travel there and u.s. persons cannot give him any financial support one official says honey a is a clear threat to u.s. national security and he has been a member of hamas and the one nine hundred eighty s. and he rose through the ranks in large part but continually championing terrorism against israel. and he has calls for a renewed into fatah just last month underscore how important today's designation
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is we will not be distracted by hamas as efforts to obscure its true and bloody nature of the land my honey a call for a new uprising against israel in december because of this we are no to los or to a lasting peace agreement between israel and the palestinians the us president donald trump's decision to recognize your islam as the capital of israel something mandated by congress welcomed by the israeli government and condemned by palestinians who want east jerusalem to be the capital of their future nation while honey i attended a funeral for a hamas member his aides told reporters they don't take the us is move seriously while the other side of ismail haniya it is clear that putting the name of ismail haniya on the terrorism list by the americans came at a time that the us administration is targeting jerusalem and putting sanctions in
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preventing the aid of the morra which is a continuation of the crimes against the palestinian people that it is me is not always thought we have looked at this that is for the beginning of what is them no indigents for this reason we are considering this statement of is the foolish statement committed by people who know nothing of all that freedom for the us says it will do all it can to stop hamas from destabilizing the middle east the problem for the trumpet ministration a ma says it won't be deterred rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. the polish senate has approved a bill that would make it illegal to suggest poland was complicit in the nazi holocaust the upper house back the draft legislation despite objections from israel and the us israel accuses poland of trying to rewrite history that the bill is signed into law by the president some offenses could carry jail sentences of up to three years not just for show research of the past is not threatened in any way
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talking about the past and analyzing this past even the dark is shameful part of the pollution past is not present in any way poland is a democratic state of law respecting the freedom of public debate respecting scientific research respecting the right to criticism. of our no this law has a very wide scope of application it may also refer to the discussion about history which takes place in every country also in poland especially about the newest history about the times of the nazi occupation this public discussion should take place without in the hopes to google's you cannot take place under the supervision of the prosecutor. that is trying to restore its reputation in clear its name in history so here is a reminder of what happened poland was invaded by the nazi germans in one nine hundred thirty nine it was home to europe's largest jewish population at the time not the occupiers built and operated in concentration camps like. three million polish jews were killed during the holocaust critics of the bill argue that it
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allows the government to deny some cases in which polish complicity in nazi war crimes as been proven but the conservative government says the country was a victim and not a perpetrator of nazi crimes very fossett is live for us in leicester islam so harry when it comes to this issue relations between poland in israel have never been good so where does this development leave things now. well i did i mean the the relations between the two governments and that there have been warming over recent years but under the these two conservative administrations of benjamin netanyahu in the in the conservative government in poland but what happened on friday with the lower house first approving this bill the day before the holocaust remembrance day really did cause a huge ruction here in israel the government calling in the deputy ambassador reprimanding him benjamin netanyahu saying that history cannot be changed that it
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is forbidden to deny the holocaust now as you are hearing from poland's perspective what they're trying to do is clear their name they say that phrases such as polish death camps are a slur against the polish nation and must not be allowed to be uttered and that there are broader accusations of polish complicity as a state that cannot be allowed to stand but what we're hearing from this side of the equation of course the holocaust being such an enormous part of jewish and indeed israeli history and consciousness of the people here in this nation the idea that somehow poles who were complicit of being given a free pass by this legislation is one which has been taken extremely seriously there is all sorts of historical research that's going on here which seems to suggest that complicity was more widespread than has been reported in the past all the guarantees about its historical research allowing to go forward that really
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isn't. really isn't giving them much cover as far as the israelis are concerned the government here is extremely angry about this especially given the fact that they have been led to believe that there would be further dialogue before any senate vote and then in the early hours of thursday morning we have the senate vote now all that's left is a presidential approval for this law to be signed into polish legislation their harrowing hearing any type of reaction to death any type of response from holocaust survivors. well indeed among the very large volume of commentary and protests that we've been seeing israeli military israeli media or other there have been first hand reports coming from holocaust survivors some of them saying that the treatment they suffered at the hands of their polish neighbors some saying was even worse than what they could
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have expected from from the nazis and of course on the other side of the equation there have been many room historical accounts of poles who went to great lengths to try and preserve their neighbors their jewish neighbors and save them from the death camps indeed the holocaust memorial here in israel. has officially recognized six thousand seven hundred such people as righteous among the nations a designation given to those who without any kind of reward went out of their way to save jews from that fate but really what the the message coming from israel is is that and many of those survivors and indeed historians is that those people were exceptions rather than the rule that in many more cases there were those who handed in their jewish neighbors to the death camps and that given that obviously this this was a german nazi program as the prime minister of poland made clear that. birkenau
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is a german name that notwithstanding and not withstand the fact that that poland was invaded by the nazis and was therefore obviously a victim of the nazi regime during world war two that many many poles did go along with what was going on that there was a history of anti-semitism in eastern europe and that that must not be office skated by this law which is now proceeding to the legislation books in poland. i france and westray son harry thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera the german parliament debates whether to allow family members of refugees into the country. and two british attorneys are calling on the un human rights council to suspend saudi arabia over its own rights record.
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from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there well for some of us in russia it has been very wintery recently it's all thanks to this little calmer of cloud here and it's moscow where we've seen some of the heaviest snow falls in fact some places reporting around sixteen centimeters of snow just falling in a twenty four hour period as you can see causing a little bit of disruption there now the system responsible for that is moving away towards the east but you can see the next system is working its way across many parts of europe and that's hitting the cold day in the east so we all seeing a lot of that turn to snow we're also seeing plenty of wintery weather across the alps and that system stretches all the way down into parts of spain as it sinks its way southwards it's going to be across parts of the mediterranean where we have some of the stormiest of the weather on friday so here for us across the valley erik's and across corsica looks very very wet likely to see some thunder as well
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further north not quite as mild as it has been we're looking at around seven london and paris for the other side of the mediterranean will find it settle for most of us in the box in the west we've seen plenty of cloud with us that has given us some pretty active weather over parts of morocco recently for a band that should be dry on friday but here note that while we're looking at a top temperature of fourteen we've also got some heavy showers around the coast of algeria. they're with sponsored boycotts on. the scene for us when they're on line which is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the little choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour at least five mass graves have been found in me and maher which the associated press news agency says confirm the massacre of hundreds of or henschel last year our government is to call to comment on the report palestinian group hamas says u.s. sanctions against its top political leader will not stop it from resisting israeli occupation washington has designated ismail haniya a global terrorist. the polish senate has approved a bill that would make it illegal to suggest poland was complicit in the nazi holocaust upper house back the draft legislation despite objections from israel and
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the us. the german parliament is debating whether to allow family members of refugees into the country issue has been a major hurdle in ongoing talks to form a new government between chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats and the opposition social democrats paul brennan joins us live now from berlin so this particular proposal that's being debated today paul tell us more about it and obviously you know the politics and policies around refugees have been front and center for germany for quite some time. well i mean ever since the height of the refugee crisis in two thousand and fifteen at which point germany took in just over a million refugees the political impact of that has been seen in successive elections and in particular in the general election here in germany just four months ago it left us without a government and with coalition necessary and actually making an agreement between
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the two parties the center right c.d.u. of and angela merkel and the center left s.p.d. of martin schultz has been a big problem politically what they seem to have done this week is come to a deal and the reason why they had to push it through is because today the bundestag the parliament is debating it they couldn't put it off anymore because if they did put it off then the vote would take place without both parties having an agreed stance on this what they've agreed is that the suspension the effective ban on read on relatives being brought in by people who are already here in germany will stay in place so they'll be no refugee families allowed to come to germany at least until the first of august after that the ban will stay in place but there will be a kind of special case made for one thousand people a month to come to germany that compromise was enough to get the right wing on
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board because they wanted the band to remain tough it was also enough to get the left side of politics on board because special cases were being made for a thousand a month and in addition to the one thousand a month those critical cases perhaps medical emergencies that kind of thing or special hardship cases will not be included in the one thousand quota so the be a slightly slightly more than one thousand a month to come in it was enough to break the deadlock and the vote that's going to take place today has been able to go ahead because that deadlock was broken it was a major step forward it seems this hard right in life for us and our land paul thank you. the f.b.i. has raised questions about the accuracy of a secret congressional memo this suggests the agency and justice department abused their power the white house intends to release the classified document that contains allegations of anti-trust bias our white house correspondent kimberly
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reports. thank you and god bless america good night for many people it was the text of donald trump state of the union speech that made headlines instead it was his unscripted comments as he left the chamber referencing a secret memo purporting to show top law enforcement tools were used for political purposes the twenty sixteen presidential election was released for iraq the war on the. right. it's a classified memo written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee they allege shows a misuse of power by the f.b.i. and justice department under the obama administration will investigating the truck campaign during the u.s. election republicans on the house intelligence committee voted on monday to release the classified memo to the public despite protests from democratic lawmakers and
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the department of justice the memo al the partisan decision to make a public have only intensified the controversy surrounding the inquiry by special counsel robert muller into accusations of russian election meddling a potential kulu with the trump presidential campaign democrats argue it is all part of a wider effort by republicans and the white house to undermine the bowler investigation by continually raising questions about its fairness recent reports suggest trump himself wanted to fire mahler thank you still thank you for a very well you're going straight story the russia investigation has clouded trump's presidency from the start yet as truck checked off his list of what he sees a successes of his first year there was barely a mention of russia in his state of the union speech and despite an almost unanimous vote by legislators to further sanction russia for interfering. in the
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u.s. election the white house on monday decided not to move ahead with those sanctions the white house has received a classified memo and says it's under review the president now has five days to make good on his promise to make it public kimberly how al-jazeera washington. they are many government and secessionists have swapped prisoners in the southern port city of aden secessionist forces backed by the control of aden from the government on tuesday after several days of fighting a un commission body investigating violations in yemen says eighty seven people were killed and more than three hundred injured in two days and eight aid groups have suspended operations in that city and russia has dismissed evidence from the u.s. and u.n. that iran supplied missiles to yemen suit the rebels russia says it is inconclusive and it would reject any bid to sanction tehran russia's ambassador to the u.n. vassily bin zia argued missiles used by the rebels may have been shipped to yemen
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before an arms embargo was imposed in two thousand and fifteen. to british lawyers are seeking to get saudi arabia suspended from the un human rights council over its own rights record the kingdom is accused of arresting dozens of political activists and detaining them without charge undergo has more from london. it's a case that has been given little attention given the recent state of affairs in saudi arabia thirty of its citizens detained without charge another thirty one who have apparently simply disappeared no one knows where they have gone or whether they're being held nor have they been charged with any offenses a violation of saudi and international rules say the british lawyers who authored the report into the arrests and are now calling for the un to suspend the government of saudi arabia from the human rights council if they are committed to human rights and the instruments that they signed up to as well as international
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law then there's no need for the suspension if they put that into practice but those who breach provisions of international codes should not be allowed to do that and still sit on a council that reviews human rights around the world the double standard should be stopped much may have been made of the recent changes in saudi arabia since the countries of the throne mohammed bin salman assumed a wider role women have won the right to drive the last country in the world to have lifted that ban and a high profile corruption crackdown against members of the elite two significant attention around the world human rights groups say while these actions are part of a determined effort to change saudi's troubled image the reality is far removed from that vision of change dissent is silenced calls for change a sense it and even messages on social media can invite imprisonment and punishment the fact that both simple activists i mean please jean according to our accounts
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and maybe more now that this new report has emerged our jail soley for the human rights activism and this is absolutely not acceptable and i mean that the efforts of the crown prince to brand himself as a reformer cannot fly in the face of such blatant human rights violations as a member of the un's human rights panel. there is much pressure on saudi arabia to fulfill its duties in that capacity one way would be to get key allies such as the u.k. a major exporter of arms to the kingdom to convince them to fulfill their legal obligations saudi's rulers are expected to visit britain soon but there are concerns as to how much of an effect prime minister theresa may would have on who is to respect the values that meant to uphold as members of the human rights council saudi arabia may be sensitive about his image question is how much would it be prepared to prove that it's willing to accept change within the kingdom. al-jazeera london. astronomy
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and there have been lucky to see something that happens only once every one hundred fifty years as a lunar eclipse coincided with the super moon and a blue moon. to the spectacle and the los angeles for an hour or so the familiar face of the moon slipped on a blood red manske a spooky transformation that delighted luna fanatics including a large group the gathered outside the griffith observatory high in the hills above los angeles to celebrate the celestial spectacle. amazing dude. it's really exciting i think for those of us who don't quite remember our school astronomy lessons here's a lunar eclipse works course the moon orbits around the earth and the earth casts a shadow. and when the moon goes through the shadow cast by the earth again a lunar eclipse and why does the moon turn red sunlight is filtering through
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earth's atmosphere and that's turning the light red it filters out the blue and lets the red through just like a sunset looks red because the blue is scattered away and the red comes through so we like to say sometimes that during a lunar eclipse you're seeing if you were on the moon you'd be looking at all the sunrises and sunsets on earth ancient greek astronomers who studied lunar eclipses concluded from the shape of the earth's shadow that the world was round many people who watched lunar eclipse said it was in a way humbling putting human kind and all of its petty affairs in perspective those thoughts absorbed this multinational group of students who stayed up way past bedtime to moon. it makes us feel like all our problems are like the political in the ny see something goes on is so small compared to what else is going on but like i said it brings everyone here together like forgetting all the issues there's no
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there's no niceness around this everyone's just brought together to appreciate it with no ugliness no political drama nothing it's just to appreciate this beautiful event it reminds us how to be who we are how small we are in the world you know just a tiny part of the universe and it's amazing to feel maybe. this eclipse took place when the moon is closest to the earth in its elliptical orbit a so-called super moon and it's the second full moon in a calendar month known as a blue moon that means this was a super blue blood moon which is kind of a mouthful but whatever you call it it was a heavenly sight to remember robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. these are your headlines on al-jazeera right now at least five mass graves have
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been found in me and maher which the associated press news agency says confirm the massacre of hundreds of our henschel last year and attempts to cover up those crimes maim our government is declining to comment on the report and the un special operator on me and maher is banned from entering the country he says the military's actions are part of a deliberate pattern of violence talks of repatriation at this time and clearly premature well the government of bangladesh made it clear to me that no refugees would be forced back to me and my i mean main concerned about whether any safeguards exist to ensure that any returns are truly voluntary safe dignified and sustainable hamas says it won't stop resisting the israeli occupation after the leader of the palestinian group being designated a global terrorist by the u.s. government that's frozen ismail haniya is financial assets and imposed a travel ban hamas says the u.s. decision is a violation of international law poland's upper house has voted in favor of
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a bill that can penalize people who blame it for nazi war crimes during world war two after house back the draft legislation despite objections from israel and the us the german parliament as debating whether to allow family members of refugees into the country issue has been a major hurdle in ongoing talks to form a new government between chancellor merkel's christian democrats and the opposition social democrats in march two thousand and sixteen the government suspended family reunifications for two years. the yemeni government and secessionists have swapped prisoners in the southern port city of aden zeshan us forces backed by the control of aden from the government on tuesday after several days of fighting dozens have been killed and injured in the unrest and aid groups have had to suspend operations in. quarter cambodia has rejected a bail request by office later can soak up as arrested and september during
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a government crackdown on the opposition as cambodia national rescue party was also shut down. those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera the stream is next and then more news. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while you activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on the tour to al-jazeera at this time. i am for me ok and i'm really going to is there a dark side to the world of social media influencers it's not a trick question jane the stream examine step and the ethics behind the insta famous.


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