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tv   Chinas Prison Orphans  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the standoff between the supremes court and president is continuing in the maldives president abdullah yemeni is refusing to comply with a court order to release political prisoners and reinstate twelve dissident thought lawmakers who aside the defecting from his party i mean has ordered the police and troops to resist any attempts to arrest him. three different opposition factions in syria have claimed responsibility for the downing of a russian warplane on saturday russia's defense ministry says the pilot ejected from the jet but was killed in a ground fight in the town of sarcasm human rights watch says bahrain is deported eight people to waterborne iraq after a vocal message is in ship and making them stateless. among thirty one activists and human rights lawyers who citizenship was revoked in two thousand and twelve on the grounds of damaging national security. and the palestine liberation organization has moved to cut ties with israel p.l.o.
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leaders met in ramallah in the occupied west bank on saturday they have ordered the palestinian government to draft a plan to kossuth political economic and security contacts he had lines coming up next on al-jazeera it's one i want to east. there the children with nowhere to go and no one to care for them. in china the sons and daughters of jailed criminals are often left chunked and alone for some a shelter in beijing is the closest they'll get to
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a place they can call home. i'm steve chair on this episode a one on one east we meet the children growing up without their parents. to them. it's a little bit you're going out on. the. common area. in china when parents go to jail there is no government welfare system for the children they leave behind. many end up paying dearly for their parents' crimes
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left alone homeless and vulnerable into shooting jank steps in her children's often ages across china provide homes and hope that when you show up your mother now. does that bomb bomb are moderates and if we feel they are when i have. to know are you. out of samarra which under me and you get bombed when you have passion at intersection i'm not that one woman or how i want to win a way to counter fires that the ant want to get a big and shoot down with injury all that happed on the baby i'm about to multiply this shit out you don't want to see a lot and i wonder what do doctors that will. try to draw your head. today shoojit jang is
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here to help three children fourteen year old twins yan and way zangs and they twelve year old brother home. need would you do or. you know on the minute you're done. would you go on moving your. phone with of the wounded in the year period you. could do whatever it was. you wish you will still in the world who are going to. draw within the realm of only you doing. wolf all you know of. there all alone will start the. will you move you will recall.
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in the midst of a lot that had been shot at by. washing their hands down and i counsel them or didn't pass may not see that i am passing by and. it's not often that is that a man that will be over a doing that and that to one of them are one of. the ways out john a down a i that temple until there's a moment since. you bought the botch it is the hot there should be don't answer the experience and. move on from. some of the passion so moche will monitor to the streets. is the good will and found him to be. is this a legit in the fund. to figure. that
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out earlier. this week about their accounts or not the bottom ball is out on the auction are. you. trying to tell. the audience. in day out of pocket so i got offered to do anything to not have to learn that by now and i know that i did this on. purpose to. do it the old one urgent. hospital nothing illegal or and the fish. out of pocket five. is. coming so.
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close in the world we live on earth i do not want you i do not want one down with the off air down we are on the edge of the head of the ball no hard to let down our its what you want to leave non-parent i found i will not good. to live it in the you know good to be. with a father heading to prison and then mother nowhere to be found the jencks siblings had to be a new some village. man they could be there a long time. to father killed his girlfriend's baby needs suffocating her because she wouldn't stop crying. he then tried to get rid of the body by burning it he will most likely be executed.
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i got light on it that i do. that. if it is the way. they did then and. that they are as a former prison officer should change on those ten the harsh realities based by children left behind. to stop more fooling through society's cracks she founded the first some village open huge in one thousand nine hundred ninety five she now runs nine such sentence across china caring for around five hundred children they are funded by n.g.o.s and private donations receiving no support from the chinese government. i'll. tell you that. shout out. leave you
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you on is just eleven years old he's bother is under arrest for he said one accident which left a victim in a coma while he remains in jail awaiting sentence no one else in the family can afford to care for an album out so lou has been sent to some village it's not where he wants to be but there are no other options brian and. which. to the john there's no moral well i know gallatin things that. fairly well are. our.
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it was them on the. bed this guy had me very much i miss you. there. was a pleasure to welcome him well i ain't. nothing to him you. know how we're now. gonna wind back the clothes i. don't have to go up and go up. or have ball room i was. known to most of those buggers shine down on him. sure enough. it was good i knew madea. was. asked to handle.
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all my clothes that was founded on. how you going to. cuba do you think. so man so i was also. did. sheen way and
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now triplets on the ice they've been here for almost a year and back. then you should not run afoul of. the. and that nice chap. who fought. the flu for the next two weeks. some of her. shoes. to. some of the. community. got. too hot for what you really had to do afterward to work so if she is so diligent to feel atomic about my job. shop. sellers will cost us a fair. bit to have
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a lavish without help from the national to be helpful to adopt my bio mom i don't feel got up. today the triplets of visiting them up. it's the first time they've seen her since she was sentenced for the murder a year ago if that's going to. assume i'm. not trying to help her have this you know mom. is an arm or leg up in arms. or back. who you know who. home from the snow well sometimes on her. own company. for. example somehow there are some on. my son who. the model
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a little bit easier on my no one who needs to be pushed in the town who you think you need to please move. or you should. then i will not attend the momma's house. as i said i'm off to la for a while and. innocent john is still the serial down journalist i see a coward watch all the noise and i'm sure castle had life i had an. idea. of why sammy and. the others are. hard to shit had. tired out from. many who had over to our. shit. for a. while
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separation is hard sort of to is reconnecting tao you one's mother hasn't seen her son for years. he was only three when she killed his father after years of domestic abuse now that she's released from jail she hopes they can be together
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again. she said oh i could put this right it's out of our stance and not. only oh. oh our kids you know that you're welcome you know for. oh ah. to. see what. kind of. oh yeah. that guy actually let out the cell that. you know from the power of a girl with a kind of a guy out how come i'm a little out of our. legit i do know that guy are come over to know about. this isn't it about sort of
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for the good they. found their new model the handsome sims and see how much they know words and hand in hand you should what they. do you have in mind i have thousands of ha ha. so i'm fine and i had a fleet. in the michigan a total tour for mom up keeping my harley back home so we had no idea. how to play that i cannot remember. but still we are happy that our value anyway. to me how terribly. terribly well michelle somehow or another how you are trying to be destroyed nothing harsh in you that you don't. have to insist on are you pushing your managed out do with it. the whole full meals i got you yeah you know i walk full face yeah i'll turn around economy.
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because i'm on what. but what would you show me that if we do country that's really how i think and how quickly she. walks spoiling things looks like good good good i'm on my chin this will show up sooner time well maybe we're not we're done if we do come. i think we should. create. a follow up. oh. well i know most of those i don't know what you know i've been up plenty of shot off him trying. you know shit out of his feeling of awe we really feel for him and my hope for the.
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in my feet long. to the long not on that. injunction them. for her for a little. news on her log and you are my sim. my human within the all i need the neuro given that so much.
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ah ah. ah. ah ah ah. ah. you know i thought you know. she will. really say i don't love the war. well though to me that. was very well and i was always you know. oh maybe i'll be able to go. through my new law was this you are.
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today the jang siblings gone to visit their father in prison. they haven't seen him in sixteen months. they are exhausted and nervous. from a heart attack. you know i think. we're
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back. out. this year. no matter how well you know. me. well. i'll. come. to know whom to fill. out half.
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an hour. we're literally quite. good intentionally if you don't need it also did you out it was this how do you know. if he would be an. issue. he's going to be. back in town and sat. down.
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brother that's it you shall know. he knew you were going to. the. home. no not. not. we were. to go when we. did you sit. back. on jan and his sisters will be able to visit their father each year. but sentenced
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to life he'll always be separated behind prison glass. go you one and his mother still live in some village they is slowly getting reacquainted and plan to soon move back to their home town together. the triplets will also visit their mother once a year into she is released in twenty nine tain. college on what i'm sure. that you know i actually met. her. mayor de joria. said that there are no. i don't. think. more than five thousand children have been cared for at sun villages since
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sujan jank made her vision into a reality many of them leave when their parents are released others remain until late two are adults but as soon as one leaps another at risk child arrives needing a home and some hope. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threat this fallout poses at this time on al jazeera.
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the rhythm is a vital source of sustenance to the country's it flows through this nor a single owner who can lay claim it would build layer isn't it good given the resources we fumbled for it but with this comes a destabilizing rivalry the country suspicious of each other's intentions the battle for control of the record and transporting sea consultation was not often included counters the close ups on the field struck a little bit of a distance i'm on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every day. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people so bad they see be emboldened all the outcry witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on
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al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . i am. tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of athens in a dispute with its neighbor the name macedonia.


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