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tv   Partition Borders Of Blood  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the threat this followed posers at this time on al jazeera this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. these are the top stories on al-jazeera three hong kong pro-democracy activists are walking free after their convictions were overturned on appeal first of all wong nathan law and alex tile work convicted of unlawful assembly in two thousand and sixteen two years earlier they led major protests calling for greater democracy activists warn of growing interference by beijing sarah clarke has more from hong
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kong. but certainly good news for the three student latest on the law alex child and joshua wall who've had their gel terms quashed in today's final court of appeal hearing the three have walked free five judges unanimous a grade to drop those jail sentences in stock reversal of an earlier ruling that the three were found guilty for unlawful assembly after they were involved their involvement or their role in what was described as a storming of a government full course in the legislative assembly back in two thousand and fourteen there initially given community sentences would serve a sentences as well as a suspended sentence but the government intervened calling for harsher penalty and the court of appeal then delivered on that saying all three should judge they were granted to appeal and today that final court of appeal delivered on their request now the judge did however not that future offend is involved in an unlawful assembly and were believed to be involved in inciting violence and here to stick to
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god lines as of now so that certainly has raised some concerns from pro-democracy groups who saw that their future ability to protest will now be more strictly scrutinized but overall one would have to say good news for those three student late is after today's final court of appeal decision. to be who have been killed in syrian government and russian as strikes in the east and near the capital damascus the u.n. is calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities and has called the situation extreme syria's government is also deployed new anti aircraft missiles to the front lines in aleppo and rights battling rebel fighters areas see little fighting and bombing in recent weeks with hundreds of civilians killed in new weapons for the downing of a russian fighter jet by rebels on saturday. european markets have opened to heavy losses with london paris and germany all dropping more than three percent in early trade asian markets crumbled as investors took their lead from
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a huge selloff on wall street china correspondent agent brown has more details from beijing well the markets here in asia really took the lead from wall street the markets in cheyenne zen and shanghai were both down around about two percent in morning trading hong kong did a lot worse though down by more than five percent the reason for that is that in hong kong a lot of international companies trade on that index and a lot of those companies are exposed to the united states whereas companies here the traders on the markets in shanghai and then tend to be domestic companies that don't trade internationally we haven't seen the falls that we saw of course in two thousand and fifteen when the markets here in china plunged by between five and seven percent on that occasion we did see panic we did see anger and we did see government intervention now chinese people have very few places to invest their
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money it's either property or shares and neither have been doing particularly well in recent months but overall chinese people seem to feel their economy is doing ok that's what a columnist tell you in state controlled media and there is a sense that perhaps g.d.p. is in fact a little bit higher than the government been hoping for and we'll get confirmation of what china's g.d.p. forecast will be in the year ahead when china's parliament the national people's congress convenes in just a few weeks' time a chinese leaders will be hoping that the market volatility we're seeing right now will be over by then. the political crisis in the old days is deepening off the arrest of an opposition leader and two supreme court judges just states of emergency was declared for president mahmoud guy whose allies himself with the opposition was detained at home the charges against him including bribery and attempting to overthrow the government. those are your headlines i'm back with
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more news here on al-jazeera off the partition borders of blood.
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ok stomach pain the front photo british as mr jinnah governor general of the new dominion arrives at the constituent assembly in. august one nine hundred forty seven. a century of british rule over its indian empire comes to an end goes to bono in the muslim capital while the older lady macbeth carrying out one of the loves viceregal built is all the partition of india. the new nation of pakistan the school. meanwhile is that the stage was set for british role to give those for the good of anyone of india. a day later across the newly drawn border leaders celebrate the birth of the republic of india. freed from colonial rule the creation of these two countries completes a long struggle for independence years ago we believe that we're
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going in. and now that i'm calm and then been shown to be my big. foot even before the celebrations are over chaos iraq's. panic and fear sets in as neighborhood turns on neighbor unleashing mass violence. millions flee their homes. the celebrations were or was marred by blood took place against the backdrop of perfect violence. people who a year before we tended to each other's wedding parties drink each other raping each other's daughters roasting each others' babies on spit. with human passions are unleashed. none of us can can foresee what could happen. while historians recount the horrors of the past for those who lived through them it's
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like yesterday. we're going to lord it or i've been lucky though when the yardbirds or problem with the monitor. eighty six year old joginder singh called it was a young teenager in india at the time. seventy years on he still remembers how muslims hindus and sikhs turned on each other. or heard it when they were little. girl who. they really do think. just so with the word into out of the muslim brotherhood you know i. like gays that of the middle to kill a thing or so i did but who would one of the would want to go to we want a dog running from tokyo. nobody would do they walk all over. we. were for drugs.
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here could very well move forward. from where we were. or who were here to live who would go in the. room graham who were. on the other side of the border in pakistan the memories are just as strong in one nine hundred forty seven saladin colleagues family were muslims in india he's never forgotten how he escaped the killing but others didn't. do it as staying in our. house on six september one thousand nine hundred eighty seven six o'clock when my mother was saying i was bit i heard a shriek cowing somebody. i turned and i saw
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a stick with the sword in the hand coming in my sister's body and. was the enter the. room of my mother could have and they ran toward us this is the house. saladin fled his home in fear of his life when he returned the horror lay in front of him when i enter the house it was just like you know the. house nothing sort of rolls. then you see your own mother. drenched in blood. and stomach open. then started coming up how would you. how did it all come to this. many point the finger at india's then colonial masters.
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when britain ruled india it was the jewel in the empires crown plundered for its natural resources. but in the devastating aftermath of world war two britain had its own problems on the homefront. the list was returned to london with renewed fighting and a recent opinion in the country and bankrupted itself fighting itself to death with the nazis. and so british authorities say that it was the exhaustion of them power and the bankruptcy of the mother country that led to the realization that the simply no way that the british could keep this enormous empire in the moment to come to head back home to a land of rationing drizzle low light and leave the exotic plagues of india behind . after decades of crushing any movement towards indian independence postwar britain had not had the wheel or
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the might to fold on to its calm. there was massive demonstrations across india and there was. an awareness that the leaders the film struggle could call strikes and protests which would paralyze the country. seizing the moment of british weakness three leaders spearheaded the push for independence. you are allowed nehru mohammad ali jinnah and one hundred k. gandhi. at first they shared the goal of a free and united india one country one people regardless of religion. thousands of national proud the great turn to hear the message of gandhi. leader of the demands for india's independence. was marked by gandhi who mobilized the masses who gave them the language of things like civil disobedience and nonviolence who
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spoke of the national the struggle is a struggle for truth he gave it a strong modesty fervor and he completely inspired the masses to rise up behind him or gandhi himself a lifelong preacher of nonviolence and gandhi when tom fairly quickly to establish himself as the spiritual leader of the indian national congress led freedom struggle. the indian national congress was a political party made up of the elite of hindu and muslim society. it had been pushing for self rule since the turn of the twentieth century. with gandhi's mobilization of the masses the party transformed into a populist movement and attracted new readers with new ambitions men like to warlow ne root never was very attracted to my gandhi and gandhi was very impressed with and he was gone these hand-picked provision to lead the the sort of political
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party the national movement gandhi himself never took any political position didn't want one and nearly everything from leading the indian national congress as one of its youngest ever presidents to becoming eventually the first prime minister of independent india and mr nader presided over the first cabinet meeting both nehru and gandhi were hindus but the third member of the influential trio was a muslim mohammed ali jinnah one of the legion or was an extremely interesting man educated very anglo file in fact culturally far more on your file than the new the nehru of gandhi. over his dressed in western clothes had western habits in your discussion and his source agism as ham sandwiches. he wasn't particularly strongly observant muslim and a man who was hailed. as the ambassador of hindu muslim youth. a lawyer
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jinnah began his political life within the hindu dominated indian national congress . later on he also joined the muslim e a group protecting the muslim minority both parties were fighting for an independent india which at the time was gina's ultimate goal jinnah in strongly opposed to the idea of a separate muslim nation and indeed he is saying this is british divide and rule they want us to be divided we've got to stand together we've got to fight for our freedom if we don't fight for our freedom to get that we will never be free but he increasingly gets sidelined by a new younger generation of leadership among whom particularly there is there is never who is his nemesis handed now who calls for an indian republic is accused by the league of working for domination over the muslim minority but are making everyone with britain's grip on india weakening nehru and the indian national
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congress grew in power. nehru wanted a new india to have a strong central government run by his party. this alarmed general who argued muslim majority regions should govern themselves. it was a losing battle you know realized that given the imbalance in political support between the league and the congress will be only with the league was ever going to actually come to any significant power was by advocating a separatist plan. thousands of kilometers away in london records reveal deeper insights into the fall out between geno any room and this is one of the repository of which there are a number in. at the national archives private letters jinnah sent to british officials shows
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a relationship beyond repair at this point is extremely suspicious of the congress and he feels as its purpose it would be prepared to seize power by force that the may have been infiltrated the indian national army. and that's he regrets that's the muslim league hasn't organized in the same way so we're talking a serious mistrust of this yet i think this in the case complete breakdown in trust between between the two policies and the and the you know it's the leadership of those policies new delhi and although the scene looks quite gina and nehru had first come together to fight the british now they were fighting each other disturbances against the muslim league filled with the danger of light by nine hundred forty six any hope of a united india had evaporated order with god but beneath the surface enmity between muslim and him the breakdown at the top of the indian politics was mirrored on the streets as tension spilled over into violence. chaos erupted in major cities
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first because of a grim audio post by british an indian probe during the worst drought in the history of calcutta. road vantec in many places higher pitched battles continued between muslims and windows for muslims the fear of being ruled by hindus convinced them they needed their own separate nation. even jr the man once hailed as the symbol of hindu muslim unity now demanded an independent pakistan. after a sentry a british power in india the empire's hand was finally forced. charged with overseeing the withdrawal was a decorated while officer one who would go down in infamy louis malle batter. new delhi airfield and the arrival of the viceroy designate mo batten is
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a sort of vaguely comic character looking back. prancing peacock who loved his robes and costumes and love to appear as the viceroy not particulate matter. a man of some chrisma a man of great sort of personal self-worth he was received i think he you know whatever little homework he did was fairly modest and when he got to india i think it was a crash course he started meeting the various leaders had his own likes and dislikes inevitably but very quickly decided that this thing had to be this hot potato had to be dropped as quickly as possible and mr byrd his hands and those of his those of his masters as his the english government lord and lady mountbatten have taken their places on the grounds that it became viceroy of india in march nine hundred forty seven britain had originally planned to leave india more than a year later in june one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but mountbatten wasn't
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going to wait that long mountbatten decided to accelerate even faster partly because he found his control on the control of the british soldiers over india slipping and so here celebrated to august fifteenth one hundred forty seven and with that headlong rush into disaster happened with the british unable and unwilling to prevent some of the horrors that were unfolding before their very eyes horrors unleashed by hastily drawn lines on a map the north was state of punjab was home to hindus sikhs but mostly muslims it was split with one side forming the bulk of pakistan in the north east of india the state of bengal was cut into the predominantly muslim eastern half made up another part of pakistan. separated by newly two thousand kilometers of indian territory it would eventually become the independent country of bangladesh wasn't
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well thought out was ill thought out. when the british had to draw a line they pulled in the civil servant who had never been to india before and was sitting in his cots well garden when he was told that he had to fly next week to india and divide the country into. and no one was pleased with the line he drew inevitably. british in august one nine hundred forty seven as the flags of india and pakistan were raised ordinary citizens were left in the dark as to what this meant for them. on the actual day partition in august that show boundary hadn't been unsub able to know where they were in india or pakistan where they could stay where they lived for centuries where they'd have to move. and it's only after that people tune into their ideas to hear whether they will not be part of pakistan or india everyone.
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suddenly people found themselves on the wrong side of a new border muslims in india are hindus and sikhs in pakistan. there had been ethnic fighting between muslims hindus and sikhs before the partition set off an unimaginable massacre out of the horrors of fires like the blitz the the villages are all bunning hayricks or on the platforms a literally washed with blood because hello to hindus waiting on the platform to travel to india to be massacred on another platform was covered in blood because the training just arrived from india full of dead muslims. total chaos. in the rural areas hideous scenes of pregnant women lying with their bellies ripped open
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babies literally roasted on the beds and journalists in ninety four to seven who had covered the opening of the nazi concentration camp there were two or three journalists who had covered that and then ended up covering partition and they said that they saw more gruesome things in the punjab punches side than they ever did in the concentration camps muggle born white the photographer writes a graphic description and she says you know i saw it but what i saw in the punjab was a million times. at the time the british estimated two hundred thousand died in the violence the consensus today among most historians is that the death toll was at least a million and the british had lost control long before partition and that became clearly evident and visible in nine hundred forty seven but in a way more terrible than anyone had ever expected it was a complete and utter mess total mirth some suggest that britain was aware of the
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impending horrors that would come with dividing up the indian subcontinent it was a mess made worse by britain abandoning its colonies so quickly in the stockmen which is which is a telegram from the foreign office to its evidence in the national archives suggests british leaders knew months before that ethnic violence was spiralling dangerously out of control they say over it over ten thousand persons have been killed and many more injured over the last six months of the previous year had been extensive communal violence to be actually use the words civil war yes yes they mention here. widespread recrudescence a man single most an organized and spontaneous civil war. the british were pretty much aware well through the forty's that the communities were on a but they didn't want to get involved in what they regarded as the subcontinent periodic descent into communal frenzy gandhi famously goes on hunger strike begging
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for peace and mary was weeping and broken but. there are no images i think about basset in head bowed in. tears on his cheeks. history is so often told through the eyes of leaders. but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum keeping alive the memory of those who suffered the most partition is not about the political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it and what it might have felt like for them to
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leave behind their homes to leave behind their friends to leave behind the life that known and to move to a new land you know and to have to rebuild afresh it was less migration of people or partition of assets it was this collective migration of sorrow well you've done a lot in just a few short months mallika. is the driving force behind sars partition musea. it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening and nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous called museums as an up beautiful apartheid museum so countries around the world have work to memorialize these events that have shaped them and i think it's it's very sad that. you know this hasn't happened so far in the subcontinent. and survivors want to tell their stories.
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but this here. looks one he remembers the day violence arrived in her doorstep. just. you. they need the motive but it's even. need a fun little for a. small one. but i feel a certain defeat that our states and i live in the. league easy to believe in. what they see in the me. back door. it might just maybe. be called learn but they live in the wild they need to see plainly made a big business that most of the big you can be compared to one. another but. it's stories like these museums curator is hoping to capture before it's too late my grandad's ninety three now and we've seen over the last
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decade so many of his friends leave us you know and so there's a realize ation that within a few years all these stories will unfortunately last. but they are tales not just a form. they're also collective kindness where muslims sikhs and hindus protected each other. mallika believes a full recounting of what happened in partition could you all. and dissolve in hatred between pakistan and india that exists today. i think it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity and we highlight the stories of you know friend helping friend neighbor helping neighbor but also a stranger helping stranger. and that those narratives shouldn't get lost because i think a lot of people who didn't make it to safety made it through the help. of someone
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then you. know. hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity. the shared history. fight for what is right on the shores of paradise progress for some can create a living hell for others challenging his government and big business one man risked his life to save the community he cherishes. to be someone. the opposition a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. all
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jews here. and. every. hello again america islander well these are the top stories on al-jazeera three hong kong pro-democracy activists are walking free off their convictions were overturned on appeal joshua wong nathan lauren alex trial were convicted of unlawful assembly in two thousand and sixteen two years earlier they led major protests calling for greater democracy activists one of growing interference by
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beijing european markets have opened to heavy losses had london paris and germany all dropping one three percent in early trade asian markets crumbled as investors took their lead from a huge sell off on wall street's. thirty people have been killed in syrian regime and russian as strikes in eastern goosen in the capital damascus the un is demanding an immediate cessation of hostilities and has called the situation extreme syria's government has also deployed new anti aircraft missiles to the front lines in aleppo as well as battling rebel fighters areas he was an escalation in fighting and aerial bombardment in recent weeks with hundreds of civilians killed and he weapons follow the downing of a russian fighter jet by rebels on saturday. a political crisis in the multi is deepening off the arrest of an opposition leader and two supreme court judges just hours after a state of emergency was declared former president my who's alive himself with the
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opposition was detained at his home the charges against him include bribery and attempting to overthrow the government he denies those allegations. of abuse police came to arrest me i'm going with them i don't even know why they are arresting me i've done nothing wrong i urge the people to be strong and stand with us we will win. poland's president says he will sign a controversial holocaust bill into law despite protests from both israel and the u.s. the law would impose jail terms for suggesting poland was complicit in the holocaust government says it's necessary to protect the reputation of poles as victims of nazi aggression and the kalyan kenyan politician is being charged for his role in the unofficial swearing in ceremony of main opposition leader. police say megan m a gounod took part in unlawful assembly and engaged in organized criminal activity. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera
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to get you back to partition borders of. thank. you.
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i. every evening here at the wall the border soldiers from india and pakistan put on a display of showmanship nationalism and hostility. seventy years ago the british drew a line on a map dividing their self asian empire into tunisia. it led to the biggest most violent migration in human history a million people. for
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survivors like joginder seen call the forgiveness is the only way for over a million for good about all. the little trouble will go from here go through to. get out. would regard your would we go we would all be vulnerable. parts of iraq one of those are the good part one negative. or another going to look. good in the wall going to we hear only. we're not heard a nigger me are going to go out of the room. but politicians on both sides haven't forgiven or forgotten. seventy years on the face the division of britain's empire continues to drive
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a bitter i'll still be between india tax. and nowhere is animosity as fierce as if kashmir. a picture rest territory turned around. today it's one of the most militarized regions in the world. where pakistani and indian troops face off. the. border and sleep about here in pakistani administered kashmir and few foreigners are allowed in. but we've been granted special permission. to keep. this mountainous region looks peaceful but it's
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a highly volatile area where fighting can break out at any time. over the last seven decades up to one hundred thousand people from saudi have been killed. on the deadly violence began from the moment the two nations of india and pakistan were created. to the accession of kashmir is the unfinished business of politicians. the feeling was just on that kashmir would naturally sheet to pakistan. kashmir was a muslim majority state ruled by a hindu maharajah had troubles in kashmir where india supported the project in many ways it should have gone to pakistan because it had a muslim majority but it's hindu my raja chose for it to come to it it was
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a choice forced on the maharajah when weeks after partition pakistan sent in fighters already the rebel forces have left a trail of bloated and burning villages on the way the pakistanis simply sent in a large number of troops in fact many of them were regulars armed tribesmen from the northwest into kashmir to seize the territory and overthrow the. rampage and eventually that prompted the maharajah to call upon the indian government to send in the troops reinforcements continual to pardon as the indian troops consolidate. and almost as india are promptly paratroop to the soldiers. they beat back some of the invasion but a ceasefire was called leaving pakistan in control of roughly one third of the western side of kashmir. and and leaving the rest to me. that
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ceasefire in one nine hundred forty eight has resulted in what is now known as the line of control today's frontline it remains the big hole in. the bone that neither dog will let. india and pakistan have far too brutal wars over kashmir and the battle rages on troops against troops. and civilians against some. to pakistan india is a ruthless occupying force in a muslim majority blame. for india pakistan and its military. intelligence service the i.s.i. are have been carrying out a campaign of terror on its territory for decades the indian army has the face. determined intelligence effort to. send militants across the border
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into kashmir to train up. many of them have been armed trained financed equipped and occasionally even offset by the pakistani military the pakistani i.s.i. has embarked upon what has been described in pakistani literature as a war of death by a thousand cuts we learned never to underestimate the enemy for general assad to ronnie the former head of pakistan intelligence using any means to defeat the enemy is justified for me any yes it can be used for a particular purpose. durani served in the military for four decades and as the intelligence chief he was responsible for pakistan's strategy against india. every yes. if you do not have enough conventional a suit because of
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a lot of your enemy. you do not rely on a conventional response. and among those assets mujahedeen fighters allies of pakistan who in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. had been waging war in neighboring afghanistan when the soviets pulled out of afghanistan a lot of the would have been with nothing else to do were diverted by their pakistani handlers to four meant violence in kashmir and the principally other ones responsible for the destruction of kashmir. armed by pakistan the battle hardened muslim fighters poured into indian administered kashmir. india hit back hard crushing the armed movement and anyone thought to be supporting it kashmir is remained pretty neutral until the one nine hundred ninety s. when excessive violence by indian security forces which in many cases raped
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kashmiri women behaved in the terrible man and they were terrible torture chambers set up in kashmir with electric shocks being used on the genitals of young kashmiri kids i mean lots and lots of horrors took place and kashmir is today of a very elite very very elated from india not all of them want to be part of pakistan either. i certainly would not suggest that indian forces have been. always shall we say of the most followed diplomatic in the way in which they've conducted their or their operations historian shushu to rule is also an indian opposition member of parliament you can imagine the enormous pressure they're under in a conflict in which. a hostile neighboring state is funneling armed people weapons bombs counterfeit money all sorts of resources that's very very hard
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to to maintain self-restraint in the face of all of that in the mean. innocent ordinary human beings are suffering at both ends the suffering terrorist violence intimidation and menace on the one hand and the inevitable repression that comes on the other side. seventy years on kashmir is no closer to peace it's been. a worsening spiral of pakistan encouraging militancy indian state cracking down the crackdown then creating more resentment some of the ones or resentful going often and and getting training and equipment coming back to the militants in the cycle keeps going.
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in islamabad pakistan's capital we come to a rally condemning india's presence in kashmir. it's run by a group india and the us consider a terrorist organization. firing up the crowd is how feast abdul rahman mark leader of. a group the un says is a front for lashkar e tayyiba responsible for deadly attacks in india something the group has always denied. is. up. as the rally breaks up we make our way back stay there to try and speak with nike.
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by the us has put a two million dollar price on his head. it's not surprising then that he's well guarded can you truly say you're not sending fighters weapons into kashmir or beyond into india can you truly say that. yes a home. big secret neighborhood bought it. heavy equipment nor not for just for example done. many get back i'm done i'm into. but indian officials say mak used group is far from peaceful. they accuse them of masterminding the deadly attacks on indian soil. in two thousand and eight heavily armed gunman entered the city of mumbai killing one hundred sixty four people and injuring more than three hundred. after initial
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denials pakistani officials confirmed the attackers were all from pakistan and all linked to lashkar e tayyiba. even then it took almost a decade before pakistan put a piece saif the group's leader and mackie's boss under house arrest has your group not sent fighters into india. yes you know. here war. two hundred people strikes well in india capacity. every day in school to use more me you cut it a lot of people ahead. of me. instead mackey blames hindu nationalists for carrying out a campaign of violence against most. in india over the past twenty five years there have been major al breaks of religious violence that have killed
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thousands mostly muslim. american in fact a lot and in some places there might be a couple of. stray. ram medevac is the general secretary of the ruling party the hindu nationalist b j p he's also a former spokesman for the r.s.s. a right wing group often accused of encouraging violence against muslims nor heard from our government. from the government. and the country committed to maintaining the i'm going to harmony because. rights groups say since the b.j. p. came into power in twenty fourteen the attacks on muslims have served. it's a charge rejects totally flawed in fact that black three of how been the war would be here when it comes to community in india.
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but for some the reality is starkly different. we've come to the region a main water which is predominantly muslim it's communities like these that are starting to feel the heat from the more violent elements of hindu nationalists. you know news. and. dairy farmers you should car his father and some neighbors were returning home from a cattle market with two cows they got. suddenly they were attacked by him out of boston by. the embargo i would like very guarded local.
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hum milissa look i see that her heart of. gold. for hindus cows are secret recently there's been a spate of attacks by hindu vigilantes targeting those they suspect of slaughtering cattle. marty marty. or margaret got there so many. jackie yes somebody there to be a poncho logan. or catch cancer or part of. it got better get a boiling away beetle. managed to escape with his life he was lucky his father died from his injuries two days later
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devastating the family. that i. didn't call. you should not only lost his father he says he also lost his old way of life one where muslims and hindus live together in peace he's got. it when i can go to him. when the cup i'm going to be in the muslim monica. are going to be very clear. but it is going to the money from others who didn't do them nor.
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about it. despite the government's assurance the confound still waiting for justice . months after your shots father done his alleged killers are yet to face trial. increasingly hardliners in both india and pakistan are still being really just and political division. in mumbai we find these prejudices alive in the younger generation. and. i go to some. distance it.
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across the border in islamabad we find more kids passion for the same sport and harbor the same future. oh. what if like john. they're going to listen. to be. going to. going. what did your grandmother see when you first said you want to. get over my dead body the only way that pakistani activist and the car you want to
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change those negative attitudes. in many ways that thing that to this generation is far more hardline antagonistic and more partisan than the generation in one thousand forty seven because even though a lot of families you know who who migrated who suffered partition went through horrific tragedies there was also codependent was also coexistence for the younger children today there's no coexistence in pakistan you don't come across an indian let alone in the world. according to a it's a situation made worse by governments censoring the story of what happened in nine hundred forty seven the state has emphasized and reinforce certain partition artist over other partition so much of the invading in textbooks or in the media narrative that that also state sanction is a lot of interaction isn't hostility and only narratives of bloodshed and i have
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expenses of my own grandmother who you know for twenty five years of my life only spoke of the last or did you have a hindu or a sick friend and all these stories started come out and she said you know you know a sick family help save my sister partition so no i didn't know you know these stories have escaped generation. the absence of these stories from official history has come at great cost to young child was hearing that you know hindus are responsible for genocide and hindus must never be trusted and must never be made friends with how to expect their child to think anything else these are children that are going to school and i'm memorizing hatred. oh my god we've all become so tall and now i'm is now working with young people in both pakistan and india to help build bridges between the two countries. she invites us to an online chat between students in karate pakistan and mumbai india.
3:55 pm
so. it's i think we have some questions for you what is. this is the first time some of these teenagers have ever spoken to someone across the border mongolian gang is there anybody in this flooded street food so you've all done just what they do you can find whatever you want any of it so what i'm trying to do now through our work is get them to talk to each other and get them to access these alternative history is that whether through skype or exchanges over those two through talking to my own students you know and working through this you want to have some challenges. but we haven't followed that good things about this time. the other media is going on since for that vote to be i think it's the same on this site. very odd
3:56 pm
. things about india there are. these casual chats may not seem like much but they have a big effect meeting people and realizing that they too are people just like us has been. really important in it shaping my view of what india is they're just as into our culture and they're just as into our musicians our movie that we are into their. own now i know how they are just like us and there's no point in. here it was made in a spark but the thing to go to everyone cool down we dig a lot of time. i think it's very important to let them express that hatred you know because i don't think you can move on from partition because partition isn't a static over because it continues to shape us it will continue to. nominees students are trying their best to reach across the divide. but
3:57 pm
seventy years of hostility are difficult to overcome. the violent birth of these two nations is a legacy seared into their collective memory. and as long as the truth. reconciliation remains a distant dream. by the sky nine hundred eighty. four off the coast of the italian riviera.
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how did it start writing singing significantly in bolivia nabba two days ago there were downpours big ones and in the south there was still flooding river flooding of course big wide rivers but still a flood but more dangerously where ravines flooded and you get landslides and local settlements get flooded or even damaged that he said in the case this is southern brazil bolivia we're looking at as i say now it has dried up it stopped raining from the sky there are also a few showers around on the andean changing sea but nothing like they were the most the rain now is falling through brazil reaching down to paolo it's fine through most of bolivia of cation which has in its drive to the south and warm and sincere and when it's aries it runs in a dry wall to the north of the constant answer out caribbean is that time of the year we have gotten just spotted on the satellite picture a shallow cloud which brings outbreaks of lightish rain to the coast of nicaragua
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or costa rica but no more than that is just recently find time of the year the deep winter in the continental u.s. encounter is right up in the north but where the cold air comes in contact with the warming trend from the size you tend to get areas of snow running through the latest one is running across the plains states towards in order in the next twenty four hours. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping you what it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. with
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a big breaking news story it can be chaotic frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and in your trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when he come off air and being seen pinned to realize this is history in the making. this is al-jazeera. those are american oil this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes at least forty people killed by syrian government and russian strikes in a rebel and.


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