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when the news breaks when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be too dangerous largest half the country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy. has teams on the ground to bring need more winning documentaries. and live news on and on. and died from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm fully back to go welcome to the news great no safe zone in syria the death toll rises in the rebel held areas of. more than two hundred people are dead in just three days
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as syrian government and russian forces pound the areas and now more than one hundred coalition fighters are killed by u.s. backed as strikes we'll explore what each side and their backers are trying to achieve also on the grades a show of strength north korea holds a military parade just one day before the opening of the winter olympics in the south the display has raised questions over thaw in relations between the two koreas we'll have a report from south korea and is ukraine's president slang to a dodgy deal petro poroshenko has his teeth economic advisor after an al-jazeera report on a multi-billion dollar corruption schemes campaign as a calling for an investigation we'll have more details my team who uncovered that story. eight hours and seven minutes we have the details of one of the longest speeches ever made to protect dream is in the united states honest next to us throughout the show using hash tag a.j. his words.
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and the is going on and sitting on line three you two facebook live and that's al jazeera dot com thank you for joining us a new aggression that's what syrian state media is calling and it's hot by the u.s. led coalition and i lie local forces after more than one hundred pro regime pfizer's were killed and dozens wounded in an overnight airstrike syrian state media say the coalition bombed government backed troops in a town in the oil rich bobbins of there is or the u.s. says it was responding to an attack against the american backed syrian democratic forces and the esc reich coincides with escalating violence across syria more than two hundred people have been killed in government raids in eastern guta near damascus and in the northwestern province of northeastern province i should say of italy while turkey continues its military offensive to clear u.s. backed kurdish forces from the northwestern border town of afraid al-jazeera trial
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is keeping an eye on the situation in syria for us from gaza on the turkey syria border to tell us for us about this incident in which a pro regime fried is a said to have been killed. well as you mentioned the area in which the attack took place is a significance not just because obviously it is one of the places known to have oil within syria but more importantly to some extent in terms of who controls it on the ground is the syrian democratic forces those are essentially that's and another name for the kurdish militia the white p.g. who are allied with washington and washington dependent depended heavily upon them in the fight against the ice over the years and now finds itself in this situation where it's pegged against turkey and others through a coup or is this militia of essentially being just as bad as i saw themselves what's significant here is that the international coalition that the united states heads essentially was formed to combat i saw not true combat that bashar assad not
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to how bad the militia like the hezbollah our other raney and or shia militia have come to help him the fact that they decided to do that now is something very significant because as you mentioned there are so many different people with their fingers or hands in the parts that is so we are so to speak and it seems that everybody now is trying to either send a message to the other computing side or it is a race to china stablished oneself on the ground in syria considering that the vast majority of the country is now under the firm control of the government of assad or the russians through their military presence there yes and the body count jamal continues to rise in places like eastern ghouta and deadly province despite the fact that these were supposed to be so-called i.d.'s collation areas areas in the deescalation zone where fighting was supposed to have been reduced. yes he reduced that has not happened to the taller you let's put this into more clearer numbers so
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to speak with clearer numbers rather so to speak twenty five strikes just on thursday morning along fallujah that killed twenty two people in. a small area it is not. a massive city like damascus it is a town in the suburbs of damascus on the eastern side and true hundred people were killed over the past four days obviously this is something hugely outrageous as far as international monitors are concerned as far as those who have been pushing for some food for the resolution are concerned those deescalation zones came about after discussions of talks between the three main players let's call them in syria that is the russians that reining in the turks their greed in astonishment has occurred around eighteen months ago that they would identify certain areas within syria that they can reduce the fighting in a move to allow for political resolution to take place but it seems that those deals mean nothing really a little too far as those on the ground are concerned because so much destruction
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in the very areas where these people are meant to be so thank you for that jamal a child. of the turkey syria border and as john mentioned there outside powers have played a significant part in syria seventy a war let's take a look at some of them and who they support starting with russia supports the government of bashar assad and this has been a game changer here on t.v. through airstrikes on opposition territory russia's use of its veto power in the u.n. security council has also been vital for the assad regime another important ally of the syrian government is iran it helped with funding to keep the assad regime afloat as well as supplying military advisers any raney an elite forces iran has also on them trained hezbollah fighters from lebanon who have fought alongside syrian government forces in the west now backing the other side in syria's conflict is the us training and equipping opposition forces it considers to be moderate like
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the free syrian army right now it's focused in the northwest helping kurdish forces trying to push on its fighters but that support has created diplomatic tensions between the u.s. and. another major opposition supporter that is turkey turkey considers a kurdish white b.g. and its affiliates to be terrorist organizations and it's all become something of a distraction from turkey's longtime support of the syrian opposition now the french ambassador to the united nations condemned the recent violence in syria take a listen. we are now back to the darkest period of this conflict. with the highest death toll among civilians over the last year. and as we speak the situation is deteriorating by the day. and. in particular. the
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syrian regime keeps bombing and beseeching its own population. is a new book in the making. let's bring in close to the news grid he's a political analyst specializing in middle eastern affairs and he was also a former editor of the middle eastern times his rise from milan in italy thank you very much for your time as we've seen and heard there the situation in syria is a very complex one not just because of the different domestic factions involved in the war but also because of the international play is the agreement on the deescalation zones had many people thinking that this war was perhaps winding now but instead we're seeing an escalation in the fighting what do you think the endgame is for the different international powers involved in this conflict starting with russia. well well each side has
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a very different agenda russia is vying for two to be the new power broker in the middle east replacing the united states which has gone into an eclipse system with the current government we have in washington russia's main preoccupation is it wants to secure its warm water ports for its navy for the for the russian navy not during the winter months have a very hard time when the northern ports freeze freeze over so its logic here and sometimes in syria are very important and it's just a report out that came out yesterday that the russians are now negotiating with the lebanese do to secure. rights to lebanese ports which we do have back up to the syrian ports this is very significant because lebanon was until a few years ago. sort of the the the one of the main ports of the u.s. six lete that's based in april in naples italy and now the russians are moving in russians are moving very very smartly and i don't know if they are yes crowed you
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say the usa i want to pick up on something that you just said you say the u.s. has gone into eclipse. in syria meaning that the they don't have as big a role as they did in the past but at the same time the u.s. seems intent on sticking by the kurds in the northwest of syria and this puts them in direct confrontation with turkey another nato member like the u.s. how do you think turkey and the u.s. will overcome these differences in northern syria what we know how will they resolve the kurdish issue. i think i think that unfortunately the kurds will be left out to dry as they have always been since world war one when they were promised by the us government of the time and they would back them to have their state and in the end of the war game and as we know nothing happened and then again during the iraq war when the kurds promised the us to help many did and then
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the us promised to help with her and nothing came out and they got left high and dry a second time and now i can be history is repeating itself it's a. cloud if it's still there i don't know if you can hear me or not but but the civil war just looking at the bigger picture now is entering its eighth year and we see it in the last three days more than two hundred people killed it seems that is like a scramble for what's left of syria between these various powers i wonder though where will this leave the various peace efforts on syria where there is to me that . do you think they can still be a negotiated settlement or is this war only going to be settled on the battlefield eventually right and i don't think we're going to settle battlefield because though there is no over lord over over powering force that has our complete power i mean the russians certainly have the power within the they have to watch out for us they can't go too far and then upset the united states that will trigger. a nasty response from from the americans so that i don't think the battlefield is
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a quick one through the really arm wrestle and then eventually have to go into the russian table and discuss things there. i think if i don't see any solution in the short term unfortunately we're going to want her two more years. thank you so much for sharing your views with a. political analyst joining us there from milan and the conflict in syria will soon enter its eighth year with more than four hundred thousand people killed according to the most traditional estimates and we have a special page up on al jazeera dot com explaining the civil war from the beginning how it started the countries involved the current situation on the ground who controls what it's a very good explainer if you're lost in all you know the complexities of this war check it out on our website at al-jazeera dot com and if you have any more questions on this or other stories that we're covering on the great today don't forget to connect with us on facebook live at facebook dot com slash news grade on
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twitter handle is that a.j. english don't forget he's a genius great you can also what's up us your questions or comments at seven for five a one triple one four nine all the different ways to get in touch with us on the bottom right of your screen right now moving on to other world news and north korea's leader says his on forces are ready to fight if the u.s. and its allies threaten sovereignty the warning from kim jong military parade in pyongyang was on the eve of an expected display of unity at the winter olympics in south korea name reports from knowing the indoor venue for the games. this was a patriotic celebration at home and a display of north korea's military might for those of brought. our army defenseless and keeps us happy it's our people's army just like its name so this army founding day is a great day for all of us thursday was the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the north korean army the military parade in pyongyang comes after the world
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witnessed advances in the isolated countries weapons program last year leader kim jong un praised what he called quote a world class military with the most powerful force despite punishing saying sions i would say that it's a show of defiance but it's a soul. defines. government wants to emphasize the. need to remain side in the future no matter what their fears army parade wasn't broadcast live on state t.v. and no new high profile weapons were displayed the toned down approach was likely earth wants to a criticism of the show of military force on the eve of the opening ceremony of the young tang olympics. north koreans participating in an unprecedented way at these games south koreans are hoping the only suspense and drama will be during
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competition. i feel very proud that a global event like the olympics is taking place in south korea kim jong un sr is expected to attend the opening ceremony in which north and south korean athletes plan to march under a unified flag she'll be the first member of the ruling kim family to step foot on south korean soil since the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. from government leaders to people on the street there is optimism that the beyond chang games will help rebuild the ties between the two koreas it's already being called the peace olympics natasha going to name al-jazeera. south korea. and a very good visual explainer on the tensions between north and south korea on al-jazeera dot com you'll find a timeline with some key dates as well as how the two countries compare when it comes to population military spending etc some very important facts and figures there to help you better understand this crisis on the korean peninsula and plenty
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more on the winter olympic games coming up later on the news great in sports the opening ceremonies in just a few hours on friday but the actual competition itself is formally underway in pyongyang tatiana will be here with the latest on the event say now to bangladesh where a court has sentenced a former prime minister to five years in prison on corruption charges holiday zia has been convicted of embezzling more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars meant for an orphanage the longtime rival of the current prime minister sharon siena says the allegations motivated that conviction means could be barred from running in national elections in december. has more from bangladesh's capital dhaka. i talked to her defense counsel. he said that they're going to appeal. process takes once they get verdicts are to fight verdict they'll go to the high court now that could take till sunday however the law minister said the presidio or
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there is a presidio delay to get the certified copies which means it could be artificially delayed for them to take it to the high court once a goat goes to the high code to depend on the high courts but then if they got to stay order she'll be either out on bail and even if she stays in the jail should still be eligible for election until a final hearing in the high court takes place even within the appellate division now let me give you the situation on the street the city where i'm standing right now is just a few blocks from the court is eerily silent the stores are closed schools are closed there's hardly any car in the city there's been periodic clashes in the capital city and all across the country certainly putting the country into a political uncertainty considering there is a scheduled general election in the month of december. while seventy two year old holliday. of the bangladesh main opposition party the bangladesh nationalist party
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or the b.n.p. she entered politics after the assassination of her husband then president in one thousand nine hundred eighty one became the muslim majority countries first female prime minister in one thousand nine hundred ninety one she has been jailed on a number of occasions in her thirty five year political career but this is the first time she has been convicted of more on this let's speak to arnie vic who's a senior fellow and economist at the c.m. i am michelson institute of which e.u. for anti-corruption resource center is part of his via live live from bergen in no way thank you very much for being with us i want to read to you one of the common syria we got from our viewers in bangladesh says this was a rigged child bangladesh's you disagree system has already been totally manipulated by the government do you share this view that this was a rigged and that this corruption charge against. is politically motivated as she
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believes. you know. i'm actually i'm not very surprised about this charge. conviction or. correct because so the extensive charges of corruption as she has been faced for a long period the media coverage that has occurred and the political strength of all of our beliefs i'm not surprised by these conflicts actually she got a longer sentence than than was expected. if she was actually says sentenced to life sentence but she go a little to five years but saying that i don't know whether she's corrupt or not that but i. say that saying that i'm surprised in the case in the sense that there has been many cases so corruption a lot the last years that has been withdrawn by the anti corruption core commission and. yes the yeah i just want to bring you another comment here from bangladesh
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because we're getting quite a few of them from our viewers on this story as many here says the government is suppressing dissent in every way possible focusing on the main opposition party because of elections later this year so that there. are this year in bangladesh and this sentence for now means that the former prime minister is barred from taking part in this parliament tripos how much uncertainty do you think this leaves the country in politically and also what about the opposition where does this leave them their future in these upcoming elections. definitely this will string. the obama lead and we can we can be in the lead there is sentenced. and i also think that it cannot some impact all on the small parties in bangladesh maybe some of the small parties in bangladesh will be more more. why don't.
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they call. you to this sentence my mate my mind may concern always thought that this is this mom are three percent the backlash in democracy in bangladesh because on it what you're doing because what you're doing is in a sense you are you are you are fighting. towards the lead there's a local opposition parties and what this you know is that those. opposition parties leaders they are they have charged for conduct for corruption but they're a bit minish arches to what obama league as well but you don't find the same some connection there ok yes thank you so much for sharing your views with us on any they joining us there on skype on this situation in bangladesh a political crisis in bangladesh and i want to point to you now to a very good opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com on this crisis in bangladesh in fact it was written by tariq ramadan senior vice chairman of the opposition
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bangladesh nationals party and who also is a son of credit asea who was convicted today dates a bit but so very relevant he argues in this piece at the very existence of democracy in bangladesh is under threat it's an interesting perspective really is on our website at al-jazeera dot com. all right we're now live on our multi view war here on the news great taking a look at the different pictures the news that agencies are feeding us i want to show you this one this is the united nations security council where a meeting is currently underway on the situation in syria the escalating violence there this is the french ambassador to the united nations who expressed concerns about the rising death toll in syria the meeting itself was called by kuwait and sweden the united nations wants a one month pause to allow for the delivery of aid in syria or keep a close eye on what's happening at the security council there and bring you all the
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latest lines as and when we have the most course in the meantime let's check in with london news center and lauren taylor for a look at the day's other news nor in philly thank you very much scores of aftershocks are hampering rescue efforts in taiwan as the search continues for survivors of tuesday's earthquake dozens remain missing after the magnitude six point four tremor killed ten people and injured hundreds in the port city of her u.n. rescue workers have stepped up efforts at one of the worst hit structures bryant has more. this rescue team from tight chong in central taiwan is preparing to go into the building for the first time. chung and his men are used to dealing with earthquakes but this building is in a particularly perilous position. as you can see it's very slanted so we have to take precautions and special gear to ensure our safety other emergency crews from across the island have also joined this operation and local media are camped around
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the building anxiously following progress along with many others you know. we are struggling against aftershocks and bad weather but we will continue to search but we won't give up. aftershocks have become less frequent but they still occur and alarm sounds each time and eyes turn instinctively towards the teetering structure . that is that inside the tight chong team stop after shock one of them shouts. and deep within the structure all they can do is wait for the transmitter and more steel reinforcement have been brought in to prop up the building it means when the alarm sounds the crews can wait inside until the tremor passes before continuing their work but they know the time for anything five years is running out. a tight young team emerge finding no signs of life and admit the job makes them sometimes
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fear for their own lives. is the ambassador saw when the aftershock happened i still get nervous there's nothing you can do but get into a safe corner and pray. if survivors are still to be found alive they're likely to be in more inaccessible parts of this block harder for the rescuers to get to more dangerous for them to work in robert bright al-jazeera wiley and taiwan. eight people have been killed after a road collapsed at a subway construction site in southeastern china rescue crews in fashion city say three people are still missing and managed to pull out nine construction workers who'd been trapped under the rubble the collapse was caused by water entering the site from leaking pipes and libyan commander who is wanted by the international criminal court has been released a day after he had himself in two minutes your thirty's in eastern libya and arrest warrant was issued for mahmoud and were fairly last august accusing him of taking part in summary executions in june twenty sixth teen and july twenty seventeen
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supporters of her folly demonstration in benghazi against his detention on wednesday closing roads and burning tires israel has begun building a wall on its border with lebanon leaders in beirut say it will threaten security in the already volatile region they've also pledged to press ahead with controversial plans for offshore gas and oil exploration they heard the reports from the crew are in southern lebanon. israel is building a wall on its northern border lebanon is warning that it shouldn't pass through its territory yet again there is tension along one of the most volatile borders in the middle east the border was drawn by the united nations almost two decades ago the so-called blue line confirmed israel's withdrawal from southern lebanon but lebanon has concerns on several points one of them is just a few meters from where construction work is underway. united nations peacekeepers are in charge of monitoring the cease fire and maintaining stability in this region
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commanders are holding meetings with both sides to ensure there are no misunderstandings or miscalculations no one wants to escalate the situation both parties committed to decision of the still exist and to take full advantage of our coordination and years on mechanisms like the tripartite meeting. lebanon is accusing israel of threatening stability in the region israel hasn't replied an extraordinary meeting was held by lebanon's higher defense counsel military and government leaders alike have struck a defiant tone. levanon however didn't say how it will respond but a visiting u.s. envoy told government officials that israel doesn't want an escalation. israel and lebanon are officially in a state of war the two countries don't just have unresolved land border disputes between them they are both claiming an area of sea of around eight hundred square kilometers. an area believed to be rich in oil and gas and which extends along the
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edge of the disputed maritime border lebanon says exploratory offshore drilling will start next year despite israeli threats. with what the lebanese armed group hezbollah said it stands behind the government and the army tensions are high the rhetoric has been tough but many don't expect an all out war as is still thinks of hezbollah as the main main threat to its security is theoretically speaking but they always were that there's this balance of states this will. both sides to engage in any sort of war. a cease fire has largely held since israel and hezbollah fought a war in two thousand and six but the potential for more conflict is always there and now would a southern lebanon. that's all for me for moment but to fall into lauren thank you very much an israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says a potential corruption indictment against him will come to nothing very poor said
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israeli police will recommend the indictment over allegations that it's now and his wife receives illicit gifts from billionaire benefactors including a major hollywood producer is also accused of doing a deal with a newspaper to weaken a rival publication in return for friendly coverage that's now gave this reaction on his facebook page. many of you asked what will happen so i want to reassure you there will be nothing because i know the truth the state of israel is a state of law the law says of the one to determine whether there is evidence against the prime minister is the attorney general and he consults with the state attorney the state prosecutor said recently in knesset that about half of the police recommendations and with nothing. now worth noting that mess now has not been charged yet but his preemptive response on facebook may have added fuel to the story right. joins us more on this right here frightfully the prime minister has tried to come out ahead of the story by using social media to generate support now
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his video message has been shared hundreds of times netanyahu is known for being active on social media he has two accounts on facebook and two more on twitter and he's spoken publicly about the value of politicians having an online presence i think the first thing to do is to tell the truth and to proud of the lies and to use social media for this constant battle for i think truth is a powerful powerful weapon it's getting harder and harder to suppress i do that. i know that you understand that and i think that. i think that the offer of proof will go more and more through social media rather than through government. now that was at a conference about digital diplomacy and idea that the prime minister has used quite often now he's posted several videos on facebook addressing iranian citizens
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and other world leaders as part of a strategy for international dialogue now another leader who engages in public diplomacy is u.s. president donald trump and he frequently tweets about border security with mexico or threaten sanctions against north korea now both leaders say that their social media accounts helped protect them two weeks ago trump told reporters i quote that if i don't have that form of communication i can't defend myself i got a lot of fake news a lot of news that is very false. all made out like trump netanyahu has also attacked the press last april he called journalism an industry of despair now by directing their attacks on the media and international leaders on social platforms trump and netanyahu leave very little room for anyone to challenge them with questioning now that's quite a unique political tactic and we'll see if netanyahu is approach will with this
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expected corruption charges coming soon will help redeem him and his public image let us know what you think tweet us using the hash tag a.j. news good writer thank you very much for that coming up if you're watching us on facebook our friends at a.j. plus have the story of how data is be used to inspire young women and still ahead on the grades how plans to develop a ski resort have turned some bulgarians. to stay with us. hello there's been a bit of a warming trend in this part of the world from kazakhstan westward through the caspian to the levant little cloud around using all that looks quite wintry but it's not really much of a cloud brings nothing the warmth that came out of eastern africa is coming down through russia go twenty three in baghdad twenty two in beirut yes it might be
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white skies not blue and that won't is coming down the increasing breeze as for the gulf the terror will not to nod and those subzero is about five degrees warmer than the day before the same is true of tashkent so cold has temporarily disappeared might stay that way for a while as well the cloud by produce a little bit in the caucasus and on the higher ground just to the north of terran otherwise think surprising me warm for february and that's true despite that increasing breeze or talked about the should be a dusty what i think going down through kuwait and east and saudi but he won't drop the temperatures surprisingly you might think. now we see a bit of rain develop recently and there's more to come for places where you might want it and i'm thinking particularly of cape town the streak of cloud on its way in there might produce twenty or thirty millimeters not a lot but every bit helps biggish as a likely to be further east in south africa. burn
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to read so that i could read programming manuals. tax returns to activism with a new mission i said ok everything like trying to build software for. digital dissidents within the technological. race to get sick certain occasions in their field on the captain. of the record. this time on al-jazeera. it was oriol upon which modern day venezuela was a stoppage. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than cursed with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on
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a. and at and. and then at an the. i am al
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jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com a number one there the political crisis in bangladesh with the opposition leader convicted in a corruption case and number two how did all or more deshawn becker effect be on the world's imagine it's a very interesting piece and made it myself but i will definitely check it out also trending the fight to end the gentle tests on women in india all those stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. it would be a great on al-jazeera with me for the battle we've got people watching today from uganda bahrain and sweden thank you so much for your company remember to have a say on today's news by sending your questions and comments for correspondents and awe guess one facebook life facebook dot com slash eighteen years quit on twitter as well as a.j. english is a handle don't forget to use the hashtag aging news group and all the other ways to get in touch on your screen right now. the national prayer breakfast an annual bipartisan event that's usually held on the first day of february has taken place
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in washington d.c. . spoke at the event which was attended by four thousand people including evangelical pastors and the moms the meeting comes a day after three hundred faith leaders made a place to protect muslims and other religious minorities globally live to our white house correspondent kimberly hall get in washington d.c. kimberly don't trump spoke at this breakfast this morning but the big story out of washington and today is of course whether democrats and republicans will be able to agree on a spending bill to avoid another government shutdown. that's right and it does appear at this hour like the government shutdown will be averted but it's still early in washington there's a lot of hurdles that have to take place on capitol hill before that is a certainty but as it appears right now there has been sort of a rare bipartisan agreement in the senate is still has to be voted on but in a divided washington in a divided america it seems we have
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a rare moment where there is some agreement among conservatives and liberals over how to fund the government for the next two years now it is expected to pass in the senate it may have a little bit of trouble in the house of representatives that tends to be a more conservative body and there are some big concerns especially among fiscal conservatives about just how big this budget is in terms of spending it seems like everybody got a little something in this in terms of entitlements like government programs that are usually championed by democrats there are big raises in spending there there's also big raises the spending in the military and this is usually where the battle is back and forth doesn't appear there's much battling going on it's just a big budget with a lot of spending that is making a lot of conservatives concerned and there are some democrats concerned too because you remember when we had this last government shutdown it was all over protections for children brought to the united states illegally by their parents it's known as doc or dreamers well that hasn't been addressed in all of this so well it does look
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like the spending crisis or terms of funding the government may be averted for now there are still that big issue to overcome and again this all comes down to the deadline of midnight on friday morning and there's still a lot of voting to take place so anything could happen but as it stands right now it appears that this is going to go through and at least that will be settle on well if there is to be a lot of the divided issues to resolve in washington after that can be halted at the white house thank you kimberly and democratic leader nancy pelosi made history when she spoke out against the budget deal setting a new record. the longest speech ever made in the house of representatives is more more about how long was that speech exactly oh man eight hours and seven minutes no data on break no broken break i've made maybe had a few sips of water but you know that's all we know at the moment now according to the house historians office this was the longest speech ever made in the house the
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same us was in one thousand nine hundred nine when the no make a champ cox spoke for about five hours and fifteen minutes now when it comes to long speeches many recall cuba's fidel castro giving a monologue at the united nations in one thousand nine hundred sixty but that was only four and a half hours long even his longest speech doesn't beat pelosi as he spoke for about seven hours in one thousand nine hundred eighty six in havana proces mainly focused on the lack of solutions for young undocumented migrants who came to the u.s. as children also known as dreamers and they were previously protected from deportation and the obama administration's deferred action for childhood arrivals act also known as dhaka now present donald trump wants the program to expire in march and the issue has been holding up budget talks it even though had to a brief government shutdown last month. now in his speech pelosi read letters from
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dream is to members of congress and calls to possibile that would grant them legal status every j. courageous patriotic dreamers lose their status every day the american dream slips further out of reach as members of congress we have a moral responsibility to act now to protect your emerges who are the pride of our nation and our american in every way but on paper. the whole speech has been dubbed the duck a bust this is a play on the filibuster technique sometimes used in the senate to block or delay noles by refusing to leave the podium supporters tweet of praise with the hash tag go nancy go and barbara his thank pelosi for putting a human face on the inexcusable neglect of the dreamers but republicans use the same hash tag to criticize the stunt as a waste of time mark was tweeted here that he was less inclined to support the house still the longer pelosi spoke so how much of an impact you think speeches
6:42 pm
like this actually have on the broader objectives for foreign policy change or domestic policy change send us your thoughts using the hashtag. thank you very major follow up now on an al-jazeera exclusive ukraine's president has dismisses chief economic advisor after an al jazeera investigation alleging he receives millions of dollars raise fortunately there is no risk in owned ukraine's largest media group u m h before selling it in twenty thirteen al-jazeera is investigative unit uncovered documents that show over one hundred million dollars in payments for the company was raised as a loan on a company linked to president petro poroshenko they're trying to contact both orosz and go about the money on to say well for more on this let's cross to will jordan who led this investigation for us is live from london new center well first of all what's the deal all about. well i'm going to correct the link that the deal was a five hundred million dollars deal to buy the largest media group in ukraine that
6:43 pm
was bought by sake of change who borrowed money raised on money he had stolen and we have we have now uncovered that and we contacted the government about that since we contacted them the president has dismissed his chief economic adviser who was the original owner of united media holdings he received half a million half a billion dollars for that sale of the united media so how is president poroshenko links to all this while president poroshenko was a shareholder in united media holdings he owned a small amount and he is often and always claimed that before the deal was done in late two thousand and thirteen he had sold his stake out we've analyzed the documents of the holding company in cyprus and it appears that there was no there was no evidence that he did actually let go of that before the deal was done at the
6:44 pm
end of october twenty third team in which case he would have benefited to the chain of approximately fifteen million dollars of money that we cannot guarantee was entirely clean where the ukrainian and austrian prosecutors will take this further you think. well the austrians investigated it in twenty fourteen and in twenty sixteen they drop the case a minute seen no evidence of money laundering because the cranium prosecutors have not given them any evidence however what we have published which is available al-jazeera dot com shows that the loan raised one hundred sixty million dollars raised to purchase the united media holdings was raised on the back of stolen money which certainly does provide extra evidence and now campaign is a calling for both ukrainian and austrian prosecutors to reopen their cases thank you for that will jordan live for us in london news center and as will mentioned there the documentary is available on our website if you've missed the oligarchy on
6:45 pm
t.v. you can also watch it on al-jazeera dot com investigative unit unravels a high stakes international plot hatched by praful eastern european all agog to make millions of dollars from a crooked deal it's a fascinating documentary watch it on our website at al-jazeera dot com. now for a story that's off the grid in egypt and the country's interior ministry has launched a campaign against protecting the minds of children regular tell us more about this that's right folly egypt's interior ministry launched a controversial cartoon which has created a bit of an up brawl the for team and bobble video was released late last month calling on children to report bad guys to place without telling anyone else about what they had reported. a boy's what's wrong officer an appeal strangers a friend the flat above we do not know anything about them the team saw them
6:46 pm
bringing in and out some boxes and we don't know if they are good or bad you may have doubts but you cannot verify facts this is our real what really matters is that you have reported it to the police and ever they don't want you to tell anyone else. the most people have expressed that distrust in the government online are says in arabic that egypt's interior ministry is portraying itself as an organization of messy and a hunger for those without one and many more are reacting on facebook saying that it's nothing more than a way to teach children to be informants however the ministry says that the cartoon is only meant to educate children about the role of police offices in protecting society so let us know what you think about this message me directly at regina mohammed or use the hash tag. thank you very much for that for those of you watching on facebook keep it here during the break to see how communities in puerto rico are coming together to get the light spot on tatyana will be here in just
6:47 pm
a few minutes with a look ahead to the winter olympic games and if you're a fan of curling we have good news for you but first. of all.
6:48 pm
with was it with you and. i am. the one. i am we i
6:49 pm
became a bringing tatiana with the sports first of all gary aware environmental protesting construction plans that could destroy some of the most important forest say europe the bulgarian government which currently holds the presidency of the e.u. is supporting a scheme to turn the period national into a ski resort critics say those behind the development are offshore companies involved in tax avoidance now lawrence lee has a story. european skiers enjoying the winter sunshine in the results have been scoped may or may not know they were the units to world heritage sites the beautiful ancient forest here supposedly protected by bulgarian and international environmental laws the plans to expand the skiing area by cutting down far more of the forests has been infused yes tickly backed by the government is economically lucrative but condemned by environmentalists as the rate of nature some of the trees are
6:50 pm
a thousand years old the bears and the wolves could lose their habitats if we allow this to happen in theory national park then these skiing projects can start in all our national parks we only have three plus in our nature part so we will open the pandora box and this will be the end of protected areas in the area. it's as much about how controversial it is that protests against the scheme of being held in cities all over europe and beyond it's also claimed to be passed a much wider rotten story about the rule of law in the european union. the row over the legal and environmental implications of destroying the forests here in the apparent complicity of the bowl garin government elites have served to focus attention on this place in a way that the rich and the powerful in bulgaria really don't like at all because it appears that ban sco is actually a giant money laundering operation dressed up as a ski resorts. that's according to people like nick he points
6:51 pm
a bunch goes empty hotels and apartment blocks as evidence of tax avoidance that's the one behind it is absolutely empty that one is empty because the hotelier turned whistleblower who's watched anonymous companies build hotel blocks here apparently knowing they'll remain an occupied the central allegation is this a trick to inflate prices artificially and wash the money through the pristine resort it's a truth the whole of bulgaria seems to know about but is only coming to lights because of the ral and for the future of the forest the biggest hotels are owned by that offshore company. the gondolas old by the offshore company they they lock down you know their conditions of work and they don't budge at all because for them they have the monopoly they don't care who even owns the resort is a mystery it was registered in the tax haven of cyprus under the name of an unemployed local man he is on paper the owner of so many companies he's one of the
6:52 pm
biggest foreign investors in bulgaria. the government claims to know who the real owners are but he's refused to say apparently it isn't in the public interest to reveal he wants to chop down the forests or why the more the guys are just substances it's the last thing we care about what's important is gary in business and tourism to be successful every company that wants to develop oh gary interesting follows the law and we would support it but on the question of who owns it i can't give an exact answer. the people who run bans go already stand accused of environmental recollects despite receiving millions from the european union to sewage disposal human waste is allowed to run straight into the streams coming down from the mountain what they plan to do with the mountain itself if they are allowed to cut the forest down is anyone's guess gloriously al-jazeera dansko in bulgaria. and all people we're talking about in just a few skiing in other winter sports. of philly that's right ali thank you very much
6:53 pm
have less than twenty four hours until the winter olympics formally get underway the opening ceremony of the games will be held on friday but if you couldn't wait for curling will be for the action to start then you're in luck it got underway early on that day for the first time there's a mixed doubles competition and the united states beat a married couple but preventing the olympic athlete from russia taking remember they can't go by russia at these games or where team uniforms due to doping fight. but that's not the main thing that has people talking instead it's the bitterly cold weather a sports correspondent the wellings. snow and ice and a winter olympics who could possibly of thought it but partly it is a problem with how cold it is here i can testify it is really really particularly cold now might be joining the come one can come up hey you've got to be careful they come with a very very expensive so forgive the throw away. because the can was in my arms at
6:54 pm
the moment here we go there he comes that is you guys thank you joan tide of reduces those are freezing you can testify how cold it is now where when they are plenty of religious part of plumbing chiangmai part of these winter olympics were staying in god nunc they fell over there which is where the ice sports will day and the hockey and the culling and those kind of events actually with the scale of the severe cold are talking about minus twenty celsius and it could even be a bit counter than that in the next couple of days is cause the ski is a problem with the bottom of this case they're saying that the equipment is being affected you think with the winter olympics that are chilly that we used to these things but young john could be the coldest winter olympics ever think about four years ago over control of a c i don't thing with russians in such a it actually must the fact that the weather was strange and appropriate for winter
6:55 pm
olympics it was sunday is actually right the one point in the skating i don't know about you bought prefer to see it like this absolutely for example problem is it's just got so called so that's how it warms up a little bit otherwise it will be a hash tag try for at least w underscore sport that's my twitter handle what are we covering all of these with the games for you on social media online and of course on the my knowledge of the original. if you want to follow lee wellings experience of staying warm at the wind winter olympic games than if he mentioned there his twitter handle is lead w underscore sport lots of other journalists whining about the cold as well not surprisingly the athletes seem kind of used to it this sportswriter here from minneapolis tweeted many people have asked how cold it is here in pyongyang this visual representation should suffice that is
6:56 pm
a water bottle that's frozen itself without needing a freezer and here is another american writer how cold is it in pyongyang had breakfast with a guy today who's looking forward to going to buffalo to get warm if you're not familiar with buffalo i can tell you it is cold there well one man who isn't letting that cold weather get the better of him a member of the olympic press support staff has got everyone talking and laughing i won't give away they just take a look at this now you. know mostly. things you ever say. i forget the rest of the word. three. hours that. right. every thank you so much of. what a wonderful singing voice before we go though we just wanted to show you some pictures from philadelphia now where an expected crowd of two million eagles
6:57 pm
fans wild look at the amount of people there are out on the streets right now to celebrate their team's super bowl success on sunday they beat the new england patriots to win the biggest prize in american sport for the first time schools museums course government offices and even the philadelphia zoo's been shut down to allow the city to celebrate hashtag eagles parade also trending right now. don't forget the olympics thought tomorrow that friday get in touch with us with the hash tag a.j. news grid you can also tweet me i am not i'm tatiana ali it's up to you tatiana thank you very much for that before we go a quick update on one of our top stories here on the news great today and that is yes collating violence in syria the u.n. security council has been meeting to discuss the situation these are live pictures right now the meeting called by sweden and kuwait as more than two hundred people have died in the last three days in syria in areas that were supposed to be in safe
6:58 pm
areas where security was supposed to have been better because of the deescalation agreement that was reached between russia and a number of other countries will keep a close eye on this for you and bring you all the latest updates in our next bulletin from london the center from the fully back to war and the whole news great team thank you for watching by from. the scene for us whether online what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat
6:59 pm
there people the choosing between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al jazeera. and it's different from other channels because we're not just there when something happens we are there before it happens are there while it happens. we say we do have a permanent presence in a lot of places there's so much that has been the battleground being eleven on is very important it's about syria it's about lebanon it's about the power struggle between iran and saudi arabia it's all there and that's the challenge. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rise one on one east investigates the
7:00 pm
threat this followed posers at this time on al jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every. syrian rescue workers struggle to cope as bombs rained down on the rebel held enclave east and go to for a fourth consecutive day. and our intake of this is al jazeera live from london coming up north korea.


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