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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 39  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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men met rand paul wants an amendment considered for this spending package and he's refusing to let this go to a vote and violent protests have broken out on the streets of bangladesh after the former prime minister kelly dizzier was jailed for corruption zia was charged with two hundred fifty thousand dollars in donations bed for the orphanage trust all groups in south sudan are freed more than three hundred child soldiers it's the second largest release of its kind since the country's civil war began five years ago they were released during the day to day shoots program which helps child soldiers return to normal life. the day candidates have been officially dave for next month's presidential election to russian president vladimir putin is hoping to with a fourth term opinion polls give him a lead of all that sixty percent opposition leader alexina valley who organized bus protests gates corruption has be barred from reading of course you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com and back with board use it thirty
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minutes but we continue our coverage here on ars there with inside story do stay with us. is north korea playing games with the winter olympics athletes from both police set to launch and a unified flag of the opening ceremony but as the south the red carpet the north on forces will paraded in pyongyang so can the honeymoon last this is inside story.
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and how this is inside a story south korea's president has been trying to sell the winter games in. as the peace olympics he may have got his wish with an axe and expect to thaw with the north the took korea decided to talk of the height of tension over the north's nuclear bomb and ballistic missile development the first face to face negotiations in two years led to the north's inclusion in the winter games and now young is on the charm offensive. from the north of the games but due to launch with competitors from the south and a unified flag that delegation from north of the border is being led by the ceremonial had of the sate team young now has the highest level leader to visit south korea also that is the sister of leader kim jong on came you know jong is set
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to be increasingly powerful and influential. but the u.s. isn't sold vice president mike pence has been speaking in tokyo before leading the u.s. delegation to south korea he warned the world not to get taken in by the north the united states and japan will continue to confront the most dangerous threat in the indo-pacific the rogue regime in north korea we will not allow north korean propaganda to hijack the message and imagery of the olympic games we will not allow north korea to hide behind the olympic banner the reality the things flee their people and threaten the wider region and on the eve of the much anticipated display of unity of the winter olympics a show force in killing young a military parade for the seventieth anniversary of the founding of north korea's army came junk on board that soldiers are ready to fight if the u.s. and these are lies but and its sovereignty included in the convoy of weapons were
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intercontinental ballistic missiles the focus of global alarm frustration and conciliation two thousand and seventeen was a busy year for north korea's missile and nuclear scientists more than twenty missiles were test launched last year suggesting developments in both short and long range rocket technology a new assignment blasted off in november larger and more powerful than and he launched from the north before and capable and honest say of attacking any city of the united states but the achievements came at a cost to the already poverty stricken economy with tough new sanctions imposed by the u.s. and the u.n. let's bring in our guests. by skype from beijing is childhood chan associate professor in the department of international politics at renmin university of china from seoul is c. one crew publisher of korea exposes a and by skype from bedminster new jersey is gordon chang
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a us foreign policy analyst thank you all for joining us let me start by asking mr coo this. this is a moment when everyone is talking about the potential for the north and south to come together set aside their differences but then we have this ministry parade in the north what is kim jong un trying to say by this rates well i think one thing we need to point out is still this was not in fact the kind of occasion many people expected it to be i think we can say with confidence to the scale of the parade was not as grand as some had anticipated and also the kind of publicity north korea wanted to generate for it was clearly limited there was a normal lybrel cast of the parade it was only made available later on state television and also there were no foreign correspondents invited to observe the
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event which was quite interesting given that the eyes of the world war on killing young today so the statement kelly is trying to send is obviously that they are willing to make some kind of concession given everything that has been happening if you want to really care we have seen this very interesting and exciting month of engagement between the two koreas and i think we can say with certainty that the one of ministration here in seoul were struck very hard to accommodate north korea to the best of its abilities and of course despite the fact the north korea has been very adamant that it was going to have this parade it wasn't not going to change the date what has happened today actually shows it is mindful of what has been what the south korean government has been trying to do and they're willing to make certain concessions with the chung is this a message of defiance or is just an up or surety by north korea to display its
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military might well what north korea was trying to do was to intimidate the south we've got to remember that we've been living memory the north koreans have not had a parade during. the winter you know this parade which is meant to mark the foundation the establishment of the north korean army the korean people's army normally of earners in april this is unprecedented so what they're doing on the eve of the olympics is saying to the south koreans we're going to subject your chip you know we're talking about details that made it look better no this was a real attempt i think to show hostility in belligerence and that's the nature of the north korean regime the most no interest on earth people in south korea may want to sugarcoat it but unfortunately that is what the north koreans were trying to say ok let's go to beijing. chung is this an a postulate by the north korean government to try to show the world it is capable
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of one of the most powerful symbols in more than times or do you just find it on a porch and it's a charity for them to say you know what we here yes i think so so you're seize on the one hand says north korea has of trying to flex its muscles on the sense crim sh two and also we're not north korea as we continue to pursue it's a new korea and a missile programs and even necessary north korea so we come from external threat that's the message to north korea trying to send to us at war but on the other hand like to say is holding a meter craze on the eve sort of malays was counterproductive but eat was not to be d.-o. in comparison with what we have witnessed in passi as north korea's can dock to numerous a nuke numerous missile test and then you can test sosa north korea as a sub not be dio not and also as we witnessed and not square as is doing some
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scenes trying to minimize its muto crazy impact on the ongoing. upcoming on began for example to not grass but not even wide foreign journalist to attend neutral re season and also besides amitabh create was limited with the coup so this is happening against the backdrop of the winter olympics do you think that the games could be this time genuine to postulate on a platform for both north or south to set aside their differences well certainly what their south korean government would like to see. there's a reason why the government wanted to reduce tensions here because they feel that this is a very important precondition for dialogue it's face it it's not possible that there can be any negotiation while telling and washington will think asian frets
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and belligerence so now it seems as though the climate is coming into place and there is potential but of course the government is moving very carefully to make sure that other pieces fall into their places for example i think what we have seen from pyongyang so far is that despite its commitment to showing this kind of force and maintaining its hostile gesture it is willing to engage in at least some form of change and what is going to be very important for south korea is that in needs to put enough persuasion into play so that washington might also with the procreate in return and that is going to be the very difficult part for the government given what we have heard from key members of the trumpet industry from so far with the chang the north. korean delegation is led by syria
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members including the sister of came john is playing increasing bros now in north korea is that a message that the north koreans are trying. to send by the level of their own delegation well yeah this is interesting because president trump announced that his daughter of vodka would attend the closing ceremonies so the north koreans won up that by sending the sister kim jong un kim you know john and this is important because this is the first immediate family member of the kim family to set foot in south korea so this is going to be an important game of chess and we're seeing this in across the board you know vice president pence came in and said that not going to allow the north koreans to hijack the olympics so there is this geopolitical competition going on during what the south koreans call the kissel unfixed this is absolutely fascinating such on the level of the delegation the
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senior members from north korea attending the games defined it as a overtures towards the south koreans or just an attempt by north korea to test waters and see how things are going to go forward in the near future is a very important time to witness who will come to attend opening ceremony from north korea as mesa can to non and the chairman of the national people's congress where you can and also those companies are of north korea as. young as would come to attend that send that were strong signal that north korea it's a serious up improve its relationship with north which saucepans that's the one things we have to keep in mind but on the other hand we have to get into that he sues whether or not it to koreans who discuss north korea's nuclear he said send the
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missile in addition to of a symbolic it you see it was a like a charity score us and. our core formers that's all carries over symbolic gets of meanings but most important things whether or not the two countries touch the north korea's nuclear use universe and promote in discussions between north korea north korea and the united states than with the coup the. south korean president moon in said he's committed to pursue the rick installation with north korea now when it comes to reconsideration what do you think is the top priority nuclear issue deescalation well i mean deescalation is obviously important what the government has made it very clear that in pursuing the escalation there alternate cool is denuclearization
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of the korean peninsula i don't think anybody can question that what is however being question is the method the government is using to or by that goal so i think there's a lot of doubt i think in the international circle as to whether this particular policies going to war whether. setting sending all such a warm welcome for the north korean the leash on accommodating these high ranking members or the only on elite circle not to mention that today there were reports president moon might in fact even meet with kim jong un sr so that's that's a lot of welcome being shown but in return what can the government actually expect as your guest in china has just said i think the important thing is to bring the discussion back to the issue of what to do with north korea's nuclear program and that is not entirely clear at the moment i think what the government has already
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been through that is they think it is very important to bring compelling young and washington together to talk to each other directly and unfortunately given the kind of messages we have seen from for example vice president mike pence it seems that the u.s. side is not especially interested in this possibility despite the fact that president trump has actually come out saying that dialogue may not be a bad thing and something good might come out of the illinois and he's willing to wait and see what happens. china is north korea's main ally the chinese foreign minister says negotiations of the only way to break what he called the vicious cycle on the peninsula. we cannot merely rely on the efforts of the south of the north all the parties should make joint efforts we won't be able to make our goal if some are trying to open the door while others are trying to close it and we hope that all the parties continue to follow the resolution of the un security
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council and suspend all accidents that may intensify as a conflict and to do their best to maintain the peace and stability of the peninsula. mr chang there are two options here the bitter confrontation everyone knows the massive cost of that confrontation if it happens then there is the second of which is political talks everyone knows that the chinese government has huge leverage over north korea do you think this is a path the americans the americans should pursue in the near future well you know the united states should try to talk to north korea but only when north korea understands it has no choice but to disarm talking to north korea before then is unproductive as we've seen in the various negotiations with the north covering three decades you know they'll just use the time to preachers perfect their arsenal and the chinese are going to help the north koreans with not only technology but
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also the nansen all the rest of it so you know the united states has a strong policy and that is to cut off money flows to the north koreans so they can't launch missiles so they can't detonate nukes so that kim jong un can't engage in give politics and that's the way to do it because when the north koreans understand they have no choice but to disarm that's when you talk to them but this doesn't merican policy you have us to say this doesn't seem to be paying off because when you look at the string of tests that were conducted by the north koreans over the last year you can see that moving forward to was establishing a very strong internet intercontinental ballistic missile as well there are signs from north korea that the sanctions are having an effect so for instance some officials in pyongyang are not getting their rations to their special distribution channels only rest of it and but you know the point i think is that the united states has not been vigorous enough in enforcing sanctions so for instance we
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should be going after chinese banks that have been laundering money for the north koreans we should be imposing costs on china for violating you. and sanctions as recently as a last months in leslie do these things there won't be a peaceful solution so what we have to do i think is to be even more strict in forcing sanctions not only against the north koreans but also against their big powers sponsors the chinese and the russians as well others that have been supporting the north korean economy because our guest in beijing. why the chinese are not doing enough to put pressure on the north korean to stop their nuclear or to abandon their nuclear program said katrina has done enough to pressure north korea to abandon its nuclear and to missile programs since two thousand and six china's government hussin tourist eleven united nations security council resolutions china has been leading trade partner to north korea as you know old to
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sanction that countries in the old two parts and not countries wrongdoings and the china made a huge sacrifice a to cut to reduce is treated with that country's and one china indorse united nations security council to dropped economic sanctions against north korea china would be the first all set country to for the victims of such a kind of sanctions are submission late assignments a little later early as a china was and esteem is a leading trait parmer got country economic sanction hurt north korea but also for china but chana waiting to make such success sekret fires that now will continue to go says the circle when you see that chinese north and south korea of these walking under the same whites in the flag you would assume that in an ideal wealth north and south can come together and the solve their problems from the conversation now
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it looks like we need more regional powers to step in do you think that if the chinese the russians the americans can come together that could be conducive to any . permanent solution this is the reality that many south koreans recognize this is this may have become a very prosperous country but it is a country that does not this is rehab the political power on the global stage to match that which is why the government also sees in needs to work with these one partners in the region whether it be china russia japan and of course the united states to have some kind of solution that everybody can agree on but as exchange just now between your guests in the u.s. and in china have revealed i think there is not as much consensus as south koreans would like to see. mr chang i believe in the u.s.
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has made a good point that despite all that has been said china in fact does not seem to be lead living up to its part in enforcing these sanctions as north korea and i say that because this is the widespread feeling here in the of korea many people here on happy about the kind of war that beijing has played in all allowing north korea to get away with these sanctions for example the very damning reports that surface recently regarding the transfer of oil from ship to ship so those kind of things really make people here question ok there can ever be consensus that really forces north korea to accept that it is an isolated player on the very large global stage mr chang i mean from many say that from north korean perspective the problems of the americas have not been giving them enough incentives because you know for many decades the north koreans have been sticking to a boy's first they wanted to pursue the bilateral talks with the americans to the
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wanted the peace treaty of one thousand fifty three to be replaced do you think that the two incentives could. break the ice well i think what could break the ice our initial discussions during the olympics because you do have. the sister of kim jong un she perhaps is the only person that kim listens to and you have vice president pence who has not ruled out conversations with the north koreans and obviously there are going to be small steps but they're irreconcilable differences here because north korea has a position going back to its founding in one nine hundred forty eight that it is a legitimate government for all of korea and the korean war was an intent to impose a solution by force and north korea since that time has been willing to use force to kill south koreans kill americans to achieve that goal so there's a lot to gap here in this incense erect wild bill but you know these conversations
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that could occur during the olympics are arranged by president mode could certainly help the child chunk from a chinese perspective what's that what's wrong with having the took arias come together and unite does it pose any strategic risk for china i think it so he sees the as a number of countries are dividing china it's along the countries and the saucepan and not square off the counties and i think a tougher time and it's no reason for six countries to prevent it to koreans from pursue me unified a state who and morally wrong and practically china cannot stand their ways and also as if china promote the crazy nationally caissons is sort of china's national interest is ten a cool pursuing its own national unity which taiwan was
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a coup i mean that is the position in south korea which is opposed to any office both with north korea but also there's a general sentiment among people. all wish does not seem to be of this particular moment in favor of strong ties with north korea is this something that could put more pressure on the president to the suit his agenda that's a very good question in fact because even as mr morgan has been pursuing this policy obama push more on what we have seen here in south korea is that he's dealing with a very divided domestic electorate not everybody is happy about what he's doing. although he came from a very strong place politically speaking because he replaced a very unpopular president here just last year his approval rating certainly has dropped significantly about ten points over or four week period and i think some. you or some of the other guest male you'd have seen that in fact there
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have been limited protests going on at the olympic site against the presence in participation of north koreans in the olympics you have to understand that koreans are ideologically divided and often comes down to fifty fifty over any kind of issue and north korea is an issue that really generates a very strong emotional reaction here and in fact they are people i recently who are afraid that what north korea is doing at the moment the forces are going reconciliation and dialogue may simply be a kind of a precursor to more serious and frightening form of gresham will shortly with this in fact might be a way. to try and gain more leverage thank you thank you see will include the chair mr gordon chang thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the show
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and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our web site c.n.n. dot com for further discussion go to our. facebook page facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation conversation on twitter. for me has so much about on the whole team here by phone now. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get
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the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat. that voices. in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed no precedents people out investigates disinclination and democracy part two at this time on al-jazeera the nature news as it breaks the us cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. it was oriol upon which modern day venezuela was a stoppage. for over
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a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people less than with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time josie it up. though. watching al-jazeera arms the whole raman these are our top news stories syria is accusing the u.s. of committing a war crime by bombing fighters loyal to president bashar assad india is province the u.s. says the airstrikes were in response to what it called an unprovoked attack on the headquarters of its ally the s.d.f. from washington our pentagon correspondent particle hane as more i did
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a briefing with secretary of the.


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