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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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what makes this movement this era we live in for so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion isn't of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke it's all about eyes people to setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. the u.s. government is on calls for another shutdown after the senate miss is a deadline to approve a budget where live in d.c. was. hello i'm a fiend elisha with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up
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a high level delegation from pyongyang touches down in south korea ahead of the winter olympics bringing the sister of north korean leader kim jong un plus our forces have the inherent right to self defense washington deny is accusing us of war crimes in syria after a u.s. airstrike kills almost one hundred pro assad fights and. what the miramar government didn't want the world to see evidence of a massacre and the journalists who revealed it are in jail. but first the u.s. is heading for its second government shutdown within a month that's after the senate adjourned without holding a vote to pass a budget deal the midnight deadline has just. asked the agreement struck by
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republican and democratic leaders in the senate has faced stiff resistance from both camps that what was being proposed was a two year deal which would have increased spending on both defense and domestic programs to the tune of three hundred billion dollars more than half of that would be for the military alone on the domestic front health care and education would receive more cash which satisfies many democrats but not all of them happy the democrats leader in the lower chamber the house of representatives nancy pelosi refuses to vote yes because there's no provision for young immigrants who entered the u.s. illegally as children so-called dreamers is also opposition from some republicans budget hawks like senator paul from kentucky who are simply against increased government spending live now to christen salumi who is in washington d.c. watching all of this for us and chris and so the deadline has passed there is no
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deal. no it and earlier in the day it looked like this was going to move forward everyone was confident there be a vote in the senate and senate leaders still believe that they have the simple majority they need to pass this massive spending package but they've been hung up on a procedural issue and one senator rand paul of kentucky a conservative republican who on a procedural matter has refused to let this vote go to the floor they need all one hundred senators to agree to take it to a vote and he has refused speaking for hours in the senate chamber about his opposition to this package which is based on the cost the three hundred billion dollar increase over two years coming after a tax cut that was passed in the last month which will reduce revenues for the government combined will put the national debt over a trillion dollars the national deficit over
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a trillion dollars and he says that is something that he cannot. vote for and that he's going to not only not vote for it but he's going to fight to prevent it from getting to a vote he wanted to have an amendment voted on to reduce the cost impact of this bill but the senate is reconvening now basically they have to wait until after midnight to vote to end the debate and then they can take this up so the senate is still optimistic that they are going to pass this legislation this massive spending package but it's not soon enough to beat the deadline of. right ok thank you for that so christen salumi as our correspondent he's going to be watching as the senate the senate reconvenes in the meantime let's talk to peter matthews is professor of political science at the cypress college he's joining us from l.a. what happened to that that bipartisan ship that was being announced so loftily by
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the leadership of the senate. it's certain dissipated for a little while here and insists the way the system is set up you know the us doesn't have a parliamentary system as a british do for example other countries where the majority party has they stick together and they vote in one direction and the leadership of the prime minister here there is a three branches of government and the parties are all factionalized there are republicans who are traditional republicans who want to balance the budget more others who are deficit hawks who would not confidence any kind of deficit and others who don't mind spending more than what they're taking in just to invest as trump wants to do infrastructure which really is not nearly enough but the problem is the math all they have to do is stop these unfair unnecessary budget cuts the president pushed through one point five trillion dollars worth of mostly in the super wealthy and use that might have brought bring the deficit down and bring the debt down because the debt is twenty trillion dollars and that's why many different factions are against passing this budget and don't forget the democrats who are for
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the dreamers in the house and the senate democrats want to make sure the dreamers a little young children who were brought here by their parents. illegally from across the border many cases don't have a chance to become citizens unless this is settled and the democrats gave up on that a few weeks ago hoping they can get it done now let's see what leverage they have it ok will probably i understand that ideologically you have those who are pro spending and those who are more pro sterrett and i get that but what about the politics of the situation the the administration the white house surely would've worked out whether or not they have the numbers in their favor before introducing the legislation well because clearly they've got it wrong. absolutely correct that's an organized white house who knows what they're doing and who's had experience in politics but look at the people in the white house look at the president sell no experience in negotiating anything on the political level ever in
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his life just out of the deal in business and his cabinet members are all from the business sector have had no political experience basically so how do they negotiate and be sure of their votes they have to understand the system works and they just don't understand the clearly in this is a major problem for our country right now it is going to cost a lot of money to have the government shutdown as it did in the past peter matthew thank you very much indeed for that now let's talk to financial more street for a fifth time in six days and now trading ten percent lower than the all time highs that was set on january the twenty sixth the dow fell by more than a thousand points after large gains in the first weeks of twenty eighteen they started to drop a week ago the labor department said workers' salaries were rising at a faster rate in january so that's a good for the overall economy but investors worry that higher wages will eat at corporate profits and probably the federal reserve to raise interest rates faster. stock markets in asia have also been plunging as nervous investors react to wall
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street hong kong's hang seng loss three percent japan's nikkei tumbled three percent putting the index on track for a weekly loss of more than eight percent. the loop i. i . a high level north korean delegation to the pier on china lympics has just touched down at inchy an airport in south korea now this allegation includes kim jong un's younger sister her name is kim jong and her arrival marks the first time an immediate member of north korea's ruling family has crossed the border since the korean war natasha good name is our correspondent she joins us now from new young so this is history in the making really to have a member such
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a close intimate member of the kim family crossing the border to the south. indeed martine and this historic arrival gives you a sense of why the south koreans have now dubbed the pyongyang winter games as the peace a limb picks there is a lot of optimism and hope here among south koreans that with this high ranking delegations arrival it will lay a foundation of re conciliation between the two koreas after years of tension between the two countries and after a particularly tense year on the korean peninsula jimmy old young as you mentioned is kim. young whose younger sister she holds a high ranking position within the ruling party she's considered a very close adviser of his and vice stepping foot on south korean soil she is the first one of the ruling kim family to be in south korea since the korean war she's
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not the only first among this delegation the ceremonial head of state is also the most senior ranking member of the north korean government to step foot on south korean soil among this delegation there are twenty two members of this delegation there are committee chairman of the sports committee and the re-unification committee there are people who are facing sanction kim jong un sr is facing un sanctions for human rights violations connected to censorship and that sports committee chairman was actually facing a un travel ban due to u.n. sanctions imposed last year after north korea's bola sic missile tests now at the request of the south korean government that man was given an exemption and allowed to travel to south korea the president moon j. in is very keen to seize this political opportunity moon is the son of
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refugee parents he has always been pro engagement and is very much hoping to advance the relationship between the two koreas during this a lympics. he will be meeting with the delegation on saturday it's unclear if they'll be any major diplomatic breakthroughs but of course the south korean media is a frenzy with speculation there is hope that perhaps kim jong sr will be carrying a letter from him inviting president moon to north korea for discussions but for now the spotlight is on the pyongyang winter olympics and the delegations arrival the first step will be to attend the opening ceremony this evening there's been some discussion about how there may be an awkward encounter because among that group of v.i.p.'s at the opening ceremony will also be american vice president mike pence as you know there's been a huge war of words between the two countries in the last year and just this week
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pence said that a tough very aggressive round of sanctions economic sanctions is coming to north korea and that they plan the united states plans on exerting maximum pressure on north korea to get it to denuclearize north korea for its part has said quote we've never begged for dialogue with the united states and that will be the case in the future in the trash a good name thank you all right now we can speak to. his professor of korean studies at cookman university he's joining us live now from seoul how how significant a moment would you say this is then to have a very senior member of the kim family crossing the border for the first time since nine hundred fifty three well in those days of maybe ourself optimism i hate to say something skeptical but i would say it's not very significant. because everybody expects that for a vial for
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a few weeks during their in big games and many many and maybe a paralympic games relations between two korean states veal imports and the level of tensions will go down as the problem is however that the mission issue or has not been resolved and there are virtually zero chances for them a huge issue is going to be sought any time so what do you think this issue does even sorry sorry to interrupt you but what do you think the ultimate objective is then on the part of pyongyang by sending a fairly well nominally a senior delegation the sister as well as kim jong young nam who's president of the supreme people's assembly i mean what's the ultimate objective then on the part of pyongyang if not to give the impression that perhaps reunification is something that they would look favorably upon. phil everybody understands they're not looking
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favorably on unification and they see him as a prick about of south korea frankly it's a bit naive to talk about unification to take all this official propaganda seriously from war sites it's not something which is going to be discussed not only in our but in the next few decades it's about unification and reconciliation as something more realistic by the problem is that mosque audience i determined to hear from intercontinental ballistic missiles capable to heating of heating united states these nuclear warheads and they are not going to compromise and americans are not going to allow us to have such missiles in their not willing to compromise and sell scary here if they can get some concessions from the united states right now but basically sol stating it cannot challenge airlines is the united states because if somebody is of the caesars alliance as the foundation of their security and the americans are deadly against any serious concessions to north korea or
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sours kerry as can be nice for a while but they cannot give a comic assistance they cannot make any serious concessions because it would basically drive washington met and washington believes that it's time to exercise maximum pressure on north korea saw some thriving and trying to address of h. between washington and solve this is what advise they are doing it and they also want to reduce tensions because they see is that a military strike by the united states is increasingly possible and this is not what the want so they want to look nice for a while they want to drive severe should be. united states and for a few weeks it might walk but not more than for few weeks right there is a very difficult very dangerous situation all right talking bottom line there and a lank of talking to us live from seoul thank you very much. now an appeal by forty seven russian athletes to take part in the pure on chang games has been rejected
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the court of arbitration for sport dismissed their case the russians had appealed against their exclusion by the international olympic committee over the twenty fourteen day playing scandal at the sochi games almost one hundred seventy russian athletes have been cleared to compete. still to come here it algy. protests demanding a dash out to the former prime minister how leaders here is sentenced to five years in jail for investment. however we've got more clout spilling into the east the side of the mediterranean over the next day or so you can already see the clap starting to show it's had nothing to watch the levant say it should be too bad in terms of what weather as we
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go on through friday but the twenty four celsius there was some hazy sunshine full by rate twenty two degrees in jerusalem as we go on and see where saturday will similar values on this time which is the cloud and the rain not too far away i think that right at this stage affecting greece and west and keep it for the most part it stays fine interact was a good area of the middle east actually that's in the case across syrian peninsula twenty five celsius here in doha when starting to ease off so all the way of warmth to our sunshine she settled and sunny then over the coming days i think i will start to lose a son shot across the western side of south africa the western cape in full some welcome rainfall as we go through friday night into saturday you can see the cloud of right just offshore there heading towards cape town twenty two celsius here on friday come saturday it makes its way through we're looking at maybe ten fifteen millimeters of rain we could always do a little more than that but at least we're going to see some nevertheless nineteen celsius in capetown further north an ace the showers continue.
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a young so molly refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. that was a lucky too good to hear i was a really really good downside my grad but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera well to ask sally was whether his american dream is still alive. in america at this time on al-jazeera.
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time to take a look at the top stories the u.s. government has now officially shutdown for the second time in three weeks that's after the senator journey without holding a vote to pass a budget. a high level north korean delegation to the pure. touched down at an airport in south korea it includes leader kim jong un's younger sister kim jong il marks the first time a member of the north korean ruling family has crossed the border since the korean war. nervous investors in asia have reacted to the wall street. hong kong's hang seng loss three percent if anything. japan's nikkei also lost three percent putting the index on track for a weekly loss of more than eight percent. now the reuters news agency says it has evidence of
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a massacre of ranger men in me and carried out last september and it was done by security forces with the help of buddhist villages now this is the first time such an account has been backed up by witness statements from buddhist villages and security forces themselves the two journalists behind the investigation have been detained in mia ma and denied bail awarding the silver's report contains images that some viewers may find disturbing. it's a chilling and detailed account of what can only be described as a premeditated massacre the photographs provided to reuters by a buddhist village elder don't lie the first the news agency says was taken on september first and shows the ten ruhi captives lined up in a row the second taken the day after shows their slain bodies in a mass grave their ages range from seventeen to forty five among them were students fishermen farmers shop owners fathers they were all part of the same community from
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the village of india in in myanmar's northern rakhine state but a little bit about the beginning when they were taking them away they said they do not worry we will send your sons back soon we have taken them for me till i was born on all the new one of indian six thousand rocking to remain in the village as of october and surprisingly their relatives are reluctant to move back. i would not go back there how can i go they killed our husbands we have all listened babies how will they survive myanmar's military says the ten men belong to a group of two hundred terrorists that had attacked them earlier but accounts given to the news agency by both ranger and buddhist witnesses deny such large scale attack ever happens in the village the writer story draws for the first time on interviews with buddhist villagers who confessed to torching rohingya homes bury bodies and killing muslims it also marks the first time soldiers and paramilitary
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police have been implicated by testimony from security personnel themselves the two reporters behind the story while low and your story are both myanmar nationals and were detained on december twelfth for allegedly obtaining confidential documents a statement released by the military on january tenth confirms what they were preparing to report ten write in demand had been massacred in that village their release coincided with a judicial request by prosecutors to charge the two journalists under the official secrets act they have been denied bail and the convicted face up to forty units in prison on the silver al-jazeera. ok now we can speak to antony's lodge koskie who is the medium our bureau chief for reuters he's talking to us live now from singapore thank you for joining us how confident are you that the material uncovered by your colleagues is verifiable would it stand up in
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a court of law well the story was reported over a long period of time and we have spoken as you can see in the story itself to a large number of people both around myanmar and our side of the border as well as in the. refugee camps in cox's bazaar in bangladesh in addition to that we have been provided with photographic evidence that has been showcased in your material and is also published on our day when it did i just wonder. why we are confident that this story is accurate i was wondering how verifiable for instance the photographic evidence was we have undergone you know we we have very rigorous process the set up to
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verify those such such material and we have. carried out those verifications in accordance with reuters strict editorial standards ok now this is including for the first time we're hearing of complicity. in what appears to be a massacre of ten for him to villages the complicity of ordinary buddhist villages this is the first time that we're getting this testimony. correct this is that's why this story is so important while on and to also reported on this story and we you know and i think the reason why it's different from anything else that we've seen on this crisis until now is because it doesn't the primary sources the sources that first provided this information are not the
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rohingya muslims who have fled to. bangladesh but indeed the people who have actually carried out some of these actions themselves and therefore we believe that this is a groundbreaking and outstanding piece of work by while on until so and their colleagues engage and that brings us to the fate of your two colleagues those are responsible for this this journalism so they are now being detained by the medium of government they're being charged with breaking the official secrets act that is correct they are now facing legal proceedings they have been accused of breaking official secrets act and. those proceedings are ongoing in myanmar right now what is what what happened today is what we can see is that they are not just any journalist but they are outstanding journalists of the highest order
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who produce this incredible story and have actually if you look back at their work they have been covering not only this particular crisis but we are in transition as a whole for many many months indeed did reuters consider the possible impact negative impact upon the well being of. your colleagues as a result of publishing this was there any any qualms about publishing the the story that they have got because of course it might impact upon their fate in jail in miramar. sure so what we always do. is we adhere to our principles of impartial thank you very much indeed sorry for that rather abrupt ending to that interview but i think you got the the gist of what the roses meum our bureau chief was
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telling us right this is the scene live at an airport an airport in gian in south korea where an historic delegation has arrived not that long ago. they is this delegation of north koreans includes the younger sister of kim jong il and also the ceremony ceremonial leader of the rubber stamp parliament that they have in north korea so this is comprising. a senior i say a senior delegation with the first time that member an immediate member of the kim family has crossed the border since the end of the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three said that i'm guessing is the younger sister of kim jong il is apparently becoming more and more influential within the workers' party she is in charge of the propaganda department and it is suggested by experts that she has got
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the ear of her brother some people who are even speculating that she might have been sent to south korea with a message a message for either president moon of south korea or perhaps who knows even vice president pence who will be sitting not terribly far from her when they attend the opening ceremony so that's the scene live in port in south korea. now bangladesh's former prime minister has been jailed for five years for embezzling around two hundred fifty thousand dollars the donations meant for an orphanage her eldest son and four of her aides were given ten year sentences the seventy two year old has served as prime minister three times with the sentence could now bar her from running in december's elections zero also faces some thirty other charges including allegations of orchestrating political violence she and the current prime minister sheikh hasina have ruled the country alternatively since
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nine hundred ninety one she claims these allegations are part of a plot to keep her and her family out of politics and there are fears is jail sentence could trigger political instability. or protests have already broken out in the capital the car with police firing tear gas at zero supporters her party has called for nationwide demonstrations on friday to protest against the verdict our correspondent have a child really has been monitoring events in dhaka. former prime minister and bangladesh nationalist party chairman khaled as the i was brought to this old central jail in a makeshift accommodation basically a day care center this central jail no longer exists here the central jail has been moved to outskirts of the city she was brought to by a white s.u.v. accompanied by her domestic cattle chil be kept until from their order now the defense counsel told me they will file for an appeal with the high court that
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depends on how soon they get the starting five verdict in their hand that could take weeks or even few days the call don't open till sunday a lot of onlookers here and curious people heavily cordoned off area and i would try to talk to a lot of people didn't want to go in the camera because of heavy security presence and now we know a lot of people out there like or told us the country faces a serious political uncertainty in the year of the election if the ruling party with a smaller party goes into election without the main opposition party critics an expert told us that probably won't be accepted by a majority of the population and the country will go into a turmoil and uncertainty without a inclusive election down the road. back to enjoy an airport now in south korea and you can see the north korean delegation arriving for the opening of the winter games. in
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a few hours later today and there you see the younger sister kim jong the younger sister of kim jong. apparently question influential woman who has been sent becoming the first kim family member to cross the border since the korean war in one thousand nine hundred fifty three seen lives in chile. now another major story breaking news archie within the last half an hour or so the u.s. government is officially shutdown for the second time in three weeks that's after the service adjourned without holding a vote to pass a budget the agreement struck by republican democratic leaders in the senate and face to face this is from both camps kristen salumi has more from washington while the senate just took a break they're in recess they are unable to move forward at this point and it's
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not because they don't have the support for this massive spending package it's because of one senator and a procedural move basically in order to end debate and call a vote they need all hundred senators to be on board and one senator rand paul is opposed to moving forward he was calling for an amendment to be voted on his issue is the cost of this package the reuters news agency says it has evidence of a massacre of ten range of men in me among last september carried out by security forces with the help of pulled this village's the two journalists behind the investigation of being detained in me amman and denied bail asian markets of open down off the stocks tumbled on wall street on thursday the dow fell by more than a thousand points that tested nerves among investors in hong kong and japan with key indices dropping three percent at the start of trading all right you're up to
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date those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's rebel geeks. the marshall islands holds a toxic legacy from years of u.s. military nuclear testing. as the sea levels rides one on one east investigates the threats this fall opposers at this time on al jazeera. digital technology companies and it's interesting these mind and in an on going. in a t.g. billions of calculations you know ok it seems he discovered the meantime edge. in which everything in our lives he trains and track. and intended. that is convenient for profit and surveillance he only needs the power. to make that work you iliza us get a chance tech job.


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