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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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satellite technology two three d. printing i agree so i called waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems challenging systems and shaping. creative thinkers shaping their continent's future. africa this time on al-jazeera . the vice president of the united states gives north korea a wide berth at the winter olympics but there's a historic handshake between kim jong un sr and the president of south korea. tell them jim you want to know this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.
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we wish you well trump defends a former white house aide accused of domestic violence egypt launches a massive military operation that it says is targeting terrorists in sinai. and the space six rockets ahead of fears in russia that their legacy could be under threat . the u.s. vice president mike pence turned a cold shoulder to the sister of the north korean leader as the winter olympics got on the way chang but as nuclear tensions simmered side korea's leader did break the diplomatic ice shaking hands with kim jong il tasha game reports now from south korea. a step towards reconciliation for the first time since the korean war more than half a century ago a member of north korea's ruling family is welcomed in the south the arrival of
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leader kim jong un sr is fascinating many south koreans jiang has quickly become a power broker in another historic moment south korean president moon j. in greeted her at the opening ceremony before she sat near u.s. vice president mike pence the two didn't appear to exchange greetings then the moment many had been waiting for north and south korean athletes marched under a unified flag as a celebration of ethnic nationalism it's the first time they've done that at an international sporting event in eleven years moon said the winter olympics offer a meaningful opportunity for a world divided by conflicts to unite critics say the north korean charm offensive is only intended to advance its agenda and mosconi us decided to look nice for a vial of this option if you could use chance chances that president krom via
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authorizing me to take their ration bot as a program of ease that made fundamentals have not changed. i determined to have an end of this i.c.b.m. into continental body stick missiles capable of delivering a nuclear strike to the continuum for the united states in the runup to the games the north koreans have absorbed much of the spotlight first by agreeing to participate and then by sending a high level delegation to the south this week american diplomat said they would soon unveil the toughest economic sanctions against north korea yet while also saying a diplomatic solution was the focus. for now this is a moment for south koreans to show the world what it done. damn a country they live in during the opening ceremony spectators were taken back in time to show the history of the korean people and what organizers called their
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relentless pursuit of peace or in that picture what m.p.e. i hope that with north korea not pleats participation this could be peaceful and pigs and i hope we can achieve reunification between the south and the north that the good. mood here is good to south korea's hosting the olympics and athletes are coming from around the world good opportunity to promote south korea. and the hope is this will set the stage down only for a sporting spectacular but historic breakthrough with their northern neighbors natasha going to aim old zero south korea. u.s. president donald trump a signed off on the spending bill officially ending the government shutdown after just a few hours the stopgap measure will extend government funding until march twenty third the committee how could has more now from washington. with the stroke of
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a pen u.s. president donald trump and the government shutdown that lasted more than five hours while most americans were asleep everything about this stinks to tell you the truth most of the drama curd in the u.s. senate as members of congress debated lifting strange limits on government is better to call the vote to keep the government running held up by a single seven republican rand paul who says government spending is out of control everybody's getting more spending. the military the right's getting more military spending the left is getting more well versed branding and you're getting stuck with the bill the late night debate played out for hours of revenge only passing in the upper chamber but still needing approval in the house of representatives the deal raises spending caps by roughly three hundred billion dollars over two years one hundred sixty five billion will go to the military one hundred thirty one billion going to domestic spending including does that aster relief programs but
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this also means the deal will send the deficit soaring to more than a trillion dollars by next year and it doesn't include a key democrat demand protection for illegal immigrants known as dreamers brought to the united states as children still without legal status and potentially facing deportation if congress doesn't act but the leading house republican promised immigration can only be addressed once the government is fully funded i'm confident we can bring a bipartisan solution the floor that can get signed into law and solve this problem the program to protect dreamers was eliminated by president donald trump last year and congress has just reeks left to legalize their status or many could face deportation kimberly health kit al-jazeera washington well president trump has come to the defense of a white house aide who's quits after being accused of domestic violence rob poor so
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resigned earlier this week after a to his former wife made separate allegations of verbal and physical apiece. as you probably know he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that he said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent. so you'll have to talk to him about that but we absolutely wish him well did a very good job while he was at the white house let's go live to allan fisheye in the washington hi there allan just how controversial could trumps the fame of his former aide proves to be. well we know that don't trump likes to stand by people that have been loyal to him so that is why is expressing his support for rob porter you remember he also did it with michael flynn after he resigned called him a good guy said that in public several times even going back to the alabama senate race roy moore who is accused of molesting young young women at that point some
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under the age of consent of course donald trump backed him in that race and suggested that roy moore also said he was and innocent but here's the difficulty for him he has misjudging the moment here in the united states with all the questions being asked about women empowering themselves not being victims of this sort of assault it really does misjudge the moment and allows others to question whether or not donald trump who often said he was a good judge of character whether he actually is for rob porter there's a difficulty as well when you go into a job like the white house you fill out a federal form one of the ele questions is do are you currently under any restraining order no if by any chance he ticked no on that which would explain why the white house didn't know about this immediately if he to know then that is a federal offense he is in big trouble so that is something clearly that will be investigated over the next few weeks i suspect that those who want to donald trump will look at his comments in the last otoh are so and see more of the same remember
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this is a man who's been accused by numerous women of assaulting them and has always denied it and said every single one of the women was like and trump also said alan that the white house is sincere release a letter from the democrats some alleged f.b.i. bias against trump and its rush approach. what's interesting that he's releasing a letter rather than releasing the memo you'll remember it's just a week ago that we got the memo that came from the republicans which address the f.b.i. investigation into the donald trump's alleged collusion with russia no we got that memo in its entirety because donald trump and the white house insisted that there had to be transparency the democrats written wrote a ten page memo in response to that it went through the same process it was voted out of committee it was handed over to the white house for review by the f.b.i. and other security agencies and then we were expecting to see the memo so by seeing
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that there's a letter rather than the memo that would suggest that the democrat memo is still some we from final publication and this rather just keeps going on on fish of their life washington d.c. alan thank you at least one person has been killed and at least one hundred twenty two injured after two bombs were detonated during friday prayers at a mosque in the libyan city of benghazi officials say both devices were planted in separate rooms inside or two weeks ago around thirty five people were killed by a twin bombing at a mosque in the very same city the egyptian army has launched what it's calling a comprehensive operation against terrorist criminal groups in the sinai peninsula making the announcement in a televised statement an army spokesman says it will land sea and air forces covering central sinai and areas in egypt's nile delta and western desert hospitals have been put on high alert and ordered to prepare extra beds and staff to deal with emergencies and medical evacuations well earlier we spoke to omar ashore who's
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a professor of security studies at doha institute he says there's a political dimension to the new offensive. if you saw the pattern from twenty thirteen on words you'll find happening with one major political events are coming up so when the coup happened in july twenty third dean you had an escalation following in september and the whole idea part of the coup and that is all that of the new regime coming is that security and counterterrorism needs to be implemented partly in sinai but also elsewhere the interesting part about the communique of the armed forces is that they're not talking just about sinai they saying that there's an escalation in tensions delta and there is in this creation in the western deserts which are the two other areas that you saw some kind of political violence happening in the i think it has to do a lot with the forthcoming presidential elections i think these escalations and the level of. men and arms you know the ship the sinai is not new cutting
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the you know suspending the internet communications blocking roads this is all not new to has been happening since twenty fifteen and probably before twenty thirteen as well so i'm not sure if there's something new or there's a measured saying that you know the strongman is back he's trying to secure the region and therefore mobilize for him in the next presidential elections which is happening next month. still to come here on our mexico the price of extra police to combat. patrol with some of them on the beaches of can cook. on friday prayers as protests continue over the jailing of a former prime minister. that more when we come back. we got some really wet weather moving across the mediterranean that the moment that . has been developing bring up and bring you some big downpours towards the far
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south italy integration little just not just where little further east was and more with as we go through the next few days some of the weather to up towards and. both western states of snow on the leading edge of this weather system here that's now making its way through for saturday should be dry across much of france the low countries western parts of germany but the really heavy rain that's going to make its way in across holland pushing into weil's western part of it and also into scholars and nine celsius in london temperatures started to pick up nine degrees to form attrit we got that wet weather down into the southeastern corner which will make its way further northeast was pushing up towards the black sea bulgaria roumania easing up towards crime seeing some disturbed weather right sleet and some snow the way some snow say into scandinavia sliding down into a chair many for sunday night celsius in london by sunday afternoon and to some wintry weather still in the mix as we go on through the latter part of the weekend some heavy rain that moderate pushing up into the northwest of spain by the stay
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say fourteen celsius the snow will be gone some outerwear making its way to the northwest of africa to the bat the sixteen. in twenty twelve al-jazeera traveled to iraq people here are definitely scared to speak on camera they're saying that if they talk to us they think they'll be arrested down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under us occupation some of these graves are completely destroyed it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq could turn into a battleground between the mighty army the merican six years on rewind returns to iraq after the americans at this time oh no does either.
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welcome back amanda our top stories here on al-jazeera the winter olympics have opened with a historic show of unity between north and south korea athletes from the two countries marched together and the south korean president shook hands with kim jong the sister of the north korean leader kim jong il. u.s. president bill ciampa signed off on a spending bill ending the second gulf chunk time this year after a deal to extend from there was agreed by congress this president donald trump has come to the defense of the white house aide who's quit after being accused of domestic violence porter resigned earlier this week our two former wives made separate allegations of verbal and physical abuse. the mexican government is deploying thousands of federal police officers across the country to combat a huge surge in the number of murders well than twenty five thousand people were
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murdered in mexico last year that's the highest number in decades in january five thousand additional police officers were sent to several to assist us where violence thing to drug cartels and organized crime has been high but most of them have been deployed to two one of which borders san diego in california the rest are in baja california so are along the tourist areas of la paz and los cabos cancun chill punching go on the state of chile's school as well as the state's. well man well the apollo is in cancun mexico and here's his package. police and military forces are holding a routine checkpoint in cancun in response to a homicide rate that has risen three hundred percent in the last fourteen months this driver was detained after officers found a half dozen mobile phones and a handgun in his vehicle but even with the cooperation of military state and local police law enforcement agencies are struggling to fight crime. related
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to organized crime committed by criminal groups competing for control over all other criminal groups all of it is related to the sale of drugs. we rode along with a division of federal police officers patrolling a popular beach mexico's peak tourism season is fast approaching and the government is dispatching some five thousand federal agents across the country for tourists looking for white sand in turquoise waters however the violence seems far away the soda i feel very safe i walked around late yesterday and it was very calm and i haven't noticed a lot of bad things happening or anything. can cool draws in billions of dollars from tourism every year once the sun sets bars and nightclubs are packed with party goers but just a short drive away there is another more dangerous side to the city. we're in a residential neighborhood near the center of town and police have blocked off this
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road behind me after the shooting took place only about one hour ago police tell us that two people were shot in the gunmen fled sadly this is a scene that plays out on a near daily basis here in cannes koon. the district attorney says there are one to two murders on average every day civil society groups or youth that the recent increase in police hasn't served everyone equally. for their government protests. but what about the ones that work in that industry and then return to the areas where crime. prevails walking along tell district the two sides of the city become apparent a nightly patrol by federal police makes foreign tourists fuel safe but it also keeps the nearby violence out of sight and out of mind when reading up on the i'll
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just see to cancun mexico well in part to bounce a serious investigation into violence on the streets of mexico will travel to acapulco on the country's pacific coast but doctors are seeing an epidemic of mental illness caused by constant gangland killings that's on saturday right here. supporters of bangladesh former prime minister. i continuing to post test after she was jailed for five years on corruption charges a seventy two year old was in prison on thursday for investing in one nine hundred fifty thousand dollars in donations meant for an orphanage her eldest son and four aides for giving ten year sentences tempi choudhry has more now from. thousands of people came out of the city's biggest mosque by the look around to protest again from a prime minister call of the syrians friday the heavy presence of riot police and the straight a lot of this protesters gathered near the party central office but they've been described since because of the police all eyes are on the high court
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now bangladesh nationalist party wants to appeal her body. called so heavily influenced by the government critics and opposition are saying the bangladesh court is nowhere neutral specially in the lord called they're influenced by the government and the budget was politically motivated we have yet to see what the high court ruddock will be to outsell case nevertheless bangladesh nationalist party saying it will still run for the election even if their leader is behind the bar that other leaders to give them guidelines including khaled as the son who is in london but the protest across the country's continuing critics annexed by their saying was a major concern for instability in the country unless the major national party takes pride in the election otherwise the country will go into political uncertainty down the road the prime minister has announced election to be somewhere around december of this year and we have yet to see how the political fallout is
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down the road. the u.s. state department is demanding that an investigation be launched after the reuters news agency published a story about the small storing of or hinge of muslims in the in march. the events leading up to the killing of ten range of men and has witness testimonies from buddhist villages as well as security personnel a warning job the silvis report contains images that some viewers may find distressing. it's a chilling and detailed account of what can only be described as a premeditated massacre the photographs provided to reuters by a buddhist village elder don't lie the first the news agency says was taken on september first and shows the ten ruhi captives lined up in a row the second taken the day after shows their slain bodies in a mass grave their ages range from seventeen to forty five among them were students fishermen farmers shop owners fathers they were all part of the same community from
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the village of indian in myanmar's northern rakhine state but a little bit about the building when they were taken them away they said do not worry we will send your sons back soon we have taken them for me till i die hard on all that you know of indian six thousand rocking chair remained in the village as of october and surprisingly their relatives are reluctant to move back that. i will not go back there how can i go they killed our husbands we have all listened babies how will they survive myanmar's military says the ten men belong to a group of two hundred terrorists that had attacked the earlier but accounts given to the news agency by both ranger and buddhist witnesses deny such large scale attack ever happens in the village the writer story draws for the first time on interviews with buddhist villagers who confessed to torching rohingya homes bury bodies and killing muslims it also marks the first time soldiers and paramilitary
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police have been implicated by testimony from security personnel themselves the two reporters behind the story while alone and your so are both myanmar nationals and were detained on december twelfth for allegedly obtaining confidential documents the statement released by the military on january tenth confirms what they were preparing to report ten write in demand had been massacred in that village their release coincided with a judicial request by prosecutors to charge the two journalists under the official secrets act they've been denied bail and if convicted could face up to forty years in prison on the silver al-jazeera. and your opinion is chief breaks it negotiates or has one of the plans for a period of transition to ease britain's withdrawal from the blog could be at risk siobhan is says substantial disagreements with britain not jeopardizing london's plans for a transition period of around two years after formally leaves the twenty nine t.v.
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he also rejected criticism from britain's brics that minister david davis described proposals to sanction britain if it reached the e.u. during the transition is this courteous. it was the shoulder then the position of the european union is very logical from my point of view by asking to enjoy the advantages of the single market the customs union and common policies the united kingdom has to accept all the rules and the obligations until the end of the transition that's only logical but also has to accept the electable consequences of its decision to leave the european union to leave its institutions and its policies considering this disagreement to be quite frank transition today is not a given if these disagreements persist the transition is not a given but will pay two hundred forty five million dollars of its own shares to the self driving car technology company way mo to settle a legal dispute over trade secrets way most started the legal action last year claiming one of its former engineers who became chief of self driving car project
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took thousands of confidential documents with him the settlement was also said to include an agreement which ensures none of the confidential information is incorporated into was hardware and software. well it's that time of year again carnival is getting underway in brazil and for most people that means the sound of parades of rio de janeiro but the most traditional carnival of all is in the north eastern state of purdum vocal al-jazeera to see anyone is there. i'm in a sea for the capital of states where carnival is a multicultural multi news it fair that lasts five days behind me on the ball nickels these are the giant dolls for which this state is famous they began in the early one nine hundred step pay homage to different personalities past and as you can see present more than eighty will be parading next week and the longtime coordinator of the event was kind enough to give us a sneak preview. here to see for the festivities got underway over night.
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this is called modern perk kushan based music with strong african roots brought here to the seafront by slaves eighteenth century. and there was also the foot able and nineteenth century rhythm that penumbra is famous for its a fusion of martial music a kind of brazilian tango and some african rhythms. carnival is a time for celebration but also for excesses especially of alcohol which is increasingly leading to sex abuses out here on the streets for the second year in a row activist. is taking part in a campaign for women to speak out and to monitor places where abuses are most likely to happen. during carnival there's a culture of permissiveness people think it's normal to grope you to force you to kiss them to have sex with women specially. but even
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with millions of brazilians and foreigners have come here to celebrate the preparations are underway for what will be the main event on saturday called the rooster of the dog and that's when this gigantic rooster will lead the world's largest street parade more than a million people taking part and it begins at the early hours of the morning when it ends no one. yes. now russians are proud of their long history of space exploration yuri gagner him was the first person to travel into space back in one nine hundred sixty one and the soviet space agency was also behind the first woman in space and the first space walk now the russian are seven rockets that launched the first satellite are still servicing the international space station but with this week's basics launch russia fear is losing its commercial edge in the modern space race or to challenge reports now from moscow. the pitches and the
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achievements amazed millions of people who are around the world but space x. is falcon heavy rocket launch with its gracefully landing boosters didn't seem to impress russia's state space agency roscoe's most they dismissed it as little more than a p.r. stunt for either one musk's tesla electric cars if you have noticed ross cosmo said on a russian radio station this launch winds up not with some empty dummy or a load which he wouldn't regret losing in a failure but with one specific car. there's some truth in what ross cosmo says ilan musk is among other things a master of promoting his various products but it's roscoe's most also seems to be covering its eyes to the main point space x. is a space technology game changer and it's a game some russians fear they're likely to lose this he will. reveal his success is in fact that he made the process less expensive he's workers are to be
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used multiple times therefore he doesn't have to build a new rocket every time and the price is lot he can take a satellite into orbit cheaper and we'll lose it in this competition because our kids can be used only once igor corage and go is one of a number of deeply concerned russian defense and space analysts he's concerned for russia's share of the space market and concerned space x. will benefit the u.s. military the work horses of russia's state space program like this or use here suddenly feel like aging remnants from a different era which they are really so used first launched in one thousand nine hundred sixty six a new cosmodrome called rostock germany and russia's far east has brought some modernization but millions of dollars have gone missing from the accounts because my dreams corruption scandals highlight the country's problem with self sabotage even on projects of national priority russia's illustrious history of space
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exploration is still a few thoughts of national prize but as the dawn breaks on a new era one of commercial space travel russia will have to match innovative nimble relatively cheap operators like space x. if it's to stay competitive. that's a huge political technological challenge and one the country is only just waking up to reach alan's al-jazeera moscow we can find out much more about the stories we're following on our website. al-jazeera adults called. every night of our main headlines here on al-jazeera the winter olympics have officially opened with a historic show of unity between north and south korea athletes from the two countries marched together in the south korean president ship comes with kim joe
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jones the sister of the north korean leader kim jong il and the u.s. vice president mike pence arrived after the handshakes sat close so the north koreans this president's almost ciampa signed off on a spending bill ending the second government shutdown this year although this one lasted just a few hours the deal to extend funding was agreed by congress but disagreements between republicans and democrats over immigration remains to be resolved in the bill will have major financial consequences. president trump has come to the defense of a white house aide who's quits after being accused of domestic violence while porter resigned earlier this week after two former wives made separate allegations of verbal and physical abuse as you probably know he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that he said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent . so you'll have to talk to him about that but we absolutely wish him well did a very good job while he was at the white house these two people have been killed
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and more than seventy injured when two bombs were detonated during friday prayers at a mosque in the libyan city of benghazi officials say both define says were planted in separate rooms inside two weeks ago around thirty five people were killed by its when bombing at a mosque in the same city. egyptian army's launched what it's calling a comprehensive operation against terrorists and criminal groups in the sinai peninsula making the announcement in a televised statement an army spokesman says it involves land sea and air forces covering central sinai and areas in egypt style melter nile delta and western desert the european union's chief brics it negotiator has warned that plans for a period of transition to ease buttons which draw from the bloc could be at risk michel barnier says substantial disagreements with britain are jeopardizing london's plans for a two year transition period after it leaves in twenty nineteen you're
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up to date those are your current headlines next on al-jazeera it's up front we'll see you in just under half an hour. he's been called one of the most wanted political fugitives of twenty team and former georgian president mikheil saakashvili faces possible extradition to his home country for his new country ukraine i'll ask him if he's prepared for life behind bars and later i'll talk to the saudi refugee turned u.s. politician about life in trump's america.


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