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airborne vehicles harvesting every pic you take every click you make click to everything all the waves. it's time to watch the what. we played that on the deep sleep was the first civilian. we are creators. the engineers at this time. israel iran and its syrian post responsible for today's aggression. and israeli fighter jets is done after a raid targeting iranian assets inside syria. lol
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come on peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up talks on the sidelines of the winter olympics south korea's leader is invited to visit the north. breaking barriers in sri lanka a record number of women campaigning to be elected. thousands march against racism in the italian city where african migrants were shot. ok your top story the downing of an israeli fighter jet by syrian forces has raised tensions across the region the israeli f. sixteen was on a mission inside syria targeting what israel says are iranian bases there the aircraft wreckage and pilots landed in israeli territory it all began when israel says it intercepted an iranian drone flying in its airspace israel says the drone came down from syria it responded with
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a major air raid inside syrian territory targeting what it claims are iranian bases on the way back from that mission israeli jets came under syrian anti-aircraft fire and that's when the f. sixteen was hit israeli jets then launched another cross border air raid hitting twelve syrian government and iranian targets is believed to be israel's most significant attack against syria since one thousand nine hundred eighty two imran khan reports now from west jerusalem. in the early hours of saturday morning syria's war escalated to a new level for the first time in thirty years israel lost a fighter jet to enemy fire as israel confirmed syrian air defense shot at one of its f. sixteen fighter jets these really ply minister was blunt it was roles iran and its are responsible for today's aggression we will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignty and our security the crash followed the shooting down of a drone israeli army video shows what they say is the iranian drone flying towards
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the norden golan heights before it was downed in retaliation israeli air force at targets in syria including the suspected drone command center iranian targets and syrian air defense syria launched surface to air missiles during the israeli raid and says it shot down the f. sixteen which crashed in northern israel at the hands of. the syrian political leadership took a decision at the highest level to face to thaw simply any israeli military aircraft over syrian in space today syria did what it promised to put down in israeli plane and striking at other planes this is clear for syria it is a decisive decision to confront the israeli air force and its careless behavior. both pilots ejected and parachuted to these re side of the border one is critically injured the israeli army spokesman said it was wrong it was behind the launch of the drawing but didn't say whether it was armed or not the iranians have reacted
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they've said that they are going to stand with syria against any fully snus by israel the russians have also reacted saying that israel needs to respect syrian site to state sovereignty also what we're hearing is that the israelis want to send a strong message to the russians to get iran out of the region iran can al-jazeera western muslims. so in basra view has more now on the reaction to the incident from the iranian capital tehran iran's foreign ministry said that the assertion that iran would fly a drone into israeli air space is a ridiculous lie but iranian leaders celebrated syria's retaliatory response to israeli airstrikes speaking to all jazeera the parliamentary spokesman on national security and foreign policy said that the downing of a fighter plane was just a taste of what is to come if israel continues its aggressive policies in. china this shooting down in confrontation has some important messages first to
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design this regime should know that the era of hit and run tactics is gone and regional powers including syria lebanon and hezbollah have enough capabilities to confront aggression and these capabilities belong to these countries the zionist regime should not associate these capabilities with iran or other countries they are saying that an iranian drone shot down the warplane or an iranian military force did it this is a distortion to divert public opinion with so many different actors in the syrian conflict with often simultaneously converging and verging agendas there is always a worry that an incident like this could open another front in the fighting speaking at a news conference president hassan rouhani said that israel's policy of bombardment is a mistake and that while iran is prepared to defend itself and its allies in the region he said that the best way for neighbors to get along is to cooperate trita parsi is the president of the national iranian american council he's also the author of
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losing an enemy obama iran and the triumph of diplomacy he joins us now from reston virginia to try to policy the central israeli and a geisha in here has been for a long time there is a freshly emboldened a freshly confident iran operating on the ground in syria is that accurate. to a certain extent it is accurate because the balance of power in the region has shifted over the course of the last ten years and this is something that the israelis and the saudis have been very concerned about and part of the root of that is that the united states has become significantly weakened over the course of the last ten fifteen years as a result of its invasion of iraq and states that are very dependent on the united states for their own security primarily the saudis are obviously going to suffer tremendously from a declining american position in the region and the iranians certainly have managed to extend their influence throughout this period but none of this is irreversible
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in fact the main problem right now is that there is a tremendous amount of fluidity and very very little diplomacy taking place that's why this is such an explosive mix right now how can it not be irreversible if you've got some people are saying a dozen quote militaries involved in what's going on in this conflict as far as israel is concerned the red line would be presumably iran becoming a direct act not just hiding behind those allegations and claims but actually fessing up i guess and saying yes we are involved in this and we will stay involved in this. well i think it's important to keep in mind this is not the first time that there's been an iranian drone that either has gone into israeli territory or been very close by nor is it unusual that there have been israeli drones going into iranian territory flying from various different places as well as israeli assassinations the iranian scientists so there has been a deliberate war going on between the two countries for quite some time the
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question if this is now escalating to a completely new level and part of the challenge here again goes back to that there are no powers with the potential exception of russia that has enough power in and of itself and the kids had a city to talk to both the iranians and to use the israelis in order to deescalate under previous circumstances the united states might have had a stronger capacity to do so even though it didn't have much connections to the iranians where right now the united states is not really in a position to do that much and that is further making the situation explosive ok just to be clear about that last particular point trita parsi what happens if the trumpet ministration slash general cousineau does not say to benjamin netanyahu look this cannot be step change but what happens after that if russia doesn't say that either well if there are no efforts from the outside to constrain this conflict then clearly there is going to be
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a higher risk of escalation but it's also going to be very important to see what happens just in the next couple of days the israelis have extensively bombarded parts of syria right now. is there going to be any attack from the lebanese side or from the syrian side into israeli territory if that doesn't happen then perhaps we're destroy them around there isn't the escalation but until there actually is proper diplomacy taking place there is going to be a continuation of this explosive mix in which at any point things can really go in the wrong direction trita parsi there in reston virginia always good to get your take on these ongoing stories coming to us out of syria many thanks thank you so much. well the turkish military helicopter has been shot down in northern syria during an operation against kurdish fighters there this video is said to show the helicopter moments before it was hit in the three men killing two soldiers on board kurdish led syrian democratic forces say it's fights or shot down the aircraft but
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he says the cause is still unclear a total of eleven turkish soldiers were killed in fighting on saturday making that the deadliest day for the country's forces since they began the campaign in after in the last month the north korean leader kim jong un has extended a rare invitation to the south korean president in to visit pyongyang hosted kim sr for talks in seoul on the sidelines of the winter olympics especially going to has more from kong norm. in the presidential blue house in the capital saw relations between the two koreas continued to thaw the meeting had two firsts kim jong is the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war the sister of the north korean leader came with the first ever invitation kim jong un is asking south korean president moon jay in to come to pyongyang at a convenient time soon little know it's key president moon said early talks
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between north korea and the united states are essential to improve relations north korea to be more proactive to move forward to have a dialogue with the united states. it's unclear when that might happen the u.s. and north korea have rebuffed lose attempts so far if an interesting meeting transpires it will be the first time kim jong un has met with the south korean president since assuming power in twenty eleven the last time leaders from the north and south met was eleven years ago during a summit in. jordan because of all the global attention i believe reunification will be brought forth the government is making efforts and i think people are rooting for it organizers of the olympics say they've been moved by the diplomatic breakthrough it was quite on the story a moment. and something that as you know the i.o.c. has been generally working for since probably two thousand and fourteen.
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and you know i think it shows it opens opens the door maybe just a little bit critics say they doubt that door will ultimately open much more for now there is hope that the winter olympics is the catalyst for a reboot in intercourse and relations natasha going to aim el jazeera south korea it can foster is a korea analyst he says kim jong il is trying to drive a wedge between the u.s. and south korea. i think that a great deal of it is about santa i must say kim jong un and north korea who we don't always associate with subtlety and a played a blinder i'm they both come in the last minute well must take a logo made themselves the center of attraction politically but the at these games and it's left to the u.s. vice president mike pence to look like the grumpy old month standing up for what is
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the international community's position so kim jong un's game really is to drive a wedge between the u.s. and south korea and a pension i see keeps reiterating that there is no daylight but i think now that the invitations being made for the summit all kinds of questions arise should moon j.m. guy who should he go unconditionally should he insists that north korea should also talk to the u.s. all those kinds of questions will be vigorously debated i think between the allies and in the south korean media votes are being counted in sterling cure all for us most peaceful election for decades but it's the first vote since electoral laws will change those allowed a record number of women to campaign for a seat in a local government smell fernandez has more now from colombia choosing members of three hundred forty two local government institutions observers say volta turnout was higher than expected some districts reporting eighty five percent of voters had a clear idea of what they wanted from their local representatives corruption is
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a big problem so somebody who is less corrupt somebody who is that you can't tell and of course somebody with the region can do something for the community to another vote to said changes to the electoral system has made things easier. to. previous system do the much more thing but the system for the water it's a new mixed result system which candidate wins the most votes and which party has the most support. the changes also included a quarter of twenty five percent for women this election monks a number of us the first time so many women have contested the first time votes are being counted in polling centers like the one behind me and the fust time election violence has been so low observers say there is a marked change in the conduct of campaigns and the election the main election organize a credits hard work main thing is real if you care good the people not
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to break the law through the law enforcement of the law re. conduct of prepared. despite being a local election which is usually about issues in local neighborhoods the campaign took on the flavor of a national election prison might the palace city saina prime minister i know become a singer and the men they united to defeat by in the rajapaksa were heavily involved in the campaign travelling around the country to support their respective candidates the stakes for each of them are high and the results of this grassroots race will point towards the political board in the run up to the general election in two years and if an end as al jazeera colombo still ahead here on al-jazeera the philippines president pushes to change the constitution but critics say it's a power grab. and life and shadow will report on the psychological impact the high
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murder rate is having on people in the mexican city of acapulco. hello there we're seeing some rather active weather across parts of north america at the moment too thanks to this weather system here is joining forces with what's going on around the gulf of mexico this is injecting plenty of moisture into that weather system and so we are going to see a lot of heavy rain and a lot of heavy snow as we head through the next few days of course most of the rain is in the south but it's also ahead of that main feature because then you see the cold air begin to dig in and that's where we see this snow so plenty of heavy snow around the great lakes region there on sunday by monday it's gradually easing off as it works its way towards the east that system though still bringing us a lot of heavy rain to the southeast parts even as we head through monday towards
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the west generally speaking it's a lot quieter here but we are seeing this little patch of cloud over the rockies that could just give us one or two rather intense snowstorms there were further towards the south and of course in central america that's fine and dry is just in the northern parts of our map we're seeing the cloud that's just the tail end of what's going on over north america really further south draw i still for most of us here just the occasional shower of costa rica is stretching its way further north into nicaragua as well for south america lots of have to share hours here as we've seen recently plenty of them around brazil including course in rio and further west more showers to. on counting the cost of wild swings for global stock markets look at what's going on and why it matters how women in twenty eighteen are still fighting in the workplace. defying expectations but will it make life more difficult for counting
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the cost at this time. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i was. watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour russia and the u.s. say they're concerned after israel launched a second series of strikes syria one of the sixteen fighter jets were shot down by president assets forces the strikes targeted government and alleged iranian assets inside syria. north korea's kim jong il has invited south korea's president to pyongyang for talks hosted kim sr in seoul on the sidelines of the pics.
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and being counted in sri lanka for its most peaceful election for decades it's the first votes and laws changed allowing a record number of women to campaign for a seat in local government. now the philippines president roderigo to say wants to change the constitution and switch to a new form of government he says it's a way to decentralize power to the regions and help alleviate poverty but critics say it's just a trick to keep government officials in jobs. as more. former philippines president for didn't marcus ruled with an iron fist for decades his marshall rule was seen by many filipinos as oppressive in one nine hundred eighty six the people power revolution removed him from office ushering in a new era of democracy the one nine hundred eighty seven philippine constitution was drafted with an emphasis on bringing about social justice past presidents have
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tried to change that constitution in the hope of prolonging their stay in power president rodrigo detector is making another attempt this time to change to a federal form of government he wants to the centralized power for what he describes as an imperialistic monella and improve life for those living in rural areas no person should be deprived of life liberty or edgar's c.-a who helped draft the present constitution says it is not the form of government that is problematic but the quality of those people in government more than eighty percent of those elected officials come from political dynasties a federal form of government could help the remain in power charter change for me. is a trojan horse because behind the effort to change the constitution or believe our transitory provisions were in fact there will be no elections or there can be a continued stay in office but most of those in congress say the election of the
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delta is proof that people want a decisive leader that can bring about radical change. or there is no assurance in any form of government because we are in a democracy this is a democratic society so how can we. the people who do innit. the characters political party p.d.p. la bonne has already drafted a proposed constitution but critics say the charter it is proposing is dictatorial in nature giving the president of powers and even allowing him to rule indefinitely a local survey shows the majority of filipinos have little or no knowledge of the constitution many are also unaware of the plans to amend the constitution this is
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what critics say is dangerous those who lead the transitional ensured that the one thousand nine hundred eighty seven philippine constitution they drafted would serve as event guard restoring checks and balances within institutions so that power will never rests with one man alone jim duggan al-jazeera manila indonesian navy has seized more than a ton of crystal meth and arrested for suspected drug smugglers the sea substances were paraded after being found on a boat in indonesian waters near singapore on weapons day they've been hidden under six of rice for taiwanese men have been arrested there are reports that drugs were banned for australia. thousands of anti fascist demonstrators have rallied in the italian city of much over six africans were shot and injured just over a week ago protesters want to get a revival of the new freshest sentiment during the campaign for next month's national election his poll to judge him. shouting
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color is not a crime thousands rallied in italy against racism and fascism rallies took place in rome milan palermo and here the town of moss raja where a gunman targeted black men and women during a two hour shooting spree last week. we cannot accept that a person goes onto the streets to kill these are children people in the streets watching this man went to the streets to kill as many black people as possible i don't know what to call it other than a racist and fascist act. when the police arrested a twenty eight year old white italian man they say was the suspected gunman. a video posted on local media shows the suspect wearing a telling flag around his neck at the time of the arrest and. i think it's extremely important to be here today because the situation in italy seems very complicated so i don't think that politicians take enough notice of the phenomenon
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of the resurgence of fascism and. many are warning that anti immigration rhetoric has become part of the national dialogue they fear this sentiment will influence the upcoming national elections on march fourth others warned that racism is nothing new. for me i have been faced with the problems of racism here since my primary school days they were children who called me a negro it is far from bring a phenomenon that dates from yesterday or the day before with the shooting that took place there has always been racism here. the shooting in must follow the arrest of a nigerian. in connection with the murder of an eighteen year old italian woman. while many say politicians need to do something about the resurgence of the far right others believe it's inaccurate to lump all far right parties and politicians with the same label i believe d. far right and in general d.'s entire idea of. a revival need to be shouldn't be
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exaggerated the far right is definitely quite strong. daisy you need study but i believe especially abroad the reason tendency is to generalize and put a lot of parties into the same box which is not necessary the case. right candidates call the influx of refugees out of control immigration. but italy's prime minister has told us people hatred and violence will not be able to divide them. on al-jazeera an explosion on a boat off the coast of the spanish canary islands has injured five tourists the holiday makers were rushed to hospital after flames engulfed a speedboat me a tenner reefs cost they were pulled from the water by a nearby yelps the spanish coast guard later extinguish the fire the cause of the incident is now under investigations oxfam's chief executive has apologised after
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allegations of sexual misconduct against nineteen of the agency's staff members and eighty three of them have resigned four employees were sacked the u.k. based group has had a presence in haiti ever since the massive earthquake in twenty ten government has criticized oxfam for a lack of transparency into investigating allegations. what i'm apologizing for is that nine oxfam staff behaved in a way that was totally unacceptable in country to our values and that then led much more responsible stuff to make this issues which are now seen as being by some margin or inappropriate our job is to promote the positive values his staff don't even go there but also to be absolutely intolerant of anybody who does what we've committed in the last few months is to increase the work that we do on that behavior on that culture and to do all that we possibly can to drive out any
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exploitation or tolerance of it that's what we're committed to alongside making this amazing difference to literally tens of millions of people around the world every year mexico is in the grip of a war on the drug gangs acapulco was once a sought after holiday destination it has the highest murder rate in the world despite the best efforts of the police and aid groups it seems as if the social fabric is now coming undone from acapulco here's john holmes. the shadow of death has lain across a couple of years the former tourist hot spot as one of the highest murder rates in the world and behind the military patrols police sirens and daily crime scenes liver townspeople struggling with fear and grief. in the middle of last year francisco's wife was caught in the midst of a gang shoot and killed now he's raising their four children alone we hid his identity speaking out here is dangerous.
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and. when you look. for. a decade or more than one hundred twenty thousand victims into the drug war there's still no federal program dedicated to psychological support for the families left behind. in acapulco and n.g.o.s doctors without borders is filling that gap their team of community workers and psychologists go to churches community centers basketball courts anywhere people gather to train them to support each other and. the violence gets to such a level that the social fabric is destroyed people don't trust their neighbors and little by little things deteriorate and so yes we see. those suffering particularly painful experiences like francisco to meet one on one with psychologists on their
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list with. doctors without borders are also training teaches to recognise children traumatized by violence or sexual abuse the aim is to convince the government that programs like this a needed on a national scale makes chris but huge amounts of money and manpower into combat in organized crime in comparison very little has been dedicated to treating traumatized victims and according to psychologists that shows a real lack of foresight because those affected by violence if not attended to a much more likely to repeat the cycle. that's the worst nightmare of parents like francisco trying to protect the next generation. not in the. new york. experts say it could take decades for the wounds of
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a society grown used to violence to heal the worry is that without intervention that process and struggle to even begin john homan how does it or i could cope. colorful costumes and musicians filled the streets of the bolivian city of old or as the annual carnival there began the four day festival leads up to the start of the christian season of lent the two hundred year old celebration is one of south america's most famous sound tracks nearly four hundred thousand people every year. recapping our top stories for so far today russia and the u.s. say they're concerned after israel launched a second series of air strikes in syria after one of the f. sixteen fighter jets was shot down by president assad's forces the strikes targeted government and alleged iranian assets in syria mike hanna monitoring reaction in
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washington the state department appears to be convinced that iran is to blame for this round of combat that we've seen emerge over the course of this particular day a state department spokesperson has released a statement saying and i quote iran's calculated escalation of threat and its ambition to project power places the entire region at risk from she says yemen to lebanon turkish military helicopter has been shot down in northern syria during an operation against kurdish fighters this video is said to show the helicopter moments before it was hit for and killing two soldiers on board kurdish led syrian democratic forces say it's fights to shut down the aircraft but he says the cause is still unclear a total of eleven turkish soldiers were killed in fighting on saturday. north korea's kim jong un has invited the south korean president to pyongyang for talks
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on g. and hosted kim sr in seoul on the sidelines of the winter olympics it's the latest sign of warming relations between the two governments after a tense period over the north's nuclear weapons program votes are being counted in sri lanka after its most peaceful elections in decades is the first vote since electoral laws changed allowing a record number of women to campaign for a seat in local government thousands of anti fascist demonstrators a rally to the italian city of much of where six africans were injured in a drive by shooting a week ago and the racism rallies also took place in rome and it comes just three weeks before national elections with far right parties expected to make a strong showing. indonesia's navy has seized more than a ton of crystal meth and arrested for suspected drug smugglers the sea substances were paraded after being found on a boat in indonesia and waters near singapore on weapons day they'd been hidden under sacks of rice for taiwanese men have now been arrested those are your
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headlines the news continues after counting the cost i will see you top of the hour but by. doing this the benefits are so damn people so bad they see the importance of. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. a lot on housing seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week wild swings for global stock markets why it could be a sign the borrowing costs are going up faster than expected. also this week suffragettes one hundred years on a look at how women in twenty eighteen are still fighting for equal rights in the workplace. plus a surgeon you.


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