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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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and one that many people here think the government failed. the young so mali refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. i was told i was lucky too good to you. i was a really really hard good dancer. but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world asks ali was where they use american dream is still alive. in america at this time on al-jazeera. a russian passenger plane crashes shortly after taking off from moscow killing all seventy one people on board.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up israel's prime minister vows to continue operations in syria a day after one of its fighter jets was downed. if you eat it but the root villages yes you bought. me on modernised burning hundreds of range of villages as the british foreign secretary visits rock island state. and another display of the many in seoul that south korea's president strikes a cautious note about his invitation to visit the north. russia's transport prosecutor has confirmed that all seventy one people on board a passenger plane that crashed shortly after takeoff from one of moscow's busiest airports have died investigators at the scene say they are looking at all possible causes a spokesman from sars of adeline says there were no concerns about the technical
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condition of the aircraft itself. well the short haul plane took off from dumb and yet over airport on sunday it was just a few minutes into its journey to the city of or sq when it went missing from the radars now the plane is thought to have crashed near the village of our good novo which is near the capital moscow where is that describe seeing a burning aircraft that was falling from the sky al-jazeera reports from moscow. the answer no airliner with sixty five passengers and six crew on board came down four minutes after it took off in bad weather conditions wreckage was scattered across snowy fields near the village of water going over eighty kilometers southeast of moscow rescue teams were unable to reach the crash site by road and to see the woman i saw an explosion on the ground and i called emergency services they asked me many questions i told them there was
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a fire it was very visible the short hole set a lot of airlines jets took off from moscow's domodedovo airport early sunday afternoon on its way to the city of or sc in the urals most of the sixty five passengers on board were from the region at the airport their family and friends of those on board the flight began to wait for news with little hope that anyone had survived. the decision would mean that i would just move to our great sorrow all the people want order dead the health care ministry expresses its deep condolences to the relatives and families of the victims works in progress to put there for the identification of the passengers. russia has suffered two major air crashes in recent years in december two thousand and sixteen a t u one five four military aircraft crashed into the black sea with the loss of ninety two people it was blamed on pilot error in october two thousand and fifteen
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a russian air bus crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula killing all two hundred twenty four people on board i still said it placed a bomb in the aircraft. right to be a person has canceled a trip to sortie which was shuttled for monday he was due to meets the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas now that meeting will now take place in moscow from where a person will monitor the investigation investigators have found a flight recorder from the plane and this will be crucial in determining why this relatively new aircraft came promising out of the sky various causes are being considered including pilots error bad weather conditions or perhaps something else really chalons zero mosque or well at least six civilians have been killed in government as strikes near the syrian capital damascus two children are among the dead it tax targeted several towns in the rebel out suburb of eastern ghouta it folds within deescalation zones indorsed by turkey russia and iran well the united
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nations is calling for an immediate pause in fighting in syria to address the western humanitarian crisis according to its food agency nine million people need food assistance yack up ken is the syria country director for the wild food program he says any trees needs to last for at least a month at the moment thought keeps us from going to these places to ease called out to eat live to flee in a stiff fighting the security of our staff of cause is of utmost importance but also peons it's dangerous to to come out in and collect for example food if days fighting going on so we need a pause in the fighting and what we have asked for the months. we already their houses are full we have a big all kind of health food becoming supporting saline million people every day we salute assistance in the country and we can easily shift resources so hound if
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you have an opening to these areas that you haven't reached for as i say two months now. now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is valid to continue military operations inside syria a day after one of its f. sixteen fighter jets was shot down by enemy fire israeli warplanes carried out a series of strikes on what it said were iranian targets in syria on saturday i force it reports from west jerusalem. israeli soldiers collected debris on sunday at the site where an air force f. sixteen fighter crashed a day earlier while the investigation continues the army told al-jazeera it had confirmed the plane was struck by a syrian anti-aircraft missile the first israeli fighter shot down since nine hundred eighty two. at the border israeli media reported anti missile batteries have been increased after extensive israeli counterstrikes the day before inside
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syrian territory. shot yesterday we landed hard blows in the forces of iran and syria we made unequivocally clear to everyone that our modus operandi has not changed one jot we will continue to hit back for every attempt to harm us for any blow flicked it on us this is been our policy and this remain our policy. incident began with the downing of what israel says was an iranian drone launched from syria that had crossed into israeli airspace iran continues to deny the charge the secretary of the national security council saying the allegations by zionists that they hit iranian bases in syria is a lie we are in syria as consultants we don't have the kind of military presence for them to make this an occasion for years israel's government has been talking about a mounting iranian threat on its northern borders i don't think we we thought we were not to vulnerable but we certainly didn't expect it to happen this quickly so
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that's why i'm saying it's a wake up call for the future the army knows how to respond. in a way to want to create an escalation. the only way it will create installations the other side wants in the schoolies and israeli politicians have been praising what they've called a calm public reaction to this incident but they're also aware that it highlights increasingly complex and difficult relationship with russia and its role inside syria israel struck targets close to where russian forces are based on saturday. prompting a statement from russia's foreign ministry calling it absolutely unacceptable to endanger the lives of russian soldiers inside syria. this off the months of diplomatic efforts to convince russia to help constrain iranian activity there. the one former senior israeli military intelligence officer the loss of the plane and the extent of the retaliation don't represent a new phase in the conflict rather a reminder of its stakes. in the longer run of long the reign of presence in syria
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should come to an end and we expect russia and the united states to make sure that this is going to be the end result israel says its military response is now complete but this weekend has put the dangers of a largescale cross border conflict into sharp focus or a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. iran's president has called for a year of unity as his country celebrated thirty nine years since the islamic revolution in the wake of violent protests last year as the rani called on all political parties to put that differences aside and look to the future they invest ravi has more from iran. in a state of the union style speech iran's president listed the government's successes rouhani focused mostly on domestic issues speaking about things like economic growth what iran is doing to address the impact of climate change and iran's ability to manufacture military hardware like tanks and anti-aircraft
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missile defense systems all part of a successful effort he said to have security independence and a larger role in the region that sought to get the sack. in the course of the last year we overcame terrorism we achieved great victories i've i saw in the region. help to the people of iraq and syria through had good results and the people of the region got rid of evil terrorists indirectly addressing recent protests by opposition groups rouhani acknowledged shortcomings saying the government must do more to resolve what he described as a backlog of economic issues shah yeah data by on of all the government needs to be more transparent and we need to resolve banking issues address taxation and budgeting and correct the economic structure of the country. for the hundreds of thousands of iranians who joined a celebratory rallies thirty nine years later the islamic revolution is a continuing way of life and told the crowds that they were the most important part
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of ensuring the success of the islamic form of government in iran about all you can do then not all here. elections are the biggest part of the take in the islamic revolution people voting in their leaders in presidential elections but when someone is elected the opposition and the youth the leech should respect the choice of the people in syria chanting slogans go to the ballot box. as he often does the iranian president extolled the virtues of dialogue over conflict he said the lasting solution to region wide problems is political settlement and as far as internal conflict rani said iranians should not hold grudges rouhani said victory in the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution was like a train with many passengers some stayed on some got off now he said was the time to bring everyone back on the train again. well
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a prominent iranian canadian professor has died in prison in tehran sixty three year old environmental activist and mommy was arrested last month over allegations he was part of aspiring police say he committed suicide in custody but his family say they don't believe that human rights groups say detainees in iran are routinely tortured and killed. north korea is a limp it delegation has left south korea for a while when three days which ended in a diplomatic offer that aims to and seventy years of hostility the group which included the powerful sister of north korea's leader kim jong un left on a private plane they wrapped up their visit by joining south korea's president lungi in at a concert given by the north korean troops on saturday kim jong extended the taishan to president and to visit pyongyang. even as athletes competed on the snow and ice diplomatic developments continue to steal at least some of the spotlight during what's being called the peace olympics the last three days have been
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historic and a high point in interest in relations north korean leader kim jong sister kim jong became the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war she came with an invitation kim jong un is asking the south korean president in to visit pyongyang at a convenient time soon if this meeting transpires it would be the first time that kim jong il has met with the south korean president since taking office in twenty eleven president moon says he'll begin arranging the conditions to make that visit happen but he stresses that any rebuilding of interest korean relations must involve dialogue between the united states and north korea u.s. vice president mike pence sat very close to the north korean delegation during the opening ceremony he emma north koreans rebuffed president moon's attempts to facilitate
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a midi skeptics say that this north korean charm offensive is heavy on the symbolism but they doubt that it will result in anything substantive they say this is an attempt by the north koreans to drive a wedge between the united states and the south koreans into an advance their own agenda but for now president moon and many south koreans are encouraged by the prospect that what we've been seeing could be the beginning of a reboot of injury and relations. well much most along the way for you hundreds of troops are deployed to indian controlled kashmir is on fight as attack and army base. i'm jake ward on the berkeley campus the military has funded a new program that could insert information into the mine i'll have that story in a moment.
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however he's got a summer in melbourne and in adelaide it's still there in the middle of australia clad wise a few passing showers late they shout do develop in southern queens in new south wales and the rather more of a mass of cloud or understand through south australia that's indication he's gone to some degrees thirty two in perth but it's a much cooler twenty two in melbourne and even onshore breeze bit disappointing i think twenty four adelaide probably feels a bit better to be a bit more humid in the temps actually going up again to the middle to high twenty's in this part of the story still twenty five in sydney be about the same in canberra as well and they're all but many showers around whereas in contrast it's been raining incessantly so uneasy and particularly focusing i think on nelson but as you can see clouds going by which means the right must have gone out it's gone the forecast to but there is an onshore breeze and it's out of the tropics for north island which means you go expect libertad an occasional shark trust church and in good shelter the sun should be out here at twenty eight degrees or so moving north and just initial screen fijian tong now the tropical cyclone his way to talk
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and its strength could be caught in a nasty piece of work it looks at the right of the top of the island nation however fiji is just on the are to edges and should get away with it. documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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back let's take a look at the top stories now a russian passenger plane has crashed shortly after taking off from one of moscow's busiest airports russia. has confirmed that all seventy one people on board a debt. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his military is a serious blow to iran in syria a day after it carried out a series of as strikes that. and iran's president has called for a year of unity as his country celebrated. the islamic revolution. denied burning down hundreds of villages as part of the crackdown that has forced nearly six hundred ninety thousand people to flee to bangladesh myanmar as well
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feminist and made the statement during a visit by the british foreign secretary to wrack on state of. the road but he just you know. the minister insists to boris johnson that the ranger torched their own homes themselves and later gave him a tour of the burned villages johnson's trip to iraq and state comes just hours after he met me amassed a fact a leader on sang suchi he told her that the refugees must be allowed to return home under u.n. supervision but i'm afraid i have to say that talking to. politicians in nike during the capitol today listening to door sue i don't think it has come through to her the full extent of the horror of what has happened the sheer devastation i don't know whether you've ever seen anything like it done by man current against of us of our fellow man i've no i've seen nothing like it in my life the hundreds hundreds of villages torched it's absolutely
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devastating and i think that what is needed now is is some leadership some calm but some leadership working with the u.n. agencies to get these people back. united kingdom is threatening to withdraw funding from oxfam the charity is facing growing criticism over the way and all the allegations of sexual misconduct by its workers in haiti in the aftermath of the two thousand and ten earthquake its own investigation led to four people being sacked and three more resigning the charity is also facing fresh allegations that its staff use prostitutes in chad in two thousand and six it doesn't matter how good the safeguarding practices are in an organization if that organization does not have the moral leadership to do the right thing and where in particular they have evidence of criminal activity to pass that information to the relevant authorities including prosecuting authorities but that's an absolute absence of leadership. what i'm apologizing for is that nine oxfam staff behaved in
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a way that was totally unacceptable and contrary to our values and that then led much more responsible staff to make decisions which are now seen as being by some marginal or inappropriate but i'm not apologizing for the fact that oxfam tried to continue its work in haiti. well hundreds of indian troops are battling armed fighters inside an army base in indian administered kashmir for a second straight day it hackers breached the military compound early on saturday at least nine people including three of the fighters have been killed shot ballasts reports. soldiers prepare for battle inside the base an indian administered kashmir they were ambushed by an unknown number of find is in a pre-dawn raid on saturday commanders say the from jesse mohamad which wants
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pakistan to control kashmir. professional. operation army taking all precautions. and we don't want to. attack a shot at guards on the perimeter before moving toward soldiers homes inside the camp indian security forces evacuated families while helicopters search for the intruders hundreds of reinforcements were called in india's army chief lowin to monitor the operation. jerusha mohammed has a history of stoking teaches between india and pakistan the group was founded by message seen here in two thousand after release from prison in exchange for passengers of a hijacked indian airlines plane sixteen years later he launched the deadliest assault on indian security forces into decay it too was a pre-dawn ambush on
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a military base in indian administered kashmir nine hundred soldiers were killed. india accuses pakistan of supporting such attacks pakistan denies the allegations kashmir has been disputed since independence nine hundred forty seven pakistan and india claim is in full ruelas in part. and both continue to defend the territory charlot bellus al-jazeera. the egyptian army says it's killed sixteen fighters and destroyed several weapons depos in a major assault against armed groups in the sinai peninsula the coordinated army navy and air force operation began on friday four egyptian soldiers have been killed president abdel fattah el-sisi told the army to use in his words brute force to restore security after more than three hundred people were killed in an attack on a mosque in november. well now to south africa where the head of the ruling a.n.c. says party leaders are preparing to finalize a deal that will result in president jacob zuma quitting office zuma is under
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increasing pressure to leave over a number of corruption allegations and sealy to cyril ramaphosa says officials meeting on monday will decide on a swift transition of power i believe that she. was on. the edge. of the position this is the hope that it. is not so there's a looser. now and. the consequence is more of the country. at least eight
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people have died in forty others injured by a gas explosion at a carnival parade in bolivia police say three children were among those killed in saturday's blast in the city of or rural authorities believe hot oil spilled and burned a hose connected to a gas canister causing the explosion. colombia's military has blamed rebels for a double bomb attack on saturday the group was holding a three day national blockade to protest against the government's decision to suspend peace negotiations the bombs went off at the amarillo bridge which connects the country's atlantic coast with its inland the l.n. had warned colombians against traveling present one manual santal suspended peace talks earlier this year after a series of rebel attacks forests across the world are under threat according to the world wildlife fund the equivalent of twenty seven football fields a minute being lost to logging agriculture and development but in costa rica for assuming we planted and re grown and agalloch reports.
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few places in the world can boast the kind of biodiversity found in costa rica's forests you'll find unique species and unique climates but deforestation is taking its toll over the last seventy years about eighty percent of costa rica's forest has been lost. the clough bridge nature reserve researches and volunteers of fighting back we've got the river that in just a few short years they've replanted and we grown large parts of this rain forest and the result a promising when we finally captured a jaguar on the camera trap he was hired by big cat that was a huge step for us when we walk through the areas that we've planted in and you see the tree is large enough to make it on its own in the forest is changing and that's a huge step easy. thing then there are like biologists from around the world now come here to study what this kind of regeneration can achieve the return of species
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once lost to agriculture and logging is for many i don't forget a bill experience i'm sure there is you know success stories in other countries and other places but having you know what i experience it firsthand here for so long for sure it's going to be something that i look back on tell people about you know it works in the cloud bridge reserve is now an example of what simple techniques patience and preservation can achieve a country wide shoot to progress is being made it's astounding to see what fifteen years of we growth can look like and according to the united nations reforestation is the best way to combine climate change and it's something costa rica's done very effectively through various incentives and government programs they've managed to reclaim almost a quarter of what was lost. costa rica's which natural heritage has long been a draw for students and tourists alike but this nation's reforestation if it's stand is a testament to what can be achieved at a time when the environment faces its greatest challenges and
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a gallica al-jazeera at the clown bridge reserve in costa rica. the u.s. military has announced more than sixty million dollars in grants to build hardware that would read and write thoughts in the brain and they're hoping to do it all with a device as small as a sugar cube shake award visited the team in california. the light of a light or concrete or thumb something ten years ago dean lloyd a lawyer in palo alto california received the world's first artificial retina it allowed him to see it was a low quality video image but it was something. so i'm getting looks like you read about thirty. words from the dirt or grass or whatever isn't there some kind of foliage and you're going to the only difference between one surface and other though that's correct if that be a contrast point yet really think about that to make it useful but that technology is ancient compared to what's coming next a new military grant program is funding projects that seek to not just read the
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information that's in your brain but actually write information into it basically we'd be putting synthetic versions of things like sight into the brain the university of california at berkeley is home to one of the six teams hoping to create within four years a device that can read and control one million neurons right now we can only watch one hundred at a time our goal is to be able to see that many neurons every one of them individually and not only to be able to watch what they do as you do an m.r.i. but to be able to play back to them the patterns of activity in space and in time so that you could actually reconstitute and synthesize the experience of the real world and thereby replace something that is missing because of an injury this military funded program could replace lost senses in wounded soldiers but could also put entirely new senses into healthy soldiers if it works the project will be
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a world changing leap for example while we were developing this proposal we had a few meetings sort of saying we can't do this this is physically impossible will never get there our goal is to take like a microscope something like this and squash it down really tiny third can fit on the head of a mouse while it's running around that this is one of our first prototype cohen working on math that can turn a low grade two d. picture of the brain useful three d. images so they can take and get rough and it's like this. process. into a life easier than we can create custom patterns and should light exactly where we want at the right moment for and postdoctoral researcher nicolette the guy is building the system that will convert real world experiences into man with the directs lasers to light up individual neurons so here is a movie casablanca this is the this is what you have to turn that into for it to
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then be shown on to the brain that you think wow you decide on a pattern you tell me which neurons you want to activate and we will at the exact time give the exact amount of light that's required to activate in your own the project could rebuild soldiers or eventually give them enhanced abilities on the battlefield by the way if it works we will have crossed into a new ethical and medical world a world where we can read humans thoughts and implant new ones jake aboard al-jazeera berkeley california. take a quick look at the top stories now russia's transport prosecutor has confirmed that all seventy one people on board a passenger plane that crashed shortly after takeoff from one of moscow's busiest airports have died and vesta gate is at the scene say they are looking at all
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possible causes al jazeera is roy challenge brings us more from moscow. because of the heavy snow fall in moscow and the regions over the last week or so it makes the operation on the ground very very difficult difficult to find things that are buried in a you know up to a meter of snow and also i think this shows that we can see this from the from the footage of the of the wreckage this plane pretty much completely disintegrated as it was coming down and then when it hit the ground as well. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is saying that his military has dealt a serious blow to iran and syria he said israel is determined not to allow to iran to entrench itself militarily in syria israel launched air raids after intercepting an iranian drone in its airspace on saturday. in other developments at least six civilians have been killed in government test strikes near the syrian capital damascus two children are among the dead the tax targeted several towns in the
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rebel held suburb of eastern ghouta. iran's president has called for a year of unity as his country celebrated thirty nine years since the islamic revolution hundreds of thousands of people have been rallying in iran to mark the anniversary of the creation of the modern iranian state. north korea's olympic delegation has left south korea after a three day trip that included high level talks the group which also had kim jong the powerful sister of north korea's leader kim jong un left on a private plane on saturday she extended a rare invitation to the south korean president lungi into visit young men. who really see the good the rude villages you want. we are as well fed ministers denied burning down hundreds of ranger villages as part of a crackdown that has forced nearly six hundred ninety thousand people to flee to bangladesh made the statement during a visit by the british foreign secretary boris johnson to wrack on state watch more
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on all those stories coming up at the top of the next hour from doha witness though starts now they say without is there. if. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al-jazeera.


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