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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world. are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed. a grueling search for clues begins after a russian plane crashes to takeoff killing all seven to one. live from doha also coming up israel's prime minister of thousand to continue
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operations in syria after one of its f. sixteen fighter jets were shot down. another display of harmony in seoul but south korea's president strikes a cautious note about an invitation to visit the north plus. a month ago across the cloud bridge project in costa rica where reaper a station if it could provide an important lesson for the rest of the world. investigators in russia say they're looking at all possible causes as the hunt for clues begins into why a plane crashed soon after takeoff over seventy one people on board were killed the difficulties investigators face can be seen in these pictures from the crash site near moscow wreckage of the plane is lying in fields covered with thick snow day being human remains a spread over a one kilometer radius really challenge reports. over. airliner with sixty five
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passengers and six crew on board came down four minutes after it took off in bad weather conditions wreckage was scattered across snowy fields near the village of going over eighty kilometers southeast of moscow rescue teams were unable to reach the crash site by road and walked to the scene. i saw an explosion on the ground and i called emergency services they asked me many questions i told them there was a fire it was very visible and the debris of the plane is spread over radios of at least one kilometer investigators are using modern equipment taking into consideration the large territory. to get a view from the air the short hole set a lot of airlines jet took off from moscow's domodedovo airport early sunday afternoon on its way to the city of or sc in the urals most of the sixty five passengers on board were from the region at the airport their family and friends of those on board the flight began to wait for news with little hope that anyone had
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survived. we have found a breeze from an a n one for a plane and bodies of stupid hymns. the most important thing now is the organizing the collection of debris in the remains of the victims by ministry of emergency situations workers transport two authorities soon confirmed everyone in the plane had died russia has suffered two major air crashes in recent years in december two thousand and sixteen a t u one five four military aircraft crashed into the black sea with the loss of ninety two people it was blamed on pilot error in october two thousand and fifteen a russian air bus crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula killing all two hundred twenty four people on board i still said it placed a bomb in the aircraft. right to me putin has canceled a trip to sochi which was show jeweled for monday he was due to meet the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas now that meeting will now take place in moscow
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from where putin will monitor the investigation investigators have found a flight recorder from the plane and this will be crucial in determining why this relatively new aircraft came plummeting out of the sky various causes are being considered including pilot error bad weather conditions or perhaps something else really chalons zero mosque. u.s. president donald trump has questioned israel's commitment to making peace with the palestinians he made the comments in an interview with an israeli newspaper owned by the american billionaire sheldon adelson in a rare rebuke of the israeli leadership the u.s. president says he isn't necessarily sure they're looking to make peace he warns israeli settlements are quote something that very much complicates and always have complicated making peace he urges israel to be very careful with the settlements but trump also repeats what he's been saying about the palestinian leadership he
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says they're not looking to make peace and threatens to withhold aid unless they agreed to talks well phyllis bennis is the author of understanding the palestinian israeli conflict she doubts trumps comments represent a policy shift by the u.s. . peace requires at least a modicum of justice that was not on the agenda here a deal implies ending resistance essentially to israeli power that is not on the palestinians agenda that's been the position recently of the palestinian leadership bringing it closer to matching the position of a wide majority of palestinian. civil society so i think what we're seeing here is certainly not the end of the u.s. role as a as an honest broker because it never was an honest broker this is simply a clearer acknowledgement of that reality netanyahu knows that trump remains his his strong supporter but i think that netanyahu is likely to view his own
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relationship with the further right wing elements of his cabinet because remember as right wing as netanyahu is his cabinet is made up of further right and extremist right elements to his right and in that context i think he will feel obligated to make some kind of a statement i don't anticipate it will go very far he is not about to break with the united states president trump has made clear that he is more more more officially and formally pro israel than any other recent president and he's not about to put that at risk but i think he will have to say something to satisfy his own right wing. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed to continue military operations inside syria a day after one of his f. sixteen s was shot down by enemy fire israeli warplanes carried out a series of strikes on saturday on what it says were iranian targets in syria netanyahu says the operation was a serious blow to iran are a force that reports from western. israeli soldiers collected debris on sunday at
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the site where an air force f. sixteen fighter crashed a day earlier while the investigation continues the army told al-jazeera it had confirmed the plane was struck by a syrian anti-aircraft missile the first israeli fighter shot down since one thousand nine hundred two. at the border israeli media reported anti missile batteries have been increased after extensive israeli counterstrikes the day before inside syrian territory more. than the shock yesterday we landed hard blows in the forces of iran and syria we made unequivocally clear to everyone that our modus operandi has not changed one jot we will continue to hit back for every attempt to harm us for any blown flicked on us this is been our policy and this will remain our policy. the incident began with the downing of what israel says was an iranian drone launched from syria that had crossed into israeli airspace iran continues to deny the charge the secretary of the national security council saying
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the allegations by zionists that they hit iranian bases in syria is a lie we are in syria as consultants we don't have the kind of military presence for them to make this allegation the years israel's government has been talking about a mounting iranian threat on its northern borders i don't think we we that we were not to vulnerable but we certainly didn't expect it to happen this quickly so that's why i'm saying it's a wake up call for the future the army knows how to respond. in a way or want to create an escalation the only way it will creating solutions knows what's in the school isn't israeli politicians have been praising what they've called a current public reaction to this incident but they're also aware that it highlights increasingly complex and difficult relationship with russia and its role inside syria israel struck targets close to where russian forces are based on saturday. prompting a statement from russia's foreign ministry calling it absolutely unacceptable to
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endanger the lives of russian soldiers inside syria. this after months of diplomatic efforts to convince russia to help constrain iranian activity there. but one former senior israeli military intelligence officer the loss of the plane and the extent of the retaliation don't represent a new phase in the conflict rather a reminder of its stakes. in the longer run a long the arena presence in syria should come to an end and we expect russia and the united states to make sure that this is going to be the end result israel says its military response is now complete but this weekend has put the dangers of a largescale cross border conflict into sharp focus very force it out west jerusalem at least six civilians including two children have been killed in syrian government asterix near the capital damascus the attacks targeted several towns in the rebel held suburb of eastern due to a thaw is within
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a so-called deescalation zone agreed to by turkey russia and iran syria government and russian air strikes have killed more than two hundred forty people in rebel held areas in the last week the u.n. says some of the attacks made the war crimes now iraq is hoping to raise billions of dollars at a donor's conference starting on monday in kuwait to finance the rebuild after its campaign against eisel large parts of iraq second largest city of mosul are still in ruins more than six months after it was retaken by the government some say dad is in kuwait. this is what so-called liberation from i sort of looks like to has anally and his family it's been six months since iraq's prime minister declared nineveh province freed alys house is still in ruins so is much of ravi a town. he used to work as a farmer tilling the soil now he plows the rubble of his home and wreaks what others have sold in his life as a. given up hope in returning home we've been displaced over three years look at
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how our house has been destroyed. alan fled when i saw fighters seized the nearby city of mosul four years ago he's not alone more than two and a half million iraqis remain displaced by the rule they have no money to rebuild their lives so they live in tent camps such as south of mosul and then i'd like if the government should look after us money i need bread when i'm supporting six children my parents and a sick family member these are the people the conference in quite this week must help if it's to succeed ejecting eisel from the third of iraq the fighters once controlled has left a wasteland human rights groups such as amnesty international blame both i saw and the u.s. led coalition for unnecessary destruction and civilian deaths. the nineveh reconstruction committee says the conflict destroyed three quarters of muscles roads almost all its bridges and two thirds of the electrical network unicef says three quarters of a million children in mosul region lack access to health services if you know.
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the government does not get into great friends like. islands. in. war children will be forced to leave while girls will be forced to marry early by more young. iraqi officials come to quite looking for investments in over one hundred projects everything from their cultural sector to the energy industry is on the table and iraq's prime minister well he says he needs one hundred billion dollars to get the job done. it's a huge amount of money we know our budget can't cover nor can the nation it's almost impossible that's why we are resorting to investment in iraq is counting on outside help to salvage itself into a united and functioning state but when asked what commitments they're ready to make in the quake conference our policy past year has changed since previous
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administrations remember we used to be in the whole nation building in the united states government is not doing that any longer that outside interest may determine whether iraqis thirst for a normal life will never be quenched sam is a down al-jazeera kuwait north korea's olympic delegation has left seoul as a south korean government considers an offer of a summit in pyongyang the group which included the powerful sister the north korean leader kim jong il and its trip by joining south korean president moon jane at a concert given by the north koreans are true they've been holding talks on the sidelines of the winter games on saturday and kim joe young extended over the tension to president move to visit pyongyang attaching a name has more from salt. even as athletes competed on the snow and ice diplomatic developments continue to steal at least some of the spotlight during what's being called the peace olympics the last three days have been historic and a high point in her career in relations north korean leader kim jong sister kim
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jong became the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war she came with an invitation kim jong un is asking the south korean president in to visit pyongyang at a convenient time soon if this meeting transpires it would be the first time that kim jong un has met with the south korean president since taking office in twenty eleven president moon says he'll begin arranging the conditions to make that visit happen but he stresses that any rebuilding of interest and relations must involve dialogue between the united states and north korea u.s. vice president mike pence sat very close to the north korean delegation during the opening ceremony he m. a north koreans rebuffed president moon's attempts to facilitate a midi skeptics say that this north korean charm offensive is heavy on the
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symbolism but they doubt that it will result in anything substantive they say this is an attempt by the north koreans to drive a wedge between the united states that what we've been seeing could be the beginning of a reboot of injury and relations the robot kelley's a professor at. university he's skeptical the past few days of diplomacy will lead to a breakthrough. the best thing that the olympics can do right now is sort of for stall the march to war that seemed to be taking place last year as long as the olympics make a look at the north and south are talking to one another then becomes much harder for donald trump and the trump white house to on t.v. and advocate for for strikes right we know that some people are so pretty seriously thinking about it they just vetoed for example just a couple weeks ago they vetoed a highly qualified potential ambassador pick for south korea someone is quite a hawk but apparently wasn't hawkish enough because the jump people are generally considering the strikes well as long as the north and south are talking you know the americans need south korean buy in on the strikes as long as the north and south are talking they won't get it so that's sort of one of the things i think
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that moon is doing right this gives him time to figure out how to respond to the americans if we can do some small things like cultural events and sports and music and things like that and that kind of generates a few small steps that lead to that larger steps and so on that's great right i mean if this is what it takes to get the north koreans in the room and talking so much the better and i don't particularly mind one way or the other but we've had these kinds of things before and they haven't really worked right and i'm not really sure that sort of cultural interaction can actually generate any meaningful concessions on either side the political gaps are pretty big but we should always keep trying right it's certainly better than we were a year ago when you know with fire and fury and all that time for a short break here not just here out when we come back. to be honest i'm not sure she really understands the full horror of what is happening to apia the u.k.'s top diplomat pushes million miles needed to ensure the safe return of ranger refugees. and the scandal surrounding leading but just charging oxfam deepens with revelations staffan africa used prostitutes morna stay with us.
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from long flowing i mean when it's to an enchanting desert breeze. howlers more significant rain likely in eastern iran more especially afghanistan obviously snow some height then a bit of a gap to we pick up there are more familiar sight of the clouds been streaming out of east africa for a week or two it's been benign for the most part it's been sort of a cloud in the sky not bring it even now is thickening i was bringing some rain some rain for egypt and iran maybe with the south or bringing walks up to baghdad but the rain becomes rather more widespread by tommy get to tuesday snow in the cokes of snow in eastern turkey running through syria lebanon jordan and probably trust the saudi border as well baghdad's cool down a little bit by this time and the rain is going in this general direction so we're not actually bring in the cold for the south if anything it is surprisingly warm in
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riyadh at thirty three in doha or twenty six and in mecca or thirty eight and the following day we're back on tuesday again it warms up a bit more dusty braised mostly coming out of the south even the empty quarter so could be and he quite full of dust but it's still pretty hot and dry for this time of year. showers barrington south africa and they've come back to south africa i think the concentration will not be in cape town it's more like to be further east . the weather sponsored by qatar and peace. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they're putting out every day but the messages simply state you have the faint good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides
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a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories on al-jazeera investigators in russia say they're looking at all possible causes as the hunt for clues begins into why a plane crashed soon after takeoff one airport in moscow all seventy one people on board were killed. in a wreck criticism of israel u.s. president donald trump us questions its commitment to peace with the palestinians and an interview with an israeli newspaper he said israel settlements on the up by the west bank are complicating the peace process. and north korea's an impact
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allegation has left sold as the south korean government considers an offer of a summit in pyongyang the group which included the powerful sister the north korean leader kim jong il and ended its trip by joining south korean president moon j. and a concert. britain's foreign secretary has urged me and unsung suchi to allow the un to supervise the return of britain's. refugees boris johnson made the plea after visiting displaced muslim villages in rakhine state and refugee camps in bangladesh johnson says unsung suchi is not fully aware of what's happening but you can play an important role in ending the crisis today reports. the u.k. foreign secretary came to see the situation with his own eyes boris johnson to a door hinge of refugee camps and bangladesh and met with villagers who remain in me and margaret kind statement he thinks myanmar leader aung san suu kyi does not fully understand the crisis i don't think she's been in a helicopter to see what we have seen today i don't think it has come through to
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how the full extent of the horror of what has happened the horror johnson is talking about is what the u.s. calls ethnic cleansing and the u.n. says it may be genocide seven hundred thousand muslim or hinge on have fled to bangladesh and a mass exodus since august that's when the military of the buddhist majority country began its latest crackdown. there will hinge accuse the me and mar army of mass killings rape and the torching of their villages. you know he said it but they're in villages yet. and they're going to tell that. there is a dead most of the village west of. me and maher says its military operations were a counter offensive to attacks by on door hinge it's not known how many people have died in these operations since august but doctors without borders estimates at least six thousand seven hundred were murdered in the first month of violence i've
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seen nothing like it in my life the hundreds hundreds of villages torched it's absolutely devastating and i think that what is needed now is is some leadership some calm but some leadership working with the u.n. agencies for johnson is calling on me in march to work with the u.n. and repatriate the refugees dr rakhine state but under u.n. supervision me and more has so far blocked un investigators from the region and a high ranking u.s. diplomat recently quit an advisory board saying he feared the panel would whitewash the crisis new reports and photos of mass graves are increasing international pressure on sochi under a government i believe she can still make a change and make a difference but to do that she needs to show get the agencies in get the refugees back home in a way that is safe and voluntary and and dignified. what remains to be
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seen is if she can live up to her nine hundred ninety one nobel peace prize and put a stop to the humanitarian and human rights crisis that continue paltrow dirge on al-jazeera the new york state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the weinstein company saying it failed to protect its employees against disgraced former chief executive harvey weinstein prosecutors say the firm and its co-founders repeatedly broke laws by facilitating weinstein's alleged abuses he was one of hollywood's most influential produces for more than seventy women accused him of sexual misconduct including rape which he denies the lawsuit has stalled the plan saying that the company the half a billion dollars. a human rights activist known as the iron lady of pakistan has died last month to hunger suffered a heart attack in the eastern city of lahore late on saturday and died a few hours later she was a fierce defender of women and minorities and openly criticize the pakistani military intelligence and right wing religious parties she was also chair of
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pakistan's human rights commission has made you think sixty six years old oxfam is facing new allegations that its star for use prostitutes in the african nation of chad in two thousand and six it follows growing criticism for the way it handled accusations of sexual misconduct by its workers in haiti with the charity was working in the aftermath of the twenty ten earthquake its only investigation led to four people being fired and the resignation of three others the u.k. government is now threatening to withdraw funding from oxfam it doesn't matter how good the safeguarding practices are in an organization if that organization does not have the moral leadership to do the right thing and where in particular they have evidence of criminal activity to pass that information to the relevant authorities including prosecuting authorities that's that's an absolute absence of leadership when oxfam has apologized over the claims but also defended its
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operations in haiti what i'm apologizing for is that nine oxfam staff behaved in a way that was totally unacceptable and contrary to our values and that then led much more responsible staff to make decisions which are now seen as being by some margin or inappropriate but i'm not apologizing for the fact that oxfam tried to continue its work in haiti. the head of south africa's ruling african national congress says party leaders are preparing to finalize a deal that will result in president jacob zuma leaving office zuma is under growing pressure to leave a corruption allegations a.n.c. need a serious says leaders meeting on monday will decide on a swift transfer of power and their leadership to get additional. we are intrigued and gave hungary ages conversations i'm
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good to muncie shoot. a new business the nation and specifically to resolve issues our good position that president did not they saw. one hundred eight is not sensible resolution. is not an trade significant consequences. for the country and for the amplitude of this oh. well i'm a go no tony on a as a political commentator for talk radio seven o two in johannesburg she thinks iran a poster doesn't have many options either when president zuma might step down. the defining moment came at the agency's national conference last year in december where president where it currently now similar on my post i was elected as
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president of the which is the ruling party and the conversation started coming up about a balance of power and the a.n.c. right now is facing an election in twenty nineteen and jacob zuma hasn't really been that good for the a.n.c. is the perception and the public opinion around jacob zuma is that he is a corrupt man he has seven hundred eighty three counts of corruption record tearing and money laundering just to me tomorrow that special anything missing we definitely hope to hear from them up was i to say yes the president will be stepping down yes we need to we need to confirm a date for the state of the nation address you'll remember that the official opening of parliament has still been on hold because of these discussions that are happening so we really need to have you know a clear idea of what is president jacob zuma future will he be stepping down and what are his conditions because we do know that part of these long discussions are
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about how he will step down and what his future will be forests around the world are under growing the threat of destruction the world wildlife fund says an area commitment to twenty seven football fields is being lost to logging agriculture and development every minute but in costa rica vi meant a lot to the some fighting back as it was under gallica as their story. to places in the world could boast the kind of biodiversity found in costa rica's forests you'll find unique species and you'll be climates but deforestation is taking its toll over the last seventy years about eighty percent of costa rica's forest has been lost. research is fighting back. the river that just a few show. it is a replanted and we grown large parts of this rain forest and the results a promising when we finally captured a jaguar in the camera trap he was very big cat that was
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a huge step for us when we walked through the areas that we planted in and you see the tree is large enough to make it on its own in the forest is changing and that's a huge step easy. thing like biologists from around the world now come here to study what this kind of regeneration can achieve the return of species once lost to agriculture and logging is for many don't forget to bill experience i'm sure there's you know success stories in other countries and other places but having been able to experience it firsthand here for so long for sure it's going to be something that i look back on tell people about you know it works in the cloud bridge reserve is now an example of what simple techniques patience and preservation can achieve a country wide shoot to progress is being made it's astounding to see what fifteen years if we growth can look like and according to the united nations reforestation is the best way to combine climate change and it's something costa rica's done very
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effectively through various incentives and government programs they've managed to reclaim almost a quarter of what was lost. costa rica's rich natural heritage has long been a draw for students and tourists alike but this nation's reforestation if it's stand is a testament to what can be achieved at a time when the environment faces its greatest challenges and a gallica al-jazeera at the clown bridge reserve in costa rica. but talk a quick recap of the top stories here an al-jazeera investigators in russia say they're looking at all possible causes as the hunt for clues begins into why a plane crashed soon after takeoff from an airport named moscow all seventy one people on board were killed. in a rare criticism of israel u.s. president donald trump has questions its commitment to peace with the palestinians
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in an interview with an israeli newspaper he says israel's settlements in the occupied west bank are complicating the peace process north korea's olympic delegation has left sold as the south korean government considers an offer of a summit in pyongyang the group which included the powerful sister of north korean leader kim jong un and its trip by joining south korean president moon jane at a concert on saturday she extended a rare invitation to president moon to visit the north. the british foreign secretary has urged me and leader and sang suchi to allow the un to supervise the return of ranger refugees far as johnson made the plea to visiting displaced muslim villages in rakhine state and refugee camps in bangladesh. to be honest i'm not sure she really understands the four horror of what has happened up here i don't think she's been in a helicopter to see what we have seen today and really what i was trying to get over to is the importance of her leadership i believe in her and i believe in her
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leadership i think she's done incredible things in her life i'm very sad to see what's happening to burma now and to see the direction the country is going iraq is hoping to raise billions of dollars a donor's conference starting on monday in kuwait to fund reconstruction efforts will with i still an estimated one hundred billion dollars is needed to rebuild cities and infrastructure destroyed in a three year conflict. new york state's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the weinstein company alleging it failed to protect its employees against disgraced former c.e.o. harvey weinstein he was one of hollywood's most influential produces before more than seventy one accused him of sexual misconduct including right allegations he denies the most suit stole the plans set of the company the five hundred million dollars but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the list imposed sanctions on selection by the.
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jazeera. swear every u.s. . i. hope i hope to be that. steve can have no option but to stare receipt off for the freedom of the media i did make a political situation. hello richard gere's where you're at the listening post here are some of the developments we're tracking this week kenya the election story from last year that runs and runs.


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